February 2nd 2014 Faith Missionary Baptist Church



February 2nd 2014 Faith Missionary Baptist Church
February 2nd 2014
Visiting Preacher
Brother Eddie Adkins will preach tonight
Faith Missionary Baptist
Located at
2243 Burbank Avenue
Nashville TN 37210
We have three Services on Sunday
Sunday School
10:00 am
Church Service
11:00 am
Sunday Evening Service 6:00 pm
Elder Benny Maggart
Don Langford
Bert Lanier
James Quinn
Jimmy Hicks
Billy Clemons
Terry Parker
If you are unable to visit us in person,
we invite you to view our website
Website: www.faithchurchnashville.com
Brother Junior Moore had his leg removed above the knee
Brother Wheeler in Lafayette passed away last week.
Irene asked we remember Michelle’s husband Rick. He does not
believe as we do. That something will be said or seen that he
might be saved.
Jimmy’s Mom has a neighbor who recently had hospice brought
in. Remember this family
Due to a work schedule change, Jennifer will not be able to attend
Service on Sunday. Pray that something will happen that will
allow her to continue to attend church with her family.
Mayrene has a step grandson with two children who his moving
away. Pray that they can find a church where they can worship.
Joyce Parker’s brother, James Martin Newton, passed away on
Wednesday. Remember this family as they deal with their loss.
Chad’s father is in bad health. We need to keep him in our
Linda’s mother is still fighting to get the medication right.
Sheila’s nephew found out the tumor in his brain is not operable
He will start chemotherapy and radiation next week. Pray for him
and his family.
Emory is doing pretty good after his double knee surgery.
Remember him as he continues with the therapy.
Cindy asked prayer for a friend who is dealing with cancer.
Remember those caring for a family member.
Irene is not here today, she is with Adam. He had to have all his
wisdom teeth pulled Friday.
I am asking for prayers for a church that is very dear to my heart.
Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Drasco Arkansas, is a little
band that was started as a mission by my Uncle Elder M.V.
Hammack. Bro. Hammack left the comfort of his home in Indiana
in the late 1980's where he pastored churches such as Faith MBC,
Kokomo MBC and Harmony MBC. He felt the burden to start the
mission in a little building in Pleasant Plains and it prospered.
After a few years and the sweet salvation of a number of souls the
mission felt the need to organize. They built (done by the
members of the church) a beautiful church building. The church
prospered greatly under Bro. Hammack as the pastor but, in the
early 2000's he was hit by a drunk driver and his health slowly
faded until he passed away in 2007. He was certainly a great
soldier for the Lord. The church has also began to fade away
dwindling now to only 6 or fewer attending on Sunday Mornings.
She has been without a pastor for almost 8 years. This little
church is situated in a great place to see so many lost souls saved
because the truth is not being preached in that part of Arkansas.
She is the only Old Time Missionary Baptist Church in that area. I
had the great privilege to preach there in October and the spirit
was there in a great way. The members that are there are so
hungry to see the church revived but, I fear without a pastor it
cannot. They have at times considered closing the doors but the
Lord just will not let them. Without "Hope" there is no hope for
that part of the state. I beg you to pray for the church! If you have
any questions please do not hesitate to message me on here for
more information. May God Bless each and everyone of you!
Taylor Gregory
Rick and Michelle 4th
Terry Parker
Make sure you wish him a 50th Birthday
God With Us Ladies
We meet ever 3rd Tuesday of the Month
February 18, 2014 Speaker will be Rebecca Vanderpool Member
of Mt. Lebanon MB Church Alvaton, KY Her subject “The power
of positive thinking in a Christian life”.
5th Sunday Dinner and Singing
Old Macedonia Boys
Midstate quartet
visiting group
Wilburn and Wilburn
Old Fashion Gospel Hour
March 30th
April 6th
Faith will be featured.
Old Pass will be featured.
Get Togethers
September 11th
Over breakfast one morning, a woman said to her
husband, 'I bet you don't know what day this is?'
'Of course I do,' he answered indignantly, as he
slammed the door, and drove to his office.
At 11 o'clock, the doorbell rang. The wife
answered, and there at her front door was a UPS
driver, in his hand was a box containing 12 red
Later, at 2 pm there was another knock at the
door, this time it was a deluxe box of Belgian
Eventually the husband came home, tired after a
hard day's work. His wife greeted him by saying:
'First the flowers, then the chocolates, I've never
had a more wonderful
Groundhog Day in my
Become a part
our Church
February 9th
Bother Dillon Clemons will be preaching at Harvest
February 16th at 6p.m. Mr. Charles Towler and his quartet,
Gospel Heritage, in concert at MURFREESBORO MISSIONARY
BAPTIST CHURCH, Charles has taught at our Do Re Mi Spring
singing event, LET US SING, for the past two years and the
quartet visited last year to sing with us. We were all blessed by
their visit with us and enjoyed their singing so greatly!! Let us
repay them and show our love for Charles by attending this
concert. We assure you, you will be blessed!
March 2nd: You will have an opportunity to have your
testimony of salvation recorded. These will be placed on
the website: mysalvationexperience.com
MURFREESBORO will host the Rutherford County Red Back
Hymnal Singing. Congregational singing at its finest, as we all will
join in singing songs from The Church Hymnal.
Pastor’s Comments
Three funerals on Friday:
I attended the funeral of James Newton, Sister Joyce Parker’s
brother, Friday afternoon and got to meet her family. One
speaker, a life long friend, shared some stories of Mr. Newton’s
life as well as , some humorous incidents, which reflected his
character and uprightness in his life. The 1st Baptist Church pastor
offered words of comfort and kindness. According to Sister Joyce,
several in her family are lost or, at least, haven’t given sufficient
testimony of an experiences of grace. Pray for this family.
Also on Friday, Brother Norman “Shorty” Patterson of Lafayette
was buried. I’ve known him for most of my ministry through
seeing him at revival and special services in a several county area.
He has two sons, Terry and Charlie, who both are Missionary
Baptist preachers, and two daughters, Deborah and Susie. Brother
Terry and Sister Deborah are quite like their dad, where as,
Brother Charlie and Sister Susie are big cut-ups. Brother Norman
would just smile and and shake his head when he’d watch either
one of them and me fuss and aggravate each other. I often asked
him how he fathered two such as them.
Thirdly, Brother Sammy Cornwell was laid to rest on Friday.
Though he was an educator, superintendent of Trousdale County
schools for eight years, and worked for the State Department of
I knew him for his dedication to teaching shape note gospel
music, leading singing, and compiling a series of six song books
entitled “Songs To Remember”, some of which Faith Church has.
Brother Cornwell was helpful to numbers of churches by lending
or giving them pianos and providing his song books to churches
that could not afford them. He was a dedicated friend to the last
Elder R. D. Brooks and helped him in starting three churches.
Brother Sammy gave and loaned money for the building of those
church buildings. He was somewhat eccentric, but a great help in
the advancement of congregational singing and the Lord’s cause
in this area.

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