Where Your Image Is Important!



Where Your Image Is Important!
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Where Your Image Is Important!
In today’s market real estate professionals need dependable, profitable and cost effective marketing
solutions to compete effectively. That is why today’s top agents use the proven power of RTV to
professionally market their listings both online and off.
The RTV property marketing system is a complete virtual tour creation solution and comprehensive
marketing engine designed to help real estate professionals succeed and become even more productive
in this aggressive market.
84% of home buyers begin their search for a home on
the Internet.
Showcasing your listings with high quality
images backed with attractive property
marketing tools allow you to leverage the
power of both foot traffic and the Internet.
Marketing solutions unique to the RTV
program give you the tools necessary to
capture more listings, close those listings
faster and service your clients more efficiently.
“A new age of consumers has risen and
with them comes a set of elevated
standards and greater expectations
needed to win their business.”
Jason LaVanture – RTV Vice President
Today’s consumer expects information faster than ever
before and in ways that lets them envision a product in its
entirety before they submit a request for more information
or pick up the phone.
With so many factors playing into the home selling cycle,
agents must look for ways to pass this media rich information
in a manner that has a consistent look and feel and leaves a
lasting impression on the consumer. The RTV property
marketing system does just that by making your image and
your properties look their very best both online and off.
 80% of consumers search for information
online. That means at least 60% of your
marketing dollars should be spent
optimizing your company online.
 In cyberspace, a real estate listing with a
virtual tour will receive 38% more views
than a competitor’s site without a virtual
 54% of home buyers, who are searching
for their next home on Realtor.com, will
skip over listings that do not provide
virtual tours and multiple images.
 On a typical day, more than six million
people are taking virtual tours in
cyberspace, up from roughly two million
in 2004.
 Home Buyers who used the internet as a
significant portion of their home-buying
experience spent an average of two
weeks with a Realtor® looking at homes,
compared to those who did not use the
internet, who spent an average of seven
weeks looking for their home.
 After gathering information online, nearly
three-quarters of home buyers reported
that they drove by specific properties,
and 57% walked through a property
viewed online.
 The median income of Internet searchers
is much higher, at $86,900, compared
with $50,400 among those who did not
use the internet to search for a home.
Meaning, higher end properties sell faster
RTV provides the world's finest virtual tour software. Over 100 thousand
real estate professionals have used our virtual tours and virtual tour
software. RTV is a recognized market leader in 360 home tours. How do we
achieve such success? The secret is in the care that we take with every new
customer during our setup and training process. Simply put, after we set
you up your virtual tour program will run so smoothly you will never look
The Real Tour Vision In House Dealer
program is a complete, turn-key system that
includes everything you need to shoot,
create, host, publish and distribute your
own virtual tours inclusive with your own
branding. To ensure that you learn how to
use the Real Tour Vision system quickly, all
Tour Builder Kits include a toll free, web
based training session and ongoing,
unlimited toll free technical support.
At RTV we realize that having the greatest photo stitching software is the
key to creating quality virtual tours. Different software programs yield
different results. Over the last nine years, the RTV staff has mastered the
science of photo stitching and when utilized properly our Tour Builder
software produces by far the very best panorama you could possibly make.
Our proprietary setup and stitching process allows for what we call Variable Controlled Stitching™ which is a much
more advanced and thorough process than technologies used by other providers not utilizing calibrated hardware
and software. We control more variables throughout the image capture process and stitching process giving you a
better end result at an affordable price. FINALLY, PHOTO STITCHING SOFTWARE THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!
Using the components of the Real Tour Vision Builder Kit, the tour builder takes a series of still images with their
digital camera, which is side mounted on the custom rotator that gives the virtual tour a wide angle view. The
rotator allows the tour builder to manually capture up to twelve photos in a circular motion at pre-specified
intervals. Virtual tours can support 360 degree panoramic images, partial panoramas and even still images. After
the photos for each scene are captured, the tour builder transfers the images for each scene from their camera to
the software. These overlapping photos are then seamlessly and automatically stitched into panoramic images.
The RTV system is so flexible; it will support any
digital camera!
During the setup process we determine your exact concave / convex distortion, focal length, and field of view
of your camera's lens. This information is then used to create an electronic lens file that is stored within our
software. We setup and configure your RTV rotator so your camera rotates around the exact center of your
camera's lens and compute the exact percent overlap of your images to ensure seamless, professional quality
and error free panoramas.
RTV virtual tours were designed with the end real estate agent in mind. Our virtual tour software and
hardware packages make it possible for someone with little to no photography and technical experience to
complete a full featured online virtual tour in less than forty minutes.
To read more about the RTV Virtual Tour Process
RTV virtual tours are much more than a series of beautiful photos and scrolling panoramic scenes. Our
concept is very simple and effective. We provide features that make it easy for viewers to get a true private
tour of your property and its surroundings.
Real Tour Vision virtual tours provide the
buyer with the information they need and
benefits your seller will love.
Eliminate Monthly Fees with YOUR CHOICE
of Pay-as-You-Go Virtual Tour Programs.
Pay per tour: Each property you create will cost just $10.00
and will remain active on our servers for TWO FULL YEARS!
Each virtual tour you create has both branded and unbranded (MLX compliant) versions that you can place on as
many websites as you like.
Unlimited: For high-volume customers we also provide
customized installment programs that enable you to produce
unlimited virtual tours without a per-tour cost. Ask your sales
representative for details on setting up your Unlimited Plan.
Enjoy complete control of your virtual tours, features and all-in-one
marketing tools with your Tour Management System (TMS) 2.0!
RTV makes customizing and organizing your tours and participating agents simple with your TMS. Easily add or
remove new agents in your system. Quickly edit and brand your real estate tours. Send your tours via direct
feeds to national portal sites such as Realtor.com, Homes.com, Homeseekers.com.
Email Tour
Download Tour
Printable Brochure
Slide Show
Map/Location Info
Mortgage Info
School Info
City Info
Email Agent
Agent Website
Agent Tour Gallery
Floor Plan
Scene Descriptions
Property Details
Custom hot spots and affiliate ads can also be
added to each virtual, plus many other features!
Real Tour Vision marketing tools were designed to help agents stand out as leaders in their market.
These tools drive online and off-line traffic to your listings helping you sell faster and reach more
viewers than ever before!
Generate More Referrals!
With our Tour Discs
Our marketing tools make it easy for your
clients to tell others about you. Create a
complete marketing program for your sellers
and they will spread the word about your
unique ideas. The seller’s friends, neighbors
and family will have the right impression
about your professionalism and use of
cutting edge marketing and technology. Tour
Discs make it easy for them to pass you and
your listings on to others again marketing
yourself both online and off!
Win More Listings!
With Our Single Property Websites
Give your properties a real presence on the web with an
interactive single property website! When searching for
homes online, over 80 percent of recent homebuyers
found photos (84%) and detailed property information
(82%) to be very useful in deciding whether or not to
view a home. With the use of enhanced virtual tours,
single property websites provide the richest source of
information about your property – the kind of
information that inspires buyers to pick up the phone.
10 Pack
Attract More Buyers!
With Our Panoramic Listing Sign Riders
Add a little “pizzazz” or “bling” to your clients yard sign with a PanoRider™! 72% of home buyers
mention the yard sign to be an important source of information, second to the MLS. With hundreds of
home buyers driving around town every day and 62% of those home buyers driving through the areas
they are interested in living in, a property with a PanoRider is sure to draw more interest than your
competitors signs. Our PanoRiders combine the exposure of the yard sign with the exposure of the
Internet. On average 49% more leads are produced with the combined use of a virtual tour,
PanoRider and a single property Website. PanoRiders are an easy and affordable way for you to
market yourself and your listing both on and off-line!
Market to the Senses!
With our Tour Text and Audio
Custom audio guides potential buyers
from the kitchen to the master suite –
from the home gym to the veranda,
highlighting the custom attributes of your
home along the way. Scene by scene text
descriptions also allow for a detailed
description of your homes features that
may otherwise get overlooked.
Save Valuable Dollars!
Create lasting impressions and return excellent results with RTV online property exposure solutions.
As a valued customer of RTV we will show you step by step how to distribute your virtual tours to
the World’s largest portal sites giving you and your listings MAXIMUM EXPOSURE!
With our Virtual Tour Traffic
With Virtual Tour Traffic Reporting you will
be able to view just how effective your
online property marketing is. Each week
you will receive a report detailing your
properties web traffic. Weekly usage
reports not only show where virtual tour
views and leads are coming from but they
also display which rooms and scenes from
within the 360 virtual tours are being
viewed the most. These statistics provide
insights into how your listings are being
viewed by visitors and what marketing
efforts are working the best to bring
qualified buyers to you. Weekly reports
ensure that everyone involved is kept
informed and up to date and give home
sellers confidence in your communication
and abilities.
RTV tours enable you to put your listing in front of
millions of potential buyers.
Our virtual tour exposure and training is so far ahead of our competition because we understand
internet marketing and the value of virtual tour distribution. Virtual tour syndication just makes
sense. When you generate more exposure for your client’s listings they are likely to sell quicker and at
a higher dollar value.
Below is a partial list of portal sites where your RTV virtual tour and listings can be submitted:
Distribution to Realtor.com includes exposure to 10 additional
national real estate portal sites and over 55 local real estate
portal sites. Distribution is FREE for Showcase listings.
To View a Sample Hit Report
The RTV property marketing system now offers professionally voiced listing presentations as well as
other marketing collateral that you can use during your listing presentations. Making you look your
VERY best!
These listing presentation materials have been professionally
created for agents to utilize when approaching potential clients.
Show your clients you are a property marketing expert with a
brochure and multimedia presentation addressing the benefits of
listing their home with you. It sets you apart from competing
agents seeking the home owners listing. Go beyond posting to the
RTV not only offers the very best in virtual tour
technology, but we also offer amazing floor plan
technology! Create your own 2D and 3D floor
plans directly from your Tour Management Site
and then easily integrate them into your 360
virtual tour.
Our presentations, brochures and listing flyers are created to
explain the marketing tools and value you bring to the table when
attaining a listing. The quality of the materials and the marketing
issues addressed in the presentation should make any potential
client appreciate the high level of service and importance that you
will bring when selling their home.
Educating agents on how to capitalize on the benefits of online
marketing and the vast opportunity it yields is a top priority at RTV.
RTV provides online workshops and monthly webinars
geared toward helping agents like you enhance your
web presence and sell more homes!
Join the RTV Blogging/SEO/Social Networking Group and
during a three month Blogging workshop you will learn
successful blogging strategies that are guaranteed to
boost your website ranking, website traffic and online
exposure. When you have completed this workshop you
will know all the fundamentals of blogging and be able
to effectively direct traffic to your company’s website
through online real estate communities.
3D Walkthrough
Real Tour Vision offers four Builder Kits for In House Dealers. The primary difference between the
Builder Kits is that two of the kits include professional grade digital cameras and tripods and the
other two options require digital camera equipment.
*Those with digital SLR cameras and seek enhanced
control and features should consider our Full Sized
rotator included in our Universal Builder Kit.
The Rotator Mini is designed to work with any tripod
without the use of additional adapters or hardware. At
a lean 1lb 11oz, the Rotator Mini works best with
lighter weight digital cameras.
The Kit includes:
Hardware: Rotator Mini
Tour Builder Software
Agent/Broker Startup CD
Camera Configuration
Software and Hardware Setup
Toll Free Training Session
Ongoing Software Updates
Ongoing Toll Free Technical Support
In House Marketing Materials
Ongoing Blogging, SEO, and Network Marketing Training
External Flash Bracket
Olympus External Flash FL-36
Zuiko 22mm Super
Wide Angle Lens
Bogen 055XBD BN
Bogen 3011 BN Tripod (smaller)
Extended Camera Warranty
Additional Software License
The Universal System works with ANY digital camera
and professional grade tripod. The system is flexible
to both single and multi users. The Kit includes:
Hardware: RTV Rotator
Tour Builder Software
Agent/Broker Startup CD
Camera Configuration
Software and Hardware
Toll Free Training Session
IHD Marketing Materials
Ongoing Software
Ongoing Toll Free
Technical Support
Ongoing Blogging,
SEO, and Network
Marketing Training
Complete Builder Kit #1 –
Olympus E-Volt 420
The Complete Builder Kit #1 is a turn-key virtual tour solution
which includes all the hardware, software, and digital camera
equipment necessary to produce virtual tours. The Kit includes:
Olympus E-Volt 420 Digital SLR
28mm Wide Angle Lens
Rechargeable Power Pack and
Camera Bag
Tripod 190XDB
RTV Rotator
Two-Way Leveler Head
USB Card Reader
Two Media Cards
Sun Shade
Lens Cleaning Kit
Tour Builder Software
Agent/Broker Startup CD
Camera Configuration
Software and Hardware Setup
Toll Free Training Session
Ongoing Software Updates
Ongoing Toll Free Technical Support
In House Marketing Materials
Ongoing Blogging, SEO, and Network
Marketing Training
Complete Builder Kit #2 –
Olympus SP570UZ
The Complete Builder Kit #2 is a turn-key virtual tour
solution which includes all the hardware, software,
and digital camera equipment necessary to produce
virtual tours. The Kit includes:
Olympus SP570UZ Digital SLR
Built In Wide Angle Lens
Camera Batteries
Camera Bag
Tripod 190XDB
RTV Rotator
Two-Way Leveler Head
USB Card Reader
Two Media Cards
Sun Shade
Lens Cleaning Kit
Tour Builder Software
Agent/Broker Startup CD
Camera Configuration
Software and Hardware Setup
Only Olympus digital SLRs are engineered to
be 100-percent digital. Simply put, this
means your pictures will have edge-to-edge
sharpness that can't be beat. Olympus' Live
View LCD technology is a unique feature
that enhances your picture-taking
experience. The E-420 has shadow
technology and a 10-megapixel imager.
Toll Free Training Session
Ongoing Software Updates
Ongoing Toll Free Tech. Support
In House Marketing Materials
Ongoing Blogging, SEO, and
Network Marketing Training
Experience the power of 20x zoom with
the SP-570 UZ. This compact 10 Megapixel
camera does it all; from wide-angle
perspectives to breathtaking close ups.
Dual Image Stabilization even ensures
images come out blur free. It is very
compact and a user friendly for the
amateur photographer.
Making the decision to choose RTV to drive
your online marketing, virtual tour division, or
enhance your website is making an intelligent
business decision. We encourage you to
research the industry and feel free to contact
your RTV sales representative at any time if
you have questions on how we compare to
other virtual tour technologies. We are one of
the oldest virtual tour companies in the
industry and that means technology shoppers,
our customers, and their clients get only the
best and most experienced advice and help
from our staff.
Tour Vision, Inc. (d.b.a. Real Tour Vision) is
a recognized leader in interactive 360°
panoramic virtual tours and 3D interactive
media. From its start in Traverse City,
Michigan in 1999, RTV sought to create a
virtual tour system which would deliver the
highest quality imagery at a much faster
rate than other virtual tour products being
offered at that time.
Whether you are building your own virtual tours or ordering virtual tours from one of our many virtual
tour providers our tours are published online quickly, contain a wide variety of feature sets, offer
flexibility, customization of your branding, and are very competitively priced in the market. The RTV
program combines effective marketing tools and widespread distribution to create opportunity and
proven results. Are you ready to look your best online and in front of your clients? If you are, the decision
to choose the RTV virtual tour system should be a very easy one for you and your team to make.
See what others are saying about Real Tour Vision property marketing system:
"This marketing system has added a new, dynamic dimension to our marketing program, as well as
drastically reduced our traditional marketing expenses. This has helped streamline company transactions
through promoting in-house ancillary business (increasing our company’s bottom-line!) and is used to recruit
tech-savvy agents." Bob Garrow [Garrow-Loftis/GMAC Real Estate]
“We LOVE our virtual tours! As the only real estate company in our area doing virtual tours, we are able to
provide professional quality tours that give us an edge over our competitors. Our Sellers love them because
they showcase their homes beautifully and help bring in more serious Buyers. And Buyers just love virtual
tours! The software is extremely user friendly and the support from the Real Tour Vision staff is amazing.
They respond pleasantly and immediately to our emails or phone calls and are able to handle any problems
on the spot. Thanks for all your help!” Bobbie McCombs [C. Ervin & Associates]
Originally designed for resorts, golf
courses, upscale lodging facilities and
others requiring high quality, the demand
in the real estate industry accelerated the
introduction of proprietary software in
2001 that decreased the tour building
process to 30-45 minutes without
sacrificing any quality.
Immediately, independent franchises and
divisions of several Fortune 500 Companies
such as GMAC, Land America, Stewart
Title, RE/MAX, and Coldwell Banker began
to use the nation's finest tour building
Real Tour Vision has built up the
world’s largest network of virtual tour
providers with over 1,500 tour builders
located in the United States plus
coverage in 27 countries worldwide.
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