Thank you for your support of Alex`s Dream Room



Thank you for your support of Alex`s Dream Room
A Heartfelt Thank You Goes Out to Each of You!!!
Sometimes you happen upon a seriously ill child who is quiet, but speaks volumes with her eyes and
smile. Such is the case with Alex. As most of you know, Alex is in the thick of her treatment. At the
reveal, she was recovering from one of the worst treatments, often referred to as the “red devil!” Some
kids are knocked out for ten days, but not Alex. She was excited, had hope and couldn’t wait to see her
new room when getting out of her car as we all greeted her! Quietly, she said to her brother, “You go
first,” referring to seeing their new rooms. Sweet is often the word we all used to describe her!
Thank you Bochenek Family for referring such a
beautiful young lady to our program!
Here is Alex sitting in her new room on the gorgeous bed donated by Mancini’s SleepWorld.
Check out the beautiful paint by Sherwin Williams! Below her is a stunning new floor from The Home Depot!
Many thanks to these product sponsors and the other companies who donated product mentioned later!
Home Is Where the Heart Is!
As we first entered the home with the family at the reveal, we could clearly see how moved they were by
how we organized their living room, office, playroom and more. The kitchen had been cleaned and
everything had order. At the top of the list, their dining room table that was buried in the kitchen nook
was now in a place they could easily gather and have dinner together. Alex’s grandparents were thrilled,
and Alex’s mom mentioned that she just didn’t know what to do about organizing the living spaces.
Without missing a beat, Breezy’s mom, Deb, jumped right in to let her know it was okay and that we knew
time wasn’t something they have a lot of right now with all the medical treatments and caring for Alex,
and that we were happy to help bring order.
Alex’s Grandmother and Breezy’s Mom share a
moment together. Grandma shaved her head for Alex
and continues to shave it until Alex can grow
her hair back too! Breezy’s family did the same.
Feeding our volunteers is no easy feat! It takes a lot
of coordination and TLC. Breezy, her sister
Brookelyn, along with Deb and Breezy’s grandma,
Vicki, did this job with so much love. Thank you!
Breezy, Alex and family! Through tragedy, then challenge, comes love, comoradory and healing!
Isn’t that what life is all about anyway? Helping others…
And each of you give so much and jumped right in to help this family too!!! “It certainly does take a
village” and for that, and so much more, thank you for partnering and volunteering with Rooms of Hope!!!
As I watched the makeover transpire, the perfect person was there to do each and every job! I would like
to highlight just a few who worked on this project long before the actual makeover started, even though I
would love to make this a book and highlight every person who was also at the makeover.
Mary is Alex’s designer and allowed me to tag along and collaborate with her on the design. What fun to
talk about Alex’s needs and have her in our thoughts daily over the several weeks of planning. Mary
delved right in and made it her mission to do the very best she could for Alex. From working out the
space planning of the room together, to picking out the best furniture or accessory, Mary’s heart was in it
to win it for Alex. She lived and breathed this room non-stop and it shows!
Thank you Mary for your incredible talent and big heart!
Emilia is our sibling designer on this makeover, and in this case for Alex’s brother, Dave. Talent and
expertise of design and construction just spills out of Emilia. From concept to delivery, she does it all and
with a big smile. I have worked on several projects with Emilia, and her caring heart and love of helping
others is always present and accounted for.
Thank you Emilia for all you do to help our ROH families!
What can we say about George (and Nancy – his sidekick in life)? This team is inseparable and they love
making a difference for others! In this makeover, George arrived two days before the makeover and went
straight to work! Between picking up the wonderful Home Depot supplies that were donated and
installing the baseboards, he was busy! The walls were mostly primed by the time we got there, and he
was excited to help in this way for Alex and her brother.
Thank you George and Nancy for all you do to make Rooms of Hope the success that it is!
The Rooms of Hope - Board of Directors
From left to right with Alex in the middle, Stan, Shelley, Luci and Nancy
Nathan and Brook
Hey look, all six of us showed up at the same makeover. What an incredible group of people who work
hard outside of the makeovers to make sure we are structured effectively and have the funds to keep
doing what we do. You would be amazed about what goes on behind the scenes to make these
dream room makeovers possible for our ROH children and their siblings.
To each of you, THANK YOU!
Lastly, I would like to thank two ROH partners whose
work began long before the makeover:
Team Depot, from The Home Depot
for making sure Alex got her Dutch door and laminate floors!
GSH Electric
for working with us to ensure the café lights in Alex’s room
were going to work!
Left to right, back row, Nathan (ROH Board),
Mary (ROH Designer), Shelley (ROH Board/ED),
Hanna (Team Depot), Jerry (Home Depot District
Manager), Adam (Home Depot Store Manager)
Left to right, bottom row, Greg (GSH Electric Owner),
Steve (Team Depot), Stan (ROH Board), Dennis (ROH
Greg and Pam, all our gratitude to you both!
We love Team Depot and we are forever loyal!
Finally…Alex’s Dream Bedroom
She was simply in awe and so are we!
And Alex’s Friends Were Just Loving It Too!
“Doctor’s Orders”…A Sleepover, Hopefully, If Alex’s Immune System is Strong Enough!
NCL Youth &
St. Edward Youth Group,
your Bag of Hope and blankets
were a hit!
DeMarcus Cousins with the
Sacramento Kings also made
Alex’s day by giving her so many
special gifts!
Great job and special thanks!
Siblings Rooms Have A Special Space In Our Hearts…
Welcome to Dave’s Room!
Here’s Our Village…
(Sorry if we didn’t catch your picture this time, but we will next time…so smile in honor of our ROH kids and their families!)
With gratitude…
To each of you for all your hard work and dedication! I know these rooms will go far in helping
Alex fight her very aggressive cancer. I know she is happy for her brother too!
So from our hearts to yours, thank you Rooms of Hope and Team Depot volunteers:
Stan, Deb & Breezy & their
wonderful family
Team Depot Stars!!!
And to Our Sponsors and Donors...
Without your generous support, none of this could be possible!
Thank you so much!!!
Bennett Family
DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento Kings/David Newell
Elly Cabral Designer and Developer
First Street Alehouse
GSH Electric
HP (Stan #1 and Barb )
Home Depot/Team Depot & Vendors for
Flooring and Door Installation
Mancini’s SleepWorld
Moulding Direct
NCL Girls
Pereira Family
Saint Edward Parish Youth Group
Sherwin-Williams Paints
Summit Financial Group
Team Breezy
TownePlace Suites by Marriott Cal Expo
To each of you…thank you for sharing your talents, treasure and love!
Your contribution truly makes a difference to this beautiful girl!
With love, Alex and her family
With gratitude, Alex & Shelley