Answers Part 1 - Knights Of Rizal



Answers Part 1 - Knights Of Rizal
What do the 8 rays of the sunburst represent ?
They represent the 8 provinces
that participated in the
revolution against Spain
A. José Protacio Alonso Realondo Martinez Rizal
B. José Protacio Rizal Mercado y
Alonso Realonda
C. Josito Alonso Realonda Mercado Rizal
D. José Protacio Alonso Realonda Mercado Rizal
Question 3
Can you give 3 names of his girlfriends ?
Segunda Katigbak
Leonor Rivera
O Sei San
Nellie Boustead
Josephine Bracken
- Leonor Valenzuela
- Consuela Ortiga
- Getrude Beckett
- Suzanne Jacoby
The Loves of Rizal and Other Essays on
Philippine History, Art
and Public Policy, 2000
Pablo S. Trillana III
Actual Supreme Commander
of the Knights of Rizal
former chair of the
National Historical Institute
Calamba, Laguna
Birthplace of Rizal
Dr. Ferdinand Blummentritt
his Austrian friend
Fort Santiago
Rizal momument
Rizal park (Luneta park – Bayumbayan)
Question 5
“Noli me tangere”
what does it mean?
A. Do not detain me
B. Touch me not
C. Leave me alone
D. Do not tango with me
Question 6
Family name of
Chrisostomo in the ‘Noli’?
Question 7
European capital where Rizal had to
do his research about
Philippine culture before
the spanish kolonization?
London, U.K.
Question 8
When did Dr. Jose Rizal wrote
‘Mi Ultimo Adios’?
On the day before his execution
= 29
DEC 1896
Question 9
RIZAL obtained his degree of
‘Bachelor of Arts’ at the
A. University of Sto. Tomas
B. University of Paris
C. Universidad Central de Madrid
D. Ateneo de Manila
Question 10
Statues made in Belgium
A. the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
B. the Triumph of Science over Dead and
Triumph of Death over Life
C. the Dapitan Girl
Question 10
Triumph of Death over Life
Triumph of Science over Dead
Question 10
Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jezus
Dapitan Girl

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