Roster of members of the Oklahoma Association of Professional



Roster of members of the Oklahoma Association of Professional
Roster of members of the Oklahoma
Association of Professional Historians, 2014
Bacone College
Division of Social Sciences
2291 Old Bacone Road
Muskogee, OK 74403
(888) 682-5514, ext 7250
Russell Lawson, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 781-7250
American and European history
Cameron University
Department of History and Government
2800 West Gore Boulevard
Lawton, OK 73505
Lance Janda, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 581-2517
Modern U.S., Military, Gender, Social & Cultural
W. Douglas Catterall, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 5812949
Early Modern Europe, World & Comparative History,
Gender, Historical Anthropology
Travis Childs, M.A. [email protected] (580) 581-2947
Texas, Early 20th Century U.S., Progressive Era
Michael Cox, MA, [email protected], (580) 581-2942
Native American History, Early American History,
and the American West
Suzanne J. Crawford, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 5812497
Women, Progressive Era, American West, Oklahoma
Russell Graves, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 581-2470
Sarah Eppler Janda, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 5812948
Native American Women
Richard A. Voeltz, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 5812493
British Empire, Modern Europe, European
Carl Albert State College
Division of Social & Behavioral Science
1507 South Mckenna
Poteau, OK 74953
(918) 647-1278
Michael O. Riley, M.A. [email protected] (918)
American History
Connors State College
Route 1, Box 1000
Warner, OK 74469-9700
(918) 463-2931
FAX: (918) 463-6205
Freeman Culver M.A., [email protected] (918
American History
Patsy Wimber M.S., [email protected] (918)
History, Political Science
East Central University
Department of History and Native American Studies
Ada, OK 74820
(580) 332-8000, ext. 416
FAX: (580) 436-3329
Chair: Bradley Clampitt, Ph.D. [email protected] (580)
Civil War, Early American History
Thomas W. Cowger, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 5595419
Native American, 20th Century U.S; Chickasaw
Endowed Chair, Native American Studies Director
Duane C. Anderson, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 5595204
English History; V.P. for Academic Affairs and
Scott Barton, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 559-5424
Civil War, American Social and Political History
Christopher Bean, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 559-5418
Military History, Western Civilization, U.S. History
Houston Mount, Ph.D. (580) 559-5422
U.S. Oil History, Western Civilization, Latin America,
Middle East
Gregory Sutton, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 559-5437
France, Modern Europe, 20th-Century World
Emeriti Faculty:
Davis D. Joyce, Ph.D.
Colonial, Early National, Oklahoma
Sherill Spaar, Ph.D.
Ancient and Medieval History
Francis M. Stackenwalt, Ph.D.
Western Civilization, Modern Eastern Europe,
American Diplomacy, U. S. Economic History
Alvin O. Turner, Ph.D. [email protected]
Oklahoma, 19th-Century U.S.
Linda Reese, Ph.D.
U.S. History, American West, Oklahoma, Women
Eastern Oklahoma State College
Department of History/Political Science
1301 West Main
Wilburton, OK 74578
(918) 465-2361, ext.242
FAX: (918) 465-4484
Chris Butler, M.S. [email protected] (918) 465-2361, ext.
World Civilization, Oklahoma History, U.S. History
Carter Mattson, J.D., ABD [email protected]
(918) 286-9431, ext.210
World Civilization, U.S. History, Oklahoma History
Fort Smith National Historic Site
PO Box 1406
Fort Smith, AR 72902
(479) 783-3961
FAX: (479) 783-5307
Lisa Conard Frost, M.A. [email protected] (479) 7833961
Langston University
Social Sciences & Humanities
Langston, OK 73050
(405) 466-3344
FAX: (405) 466-3271
Lawrence Grear, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 466-3344
Sociology, African and African American History
James Showalter, Ph.D. [email protected]
(405) 466-3434
American History, Oklahoma History, World
History, European
Murray State College
Social Science Department
One Murray Campus
Tishomingo, OK 73460
(580) 371-2371
FAX: (580)371-9844
Kirk Rodden, M.A. [email protected] (580) 220-2860
Political Science and History, 19th American Politics,
Civil War
Dr. Rebecca Jacobs-Pollez, Ph. D. [email protected]
580-371-2371 ext 287
Medieval Europe
Murrell Home
19479 E Murrell Rd
Tahlequah, OK 74464
David Fowler [email protected] (918) 456-2751
Jennifer Frazee [email protected] (918) 456-2751
Museums & Sites, Murrell Home, Historical Interpreter
Amanda Pritchett [email protected] (918) 456-2751
Museums & Sites, Murrell Home
Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College
Department of History and Political Science
200 I Street NE
Miami, OK 74354
(918) 542-8441
Jeff Birdsong, Ph.D. Instructor, [email protected] (918) 5406348
David Loving, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 540-6346
American History, 20th Century U.S., Environmental,
Northeastern State University
Department of Social Sciences
Tahlequah, OK 74464-2399
(918) 444-3500
FAX: (918) 458-2390
Brad Agnew, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 444-3519
American Military, Trans-Mississippi West, Oklahoma
Norman D. Carlisle, Jr., M.A. [email protected] (918) 4443006
American History, U.S. History; Adjunct Faculty
Bill Corbett, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 444-3520
Native American, Civil War, U.S. History
Billy Joe Davis, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 444-3516
Recent America, American Diplomatic, U.S.
Constitution, U.S. History
Suzanne Farmer, Ph. D., [email protected] (918) 444-4503
Early Modern Europe
V. Lyle Haskins, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 444-3500
Modern European History, U.S. History; Emeritus
Christopher Owen, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 444-3521
American Social History, U.S. South, U.S. History
Denis Vovchenko, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 4443530
Modern Europe, Middle East
Randall Wagnon, M.A. [email protected], (918) 444-3503
Social Studies Education
Richard Zellner, M.A., [email protected], (918) 444-3534
American History, U.S. History; Adjunct Faculty
Northern Oklahoma College
Social Science Division
PO Box 310
1220 E. Grand
Tonkawa, OK 74653-0310
(580) 628-6683
FAX: (580) 628-6209
Roy L. Chaney, Jr., M.S. [email protected] (580) 6286683
American History, Government
Brenda Pennington, M.Ed [email protected]
U.S. History After 1865, American National
Government, Anthropology
Ray Shreck, M.S. [email protected] (580) 628-6684
American History, Government
Enid Campus
100 S. University Avenue
Enid, OK 73701
Jerry Hawkins, M.S. [email protected] (580) 548-2219
American History, Government
Jeremy Hise, M.Ed. [email protected] (580) 549-2346
Oklahoma History, U.S. History
Northwestern Oklahoma State University
Department of History
JD 319
709 Oklahoma Blvd.
Alva, OK 73717-2799
(580) 327-8520
FAX: (580) 327-8514
Roger Hardaway, J.D., D.A. [email protected] (580)
Modern U.S., American West, African American,
Native American
J.W. Platt, M.A. [email protected] (580) 327-8523
Latin America, U.S. Economic, Modern World
Justin Q. Olmstead, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 3278519
U.S., World, Middle East, Diplomatic History
Eric Schmaltz, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 327-8526
Modern Europe, Germany, Russia, World History
Oklahoma Baptist University
Department of Anthropology, History, and Political Science
500 W. University
Shawnee, OK 74804
(405) 878-2244
FAX: (405) 878-2069
Glenn E. Sanders, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 5854157
Medieval Europe, Early Modern Europe
Carol S. Humphrey, Ph.D. [email protected] (405)
Colonial U.S., Revolutionary U.S.
Rebecca A. Koerselman,
Ph.D., Rebec[email protected] (405) 585-4127
20th Century U.S., religion, gender
John D. Powell, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 585-4160
Modern Europe, Asia
Sherri Raney, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 585-4159
Russian History
Oklahoma Christian University
Department of History and Political Science
Box 11000
Oklahoma City, OK 73136-1100
(405) 425-5450
FAX: (405) 425-5451
John Maple, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 425-5454
British, Medieval
Matt McCook, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 425-5452
American Intellectual and Religious
John Thompson, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 4255453
African-American, Southern History
Oklahoma City Community College
Department of History and Political Science
7777 South May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73159
(405) 1611, ext.7573
FAX: (405) 682-7803
Malinda Barr, M.A. [email protected] (405) 682-1611,
American History
Jeff Carlisle, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 682-1611,
American history, American Indian history, Latin
John Ehrhardt, M.A. [email protected] (405) 682-7145
Ron Gray, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 682-1611, ext.7298
American West, American South, 19th-Century U.S.,
Modern Europe
Ray McCullar, M.A. [email protected] (405) 682-1611,
American Revolution, U.S. Diplomatic history,
American West
Oklahoma City University
Department of History
2501 N. Blackwelder
Oklahoma City, OK 73106-1493
(405) 208-5247
FAX: (405) 208-5200
Marie E. Hooper, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 208-5453
Modern Europe, Nationalism, Balkan History, World
C. Blue Clark, Ph. D. [email protected] (405) 208-5200
U.S. History, Legal Anthropology, and Native
American Economic Development
Lawrence W. Cobb, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 208-5267
Middle East, American Popular Culture, Military,
World Civilization
to/since 1500
Monica Gallamore, Ph. D., [email protected] (405) 2085778
Popular Culture, Urban History, and the history of
entertainment in Modern America
Oklahoma Department of Transportation
Cultural Resources Program
111 E. Chesapeake, rm. 102
Norman, OK 73019
(405) 325-6989
Anna M. Eddings, M.A. [email protected] (405) 325-8665
Historian/Architectural Historian, (ODOT) Cultural
Resources Program
Oklahoma History Center
2401 N. Laird Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73105-7914
(405) 521-2491
FAX: (405) 521-2492
Executive Director
Bob Blackburn, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 5225202
Marcus Anderson [email protected]
Research, Digitization
Allison Archambo [email protected] (405) 522-2713
State Historic Preservation Office, Historian/Survey
Jim Argo [email protected] (580) 924-6502
Museums & Sites, Fort Washita Historic Site
Caroline Armbrust [email protected] (405) 522-0765
Oklahoma Museum of History, Admissions
Corey Ayers [email protected] (405) 522-6307
Research, Moving Image Archivist
Brian Basore [email protected] (405) 522-5222
Research, Head Library Technician
Elizabeth Bass [email protected] (405) 522-4860
Publications, Director of Publications, Editor
Mike Bell [email protected] (405) 522-0789
Oklahoma Museum of History, Curator of Collections
Sarah Biller [email protected] (405) 522-0868
Research, Newspaper Department
Mark Bomboy [email protected] (405) 232-2735
Oklahoma Museum of History
Sharen Bowers [email protected] (405) 282-1889
Museums & Sites, Oklahoma Territorial Museum
Marie Brearly [email protected] (580) 924-6502
Museums & Sites, Fort Washita Historic Site
Jeff Briley [email protected] (405) 522-0799
Oklahoma Museum of History, Assistant Director
Erin Brown [email protected] (918) 762-2513
Museums & Sites, Pawnee Bill Ranch
Erin N. Brown [email protected] (405) 282-1889
Museums & Sites, Guthrie Museum Complex
Evelyn Brown [email protected] (405) 522-0765
Oklahoma Museum of History, Admissions
Michael Brown [email protected] (918) 762-5214
Museums & Sites, Pawnee Bill Ranch
Ronny Brown [email protected] (918) 762-2513
Museums & Sites, Pawnee Bill Ranch
Renae Brumley [email protected] (918) 538-2417
Museums & Sites, Whitehair Memorial
Jennie Buchanan [email protected] (580) 482-1044
Museums & Sites, Director, Museum of the Western
Mike Caffey [email protected] (580) 237-1907 x228
Museums & Sites, Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage
Kim Chadbourne [email protected] (405) 522-5219
Administration, Finance, Accounts Payable
Annina Collier [email protected] (405) 522-0787
Oklahoma Museum of History, Director of Visitor
Mallory Covington [email protected] (405) 522-0876
Research, Manuscripts
Rick Cragg [email protected] (918) 478-4088
Museums & Sites, Fort Gibson Historic Site
Leah Craig [email protected] (405) 522-0793
Oklahoma Museum of History, Curator of Education
Tara Damron [email protected] (405) 522-0784, (405)
Oklahoma Museum of History, Collections
Cyndi Lu Daniels [email protected] (405) 522-0745
Oklahoma Museum of History, OHC Events Manager
Frank Davenport [email protected] (405) 522-0879
Research, Library Resources
Anna Davis [email protected] (918) 762-2513
Museums & Sites, Pawnee Bill Ranch
David Davis [email protected] (405) 522-0798
Oklahoma Museum of History, Director of Exhibits
John Davis [email protected] (580) 873-2634
Museums & Sites, Manager, Fort Towson Historic Site
and Honey Springs Battlefield
Robbin Davis [email protected] (580)765-6108
Museums & Sites, Director of Pioneer Woman Museum
Bernie Dewitt [email protected] (405) 522-0866
Research, Library Resources
Kathy Dickson [email protected] (405) 522-5231
Museums & Sites, Director
Jerry Dobbs [email protected] (918) 775-2413
Museums & Sites, Sequoyah Cabin, Historic Property
Brad Dolezal [email protected] (580) 830-0376
Museums & Sites, Cherokee Strip Museum
Clark Duffe [email protected] (405) 522-0849
Research, Optical Technician
Sarah Dumas [email protected] (405) 522-0791
Oklahoma Museum of History, Assist. Curator of
Valerie Duncan [email protected] (405) 282-1889
Museums & Sites, Director of Museums & Historic
Homes Department
David Fowler [email protected] (918) 456-2751
Museums & Sites, Director of Murrell Home, Fort
Gibson, and Cabin Creek Battlefield
Stacy Frakes [email protected] (405) 522-5208
Research, Photo Archives
Jennifer Frazee [email protected] (918) 456-2751
Museums & Sites, Murrell Home, Historical Interpreter
Casey Garrett [email protected] (918) 284-5964
Museums & Sites, OK Route 66 Museum, Collections
Jim Goss [email protected] (918) 336-2491
Museums & Sites, Frank Phillips Home
Kim Goss [email protected] (918) 336-2491 x104
Museums & Sites, Frank Phillips Home, Volunteer &
Marketing Coordinator
Nicole Haddad [email protected] (405) 521-3517
Oklahoma Museum of History, Events
Jason Harris [email protected] (405) 522-0785
Oklahoma Museum of History, Director of Education
Seth Hawkins [email protected] (580) 323-7866
Museums & Sites, OK Route 66
Steve Hawkins [email protected] (405) 522-5239
Research, Volunteer Coordinator
Peggy Haxton [email protected] (580) 336-2405
Museums & Sites, Cherokee Strip Museum, Facility
Melvena Heisch [email protected] (405) 522-4484
State Historic Preservation Office, Deputy State
Historic Preservation Officer
Michael Hightower [email protected] (434) 249-6043
Research, Oklahoma Bank & Commerce History
Amy Hildebrand [email protected] (405) 522-0797
Oklahoma Museum of History, Curator of Collections
Andi Holland
[email protected] (580) 237-1907 x223
Museums & Sites, Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage
Center, Director
Shawntee Hopkins [email protected] (405) 522-4017
Research, Newspapers
Eddie Horton [email protected] (580) 873-2634
Museums & Sites, Fort Towson Historic Site
Rillis Howard [email protected] (405) 522-5235
Museums & Sites, Director of Construction and
Carol Jasak [email protected] (405) 522-0879
Research, Library Resources
Cody Jolliff [email protected] (580) 237-1907 x227
Museums & Sites, Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage
Center, Education Director
Patricia Jones [email protected] (405) 522-4025
Research, Technical Services Librarian
Rachel Kellum [email protected] (405) 522-5886
Oklahoma Museum of History, Assistant Curator of
David Kennedy [email protected] (580) 237-1907 x225
Museums & Sites, Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage
Center, Curator of Collections
Carolyn Krumanocker [email protected] (405) 522-0879
Research, Library Resources
Paul Lambert [email protected] (405) 522-5217
Administration, Development
Jennifer Lynch [email protected] (405) 742-0690
Museums & Sites, Oklahoma Territorial
Museum/Guthrie Complex
Cynthia Manning [email protected] (405) 522-0810
Museums & Sites, Graphic Artist
Laura Martin [email protected] (405) 522-5221
Research, Deputy Director
Sherry Massey [email protected] (405) 522-0737
Oklahoma Museum of History, Senior Registrar
Jon May [email protected] (405) 522-5208
Research, Photo Archives
Morgan McCullough [email protected] (405) 5220868
Research, Newspaper Department
Jim Meeks [email protected] (405) 522-0781
Oklahoma Museum of History, Curator of Exhibits
Daniela Mello de Almeida [email protected] (405)
Oklahoma Museum of History, Curator of Exhibits
Cindy Montgomery [email protected] (405) 522-5230
Museums & Sites, Administrative Programs Officer
Rory Montgomery [email protected] (918) 478-4088
Museums & Sites, Fort Gibson Historic Site
Jeff Moore [email protected] (405) 522-0692
OKPOP Museum, Project Director
Beverly Mosman [email protected] (405) 522-5225
Research, Library Resources
Rachel Mosman [email protected] (405) 522-5208
Research, Photo Archives
Tom Murby [email protected] (405) 232-2735
Oklahoma Museum of History
Velda Mustard [email protected] (580) 482-0128
Museums & Sites, Museum of the Western Prairie
Jessica Nguyen [email protected] (405) 522-0742
Research, Registrar
Larry O'Dell [email protected] (405) 522-6676
Administration, Director of Special
Lori Oden [email protected] (405) 522-0780
Oklahoma Museum of History, Curator of Exhibits
Shea Otley [email protected] (405) 522-4485
State Historic Preservation Office, HPF Grants
Lynda Ozan [email protected] (405) 522-4478
State Historic Preservation Office, Architectural
Historian/National Register Program Coordinator
Marvanna Perry [email protected] (405) 522-0779
Oklahoma Higher Education Heritage Society
Ron Petty [email protected] (580) 924-6502
Museums & Sites, Fort Washita Historic Site
Aaron Preston [email protected] (580) 237-1907
Museums & Sites, Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage
Christopher A. Price [email protected] (918) 473-5572
Museums & Sites, Honey Springs Battlefield
Jeanne Prince [email protected] (405) 522-2301
Oklahoma Higher Education Heritage Society
Amanda Pritchett [email protected] (918) 456-2751
Museums & Sites, Murrell Home
Dan Provo [email protected] (405) 522-5380
Oklahoma Museum of History, Director
JA Pryse [email protected] (405) 522-0689
Research, Digitization
Stephanie Rapp [email protected] (918) 538-2417
Museums & Sites, Whitehair Memorial
James Ray [email protected] (405) 522-5203
Museums & Sites, Construction/Maintenance
Bob Rea [email protected] (580) 766-3767
Museums & Sites, Fort Supply Historic Site
Matt Reed [email protected] (405) 522-0786
Oklahoma Museum of History, Collections
Omar Reed [email protected] (918) 478-4088
Museums & Sites, Fort Gibson Historic Site
Jeffery Richards [email protected] (405) 522-4595
Research, Manuscripts
Jan Richardson [email protected] (405) 522-4595
Research, Manuscripts
Gus Rivera [email protected] (405) 522-0745
Oklahoma Museum of History, Events
Glen Roberson groberso[email protected] (405) 521-6387
State Historic Preservation Office, Certified Local
Governments Program Coordinator
Keith Rohlman [email protected] (405) 522-0792
Oklahoma Museum of History, Curator of Education
Laura Sayre [email protected] (918) 762-2513
Museums & Sites, Pawnee Bill Ranch
Mike Scanlan [email protected] (405) 522-0710
Oklahoma Museum of History, Director of Security
Kelilah Scout [email protected] (918) 762-2513
Museums & Sites, Pawnee Bill Ranch
Valerie Short [email protected] (580) 336-2491
Museums & Sites, Frank Phillips Home
Robert Shutler [email protected] (405) 522-0811
Oklahoma Museum of History, Maintenance
Harry Simms [email protected] (405) 522-4479
State Historic Preservation Office, Historic Preservation
Andrew Slaucitajs [email protected] (918) 473-5572
Museums & Sites, Honey Springs
Pat Smith [email protected] (580) 323-7866
Museums & Sites, OK Route 66 Museum
Tiffany Smith [email protected] (405) 282-1889
Museums & Sites, Oklahoma Territorial Museum
Angela Spindle [email protected]
(405) 522-0868
Research, Newspaper Department
Debra Spindle, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 522-5239
Research, Librarian
Tony Steger [email protected] (918) 473-5572
Museums & Sites, Honey Springs Battlefield
Michelle Swaney [email protected] (918) 336-2491 x104
Museums & Sites, Frank Phillips Home, Visitor's
Center & Collection Data
Ed Taylor [email protected] (405) 522-0811
Oklahoma Museum of History, Maintenance
Tabatha Toney [email protected] (405) 522-0472
Publications, Assistant Editor
Jennifer Towry [email protected] (405) 522-4019
Research, Webmaster & Special Projects
Renee Trindle [email protected] (580) 463-2441
Museums & Sites, Sod House Museum
Nathan Turner [email protected] (405) 282-1889
Museums & Sites, Guthrie Museum Complex
Vicki VanZant [email protected] (405) 375-5176
Museums & Sites, AJ Seay Mansion
Felecia Vaughn [email protected] (405) 522-5225
Research, Library Resources
Brian Ward [email protected] (405) 522-0788
Oklahoma Museum of History, Graphic Artist
Preston Ware [email protected] (405) 522-0852
Museums & Sites, Graphic Artist
Diane Wasser [email protected] (405) 522-6674
Research, Film & Video Department
Kevin Webb [email protected] (918) 762-2513
Museums & Sites, Pawnee Bill Ranch
William Welge [email protected] (405) 522-5209
Research, Director of the American Indian Cultural
Preservation Office
Susan Wentroth [email protected] (405) 522-5209
Research, Administrative Assistant
Beverly Whitcomb [email protected] (918) 885-2374
Museums & Sites, Fred Drummond Home
Chad Williams [email protected] (405) 522-5207
Research, Director
Michael D. Williams [email protected] (405) 282-1889
Museums & Sites, Oklahoma Territorial Museum,
Registrar-Collections Specialist
Jera Winters [email protected] (405) 522-0755
Oklahoma Museum of History, Museum Store
Nicholas Wojcik [email protected] (405) 522-0469
Research, Audio, Digitization
Catharine Wood [email protected] (405) 521-6381
State Historic Preservation Office, Section 106
Coordinator/Historical Archeologist
Terry Zinn [email protected] (405) 522-1137
Research, Photo Orders
Tim Zwink, Ph.D [email protected] (405) 522-8989
Administration, Deputy Director
Oklahoma Panhandle State University
Department of Behavioral & Social Sciences
PO Box 430
Goodwell, OK 73939-0430
(580) 349-2611, ext.339
FAX: (580) 349-2302
Brad Duren, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 349-1498
U.S., Oklahoma, Popular Culture
Patrick Maille, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 349-1490
European, World History
Oklahoma State University
Department of History
501 Life Sciences West
Stillwater, OK 74078-3054
(405) 744-5678
FAX: (405) 744-5400
Michael F. Logan, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 7448182
Recent American, Urban, Environmental
Donald Bellows, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 7448197
Western Civilization, Modern Britain
Laura A. Belmonte, Ph.D. [email protected] (405)
U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S. Women, Post-1945 U.S.
William S. Bryans, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 7448179
Public State and Local, American West
Joseph F. Byrnes, Ph.D. [email protected] (405)
Religious, European Intellectual, France
James F. Cooper, Jr., Ph.D. [email protected] (405)
Colonial America, American Revolution
David M. D’Andrea, Ph.D. [email protected] (405)
Early Modern Italy, Venice and the Veneto, Charity
Brian Frehner, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 7448185
American Southwest, Environmental
Emily E. Graham, PhD, [email protected] (405)
Medieval England and Europe, Women
James L. Huston, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 7448187
Civil War and Reconstruction, Economic
Jason E. Lavery, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 7448196
Early Modern Europe, Germany
Ronald McCoy, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 744-8188
Center for Oklahoma Studies, American Indian,
American West
L.G. Moses, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 744-8180
American Indian, American West
Ronald A. Petrin, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 7448192
Gilded Age, Progressive Era, American Political
Lesley A. Rimmel, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 7
Russian and Soviet Union, Modern Europe, Women
Richard C. Rohrs, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 7448194
Early National America, Jacksonian America
Tonia Sharlach-Nash, Ph.D. [email protected], (405)
Ancient Near East
Michael M. Smith, Ph.D. [email protected] (405)
Latin America, Mexico
Elizabeth A. Williams, Ph.D. [email protected]
(405) 744-4315
European Intellectual History, History of Medicine,
Modern France
Visiting Faculty:
Amy E. Carreiro. Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 74442716
American Studies
Kristen Shedd, PhD., [email protected] (405) 744-2628
Modern US
Sara Brooks, PhD, [email protected] (405) 744-8183
Oklahoma Wesleyan University
2201 Silver Lake Road
Bartlesville, OK 74006-6299
(918) 333-6801
FAX: (918) 335-6807
Dan B. Wimberly, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 335-6806
History, Political Science
Oral Roberts University
Department of History & Humanities
7777 S. Lewis Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74171
(918) 495-6063
FAX: (918) 495-7072
Michael Hirlinger, Ph. D. [email protected] (580) 370-6120
Government/Political Science
Beverly Garrison, M.A. [email protected] (918) 495-6070
History: American, Women, Native American,
Gary Pranger, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 495-6060
History: Europe, Asia, Intellectual, Religious
Paul Vickery, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 495-6078
History: American, Latin America, Spain
Reiger, Warren, M.A. [email protected] (918) 344-2456
History: American West, Humanities
Swails, John W., Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 495-6077
History: Director for Israel and Middle East Studies
Redlands Community College
Department of Social Studies
1300 Country Club Road
El Reno, OK 73036-5304
(405) 262-2552
FAX: (405) 422-1229
Mike Tabor, M.A. [email protected]
U.S. History, European History
Bill Gorden, Ph.D. [email protected]
Government and History
Rogers State University
Department of History and Political Science
1701 West Will Rogers Blvd.
Claremore, OK 74017
(918) 343-6811
FAX: (918) 343-6806
Paul B. Hatley, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 343-7682
19th Century Prussia, Germany, Military History
Jane Johansson, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 825-6136
Colonial and Revolutionary, US Civil War, Will Rogers
Gary Rutledge, Ed.D. [email protected] (918) 343-7800
David Tait, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 343-7746
Religion, Oklahoma History
Quentin Taylor, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 343-7811
Early American History, European History
David Ulbrich, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 343-7798
Military History, 20th Century America, Oral History
Rose State College
Social Sciences Division
6420 S.E. 15th Street
Midwest City, OK 73110-2799
(405) 733-7413
FAX: (405) 736-0324
Aaron L. Bachhofer, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 7360237
U.S. History, Modern Europe, American West, LGBT
Studies, 19th Century American Social and Political
Carolyn Cuskey, M.A. [email protected] (405) 733-7504
Atkinson Heritage Center, Frontier Women
James Hochtritt, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 736-7523
African American, Native American History, U.S.
S. Matthew DeSpain, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 733-7527
Native American, Oklahoma History, American West
and Cultural Studies, U.S. History
Michelle Brockmeier, M.A. [email protected] (405) 7337533
Women’s Studies, Ancient and Modern European
History, U.S. History
St. Gregory’s University and Mabee Greer
Museum of Art
Humanities Division
1900 W. MacArthur Drive
Shawnee, OK 74804
(405) 878-5100
FAX: (405) 878-5198
Fr. Nicholas Ast, OSB [email protected] (405) 8785411
American History
Joe Eaton, ABD [email protected] (405) 878-5183
European Intellectual History
Sr. Marcianne Kappes, CST [email protected] (405)
Historical Theology
Seminole State College
Department of Social Sciences
PO Box 351
Seminole, OK 74868
(405) 382-9206
FAX: (405) 382-3122
Marta Osby, M.S. [email protected] (405) 382-9206
U.S. History
Steve Bolin, PhD. [email protected]
U.S. Social and Intellectual, U.S. General, Early Modern
Europe, Modern Europe
Jeffrey Christiansen, M.A. [email protected]
European, U.S. History
Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Department of Social Sciences
PO Box 4201
Durant, OK 74701-0609
(580) 745-2672
FAX: (580) 745-7476
Corie Delashaw, M.A. [email protected] (580) 745-2344
American West, Colonial America, Native American
History, Oklahoma, East Asia
J. Brooks Flippen, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 745-2338
20th-Century U.S., Environmental, U.S. Diplomatic
Alistair Maeer, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 745-2676
U.S. History, Medieval History, Early European
Glenn Melancon, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 745-2342
Modern Europe, 19th-Century England, US History,
Southern Nazarene University
History/Political Science
6729 NW 39th Expressway
Bethany, OK 73008
(405) 789-6400
FAX: (405) 491-6375
Heather Clemmer, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 491-6655
American History, European History, World Civilization
Robert Lively, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 491-6389
American History, International Studies, Political
Dennis Williams, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 491-6654
Environmental History, World Civilization, American
Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Department of Social Sciences
100 Campus Drive
Weatherford, OK 73096-3098
(580) 774-3292
FAX: (580) 774-7192
John K. Hayden, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 7747072
Medieval and Tudor England, Modern France
Frederick Gates, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 7743278
Antebellum South, Civil War, 19th-Century U.S.
Politics and Political
David Hertzel, Ph.D. [email protected] (580) 7743152
Germany, Modern Europe
Laura A. Endicott, M.A. [email protected] (580)
American and World History
Tulsa Community College
Metro Campus
Liberal Arts Division
909 South Boston Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74119-2095
(918) 595-7118
FAX: (918) 595-7145
Virginia Bellows, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 595-7120
Oklahoma History, U.S. History, Civil War to Present
Marilyn Inhofe-Tucker, M.A., [email protected] (918) 595-7395
Western Civilization, Humanities
Kurt Lively, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 595-7126
U.S. History, Western History and Native American
Philip Smith, M.A. [email protected] (918) 597-7125
U.S. History
Steven Wilson [email protected] (918) 595-7959
Eastern Civilization/Asian History
Northeast Campus
History Division
3727 East Apache
Tulsa, OK 74115-3151
(918) 595-7494
FAX: (918) 595-7447
David Ruskoski, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 5957448
U.S. History, Western Civilization
Southeast Campus
Liberal Arts Division
10300 East 81st Street
Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 595-7780
FAX: (918)595-8658
Darin Combs, M.A. [email protected] (918) 595-7710
Ancient & Medieval Western Civilization, Modern
Western Civilization, U.S. History, Civil War to
Present, American Federal Government
P.D. Swiney, M.A. [email protected] (918) 595-7722
U.S. History, 1492 to the Civil War, U.S. History, Civil
War to Present, Film/Video History and Analysis,
African American History, Twentieth Century World
West Campus
Division of Liberal Arts
7505 W. 41st Street
Tulsa, OK 74107
FAX: (918) 595-8197
Anne E. Phillips, M.A. [email protected] (918) 595-8086
Oklahoma History, U.S. History, 1492 to the Civil War,
U.S. History, Civil War to Present
University of Central Oklahoma
Department of History and Geography
100 North University Drive
Edmond, OK 73034-5209
(405) 974-5277
FAX: (405) 974-3823
Xiao-Bing Li, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 974-5483
East Asia, Chinese Military History
Emeriti Faculty:
James F. Baker, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 974-5279
20th-Century Diplomatic, Latin America, Teacher
Richard Peters, Ph.D. (405) 974-5453
Modern Europe
Jere Roberson, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 974-5592
African American, Constitutional
David Webb, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 974-5665
20th-Century U.S.
Stanley Adamiak, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 974-5279
Early American History, Military History, Civil War
Kenny Brown, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 974-5356
Oklahoma, Southwest, Gilded Age/Progressive Era
Lindsay Churchill, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 974-5453
Latin American History
Marc Goulding, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 974-5277
African-American History
Mark Janzen, Ph.D. [email protected]
History/Museum Studies
Katrina Lacher, Ph.D. [email protected]
U.S. History, Environmental History
Patricia Loughlin, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 974-5491
Women, American West, 20th-Century U.S.
Allison Nazzal, Ph.D. [email protected]
U.S. History, History Education
Jeff Plaks, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 974-5357
Russia, Modern Europe
Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen, Ph.D. [email protected] (405)
Modern Europe, Women’s History, Teacher Education
Michael Springer, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 974-5373
Early Modern Europe, Germany
Heidi Vaughn, M.A. [email protected] (405) 974-5789
Director, UCO Laboratory of History Museum, Museum
University of Oklahoma
Department of History
455 West Lindsey, Room 403A
Norman, OK 73019-0535
(405) 325-6001
FAX: (405) 325-4503
James S. Hart, Jr., Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-6337
Tudor-Stuart England, Ireland
Gary C. Anderson, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-2178
American Indian, Ethnohistory
Alfred S. Bradford, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-6378
Greek and Roman History
Kathleen A. Brosnan, Ph. D. [email protected]
Paul and Doris Eaton Travis Chair of Modern American
James A. Cane-Carrasco, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-8974
Latin America
Jose R. Canoy, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-6370
Modern Germany
David Chappell, Ph.D. [email protected]
Modern U.S. History
Jennifer Davis, Ph.D. [email protected]
French History
Adam Eastman, M.A., [email protected]
Environmental History
Sterling Evans, Ph.D.
Oklahoma history, Southern Plains, Borderland History
Elyssa Faison, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-3314
Japanese History
Raphael Folsom, Ph.D. [email protected]
Latin American History
Paul A. Gilje, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-1348
Revolutionary and Early American History, Maritime
Stephen M. Gillon, Ph.D. [email protected]
Modern U.S. History
Ronnie Grinberg, Ph.D. [email protected]
American Jewish History
Robert Griswold, Ph.D.
Recent U.S. History, American Social History
Miriam Gross, Ph. D. [email protected]
Modern Chinese and Asian History
James S. Hart, Jr., Ph. D. [email protected]
Tudor-Stuart England, Ireland
Sandi Holguin, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-6352
Modern European, intellectual and cultural, modern Spain
Catherine E. Kelly, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-6344
Women, Cultural, 19th-Century U.S.
Ben Keppel, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-6058
20th Century U.S., African American
Alan Levenson, Ph.D. [email protected]
Jewish Intellectual, Cultural, and Religious History
Gershon Lewenthal, Ph.D. [email protected]
Iranian history, early Islam, the Baha’i faith, and Israeli
Judith S. Lewis, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 3256344
Modern Europe, Modern Britain, British Empire
Roberta Magnusson, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-8972
Medieval Europe and Italy
R. Warren Metcalf, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-4335
American Indian, American West
Stephen H. Norwood, Ph.D. [email protected]
(405) 325-6370
20th-Century U.S., American Social and Labor
Garret Olberding, Ph.D. [email protected]
Ancient Chinese History
Joshua A. Piker, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-6351
Colonial America, Native American, Community
Terry Rugeley, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-6347
Mexico, Latin America
Bala Saho, Ph.D. [email protected]
Modern Africa, Colonialism
Carsten Schapkow, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-6356
Modern Jewish History, European History
Shmuel Shepkaru, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 3256386
Hebrew, Medieval Jewish, and Late Antiquity
Daniel C. Snell, Ph.D. [email protected]edu (405) 325-6346
Ancient Near East
Norman A. Stillman, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-6501
Jewish and Medieval Islamic
Melissa K. Stockdale, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 3256352
Russia and Soviet Union
Jane Wickersham, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-8974
Early Modern History, Italian History, Reformation
David Wrobel, Ph.D. [email protected]
North American West and American Intellectual and
Cultural History
Department of the History of Science
601 Elm Street, Room 622
Norman, OK 73019-3106
(405) 325-2213
FAX: (405) 325-2363
Hunter Heyck, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 556-1145
19th and 20th Century Science, Science and Social
Thought, History of Technology, Information
Technology and Society, Technology and the
Peter Barker, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-2242
Scientific Revolution, Physical Sciences of the 19th and
20th Centuries, Psychology, Philosophy of Science
Kathleen Crowther Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-2247
Early Modern Science and Medicine, Body and Gender in
Early Modern Europe, Science and Religion
Piers Hale, D.Phil [email protected] (405) 325-3392
Science, Technology and Society; Social History of
Modern Biology; Biomedical and Environmental
Ethics; British Socialism, Environmentalism and
Feminism; Gender and the Body; Science and Utopia
R. Richard Hamerla, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-9286
Physical Sciences, Chemistry, 19th Century Science
Steven J. Livesey, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-6490
Medieval Science, History of Early Scientific
Methodologies, Science in Medieval Universities
Kerry Magruder, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-2741
17th and 18th Century Theories of the Earth, Early
Geology, Cosmology, Visual Representation and the
Development of the Historical Sciences; LibrarianHistory of Science Collections
Suzanne Moon, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-2076
History of Technology, 20th Century International
Development, Technology, Science and Colonialism,
Technology Outside the Western World, Southeast
Asia, Environment
JoAnn Palmeri, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-2741
20th Century Astronomy and Cosmology; Science and
Technology in American Popular Culture; Science and
Katherine A. Pandora, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-3427
History of the Human and the Social Sciences,
American Science Natural History Methodologies,
Science Studies, Cultural Studies of Science &
Peter Soppelsa, PhD. [email protected] (405) 325-2213
History of technology, urban history, infrastructure
studies, 19th century science and technology.
Sarah W. Tracy, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-3057
History and Sociology of Medicine, Medicine in
American Culture, Gender and Medicine, History of
Psychoactive Substances, Sociology of Knowledge,
Medical Anthropology
Rienk Vermij, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-5416
Cartesian Natural Philosophy, Copernicanism, Early
Modern Meteorology, Enlightenment, Science and
Religion, Science in the Netherlands
Stephen P. Weldon, Ph. D. [email protected] (405) 325-2741
History of Science and Religion, Study of the
Paranormal, Modern Biology and Evolutionary
Psychology, American Intellectual and Cultural History
Emeriti Faculty:
Marilyn B. Ogilvie, Ph.D. [email protected] (405) 325-2741
19th and 20th Century Science; History of Women in
Kenneth Taylor, PhD. [email protected] (405) 325-2213
History of geology, Enlightenment science, French
University of Science and Arts of
Division of Business and Social Science
PO Box 82345
Chickasha, OK 73018-0001
(405) 574-1239
FAX: (405) 574-1220
James Finck, Ph. D., [email protected] (405) 574-1229
19th Century American History, Civil War
Kevin Crow, Ph. D., [email protected] (540) 574-1216
Ancient/Medieval European History
Lee Hester, Ph. D., [email protected] (540) 574-1289
Indian Studies
University of Tulsa
Department of History
600 South College Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74104-3189
(918) 631-2239
FAX: (918) 631-2057
Jonathan Arnold, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 631-3115
Ancient, Medieval, Late Antiquity
Joseph C. Bradley, Ph.D. [email protected],edu (918) 6312819
Russia, Soviet Union, Modern Europe
Thomas Buoye, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 631-2825
China, Economic, Legal
Brian Hosmer, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 6313843
American Indian and ethnohistory, American West,
Jeremy Kuzmarov, Ph.D. [email protected] (918)
U.S. foreign relations, Modern U.S. crime and
Kristen Oertel, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 631-2221
Civil War, race and gender, cultural and sexuality
Christine Ruane, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 6313841
Russia, Social, Women
Jan Doolittle Wilson, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 6312410
U.S. women, labor
Andrew Wood, Ph.D. [email protected] (918) 631-2904
Latin America, urban, popular culture
Washita Battlefield National Historic Site
PO Box 890
Cheyenne, OK 73628
(580) 497-2742
FAX: (580) 497-2712
Frank Torres, B.A., [email protected], (580) 497-2742,
Chief of Interpretation and Operations
Western Oklahoma State College
Division of Social & Behavioral sciences
2801 N. Main
Altus, OK 73521
(580) 477-2000
Mickey Graham, M.A. [email protected] (580) 4777782
American History, Western Civilization
Rebekkah Morrow, M.Ed. [email protected] (580)
American History, Federal Government, Oklahoma

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