THE COURIER - Rockford Mutual Insurance Company



THE COURIER - Rockford Mutual Insurance Company
March, 2011
This year, Rockford Mutual Insurance Company celebrates our 115th year. Since its beginnings,
the company has carried on a proud partnership with our independent agents and farm mutuals. Our goal is to provide the very best service possible and to be your choice in companies.
As I begin this new role, I would like to share my thoughts.
Although 2010 will come in with a combined loss ratio of just over 106, we were able to add to
surplus and had solid premium growth. There is still great opportunity for profitable growth, and
we intend to earn your good business.
Our focus is on putting the experience of 2010 behind us and returning to a combined loss ratio
under 100 percent. We recognize the market is not turning yet, and don’t see that happening
this year in commercial lines. We also recognize that we must grow policy count and surplus
along the way.
A company is only as good as the people that work there, and Rockford Mutual has a fantastic
team to help you. That is one of the strengths that we will leverage to work with you to help you
be more successful – despite the market. We have knowledgeable, experienced underwriters,
great claims service, a solid portfolio of products and associates that want to help you.
In closing, I want to say that It has been a pleasure working with Bill throughout this transition. As you know, his official retirement date is March 31st. We all wish Bill the very best in his
retirement and appreciate the many contributions and sacrifices he has made in the success of
Rockford Mutual.
Thank you for your support,
Joseph DeChatelets
We are getting close to the time of year when many people buy ATV’s, Motorcycles, and Boats. The Rockford Insurance Agency offers Progressive Insurance Company as a great option for these stand alone policies. Progressive offers many discounts and coverages like total replacement cost on newer motorcycles
and boats for your favorite toys!!
Also coming this spring from Progressive Motorcycle and Boat Policies—
Stay tuned for more exciting details to come. Call Nicole at Ext. 292 for your quote today!.
Let us also help you with some of our preferred classes of business:
Animal Shelters
Bars & Taverns
Christmas Tree Farms
Clubs (Eagles, Chamber of Commerce)
Commercial Auto (sand & gravel)
Counseling Services
Day Care Centers (children & adults)
Dental Assistants (Professional)
Exercise & Fitness Centers
Fishing & Hunting Guide
Homeowner Associations
Hunting Preserves
Liquor Liability (several markets)
Martial Arts Centers
Message Therapists (GL & Professional)
Motorcycles, ATV’s,Golf Carts
Nurse’s Professional Liability
Pick Your Own Apple Orchards
Professional Liability (many classes)
Senior Centers
Skating Centers
Umbrella’s (both personal & commercial)
Vacant Property (personal & commercial)
Give us a call or e-mail us about your risk.
Susan Leoni Ext. 267 [email protected]
Nicole Hamilton Ext. 292 [email protected]
Revisions to Homeowners Program
Effective February 1, 2011 for New Business and
March 1, 2011 for Renewals
New Items
⇒ We will now offer Equipment Breakdown Coverage as an optional endorsement, please refer to our manual
for more details.
⇒ Homepac Endorsement will now be eligible in Select as well as Preferred program. Also, water back up coverage on Homepac endorsement will now be stacked with any other purchased water back up coverage on the
⇒ HO-4/Auto discount - We will now discount HO-4 premium if the corresponding automobile is also insured
with Rockford Mutual.
Rockford Homeowners is now available on EZLynx in Illinois.
⇒ The overall impact of the revision for the average policy: Illinois +5%, Wisconsin +8%, Missouri +17%, Indiana +4%.
⇒ Revised Homeowners Loss Surcharge to vary by years renewed and forgive losses less than $1,000.
⇒ Adjusted Coverage A relativities to align with marketplace for middle market property.
⇒ Territory base rate adjustments.
Homeowners Manual
⇒ We will not be distributing hard copies of our updated manual with this notice.
Please visit our website at for an updated copy of our manual or you can acquire a hard copy by contacting our Supply Department at extension 331.
⇒ As a result of recent technological advancements in our homeowner policy administration process, we will no longer be
providing photo reimbursement. Our easy to use system allows you to attach electronic photos directly to our website. This change will also help RMIC reduce new business acquisition cost and in turn keep our rates competitive.
Homeowner premium is reduced by an additional 25%
when packaged with automobile!
Friday, April 22—
22—Good Friday
Monday, May 30—
30—Memorial Day
Agency Incentive Caribbean Cruise
On Saturday February 26th, 2011, we set sail for our Agency Incentive trip on the Oasis of the
Seas. Ninety eight agency representatives and guests were in attendance for the Eastern Caribbean cruise to The Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. We enjoyed beautiful weather
and good company as we cruised on the world’s largest ship. There was plenty to do on the
ship as well as many wonderful sights to see as we made our way to each port. We want to
thank our agency partners for joining us. With the help of these agencies, Rockford Mutual was
able to enjoy a successful year in growth of written premium in 2010.
Photos courtesy of Todd Tyler, Insurance Pro Agencies
We would like to thank Rockford for sponsoring
the Agent Incentive trip aboard the Oasis of the
Seas. We had a wonderful time on a wonderful ship! Being a new Agent with Rockford, it
was really nice to be able to meet and talk to
other Agents. We heard nothing but good
comments about Rockford, our Underwriter
Diane, claims department and Management. We are pleased to represent Rockford
Mutual and thoroughly enjoyed our trip!
Thanks again,
Robert & Jo Moulton
Coonrod Agency
White Hall, IL
It was a great trip, beautiful weather, excellent accommodations.
Met with a lot of RMIC agents, great RMIC people to be with—
Bill, Rick, Shane, and their wives. Never a dull moment with
something to do all of the time. Some people may relax and this
is fine, but we like to keep on the go. Always looking for action
and it was a great trip. We didn’t unpack our bags as we are
ready to go again.
Jim & Colleen Raders
Jim Raders Agency
Lena, IL
Thank you for all your work making the Rockford Cruise on Oasis
of the Seas so successful. We had a wonderful time!
Warren & Cheryl Preuitt
Preuitt Insurance Services
Sedalia, MO
A Great New Look!
We’re spicing things up for you and your customers.
You may have noticed that we have enhanced our
home page with a complete new look. Easier to read,
new photos, and more visible links. These are all
things that make up our new, more informative home
page stand out. We are constantly evaluating and
making enhancements to all of our web programs
and trust that we are making the act of doing business
simpler, and more pleasurable. We do appreciate
your feedback and the suggestions that you have
made in making it easier to do business
with Rockford Mutual.
Revisions to ROPAC & CONPAC Programs
New Business 5/1/2011, Renewal Business 6/1/2011
We are pleased to announce the implementation of an update to our ROPAC and CONPAC programs. Overall rate
change will vary by customer.
Rate Reduction - We have reviewed and reduced rates up to 20% for our Restaurant classes;
Bed & Breakfast establishments and Self-Storage facilities in all 4 states. We feel these
changes will make Rockford a more competitive option.
Minimum Premiums are taking a minor increase to $350.
Back Up of Sewers or Drains – Will be revised to offer 2 limits for new business: $25,000 and
$50,000. Existing business will remain at current limit except those policies above $50,000,
they will be capped at $50,000. Rates will also be increased.
Great Inland Marine Option - We are introducing a Contractors’ Installation, Tools, and
Equipment Coverage Endorsement. The endorsement provides coverage for Contractors’
Installation, Tools and Equipment. Basic coverage limits of $5,000 are included, except individual tools in excess of $2,000 need to be scheduled. Higher limits are available for an additional premium. Premium (Basic Coverage): $125
Minimum Premiums are taking a minor increase to $350.
We are adding 2 new classes- Carpentry-Interior (91341) and Janitorial Services (96816)
We will not be distributing hard copies of our updated manual with this notice. Please visit
our website at for an updated copy of our manual or you can acquire a hard
copy by contacting our Supply Department at extension 331.
Based on our analysis of the current marketplace we feel that we will continue to remain a competitive option for
your new business. We strongly value our partnership with you and are genuinely committed to earning your business. Thanks for a positive year in 2010 and we look forward to continued growth in 2011. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your underwriter or marketing representative.
THANK YOU, Retiring President’s Council Members . . . . .
Bill Hayes
The Insurance House
Mokena, IL
We are very grateful that Bill Hayes has devoted
six years to our President’s Council. Bill began his
insurance career in 1970, and started his own
agency in 1993. The Insurance House contracted
with Rockford Mutual in 1999. They have grown to
become one of our largest agencies producing
profitable commercial accounts. Bill discovered the
economic downturn could offer some great deals,
so he bought a building and moved the agency
from Lemont to Mokena.
Jim Williams
Williams & Associates Insurance
Mike Yepsen
CSB Insurance
Galva, IL
We are very appreciative of Mike Yepsen’s dedication
to his 6 year term on the President’s Council. Mike is
the owner of CSB Insurance in Galva, IL. In 1993, following a stint as an adjuster with a farm mutual in
Henry, IL, Mike found himself at a career crossroads
and decided to enter the family business (Mike’s uncle
is Bernie Cromien). Bernie offered him a position and
within two years, Mike became the owner of the family
enterprise, which now has three locations.
Mike’s favorite part of the insurance business? Helping
his customers find just the right coverages.
Randall Crocker
Crocker Insurance Agency
Sesser, IL
It is with sincere gratitude that we recognize and thank both Jim Williams, of Williams & Associates Insurance Agency, and Randall
Crocker, of Crocker Insurance Agency, for their time and efforts on the President’s Council. Both Jim and Randall saw their respective six and five year terms draw to a close in 2010.
Said Randy, “It was well worth the time that I spent on the council. I met a lot of other agents and learned what they were doing.
Bill and Rick were receptive to agents’ thoughts and ideas.”
Jim said, “I enjoyed the meetings. They were informative and the company really valued our input. The company wants to foster
better partnerships with the agents.”
The Crocker Insurance Agency is located in Sesser, IL. Randall’s agency has been a partner with Rockford Mutual since 1989.
Jim’s Williams & Associates Insurance Agency is located in Harrisburg, IL and have been a fine representative of Rockford Mutual
since 1986.
Commercial Lines Helpful Reminders…
New Policies – If you don’t receive the policy or a reply from
Underwriting within two weeks from submitting an account for issuance, please remember to check your work
queue or contact your underwriter.
Account Declination – When entering an on-line submission,
if you receive a “declination” of the risk, do not hit the
“decline” button. Instead, please either refer the account
to your underwriter for further consideration or close out
the request. If you have any questions, please give your
underwriter a call.
Please join us for a…
“Lunch & Learn” webinar
Who: Open to all RMIC Commercial Agents & CSR’s
What: Rockford Mutual Insurance Company is releasing a ROPAC and
CONPAC update effective 5/1/11 for new business and 6/1/11 for renewals. Join us to learn what’s new!
When: Thursday, March 24th from 11:30 am – 12:30 am (CST)
What do I do: You’ll need to register to attend this webinar using the
link indicated below. Upon registration, you will receive an email directing you how to participate on the 24th of March. Your marketing
rep will also have instructions for webinar registration.
Happy Anniversary . . . .
Elaine Wentz, Claims Support Specialist, was hired
at Rockford Mutual on January 8, 2000 following many
years as a stay-at-home Mom, 3 years with Aetna Insurance, 3 years at Alma Nelson Nursing Home, and
seven years as a private secretary.
Elaine is Mom to Teresa, Timothy, and Chad, and
grandmother to Abbey, 11, and Matthew, 6.
When Elaine is not busy at work at RMIC, she likes
jigsaw puzzles, reading and movies from the 1930’s,
1940’s. and 1950’s.
Joseph DeChatelets, Ken Chase, Elaine Wentz, Roger Kaage
Roger Bendorf, Litigation Specialist, recently celebrated his 5th anniversary as an employee of RMIC.
Roger and his wife, Lisa, have two daughters, Lydia, 17,
and Briana, 15.
Roger graduated from Graceland University with a major
in elementary education and a minor in business.
Roger Kaage, Patrick Kennedy, Roger Bendorf, Joseph DeChatelets
Before coming to RMIC, Roger was employed by Economy/St, Paul/Travelers, Trinity Universal Insurance in
Topeka, KS, Crawford & Company, Wichita Falls, TX,
and Farmers Mutual Insurance as a crop hail adjuster.
Promotions . . . .
Jim Lillard was recently promoted to Assistant Comptroller.
Kirk Newton has been promoted to Quality Assurance Specialist.
Fred Schneiderman has been promoted to Director of Personal
Lines Underwriting and Underwriting Services
Joe Flynn was just named Assistant Vice President—
We Salute. . . .
Roscoe, IL wrote Rockford Mutual’s first worker’s
compensation policy. The program debuted on
October 1, 2010, and Covenant submitted and
wrote a policy for a picture frame shop shortly
John Eddy (Covenant Insurance) Jeremy Jones, (Covenant Insurance)
Karen Steiner (RMIC), Joe Flynn (RMIC)
And a word from our agents . . . . .
Rockford Mutual’s new Worker’s Comp product
has helped me sell more business, plain and simple. When I pair it with their already competitive
BOPs, I really have a nice package to offer the
customer. Best of all, the underwriters could not
be easier to work with!
Work Comp is one of my most challenging products to
sell and service. I am happy to be able to work with
RMIC to promote this business. RMIC’s conservative
approach is in the right direction as expansion into new
areas will eventually come along as profitability increases. Hopefully, my agency will be able to add to
the success of this new venture.
Jeremy Jones
Covenant Insurance Group
Roscoe, IL
Jim Raders
Jim Raders Insurance Agency
Lena, IL
WELCOME . . . .
Joseph P. DeChatelets, CPCU, CLU
President & CEO
Joseph P. DeChatelets, joined Rockford Mutual Insurance Company
on January 1, 2011 as President/CEO following a lengthy career with
Auto Owners Insurance Company. Joseph graduated from the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire with a BA degree and has also
earned the following professional designations: CPCU, CLU, AAI, AIT,
Joseph and his wife, Eufemia, have 5 children, Lattoya, 22, Dylan, 16,
Megan, 14, Ryan, 12, and Jacquelyn, 7.
When Joseph is not putting in long hours at the office, he enjoys fishing, travel, photography, and golf.
Mark McWethy, Bill Kliethermes, Roger Kaage
Malcolm Rowland, Rick Terrones
The Kliethermes Family
Bill Kliethermes, Joseph DeChatelets
Jim Mayzer, Bill Kliethermes, Craig Kliethermes
Bill Kliethermes, Dwight Shore
Thank You, Bill.

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