march 2016 - Parish of St. Helier



march 2016 - Parish of St. Helier
Photo courtesy of Anne McKendrick
MARCH 2016
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Parish Meetings: Notices of Parish meeting are published on our website:, in The St Helier Town Crier and the Jersey Evening Post.
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to the March issue of the Town Crier.
Apart from the weather, there's been
but one subject on the minds of most
parishioners recently: the future of People's Park.
Thanks to the efforts of lots of Islanders who
contacted their States Members with their concerns
about building on the Park, and especially to the
campaign and petition coordinated by the West of
Town Community Association, the threat to People's
Park has been removed. Consultation on where
Jersey's new hospital should go is now underway
and parishioners are encouraged to have their say at
one of the various drop-in sessions being organised
by the Health Department, or to find out more
Politics aside, there are lots of things to be excited
about in St Helier as Spring arrives, including the new
Easter Parade being organised by our Town Centre
partnership. Our wide range of shops continues to
draw visitors to the town and while building works
can be a nuisance it’s good to see so much investment
in commercial property going on, not just new offices
but also new restaurants and residential properties.
We hope you enjoy receiving our official monthly
magazine this year. Available by post and email (on
request), from a dozen distribution points in St Helier,
and online, the Town Crier combines useful information
with news about events that take place in our busy
Parish. We are grateful to our advertisers whose
support enables us to produce our magazine at zero
cost to ratepayers. Please let us know if you would
like to be included on our mailing list. Happy Easter!
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A round-up of the latest news and events from the Parish of St Helier
St Helier celebrates Australia Day About 60
of the three hundred or so Australians resident in Jersey attended
a reception in the Town Hall on Australia Day, 26th January.
A full size Australian flag provided by John Davis was flown
from the Town Hall flagstaff throughout the day, and the
reception included a rendition of ‘Advance Australia Fair’ by
Sarah Fries, an Australian teaching at Beaulieu School. Mr Davis
plans to commemorate Anzac Day (25th April) and anyone
wishing to be kept informed about this and other events for the
Australian community in Jersey is asked to contact him by
email: [email protected]
Restoration of Parish
monument The gravestone of a
former Dean of Jersey, James Hemery,
who died in 1849, has been restored by
the Parish at a cost of £4,000. This follows
the restoration of Pierre Le Sueur's
monument three years ago, also in Green
Street Cemetery. Both gravestones were
in danger of becoming illegible due to
erosion, while the Hemery stone was
close to collapse.
New Constable’s Officer
Luis Filipe Faria was sworn in
on 18th December 2015, and is pictured
with Chef de Police Danny Scaife.
The inscription on the stone reads:
'Sacred to the memory of James Hemery,
M.A., Dean of Jersey and Rector of
St Helier, born 30th April 1814, died
22nd November 1849’.
Local stonemasons, Heritage
Memorials, carried out the refurbishment,
while Ace Engineering restored the
perimeter railings. The memorial will be
formally unveiled by the Dean of Jersey
at 6pm on Tuesday 22nd March and all
are welcome to attend.
New names added to Memorial Bench
St Helier’s Memorial Bench had two names of former members
of the municipality added to it last month, ‘Spud’ Nerac and
Ed Le Quesne. There was a large gathering at the Cenotaph
including friends, relatives and past and present members of
the municipality for the short service conducted by the Rector
of St Helier and Dean of Jersey, the Very Revd. Bob Key.
‘Spud’ Nerac was elected a Constable’s Officer in 1982 and
the following year became a Centenier, a position he held until
1993. He then served as a Rates Assessor. Ed Le Quesne served
three terms as a Constable’s Officer between 2002 and 2011.
After the unveiling of the new plaques there was a reception
in the Assembly Room.
I belong
The Nerac family and Memorial bench: Rose Nerac (left)
and Judy Le Quesne unveiled the bench
‘Big enough to cope
yet small enough to care’
M 07797 776508
E [email protected]
La Forge
Superb granite 5 bedroom house or 2 gen
Close to all St Mary amenities
Very spacious internally
Register today on
for all properties held on Confidential File
he Parish has some surplus tulips for sale, including
some of the Liberation Tulips which featured on the
cover of the Town Crier in October 2014. The pots which
contain between 8 and 10 tulips will costs £5 each and will be
available from the Town Hall from Monday 21st March. The
income raised will be added to the budget of the Community in
Bloom Group for environmental improvements in St Helier.
St Helier gets ONLINE
for Parish Rates
roperty owners will have received their usual Annual
Return at the turn of the year and perhaps noticed a
difference: for the first time it is possible to deal with rates
matters online.
People may have noticed a personal code on the form. For
those who wish it is now possible to use this individual code to
deal with this form and other rates matters online. Just go to, enter the personal code and
follow the instructions depending on whether any changes have
been made to the property or land. For those who return the
Annual Return online all future communications on rates will
also be dealt with in that manner unless requested otherwise.
Everyone is encouraged to use the online system as it will
reduce the cost of stationery and administration at the Town
Hall. For those not able to use modern technology the old system
is still available; when designing the new system the Committee
ensured it was usable by both those who wanted to continue with
paper as well as those who were happy to try the new system.
If you didn’t realise the change and have already returned
the paper copy and are happy to deal online please send your
email address to [email protected] with the subject
‘Online rates.’
Thank you for your help.
Edward Trevor, MBE FRICS, Chairman, Association of Jersey
Rates Assessors/St Helier Assessment Committee
[email protected] Tel: 811815/07797 736797/07829 736797
Westmount to host mountain
bike race at Easter
The Parish of St Helier has agreed to support a mountain bike
event taking place in Westmount Gardens on Sunday 3rd April.
This will take the same format as last year and on a similar
course, with a capped entry of 50 riders and practice/racing
due to take place from 2pm until around 6pm.
The Channel Island Mountain Bike Association (‘CIMBA’)
is in its third year and has a committee made up of six people,
all of a professional background aged between 30 and 50 who
share a passion for cycling. CIMBA offers events that are
mainly based around gravity-assisted riding in races known
as downhill and enduro. Enduro involves 5/6 stages of racing
along technically and physically demanding trails, while
Downhill, as its name suggests, is designed to find the rider
who can get from the top to the bottom of a slope fastest.
CIMBA runs about half a dozen events a year but at places
people normally wouldn't get to ride. The Association tries to
emphasise the fun side of racing and to make it accessible to
riders of all abilities; although it may be technically challenging,
there will always be a B route that everyone can ride around.
For more information about the Easter event please contact
Jim Dave by email: [email protected]
Photos courtesy of Nick Vibert
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t is encouraging to see building works
taking place on several sites around
the town which have been in a
dilapidated condition for some years.
The site of the former Co-Op at Charing
Cross has been the subject of numerous
redevelopment proposals for more than
two decades and has even been the
subject of States’ debates. At last a
solution has been found that gives the
majority of listed buildings on the site a
future, while the prospect of a Premier
Inn hotel forming a major part of the
scheme is to be welcomed. Scaffolding
has gone up around several commercial
properties in town which are desperately
in need of a facelift, though there are still
a number of vacant premises which we
need to fill. Many parishioners will be
pleased to note that the development site
The Best Thing
which fo
rms the corner of Hilgrove Street
and Halkett Street is also being worked
on. There was a real danger that this
vacant lot would remain an eyesore for
another twenty-five years following the
listing of 12-14 Hilgrove Street which
was upheld after a Royal Court appeal.
The decision by a former Minister of
Planning to allow their demolition means
that a new building is under construction
and when that is completed the Parish
will be able to implement long-awaited
improvements to these two important
shopping streets. These projects and the
other major schemes underway, such as
improvements to De Gruchy’s in New
Street, will, of course, have an adverse
impact on their surroundings in the short
term as it is impossible to undertake such
works in a town centre without creating a
certain amount of noise and disturbance.
However, the Parish is liaising with the
builders as well as with nearby residents
and traders to seek to minimise
disruption and to focus attention on how
much better these parts of town will be
once the works are completed.
Constable Simon Crowcroft
Vamos Theatre
Wednesday 20 April + Thursday 21 April 8pm
A swinging sixties story of unconditional love from the UK's leading full mask theatre
company. It's 1966. The record player's on, her hair's bobbed and eye-lashes curled:
for seventeen year old Susan, life is an adventure waiting to begin. But what happens
next turns everything upside down, and its repercussions will last for decades to come.
Step into the wordless world of Vamos Theatre for this bitter-sweet story
of mistaken morals and broken hearts, 45s and beehives, where sexual revolution
proves a hard and rocky path to tread. Funny, heart-breaking and human, The Best
Thing is the latest touring production from one of the country's must-see theatre
Suitable for 12 years +, this production is equally accessible
to hearing and deaf audiences.
Tickets: £17 (£11 students) Members: £14.45 (£9.35 students)
Box Office: 700444
By Cliff Golding
ituated just a few yards down from the junction of King
Street and Halkett Place is an iconic business where four
generations of the same family have served the Island for
over 100 years. At number 3 King Street, Pearce Jewellers is that
fascinating building located on the corner with the beautiful
rounded window.
You can stand looking at the cornucopia of multi-layered
displays on both sides of the building for ages. In fact, if you
were looking for a small gift of jewellery it would be almost
impossible not to find the ideal piece in this wonderful
example of how traditional, family run shops used to be.
The business was founded in 1909 by Herbert James (H.J.)
Pearce. Before that it was Hocquard Jewellers and, prior to that,
Gellender Bootmakers. H.J. was apprenticed through The London
Jewellers and Silversmiths, which became CT Maine Jewellers
at 35 King Street (now the Jack Wills shop) and, after rising to
the position of manager at CT Maine, he decided to branch out
on his own and bought the business at 3 King Street renaming it
Pearce Jewellers.
H.J. was succeeded by his son, Paul, shortly after the war
and, when all their children had started school, his wife, Kay,
joined him. When Paul passed away Kay ran the shop herself
assisted by youngest son, Peter, until her death in 1983.
Peter Pearce is the grandson of H.J. and joined the business
in 1965. His wife, Jane, started as a junior shop assistant in 1984,
eventually married the boss, and has been working alongside
her husband and many of their children for over thirty years.
But, after all these years, changes are now afoot. For the first
time in its history Pearce Jewellers have taken on a non-family
member as shop manager. Barry Gillett joined the company in
October last year. Although he has been out of the jewellery
trade for a few years, Barry has a very strong association with
the industry dating back to 1979 when he moved to the Island
from Oxford to manage the old James Walker jewellers. This is
now the small Boots shop in King Street but, for many years,
was land marked as ‘The Shop Under The Clock’.
Jane explains why Pearce Jewellers have taken on a manager:
“Peter and I wanted to step back a bit and enjoy a well earned
retirement together. Between us we have five daughters and,
although it is quite possible one or more will follow us into the
business, there is no obvious successor yet as the youngest is
still at school. The business, its history, what it means to us,
and what we know it means to our customers, is so important
that simply walking away wasn’t an option. Pearce Jewellers was
founded on basic principles of service and integrity. Successive
generations have carried that torch with pride and it is still our
core objective some 107 years after the doors first opened.
We wanted to continue that tradition but finding someone
who would share our passion and understood what we stand for
was a challenge. Barry came to us through the Jersey grapevine
and a bit of good old-fashioned gossip within the trade. We were
looking for a very specific type of person and he fitted the
specifications extremely well as finding this type of experience
and expertise in Jersey can be quite rare. Peter and I will still be
involved but on a day-to-day basis Barry will be in charge
assisted by our daughter Katie.
The way people shop is changing. The Internet has brought
different buying habits but fortunately jewellery is still very
much a personal item, which people like to hold in their hand
and feel the quality before purchasing. With that, and the
personal service we provide, the Internet can never hope to
compete. Social media influences all our lives now and, although
our shop looks almost the same and our basic ethos unchanged,
the business is unrecognisable from when H.J. started it all those
years ago. We are excited about the future and confident that
Barry will bring fresh ideas and impetus to the business without
changing its core values.”
Personal &
A Jersey company
serving our Island
for over 100 years
Barry is also very excited at returning to his former career.
“I am delighted to be managing one of Jersey’s longest established
businesses,” he says. “I realise that it wasn’t an easy decision
for Peter and Jane to take a step back and appoint someone from
outside the family to manage their business. However, I am
determined that Pearce Jewellers will not change its basic values
of excellent customer service and attention to detail. It is all
about personal service. Customers return time and time again for
that reason and, whether they spend a pound or two repairing a
watchstrap or buy the most expensive item we have, they can
be assured that they will enjoy the same personal service as
their grandparents received a hundred years ago.”
Are you looking for a gift, a little treat for a loved one or friend?
You might need to look no further than Pearce Jewellers at
3 King Street.
Funeral Directors:
Gareth John,
Paul Battrick MBE,
Andy Errington-Rennell
Barry Gillett and Jane Pearce outside 3 King Street
We pride ourselves on, the caring,
personal and professional approach
our experienced team provide. Working closely
with you to ensure everything is taken care of
in a sensitive and thoughtful manner, giving you
peace of mind when you need it most.
St Helier House
delighted to hold two musical
extravaganzas during a wet and windy
January. Demelza Stafford and Terry
Saunders visited via The Jersey Arts in
Health Care Trust, providing an
afternoon of Opera and also songs from
musicals which they the residents loved
and related to. And then Burns Night
was celebrated on 25th January, with
Piper Jimmy McGovern once again in
attendance to pipe in the Haggis and
St Helier House residents Mrs Fernando
and Mrs Davidson with Senior Carer
Sylvana Rice
St Helier House Chef Paul Kelly with
Piper Jimmy McGovern and the Haggis
Piper Jimmy McGovern piping in the
Haggis for St Helier House residents
And at St Ewold’s, following
around the town as many of them
remember it.
Two St Ewold’s carers, Pauline Drew
and Lilia Guegan (pictured below) are
currently training for the Liverpool
Marathon taking place in May this year,
and are raising funds for Cancer Research.
the recent planned renovations to the
Gardner Lounge, the residents have been
particularly enjoying the series of Temps
Passé pictures now on display. The black
and white photographs date from the
1950s and show daily activity in and
Holly Byrne, Nicolle Drieu and Louise
Barry with resident Pauline Bailey
Avranches and Westmount Day Nurseries
Our staff at both Nurseries undertake
significant professional development
training throughout the year. The Jersey
Childcare Trust recently provided some
singing and signing sessions for our
carers, and staff learnt how to use signs
and symbols to help children of all
abilities in our care to communicate and
share their thoughts and to express
choices and emotions.
recite the poems of Robbie Burns and
Constable Simon Crowcroft assisting by
stabbing the Haggis. Our residents, three
of which are Scottish, all had a wonderful
time and Sandy Warren joined in after
dinner to sing Scottish songs.
And the Home has received visitors
from Beaulieu School recently. Always
popular, the photo above shows Sofia
Miles discussing the weekly events diary
with resident Chris Wakeham.
New arrival:
Westmount member of
staff Kimberley Warder
and her partner Craig
recently welcomed
Harper Leigh Marett
into the world; born on
16th January Harper
weighed in at 7lbs 8oz,
and the Parish’s best
wishes are extended to
all of them.
omerils Outdoor Living has established as the main supplier of products to
create your own unique outside space with all-weather garden furniture
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Make you outdoor space useable and
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See the very latest in outdoor
living on Thursday 10, Friday 11
and Saturday 12 March
They have barbecues, fire pits,
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hanging garden seat, it’s whatever you
want it to be, inside or out.
They offer a free consultation and
design service for children’s outdoor
spaces for homes, nurseries and school
and supply and fit commercial equipment
and safety surfacing to meet European
Safety Standard EN1176 for equipment
and EN1177 for safety surfacing.
For true relaxation sink in the warm
and massaging waters of a Wellis spa or
for swimming and fitness training they
have a large selection of swim spas and
even a cold spa.
The Licensing Objectives Applications for liquor
licences under the new law will be determined in public
in accordance with published guidance based on five
licensing objectives. Although economic factors will not
be ignored, the five objectives will prioritise crime and
disorder reduction, securing public safety, prevention of
public nuisance, protection of children and public health
A replacement for the Licensing Authority
The licensing process will be transparent in terms of
cost and process. It should also operate faster without
increasing overall operating costs, although the costs will
be funded by industry.
The Government of Jersey has revised its
proposals for a new Liquor Licensing Law and
is inviting public and industry comments on
the suggested changes. The new proposals
are based on a related policy paper that was
published in September 2014. Since then,
further consideration has been given to the
following six areas: Juliana
The Alcohol and Licensing Policy Group
Alcohol licensing policy decisions would be taken in a
transparent and accountable way by a new governmentappointed body, supported by existing resources.
Alcohol price control An existing policy that
sought to guard against price promotions on alcoholic
drinks in public houses and other on-licensed premises
would be superseded by a new policy affecting both
on- and off-licensed premises in the same way. The biggest
change would be that special offers on alcohol would not
be allowed in supermarkets, small shops or other
Personal licences There is no longer an intention
to introduce personal licences. As such, the system in
Jersey would look more like it does now and less like the
UK system. Removal of personal licenses will not affect the
requirement for managers and staff to be appropriately
trained and certified.
The fee system Liquor licence fees will rise
from existing levels, which were set over seven years ago.
The higher fees will fund the creation of a new authority
to determine licences. Off-licence fees are likely to rise
considerably more than on-licence fees.
The consultation can be accessed online:
The deadline for responses is 19th April 2016.
5 14 Watt Juliana
Views sought on CHANGES
What’s wrong with the current system?
A The categories were set in 1974 and are rigid and inflexible.
A wider forward-looking strategy is needed, and decisions
around licensing need to be taken in public by an accountable
authority. Some decisions made under the new system will still
be unsatisfactory for some people, especially for applicants who
are turned down. The difference will be that there will be a
published policy that explains what is and what is not acceptable,
the reasoning behind decisions will be published in plain English,
and there will be an appeal system to allow decisions to be
What is the ‘ALPG’?
A The Alcohol and Licensing Policy Group is a cross-departmental
group to develop and manage policy on liquor licensing. The sale
of alcohol is a big issue which most people have an opinion on,
and it is simply too important to have one Minister making all of
the decisions about it. It will be created by the new law, but until
the law comes into force it is sitting as a ‘shadow’ of the group
with the same membership to work towards getting the new law
into place.
Why are you moving away from the
Licensing Assembly?
A The Licensing Assembly is a court, and there are serious
concerns about the idea of having a court directed in its
day-to-day business by politicians. This is a real issue as justice
in a modern society depends on the independence of the Courts
from government. Under the proposals licensing decisions will
instead be made by a panel consisting of an independent chair
and States Members.
Why target off-licences?
What’s the timetable for changing the
Licensing Law?
A • Consult mid-Jan to mid-April 2016, inviting views from the
public, the industry and other interested parties
• Develop the policy and write the law – by mid-2016
• Have the law in place and have started developing the
Regulations under the Law – end 2016
• Full implementation of the new scheme – end 2017.
A There is nothing intrinsically wrong with off-licences. Adults
have every right to buy alcohol and drink it at home. The problem
is that off-licences are much more favourably treated, and with
flat fees, the bigger they are the better deal they get – supermarkets
pay licensing fees of just £114 per year, the same as a corner
shop. Off-licences sell about two-thirds of the alcohol in Jersey
but only pay 8% of the fees.
How will the new Law affect the 11pm
and 2am peak time pressures when pubs and
clubs close?
A The new Law will not have an immediate effect on closing
times, taxi queues or some other policy issues. What it will do,
however, is establish a better framework for tackling these issues
in a quicker, constructive and transparent way.
t Ewold’s Residential Home in Balmoral Drive is one of
two Homes owned and run by the Parish of St Helier,
the other being St Helier House next to People’s Park.
Each Home is staffed by a team of dedicated and passionate
managers, carers, chefs, kitchen assistants and administrative
staff. Fred Dorey is a professional chef at St Ewold’s, a position
he has held for nearly twenty-one years. On a bright February
morning, between breakfast and lunchtime, we visited St Ewold’s
and asked Fred to tell us about his typical day as a chef.
Fred, when did you become a chef and how did you
come to work at St Ewold’s?
FD I am 56 now and have been a chef since I was 15 when I took
a three year apprenticeship at the Longueville Manor Hotel under
the old City and Guilds scheme. Altogether I spent twelve years in
the hotel trade before joining the Parish in 1987, and I started as a
chef at St Helier House, moving to St Ewold’s along with all the
residents when St Helier House was being refurbished in the
mid-nineties. When the work was finished I stayed at St Ewold’s
and have been here ever since.
FD We have three chefs – Jed Hesketh who is our charge hand,
Dave Brockell and myself. We also have four kitchen assistants:
Yvette, Angela, Maria and Paula who are crucial to the smooth
running of the kitchen.
By Cliff Golding
get on
Selection of cereals • Porridge • Juices
To Start
Homemade red lentil and carrot soup, bread croutons
King prawns, coriander, lime and honey
Main Course
Fresh Spanish belly of pork, layered with a fresh herb, garlic and
olive compote, rolled with prime fresh pork fillet, slowly roasted
and served with a rich red wine and wild mushroom sauce
Local fresh Jersey mussels, sautéed with onions, parsley
and garlic wrapped in a rich white wine and cream sauce,
served with garlic bread
Accompanied by fresh market vegetables and potatoes
Homemade bread and butter pudding
served with fresh Jersey cream
Creamy rice pudding
Baked jacket potatoes with various fillings
Homemade soup of the day
Selection of fresh fruit, Victoria sponge
How many chefs do you have here?
It must be important that you work well as a team and all
FD Good teamwork is vital and we all work very well together.
The staff retention rate here, and at St Helier House, is excellent.
That wouldn’t happen if we didn’t all work together and have
great understanding through all our different specialisms. For us
it’s a question of understanding our residents’ needs and working
with managers and carers to ensure that we cater for all dietary
and nutritional requirements.
How is the day broken down?
FD Firstly, Jed, Dave and myself work the menu out daily. We
source our supplies from a series of local producers. Always
budget-conscious, we work to best prices and have a constant
stream of deliveries through the day. Some of our residents
require ‘soft diets’ and others might have special nutritional
requirements. We have to be aware of this and cater accordingly.
How many meals do you prepare each day?
FD We prepare and provide three meals a day and snacks in
between for up to sixty-six residents. We also provide hot
lunches and snacks on weekdays to Avranches Day Nursery
which is attached to St Ewold’s. Breakfasts and evening meals
here are delivered to the floors and lunch is taken in the dining
room next to the kitchen. Lunchtime is always a busy time for
us. We always enjoy meeting our residents and look forward to
the interaction with them.
Do they give you feedback?
FD Oh yes! We welcome feedback and our residents aren’t shy
in providing it. It is delivered in good fun and we do listen. If
they don’t like a particular item we will change it or amend it to
their taste. We are always conscious that many of our residents
have been domestic chefs all their adult lives and “know how
we like it done.”
What differences have you noticed over the years?
FD The biggest difference is that tastes have changed. Thirty
years ago menus would have been dominated by what you could
term traditional fayre. But, from the seventies onwards, people
became more adventurous trying Chinese, Indian and other foods
from different countries. So we cook curries and stir fries and
pizzas but we always still prepare a nice Sunday roast. I think
there would be a riot if we didn’t.
What strange requests do you get and what is a favourite
FD I don’t know whether it is a strange request but we often get
asked for liver and bacon. As for a favourite dessert, it has to be
rice pudding at lunch times and chocolate éclairs at dinner.
I can imagine you all bake a lot of cakes!
FD Yes, we do. In addition to any desserts we might bake, we
celebrate every resident’s birthday with a cake. I enjoy making
cakes as I specialised as a pastry chef.
What is the best part of your job?
FD Working with a great team (you don’t stay in one job as long
as I have if you don’t have great colleagues) and providing a good
service to some wonderful residents, great characters all of them.
Finally, tell us something about you that your colleagues
might not know.
FD Well, I don’t know if this is interesting, but since the 1700s
every first-born boy in my family on the paternal side has been
called Frederick.
25% Off All Food When
You Quote ‘Town Crier’
When Booking!
If you want to find out more about St Ewold’s, or if you or a
member of your family are thinking of moving to a residential
home, please contact Julie Garrod at the Town Hall on 811856
to have a chat or request a brochure. Alternatively email
[email protected]
E a rl y Bird Sp e c i a l
2 C o u r se s fo r £ 10
Between 5.30pm & 6.30pm Wednesday - Sunday
Available Wednesday - Friday
Cosy up in our stylish pub and enjoy delicious hearty food
Del i ci o us F o o d A t Ho me In A F ew C lic ks
Takeaway’s available with 15% off online orders on - Enjoy!
www.TheFarmHouse.Je . Tel 861697
www.TheSpiceHouse.Je . Tel 746600
© Jersey Evening Post
By Daphne East
Town Centre Manager
St Helier’s percentage of vacant commercial
premises is just 2.4% compared to the UK average
of 13%, with many shops being snapped up by
new tenants before they can be advertised.
Among the recent newly-opened premises in
the town centre is the St Malo Crêperie near the
Cenotaph, which specialises in savoury galettes,
sweet crêpes and a themed moulerie amongst
many other French favourites in a relaxed
ambience. ‘It’s all about bringing a little bit of
France to the heart of Jersey’ explains company
director, Helen Rubber. ‘Our philosophy is to
position crêpes as an indulgent yet healthy
alternative to traditional fast food amongst the
casual food sector. We hope that our brand will
interest the whole family and encourage people of
Jonathan and Helen Rubber, with chef
Sam Sherwood and the Constable at the
opening of their restaurant
Love Shopping Love Thursdays The Love Shopping Love
Thursday initiative continues in St Helier with retailers giving
their customers the opportunity to shop until 7pm every
Thursday. From the Spring even more retailers will take part
with in-store events and live music. The idea is to persuade more
people to stay in town after work to do a little shopping before
going to one of St Helier’s many restaurants or pubs to socialise.
Hospitality Development Group Building on the success
of the Retail Development Group a similar forum for businesses
in the Hospitality sector has been launched. The Hospitality
Development Group meets on a monthly basis to discuss topics
and ideas relating to hospitality in St Helier, including staffing
all ages to frequent the St Malo Crêperie. Of course,
it’s not just about crêpes! Traditional crêperies offer
a lot more besides and we are no different. A
mouth-watering range of hors d’oeuvres is perfect
whilst sipping our specially imported champagne
and delicious white and rosé wines, or why not
choose from our range of croques and cheeses
helped down by a glass of vin rouge’.
Considerable investment has been made to
upgrade the kitchen facilities and refurbish the
front of house fixtures and fittings, and customers
will also be able to enjoy 700 square feet of al
fresco dining in the summer season. The St Malo
Crêperie’s opening hours are Monday – Friday,
8am till 8pm; Saturdays 10am till 8pm and
Sundays 10am till 6pm.
issues, the proposed changes to the licensing law and the
opportunities presented by themed gastronomic events in
St Helier. If you are interested in joining this group please contact
the Town Centre Manager on 811813 or [email protected]
Parade and Charing Cross News The Parade and Charing
Cross trader group met in January for a Christmas debrief. The
traders had a positive December and were very focused and
positive about the coming year. In particular, traders in the area are
pleased with the opening of the St Malo Crêperie, and with the
news that Burger King is due to open in the area. The start of the
Premier Inn Hotel development is also welcomed, as all of these
new businesses will see increased footfall in this part of town.
Lise De La Salle
Easter Bunny Crochet
Amici Artium
Tutor: Hazel McLaren
A Channel Islands
Music Council Tour
Thursday 10 March 8pm
Saturday 12 March 10am – 3pm
Saturday 12 March 8pm
Box Office: 700444
Colomberie Traders News The Colomberie traders are
working on a ‘Discover Colomberie’ initiative which will involve
‘taster’ sessions in each outlet. This will allow shoppers to enjoy
such aspects of Colomberie as sampling delicious food or
watching a sewing craft demonstration. A ‘Discover Colomberie’
booklet is also being investigated to showcase the breadth of
independent traders in this part of town.
Easter Egg Hunt & Easter Bonnet Parade
Saturday 19th March St Helier’s events calendar starts with this
new Parade from West’s Centre through town. Local schools and
clubs will have the opportunity to show off their fancy bonnets
and search for chocolatey clues to win an edible prize, while
prizes of family tickets (two adults two children) for the Roller
Disco will also be awarded.
Roller Disco (Monday 21st March – Sunday 10th April)
A Roller Disco is being launched at Weighbridge Place. There will
be eight one hour sessions available between 10am and 10pm each
day, and this amazing event is suitable for friends, families and
children from the age of 4+. Skates will be provided as part of the
ticket price; however, if you have your own inline or roller skates
these may be used instead.
May Day festivities (Sunday 1st May)
A May Day Spring Festival will take place for the first time in
Liberation Square from 10am–12pm. This event will celebrate the
start of Spring with dancing around the Maypole, face painting
and live music.
Channel Islands Heritage Festival
(Friday 25th March – Tuesday 10th May)
Organised by Visit Jersey, this year’s Channel Islands Heritage
Festival includes a Maritime and Coastal Theme Window
Display Competition. From Roman wrecks to famous seafarers,
tales of privateering and shipbuilding to great shipwrecks,
Jersey’s maritime heritage spans centuries. 2016 also marks the
150th anniversary of Victor Hugo’s novel, The Toilers of the Sea.
There are many ways St Helier businesses can get involved,
regardless of whether they sell clothes or souvenirs, coffees or
insurance. Windows can be adorned with nautical fashion,
decorated with authentic crab pots and fishing nets or inspiration
can be taken from Victor Hugo’s work. To receive a poster and
voting slips please contact Karen at Visit Jersey on 448881 or
[email protected]
Geraint Jennings
f newspaper reports in 1906 are anything to judge by, Saint
Helier one hundred and ten years ago was being plagued by
dubious fortune-telling scams. Things had reached such a
head that the police decided to stage multiple raids in Town on
those who were, as newspaper coverage suggested, preying on
the credulity of the lower classes (the newspaper-reading classes
being obviously far too sophisticated to fall for such charlatanry).
On Wednesday 20th June, one of the Centeniers asked two
off-duty police officers for assistance. Off these two intrepid
policemen went in civvies to undertake undercover operations
at two separate Town establishments. At Charing Cross, a crowd
of people were waiting their turn at premises operated by a
"crystal gazer" and a "palmist". There was such a queue that the
officer was told he would have to wait an hour to find out his
future. Obviously, a case of unexpected demand.
The other undercover officer had to make his way as far as
King Street to case the other joint, where a lady predicted
amazing things in his future.
The truly amazing thing was that the fortune-tellers had not
predicted that the two enquiring gentleman were to return very
soon after their initial visits, accompanied by a police sergeant
and a Centenier, to deliver summonses. For the fortune-tellers
the future held a swift, and unforeseen, appearance in the
Police Court.
The undercover officers, it was reported, had not only
uncovered a murky trade, but had also discovered, as a result of
one of the palm-reading sessions, that one of them was shortly
to expect the arrival of three offspring to add to his family.
The police warned that further raids of a similar nature were
to be expected. But it is unlikely that a crystal ball would have
been needed for that!
From Here to Eternity
Experimentation at A.S Sixth
Yevgeny Sudbin
Monday Matinée
Berni Gallery Exhibition
Amici Artium
Monday 14 March 2pm
Monday 21 March – Saturday 9 April
Tuesday 22 March 8pm
Box Office: 700444
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Have you something to share with fellow parishioners? Is there an event
or activity coming up that you want to tell St Helier about? Let us know at
the Town Crier and we can include on the monthly Parish Notice Board.
Call Annie Bienvenu on 811821 or email short news items and associated photos
to [email protected]
THU 3 MAR 7PM | £13.50
The Jersey Bowling Club at Westmount is always on the lookout for new
bowling members, all ages welcome. Anyone interested please contact Jean Lowery on
07797 776790.
The French section of the Jersey Eisteddfod is actively seeking
a fluent French-speaking Honorary Secretary to assist in organising the very successful
two day annual French poetry and songs event held at the Arts Centre each November.
If interested please contact the Jersey Eisteddfod Administrator on 854529 or email
[email protected]
8PM | £12
All Saints Church is offering a replacement post (roughly 10-15 hours per week)
for a Children & Family Worker to assist with Sunday School, Messy Church and
social events for families. If interested please email [email protected]
The Jersey Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild meets at Trinity
Parish Hall most months at 7.30pm and new members are always very welcome. The next
meetings are Tuesday 15th March and Tuesday 19th April. For more information please
contact Janet on 766718.
Jersey charity ‘Helping Wings’ is now offering its 2016
Flying Scholarship, sponsored by the Ports of Jersey. The scholarship is
designed to give a life-changing experience to a local person who is
disabled in some way, and previous winners have included a
profoundly deaf young person and someone who suffered brain
injuries following a work accident. The primary aim is to give that
experience with all the benefits entailed – it’s not just about learning
to fly or getting a pilot’s licence which, in most cases, would not be
possible for medical reasons. The application deadline is mid-April,
and a Scholarship Application form can be downloaded from the charity’s website:
NADFAS, The National Association
of Decorative & Fine Art Societies
is a leading organisation widely known for its valuable contribution to
arts, education and heritage conservation, comprising a network of over
370 societies and around 92,000 members who enjoy lectures designed to
educate, stimulate and amuse. It is not a fundraising charity but education based, filtering
down to art projects for both adults and children.
There will be nine talks annually, all held at the Royal Yacht, from March to May
2016 and September 2016 through to May 2017:
• Eric Knowles of Antique Roadshow fame will be presenting 'Art Deco and all that Jazz'
on Tuesday 8th March, 6pm for 6.45pm start.
• Anne Sebba, author and historian, will present a forthright talk on Wallis Simpson,
'That Woman, The Duchess of Windsor', on Tuesday 19th April, 6pm for 6.45pm start.
• Dr Libby Horner, writer and filmmaker, presents '’Mille Miglia – Cars and Culture, a
kaleidoscopic overview of the iconic race from its inception in 1927, the cars,
characters and razzamatazz on Tuesday 17th May, 6pm for 6.45pm start.
To book for any of the above events please email [email protected] or telephone 601195.
SUN 6 MAR 6PM | £17.50
THUR 17 & FRI 18 MAR
8PM | £39.50 (INCLUDES
WED 23 MAR 8PM | £19
Box Office (01534) 511 115
TEL: (01534) 511 106
This section of the Crier is devoted to the many churches,
voluntary clubs and groups run throughout St Helier. If you
would like to promote your organisation or a planned special
event, or just to include contact details, please telephone
811821 or email [email protected]
WOMEN’S INSTITUTE There are four meetings in St Helier as follows:
St Helier Sirens WI Helen Asplet: 483000 / [email protected]
La Pouquelaye WI Gill James: 722467 / [email protected]
Hel’s Belles WI Sue Bone: 636977 / [email protected]
First Tower & Millbrook WI Elvina Davey: 731177 / 07797 731435
MOBILE LIBRARY George V Cottage Homes: Mondays, 9.20–9.45am
Clos du Paradis: Tuesdays, 9.15–9.45am
B&Q, Queen’s Road: Tuesdays, 9.50–10.30am
GOOD COMPANIONS CLUB Angela Falla [email protected]
JERSEY ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION Hilgrove Street Telephone 723519
[email protected] / 24 hour Answerphone Helpline: 443075
JERSEY CODERS (computer coding club for teenagers)
Gwyn Garfield-Bennett 07797 715560 / [email protected]
Viki Lucas [email protected] / 07700 362022
Telephone 737297 / [email protected] /
Telephone 737555 or visit
BEAVERS, CUBS AND SCOUTS 14th Jersey (St Helier) Scout Group
Mary Roberts, Island Secretary 486935/[email protected]
SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING Joy 862205 or Alan 484375
All Saints Church Hall group, The Parade
Daphne 871199/07797 719225
La Pouquelaye group, La Pouquelaye Community Centre
Tina de la Cour 07797 761746 / 877559
South Rainbow group, d’Auvergne School
Jean 509003 / 07797 719003
5th St Mark’s Brownies group, All Saints Church Hall
Vee 789571 / 07797 795587
5th St Mark’s Guides group, La Pouquelaye Community Centre
Pat 481418
First Tower group, First Tower School Jean 509003/07797 719003
Call 887208 /[email protected]
Mel 07797 731101 / [email protected]
Church details
ALL SAINTS CHURCH Parade, St Helier Contact Rev. David on 768323
ROYAL BRITISH LEGION 2–4 Great Union Street Tel: 723469
Move on Youth Project Café, La Rue de la Liberation Tel: 280524
La Pouquelaye Youth Project & Community Centre Tel: 280515
First Tower Youth Project Tel: 630085
The Inclusion Project, St James Centre Tel: 280511
Call 724942 / 0800 7350249 / [email protected]
Telephone Janet on 766718
CHRISTIAN PORTUGUESE MISSION Halkett Place Evangelical Church,
Halkett Place, St Helier Tel: 522480
Victoria Street, St Helier Tel: 768957
JERSEY BAPTIST CHURCH Vauxhall Street, St Helier Tel: 879611
SUN BOWLS Contact Tony Osmont 722767
ST ANDREW’S CHURCH Le Mont Cochon, St Helier,
Jersey, telephone 734582 or email [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
ST COLUMBA’S Midvale Road, St Helier Tel: 733220
JERSEY SCRABBLE CLUB Anne 730409 / [email protected]
ST MARK’S SPARKS Monika Le Seelleur 720595
THE CAESAREA QUILTERS Kathy Journeaux 07797 907808
Jean Dale 888882 / [email protected]
JERSEY BOWLS CLUB Westmount Jean Lowery 07797 776790
Celia 0800 735 0608 / [email protected]
AGE CONCERN JERSEY Telephone 758922 / Freephone 0800 7350345.
Frozen meal delivery – contact Chris 870354
REGENT BOWLS CLUB Fort Regent Barrie Hall 731358
Contact Sarah Keenan-Fox on 877517
ST MARK’S CHURCH St Mark’s Road, St Helier
Visit or contact Monika Le Seelleur on 720595
ST MARY’S AND ST PETER’S CHURCH Wellington Road, St Helier
Tel: 720235 or visit
ST PAUL’S CHURCH New Street, St Helier
Contact the Church Office on 887887 or visit
ST THOMAS’ CHURCH Val Plaisant, St Helier
Tel: 720235 or visit
THE SALVATION ARMY Minden Place, St Helier Tel: 723336
TOWN CHURCH Church Street, St Helier
Tel: 736734 or visit
WW1 Memorial Centenary
St Patrick’s Day Reception
Display of finalists’ artwork
9am – 5pm, Town Hall
Info: Pamela O’Neill 746991
[email protected]
AY 3
1– 5pm, Town Hall
Havre des Group
Improvem ting
6pm, Omm
Easter Egg Hunt and
Easter Bonnet Parade
12 noon, West’s Centre
Info: D
/ r.labey
Info: 811835 / [email protected]
Jersey Eisteddfod Prize Giving
6pm, Town Hall
Info: Christine Hamon 854529
[email protected]
Roller Disco
(hourly sessions £6)
, Weighbridge Place
Info: www.jtrew
rsey Telecom
Sponsored by Je
West of Town
Community Associ
6.15pm, Town Hall
Info: westoftownc
Good Friday /
School Easter Holidays begin
[email protected]
Roads Committee
9.30am, Town Hall
Info: [email protected]
Tel: 811845
Parish Assembly
7pm, Town Hall
Info: 811824
[email protected]
The St Helier
There are lots of opportunities for parishioners to get
involved in the variety of activities organised in St Helier.
For anyone interested in becoming involved in these groups,
a brief overview and contact details are shown below.
The Community in Bloom Group encourages community planting and
environmental initiatives, with artistic flourishes.
Contact Tony Andrews: 811700 / [email protected]
The Honorary Police are an integral part of the Parish, working closely
with the States Police to provide a service unique in the British Isles.
Contact the Honorary Police Co-ordinator: 811890 /
[email protected]
The Jumelage Committee facilitates school group exchanges, and
cultural and sporting links with Avranches in Normandy.
Contact Annabelle Bishop: 07797 762008 /
[email protected]
St Helier twinned with Bad Wurzach, where many Islanders were
interned during the Second World War, in 2002. The Partnerschaft
Committee promotes cultural links between the two towns.
Contact Clive Armstrong: 854152 /
[email protected]
The Committee supports activities celebrating the Portuguese language,
music, food and national days, following the twinning with Funchal in 2012.
Contact Simon Crowcroft on 811821 or email [email protected]
A Parish Assembly will be held at the Town Hall on
Wednesday 30th March at 7pm.
An agenda for the meeting will be published no fewer than
five days in advance and will be available from the Town Hall
or the Parish website,
A.S. Crowcroft
A meeting of the St Helier Roads Committee will take place on
Wednesday 16th March at 9.30am at the Town Hall. Members of
the public are invited to attend part ‘A’ of the agenda.
An agenda for the above meeting will be published no fewer
than five days in advance and will be available from the Town
Hall or the Parish website,
A.S. Crowcroft
A new group to promote Polish culture locally.
Contact Magda Chmielewska: 07700 811719 /
[email protected]
The St Helier Youth Committee gives financial support to youth
projects throughout the Parish. It is also responsible for allocating
grants to groups and individuals who live in the Parish.
Application forms available from our website:
Contact Sarah Richardson: 07797 732901 / [email protected]
The St Helier Battle of Flowers Association is a welcoming group keen to
create a community atmosphere. All Islanders are welcome to join in.
Alain Baudains: 07797 832597 / [email protected]
The ‘POSH Pétanquers’ meet on Fridays at 2pm in the Millennium
Town Park. Newcomers are welcome and coaching is provided.
Contact Tony Allchurch: 767593 / [email protected]
When the administration of welfare was moved to Income Support the
Parish retained some of its staff skilled in supporting the community,
assisted by volunteers. New members are always welcome.
Contact Julie Garrod: 811856 / [email protected]
The Parish’s Social Committee makes possible activities like the Liberation
Cream Tea and the Christmas Lunches. New members welcome.
Contact Jane Skelhorn: 811823 / email [email protected]
Expressions of interest are invited from local website
developers to provide a new website for the Parish of St Helier.
The current website has served the Parish well
for several years but a fresh approach is considered necessary.
For a scoping document or more information please contact
Neil Macdonald (Tel: 811829 or email:
[email protected])
Deadline for expressions of interest Friday 1st April. The Parish website is an important way
of keeping parishioners informed and updated. It doesn’t stand alone
– we use adverts, circulars, press releases and of course this Town
Crier to try and reach everyone. But the website helps those of us
who want to interact with organisations online and at a time that suits
us. Why not take a look at what can offer you?
sure every home and business in St Helier receives its copy of the
Town Crier. If you live in St Helier and can’t pick your copy up from
one of our bins around town, please contact Annie Bienvenu on
811821 / [email protected] and we can either post or
email a pdf copy to you.
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