Ketchie Creek Bakery and Cafe The Bistro at Duplin Winery



Ketchie Creek Bakery and Cafe The Bistro at Duplin Winery
100 foods you must eat in 100 counties
Davie County
Duplin County
Ketchie Creek Bakery
and Cafe
The Bistro at Duplin
don’t miss: Five-Flavor Pound Cake
don’t miss: Muscadine Grape Hull Pie
844 Valley Road, Mocksville, N.C. 27028
phone: (336) 751-9147 web:
505 North Sycamore Street, Rose Hill, N.C. 28458
phone: (910) 289-4046 web:
dding five flavors — lemon, almond, coconut,
vanilla, and rum — sounds to me like a good
way to mess up a pound cake. But from the moment
Ketchie Creek Bakery and Cafe’s signature cake,
gooey with cream-cheese icing, went from the fork
to my mouth, it was love at first bite. I expected
a jangle of competing tastes, but what I got was
a symphony of complementary flavors, bound by
pound cake cooked perfectly, neither dry nor overmoist, but just right.
Sure, they have deli sandwiches, soup du jour,
and creative salads, but the baked goods such as
first-rate coconut cake and ingredient-rich cookies
are what really shine here.
my Evans Streeter is an artist from Oxford,
Mississippi, who’s fascinated by food. In fact,
during the week, she’s the Southern Foodways
Alliance’s oral historian. When Streeter saw the
muscadine grape hull pie at Duplin Winery’s Bistro
Restaurant, she knew she had to try it. “I have to say,
the meringue pulled me in. I have a deep and abiding
appreciation for meringue and have been known to get
a slice of pie for the meringue alone, having no idea
what kind of filling lay beneath.”
Beneath this pie were muscadine skins, or the
essence of them, harking to a time when frugality
called for nothing to be thrown away. So how did it
taste? “It’s pie, so it was good!”
Whole muscadines
create a slice of
sweetness at The
Muscadines often flavor such
dishes as barbecued ribs and pulled
pork at The Bistro at Duplin Winery.
112 Our State July 2010
photography by Mark Petko
Rose Hill

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