March 2010 - Home of the 508th Airborne Chapter



March 2010 - Home of the 508th Airborne Chapter
March 2010
Vol. 5 No. 1
Second Platoon, A Company, 1-508 Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd
Airborne Division in Afghanistan. 2007 photo provided by 508 Chapter Warrior SFC James Brasher.
SSG Henry Lacey O’Neal (USA Retired) passed
away on 8 January 2010. Lacey spent several
years in Charlie Company, 1-508 PIR, Fort
Kobbe, Panama Canal Zone, to include during
Operation Just Cause. It was said that “No one
cared more about soldiers than Lacey did”.
Several friends of Lacey expressed their
condolences to the family and wanted to
contribute to a worthwhile cause in his memory.
Thomas L. O’Neal, brother of Lacey researched
the web and contacted the 508th Airborne
Chapter for information and assistance. It is our
privilege to assist. What better way is there to
honor the memory of a Combat Veteran Red
Devil than to send comfort and aid to Red Devils
currently in harms way in Afghanistan. Tom and
Betty O’Neal were the first to donate to brother
Lacey’s memorial fund, they sent a $300 check
to our treasurer. We decided to use Chapter
funds to match and double any donated money.
Frank Seif sent a $600 check to Ken Glynn.
Ken Glynn and the Orlando Chapter have again
volunteered to help us. They will buy nice to
have items, pack and mail them. Staying in
contact with the 4th BCT Chaplain was
impossible last time, commo security was rigid.
Ken prefers to send packages to individual…
…soldier addresses. We are so lucky that Ken
Glynn and the Orlando Chapter are willing to
help us again. Our 508 Wounded Warrior
James Brasher sent us addresses. So, Frank
Seif is ready to receive donations, provide
matching funds, record transactions and send
checks to Ken Glynn. We will not exhaust our
treasury funds, we will use matching funds to a
point that will leave us comfortable in the future.
Ken Glynn is ready to buy, pack and send items.
I am prepared to send thank you letters to all
donors. Please annotate your check memo line
“In Memory of Henry Lacey O’Neal”, make your
check payable to 508 Airborne Chapter and
send it to Frank Seif, PO Box 1462, Sun City, AZ
85372-1462. I will keep you informed of the
donation effort with Devils Digest articles each
quarter until our Red Devils return to Fort Bragg.
I may publish the names of donors, but the
amount of money donated will not be shared. I
want our members to share that warm glow of
giving, regardless of the amount you donate.
Let us try and duplicate that same warm glow
that we generated during their last Afghanistan
tour. You were generous in 2007-2008 and
donated $7763 to our deployed paratroopers.
Members sent $1763 to us. $2148 via Jim
Jackson’s auction and $3852 from our treasury.
Page 2, Devils Digest, March 2010
The National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center, Fort Benning, Georgia
By Ken Hamill
The National Infantry Museum & Soldier Center
Grand Opening took place 19 June 2009 at Fort
Benning, Georgia. Two hundred acres just off
the grounds of Fort Benning were used to
construct Patriot Park. On site is the five acre
Parade Field with a reviewing stand where Basic
and One Station Unit Training Graduations take
place. A Sacred Soil Ritual was conducted last
Soil from historic and present day
battlefields, Antietam to Iraq and Afghanistan
was scattered by soldiers who fought in the
battles or family members of those soldiers. The
Museum contains 190,000 square feet of
displays in eight major galleries, an IMAX
theater, restaurant, classrooms and soldier store,
arranged in an attractive setting. A World War II
street replicates a typical garrison environment
with original buildings from Fort Benning moved
to the location or built new. The recreated street
from the 1940’s includes a Barracks, Chapel,
Mess Hall, Orderly Room and Supply Room.
General Patton’s office and living quarters
includes genuine artifacts. In some rooms audio
recordings play conversations and background
noise fitting the scene. The mess - hall has
scents to match the scene. Heritage walk takes
us to the Parade Field.
The surrounding
grounds to the museum features pavers
dedicated to infantrymen and supporters of the
military. We can purchase a large paver for
$250.00. The Guest Speaker for the Grand…
…Opening was General Colin Powell USA
Retired. A great man, General Powell spoke
with passion about Fort Benning and the
wonderful experiences his family had here. His
wife Alma shared great memories of Fort
Benning with a local reporter, who stated that
she reminisced with tears of happiness in her
eyes. The prime mover of this huge effort was
MG (R) Jerry A. White who had commanded the
U. S. Army Infantry Center at Fort Benning and
retired in November 1994. He worked for ten
years to sell the idea and to gain donations.
MG White currently serves as President of the
National Infantry Association and Chairman of
the National Infantry Foundation. The museum
donor effort continues, with 85 million dollars
having been spent on the project so far
according to our local paper.
The Support Company, 508th ARCT
Association will have their annual gathering
at Fort Benning and Columbus, GA in
September 2010. Chapter members from
other units who would like to take advantage
of possible cheaper amenities and visit Fort
Benning during the same time frame as the
Support Company Association should
contact Ken Hamill by email, phone or letter.
Static Line Awards
The Atlanta Chapter of the 82nd Abn Div Assn
will host the Static Line Airborne Awards April
7–10, 2010 at the Marriot Airport Hotel, Atlanta,
Georgia. POC is Annette Purcell 770.478.5601
Page 3, Devils Digest, March 2010
National Infantry Museum Heritage Walk
Walk Leads to Parade Field & Reviewing Stand
Most Speakers were Brief
Shade was Hard to Find and it was Hot
Cold Water was Plentiful and Free
The Follow Me Statue in Museum Entranceway
Page 4, Devils Digest, March 2010
The Infantry Center Band was there
The Crowd Waited
We were kept informed
Historical Uniforms were Worn & Displayed
Numerous Volunteers Helped Out
The Ceremonies Have Begun
Page 5, Devils Digest, March 2010
The News Media was there
Nice And Cool inside the Museum
The National Infantry Museum
The National Infantry Museum
The National Infantry Museum
The Infanry Museum has a very large Parking Lot
Page 6, Devils Digest, March 2010
By Ken Hamill
I learned of Operation Dragoon discussions and
ceremonies to be held last August at Arlington. I
was in DC for Jack Damron’s funeral on 3
August and decided to stay and learn about this
little known operation. A Historical Round Table
Discussion was held on Tuesday the 4th of
August at the host hotel near Henderson Hall,
the Marine Base adjoining Fort Myer. The next
day, 5 August was a longer day: It Started with a
Commemorative Ceremony at the Memorial
Amphitheater, Arlington National Cemetery.
Followed by wreath laying ceremonies at the
Tomb of the Unknowns and the 3rd Infantry
Division Monument; a Remembrance at the
Audie Murphy gravesite and a luncheon at the
Fort Myer Officer Club. Continuation of the
Historical Round Table followed lunch. Both
days were well planned and very informative.
The Memorial Ceremony was meant to honor
veterans of the United States Armed Forces and
Allied Forces who participated in Op Dragoon in
August 1944. The 15 August 1944 landings in
Southern France by 7th Army’s 3rd, 36th and
45th Infantry Divisions, the 1st Allied Airborne
Task Force and the 1st Special Service Force
played major roles, with the superb support of
the US Army Air Corps’ XIIth Tactical Air
Command and the US Navy’s 8th Fleet. This
second front led to 7th Army linking up with 3rd
Army driving from Normandy on 14 September
1944 near Dijon, France. Retired Lieutenant
Generals Grange and Seitz were 1st Airborne
Task Force veterans who attended and spoke at
this two day ceremony. Four distinguished
historians served on the panel – Dr. Jeffrey
Clark, Chief of Military History for the Army;
Gerald Devlin, Author of Paratrooper; Dr. John
McManus, Author of several military history
books and Kevin Hymel, historian for Army
Freedom Team Salute. CPT Monica Stoy (USA
Ret) and LTC Tim Stoy planned and hosted this
wonderful event. Representatives from Canada,
France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands,
Poland and the United Kingdom attended the
ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery.
Arlington Amphitheater from Mast of USS Maine
Dragoon Veterans Arrive at Amphitheater
Gerald Devlin Speaks to Group at Amphitheater
Page 7, Devils Digest, March 2010
Dragoon Veteran Tells His Experiences
Dragoon Veteran Tells His Experiences
Dragoon Veteran Tells His Experiences
Dragoon Veteran Tells His Experiences
Dragoon Veteran Tells His Experiences
Dragoon Veteran Tells His Experiences
Page 8, Devils Digest, March 2010
Monika Stoy interviews Frenchman Rene Guercin
Dragoon Veteran tells his Experiences
Tim Stoy Explains Organization and Schedule
Dragoon Veterans arrive Arlington Amphitheater
Veterans with Family and Boy Scout Escorts
Dragoon Veterans with Soldier Escorts
Page 9, Devils Digest, March 2010
Dragoon Veterans arrive Arlington Amphitheater
A Paratrooper leads this Group Of Veterans
Dragoon Veterans arrive Arlington Amphitheater
Dragoon Veterans arrive Arlington Amphitheater
BG Donahue of 3rd Inf. Div. At Center
An Army Air Corps Vet is with this Group
Page 10, Devils Digest, March 2010
The Rouse’s, COL Dillard & Bob Farver
Wreath Laying at the Tomb Of The Unknowns
COL Rouse, COL Dillard, Bob Farver & K. Hamill
Wreath Laying at the 3rd Inf. Div. Memorial
The French Contingent
At the Gravesite of Audie Murphy
Page 11, Devils Digest, March 2010
Herman Krum & Unknown
BG Donahue and French Mayor
MAJ Nguyen
Red Hat Group
Rene & Marja Guercin
Bob Farver & BG Donahue
David Adams & Sibley Cooley
Page 12, Devils Digest, March 2010
CSM Garcia & COL Seiler
Elise Van Pool & Unknown of 3rd ID PIO
The Sacha Family
David & Lori Lindbergh
James & Margaret Balogh
LT Brenner, General’s Aide
Page 13, Devils Digest, March 2010
COL Ryan, Wm Sam Magee & Whitney Mullen
Unknown Operation Dragoon Veteran
Unknown Operation Dragoon Veteran
LTG Seitz and Friends
Gerald M. Devlin Author of Paratrooper
COL Brice Houdet and Friends
Page 14, Devils Digest, March 2010
Congratulations Dick O’Donnell
Congratulations to Dick
O’Donnell for becoming our
first ever 508th Airborne
Chapter Honorary Member
effective 1 January 2010.
You, the membership voted
him in by phone, letter or
email and I thank you for
Dick O’Donnell
your support in this matter.
Dick is the current Chairman and Webmaster for
the Family and Friends of the 508 PIR
Association. He and the Family and Friends
organization are great supporters of 508
paratroopers from all years, from the young and
active to the very old and retired. Dick served in
the U.S. Air Force from 1959 - 67 at many places
including Japan, Pakistan and Thailand. He
graduated from Northeastern University and
retired as Director of Information Management
Technology, Harris Corp, Melbourne, FL in 1998.
Please make Dick welcome when you meet him.
His membership card is reproduced below.
Chapter Honorary Member
508th Airborne Chapter
Richard J. O’Donnell
82nd Airborne Division Association
Most of our historical items were safe-guarded
and donated by Jack Damron. Some came from
MG Pearson by way of Richard George. Our
most recent treasures came from our Treasurer,
Frank Seif. Frank sent seven pages from our
Regimental History page, 508 AIR 1951-57; a
family legacy stone dedication brochure; the
Benning Herald dated Feb 1953; a book about
History of the US Army Airborne Infantry with
Lineage and Insignia; letters and orders
pertaining to the 508 Airborne. A four page…
…brochure commemorates the dedication of the
Frank Seif Family Legacy Stone at the
Highground, dedicated to the military in his
hometown of Neillsville, Wisconsin on 14 June
2008. The Highground has a great website at The 16 page Benning
Herald magazine dated Feb 1953 has an article
with photos pertaining to Aggressors of the 508th
ARCT by LT James R. Mailler. Another article
has several photos depicting monorail equipped
C-119 aircraft dropping 20 500-lb. bundles in 7
seconds by LT James A. Buck. Members of the
19th Abn QM Detachment, 508 Abn Regt Combat
Team described the monorail system to LT Buck.
Volume 3, A Concise History of the US Army
Airborne Infantry with Lineage and Insignia by
Geoffrey T. Barker describes – A general history
of Airborne, Glider and Parachute Infantry
Regiments 1940 to the 1990’s. Displayed in
numerical order are Unit DUI (Regimental
Crests); Oval and Flash (Wings and Beret background); and SSI unit shoulder patches. Official
documents follow - An Institute of Heraldry
approved drawing dated 4 Sep 1951 of the 508
ARCT distinctive unit crest.
General orders dated 5 Oct 1951 describing the
approved shoulder sleeve insignia for the 508
QM schematic dated 15 Oct 1951
describing the shoulder sleeve insignia in detail –
the square patch 2 3/8” X 2 3/8”, the wyvern, the
ultramarine blue #65010, 4925 stitches in two
A document dated 1 Jan 1953
describes the Table of Organization &
Equipment of the 519 Abn QM Co. DA orders
dated 12 March 1957 inactivating the 508
Airborne Infantry; 320 Airborne Field Artillery
less Hq, Hq & Svc Btry; 519 Abn QM Co; 427
Abn AAA Btry: and the 598 Abn Eng Co. An
Institute of Heraldry letter dated 3 Dec 1962
redesignates the coat of arms for the 508
Infantry and documents the Coat of Arms and
Crest original approval date of 4 Sep 1951. It
describes the crest in detail in accordance with
the certificate of Lineage and Honors for the 508
Infantry. Thank you Frank Seif.
Page 15, Devils Digest, March 2010
Executive Director Manuel E. De Jesus
Ken Hamill
2207 Coventry Drive
Columbus, GA 31904-5034
Telephone: 706.327.3207
E: [email protected]
Frank Seif
PO Box 1462
Sun City, AZ 85372-1462
Telephone: 623.875.9016
E-Mail: [email protected]
Ken Glynn
836 Glendale Street
Lakeland, FL 33803
Telephone: 863.682.3382
[email protected]
Donald M. Biles, Tampa Bay Chapter
I Company 3-508 PIR 42-45, 23 Sep 2009
Harold E. Eby, Central PA Chapter
C Co. 508 ARCT 1951-53, 7 Oct 2009
DuWayne L. Erdmann, Wausau, WI
598 Eng. Co. 508 ARCT 1951-54, 5 Dec 2009
Anthony L. La Judice, Norwood, PA
Medical Co. 508 ARCT 1955-56, 9 Jan 2010
Henry Lacy O’Neal, Shelton, WA
C-1 Fort Kobbe, CZ 1987-94, 8 Jan 2010
Frank J. Sosnowski, Chicago Chapter
I Company 3-508 PIR 1943-46, 15 Nov 2009
William Wagoner, Derby, Kansas
Hq & Hq Co, 508 ARCT 51-54, 2009
National Headquarters regrets to announce
the passing of former Executive Director
Manuel E. De Jesus. Manny lost his battle
with lung cancer on 2 February 2010. He
served as Executive Director for 17+ years
and will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace!
Charles J. Viviano, Cypress, CA
K Company, 508 ARCT 1951-52
Annual Members…34
Affiliate Members.. 11
All Americans…...305
Total Members.….350
Opening Balance Checking.…….……$2036.24
Opening Balance Money Market.……$7735.95
Opening Balance 1/1/2010……………$9772.19
Receipts 12/31/09 …………...…… ….$3528.24
Ending Balance Checking...………….$3449.85
Ending Balance CD……………………$6000.00
Ending Balance 12/31/09...…………...$9449.85
Annual Members with expired memberships
are asked to send their dues to our
Treasurer, PO Box 1462, Sun City, AZ 853721462. Why stay an annual member? All
American Membership will cost $100.00 if
you are 50 years of age or older.
American Membership is good for life in the
Airborne Chapter and the 82nd
Airborne Division Association.
82nd Abn Div Assn Convention
The 64th National Convention of the 82nd
Airborne Division Association will take place
August 18 – 21, 2010. Marriott Charleston
Town Center, 20 Lee Street East, Charleston,
West Virginia.
POC is Don Jennings
304.456.4956 or [email protected]
Joe Synakowski says these B&B owners help
keep WWII history alive - Rodolphe and Vivian
Roger , la Bataille de La Fiere, 14 Moulin a La
Fiere, 50480 Ste. Mere-Eglise, France.
Page 16, Devils Digest, March 2010
I received an interesting message from a 504
Veteran as follows. Hello Ken. I read with
interest the "Devils Digest" August 2006 article
by Jack Damron on the 508th's participation in
operation Power Pack. I was a jumpmaster
qualified NCO (E-5) with C/1/504 and was
assigned as a safety (static jumpmaster) to a
planeload of the 1/508 for the Power Pack IRF
mission which was to be a parachute assault on
San Isidro airfield east of Santo Domingo the
early morning of 30 April 1965. I well remember,
all these years later, the hassle to issue the
entire basic load to each 508th trooper in flight
since this had not been planned for green ramp
prior to boarding. Converted to an airland
mission enroute, I never got off the C-130 that
early April morning and returned to Fort Bragg
via Ramey AFB, PR, two days later. About two
weeks later I returned to the island with my unit
and finished my tour as an FO with the 81mm
mortar section of the original "Devils in Baggy
Pants". I was wondering if anyone in your
association had researched that original 30 April
IRF mission beyond Mr. Damron's fine article?
Best regards, Phillip Gowdy. Editor: Has anyone
researched Op Power Pack besides Jack?
Paratrooper Tony Geremia of Rhode Island
and Bravo Company & Hq 1 - 508, Golden
Brigade, Vietnam 1968 - 69 needs help. Tony is
looking for Infantry Officers Crossed Rifle Lapel
Insignia Brass with the 508 designator attached
to enhance his display case. If you have an
extra crossed rifle lapel brass with 508
designator or information that could be helpful,
please notify Tony at [email protected] The
PX can special order this item, but the minimum
order is 25 sets.
508th Chapter Challenge Coin
Two members have made suggestions for the
design of a Chapter Challenge Coin. Chapter
founder Bob Murray of Tucson, AZ and Baker
Company 1951-53 suggested one side of the
coin display our Chapter Logo and the other side
list the campaigns of the unit. Joseph Lesniak of
Coventry, RI and Charlie Company 1951-52
wants a colored patch on both sides of the coin.
Thank you gentlemen for your suggestions.
I spoke with Al Vittori of Kenosha, WI and Able
Company, 2nd Bn, 508 Airborne 1972-74. Al
has worked for the Kenosha School District in
Maintenance for several years.
Al was
diagnosed with Parkinsons last October and is
treating it with exercise, diet and medication – so
far, so good. He had rotator cuff surgery on 30
Dec 2009. Al and a group of friends teach
military history at Kenosha Schools. They have
programs for grades 4 – 8 and grades 9 -12 that
include military exhibits, DVD presentations,
handouts and guest speakers. Their pitches
range from one to three hour classroom
presentations, up to three day seminars and
multiclass School Assemblies. They have done
25 Kenosha Schools so far. Way to go Al Hooaaah !!!
I spoke to our 508 Wounded Warrior James
Brasher. He was on funeral detail for a lost Red
Devil away from Post. James provided us Red
Devil addresses in Afghanistan to assist with our
Henry Lacey O’Neal Memorial Fund effort.
WWII History:
According to Volume 3, A
Concise History of the US Army Airborne Infantry
with Lineage and Insignia by G.T. Barker – the
501 and 508 Parachute Infantry Regiments were
assigned to, and deployed to the European
Theater with the 2nd Airborne Infantry Brigade.
In 1944 the 501 PIR was assigned to the 101
Airborne Division for Operation Market Garden
and the 508 PIR was attached to the 82 Airborne
Division for the Normandy Invasion. Neither unit
returned to the 2nd Airborne Infantry Brigade,
which was disbanded in 1945.
Donations to the 82nd Airborne Division
Association Educational Fund Inc need to be
mailed to: 82nd Airborne Division Association
Educational Fund, PO Box 65089, Fayetteville,
NC 28306-5089.
Kentucky Chapter All Airborne Days
The Kentucky Chapter of the 82nd Abn Div Assn
will host the Kentucky All Airborne Days April 1617, 2010. POC is Joseph Steen 502.937.8234
or [email protected]
Page 17, Devils Digest, March 2010
Name: ___________________________ Address: ______________________________________________
City: ____________________________________ State: ____________ Zip: _________________________
Quartermaster Sales Form----(Members Only)
Complete this form and mail your check payable to Kenneth Glynn along with your name and address in the box above to:
Ken Glynn, 836 Glendale St., Lakeland, FL. 33803-4122
Please include shipping and handling charges in the amount column to the right of each item ordered.
Hat, White, Maroon Bill, Chap Logo, Embroidered
One Size Fits All
$1.50 Each
Hat, White, Maroon Bill, Chap Logo, Screened
One Size Fits All
$1.50 Each
Sweatshirt, Grey, Chapter Logo, Screened
$3.50 + $2 Each Additional
Sweatshirt, White, Chapter Logo, Screened
$3.50 + $2 Each Additional
Shirt, T, White, Chapter Logo, Screened
$2.00 Each
Shirt, Polo, Abn Maroon, Chap Logo Embroidered
$3.50 + $1.00 Each Additional
Patch, 508th Abn Chapter (See 1, Below)
$1.00 Each (3/$1.50)
Patch, 508th ARCT (See 1, Below)
$1.00 Each (3/$1.50)
Patch, Para Red Devil (See 1, Below)
$1.00 Each (3/$1.50)
Patch, 320th Abn FA Bn.
$1.00 Each (3/$1.50)
Pin, 508th ARCT
No Charge
Pin, Para Red Devil
No Charge
*= Add an additional $2.00 for each X above XL (XXXL size is a special order)
1= All patches can be purchased 3 for $15.00 + Shipping and Handling.
By Dennis Munden 1-508 Fort Kobbe, CZ
I can remember one about Lacey O’Neal during
our 1-508 Fort Kobbe reunion in DC in 2000, we
were holding a get together in one of the hotel
meeting rooms. If you think back to Kobbe days
it was always said the Col (R) Fitz did not like
being called by his given name-Billie Ray, so it
was either LTC Fitz or Ray. Anyway the first
night we are in the meeting room Lacey was
already there after a brief journey to the Adult
Beverage area----then Fitz walks in, Lacey cuts
loose with this “BILLIE RAY !!!!!” at the top of his
airborne lungs. Followed by a “I have been
wanting to do that for 10 years.” Of course Fitz
took it in his always wonderful attitude. A good
time was had that night by the Red Devils. Keep
your feet and knees together. Airborne !!!,
I spoke to Gene Doe of Somerville, MA and
Easy Company, 508th 1955-56. He got out in
1958 and worked at the Boston Navy Yard as a
Boilermaker for a year. Rejoined and assigned
to 327 ABG, 101st. Then spent a tour with the…
…505 in Mainz, Germany. He spent a year in
the mid 60’s in Vietnam working Pacification four U.S. men advise the ARVN 30 days in the
field, resupply and do it again. They ate a lot of
rice. He got out again and worked as a Boston
Longshoreman for a year. Re-upped in 1967
and spent a year with Mike Force. The unit was
comprised of 300 Montagyards and led by a
handful of Yanks or Aussies. Gene returned to
Vietnam and Pleiku Mike Force in 1969. Gene
and his U.S. partner were with MF 213. The 66th
NVA Regiment with Chinese advisors ambushed
them. One third of the Montagyards were lost
and Gene was wounded on day one. Gene was
hit again on day two, his U.S. partner was KIA
and they were overrun. Gene remembers the
escape and evasion. He and a small group of
survivors, wounded and exhausted, struggled to
get some distance away from the scene. An
occasional single shot behind them was a
reminder that to stop meant execution and
motivated them to keep moving. They were
picked up by a slick on day three. Gene was
medivaced to Fort Bragg to recover. He retired
from service in 76 and returned to New England.
Ken Hamill, Chairman
508 Airborne Chapter
2207 Coventry Drive
Columbus, GA 31904-5034
508th Airborne Chapter, 82nd Airborne Division Association
All American
New Member
Enclosed $15.00 for my annual dues for the year ____________ which includes Paraglide subscription.
Name: ____________________________________ Street: ______________________________________________
City: _________________________________________________ State: ________ Zip Code: _________________
Telephone Number: _________________________________ E-Mail: ______________________________________
Last Rank Held: _________________________
508th Unit (Fill In)
Major Unit (Select One)
193rd Inf Bde: ____
Serial Number: __________________________________________
Company: ____________
Battery: ____________
2nd Abn Inf Bde: _______
Golden Bde: _______
82nd Abn Div: _______
SETAF: _______
Battalion: ____________
508th ARCT: _______
173rd Abn Bde: _______
Dates of 508th Service: From: Month: _______ Year: _______
To: Month: _______ Year: _______
# of
Occupation: _______________________ Single: ___ Married:___ Name: ______________ Children: ______
PLEASE MAIL TO: 508th Airborne Chapter, P. O. Box 1462, Sun City, AZ 85372-1462
National Association requires rank, serial number and copy of DD214 or orders
indicating the award of the Parachutist Badge from initial applicants.
*** $8 Affiliate Members Only: I am presently a member of the _______________________________ Chapter
I do / do not want to transfer to the 508 Chapter. Signature: _________________________________________

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