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sponsorship package
We are pleased you are considering the opportunity to reach one of your marketing goals this year
by becoming a sponsor . Your participation will present your company with the opportunity to take
advantage of a select demographic through target marketing and demonstrate community reinvestment.
Our mission for your sponsorship is exactly the same as your mission for marketing: To capitalize on
brand attributes and to incorporate your brand to be the natural choice for your target market. Thus,
changing people’s perceptions and behaviors while viewing the productions. We will accomplish this
through massive exposure from both the traditional media campaigns and promotions associated with
the shows. However, we will create additional exposure through more innovative options from the
audience through live interactive options with the audience and integrated social media networking.
We have demonstrated several innovative opportunities available to enhance your corporate marketing
objectives throughout this proposal to help you maximize your sponsorship experience. We promise
to work directly with your target market department to ensure all of your objectives are met and the
sponsorship is a complete success.
Best Regards,
LaTrisha N. Reid
CEO & Director of Sponsorship
Ikkin & Company
11233 Shadow Creek Pkwy Suite 200 Pearland, TX 77024
Keith Sweat is an award
winning R&B artist with several
released his debut album Make
It Last Forever, which sold four
million copies. The biggest hit
from this album was “I Want
Her” (#1 R&B/#5 Pop), and the
title track from the album was
hit #2 on the R&B charts. Sweat
continued to chart fairly well with
his sophomore album I’ll Give
All My Love To You, which hit #3
on the Billboard 200 chart, and
Keep It Comin debuted in the
Top 20 of the album chart.
Sweat released his fourth
album Get Up On It in the summer of 1994. He followed with Keith Sweat,
his self-titled fifth album, in 1996, which hit #5 on the Billboard 200. The
single “Twisted” hit #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and “Nobody” hit #3. In
1992, Sweat discovered the group Silk, and helped craft their debut album,
Lose Control, which hit #7 on the Billboard 200 album chart. The album’s
single “Freak Me” hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on May 1, 1993. In 1995,
Sweat discovered the Atlanta based female R&B group Kut Klose. Sweat
also produced the group’s debut album Surrender, which produced the hit
single “I Like”, peaking to #8 on Billboard’s “Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles”.
Sweat also formed the R&B super group LSG with Gerald Levert and
Johnny Gill, and released their self-titled debut Levert.Sweat.Gill in 1997.
That album featured the hit “My Body”, which became a huge hit single.
Keith Sweat has produced song for artists such as Men At Large - Don’t
Cry, Dru Hill - Love’s Train, Dru Hill - Share My World, Immature - Extra,
Extra, Ol Skool - Am I Dreaming (feat. Xscape), The Isley Brothers - Slow
Is The Way, The O’Jays ft Keith Sweat - Baby You Know.
He has been the host of a nationally syndicated radio program
based upon the Quiet storm format. The Keith Sweat Hotel
(known as The Quiet Storm with Keith Sweat on WBLS in New
York City) is syndicated through Premiere Radio Networks.
New York-raised Doug E. Fresh, born Douglas Davis,
got his initial notoriety for being the original human beat-box,
inventing a method to imitate a drum machine using breath
control through the teeth, lips, and gums. He had a string of
hit singles with his then-partner Slick Rick in the early and
mid-1980s, most notably on “The Show” and “La-Di-Da-Di”
1985. A subsequent
album, “Oh, My
God,” included guest
stints from veteran
Jimmy Owens and
synthesizer player
Fresh also released
recorded an album in
1992 for M.C. Hammer’s short-lived Capitol/EMI Recordsdistributed label, Bust It Records. After recording another
album for Gee Street Records in the mid-1990s and
appearing on many other artists’ albums, Fresh disappeared
for a few years. He has just resurfaced as a solo artist with
a new release on a small independent label, but he remains
an active force in hip-hop music, appearing as a guest artist
on many records, to the present day.
This seminal R&B guy group was the first to sport the new jack swing sound,
essentially traditional soul vocals melded to hip-hop beats, with credit for the genre’s
invention going to founder, multi-instrumentalist, and super-producer Teddy Riley. Riley
formed his first band, Wreckx-N-Effect, while still a teenager, with brothers Markell
Riley and Brandon Mitchell; Guy followed a few years later in 1987. Its first incarnation
featured vocalists Aaron Hall and Timmy Gatling. Their self-titled debut album was
an instant smash, producing the R&B hits “I Like,” “Groove Me,” “Spend the Night,”
and “Teddy’s Jam.” Meanwhile, Riley found himself in strong demand as a songwriter
and producer; in 1988, Riley produced Bobby Brown’s Don’t Be Cruel, the album that
helped new jack swing cross over into the pop mainstream. Riley has also worked
with Kool Moe Dee, Michael Jackson (Dangerous), Stevie Wonder, Keith Sweat, Jane
Child, and SWV, among others. In between albums, Guy contributed songs to the
soundtracks of Do the Right Thing and New Jack City.
Cedric and Joel Hailey comprise the romantic R&B duo K-Ci &
JoJo, who were one of two pairs of brothers that made up the charttopping ‘90s group Jodeci. They performed with Mr. Dalvin (Dalvin
DeGrate) and DeVante Swing (Donald DeGrate, Jr.), formed group
Jodeci, 1989; group signed to MCA subsidiary Uptown label, 1989;
Jodeci released debut album Forever My Lady, 1991, Diary of a Mad
Band, 1994, and The Show, The After Party, The Hotel, 1995; K-Ci and
JoJo sang vocals on Tupac Shakur single, “How Do You Want It,” 1996;
K-Ci & JoJo debut release as duo, Love Always, 1997; It’s Real, 1999.
The brothers made their side project (K-Ci & JoJo) into a full-fledged
collaboration with the release of their debut album, Love Always, in
1997. The lead single, “You Bring Me Up,” was a Top Ten R&B hit,
and the follow-up, “Last Night’s Letter,” was also successful. But the
single that really broke them big was the sweet ballad “All My Life,”
which went all the way to number one on both the pop and R&B charts
in early 1998. Love Always went on to sell over four million copies,
and Jodeci went on an unofficial, indefinite hiatus (though they never
broke up). K-Ci & JoJo assembled a follow-up album; It’s Real, which
stuck closely to the sound of its predecessor. It was another Top Ten,
platinum-selling hit, and produced another smash single in “Tell Me It’s
Real,” which topped out at number two on both the pop and R&B charts.
The Haileys celebrated ten years in the recording industry with 2000’s
X, their third straight platinum album, which spun off the near-Top Ten
pop hit “Crazy.”} Platinum sales levels were reached for all Jodeci and
K-Ci & JoJo releases; American Music Award, 1999.
With loads of down-to-earth appeal, youthful vocal licks, sassy
struts and a state-of-the-street blend of soul-rooted melodies,
coasting above an assortment of streetwise beats, New York
City-bred Cheryl (Coko) Gamble, Leanne (Lelee) Lyons and
Tamara (Taj) Johnson struck big as SWV.
With slammin’ singles like “I’m So Into You”, “Right Here”,
“Weak” and “Anything”, all Top 10 smashes, resulted in the
multi-platinum status of their debut album, It’s About Time.
SWV garnered enormous attention with their auspicious
debut. They received nominations for a Grammy Award, an
American Music Award and The Source Award in 1993. They
won a Children’s Choice Award and a BET “Best of Video Soul”
Award. As if that weren’t enough, they wowed audiences on a
national tour with Bobby Brown, were “poster girls” for Cross
Colours, appeared on “The Tonight Show”, “Arsenio Hall”, “New
York Undercover”, hosted “Showtime At The Apollo”, and were
chronicled in several notable publications, such as People, Us,
Ebony, Essence, USA Today and Vibe. So, there you have it,
the SWV whirlwind, to which they’ve added RELEASE SOME
TENSION. All in all, it certainly appears that the prolific SWV/
Sisters With Voices is indeed members of Mr. Brown’s club, and
should be deemed “the hardest working trio in show business!”
Event details
The Fresh Music Festival
G2 Productions
Music R & B
Dates and time:
Saturday, May 26, 2012 @ 8:00 pm
Keith Sweat
Dougie Fresh
KC & JoJo
Location: The Reliant Arena
Houston market, we are targeting average of 5,654 attendees.
A full list of target market segments can be found on thefollowing page.
Parking and
The Reliant Arena is accessible by bus, located at the heart of Houston.
Houston, TX
Reliant Arena
6,891 Capacity
target markets
Based upon audience research, our media
and promotional campaign is aimed directly to
the following demographic and psychographic
Identity: Soul & Hip-Hop culture, high status,
good careers & jobs, brand conscious, strong
collective influence & power, cultural drivers,
connected, leaders, innovators, trailblazers, rolemodels, mentors,
Attitudinal: open minded, cutting edge,
liberal, independent, opinionated, worldly,
Behaviors: risk-takers, technology literate,
more prone to spending money vs. saving, live
life to the fullest, live for the moment, energizing
Beliefs: high regard for music & socializing,
loyal to family & friends, self-pride, self-rewarding,
Beer Drinkers—Based on audience research,
these people make up 43% of our audience, and
accounted for 47% of all ticket sales of musical
Age Range:
70% Women, 30% Men
80% African American
Location of Residence:
National tours and fan base
Socioeconomic Status:
Middle to Upper Class
Marital Status:
40% Married, 60% Single or other
With demographics like these…G2
Productions can fit into your branding
strategies, your promotional campaigns
and your mission of productive and
aggressive corporate communications!
This is a win-win partnership!
marketing plan
.Houston, TX
1,280,000 (21+)
Based upon target market research, we have created a media plan that will generate
interest in and awareness of the concert, while specifically targeting your key markets.
Main Media
Our total budget for paid and promotional media is $75,000, and with that we have been
able to negotiate $250,000 in media value. A full media schedule and an audience profile
available upon request.
High Visibility Branding
Three months of full high visibility branding promoting The Fresh Music Festival via
signage on the Reliant Center Jumbotron seen by every passing car on Highway 610
rotating all day and night.
We have negotiated a four-week drive-time promotional schedule on local radio running
prior to and through The Fresh Music Festival. The schedule is anchored by major concert
promotions. This station matches our core audience profiles almost exactly.
Website and e-marketing
We have a Website promotion on station website’s generating 1,480,000 hits annually,
with 37% of those hits in the month prior to promoted events. The website includes a wide
variety of information about the show, its sponsors, and exhibitors, and is featured on all
appropriate media promotion and publicity.
Banners along walkways into theater, Pop Up Banners at main door entrance
Leverage ideas
Based on the previous events executed with, we understand your key marketing objectives in the past year were are
as follows:
Grow product share
Stabilize product in market
Accelerate growth of product or service
Be a Valued Craft Player
Showcase new services and packages
Capitalize on Brand Attributes
Using the tools and benefits created for sinular we have devised number of ways that our sponsors can achieve
Capitalization on Brand Attributes.
On-site Promotion & Sales
The Reliant Arena patrons are able to enjoy onsite services or sampling withour missing a beat.
As the official Market Sponsor of The Fresh Music Festival you will receive the following comprehensive package of
• Product exclusivity in promotional material
• Inclusion in all pre-event and post event marketing to include radio advertisement on radio stations, television, newspaper and press releases
• 3 Months of Full high visibility branding promoting the The Fresh Music Festival on The Reliant Arena. Jumbotron.
Hospitality and Networking
• 10 VIP Lounge Passes
• 20 General Admission Tickets

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