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Drop-Off Zones - the International School of Stavanger
The Informer
27 February - Volume XXX - No 7 2007/08
Published by ISS as a Community Newsletter
Mathieu Boudreau in a break
during the selection game for the
U18 Norwegian Rugby National Team
Photo: A. Melhus
Sarah Osborne busily sculpting her team’s 1st Prize snow figure
The Informer 27 February 2008
From the Director:
This may be one of the strangest couple of paragraphs
that I have ever written in the Informer. . .but it is a very
important safety point so I shall proceed. I need to ask,
remind, plead and beseech all parents dropping their
children off in our much safer new drop-off zone not to
get out of their cars and kiss their children good-bye.
On the one hand, some parents may think it is none
of my business if a parent wants to give their children a
good-bye hug and kiss. But we are seeing two problems:
1. It slows the drop-off process down.
2. Parents, by getting out of their cars and stepping
into the driving lane, are putting themselves into a
dangerous situation as other cars drive by.
So—by all means—kiss and hug your children to your
heart’s delight before they start school. . . but please do
that at home when you are all getting into the car, not
after you have entered the drop-off zone area. (And just
in case someone reading this might think I am aiming
it specifically at them, rest assured you are in good
company. Many, many mothers and fathers are doing
the same thing every morning in the drop-off zone.)
Rather than being aggravated at me for telling you how to
parent, please keep in mind that my intentions are to keep
you safe so you will be able to kiss your children for many,
many years in the future! Thank you for your understanding!
For those of you using the new drop-off zone by the third
grade classrooms, we hope you agree with us that it is a
much safer situation. We have between 60 and 80 cars
dropping students off in about a ten-minute span before
school so it is imperative that cars drive as far down to the
end of the drop-off zone as possible before stopping for
the kids to get out—on the passenger side only please for
safety. The side door by the primary wing is open in the
morning and creates a quick entry into the building for
students of all grades—not just primary students. The rules
and map are printed again in this edition of the Informer.
established policies, every two years there is an election
for a Parent-Elected Trustee. As this is the year when the
election will take place, each ISS family will receive a letter
in early April with the details and an invitation to consider
running for this important office. The term of office will
begin in August, 2008, the term is for two years, and the
member is eligible for re-election. The school by-laws state:
Candidates for this position must be 21 years or older
and be neither an ISS employee or student nor the relative
or spouse of an ISS employee or Trustee. Candidates
shall be self-nominated. Each parent who has a child
enrolled at ISS as of the deadline for voting shall have
one vote. In the event that no candidate received a simple
majority of all votes cast, a run-off election will be held.
As mentioned, a letter will be sent to all ISS families in early
April regarding the election. In the meantime, if anyone has
any specific questions about the Board-Elect position, they
are welcome to ask either myself, the current Parent-Elect
Member Scott Peacock, or Board Chair David Horensky.
And I will finish out with congratulations to ISS art teacher,
Sarah Osborne, who has just won another international
prize in a very special hobby. Sarah, since 1991, has been
a member of British Snow Sculpture teams. She recently,
along with her two teammates, took part in a competition
in Cortina, Italy and their team won first place. Typically,
eight teams of three people each, will spend three days
converting a three cubic meter cube of snow into something
wonderful. At the Cortina tournament, there were teams
from Russia, Mexico, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and
the UK. Congratulations, Sarah Osborne!
Best regards,
Dr. Linda M. Duevel,
[email protected]
And while I am on the topic of safety, we’d like to remind
all parents to stress with their children the importance
of wearing seatbelts at all times—whether it is in your
private vehicle or the school bus. A recent cover story in
Stavanger Aftenblad stressed the point that out of all of
this region’s traffic deaths for 2006, fully 50% of those who
died were not wearing a seat belt. Their point: YOU have
an important role in keeping yourself safe. If parents at
home and we here at school work together to remind the
students of the importance of this simple point, we will have
done our students a big favor. Thank you for your help.
Every two years at this time, I use a few paragraphs to
describe what the process is for running for the ParentElect member on the Board of Trustees. Following the
The Informer 27 February 2008 · 3
Drop-Off Zones
CE 0
A .3
TR 0-0
E 8
To make the area where students leave and enter cars, the drop-off zones, more safe, the location of one zone has been
changed. The new drop-off zone is safer when children use the sidewalk. We are pleased with the way drivers have
adapted, except for stopping too close to the door.
For this process to be safe and efficient, please pull all the way forward so other cars can stop at the sidewalk area.
A diagram shows the location of the zone.
1. Students should get out of the car on the sidewalk outside
Rooms 40-43.
2. Students should enter and leave from the door nearest
Room 40.
3. Students who will be dropped off or picked up from this
drop-off zone should enter and leave from this door only,
not the main door.
4. Drivers should follow one direction in and through the
drop-off zone.
5. To let as many students into the zone as possible, pull the
car as far forward along the sidewalk as possible.
6. The drop-off zone is not for parking, even for two
minutes. If your car is there, the driver should be as well.
If parents need to come into school, use the large parking
lot if there are no places in designated parking places.
7. Students waiting to be picked up at the end of the school
day should stand on the sidewalk and then enter the
vehicle from the sidewalk side of the vehicle.
The Informer 27 February 2008
8. There is room for five cars in the drop-off zone at the same
time. Drivers should wait until a group of vehicles leave
and a new group of vehicles pull into the drop-off zone.
Use this technique rather than pulling around vehicles.
9. Drivers should stay in the driver’s seat as much as possible.
Try to arrange so school bags are accessible to the students
so they can get out on their own. If a driver does need to
get out of a vehicle, this should be for a very short time so
other vehicles do not have to wait longer than necessary.
10. Drivers should take time to look carefully when entering
the road as buses frequently drive on this road.
11. While deliveries should take place outside hours at the
beginning and end of school, there may be times when
delivery vehicles are in the area just before the drop-off
zone. Drivers should move past the vehicle to the drop-off
High School Counselor’s Notes
Please be sure to tell the Counseling Office the conditions for
the university offers you receive.
If you are planning to attend a Norwegian university program
in the fall of 2008 you must apply DIRECTLY by March 1,
For students planning a gap year why not consider a volunteer
or service project. Review http://www.unitedplanet.org/ or
http://www.volunteerabroad.com/search.cfm for further ideas.
Also check with the Counseling Office to see that your current
teacher references have been submitted so you may use them
when you plan to apply to university.
The Erasmus Programme was set up by the European Union
nearly 20 years ago to promote mobility of students and staff
across Europe. All the places at UK institutions have been taken
up by students from the continent, but young people in the UK
have never filled those available for them abroad. A study by
the Higher Education Funding Council into why numbers have
been decreasing since 1998 found that finance, worry about
studying a foreign language and fear of the unknown were the
main concerns. This year the British Government decided to
waive the new annual tuition fees of up to £3,000 for the year in
which the student is abroad. In addition, Erasmus is not confined
to language or business students and there are several countries
where you can study abroad in English for other programs.
One of the many services offered by the High School
Counseling Office is the maintenance of a list of names of
parents who are both willing and able to serve as tutors to ISS
students in need of additional academic support.
As our demand for tutors is greater than our supply, we would
like to invite parents with backgrounds in core academic areas
(math, sciences, history, and languages) to join our pool of
same date as the SAT Reasoning Test. More information will
be given at the Junior Seminars which will start on February
1st. To register online for the SAT exam that will be offered
here at ISS on May 3, 2008 go to www.collegeboard.com
To register online for the ACT exam that will be given here at
ISS on April 12, 2008 go to www.actstudent.org
Check out in the ISS Library for the following new books:
The College Board’s 2008 Scholarship Handbook
2008 College Guide
Official Study Guide to All SAT Subject Tests
An online program, My College QuickStart, is available for
you to access a free personalized planning kit by using the
code printed on your PSAT/NMSQT paper score report.
This program includes an enhanced report complete with test
questions, your answers and correct answers with explanations,
as well as a customized SAT study plan based on your individual
PSAT/NMSQT performance. This online tool also includes
a starter list of colleges based on your chosen location and a
personalized list of majors and careers.
We have received a wide variety of brochures and information
from summer study programs in China, the U.K. and the U.S.A.
Please check the college bulletin board or ask in the Counseling
Office for more information
www.osc-ib.com, www.revisioncourses.com or
Best Regards,
Carole Schweid
High School Counselor
[email protected]
mentors/tutors. If you are interested in assisting please contact
Ms. Carole Schweid at [email protected]vanger.no.
Please note that there is a great need for math tutors.
Calling All Tutors!
If you are planning to apply to a US or Canadian College/
University it is strongly recommended that you take either your
ACT or SAT Reasoning Test once this next semester and once
during the first semester of your twelfth grade year. Check the
registration deadlines for international students and make sure
your application is emailed or sent prior to the deadline. Also
check to see if the College/University you are planning to apply
to requires the SAT II Subject Tests. If these are required then it
is recommended that you take these during the fall semester of
your senior year. The SAT Subject Tests may not be taken on the
Email [email protected] or call 51 55 43 13
( The Counseling Office provides a list of area tutors as a courtesy
to ISS students and their parents. All scheduling and private
tuition arrangements are the sole responsibility of the tutor and
The Informer 27 February 2008 · 5
News from the Exams Coordinator
Examinations M ay/June 2008
I would like to remind you of the dates for IB and IGCSE
examinations in May/June 2008, and give you some basic
information about Study Leave in 2008. Students who have
registered for these examinations have received further details
about examination dates and times, but it may be useful
for parents and students to have this overview. The outline
schedule given below is accurate to the best of my knowledge
but will be confirmed later with the IB and IGCSE candidates.
Please note that practical and oral examinations will be held at
times decided by the school before the beginning of the main
examination period.
IB written examinations 2008
28 April
5 May
12 May
Normal classes
19 May
Math HL
History HL
Lang A1*
IB Study
Leave begins
Lang A1*
26 May
HS Activity Day
2 June
Awards ceremony
* Lang A1 = the first language examinations for Czech, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, and Slovak.
IGCSE written examinations 2008
5 May
12 May
19 May
Normal classes
all week
Leave begins
HS Activity Day
Awards ceremony
French + IT
26 May
2 June
Eng Lit
School ends
9 June
Please note that the last school day for the ISS school year is
Thursday 5th June 2008, and that two IGCSE subjects have
examinations after the end of the school year. Students must
take all examinations in a particular subject to gain a grade in
that subject, and examination dates may not be rescheduled
under any circumstances.
Study Leave is available for students taking the IB Diploma
(or 3+ Certificates) and students taking 5+ IGCSE subjects.
The first day of Study Leave is indicated on the timetable.
Students may elect to study at home or in the library. Study
Leave is designed for students to prepare for the IB and
IGCSE examinations, and students are expected to use their
time wisely for independent study. Students will be expected
The Informer 27 February 2008
to return to school for the HS Activity Day and HS Awards
Ceremony (except IGCSE English Literature students who
have an examination on 4th June), and the final day of school.
IB students will also be expected to attend the Baccalaureate
Ceremony, and the Graduation ceremony. IGCSE students
with less than 5 IGCSE subjects will have Study Leave only
on the day before and day of a written examination. They
will be expected to return to classes after the examination has
been taken. No Study Leave is given for oral and practical
Lynn Park
Exam Coordinator
(email: [email protected])
Middle School students
give a “thumbs-up”
to internet security
Middle and High School News
Parent/Student-Teacher Conferences Coming in March
This will be the last Informer before March conferences so, if
you have not e-mailed your conference requests yet, you need
to do so as soon as possible. Please remember that we welcome
both parents and students at these meetings. Conferences will
be held on the following dates:
• Middle School conferences:
All day on Thursday
March 6th and Friday March 7th. There will be no
school for Middle School students on Thursday or Friday.
High School conferences: Half-day (from 1230) on March
6th and all day on March 7th. There will be no school
for High School students from 1135 on Thursday and all day
Friday. The buses will run at the normal time, 1525, but
students are free to leave campus at 1135.
As for signing up for conferences, here are the important
1. All conferences are scheduled on a first-come, firstserved basis. There are only a certain number of time
slots available. Be sure to get your appointments now.
2. Conference scheduling is done through e-mail. The e-mail
address is [email protected] and you should send
the following pieces of information in a single e-mail (one
e-mail per family):
3. The names and grades of all of your children in the Middle
and High Schools.
4. The names of the teachers that you wish to see. Please do
not put things like “all teachers” or “english and history.”
This makes things very difficult and time consuming for the
administrative staff. Your children know the names of their
teachers and they can help you through this process.
5. The day (March 6th or March 7th) on which you would
like to come.
6. All requests for conferences should be in by Friday,
February 29th.
7. Because of the number of students, if your child has a teacher
for more than one class, you will still probably receive only
one appointment with that teacher.
8. If you are unable to secure a conference with a specific
teacher, you may always contact them via e-mail or by calling
the school at 51 55 43 00 and requesting an appointment.
You may do this at any time throughout the year.
The Informer 27 February 2008 · 7
Internet Security Workshop for Parents
We are very fortunate to be able to offer a unique opportunity
to ISS parents at 0900 on Friday, February 29th. At
that time the regional security officer from the American
Embassy in Oslo, Colin Sullivan, will be leading an internet
security workshop for parents. The workshop will start
with a presentation in the theatre, followed by a handson workshop in the Middle and High School library. Mr.
Sullivan’s presentation will cover the following objectives:
Explain the dark side of the Internet without trying to
convince you to throw your computer away
Discuss Social Networking (MySpace, YouTube, etc) and
Social Engineering (phishing, spam, Nigerian scams, etc)
Provide information on latest scams and myths on the
Explain anti-virus, anti-spyware, and parental controls
I look forward to seeing you there.
News from the Round Tables
Thanks to all of you who turned out for the Middle and/or
High School round table discussions and a special thanks to
Bob Sargeant who gave an excellent presentation on addiction
in general, and adolescents in particular, during the High School
round table. As always, there are a number of issues that come
up during the round tables and many of them have already made
their way into administration and staff meetings for discussion
and action. The consensus is that we have a good school, but
we are always seeking to incremental improvement because, as
my old football coach used to say, “If you’re not moving ahead,
you’re falling behind.” As always, anyone may contact any of us
here at ISS. You can simply go to the web site, click on Contacts
and send a message. We are always happy to hear from you.
I would like to end with a few messages from Bob Sargeant’s
presentation. The presentation was short on platitudes and long
on practicalities. The practical reality is that addiction takes on
a number of forms and that substance abuse is a real possibility
that we all must take seriously. Here are some points of interest
from Mr. Sargeant’s presentation:
The Signs: Be concerned if you are seeing many of these...
•Teens coming home
•Not eating properly
intoxicated or high
•Compulsive computer use
•Gambling with friends
•Neglected hygiene
•Compulsive video gaming
•Violent outbursts
•Grades dropping
•Curfew violations
•Drugs or drug paraphernalia •Hostility
•Running away
•Stealing/borrowing money
•Skin abrasions
•Change in friends
•No concern about future
•Disrespectful to parents
•Defies family values
•Disregards consequences
•Missing valuables
•Glassy and/or red eyes
•Loss of interest in family
•Possesses unexplained activities
•Manipulative, self-centered
•Verbally abusive
•Lack of motivation
The Informer 27 February 2008
So What Do You Do?
◊ Trust your instincts: If you feel that there is a problem,
you are probably right. Acting on suspicions isn’t wrong; it
shows that you care.
◊ Timing is important: Find a safe time and place where
you can talk to your teen. You will have this talk more
than once.
◊ Don’t be afraid to be open-minded and honest: This is
what family unity is all about.
◊ Talk about how you FEEL: You may be worried, scared
or frightened. When you talk to your teen try not to be
judgmental or angry because your child probably will have
a defensive reaction.
◊ Talk about what you have personally observed: Don’t
discuss rumours. Seek the truth.
◊ Don’t give up: If your first attempt fails, try a different
tact. Don’t be afraid to see professional help.
◊ Take initiative in getting educated about today’s drug
◊ Encourage your teen’s input: Listen to what they have to
say. They want to be respected too.
If you have concerns, there are resources available to help you.
You may contact the school nurse, Ms. Melhus, or either of
the counsellors, Mr. Armstrong and Ms. Schweid. You can
also contact Uteseksjon, the local agency whose job it is to
help young people with substance abuse, directly at 51842631
or 51842630. They also maintain a web site at http://www.
As we all know, rearing children is the most important job that
any of us will ever do. I hope that everyone takes these points
in the intended spirit—as helpful, actionable information not
scare tactics. It is a daunting, but exciting, journey and we are
all on it together.
T.A. Hennard
Middle and High School Principal
Artsy activities
Combined Middle School and High School Calendar
16/2-24/2 Winter Break
E-mail signups for parent-student/teacher
conferences due date
Internet security presentation,
(0900 in Theatre)
MS/HS Parent/Student-Teacher
MS Narnia Performances (Theatre)
MS/HS NECIS Basketball Tournament
MS 8th Grade HS Transition and Leirskole
Meeting (1900 in Theater)
Easter Break
HS School for Life Dinner
(1900 in Cafeteria)
MS 8th Grade Leirskole (Trysil)
Substitute Orientation Meeting (0900 in
End of Third Quarter
HS STUCO Lock-In (1900-0700 at ISS)
MS/HS NECIS Swimming Tournament
Parent Association Orienteering Event
HS ISTA Event (Hosted here at ISS)
MS Recognition Ceremony (1345 in
MS/HS Band Concert (1900 in Theatre)
MS Girls Honour Choir Festival
CIS/SSHL Rugby Weekend (ISS)
MS 6th Grade Oslo Trip
Mid-quarter Quarter 4
School Holiday
HS IB study leave begins
HS Prom
MS Hosting Barcelona Exchange Students
MS/HS Invitational Track Meet (ISS)
MS Spring Dance (1900 in Cafeteria)
School Holiday
MS 5th to 6th Grade Transition Meeting
(1900 in Theatre)
Norwegian Constitution Day (HALF-DAY
MS/HS Choir Concert (1900 in Theatre)
MS/HS NECIS Rugby, Softball and Track
HS Final Exams
MS/HS Athletics Banquet
MS Field Day
HS Activity Day
HS Awards Assembly (0900 in Theatre)
MS/HS Beach BBQs (1100-1515)
HS Baccalaureate Ceremony (1800)
End of Fourth Quarter
and Last Day of School
MS Recognition Ceremony
(1000 in Theatre)
HS Graduation Ceremony
(1930 in Theatre)
Want to
The Informer 27 February 2008 · 9
Middle School News and Events
Welcome back from Winter Week! I hope you all had a relaxing
and enjoyable holiday!
Since the last issue of the Informer, we have welcomed back
JV Boys’ Basketball Team from their trip to the International
School of Aberdeen. Congratulations to all participants on their
competitive play, outstanding behavior and great teamwork.
Congratulations all-round on finishing in 3rd place! Thanks go to
coaches; Crystal Vaught and Mark Knudsen for the dedication,
effort and time given to their respective teams over the season.
Middle School Dance - Friday, February 8th 2008
Many thanks to everyone who helped make this event such a great
success. There was a fantastic atmosphere, lots of great music and
dancing and of course, plenty of good food and drink.
Congratulations to MS Student Council members: Taylor King,
Zac Oslica, Hannah Svanberg and Thomas Minsaas for their
excellent organization prior to the event and on the evening
itself. Thanks also to Mrs. Hines for all her time and effort as
Student Council coordinator, to our excellent DJ, Mr Keereman
(alias DJ. K), to the faculty chaperones and to the parents - these
events would not be possible without their expertise and time.
Thank you!
MS Musical (2008)
‘Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’
The next major event in the MS calendar will be the musical
‘Narnia’. This production is both curricular (Wed exploratory)
and extra-curricular (Wed, Thurs after school and Sundays).
By the time of the performances, the vast majority of our MS
students will be involved in some way. The majority of our Q3
exploratories are related to this production:
• Lighting and Sound Exploratory
• Backstage Exploratory
• CDT Exploratory (set building)
• Art Exploratory (set design, painting, poster design, and
t-shirt design)
• Publicity Exploratory (have produced and excellent website
and designed the program and tickets)
• Drama Exploratory - comprises all 57 cast members!
• Music Exploratory - contains the musicians who will
play for the cast members on performance nights (March
6th/7th and 8th)
In addition, we will have a group of volunteers for Hair and
Make-up as well and a group of students who will be our Front
of House crew.
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Step right up!
Narnia Tickets go on sale on Monday
February 25th from the main office
ALL tickets are priced 20 kr
Homeroom – 8th to 9th Grade Transition Process
8th grade students have been working during homeroom on
the transition from 8th grade to 9th grade. Our middle school
counselor, Mr. Matt Armstrong along with the 8th grade
homeroom teachers, has organized special information sessions
to help our 8th grade students familiarize themselves with 9th
grade courses and subjects. 9th grade subject teachers will be
speaking to the 8th grade on Friday, February 29th.
8th-9th grade information evening for parents and students
will be held on Wednesday, March 12th starting at 7pm in
the theatre. This will also be the information evening for the
8th grade leirskole trip to Trysil leaving on March 30th and
returning on April 4th.
6th and 7th grade students are still working on decision-making
skills during homeroom advisory sessions.
Parent/Teacher /Student Conferences
Thursday, M arch 6th and Friday, M arch 7th
Please remember to contact the Middle School Office as soon
as possible to arrange your individual conferences times.
Remember: there will be NO school for middle school students on
Thursday, March 6th and Friday, March 7th.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or
Carol Wallace
Middle School Coordinator
[email protected]
”Spiritual” boys during Spirit Week
10 ·
The Informer 27 February 2008
Computing with Clifford
in the Primary School
Primary School News
Thank you for using the drop-off zone safely. Our next big
safety goal is to develop a culture of using seat belts on the bus.
Encouragement from home is appreciated.
If the regular routine changes for transportation home, such as
if a young child is not travelling with older siblings or going with
a friend, please let your child’s homeroom teacher know so bus
drivers can be informed to be on the lookout that a child gets off
at the right bus stop.
Please try to attend the safety sessions on Internet at 9:00-11:00
A.M. on Friday, 29 February. Mr. Colin Sullivan will be presenting
an internet security workshop here at ISS. The objectives are to
explain the dark side of the Internet, discuss Social Networking
(MySpace, YouTube, etc) and Social Engineering (phishing,
spam, Nigerian scams, etc.), provide information on latest scams
and myths on the Internet and explain anti-virus, anti-spyware,
and parental controls. Following the presentation, join us in the
computer lab for actual hands-on experience as we surf the net
visiting websites discussed during the presentation.
The new drop-off zone is safer when children use the sidewalk.
We are pleased with the way drivers have adapted, except for
stopping too close to the door. For this process to be safe and
efficient, please pull all the way forward so other cars can stop at
the sidewalk area.
We had a very productive meeting with drivers and bus
company officials. We decided we shared three common goals:
1. Promote safety
2. Curb vandalism and bring consequences to perpetrators
3. Get buses to arrive at ISS by 8:20
One of the results of the meeting was our commitment to inform
parents and students of the ways they can make travel on buses
safer and more efficient. At the same time, the bus companies
will work to find ways to get the buses more regularly to school
on time. We know the amount of traffic has made it difficult to
get to school on time, so please be patient as we continue to work
on this problem.
One way for drivers to get to school more quickly is if students
give an early and clear signal to the bus in the morning. Standing
inside the bus shelter to stay out of the rain and wind is fine, but as
soon as the bus is in sight, please stretch out an arm so the driver
can stop more efficiently. When the bus comes in the morning,
the kissing and hugging should be over. Taking a minute at each
bus stop for an extra hug slows the bus considerably over the
many stops made.
In March, students will be issued an ISS Bus ID to help drivers
maintain safety and discipline. The ID will hold information of
the student’s address, school, home, work and mobile telephone
numbers, bus number and homeroom teacher. The ID can be
The Informer 27 February 2008 · 11
used if a child doesn’t remember where to get off the bus or if
lost. The ID can also be taken from the student if an incident
occurs so the school and parents are made aware. For example,
if a student moves about on the bus or refuses to wear a seatbelt,
the driver will simply collect the ID and turn it into school.
Please remind your children of some bus rules.
available to younger students, the ones with drinks taunt the
ones without. This can result in students getting unruly and
even hopping from seat to seat. We hope everyone can respect
the rule of no drinking or eating. The cost of repair to damaged
bus property has to be paid. If we find who caused the damage,
the bill will be sent to parent. If the person is not identified, it
results in higher costs for the bus service contracts.
The drivers work hard to make the ride to and from school safe
and efficient. Please give them a friendly “Good morning” or
“God dag” to show you appreciate their work.
The standard of conduct required on buses is the same as
the standard of conduct required during the regular school
General safe bus conduct is expected at all times. Some
specific examples of safe bus conduct are wearing seat belts
when they are available on the bus, staying seated at all
times and talking only in a quiet voice.
Only regular bus students and an occasional schoolmate
who is a guest of a regular bus student are permitted to
ride the bus. In some instances, parents may wish to have
a group of students ride a bus which they do not usually
ride. In such cases, the parents must direct the request to
the school office. Depending on the number of students
already riding that bus, the request may be granted.
Do not eat or drink on the bus.
Respect bus property. Any vandalism on buses must be
paid for by the student.
Bus drivers must be shown respect and their instructions
are to be followed immediately.
When students load the bus in the afternoon, they should
get on and stay on. If a student needs to return to the
building, this should be done only after contacting a
teacher on duty.
Bicycles are not allowed on the bus.
Parents will be notified by the school if a student breaks
the above rules, ignores the reminders of the bus driver,
or in any way endangers the safety of the other students
on the bus. After a second infraction of the rules, the
Principal will inform the parents of the student of
denial of the privilege of riding the bus if this is justified
according to the judgement of the Principal. The school
may also assign a certain seat for any student.
Please remember that students are required to use seat belts if
there are seat belts on the bus. Drivers will remind students to
fasten seat belts, but it is the responsibility of the student to put
the seat belt on and wear it, just like in a car. The drivers said
that most of the students are fine most of the time, but students
move from seat to seat on a daily basis. As a rule, students should
stay in the same seat during the entire bus journey until ready
to get off. Moving about on the bus distracts from a driver’s
attention to the road, and this is a safety concern. We have
contacted safety agencies to find ways to educate students on
the importance of using seat belts and staying seated while the
bus is in motion. Even at a low speed, a passenger can be thrown
from the seat, and while the bus is so heavy the vehicle does not
normally sustain great damage at a low speed, the passengers can
more readily be injured.
The amount of vandalism by students is, luckily, rare. Usually
incidents happen on the way home from school. Sometimes
it is breaking items, and other times food or drinks dirty the
bus. Drivers noted that some students bring drinks and food
on the bus they buy at the ISS kiosk. While these items are not
12 ·
The Informer 27 February 2008
Primary School Roundtable Discussion
At the Primary School Roundtable discussion, we focused on
continuous improvement and getting ideas and perspective
from parents. The topics discussed were the following:
calendars in The Informer, identifying and advance notice of
food served on theme days, contacting home when a child has a
head injury, placing a crosswalk at the ends of the bus lane, and
designating the direction of travel in the large parking area.
Thank you to all who came along.
International Schools’ Assessment (ISA)
Individual ISA results and a letter of explanation will be sent to
parents of students in Grades 3-8 during the week of 25 February.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Busy Times
Our schedules are always busy. In addition to all the family
and club events, here are some events happening these months
outside school time. Please take time to read and have family
Skating; Mondays, Grades 3 & 4
PS Musical: Tuesdays and Thursdays, performance 2-4 May
Family Skiing: Grade 4, 2 March; Grade 5, 30 March
PS Track and Field: Thursdays 10, 17, 24 April and 8, 15, 22 May
Brownies and Girl Scouts: Wednesdays
Swimming: Mondays
Dutch, Italian and German lessons, Wednesdays (and
Thursdays for Dutch, Grades K-2)
Friendship and Love
February has been a month of friendship. As a part of 100th day
of school, our devoted Administrative Assistant, Edith Moik,
collected hearts from students who wrote why they like ISS. The
hearts are displayed on a bulletin board in the hallway. Lunch
and recess were certainly popular! I will share some of them here
as a stream of consciousness.
I like school because I like to learn. I like school because Art. I like
school because it has math. I love school because we get three recesses.
I love school because I get to see my friends. I love school because their
sandwiches are good. PE. Recess. I like all the things an lunch, the
3 recesses. I like Library because I can read peacefully. Computer
and PE. I like playing with my friends at recesses and I like math
science lab. I like the teachers. Learning about space. I like recess
and I like art. I like science lab because we learn about nature and
make things. I like art. It is very messy. I like the teachers. They are
really nice. The thing I like is writers workshop. The thing I like
moat at ISS is the good play equipment outside. Something I like
about school…study about fun things. I like the swimming at PE.
My favorite thing in school is recess because we get to play soccer.
I like ISS because I have nice friends at ISS. I like school because
it is fun and we learn a lot. 100th days o school. That I have best
friends. The food. I love PE. I love so much. I lover read aloud. I
like lunch. I like lunch. That everyone is nice. I live to do Art at
the school ISS is to have. I love PE. I love math because I learn to
do plus. Die teacher sind schön. Stuff not in your class like art, PE,
computer, and science. I like going to recess with my friends. I love
the food. Recess and lunch. Playing at recess. My favourite thing is
the food. I like the food and PE. PE Computer lab. I like all the
teachers. I like the barbeque in the beginning of the year. I love
the school as I see with (a friend). I love everything. I love school
because you meet new people and learn a lot. I love the food at ISS.
I like school because no uniform or no whips. I like school because
of lunch. I like school because here I can see my friends. I like school
because of lunch, friends and pudding. I like school because I like
learning new things.
I love school because PE is so fun and it is two times a week. I love
school because I can learn more. I like computer lessons. I like music
lessons at ISS. I like art lessons because I like drawing. I like working
in the science lab. I like to have fun at ISS. Meeting people. I live
when we learn new things and make new friends. I love science, art,
PE, lunch and recess in ISS. What I love bout ISS. I really enjoy
and I love the challenges because they are EZ, hard and fun. What
I like about ISS is the swimming is fun. I love music, computers,
library, reading S and R, counseling, playing games and challenges.
I love ISS library and all the nice teachers. What I love about ISS
is Art, Music, science team building, PE, recess and snack. I love
computers, and I love art, music, PE.
I also love reading good books and the bus ride. I love ISS science
and art. I love when we learn new things and make new friends.
Student reading. I like ISS because I have very nice friends. I like
recess. I like lunch. I like snack. I like computer. I like PE. I like
computers at ISS. I like library at ISS. I like PE and I like going on
scooters. I like school because every teacher is kind. I also like school
because you usually have fun. I like school because I like recess, where
I can play with my friends. I love ISS because there are lots of nice
people here. I like school because I can hang out with my friends. I
like school because I get to be with my friends. I like school because
I have friends here. I like school because I can be with my friends.
I like school because I have friends and I like recesses. I love school
because school gets you prepared for your future. I like lunch and
recess. I like science lessons at ISS. I like field trips in ISS.
I love everything. I love Friday fun and I love PE. I love learning
and I love PE and I love recess. I love science. I love music. I love art.
I love recess. I love learning, art, fun Friday. I love art and I like
PE. I love everything and Friday Fun. I love everything and art and
music. I love recess. I love going to Art. The lunches are awesome.
Seeing my friends!!!! Playing soccer at recess. We have great teachers.
We have three recesses. I love ISS because they speak English. I love
ISS because we speak English. We learn a lot. We have three recesses.
I love ISS because we have great teachers and we learn a lot. I love
ISS because they speak English.
We have great teachers. I love ISS because we have a new playground.
I love ISS because we have great teachers and we learn a lot in ISS. I
love ISSS because we learn a lot. I love ISS because we speak English.
I love ISS because we have great teachers. I love ISS because we have
three recesses. I like this school because you can make friends and PE
and art. I like all the teachers. Seeing my friends. I like recess and
I like reading. Seeing my friends. Science. My friends, library and
DEAR. I like learning, PE, art and snack. I like PE and recess. I
love math and spelling tests. Maths and PE. Meeting my friends.
I hope you had a wonderful Winter Week full of friendship!
Len Duevel, PhD
Primary Schoool Principal
Winter Break
16-24 February
19:00, 27 February
29 February
3, 10, 31 March; 7, 14 April
8 March
10-14 March
9:00, 14 March
15-24 March
24 March – 11 April
30 March
10:30, 8 April
21, 28 April; 5, 19, 26 May
1 May
2 May
2-4 May
9 May
12 May
Saturday, 17 May
10:30, 22 May
30 May
14:00, 4 June
5 June
Grade 5 Leirskole Information Evening
Intenet Safety (See articles included).
Grade 1 Swimming
Grade 4 Family Skiing
Grade 5 Outdoor Education Week
Pre-School 3 Assembly
Easter Break
Reading Incentive Weeks
Grade 5 Family Skiing
Grade 4 Assembly
Kindergarten Swimming
National Holiday
Kindergarten Field Trip to Lundsvågen
Primary School Musical, “The Blue Crystal”
Primary School Student-Led Conferences
National Holiday
Parade for Constitution Day, National Holiday
Kindergarten Assembly
Primary School Field Day
Primary School Assembly
Last day of school, buses leave at 12:00
The Informer 27 February 2008 · 13
All children from 3 years to 18 years old living in Norway are entitled to free dental care from
the public dentist. Students attending the International School of Stavanger will be called in at
regular intervals for routine examinations, depending on your child’s needs will determine how
often your child will be called in, it can be only once every 18 months if your child has no dental
problems. You as a parent can also call and book an appointment for your child. Toothaches,
dental cavities and dental injuries will also be taken care of.
You participate in the free dental service voluntarily. It is not an obligatory part of the Norwegian
school system, but almost 100% of Norwegian school children benefit from this dental service.
All public dentists have the same excellent dental education as all private dentists.
In order to avoid misunderstandings with regard to the dental care that ISS students are offered
and to make the work situation for the public dentist and the assistant the best possible, the
following rules must be observed:
1. Students and parents must accept the treatment that the public dentist is to perform, which
might include X-ray, Duraphat, fluorine etc. The dentist is not available only to make a
diagnosis for you, but will take care of the whole treatment necessary.
2. When a student has been given an appointment with the dentist, the student must keep it.
The only excuse for canceling an appointment is illness. The dentist should be notified
as early as possible.
3. Permanent teeth will not be pulled unless a requisition from an orthodontist is submitted.
News from
4. The nearest dental clinic to ISS is Madla Tannklinikk ( Madlamarkveien 2A / 5th Floor,
4041 Hafrsfjord Tel: 51 59 73 54). ISS students can go there or they can see the assigned
school dentist in the neighborhood where they live. To find out your nearest neighborhood
public dentist, please see Nurse Heather, OR contact the local public school and ask for the
address/ telephone number of the school dentist, call and make an appointment. For those
wishing to use the Madla tannklinikk, a form is included in our welcome pack, or you can
pick one up from the main reception.
5. Complaints related to the public dental system should be sent in writing to:
Tannlegesenteret Madlagården
Madlamarkveien 2A
4090 Hafrsfjord
Stavanger Uteseksjon
Heather Melhus
Health Professional
Apologies from Stavanger Uteseksjon (they work with young people and their problems in this area)
they had to cancel a visit to our school to talk with our 8th and 9th grade students.
The topic Drug and Alcohol Abuse will be rescheduled. The visit was cancelled because of illness.
Vaccinations: 7th grade
All students in the 7th grade who needed their second and last vaccine for Measles, Mumps and
Rubella (MMR) should now have had this done, any concerns that your child is missing this vaccine
please feel free to contact the nurses office at any time.
Vaccintions 9th grade
The dates for Montoux testing, BCG and Polio vaccinations are set for Tuesday march 4th and
Friday march 7th.
As is usual parental permission is essential. No vaccine will be given without your consent. However
the Montoux test for Tuberculosis is mandatory for all 9th graders in Norway. A letter will be
coming home explaining the process in more detail.
14 ·
The Informer 27 February 2008
ISS Sports News
ISS athletes have recently competed in various competitions.
Twelve students from ISS were among approximately 60
students who competed for spots to represent Norway in the
European U18 Championship in Denmark in March 2008.
Tomaz Duda, Brent Fredeen, Hans C Rettedal, Russel Hall, Matt
Boudreau, Simon Perdersen, Anders Melhus, John Paustian, John
Mc Quillan, Norman Idehen, Alex Hogart and Blair Robertson.
These 12 representatives of the Green Goat Rugby team
competed with Viking tenacity resulting in eight students
qualifying for the national team. Norman Idehen, Russel Hall,
Hans Christiansen Rettedal, Brent Fredeen, Simon Pedersen,
Tomaz Duda, Matt Boudreau, and John McQuillan will join the
Norwegian National team in the upcoming U18 European
Congratulations to the 13 middle school and grade nine boys
who recently travelled to the International School of Aberdeen
Invitational. These students were Chris Laugier, David Paustian,
Brandon Thomas, Eirik Christensen, Nicholas Vandrey, Spencer
Snipes, Halvdan Kielland, Kurt Singleton, Kevin Fredeen, Ryan
McClurg, Zac Oslica, Jo Messina and Matt Wesling. Spencer
Snipes and Zac Oslica showed outstanding defence skills, Chris
Laugier and Kurt Singleton offered excellent offensive aggression,
while Ryan McClurg kept the energy and morale high on and
off the court, and Kevin Fredeen demonstrated leadership as
the team captain. The boys travelled back with third place!
Congratulations to all on a successful tournament.
The ISS Varsity Girls Basketball team, the Varsity Boys
Basketball team, and the JV Boys Basketball team will
continue to compete in the Rogaland Basketbalkrets league
through March. Keep checking the ISS Athletics website for
game details. The Varsity Girls and Boys teams will travel to the
International School of Antwerp for the NECIS Basketball
Tournament March 7-9. Good luck to the boys and girls who
are traveling to Belgium.
Spring sports are just around the corner!
K-5 Track and Field
Students in grade K-12 are invited to participate in the second
year of the primary school track and field program. The students
will participate in a variety of activities including running,
jumping, throwing, agility and teamwork activities. The
practices are low pressure and are designed to give students an
introduction to the sport of athletics/ track and field. Students
are invited to participate in the Siddisløpet run at Stokka Lake
the last weekend in April.
The season runs April 10 to May 22. PLEASE NOTE THAT
scheduling conflicts, practices are Thursday from 15:30 to 16:45.
We understand that this day of the week conflicts with the
primary school musical; therefore, three practices are during
the musical practice time, while three are after the musical has
wrapped. We hope the students will participate in track after the
final performance of the musical. Several parent volunteers are
needed for this activity.
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me at
[email protected], or 51 55 43 28.
The Primary School Track practice dates are as follows:
April 10
April 17
April 24
May 8
May 15
May 22
*April 26 is the Siddisløpet run around Stokka. This is optional
and entries are paid by the ISS Athletic department.
The JV Boys basketball team showing off their medals from the Aberdeen Tournament
The Informer 27 February 2008 · 15
ISS Sports News
Middle School/High School Track and Field
Grade 6-12 students interested in the track and field/athletics
program are invited to train Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
afternoons from 15:30 to 17:30; season runs late March through
May. Students will prepare for two local meets in addition to the
NECIS track and field tournament. Students selected to travel
to the NECIS tournament will travel to Sigtuna Sweden 22-25
May. The meet is on Friday and Saturday 23-24 May.
K-8 Youth Baseball
Boys and girls in grades K-8 are eligible to participate in the
youth baseball program. Students will practice Friday nights and
participate in Saturday games. The program will be organized
and administered by Ross Vandrey and other parent volunteers.
Detailed information will be communicated with parents
through handouts, the ISS Athletics website, and the Informer
closer to the February/March registration date. The activity
runs April through May. Please contact Ross Vandrey for more
information. Parent volunteers are also needed for this activity.
Middle School/High School Coed Softball
Students in grades 6-12 are invited to practice with the ISS softball
team. The team practices mid-March through May, Monday
and Thursday afternoons from 15:30 to 17:00. Although local
games consist of informal matches with teachers and parents,
Nick Varley in action during a basketball match in the Aberdeen Invitational
16 ·
The Informer 27 February 2008
the students are invited to compete in the NECIS Softball
tournament 23-25 May in Rotterdam. Ms. Judy Oram and
Mr. Kevin Christensen will be the coaches for this sport.
Middle School/High School Rugby
Boys in grades 7-12 are encouraged to participate in the ISS Green
Goats Rugby team. The Green Goats will train Monday and
Thursday afternoon’s from 15:30 to 17:30. Students participate in
local matches and are invited to compete in the NECIS Rugby
tournament 23-24 May in Copenhagen. Specific times and
dates of local matches will be announced in February. The ISS
season runs March through May. Coaches are Jean Pierre Duc
and Mark Knudsen.
There are many rugby activities planned for this year. The
International School of Stavanger will host a NECIS Rugby
training weekend April 26-27. Please check back for more upto-date information concerning the possibilities for helping out.
As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions,
please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]
or by phone at 51 55 43 28.
In Sport,
Crystal Vaught
Athletics Director
Parent Association News
Volunteers Needed!!!
Volunteers are needed to help make this year’s Orienteering Event an even bigger
success than last years! Please contact Sheila Percy by email at [email protected]
getmail.no if you are interested in helping to plan the event, organize door
prizes, or help on event day with set up, ticket sales, and handing out maps and
The Informer 27 February 2008 · 17
Parent Association News
International Friendship Group
SWEC are planning an
Easter Egg Raffle
again this year.
Tickets will be on sale at lunch times during the first two
weeks in March. kr 10 for 3. Will you be a lucky winner?
The money raised from the raffle will be sent to Action Aid
to fund chicken-breeding programmes in Malawi. This gives
needy families the opportunity to build a flock, sell eggs and
provide for their children’s future.
The ISS Parent Association is starting to look for
volunteers for next years’ Board.
Help us to help them!
Happy Easter!
Could it be YOU???
The Board members bring all sorts of skills to the
PA, which in turn, brings huge benefits to ISS.
With social events, reading schemes, financial
donations, the running of the kiosk and much
more, the PA plays a vital role within the school.
As such, the parents involved in the PA have the
chance to become better acquainted with the
school itself, as well as meeting a huge range of
staff, students and other parents.
What’s more, the PA is FUN!
So if you have a little time to spare, and if you
fancy becoming involved, we would love to hear
from you, whatever your background or interests.
We are gathering names of interested people right
now, so leave your name at the kiosk or contact a
current board member if you are interested.
Nearly New Sale
Please be reminded that the date for this is
Saturday, 26th April.
Bookings for tables are starting now. kr 300 per table
(one family per table). Please let us know before Wednesday,
12th March (Informer deadline) so that we can confirm the sale
in the next Informer which will be published on 26th March.
This sale is always well advertised and well attended by the local
It’s a great way to recycle all the wonderful things
which you no longer need
but someone else would love to have.
Take the opportunity!
Thank you
Leap Year Ceilidh
We regret that, unfortunately, this event had to be cancelled.
IFG are looking for some kind people who would be willing
to take a bag of used spectacles with them next time they go
to the UK! SpecSavers outlets collect used specs for Sight
Savers International and there are SpecSavers in most towns.
If you would like to help us out in this way please e mail
[email protected] for more details.
Thank you!
18 ·
The Informer 27 February 2008
R acket Stringing
Competitive prices
Unique in N o rway!
The lineage o f
D esikachar/ S riram
So called
This Yoga Tradition is based upon the YogaSutra of Patanjali, an ancient theory of the
human psyche and the philosophical
aspects of mind and consciousness
explaining the causes of suffering, showing
ways out and how to unite ones
Fast service
Telephone: 476 36 830
I do
house cleaning
in private homes.
Please contact Stella 404 88 816
David Smith Podiatrist
The body postures are practised gradually step by step
and in a dynamic way. The interaction between
contraction and relaxation ensures a gentle training of
your body, strengthening muscles and smoothening
joints and ligaments. Moving in unison with your breath
focuses the activities of your mind and a deep relaxation
arises. Conscious breathing promotes your sensitivity
and fosters your self-awareness.
The lessons impart the Yoga tools of asana (bodypostures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and dharana
(concentration exercises and meditation) gradually and
always adapted to the students needs and capacities.
Yog a Scho o l Sunde
Malthaugkroken 10
4046 Hafrsfjord
5189 4143
[email protected]
BSc(hons) MchS HPC Registered &SAFH Aut. Fotterapeut
The teacher
Do you suffer with pain in the heels, feet, legs,
knees, lower back or have tired aching feet call
and arrange an appointment today!
• Callus and Corn removal, Nail Trimming
• Specialised Insoles
•Biomechanical Assessments
• Treatments for sports related injuries
• Treatment of Verrucae and Ingrowing toenails.
• Distributor of Forever Living Aloe Vera Products.
51 65 21 66
Plei Meg
Parfymeri & Clinic
Klaudia Achenbach-Wege
certified Yoga Teacher BDY/ EYU (670 hrs)
certified by R. Sriram in a continuing education (254 hrs)
to impart Yoga lessons and individual training in the
tradition of Krishnamacharya.
New courses start in March!
Y oga basic s
March 6 th
Learning the fundamental principles of Yoga.
1 0 sessions for 1 2 0 0 N O K.
Y oga and Vedic chanting
March 6 th 1 1 : 0 0 - 1 2 : 3 0
Fotpleie, Hudpleie, Aromaterapi, Frizør, Spraybrun, Negledesign
Solakrossen 13 4050 Sola
Email [email protected]
Chanting is a good mean to deepen your breath, to calm
down the activities of your mind and to lift your spirits.
Yoga combined with Vedic chanting gives you a new kind
of a deepened experience within your Yoga practise. This
course is suitable for beginners and advanced.
1 0 sessions for 1 2 0 0 N O K.
FFoooottccaarree iiss ffoorr lliiffee!!
Individual training on request
The Informer 27 February 2008 · 19
Increase contentment!
Live your potential!
Make sense of where your life is headed - find the patterns
and themes that help you thrive and from that perspective,
make good choices.
and patient
in watercolor to provide le
to provide lessons to two enthusiastic beginners.
enthusiastic beginners.
Hours & $$&flexible.
$$ flexible.
at 92
call Bente atcall
926 45Bente
Use counselling to support yourself through difficulties like;
stress, depression, bereavement, moves, relationships, negative
behaviour patterns or family dynamics, etc.
Discover what they mean and how to respond positively.
John Gibbs is a UKCP- registered psychotherapist, works with
adults, couples and children, and runs courses and seminars
for groups.
Tel; 51 89 33 37, mob. 938 87 473
email: [email protected]
Balloon time
B a l l o o n s fo r a l l o cc a s i o n s .
F o r all y our ball o on
requirem ents,
Just c ontact,
Tlf: 51 69 00 35
Mob: 922 11 331
See, w w w .b a l l o o nt im e.n o
20 ·
The Informer 27 February 2008
Chef: Jean-Pierre Duc
Lunch Menu
In addition to the daily HOT MEAL and the soup of the day, the cafeteria also offers a vegetarian option for lunch
Wed Feb 27 Theme Day
Thur Feb 28 Beef Stroganoff
Fri Feb 29 Baked salmon
Mon Feb 4
Tues Feb 5
Wed Feb 6
Thurs Feb 7
Fri Feb 8
Tortellini with Garlic, Parmesan, Walnuts
& Pesto
Fish Nuggets with Baked Potato
Theme Day
Mon Feb 11
Tues Feb 12
Wed Feb 13
Thurs Feb 14
Fri Feb 15
Fried Rice with Chicken
Pasta Bolognese
Theme Day
Fish au gratin
Mon Feb 18 – Fri Feb 21 WINTER WEEK
Mon Feb 25
Tues Feb 26
Wed Feb 27
Thurs Feb 28
Fri Feb 29
Rice porridge
Chili con Carne
Theme Day
Beef Stroganoff
Baked Salmon
Mon Mar 3
Tues Mar 4
Wed Mar 5
Thurs Mar 6
Fri Mar 7
Egg Benedictine on Toast
Pasta Carbonara
Theme Day
Hamburger in Gravy with Mashed Potatoes
& Vegetables
Wolf Fish roasted with a Red Pepper Cream.
Mon Mar 10
Tues Mar 11
Wed Mar 12
Thurs Mar 13
Fri Mar 14
Lasagna & Baguette served with salad
Theme Day
Chicken Korma and Nan Bread
Kaptein Sabeltann Fish Sticks
Tues Mar 25
Wed Mar 26
Thurs Mar 27
Fri Mar 28
Refried beans and nachos
Salmon teriyaki with jasmine rice
Mon Mar 31
Tues Apr 1
Wed Apr 2
Thurs Apr 3
Fri Apr 4
Mon Apr 7
Tues Apr 8
Wed Apr 9
Thurs Apr 10
Apr 1
Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese
Pasta and Italian meatballs tomato stew
Chicken Run - roasted chicken leg and
roasted potatoes
Hot dogs and mashed potatoes
Breaded sole fish with potatoes and lemon
TexMex Gratin (tacos filled with meat and
vegetables, gratinated in the oven)
Rottatouille pancakes (filled pancakes with
chicken and mango salad)
Theme Day …..
Mors kjøttkaker - classic Norwegian
meatballs in gravy
Pasta and Seafood all’Italiana - a nice tomato
sauce with a lot of fresh fish and shell fish
Mon Apr 14
Tues Apr 15
Wed Apr 16
Thurs Apr 17
Fri Apr 18
Eggs and bacon served on toast
Chili con carne and Doritos
Theme Day
Moussaka served with Greek salad.
Cod & Lime, breaded and served with
tomato rice
Mon Apr 21
Tues Apr 22
Wed Apr 23
Thurs Apr 24
Fri Apr 25
Greek kebab and pita served with tzatziki.
Theme Day
Thai Chicken in green curry and coconut
Boiled Salmon with hollandaise sauce.
Future issues of the Informer in the school year 2007-2008 are due the following Wednesdays: 26.03., 23.04. and 21.05.
NB! Deadline is one week before (- in a few cases it is longer due to holidays), namely: 12.03., 16.04. and 14.05.
To have CLASSIFIED ADS published in The Informer, please e-mail: [email protected]
The editor reserves the right to edit ads to fit the space requested by you.
Private persons2
ISS Teachers/and
Full page (260 x 180mm)
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NOK 400,-
NOK 200,-
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1/16 of a page (28,5 x 88 mm):
NOK 200,-
NOK 100,-
NOK 50,-
1 If you run a business/company/activity that makes your living, you are a “company” price-wise.
2 If you have a small activity, a non-profit foundation, organise a charity, advertise your belongings for
sale, insert small personal ads, etc., you are charged a “private person” price.
3 This price also includes substitute teachers.
Families with children at ISS receive a free copy sent home in their youngest child’s backpack, or - in
the case of high schoolers - sent home by mail. Others wishing to subscribe may do so for the annual
subscription rate of NOK 250,-. If you are a subscriber and wish to continue your subscription, an
invoice will be sent to your address in the fall of 2007.
!! If you do not receive your Informer, please check that your family name is clearly marked on your letter
box, or else the postman might return the newsletter to ISS!!
The Informer is also issued on the ISS web-page: www.isstavanger.no
Go to “News” and then to “Informer”, current issue.
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Phone: +47 51 55 43 22
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The Informer 27 February 2008 · 21
Important Dates
The Informer is published by
International School of Stavanger
Treskeveien 3
Tel: +47 51 55 43 00
Fax: +47 51 55 43 01
E-mail: [email protected]
High School Office: +47 51 55 43 43
Middle School Office: +47 51 55 43 11
Primary School Office: +47 51 55 43 23
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Primary School Principal: Dr. Len Duevel
Business Manager: Ms. Brynhild Åsheim
IB Coordinator: Ms. Lynn Park
High School Counselor: Ms. Carole Schweid
Primary/Middle School Counselor: Mr. Matt Armstrong
School Nurse: Ms. Heather Melhus
The ISS Vision Statement
The ISS vision is to prepare students for greater global participation by helping them become responsible, empowered learners.
The ISS Mission Statement
The International School of Stavanger is dedicated
to providing its students with English language education in a supportive, academically stimulating,
and multi-cultural environment. We strive to foster
a love of learning, the development of individual
skills and talents, and an awareness of the value each
person has to society. Our goal is to enable students
to succeed in continuing educational programs and
to live as responsible and contributing citizens in
the global community.
The International School of Stavanger (ISS), founded
in 1966, is an independent, non-profit Norwegian
foundation accredited by the New England Association
of Schools and Colleges and the Council of International Schools. The school enrolls students from ages
3 through 18. ISS offers an international university
preparatory curriculum that combines the best features
of many national educational systems. Both the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme and the
International General Certificate of Secondary Education external examinations are available to students.
In 2007, the school has an enrollment of approximately 630 students who represent some 42 nationalities, including students from six of the earth’s seven
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The Informer 27 February 2008
February 2008
E-mail signups for parent-student/teacher conferences due date
Internet security presentation, Lovelace Theatre, 0900
MS/HS Parent/Student-Teacher Conferences
MS Narnia Performances, Lovelace Theater
Grade 4 family skiing
MS/HS NECIS Basketball Tournament, Antwerp
Grade 5 Outdoor Education Week
Pre-School 3 Assembly, 0900
MS 8th Grade HS Transition andeLeirskole Meeting, Lovelace Theater, 1900
Easter Break
24/3 - 11/4 Reading Incentive Weeks
HS School for Life Candlelight Dinner, Valhall Cafeteria, 1900
Grade 5 Family skiing
MS 8th Grade Leirskole (Trysil)
Substitute Orientation Meeting, Cafeteria, 0900
End of Third Quarter
HS STUCO Lock-In at ISS, 1900-0700
Grade 4 Assembly, 1030
MS/HS NECIS Swimming Tournament, Luxembourg
Parent Association Orienteering Event
HS ISTA Event (Hosted here at ISS)
MS Recognition Ceremony, Lovelace Theater, 1345
MS/HS Band concert, Lovelace Theater, 1900
MS Girls Honour Choir Festival
CIS/SSHL Rugby Weekend (ISS)
MS 6th Grade Oslo Trip
Mid-quarter Quarter 4
Labour Day/Ascension Day - no school
HS IB study leave begins
Four Seasons of Norway - Outdoor Art and Kids, 09:00-14:00
Kindergarten Field Trip to Lundsvågen
Primary School Musical The Blue Crystal
HS Prom
MS Hosting Barcelona Exchange Students
Primary School Student-Led Conferences
MS/HS Invitational Track Meet (ISS)
MS Spring Dance, Valhall Cafeteria, 1900
Whit Monday - no school
MS 5th to 6th Grade Transition Meeting, Lovelace Theater, 1900
Norwegian Constitution Day (HALF-DAY OF SCHOOL!)
MS/HS Choir Concert, Lovelace Theater, 1900
Kindergarten Assembly, 1030
MS/HS NECIS Rugby, Softball and Track Tournaments
28/5-2/6 HS Final Exams
Primary School Field Day
MS/HS Athletics Banquet
MS Field Day
HS Activity Day
Primary School Assembly, 1400
HS Awards Assembly, Lovelace Theatre, 0900
MS/HS Beach BBQs, 1100-1515
HS Baccalaureate Ceremony, 1800
End of Fourth Quarter and Last Day of School
MS Recognition Ceremony, Lovelace Theater, 1000
HS Graduation Ceremony, Lovelace Theater, 1930
Join us for the for Life Candlelight Dinner
Saturday,29 March 2008
Valhall Cafeteria
Welcome drinks served at 19:00
Dinner begins shortly after
Cost: kr 300 per person
100% ticket sales will be donated
directly to School for Life
All supplies have been donated by local vendors
Entertainment will be provided by ISS students
Reserve a few seats or a table with friends.
See Ms. Winters in the main office
now to reserve your tickets
for the charity dinner benefiting
SCHOOL FOR LIFE Chiang Mai, Thailand
Zakouski and welcome drink.
Wild Mushroom Cappuccino served with Parmesan stick.
Roasted Salmon Teriyaki
w/pastinak stew &steamed pacsoy.
Served with wild rice pilaf. Home made Ice nougat and a raspberry coulis.
Home made lemonade drink
Dear ISS Parent, You are cordially invited to join the ISS-School for Life
team for a candlelight dinner at ISS, Saturday, January 26. Please join us for the elegant evening benefiting School
for Life. To learn more about School for Life, please visit
their website at www.school-for-life.org, or direct your
questions to this Email address.
In June 2007, five ISS students and three teachers travelled
to School for Life in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to teach
these inspirational students. A school and an orphanage
in Northern Thailand, School for Life creates a family
atmosphere for over 150 students who live in poverty
In June 2008, seven students from the International School
of Stavanger will once again travel to School for Life and
experience the lessons such a volunteer experience has to
offer. Our benefit dinner last year was a great success,
and we invite you to join us in creating the same success
this year as well. Please find the invitation below. We look forward to seeing you 29 March! Kindest Regards, ISS-School for Life Team
The Informer 27 February 2008 · 23
If you do not wish to receive the Informer any more - or if you have changes to your address, please notify Liv N. Høie at 51 55 43 22 or e-mail: [email protected]
Sent by: International School of Stavanger, Treskeveien 3, NO-4043 Hafrsfjord, Norway
A snapshot from the Valentine’s Dance

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