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In This Issue - Grace United Methodist Church
ear Grace Church Family,
Some days can be so stressful. On any given day, there are leaky faucets, clogged
toilets, mice, leaves, weeds and flat tires. Then, at work, there are deadlines to meet, client
problems to solve and budgets to prepare. All this can stress you out and certainly make a
person feel overwhelmed. Yet none of this scares us as much as God’s words, “Have you
considered my servant Job?”
In the Book of Job, we see a man so righteous that God was willing to stake His
reputation on his faithfulness. Because of the challenge, Satan was allowed to take Job’s
children, his land, his animals, his crops—and to add insult to injury—gave him a nasty
case of boils. Things were great when he was at the top. Then all stuff broke loose. Job’s life
took a tremendous tumble. He had lost everything, including the understanding of his wife.
Even his friends believed that regardless of Job’s proclaimed innocence, some deep evil or
sin must have been committed to bring all the trials upon his head. Job, at the end of his
rope, cursed the day he was born. Despite all this, he did not curse God and was faithful,
even though all hope was gone. He surrendered to God’s will. In the end, we all know that
Job was restored and he was rewarded with a double portion and lived happily ever after.
When we look at the stresses in life, they probably pale in comparison to the trials
of Job. The big question that arises from this story is how faithful are we to God? Can God
offer Satan to consider us? Would we pass the test? The truth of the matter is that the rain
falls on the righteous and the unrighteous alike, and the bigger test is whether we will react
as a righteous person or an unrighteous person. Will we curse God or give ourselves over
to His mercy? And how does a righteous person react?—just like Job, surrendering all we
are and all we have to the sovereign God? Our faithfulness should not be as a result of all
the good things we have, but because God is worthy.
In Christian love,
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Amazing Grace
To help you prepare to
hear God’s Word at
July 3
7th Sunday after Pentecost
2 Kings 5:1-14
Psalm 30
Galatians 6:(1-6) 7-16
Luke 10:1-11, 16-20
July 10
8th Sunday after Pentecost
Amos 7:7-17
Psalm 82
Colossians 1:1-14
Luke 10:25-37
July 17
9th Sunday after Pentecost
Amos 8:1-12
Psalm 52 or 82
Colossians 1:15-28
Luke 10:38-42
July 24
10th Sunday after Pentecost
Hosea 1:2-10
Psalm 85
Colossians 2:6-15 (16-19)
Luke 11:1-13
July 31
11th Sunday after Pentecost
Hosea 11:1-11
Psalm 107:1-9, 43
Colossians 3:1-11
Luke 12:13-21
he celebrations were at the
ready. Here at Grace Church,
our ABC group had signed up
to sponsor our Sunday altar flowers in
honor of her upcoming 99th birthday.
Sadly, those flowers would instead be
“in honor of the life of” as Esther
Kauffman, our oldest and longest mem- Esther Kauffman teaching Sunday Bible School on
the first Sunday in our ABC Room in 2000. GUMC
ber, died just a few days short of her
archive photo
99 birthday.
One of Esther’s last wishes was that she could have a photo of our first church, “the
little white church,” on the cover of her funeral bulletin. Luckily, we were able to
locate a copy and fulfill that wish.
Grace pastor Rev. John Schaefer said, “Esther was the epitome of what it is to be a
Christian. She was kind and loved everyone.” Esther could be a traditionalist but
was open to all ideas. Rev. John continued, “she did not believe in day care outside
the home, having raised her children as so many of her generation, at home. So, she
was initially not happy with the idea of building a day care facility here. But after
hearing the pros and cons, she stated, ‘if there
must be child care outside the home, there is
no better place to have it then in the church.’
From that point on, she was our most ardent
supporter. Over the years, we didn't always
agree, but once a decision was made, she always supported it.”
“The Little White Church,” the predecessor
of today’s Grace United Methodist Church,
held many fond memories for Esther. Artist
unknown. Sketch provided by Carol Hubler.
Grace United Methodist Church was a focal
point in both Esther and her husband Dave’s
lives, from the days when it was a small congregation in the Little White Church on North
Hanover Street. Esther was very involved at
GUMC. She not only taught Sunday School
for decades, she sang in the choir, attended
Bible study, made food, visited shut-ins, and
helped on the Kitchen Committee.
Amazing Grace
433 East Main Street
Hummelstown, Pa. 17036
P: 717-566-2897
F: 717-566-4232
On April 20, 1966, Esther Kauffman, in the red jacket with
Dave by her side, participates in the ground-breaking ceremony for our current church building. Also pictured at left are
Nancy Funk and, far right, Arthur Funk, of Arthur Funk and
Sons Construction firm. GUMC archival photo
Esther Kauffman and her beloved
husband Dave in November, 2001.
Photo provided by daughter Carol
Esther and Dave were married in 1937 and,
after 65 years of marriage, he passed away. But
Esther refused to sit around in pity. She joined
the widow’s group. To stay in shape and out of
mischief, she square-danced on Tuesdays
mornings at the local Lutheran church. Caring
for those in need and her
family was a big part of
Esther’s life. And there was
always room for one more
at her table.
On her 90th birthday in
2007, friends and family
members in attendance
voiced the same comment:
Esther touched many lives
with her kindness and generosity.
John A. Schaefer
Sandy Grimes
Program Director
Jeff Rosensteel
Dir. of Youth Ministries
Tammy Houck
Dir. of Discipleship
Serena Heffner
Dir. of Music Ministries
Donna Ward
Business Manager
Tami Wagoner
Supervisor of Food Service
Debra Andrews
Office Manager
Ann Hossler
Christine Kime
Child Care Director
Esther Kauffman was “a
wife, a sister, a daughter, an
aunt, a mother, a nana and a
great-nana.” And a blessing
to all of us at Grace Church.
Rest in peace, Esther.
Well done, God’s good and
faithful servant.
Heidi Hoover
Preschool Director
The Women’s Society of Christian Service participated in a bridal gowns
event at the “Little White Church” on Hanover Street. Esther is pictured
front row, far right. Best friend and current GUMC member Joan “Joann”
Smith is in the top row, second from left. Photo circa early 1960’s. The
newspaper clipping is provided by daughter Carol Hubler.
Our 2011 Confirmands have become our 2016 graduating seniors.
Amazing Grace
During the school year,
we are blessed to have the
assistance of several lovely
students from Lower
Dauphin schools who
insert our announcement
pages and the like into our
Sunday bulletins.
Those students take a wellearned break in the summer
and, boy, do we miss them!
Then 
Now 
In their absence, our
church office staff would
appreciate some assistance
for the summer months.
The requirements are simple: Stop in the church office on Fridays. One pair
of hands can complete the
job in about 90 minutes.
Two pairs of hands, in
about 45 minutes, and so
on and so on!
We’d prefer help on Friday
afternoon, but can be flexible. We’ll even supply the
coffee or lemonade! If interested, stop in or call the
church office at 717-5662897. Thank you!
In the photo above, a group of some of our graduating seniors. Shown are back row, from left,
Patty Wylie, Madison Rhoads, Jillian Kolva, Brandon Harper, Steven Frick and Jared Downing;
front row, from left are Taylor Plouse, Maya Swims, Lauren Hoffman and Sage Erdman. Senior
photo by Bryan Waldron.
hurches have had acolytes since
ancient times. The earliest record
of acolytes we have tells us that in
A.D. 251 there were 42 of them helping in
churches in the city of Rome.
The word acolyte is taken from an ancient
Greek word that meant companion, attendant, or helper.
Amazing Grace
You and the other persons who take part
in the church service are like members of
a team, and your teamwork will help all
the people worship God.
Thank you to the
An important part of your job as an acolyte is to light and extinguish the candles
on or near the altar.
Since ancient times, light and fire have reminded people that God is here with us. When
you bring the light (fire) into the place where people are gathering to worship, and when
you light the candles, you are reminding the people that God is with us at home, at school,
and at work, as well as in the worship service. When people look at the lighted candles, they
more easily think about God and feel God’s presence.
A candlelighter is used to light and extinguish candles. Inside of it is a long wick called a
taper, which can be pushed farther out as it burns down and with which the candles are
lighted. It also includes a bell for snuffing out candles. Acolytes often wear special robes, or
vestments, such as an alb or a cassock.
Any youth in fourth through 12th grade is encouraged to participate in our worship services as an acolyte. If you are interested in serving, or you wish to retire from service,
please contact Sandy Grimes at 717-566-2897 or [email protected] as
soon as possible. The 2016-2017 acolyte schedule will be published soon. (A training session
for new acolytes will be held at the family’s convenience.)
n Sunday, June 19, GUMC member Luke
Forshey was the featured soloist/pianist at all of
our services. Luke recently returned from his missionary work in Indonesia with many heartwarming stories to tell, and a beautiful new song!
“Lightless Road” was composed by Luke and his
students at the international Christian school,
where he teaches music and English.
following acolytes
for serving this
2015-2016 church
Ava Bell
Erin Bell
Samantha Farace
Tyler Haynes
Matthew Jenkins
Austin Little
Brendon Little
Kisla Rhoads
Lexis Rhoads
James Rodgers
Grayson Simpson
Daniel Still
David Still
Joe Still
Adam Theuret
Hannah Theuret
Camryn Yingling
Between his two Sunday performances, Luke
spoke of his time in “this beautiful country with
warm, friendly people.” Approximately 13 percent
of the country is Muslim. Luke related how the
recent events in the U.S. that have spawned so
much anti-Muslim rhetoric are so sad and so different from the interactions he has had with the Muslim people in Indonesia.
Luke will present “A Night of Music and Ministry”
at GUMC on Saturday evening, June 25 at 7 p.m.
Those attending will have the opportunity to help
support Luke’s ministry. Light refreshments will
be served after the performance. Please join us!
Amazing Grace
The Ready-For-School Project is full-steam
ahead for its 16th year! 425 backpacks have been
requested from our local school districts to help
disadvantaged students for the 2016-2017 school
On average, a fully-stocked backpack cost is
$40. When you multiply that by the 425 backpacks
needed this year, the amount of money can be
overwhelming. We are able to purchase backpacks
and supplies in bulk at savings, but still need to
raise funds to meet the budget needs of the students this year.
The success of this worthwhile project is dependent on our Church Family support. ReadyFor-School is very much a grass-roots project
which is supported by the community and not
large corporations. We need your support more
than ever!
There are several ways in which you can
make this ministry successful. As a business
owner, consider a tax-deductible donation from
your place of business. As a member of an organization, suggest support of the project by either monetary support or
purchase needed supplies and encourage others to get involved. You may place your monetary or supply purchases on
the Ready-for-School display table in the Narthex. Your help and support will allow Grace to continue to touch the
lives of the youth in our community.
For those who love to shop for bargains, the following items are needed most:
Backpacks (especially middle and high school)
Pocket folders with clasps
Tab dividers
Pencil boxes/pencil pouches
Glue sticks
Filler Paper (wide/college-rule)
Scientific calculators
1” 3-ring binders (white, blue, red)
1 ½” 3-ring binders (green, blue, red, white)
2” 3-ring binders ( red)
Crayons (24-count)
Dry erase markers
Fine-line/broad-line markers
Colored pencils
Ear buds
If you have any questions or want to help with the sorting or packing of backpacks, please contact Tammy Houck at
[email protected] or at 717-566-2897.
Thank you!
Amazing Grace
n Thursday, June 9, 2016, the Seventh Session of the Susquehanna Annual Conference opened at
Messiah College. I, along with Grace United Methodist Church staff Tammy Houck, director of discipleship; Sandy
Grimes, director of programming; and Rev. John Schaefer were lucky enough to be in attendance, serving as delegates from GUMC. There was a palpable anxiety pulsing through the air about possible changes as the 2016 General Conference had recently closed. As a second-time attendee, I found the two-day experience to be moving, inspiring and motivational.
For me, some of the highlights of the conference included hearing about the 2016 General Conference,
learning about new programs and worshipping alongside Bishop Jeremiah Park. One of the most talked-about and
highly-anticipated subjects at General Conference was that of possible changes to United Methodist policy on
members of the LGBTQ community. There were even rumors that the church would end up divided over this one
issue. However, we were assured the one clear message that came out of General Conference was that the church
wants to remain united. Although no policy changes were agreed upon, the message from the people was clear: the
people of the church want to remain united, even without unanimity. Some say that simply delays any decisionmaking, but others see it as a step in moving forward together, not apart. I, for one, was grateful when a huge sigh
of relief seemed to echo through the room.
In our laity sessions, we also learned about new programs and resources available to us both as individual
congregations and us as a conference. One such program struck me as invaluable. With the theme for the conference of Creating New Places for New People, Fresh Expressions U.S. shared its strategy and enthusiasm for seeing
the changing place of church in society as an opportunity, not a threat. Fresh Expressions is an organization started
in England about 10 years ago that aims to connect people to God in nontraditional ways. In other words, Fresh
Expressions helps groups take church to where people are, rather than asking people to come to church. If there
are people in a community that can only come together at a certain time, church can be held then. If there is a community that has no building but people want to worship, church can be held in a common place. Church can be
held on sports fields, in schools—anywhere through this lay-led, multi-denominational movement. This idea inspired some creative thinking among us about how we can connect more people to God in our own community.
Finally, one of the biggest privileges of attending the Conference is being able to attend worship with and
hear Bishop Jeremiah Park preach. This year did not disappoint. Bishop Park is engaging, inspiring and down to
earth at the same time. He is relatable despite his greater platform. This year the Bishop’s sermon centered on Matthew 13:1-9, the parable of the sower. He impressed upon us the importance of the sower of the seed and the kinds
of soil the seed fell upon. The sower was generous with his seed in all types of soil, although the soil the seed fell
upon did not always produce. The Bishop likened that to our faith-lives such that at times, our lives can be barren
and rocky or fruitful and prosperous. That begged the question, “How is your soil today?” Are you ready to take
root and flourish? What is in your heart? We need to be ready to receive God’s grace, be open to what God has
planned for us and keep spreading faith-seeds to others so that they may prosper. Continue to sow seeds even
when you think someone’s soil might be barren or rocky. The Bishop concluded the worship service with his favorite hymn, “How Great Thou Art.”
In closing, it is a blessing to attend a regional gathering such as this. It is both inspirational and encouraging to remember that Grace is part of something bigger, a greater community, a greater
church. Sometimes it’s spiritually renewing to look at the big picture and see God’s plans in
action. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of that plan.
Amazing Grace
The GUMC Mission
Trip Team:
Kelley Barr
Laurie Barr
Megan Barr
Emily Briselli
Julia Briselli
Jackie Brown
Kennedy Brown
Taylor Brown
Chad Cocco
Katie Cocco
Mikayla Cypcar
Chris Dunlap
A.J. Fischer
Alexis Fischer
Rebekah Forshey
Stephen Frick
Ella Hickey
Lauren Hoffman
Dave Jenkins
Matt Jenkins
Hannah Jones
Tim Koons
Katie McDonough
Brian Miller
Lori Miller
Maddie Rhoads
James Rodgers
Katie Steiner
David Still
John Schulteis
George Woodring
On Father’s Day, Sunday, June 19, several GUMC fathers gave their children a great example of what it
means to be a loving and caring father, not only to their
Saying Goodbye...volunteer Katie
own children but to children and people in need in
McDonough gets a last-minute kiss from
mother Wanda McDonough.
Gary, W. Va.
Thirty-one volunteers, moms, dads and youth alike, departed to serve in
Gary, located in Appalachia, one of the poorest areas in the
country. Dependent for decades on coal mining, a no-longer
viable career, the area suffers from high unemployment,
among other issues. There are few places to work and due
to the poverty, even the local Wal-Mart has shuttered is
Four vans, packed to the rooftops with food, supplies and
construction equipment, headed out at 8 a.m. for the eighthour trip, after a blessing from Rev. Schaefer. The group is
geared up to tackle a variety of jobs like roofing, clearing
brush, landscaping and painting. Still, nothing is cut in
stone as co–coordinator Brian Miller said, “You must go
with an open mind and a serving heart.” The group is
schedule to return on Friday evening, June 24, as this issue
of Amazing Grace goes to press. Look for their story and
Mission trip co-coordinators Brian and more exciting photos in our August issue.
Lori Miller.
A group shot of the members prior to departure. Missing from the photo was the Barr family, Tim, Laurie, Kelly
and Megan, who were on vacation but would meet up with the group in Gary, W. Va. All photos by Andy Andrews.
Pictured left: Brian Miller
(left) and GUMC Director of
Youth Ministries, Jeff Rosensteel pack a cooler for the trip.
Amazing Grace
This year’s Vacation
Bible Study program
was a resounding success. A record number
of parents registered
their children, 190 children to be exact, to hear
and experience the
Word of God through
interactive play, games,
and fellowship.
It’s a family affair...volunteer James Rodgers, center, with
father Ron and mother Donna. The Rodgers family are no
strangers to missionary work, having served in many places,
including Africa.
GUMC member Ed Wagoner lends a hand to
the group as they pack up.
Shown below: Rev. John Schaefer offers a blessing for
safe travels and a fruitful mission.
Coordinating a major
program like this takes
great skill. All the details are critical, from
program logistics to
security. Here at Grace,
Cave Quest was expertly guided by the
skilled teams of long
time volunteers Brent
and Idalee Simpson
and Eric and Jacki
Kratz, who will take
over for the Simpsons
next year. Kudos to
them and all our 80+
wonderful volunteers!
Amazing Grace
September 1
September 11
September 17
September 30-Oct 2
October 2
October 16
October 23
November 11/12
November 20
November 24
November 27
December 10
December 24
Thursday Night Family Dinners Begin at 5:15 p.m.
Rally Day: Wear Your Red, White and Blue!
Sausage Sale Fundraiser: H-Town Arts & Crafts Show
Women’s Retreat
Holy Communion
Crop Walk
Creative Ministry Festival
Holy Communion
Grace Family and Friends Thanksgiving Dinner
Hanging of the Greens Sunday
Breakfast with Santa
Christmas Eve Services at 5 p.m. (Children’s service with iBlast), and
7 and 9 p.m. (candlelight services). Living nativity at all services.
Over the past several months, we’ve amassed a collection of items left behind in different
areas of our Grace facilities. Perhaps you’re looking for one of them?
Join our FOCUS adult
Christian education group
as we discuss author Adam
Hamilton’s new book,
“Half Truths: God Helps
Them That Help Themselves and Other Things
The Bible Doesn’t Say.”
“Half Truths” runs
Sundays through Aug. 21
in Room 202 from 9:30 to
10:30 a.m. The video-based
program is an open discussion via a facilitator: no
books to buy or read! Refreshments will be served.
FOCUS offers year-round
programming, with occasional guest speakers. If
you have questions,
contact Stacie DeCock at
717-566-1659 or
[email protected]
Child’s “RefresH2Go” beverage bottle
Child’s Mickey Mouse Thermos FUNtainer beverage bottle
Women’s costume jewelry ring
Tan-colored button, about 1/2 inch in diameter
SANT’ Andrea white 12-inch dinner/serving plate
Dark frame glasses found in a pew at the 9:35 a.m. service on
Father’s Day June 19
To claim your item, stop by the church office or call us at 717-566-2897. We will hold all
items until July 31. Thank you!
During the summer months, some of us are busy planning for the new church year and
school year that starts in September. Grace UMC receives catalogs and samples of new
materials regularly. If you are looking for curriculum materials for your small group,
stop by the church office to review or stop by the Book Nook at Grace. The “Nook,” located next to our business office, has many selections of studies, and these resources are
already approved; just sign them out in the notebook provided.
Also, Discovery Place is a resource center for the United Methodist Churches of the Susquehanna Conference that is available for you and your small group to use, too.
Discovery Place is equipping our churches for ministry with:
On-site planning and assistance.
Video resource and projection consultation services.
Books, brochures and periodicals.
Visit their Website at or call 717-766-7968 or 800-682-2615.
Order Discovery Place materials by email, phone or online, and the items will be mailed
to you in a reusable nylon bag by fourth-class postal rate. You can return the items in this
same bag. Instructions are included.
Enjoy your search to continue your Christian education!
Prayer Shawl 3-5pm
Holy Communion:
All Services
Prayer Shawl 3-5pm
Church Office
GUMC Trustee Mtg.
“Time Out” @ Gelder
Park 10-Noon
Ukulele Club 6:00pm
WWII Mtg. 7pm
iBlast Prac. 5:30pm
GUMY Get Together
Co-ed Volleyball 6:45pm
Time Out” @ Gelder
Park 10-Noon
Handbell Practice
Time Out” @ Gelder
Park 10-Noon
Handbell Practice
Time Out” @ Gelder
Park 10-Noon
Food Bank Team 1 5pm
Co-ed Volleyball 6:45pm
iBlast Practice 7pm
Discipleship Mtg. 7pm
Co-ed Volleyball 6:45pm
G U M C J U LY 2 0 1 6
Ukulele Club 6pm
Co-ed Volleyball 6:45pm
iBlast Practice 7pm
Amazing Grace
7/03 Sarah Hutchinson
Cameron DeCock
7/04 Travis Kern
Elyse Shenberger
Hailey Russell
7/05 Mark Fisher
7/06 Patrice Stillwell
Brian Ogle
Meredith Endy
Lucy Thompson
Scott Thompson
Alex Silks
7/07 Suzanne Boyer
7/08 Deb Gingrich
Angie Warble
Megan Stillwell
7/09 Marty Davidson
Richard Anastasi Jr.
Mary Hamsher
Gina Gigliotti
Ava Bell
Hannah Theuret
7/10 Betty Schlupp
Aaron Corum
Phil Boyer
Nick Shenberger
Gavin Graybill
7/12 Ronald Holey Jr.
Jamie Ketty
Nathan Carl
Isaac Kercher
Savannah Ogle
7/13 Nancy Scrimizzi
Jackie Brown
Kamrin Spotts
7/14 Nancy Hammonds
7/15 Steven Carson
Tina Beahm
Timothy Brubaker
Lynda Lupp
Logan Richards
Kaleb Nissley
Eliza Haley
7/16 David Laudermilch
Patty Woodring
William Hutchinson
Sage Erdman
7/17 Tara Valoczki
Kayleigh Heffner
7/18 Richard Dibeler
Stacia Zewe
Kendall Kreider
Chad Cocco
William Paul
7/19 Becky Gross
Dawn Koons
7/20 Olivia Bratton
Ella Marotta
7/21 Barbara Renshaw
Jan Faust
Carla Plouse
Cindy Theuret
Daniel Little
Matthew Little
Tom Hanft
Emerson Weikel
Carter Miller
7/22 Daryl Webber
Mackenzie Kreiser
7/23 Michael Frick
Sarah Schulteis
Silas Theuret
7/24 Heidi Hershey
Dave Krosevic
Emily Orris
Karen Behney
7/25 Dan Crouse
Grant Ebert
Jason Lyn-Sue
7/26 Pat Barrett
Christa Zitko
Nicole Pankake
7/27 Robert Barone
Elana Farace
Matt DeLiberty
Sarah Hanula
7/28 Kelly Clay
7/29 Marlo Scrimizzi
Beth Endy
Blake Umberger
7/30 Kathryn Barone
Julie Erwin
Karsyn Kehler
7/31 Pat Applegate
Aurora Kasi