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NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
Financial structure: an investigation of sectoral balance sheets in the G-7/ Joseph P.
Byrne and E. Philip Davis.- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003.
332.09177 By
Acc. No: 48497
Abstract: This book confronts theory and empirical research with aggregate financial
data across the G7, spanning 1970 through 2000. It compares the contrasting patterns
and development of financial structures with the main theoretical and empirical
results in economic literature. The resulting data analysis traces portfolios over a
turbulent period characterized by considerable economic and financial instability,
marked financial liberalization, far-reaching technical change and volatile asset
Financial risk taking: an introduction to the psychology of trading and behavioural
finance/ Mike Elvin.- Chichester: John Wiley, 2004.
332.6019 El
Acc. No: 49025
Abstract: Financial Risk Taking explores the complex relationship between human
behaviour and the markets, offering the reader a context in which to assess their own
strengths and weaknesses. It is essential reading for anyone wishing to invest in
stocks or trade futures as part of a Self-Investment Pension or day trading business.
Following years of trading and careful research the author has developed the
Comprehensive Model of Trading Competence that depicts the competences and
competencies required to succeed.
Swaps/financial derivatives: products, pricing, applications and risk management/
Satyajit Das.- 3rd ed.- Singapore: John Wiley, 2004.
332.6457 Da
Acc. No: 49388- 49391
Abstract: A comprehensive text that captures the changes in the swaps and financial
derivatives markets ,Taking a practical rather than theoretical approach, this book
provides global coverage with discussions of exchange-traded markets, over-thecounter markets, and all asset classes (including emerging asset classes). It examines
derivatives from the different perspectives of the investor, the issuer, and the
dealers/traders of these instruments and illustrates the dynamics of individual
structures to help readers understand the types of products currently available in these
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
ISD from the ground up: a no-nonsense approach to instructional design/ Chuck
Hodell.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2000.
371.3028 Ho
Acc. No: 49279
Abstract: ISD From the Ground Up is a book for both new and experienced
training and instructional design professionals. Acquire new ISD skills, build or
refine existing skills, or use this concise, "how to" guide as a refresher course in
classic ISD. Participate with the author through interactive exercises to create an
instructional plan for your own training event. By following the author's guidelines
and self-directed exercises, you can create two major building blocks of
instructional design-a ready-to-implement design plan and a lesson plan.
Presentation basics/ Robert J. Rosania.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2003.
651.73 Ro
Acc. No: 49218
Abstract: Presentation Basics tackles a subject that often frightens and
sometimes incapacitates many otherwise confident people-giving a
presentation. The book's simple, step-by-step approach guides readers
the entire process from preparation, to creating the right
environment, to
recovery when things go wrong in a presentation (an inevitable occurrence for
even the most prepared and confident presenter). Readers will find 20 solid
suggestions on improving presentation skills and a full chapter on where to get
more information on the subject of presentation.
Core concepts of management/ John R. Schermerhorn, Jr.- Hoboken, NJ: John
Wiley, 2004.
658 Sc
Acc. No: 48279
Abstract: This book presents a contemporary view of today's managerial
workplace in a convenient paperback form. Readers will discover the
challenges and opportunities of managing and learning in today's dynamic
organizations. They will develop enthusiasm for learning and personal
development to meet new and exciting career challenges. They will also
appreciate Schermerhorn's proven and successful clear, concise, and engaging
writing style.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
Corporate risk management: an organisational perspective/ Tony Merna and Faisal F.
Al-Thani.- Chichester: Wiley, 2005.
658.155 Me
Acc. No: 49186
Abstract: Corporate Risk Management analyses, compares and contrasts tools and
techniques used in risk management at corporate, strategic business and project level
and develops a risk management mechanism for the sequencing of risk assessment
through corporate, strategic and project stages of an investment in order to meet the
requirements of the 1999 Turnbull report. By classifying and categorising risk within
these levels, readers will learn how to drill down and roll-up to any level of the
organisational structure, establish the risks that each project is most sensitive to, and
implement the appropriate risk response strategy - to the benefit of all stakeholders.
Project risk management guidelines: managing risk in large projects and complex
procurements/ Dale F. Cooper ... [et al.]; Broadleaf Capital International.- West
Sussex: John Wiley, 2005.
658.155 Pr
Acc. No: 48838
Abstract: This book focuses on principles, practices and techniques for effective
risk management in complex and large-scale projects and procurements. Chapter by
chapter, the authors present simple, practical steps and illustrate them with examples
drawn from their extensive experience across different countries, sectors, cultures
and project phases. Qualitative and quantitative approaches are covered. As well as
traditional structures and processes, they also discuss new developments in the way
projects are conducted, such as outsourcing arrangements and risk-sharing structures
like public-private partnerships.
Harvard business essentials: managing change and transition.- Boston, Mass.:
Harvard Business School Press, c2003.
658.16 Lu
Acc. No: 47572
Abstract: These books provide highly practical advice for readers at all levels of
experience. Whether you are a new manager interested in expanding your skills or an
experienced executive looking to stay on top, these solution-oriented books give you
the reliable tips and tools you need to improve your performance and get the job
done. Harvard Business Essentials titles will quickly become your constant
companions and the trusted guides you'll turn to throughout your business career.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
Human resources in the 21st century/ edited by Marc Effron, Robert Gandossy,
Marshall Goldsmith.- Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley, 2003.
658.3 Hu
Acc. No: 47614
Abstract: This book presents the compelling contributions of thought leaders-such
as David Ulrich, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, and Jeffrey Pfeffer-who offer a road map
for what these leaders can expect. Renowned HR executives also provide their
expert advice and prescriptions for the future. The nature of human resources will
continue to evolve as the new century progresses-with this book, HR professionals
can change with it.
Diversity training/ Cris Wildermuth with Susan Gray.-Alexandria,VA: ASTD,2005.
658.3 Wi
Acc. No: 49198
Abstract: Diversity Training is a book that puts a different and powerful spin on
the term diversity. Traditionally, diversity education initiatives inevitably involve
the catch phrase "celebrate diversity." Although the authors appreciate that
approach, this book offers a fresh perspective called Conversity, defined as a
process that brings people together through an active search for common ground.
Trainer's diversity source book: 50 ready-to-use activities, from icebreakers
through wrap ups/ Jonamay Lambert and Selma Myers.- 1st ed.- Alexandria,
Va.: Society for Human Resource Management, 2004.
658.3008 La
Acc. No: 49212
Abstract: Trainer s Diversity Source Book brings new concepts and usefulness to
the proven tools of activities and icebreakers. It includes compelling, interactive,
engaging activities that foster inclusive, positive environments that encourage
participants to examine diversity issues through different lenses. Using these short
exercises, trainers can: Raise individual, team and organizational awareness about
a host of diversity issues, Create safe spaces for dialogue about often unspoken
and at times challenging topics in the workplace, Increasing cultural awareness and
competence among individuals, teams and organizations.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
ASTD competency study: mapping the future: new workplace learning and
performance competencies/ Paul R. Bernthal ... [et al.].- Alexandria, VA: ASTD,
658.3124 As
Acc. No: 49204
Abstract: This powerful new competency model provides a strategic roadmap for
today's workplace learning and performance (WLP) professional. By clearly
identifying current and emerging trends and competencies, ASTD Competency
Study: Mapping the Future is a key resource for a diverse group of individuals,
including those who are just entering the field, those who are making hiring
decisions, or creating curricula, and individuals looking for career development
guidance and ways to bring greater value to their organizations.
Rapid evaluation: tools, worksheets, and job aids to help you develop an evaluation
strategy, use the right evaluation approach, understand and analyze evaluation
data/ Susan Barksdale and Teri Lund.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2001.
658.3124 Ba
Acc. No: 49199
Abstract: This book helps you get evaluation results you trust. Learn how to
approach evaluation strategically and to link results to your organization s goals,
strategies, and performance indicators. Dozens of evaluation tools, checklists, and
examples help you build a comprehensive evaluation strategy, or answer a specific
evaluation question.
Building high performance: tools and techniques for training and learning/ Karen
Vander Linde, Elaine Biech, editors.- Fairfax, VA: Pricewaterhouse Coopers: ASTD,
658.3124 Bu
Acc. No: 49191
Abstract: This integrated collection of practical articles assists you in making the
transition from traditional training to a performance focus. Discover proven tools,
techniques, and exercises that help you tackle the organizational issues of becoming a
high-performance enterprise.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
Designing e-learning/ Saul Carliner.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2002.
658.3124 Ca
Acc. No: 49284
Abstract: Instead of designing e-learning programs from scratch, read this book
to learn how to adapt your instructional design expertise to the demands of this
new environment. Get step-by-step guidelines, discover solutions to key
challenges, and learn how to balance the educational needs of your learners with
the practical constraints of e-learning. Plus, a valuable "big picture" view of elearning helps you design programs that fit your organization's goals.
17 Great session openers, closers, and energizers: quick activities for warming
up your audience and ending on a high note/ Marlene Caroselli.- New
York: McGraw-Hill, 1998.
658.3124 Ca
Acc. No: 49192
Abstract: This book is a fun-filled collection of openers, closers, and energizers
that will enable you to kick off each session with a bang, focus your audience's
attention, and ensure everyone is ready and eager to learn. Save hours of
preparation time with these ready-made activities, including role plays, smallgroup exercises, quizzes, and more.
Coaching training/ Chris W. Chen.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2003.
658.3124 Ch
Acc. No: 49216
Abstract: Coaching Training focuses on helping coaches properly define their
coaching roles and provides the skills needed for success. Use this book to
choose training session content, sample training agendas, and step-by-step
preparation and training delivery instructions. The 11 self-contained content
modules, or learning experiences, can be used as stand alone training or be
incorporated into a broader agenda.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
19 Creating mentoring and coaching programs: twelve case studies from the real
world of training/ Jack J. Phillips, series editor; Linda Kyle Stromei, editor.Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2001.
658.3124 Cr
Acc. No: 49269
Abstract: This book includes 12 cases that illustrate mentoring and coaching
programs in a variety of organizational and educational applications around the
world. You will find this book helpful in planning new programs in your organization
or in strengthening and expanding your existing development program. Most
organizations today have some type of mentoring program for their employees.
Mentoring is seen both as a way of transferring knowledge and skills and as a
retention tool for employees. Similarly, coaching has become an important
organizational tool for developing people. It is used to improve both personal and
organizational skills. Use the cases in this book as models and guides to help you
create powerful mentoring and coaching programs for your organization and for your
Design training programs: eighteen case studies from the real world of training/
Jack J. Phillips, series editor; Donald J. Ford, editor.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 1996.
658.3124 De
Acc. No: 49266
Abstract: This book showcases 18 real-life examples of programs that are
customized and artful, that improve learning and human performance. Computerbased training, distance learning, and on-the-job training are just a few of the many
methods used by the organizations contributing to this book.
Outsourcing: training & education/ Garry DeRose.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 1999.
658.3124 De
Acc. No: 49250
Abstract: Learn how to make outsourcing a success based on what really
works. This guide equips you with contract templates, process change documents,
and a customer satisfaction scorecard. Includes four models with in-depth company
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
Managing Web-based training: how to keep your program on track and make it
successful/ Alan L. Ellis, Ellen D. Wagner, and Warren R. Longmire.Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 1999.
658.3124 El
Acc. No: 49252
Abstract: This book is a guide to explain the skills and knowledge you need and
provides these essential tips and tools: Real-life examples of managing Web-based
training, Strategies for dealing with the cultural challenges of Web-based training,
Keys to developing your program and evaluating the results.
23 A practical guide to needs assessment/ Kavita Gupta.- San Francisco: ASTD, 1999.
658.3124 Gu
Acc. No: 49275
Abstract: This book is a basic how-to guide to needs assessment with all the readymade tools and templates you need for planning a course of action. Learn how to
prepare interviews and surveys, accelerate data-gathering, identify competencies
for effective performance, and develop a long-term performance improvement
plan. The accompanying disk, packed with job aids, enables you to customize
materials for your own situation.
Evaluating e-learning/ William Horton.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2001.
658.3124 Ho
Acc. No: 49253
Abstract: This is a book that answers these and other important questions and
guides you in taking a systematic approach that will strengthen your case for elearning into your organization. Use the book's interactive "Your Turn" sections to
apply concepts from the book. And visit the companion Website to download
design forms, spreadsheets, live examples, and other resources.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
Implementing training scorecards: eight case studies from the real world of
training/ Jack J. Phillips, series editor; Lynn Schmidt, editor.- Alexandria, VA:
ASTD, 2003.
658.3124 Im
Acc. No: 49271
Abstract: Using a training scorecard provides a structure for establishing, tracking,
compiling, analyzing, and communicating results. A solid training scorecard
methodology can help you utilize training data collected over different timeframes.
The types of data included in these measurements are the familiar five levels of
training evaluation: reaction, learning, application, business impact, and return-oninvestment. This book offers eight case studies from a variety of organizations.
Communication basics/ Judy Jenings, Linda Malcak.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2004.
658.3124 Je
Acc. No: 49221
Abstract: This book takes a new look at a subject that is at the heart of all human
activity--communication. Specifically designed to help you become an effective
communicator, this book gives you the tools and knowledge to connect with and
influence your audience whether that audience is a jam-packed auditorium or three
clients at an important business meeting. The book enables you to become a thinkon-your-feet presenter who not only presents with authority, but also knows how to
listen to your audience effectively.
Improving on-th-job training and coaching/ by Karen Lawson; foreword by Mel
Silberman.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 1997.
658.3124 La
Acc. No: 49280
Abstract: A must have for managers and other designated trainers. This title presents
a "just-in-time" approach that puts the methodology for helping employees learn in
the hands of those "who own the work."
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
New employee orientation training/ Karen Lawson.- Alexandria, VA:
658.3124 La
Acc. No: 49210
Abstract: This book is a guide that will make the process much easier and
help you solve the most common challenges you are likely to face. A
flexible, icon-driven format and dozens of worksheets, exercises, structured
experiences, handouts, and assessments allow you to develop customized
new employee training lasting from one hour to a full day. Plus, the
companion CD-ROM provided with its ready-to-use PowerPoint
presentations and electronic copies of all supporting material featured
the book make implementing a new employee training program a just-in-time
29 Training from the heart: developing your natural training abilities to inspire
the learner and drive performance on the job/ Barry Lyerly and Cyndi
Maxey.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2000.
658.3124 Ly
Acc. No: 49276
Abstract: Find your "training heart" and use this insight to create a learning
environment that encourages application of classroom lessons to the job. Use
the self-assessments, thought-provoking checklists, and vignettes to help you
motivate learners to make a difference on the job and transfer your classroom
skills to new ways of delivering training, including e-learning.
30 Optimizing the power of action learning: solving problems and building
leaders in real time/ Michael J. Marquardt.- 1st ed.- Palo Alto, Calif.:
Davies-Black Publishing, 2004.
658.3124 Ma
Acc. No: 49226
Abstract: This first-of-its-kind guidebook puts the"action" in action learning,
clearly demonstrating how and why this powerful method for addressing
today's increasingly complex organizational challenges actually works. From
Saudi Arabia to Singapore, Sweden to South Africa, profiles of such Global
100 leaders as GE, Sony, and Boeing tell the story of the power of action
learning to create new products, improve service quality, and transform
organizational cultures for competitive advantages.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
Evaluation basics/ Donald V. McCain.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2005.
658.3124 Mc
Acc. No: 49223
Abstract: This book offers proven methodology to connect evaluation to
performance, program design, and bottom-line value. Evaluation Basics is the perfect
tool for a wide group of individuals wishing to build or enhance practical training
evaluation skills from frontline trainers and designers of training to subject matter
experts who occasionally function as a trainer. The four carefully constructed
chapters on each of Kirkpatrick s classic four levels of evaluation offer you a clear
path to success. Plus, you will find two invaluable chapters on how biases creep into
all levels of evaluation and a chapter on how to communicate evaluation results
effectively. Practical examples, worksheets, checklists, tips, and notes are included
throughout the book to speed your learning.
Facilitation basics/ Donald V. McCain, Deborah D. Tobey.- Alexandria, VA:
ASTD, 2004.
658.3124 Mc
Acc. No: 49219
Abstract: Facilitation Basics allows you to focus on the learners and help an
audience "get" a facilitator's message by focusing on the basic principles that underlie
effective learning facilitation. In addition, you will find solid tips and techniques on
creating a learning climate, facilitating learning activities, managing difficult
participants, using media to support learning, and assessing your facilitation quality
and success.
Sales training/ Jim Mikula.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2004.
658.3124 Mi
Acc. No: 49215
Abstract: Sales Training focuses on three key skills that all sales professionals must
have thinking, communicating, and networking. Use this book to create fast-paced
and productive training sessions for both new and experienced sales professionals.
For those who are new to sales, this book offers a structured and interactive way to
quickly build skills that translate into sales success. For more experienced sales
professionals, use this book to develop targeted training geared toward upgrading and
sharpening sales skills. Readers will appreciate this books unique, modular approach
and its dozens of ready-to-use assessments, training instruments, and tools that enable
learners to gain knowledge that is immediately applicable in the field. Finally, Sales
Training takes advantage of the author s significant sales and training experience and
helps you foster sales personnel who connect past lessons with current situations in
the field, use communication technologies and techniques creatively, and employ
solid networking skills for competitive advantage.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
Trainer basics/ George M. Piskurich.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2003.
658.3124 Pi
Acc. No: 49222
Abstract: New trainers will appreciate the informative quick learning hits
throughout the book, including helpful reminders called Think About This, cut-tothe-chase rules called Basic Rules, and additional key concept points called Noted.
Every chapter ends with quick learning exercises called Getting It Done to
reinforce key chapter information. this book also offers professional trainers a
much-needed tool to help train these new ranks of trainers. Just hand Training
Basics to a new trainer and within a few hours the job of explaining the basics of
instructional design, adult learning, needs analysis, evaluation, and presentation
and facilitation skills is done. This book is part of ASTD Training Basics series
which currently includes Presentation Basics, Training Design Basics, Facilitation
Basics, Communication Basics and Performance Basics plus other key training
basic topics.
Career moves: take charge of your training career now!/ Annabelle Reitman and
Caitlin Williams.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2001.
658.3124 Re
Acc. No: 49278
Abstract: Find new career options, energize a stalled career, or transition to a new
career as a human performance improvement expert with the practical advice in
this book. Exercise checklists, job aids, tools, and useful tips help you develop new
career strategies and explore all your options.
The credible trainer: create value for training, get respect for your ideas, and
boost your career/ Robert J. Rosania.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2001.
658.3124 Ro
Acc. No: 49281
Abstract: this book's tools, expert guidance, and practical advice on how to
become a valued, strategic partner in your organization. Readers will learn how to
bridge the gap between a trainer's dedication to the profession and the urgent need
to find new and bottom-line ways to establish credibility with key organization
stakeholders. Here are some other important lessons in The Credible Trainer. You
will learn how to develop a personal plan for: Developing a powerful mindset that
will allow you to take a strategic view of both your organization and your career,
Articulating to management the trainer's strategic role in helping an organization
achieve its "big picture" goals, Developing the skills to demonstrate your bottomline value to the organization Building self-confidence and a sense of power as a
training professional.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
Learning paths: increase profits by reducing the time it takes for employees to get
up-to-speed/ Steve Rosenbaum and Jim Williams.- San Francisco: Pfeiffer: ASTD,
658.3124 Ro
Acc. No: 49224
Abstract: Learning Paths is a down-to-earth practical resource that is filled with
illustrative examples, methods, techniques, strategies, processes, and tools for
making company-wide, real-time training possible. Created to be flexible, the
Learning Path approach can be customized to fit your organization no matter what its
type or size. Learning Paths is divided into three sections: The Learning Path
Methodology: Walks the reader through the major steps and strategies needed for
building Learning Paths, Doing the Right Training: Offers a wide-range of strategies,
methods, and techniques that can be targeted to the training within a Learning Path
and tied to an organization's particular business needs, Do the Training Right: Shows
how to ensure the training within a Learning Path is delivered in the most costeffective manner and introduces methods for structuring training so that it transfers to
the job easily and effectively.
Project management for trainers: stop "winging it" and get control of your
training projects/ Lou Russell.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2000.
658.3124 Ru
Acc. No: 49229
Abstract: Learn how to plan and organize any training project - AND control its
time, cost, quality, and scope - with this fast-paced and highly readable book. Read
solutions you can use immediately to: Build flexible project management plans,
Estimate required work effort, Schedule steps and allocate resources, Communicate
project status, Perform a post-project review.
Serious performance consulting: according to Rummler/ Geary A. Rummler.Alexandria, VA: ASTD; ISPI, 2004.
658.3124 Ru
Acc. No: 49257
Abstract: In order for performance consultants to make a significant difference in
organization results, they need to advance beyond their current focus on improving
the individual performer. Dr. Rummler, a leader in performance consulting for 35
years, calls this next level of the performance consulting endeavor, Serious
Performance Consulting or SPC.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
Lessons in learning, e-learning, and training: perspectives and guidance for the
enlightened trainer/ Roger C. Schank.- San Francisco: Pfeiffer, 2005.
658.3124 Sc
Acc. No: 49277
Abstract: This book is a compelling, enlightening, and often humorous book of
essays that explore the myriad challenges faced by today s training and
performance professionals. Written by one of the most highly respected thinkers
and writers today, these essays offer a much-needed perspective on what trainers
do, why they do it, and how they might do it better. The book serves as a barometer
on the issues that often perplex trainers such as what can and cannot be taught, how
people think and learn, and what help technology can really effectively provide.
Each essay is filled with practical guidance and includes a summary of ideas, tips
and techniques, things to think about, checklists, and other job aids.
41 Quick! Show me your value: a trainer's guide to communicating value, connecting
training and performance to the bottom line/ Theresa Seagraves.- Alexandria,
VA: ASTD, 2004.
658.3124 Se
Acc. No: 49285
Abstract: Quick! Show Me Your Value is the first book designed specifically to
help training and other workplace learning and performance professionals
confidently communicate their true value at the most senior levels of an
organization. By understanding how financial leaders at all levels of an
organization think, these professionals are liberated from the monster of fear of
talking with leaders and given new avenues for respect and inclusion in
organizational decision making.
42 Effective learning environments: creating a successful strategy for your
organization/ Reza Sisakhti.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 1998.
658.3124 Si
Acc. No: 49282
Abstract: This book will guide workplace learning and performance professionals
charged with designing, developing, implementing, and orchestrating such a
strategy. In addition to offering practical advice, the author presents powerful
business justifications to help readers sell the concept of effective learning
environments to their organizations.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
Telling ain't training/ Harold D. Stolovitch, Erica J. Keeps.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD,
658.3124 St
Acc. No: 49201
Abstract: This book provides an entertaining, and practical tour-de-force for every
trainer and performance improvement professional. It tackles the three universal and
persistent questions of the profession how do learners learn, why do learners learn,
and how do you make sure that learning sticks. The authors of this interactive and
provocative volume provide solid answers to these questions backed up by more than
70 years of combined real world experience and academic study. Training Ain t
Telling deliberately avoids the one-way communications of telling trainers how to
be more effective. Instead, it uses an interactive approach which models the basic
message of the book that is, humans learn best through active mental engagement.
The authors expect the reader to do something, not just read! Despite its fun, and
breezy tone, every concept in the book is solidly backed up by research. The
ultimate goal of this book is to allow the reader an opportunity to break through
learning barriers, to separate learning myth from research-based facts, and to dispel
counterproductive beliefs and practices that harm the instructional process.
All learning is self-directed: how organizations can support and encourage
independent learning/ Daniel R. Tobin.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2000.
658.3124 To
Acc. No: 49268
Abstract: This book includes: New strategies to meet the workplace challenges of
independent learning, Learning environment designs that support and encourage the
self-directed learner, Tools and techniques to manage intellectual capital in the freewheeling environment of free-agent workers.
Technology for trainers: a primer for the e-learning age/ Thomas Toth.- Alexandria,
VA: ASTD, 2003.
658.3124 To
Acc. No: 49273
Abstract: Technology for Trainers is designed to help you filter out the technology
noise and enable you to concentrate on the facts you need to know. Trainers weary of
technological jargon will appreciate this book's plain-spoken approach, which
focuses on taking traditional training development skills and applying that expertise
to e-learning development. Readers will appreciate the practical tools this book
provides as well as their new ability to talk intelligently to e-learning designers and
other technical experts about turning a training vision into a reality. In addition, the
book includes a complete e-learning glossary that consists of more than 400 key elearning terms from analog to XML (extensible markup language) that you will
continue to refer to even after you become an e-learning expert.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
46 What works: assessment, development, and measurement/ Laurie J. Bassi and
Darlene Russ-Eft, editors.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 1997.
658.3124 Wh
Acc. No: 49195
Abstract: This practical, hands-on approach, provides you with the tools for
translating the findings of sound research into sound practices. This title focuses on
competency assessment methods, learning styles, organizational learning, 360feedback, and training evaluation as well as ROI.
47 What works: training and development practices: leadership development,
conflict management, diversity training, technology training, behavioral
modeling/ Laurie J. Bassi and Darlene Russ-Eft, editors.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD,
658.3124 Wh
Acc. No: 49196
Abstract: Five areas in the HRD Field are critically reviewed: leadership
development, conflict management, diversity training, learning technologies, and
behavior modeling/modification.
Training design basics/ Saul Carliner.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2003.
658.312404 Ca
Acc. No: 49220
Abstract: This practical, how-to book zeroes in on the skills readers need to design
successful classroom training. All phases of training design are covered here,
including planning and needs analysis; writing, designing, and evaluating course
materials; and marketing and administration. New trainers, subject matter experts,
and even experienced trainers will find the real-world approach of this book
especially helpful. Learning guideposts along the way, including dozens of Basic
Rules, Noted, and Think About This sidebars, enable the reader to scan the book
and pick out and apply key concepts immediately. In addition each chapter ends
with an interactive section called Getting It Done that guides readers in direct
application of new skills.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
49 Creating training courses when you're not a trainer: quick course design,
development, and delivery for subject matter experts, managers, and other
nontrainers/ Donald V. McCain.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 1999.
658.312404 Mc
Acc. No: 49249
Abstract: This book is for all those subject matter experts, managers, and other
nontrainers who have been asked to deliver a short training course, and have started
their assignment with more questions than answers. Also will show you not only
where to begin, but how to make sure when you re done that learning has occurred.
Evaluating the impact of training: a collection of tools and techniques/ Scott B.
Parry; foreword by Donald L. Kirkpatrick.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 1997.
658.312404 Pa
Acc. No: 49207
Abstract: Sharpen your expertise in applying different methods of evaluation to a
variety of organizations and areas of training. This book's 26 lessons guides you
through every step and illustrates the process with real-life examples. Helpful tools
and checklists explain how to win support from senior management, evaluate your
instructional strengths, and more.
The bottomline on ROI: basics, benefits, & barriers to measuring training &
performance improvement/ Patricia Pulliam Phillips.- Atlanta, Ga.: CEP Press,
658.312404 Ph
Acc. No: 49225
Abstract: This book includes The criteria for a credible, sound and effective ROI
process, How to identify the tangible and intangible benefits of training and
performance improvement programs, How to collect the data you need and convert it
to monetary values.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
Stories trainers tell: 55 ready-to-use stories to make training stick/ Mary B.
Wacker, Lori L. Silverman.- San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2003.
658.312404 Wa
Acc. No: 49209
Abstract: Telling stories is a powerful way to make a point, especially when the
stories are compelling, well constructed, and poignant. This book captures thoughtprovoking stories contributed by trainers, nationally-known speakers, consultants,
business leaders, educators, and professional storytellers that help make
challenging ideas and abstract concepts more memorable, even unforgettable. The
stories are organized around major oganizational development and training themes,
such as leadership, diversity, teamwork, performance and coaching, and customer
service. Accompanying each story are tips, debriefing questions, key points, and a
follow-up activity to maximize its impact and learning potential.
Training on the job: a new team-driven approach that empowers .../ Diane
Walter.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2002.
658.312404 Wa
Acc. No: 49231
Abstract: This essential guide is for anyone who wants to set up a successful onthe-job training program. This book has everything you need, including: An eightstep model for setting up a structured team-driven, on-the-job training program,
Easy-to-understand templates, instructions, and checklists, Case examples for any
size organization.
Michael Allen's guide to e-learning: building interactive, fun, and effective
learning programs for any company/ Michael W. Allen.- New York: John
Wiley, 2003.
658.3124040285 Al
Acc. No: 49206
Abstract: This is the how-to book for both instructional designers and
executives responsible for corporate e-learning programs. Chapters on learner
motivation and effective instructional interactivities provide a usable e-learning
platform. Michael Allen's Guide to E-Learning brings the critical issues to light
with clearly defined solutions and examples.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
55 How to measure training results: a practical guide to tracking the six key
indicators/ Jack J. Phillips, Ron Drew Stone.- New York: McGraw-Hill, 2002.
658.3124072 Ph
Acc. No: 49259
Abstract: How to Measure Training Results presents practical tools for collecting and
measuring six types of data critical to an overall evaluatin of training. This timely
resource: Includes dozens of reproducible tools and processes for training evaluation,
Shows how to measure both financial and intangible/non-financial results. This book
is a handbook for trainers and HR managers who want to save their jobs or advance
their careers by showing how the training they provide directly benefits their
organization's bottom line or strategic goals.
56 Customer service training/ Maxine Kamin.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2002.
658.31245 Ka
Acc. No: 49188
Abstract: This book is a practical, hands-on guide to help you quickly accomplish
this goal. Dozens of field-tested exercises, games, activities, icebreakers, and
assessment instruments help you teach employees the importance of customer service
and improve their performance. A flexible format and easy-to-use icons help you
develop a customized training program lasting from one hour to one day or longer.
The targeted evaluation process: a performance consultant's guide to asking the
right questions and getting the results you trust/ Wendy L. Combs and Salvatore
V. Falletta.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2000.
658.3125 Co
Acc. No: 49274
Abstract: approach to build flexible interventions, determine whether performance
interventions achieved goals, and how-to partner with stakeholders throughout the
process. Included are practical tools, templates, and sample questions.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
58 Performance basics: a complete, how-to guide to help you.../ Joe Willmore.Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2004.
658.3125 Wi
Acc. No: 49217
Abstract: Performance Basics is designed to provide its readers with the
basic tenants of a growing area of expertise among workplace learning
professionals called performance improvement (also knows as human
performance improvement (HPI), human performance technology (HPT),
and performance consulting). HPI (the term used in this book) provides
its practitioners with a logical framework to analyze and diagnose
workplace performance problems before offering specific problem-solving
59 Self-directed work teams: a trainers role in the transition/ edited by Ed
Rose with Steve Buckley.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 1999.
658.3128 Se
Acc. No: 49283
Abstract: This book loaded with practical tips and strategies for work
teams and an implementation blueprint. Explore a four-step process for
managing the cultural change that accompanies the transition to selfdirected work teams. Discover how to keep self-directed work teams on
track. And learn proven strategies for building management commitment
and avoiding common work team pitfalls.
Promoting emotional intelligence in organizations: make training in
emotional intelligence effective/ by Cary Cherniss and Mitchel Adler;
foreword by Daniel Goleman.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2000.
658.314 Ch
Acc. No: 49251
Abstract: This book presents the compelling business case for emotional
intelligence in the world of work. If employers adopted and
implemented the 22 best-practice guidelines presented in this book, we
could take the national economy to a new level of competitiveness and
substantially improve the quality of service delivery to our customers
and the pubic.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
61 Rapid needs analysis: tools, worksheets, and job aids to help you.../ Susan Barksdale
and Teri Lund.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2001.
658.4 Ba
Acc. No: 49205
Abstract: Avoid a time-consuming needs analysis process and learn how to quickly
analyze a performance problem. You can use the dozens of tools, worksheets, and job
aids included in this book to rapidly analyze a request for a performance solution and
recommend the best method to meet your business needs. Case studies, which
illustrate how companies have succeeded using the process described in the book, are
included in every chapter.
62 Consulting on the inside: an internal consultant's guide to living and working inside
organizations/ Beverly Scott.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2000.
658.4 Sc
Acc. No: 49286
Abstract: Make the job of being an internal consultant easier and more rewarding
with this practical guide that provides a road map to success and help you hone your
skills. The author provides a comprehensive eight-step consulting process guide with
valuable tips on working with management, dealing with difficult clients, and
marketing your services to the organization. Includes real-life stories from current
and former internal consultants.
2005 [Two thousands five] ASTD team and organization development sourcebook/
Mel Silberman, editor; Patricia Philips, assistant editor.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD,
658.4 Tw
Acc. No: 49203
Abstract: The 2005 edition of the ASTD Team and Organization Development
Sourcebook draws on the knowledge and expertise 46 top-flight consultants, team
developers, and training facilitators. The book presents a comprehensive toolkit of
the most important topics facing organizations today including managing change,
launching organizational initiatives, facilitating teams, goal setting and planning,
creative problem solving, building cooperation and trust, and team development. The
40 games, exercises, learning activities, assessment instruments, handouts, tip sheets,
and implementation guides are all field-tested and available for use on the
accompanying CD-ROM to enable you to implement the most up-to-date training
programs for your clients quickly and efficiently.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
64 2005 [Two thousands five] ASTD training and performance sourcebook/ Mel
Silberman, editor, Patricia Philips, assistant editor.- Alexandria, VA:
ASTD, 2005.
658.4 Tw
Acc. No: 49202
Abstract: The ASTD Training and Performance Sourcebook draws on the
knowledge and expertise of 42 top-flight trainers and consultants to present a
comprehensive toolkit of the best training activities, group learning exercises,
assessment instruments, handouts, and other essential guides for today s busy
training and performance professional. The tools presented here cover a wide range
of topics from e-learning, communication skills, diversity and cross-cultural
awareness, performance improvement, and management development.
Building a new performance vision: break down organizational.../ Thomas J.
LaBonte; foreword by James C. Robinson.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2001.
658.401 La
Acc. No: 49247
Abstract: Help your organization shake the silo mentality that stands in the way of
real strides in performance improvement. And explore how to create a single,
unified HPI function that brings together separate functions under shared business
goals. Step-by-step instructions, tools, tips, and job aids help you organize and
champion a unified HPI approach
Strategic planning training/ Jeffrey Russell, Linda Russell.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD,
658.4012 Ru
Acc. No: 49208
Abstract: This book is an all-in-one, how-to guide for developing strategic
planning, thinking, and decision making competencies of CEOs, managers,
supervisors, and frontline employees. It offers a practical set of interactive and
customizable training modules that will serve as a roadmap for developing the right
framework, culture, and philosophy in
your organization. The book is useful for
both new and experienced strategic planning trainers and offers extensive
background material plus practical advice to help you avoid common pitfalls. In
addition, the book offers an extensive toolkit of methods and techniques to
improve any group or team s problem solving and decision making skills.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
Performance interventions maps: 36 Strategies for solving your organization's
problems/ Ethan S. Sanders, Sivasailam Thiagarajan.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2001.
658.4036 Sa
Acc. No: 49190
Abstract: This book helps you to gain a working knowledge of the best
interventions for improving performance. Quickly locate and comprehend the
differences and similarities of the interventions, and know how and when to use each.
Experienced practitioners explain how interventions are selected and implemented in
all types of organizations. (Developed by ASTD in partnership with the International
Society for Performance Improvement.)
68 Core concepts of project management/ Samuel J. Mantel, Jr. ... [et al.].- 2nd ed.Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2005.
658.404 Co
Acc. No: 48275
Abstract: This book includes revised discussion of the integration of parent
organization's strategies into project selection and management; and greatly expanded
coverage of risk management and assessment in the project management process.
Project management process improvement/ Robert K. Wysocki.- Boston: Artech
House, 2004.
658.404 Wy
Acc. No: 47693
Abstract: The book shows you how to communicate these baseline capabilities, and
the gaps between baseline and target capabilities, to your team and upper
management You are provided with a host of metrics that let you target specific areas
of improvement needed to raise your project team s process maturity to the target
level. Moreover, this unique resource offers you proven tools and techniques that you
can use every day to ensure the success of your project process improvement
program. The book concludes with practical methods to take your project team to the
next level of process effectiveness.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
Leading change training/ Jeffrey Russell, Linda Russell.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD,
658.406 Ru
Acc. No: 49214
Abstract: Need to create solid change programs within your organization? Leading
change involves not only simply reducing resistance, but also creating an
awareness of the challenges and responsibilities that each person (no matter their
level in the organization) faces as a change initiative goes forward. This practical,
hands-on guide is a ready-to-use workbook written specifically for training
professionals, OD practitioners, and change agents. Use this book to create halfday, full-day and multi-day change workshops that integrate leading-edge change
leadership model and theories presented in this book.
Effective leadership programs: twelve case studies from the real world of
training/ Jack J. Phillips, series editor; Franklin C. Ashby, editor.- Alexandria,
VA: ASTD, 1999.
658.4071245 Ef
Acc. No: 49270
Abstract: This book presents 12 case studies with various approaches to developing
leadership potential, including training interventions, executive coaching, and
individual and mentoring strategies that fit a wide range of settings.
Innovation training/ Ruth Ann Hattori, Joyce Wycoff.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD
Press, 2004.
658.4071245 Ha
Acc. No: 49213
Abstract: Innovation Training will help you create training programs that foster an
organization that thinks and acts with more creativity, collaborates more
effectively, and implements new ideas more rigorously. The material in this book is
appropriate for those who have never thought of themselves as creative as well as
for those who are considered innovative thinkers.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
73 New supervisor training/ John E. Jones, Chris W. Chen.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD,
658.4071245 Jo
Acc. No: 49197
Abstract: Help new and experienced supervisors make the transition from individual
contributor to leader with ready-made training tools and materials in this practical,
hands-on guide. Everything you need to quickly develop a new supervisor training
program is included for training lasting only a few hours to several days in a handy
icon-driven format that makes implementation a snap. A companion CD provides key
exercises, handouts, assessments, structured experiences, and ready-to-use
PowerPoint presentations developed from the book.
Leadership training/ Lou Russell.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2003.
658.4071245 Ru
Acc. No: 49193
Abstract: Leadership Training offers both the background knowledge and the
practical help you need to immediately create strong leadership training at all levels
within your organization. This easy-to-use workbook grounds its users in the most
up-to-date training methodologies such as accelerated learning. Readers also are
provided with methods for assessing leadership strengths and weaknesses along with
the 10 essential competencies of leaders. This book is chock full of materials that will
save you time and resources the next time you need to create effective leadership
training fast.
Project management training/ Bill Shackelford.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2004.
658.4071245 Sh
Acc. No: 49189
Abstract: Project Management Training offers an easy-to-use methodology for
project management training that recognizes nearly everyone is a project manager.
The book will show you how to minimize project management failures and reveal the
secrets of how to train an organization filled with project-oriented thinkers. These
materials are included in self-contained content modules and learning experiences,
tools, and training instrument that can be used to produce stand-alone project
management training or training that will be incorporated into other broader training
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
76 Leaders - start to finish: a road map for developing and training leaders at all
levels/ Anne Bruce.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2001.
658.4092 Br
Acc. No: 49258
Abstract: This book is an essential resource for any organization determined to
build world-class leaders in today's competitive marketplace. This practical, easyto-use guide for training and development professionals offers its readers these
unique features: A clearly delineated road map that will allow readers to design
their own "road" to a comprehensive leadership training and development
programs, lively, icon-driven book that will provide front-line trainers, training
manangers, instructional designers, and other HRD professionals immediate advice
on creating, enhancing or fine-tuning programs.
Hesselbein on leadership/ Frances Hesselbein; foreword by Jim Collins.- 1st ed.- San
Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2002.
658.4092 He
Acc. No: 49227
Abstract: In this book will release the energy of leaders everywhere as they
become leaders of change, leaders of the future. Hesselbein on Leadership also
provides the practical down-to-earth knowledge that will enable readers to make a
difference every day. This compendium of leadership wisdom includes
Hesselbein's insights on innovation, change, diversity, and what it means to be a
leader who is a woman. At the heart of the book is Hesselbein's deep belief that
leadership is a matter of character--"leadership is a matter of how to be, not how to
do it."
78 Communications skills training/ Maureen Orey, Jenni Prisk.- Alexandria, VA:
ASTD, 2004.
658.45 Or
Acc. No: 49211
Abstract: Communication Skills Training will allow you to design just the right
training workshop. Design and deploy a quick fix one-half day overview class in
the art of effective communication for team members using a fully developed set of
slides, handouts, learning activities, and facilitators guide. Or you can develop a
more robust 2-day training session that covers all aspects of communication from
effective use of language between individuals to how to better communicate your
message to an audience of 1000. Both programs are easily designed and deployed
using this book and the ready-to-use slides, handouts, and other materials plus a
step-by-step path to success.
NIOC Information Center New Acquisitions
November 2005 5
Beyond free coffee & donuts: marketing training and development/ Sophie
Oberstein with Jan Alleman.- Alexandria, VA: ASTD, 2003.
658.800683 Ob
Acc. No: 49267
Abstract: Learn fundamental marketing principles that you can use to sell anything
from a training workshop to your department s value as a whole. Written by a
training expert, Sophie Oberstein, and a marketing expert, Jan Alleman, this book
gives you all the tips and techniques you need to properly market your training
products to appropriate and motivated learners as well as senior managers who
actually buy into and promote your initiatives.
80 Control and security of E-commerce/ Gordon E. Smith.- Hoboken: John Wiley, 2004.
658.84 Sm
Acc. No: 48856
Abstract: Control and Security of E-Commerce provides expert guidance on how to
protect and monitor electronic commerce. Using nontechnical,user-friendly language,
this book lays out the components and risks of an e-commerce system. It also details
security solutions and auditing techniques for an e-commerce environment.

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