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Monthly publication for the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls
November 2013
Bishop Paul
This is a month of remembrance and more...
s we get older, remembrance becomes more
poignant. In part I suppose
because we cannot be as
active as we once were or
because we have more to remember. The young are today
creating their memories of
tomorrow. We pray they will
be ones of joy and justice, of
love and life, and of faith and
November is a month of remembrance
– All Saints, All Souls, Veterans Day,
Thanksgiving Day. One reason it is good
to remember is to give us hope about
today and tomorrow encouraged by the
perspective the past teaches. It is also
important to remember the past so that we
will thank God for those who went before,
for the blessings we have received and for
the future opportunities of those who are
creating their future memories.
In this edition of The Bishop’s Bulletin
special attention is given to those who
have and are serving our country in the
defense of freedom around the world with
a generosity of spirit unique to any coun-
take for granted and to help allow others
to enjoy these blessings. Our diocese has a
long and noble history of priests and deacons serving as chaplains to offer the sacraments and spiritual nourishment to those
who serve. How essential is that presence.
How important it is that we support those
who serve, those who have served when
they come home, and offer pastoral support for both and their families.
I served as an intelligence officer in the
US Air Force during the Vietnam War. I
remember vividly my first Christmas in
Vietnam in 1968. We had been forced to
evacuate for a while from our quarters
in downtown Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh
City) because of hostile fire. While the airbase we retired to was safer, there was no
night time because flares would be set off
continually to lighten the sky and therefore allow for reconnaissance of enemy
Anxious, lonely, uncertain of the future, I
was restless on Christmas Eve and could
not sleep. I decided to attend Catholic
midnight Mass even though I was not a
Catholic at the time. It was held in the
movie theatre on the airbase. My first
memory is of the stale odor of popcorn
and my boots sticking to the floor due to
spilled drinks. That odor was replaced
with the wonderful smell of incense. My
mind was raised up from the mundane by
the glorious music, the quiet of the usually
teeming place, and the soothing chant of
“This is my body. This
is my blood. Do this
in memory of me.”
try in history. We also raise up the importance of the Church through its chaplains
who have and continue to walk with the
men and women in uniform. South Dakota
has a long and noble history of citizens
rising to the occasion to risk life and limb
to preserve our freedoms which we often
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Mass. Latin was the language, hope was
the message. The celebrant was Terrance
Cardinal Cooke, of New York who was
also archbishop of the Military Ordinariate at the time.
I have forgotten a lot about my time in
Vietnam, probably for the better. I pray for
those whose memories remain heavy. War
experiences are life changing, directly
and subtly. I wish our national leaders
before they choose to put people, mostly
young, in harm’s way would reflect at
least as much on the impact to persons and
families as they do to global image and
political pressures.
My experience of war is remembered in
part through the lens of that Christmas eve
when a non-Catholic was welcomed and
lifted up along with so many others by a
Catholic chaplain who prayed the words
of the Lord as we do today, “This is my
body. This is my blood. Do this is memory
of me.” I did not receive Holy Communion that night, but surely it set me on the
path to conversion, to ordination, and to
the privilege of standing at the altar and
“doing this in memory of Him.”
Please be generous in your support of
the special collection for the Archdiocese of Military Affairs, and in support
of our diocesan efforts to be present to
active military, to veterans, and their
families. Also be understanding that to
allow chaplains to serve away may mean
less convenient Mass times at home.
Let us give thanks in this month of
remembrance for all the saints, for the
souls in purgatory, for our veterans, for
the veterans in the making, and their
families. Let us especially thank God for
the gift of faith, the gift of the Church
and for the gift of our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ.
May we do all this: in memory of Him.
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November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Fr. Michael
”If you have faith the size of a mustard seed...”
ne of the rather unexpected
aspects of deployment to a
combat zone is the amount
of time that is spent laughing
and having fun. Life is rather
different here, there are few of
the entertainments that are taken
for granted back home, so sitting
around and talking and joking is
pretty important.
In many ways, because of the lack of
conveniences and the usual experiences of
daily life, time here can be rather peaceful
and rhythmic. There is a naturalness of the
routines that can even lull me into forgetting
where I am and what is happening around
Then I come to my office area and notice
that the flag is flying at half-staff, which
means someone was killed in action,
somewhere in our area, and they are being
returned to our base in preparation for the
flight home.
the words to a family that would shatter their
lives forever.
Only a mustard seed…that was all He said
was needed to move trees and mountains
and maybe even the human heart.
All in all, it was a long Saturday.
Yet, the nice thing about long Saturdays is
they are invariably followed by Sunday. As I
was coming back to the office from lunch on
Sunday, as I was climbing those same stairs,
I heard the music before I even reached the
door. We have a little “hanging out” room
next to our offices where Soldiers can come
and relax in various ways. As I entered the
building, I noticed the door was closed and
the music was coming from within.
I went to my desk and listened to the sound
of a guitar being played and a voice singing
hymns and spirituals. It was the sound of a
man pouring his heart out before the Lord
and it was beautiful.
I sat at my desk, putting together the final
thoughts for the homily, rereading the words
that had haunted me through the night…the
size of a mustard seed, and I listened to the
That image, that sight, that flag hanging gen- singing. As this young man’s singing filled
tly against an intense blue sky, is a reminder the hallway and my office and my mind, I
let my eyes slip gently to the first words of
of course, and as I paused to honor the flag
the Gospel and the simple request of the disand the life lost which it represented at that
moment, I also paused to remember the risks ciples: “Lord, increase our faith.”
that some very brave young men and women
The music stopped and the young lieutenant
were taking around me.
stepped out of the back room. He is a good
man, focused, hard working, a man who
That flag produced within me a hesitation
that I knew I would have to face. I wrote last loves what he does and the men and women
he serves with, in every respect an example
month of my desire to be an instrument of
God’s peace in this land touched by so much of what is best in an American soldier. I
war, and the image of that flag flying so low stepped out of my office to greet him and
shake his hand and thank him for the music.
(as it had to the next day as well as more
soldiers were returned) made me face stark
“No problem, chaplain,” he said to me, “I
questions: What if I didn’t want to be an
hope I didn’t disturb you.”
instrument of peace? What if I didn’t want
to love my enemies?
I assured him he did not and he wished me a
It was Saturday and I walked up the stairs to good Sunday and slipped on his cap and was
my office to keep working on my homily for out the door.
the next day. I sat at my desk and reread the
It was just a few moments of peace and
words I had read often the days before, “If
solitude for him, a few moments of offering
you had faith the size of a mustard seed…”
to the Lord he loves a Sunday gift, a gift he
unknowingly shared also with me.
I thought of that moment back home where
a notification officer and a chaplain were
And it was a gift.
called from sleep and were putting on their
And in that gift there is faith.
dress uniforms to make a long drive, and
And it is enough.
were somehow preparing themselves to say
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
November 2013
Volume 66, Number 11
Most Rev. Paul J. Swain
Executive Editor
Rev. Michael L. Griffin
Managing Editor
Mr. Gene J. Young
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November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
When Father Michael Griffin deployed to Afghanistan a few months
ago, he joined a long and distinguished line of priests from South
Dakota who have served as military
Father Colman O’Flaherty lost his
life serving as a chaplain in World
War I. Msgr. Francis Sampson parachuted in with the 101st Airborne on
D-Day in World War II. And several
diocesan priests served as chaplains
during deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 20 years.
The power of witnessing the desire
for the sacraments by soldiers in
moments of both calm and crisis is a
common thread in the experience of
most all who have served as chaplains.
“To be with people who desire to
receive the sacraments with great
longing was endearing,” said Father Joseph Holzhauser, pastor of
St. Mary, Aberdeen. “The soldier’s
appreciation for Christ’s presence in
their lives, whether at war or peace,
was always very intense.” Fr. Holzhauser retired several years ago after 26 years of chaplain service to the
National Guard.
Fr. Griffin, pastor of Ss. Peter and Paul, Pierre, became
a National Guard chaplain only recently. And though he
also serves as executive editor of The Bishop’s Bulletin,
he said he finds it difficult to properly express the feelings he has for those with whom he serves.
“I joined the Army with the awareness that I might be
called to serve in deployment. I was aware of the needs
many would have; the need for access to a Chaplain and
the need for the Sacraments. Now that I am in Afghanistan with these men and women, I can say that I will
always honor the time I have spent here, just trying to
love the Soldiers the best I can,” he said.
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Fr. Joe Holzhauser celebrates Holy Mass (above)
Fr. Michael Griffin leads a group of soldiers in prayer (below)
Father David Krogman spent 10 years as an active duty
chaplain in the Air Force, spending time around the
world including Greenland, Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha and tours in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Spain during
Desert Storm and Desert Calm.
“These were fruitful, enjoyable
years,” said Fr. Krogman, now
Vicar for hospital ministry and
chaplain at Avera facilities in
Sioux Falls. “It was such a pleasure to see so many young adults
value their faith.”
Father David Stevens, pastor of
St. Therese, Sioux Falls, said
The work of the Catholic chaplains
is coordinated through the work of
the Archdiocese for the Military
Services. A special collection to support its work will be coordinated in
the parishes of the Diocese of Sioux
Falls, and around the country, on the
weekends near Veterans Day (see
more information on page 11).
In addition to those quoted and pictured in this story, many other priests
and deacons have served as members
of the military either before ordination or as chaplains during their years
after. Despite the generosity of many
in serving as chaplains, the need for
them is greater than the supply available.
Father Andrew Young,
ng, associate pastor of the Cathedral of Saint Joseph,
servedd as a Marine
M i bbefore
his seminary studies.
Cover photo: Going Home
sculpture located in Veterans'
Memorial Park, Sioux Falls.
(Photo by Tim Stanek)
“So often we compl
laain about a priest
we have, Mass time, music, etc. and
sometimes I think wee can forget the
opportunity we have being able to
attend Mass, not only on Sunday but
every day,” he said.
when he became a chaplain candidate while still in the
seminary he had no idea it would lead to 15 years of
experience as a priest chaplain.
“Bishop (now Archbishop Robert) Carlson asked me
to become the first Catholic chaplain of the South
Dakota Air National Guard
and I said “yes” without
fully understanding what
the ministry would entail,”
Fr. Stevens said. “Then the
events of 9-11 happened
that deepened the need of
our men and women serving
to have God in their lives.”
Fr. Andrew Young at
chaplain training in Fort
Jackson, SC–2010.
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
“As a Marine, there were months that went by without
Mass, without the Eucharist and Confession. So, as men
and women in uniform, they are so thankful to just have
a priest,” said Fr. Young, who as a seminarian was cosponsored by the Archdiocese for the Military Services.
Fr. Holzhauser said intense moments are where his
memories are strongest. “In battle there is a firm conversion that continues many times for the rest of their
lives. To be able to minister to whole families was a gift.
Unfortunately there were times of death where it was an
opportunity to reveal the reality of the paschal mystery
that includes hope and resurrection,” he said.
“I was chaplain for two evacuation hospitals, as well
as the Army mortuary, in Saudi Arabia during Desert
Storm,” said Father Denis Meier, now retired and serving as chaplain at Mother of God Monastery, Watertown.
“It was on Easter Sunday morning that we closed down
the mortuary for good. I’ll never forget that feeling of
letting go of two months of death and dying on the very
day we were celebrating Christ’s Resurrection and victory over death. It was such a powerful experience and
symbol for me as a chaplain, never to be forgotten,” said
Fr. Meier.
“Those in uniform, especially in time of war, understand
what Christ says, that we are to lay down our lives for
our friends, like Christ did. What amazes me most is that
my Marines were willing to not only say this - lay down
their lives - but live it, literally willing to risk their life
for me - how humbling,” said Fr. Young.
Father Ken Koster, pastor of parishes in Kranzburg,
Castlewood and Waverly, said of his ten years as a Navy
chaplain, “I served from Iceland to the Indian Ocean and
Japan along with in the US both East and West coasts.
Always I saw people really trying to make themselves,
our nation and the world better for the present and the
future. I feel I am a better person and priest because of
the experience.”
Fr. Stevens said his most unforgettable experience came
in Saudi Arabia. “The fact that Christianity is illegal in
this homeland of
Islam made my
presence all the
more powerful.
Worshipping with
communities that
wanted so badly to
receive the Eucharist that they put
themselves at risk
was humbling for
my faith,” he said.
“I will never forget
these Catholic
communities that
for me were like
the early ChrisFr. Michael Griffin
While Veterans Day provides a chance to honor and
thank those who have completed their service, it also is
an opportunity to recognize those still serving.
Said Fr. Griffin, “In a special way, the people of South
Dakota can be rightly proud of the men and women who
serve in the South Dakota National Guard. Their reputation for excellence was established by those who came
before us, and this unit has built upon that solid
Chaplain Denis Meier at Palm Sunday Services for
Army Mortuary Unit in northern Saudi Desert–
March 1991 (left)
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Caring for the needs of those who are
serving or who have served happens also in
other ways. Several years ago Bishop Paul
Swain established the St. Raphael Fund to
support military families with needs not
being met in other ways. Donors have been
generous and many families have been
helped through the fund (see story on page
Berakhah House, once home to those with
AIDS who had nowhere else to go, since
2010 has been home for homeless veterans.
Volunteers of America, Dakotas, the Sioux
Falls VA and the diocese have worked
together in creating short-term transitional
housing as an effective tool in addressing
the needs of homeless veterans.
Chris Nelson manages the home for VOA
Dakotas which runs the program. “During
the past 3 years of operations we have
served over 150 Veterans with an 82%
success rate in moving them to permanent
housing,” he said. “The Berakhah House
demonstrates a true community partnership
that includes faith, and government
cooperation in achieving meaningful
outcomes for Veterans.”
Fr. Krogman welcome home party–Sept. 1991
Greenland warming station–June 1989
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Major Martin Yost, right, with a family
assisted by the St. Raphael Fund.
Ed Bloom from Sioux Falls Ford is on the
haatt is
is the
the St.
St. Raphael
Raphaeell Fund?
The St.
St Raphael
h l Fund
Fundd assists
assiistts the
the military
itary andd their
families meet needs not supported in other ways. It was
born through the travels and experiences of Bishop Paul
Swain as he came to know eastern South Dakota and
how many families are impacted by someone serving.
While there are a number of fine support services available for military members and their families, sometimes
families can be helped by a particular opportunity to be
together or to be able to communicate with each other,
or attend a retreat, or receive counseling on coping with
the daily stress – and that is where the St. Raphael Fund
can help. Bishop Swain said access to funds quickly and
without strings for these purposes encourages healthy
families and “are a sign of our care for those who serve.”
St. Raphael is the patron saint for the safety of travelers
and for healing – both particular needs of the military
and their families. The fund is administered through
Catholic Family Services and provides a complement to
its existing services to military and their families. Donations can be sent to St. Raphael Fund, 523 N. Duluth
Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104. Applications for funds can
be obtained from that address or through pastors at parishes across the diocese.
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Testimony from MAJ Martin Yost
196th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade (MEB)
In the past few years the St. Raphael Fund has been a
wonderful tool and support program for our military service members. The military provides support to service
members in many ways but unfortunately due to funding
limitations or rules certain assistance cannot be provided
for support.
The St. Raphael Fund has provided emergency financial
support that the military is not able to provide. When
a service member or their family calls during a time
of need the St. Raphael fund has always been there for
support. Thousands of dollars have been provided to
support families for travel to see a loved one who is need
or travel to loved ones that have been gone for over a
year and due to regulations a visit is not compensated
which places our military members and their families
in financial stress. The ability for a service member to
return home for a short period until their return to duty
is priceless. Words cannot express the gratitude or the
expressions on the spouses and children of our military
families as they hold each other after absence to serve
their country. Without the St. Raphael fund support
these special moments could not happen.
family relief during the terrible loss of everything they
owned. Once again, a huge weight was lifted from the
family and a home was provided.
The St. Raphael Fund has also been a morale booster
for our service members overseas. Items of comfort and
treats have been sent to our service members that are in
harm’s way overseas. As a previous deployed Soldier,
something from home, especially from SD, provided a
lift of personal spirits even though we were thousands of
miles from home.
Office Photo Fr. Wachs
The St. Raphael Fund also has been instrumental providing financial support to families in need. So many times
the service member leaves home and issues arise in the
home that are unexpected like a broken water heater or
other items that if they are not attended to in a timely
manner the stress to the family and the service member
adds to an already heavy issue. The St. Raphael Fund
has also supported our families in severe times of strife.
A military family did not have a place to live due to a
fire in their home.
The St. Raphael Fund quickly granted funds to the
service member family in a timely basis when no one
else was there to provide a deposit and rent to allow the
The St. Raphael Fund has assisted our family support
groups by providing assistance during meetings and
unit functions. One of our units has a hearing disabled
family member. The St. Raphael Fund provided financial support to allow an interpreter to provide support at
the unit family event. Without the interpreter the family
member would have not been able to interact as their
family interacted with the unit program and was able to
feel part of the group.
I feel very fortunate to be part of such an amazing group of people. The St. Raphael Fund
supporters will always be part of our service
members and their families’ lives due to incredible support. Thank you for all you do!
Collection for the Archdiocese for the Military
About 1.8 million Catholics are served through
the work of the Archdiocese for Military Services.
The Archdiocese coordinates the work of Catholic
chaplains for the U.S. Military around the world
and the VA Medical Centers in the U.S., and it
does so without receiving government funding.
Without parishes, the Archdiocese for the Military
Services depends on the generosity of donors to
provide for the men and women of the military access to the sacraments, Catholic formation and the
spiritual guidance of a Catholic chaplain.
This is the first collection for support of the
Military Achdiocese. It will be taken every three
years. The collection will be held in parishes of
the Diocese of Sioux Falls on one of the weekends
near Veterans Day.
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Incredible sacrifices are made by service men and women
and their families
when I was a deacon in seminary I had the opportunity to do
my pastoral work at the NATO base in Naples, Italy. It opened
my eyes up to a world I had previously known little about, as I
grew up in a home where none of my immediate family members were serving in the military. What I discovered during
that year of serving the Catholics on base was the incredible
sacrifice made by not only the men and women serving in the
military, but by their families as well.
For these men and women this was all part
of the deal when they signed up to serve
our nation. They knew there would be
deployments and overseas tours of duty,
but it still did not change the fact that it is
never easy to leave your family and home
behind. As Catholics we have the great
reality that wherever there is a Catholic
church or even a Catholic priest, we are
home, for our faith spans time and space.
Thus, when I walked into the chapel on
the base, I too was home. It didn’t matter
what country I was in or what language
the Mass was celebrated in, it is the same
Jesus Christ, yesterday, today and forever. There is something so calming and
reassuring about our sacraments and the
opportunity to receive them on a regular
basis. My time at the base also opened my
eyes to the reality that while our faith is
universal, it still requires a Catholic priest
to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
Thus I became acutely aware of the need
for priests who would be willing to serve
not only their fellow Catholics, but their
country as well, by being a Catholic
chaplain in the military. Those priests who
serve our men and women in uniform
know better than anyone the importance
and power of the Sacraments. Their chapel
is often in the field and they often encounter men and women who have gone weeks
and even months without the Eucharist or
Confession, because there are not enough
priests to go around.
Our Diocese has had a long legacy of
priests who have served a portion of their
priesthood in the military and we continue
to have priests and seminarians who feel
a call to a priesthood shared with our Diocese and the Archdiocese of the Military.
This is one of those sacrifices we make
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
as a local church to serve the larger body.
For those of you who are serving in the
military or have a family member serving,
you know that this sacrifice is more than
worth it.
At the heart of all vocations is the call to
sacrifice our lives for the Lord and each
other. It is not enough for us to simply be
grateful that others are willing to sacrifice
for our Country and our Church. Each
one of us must discover what it is that our
Lord is asking of us for our own lives and
pray for the grace to carry it out. When
we discover our part in the great plan of
salvation we find a peace and confidence
that does not come from this world.
I think about all the priests who have
served our Diocese since its founding
nearly 125 years ago and wonder if I am
truly grateful for what it took to bring the
sacraments to the Plains throughout the
years. I also find myself wondering if I
am truly grateful for the freedoms I enjoy
because men and women were willing to
lay down their lives for something greater
than themselves.
What I discovered, after spending the
year at the military base, is that both our
Country and our Church require men and
women to be willing to sacrifice their lives
for a greater good. The freedoms we enjoy
and the sacraments we celebrate are a direct result of others heeding the call to lay
down their lives for a greater good. While
many of us will not serve in the military
nor be called into the priesthood, each one
of us must ask our Lord how he is calling
us to lay down our lives for him. During
this month of November let us take time
to give thanks to the Lord for the many
blessings we enjoy because others were
willing to sacrifice their lives.
Fr. Paul Rutten - Vocations Director
Rev. Mr. Melvin Kuhn
Grant Lacey
Darin Schmidt
Barry Reuwsaat
Steven Bierschbach
Brian Eckrich
Tyler Mattson
Joseph Scholten
Timothy Smith
Andrew Thuringer
Thomas Hartman
Jeffrey Baustian
Timothy Cone
Thomas Rausch
Derek Mitzel
Anthony Klein
Wilson Kubwayo
Joseph Van Dover
Scott Miller
Todd Schmidt
Cody Smith
David Koch
in prayer,
and visit
in prayer
them online
For though I be absent in the flesh, yet am I with you in the spirit…
Colossians 2:5
Listed are those who have died between October 1, 2012 and September 30, 2013
Aberdeen, Sacred Heart
Susan Ellen Lacher-Oct. 6;
Geraldine Kippley-Oct. 6; Duane
Carter-Oct. 6; Miran W. SaylerOct. 21; Robert Mecseji-Oct.
24; Magdalena SchumacherOct. 29; Robert Patten-Nov.
14; Doris Kormendy-Nov.
15; Mary A. Fischer-Dec. 9;
Delores Youngerman-Dec. 19;
Lola Pautch-Dec. 20; Janet
Timmermann-Dec. 23; Richard
Stevens-Dec. 27; Donald ArtzDec. 31; Marcella Strudle-Jan.
1; Elmer Zahn-Jan. 2; Mary P.
McNeary-Jan. 19; Nina BarrieJan. 19; Myrtis Peck-Jan. 21;
Virginia Cantwell-Jan. 26;
Caroline Hare-Feb. 1; Arlene
Weinreis-Feb. 23; Linda KlingerMar. 20; Dennis Johnson-Mar.
27; Carol Rohl-Apr. 4; Judy
Lyke-Apr. 6; Polly LussemApr. 14; Catherine Gross-Apr.
19; Anthony F. Young-Apr.
27; Edward P. Gerber-May
24; Kathryn Keenan-May 25;
Donabelle Backous-June 19;
Shirley Flinn-July 12; Allen
Walth-July 15; Michael FogelAug. 2; Geraldine KerstingAug. 17; Noel Johnson-Aug.
20; Joseph John Reis-Aug. 25;
Arlene Serfoss-Sept.7; Joseph P.
Engelhart-Sept. 18
Aberdeen, St. Mary
Edward Hughes-Oct. 6; Frank
Howe-Oct. 16; Kay DoschNov. 25; Rose Rieger-Dec.
4; Alvina Pettigrew-Dec. 5;
Amelia Kallas-Dec. 11; Martin
Lacher-Dec. 17; Mary Pitz-Dec.
27; Adam Linder-Jan. 29; Inez
Dutenhoeffer-Feb. 9; Marie
Feist-Feb. 10; Dorothy HoweFeb. 12; Hermina Kelly-Feb. 15;
Rose Strickland-Mar. 3; Deserae
Schletty-Mar. 26; Catherine
DeCurtins-Mar. 29; Lorraine
Meier-Apr. 3; Arlene Quist-Apr.
4; Dennis Sahli-Apr. 27; Iva
Brink-May 3; Matilda WolfMay 3; Robert DeVaan-May 6;
Elizabeth Linder-May 17; Aileen
Goetz-May 30; Nick Heier-June
5; Monica Palmer-June 11; Gary
Piatz-June 12; Angela LuceJune 17; James Appl-July 15;
Betty Drapeaux-July 19; Mary
Lundquist-Aug. 3; Brian PiatzAug. 8; Irene Hanson-Sept. 28
Aberdeen, St. Thomas Aquinas
Newman Center
No deaths recorded.
Aberdeen, Presentation Heights
Sr. Del Rey Thieman-Nov. 28;
Sr. Maris Stella Leonard-Feb.
9; Sr. Peter Dangel-Feb. 27; Sr.
Gertrude Nemmers-Mar. 7; Sr.
Valeria Westendorf-Sept. 11
Alexandria, St. Mary of Mercy
Delores Hoffman-Jan. 13;
Patricia Schroeder-Feb. 22;
Margaret Murray-May 9; Lois
Schneider-Sept. 27
Alexandria, Monastery of Our
Mother of Mercy and St. Joseph
No death recorded.
Arlington, St. John
Joyce Beverly Kneip-Dec. 17
Armour, St. Paul
Jacob Joseph Burke-Dec. 20;
Joan Frances Soukup-Dec.
26; Pauline Whirley-Dec. 28;
Regina Cecilia Renshaw-Feb.
8; Geri Bures-July 4; Charles J.
Fryda-July 8; Robert Raymond
Ellsworth-July 31
Artesian, St. Charles
Francis Joseph Grassel-May 30
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Aurora, St. William
Herb Vaske-June 20
Beresford, St. Teresa of Avila
Lawrence Goodis-Oct. 17; Randy
Muller-Oct. 17; Dolores McGillDec. 5; LaVon T. Johnson-Jan. 6;
Clark Wells-Mar. 4; William J.
Neuroth-June 1; Richard SebernJuly 13; Piper Mae Haisch-July
17; Ronald James Lantaff-Sept. 3
Big Bend, St. Catherine
Guy St. John-Apr. 11; Gail
Dunn-June 16
Big Stone City, St. Charles
Janet L. Scoblic-Dec. 27; Edward
P. Korstjens-Jan. 9; Laura G.
Lundborg-Jan. 19; Donald R.
VanHout-Sept. 24
Bowdle, St. Augustine
Barbara Haberer-Nov. 10;
Melvina Leismeister-Jan. 9; Joe
B. Dewald-Mar. 8
Brandon, Risen Savior
Patricia Doherty-Oct. 31;
Maureen Bowles-Nov. 4; Theresa
Bruggeman-Feb. 14; Patricia
Kleinvachter-Apr. 19; Robert
Miller-June 26; James ZoellnerJuly 14
Bridgewater, St. Stephen &
Farmer/Spencer, St. John
Fr. Paul Offerman-Oct. 6;
Raymond Leiferman-Jan. 16;
Barbara Rinehart-Feb. 22;
Jerry Quinn-Feb. 28; Jeffrey
Robocker-Mar. 21; Marjorie
Weinberg-Aug. 3
Britton, St. John de Britto
Joseph Bauer-Sept. 21
Brookings, Pius XII Newman
No deaths recorded.
Brookings, St. Thomas More
Marilyn Geise-Oct. 24; William
Denison-Nov. 6; Marion FinnDec. 14; Marion Antonides-Jan.
10; Mary Louise Barnett-Jan.
15; Jim Marking-Jan. 24;
Geraldine Gengler-Mar. 7;
Bernice B. McMillan-Mar.
8; Alice A. Smith-Mar. 23;
Rebecca A. Salonen-Apr. 21;
Carrie Knutson-June 12; Nancy
Erickson-June 13; Christian J.
McKeown-June 22; Irvin D.
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Arns-Sept. 7; Mildred VargasonSept. 10
Bryant, St. Mary
Bernard Kerkvliet-Jan. 30; Gary
Kerkvliet-Apr. 21
Canton, St. Dominic
LaDonna J. Olson-Jan. 18;
Raymond Bunkers-May 8
Castlewood, St. John
Patricia Lindner-Oct. 27; Ethel
R. Zirbes-Mar. 2
Centerville, Good Shepherd
Eleanor Shane-Sept. 19; Richard
Perry-May 7
Chamberlain, St. James
Vern L. Schoenfelder-Nov. 18;
Trista Marie Meyer-Dec. 2;
Shyann Amy Lenz-Dec. 2; John
Ryan Verschoor-Feb. 11; Lorne
L. Houser-Apr. 29; Betty Jean
Rutan-May 3; Agnes SilbernagelAug. 5; Donald John Lucas-Aug.
Clark, St. Michael
Duane Carter-Oct. 6; William
Kenneally-Oct. 13; Willma
Krueger-Dec. 6; Ruth SchweigerDec. 15; Angie Seefeldt-Feb.
12; Judy Lyke-Apr. 6; Larry
Hubbard-Apr. 17; Margret FisterAug. 24
Clear Lake, St. Mary
Delores M. Buller-Dec. 3; Virgil
Wayne Thompson-Jan. 13;
Donald L. Fryer-July 17; Donald
Swanz-Sept. 27
Colman, St. Peter
Paul Allen Mines-Oct. 15; James
Edwin Nelson-Nov. 18; Ruth
E. Nebben-Feb. 8; Agnes M.
Gengler-Apr. 26
Dakota Dunes, Blessed Teresa of
Gordon O’Harrow-Apr. 12;
Margaret Mary Crevier-June 21;
Robert Kamm-Aug. 27; John
Rasmussen-Sept. 6
Dante, Assumption
Harry Cuka-Oct. 4; Charles
A. Merkwan-Nov. 26; Lila
Zacharias-Jan. 15; Ruth RezacJan. 16; Dorothy Pekas-Apr.
29; Clayton Axel Kotab-May 8;
Donald M. Kuca-Sept. 11
Dell Rapids, St. Mary
Fern Park-Oct. 8; Audrey ZeigDec. 2; Mary M. SchwebachDec. 26; Barbara Einerwald-Jan.
8; Richard Schmidt-Mar. 11;
Joan Heinemann-June 3; Anna
Schmidt-Sept. 15; Jeffrey HoganSept. 23
DeSmet, St. Thomas Aquinas
Elaine Larson-Dec. 22; William
Cronkhite-Mar. 10; Robert
McAdaragh-Mar. 16; Frances
Cundy-Aug. 24
Dimock, SS. Peter & Paul
Anita Neugebauer-Oct. 22;
William Stivers-Dec. 20; Luvern
Sudbeck-Jan. 10; Daniel WeberFeb. 3; Irene Untereiner-Aug. 22
Duncan, St. Placidus
Margaret E. Knippling-Apr. 11
Eden, Sacred Heart
Ruth Pruitt-Dec. 26; Robert
Sommers-Jan. 7; Ida LentschFeb. 16; Florenze Schuster-Mar.
11; Florenz Deutsch-Mar. 17;
John H. Waletich-Apr. 19; Alvin
Axness-June 14
M. Kurtz-June 26; Gayle Wiskur
McKenna-Aug. 5
Emery, St. Martin
Selena Schultz-Nov. 16; Viola
Mohr-Jan. 19; Zita Cap-Apr. 7
Epiphany, Church of the
Donald Wingen-Oct. 11
Estelline, St. Francis de Sales
Eileen Rose Linneman-Dec. 25;
Pearl N. Mohan-Mar. 6; LaVonne
Ness-July 25; Mary Lou GeraetsAug. 12; Todd Michael SimonSept. 7
Ethan, Holy Trinity
Clyde Puetz-July 14; Germaine
Endres-Dec. 6; Mavis PuetzSept. 8
Eureka, St. Joseph
Ann M. Bauer-Mar. 6
Faulkton, St. Thomas
Ben Hushka-Feb. 3; Garry Lee
Cunningham-June 19; Elizabeth
Rernleitner-July 13; Theresa
Cunningham-Sept. 26
Elk Point, St. Joseph
Aileen Ann Pratt-Oct. 28;
Jacquelyn Jean Card-Oct. 28;
Rose Moret-Oct. 30; Joseph
Thomas Brown-Nov. 2;
Rosetta Pecha-Dec. 11; John
C. McIntosh-Dec. 13; Norman
A. Schwartz-Feb. 16; Olive
G. Callahan-May 30; Walter
E. French-July 7; Bonita V.
Schmitz-Sept. 23
Flandreau, SS. Simon & Jude
Vera A. Gebhart-Oct. 8; Jason
Michael Erickson-Oct. 31;
Craig Robert Johanson-Nov.
24; Robert Peter Gill-Dec. 13;
Jerome L. Peter-Jan. 2; William
Vincent Hass-Jan. 25; Phyllis
R. Christenson-Jan. 27; James
F. Collins-Mar. 13; Aria Grace
Pieper-Mar. 9; Bruce W. BissonApr. 23
Elkton, Our Lady of Good
Leo J. Gebhart-Mar.10; Harriet
Florence, Blessed Sacrament
Willard Tschakert-Apr. 20;
Eugene Adam Ronke-Sept. 27
Fort Thompson, St. Joseph
Shaunte Marks-Oct. 19; Phillip
Comes Flying-Dec. 15; Chaske
Warner-Jan. 10; Mona GaikinJune 7; Jewell Wilson-July 30;
Wilfred Wind, Jr.-Sept. 16
Garretson, St. Rose of Lima
James Howard Coburn-Dec. 3;
Dale Michael Bergin-Dec. 14;
Agnes Lamp-Jan. 20
Gary, St. Peter
Eugene Dale Steele-July 4
Geddes, St. Ann
No deaths recorded.
Gettysburg, Sacred Heart
Viola E. Breen-Dec. 22; Floyd
A. McGee-Jan. 1; Darrell Dean
Worth-Feb. 8; Phyllis BrownApr. 8; Bonnie M. NeumayrAug. 18; Joyce B. Kane-Aug. 21;
Gloria F. Wilhelmi-Sept. 5
Grenville, St. Joseph
Adele Herrick-Oct. 4; Lucille
Helen Lesnar-Nov. 7; Loraine
Herrick-Nov. 12; Cecelia Adeline
Wika-Nov. 19; Irene WasilkSept. 28
Groton, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Ronald Benson-Oct. 15;
James Feist-Nov. 30; Harvey
Dorfschmidt-Feb. 12; Alys D.
Snyder-July 4; Renee McGiverAug. 31; Gerald Bartell-Sept. 14
Grover, St. Peter
Patricia A. Lindner-Oct. 27;
Michael J. Popham-Nov. 21
Harrold, St. John
No deaths recorded.
Hartford, St. George
Eugene Boy-Oct. 15; Allen
Bergeson-Feb. 2; James IrvineMay 24
Hecla, St. Anthony of Padua
Willam Schroeder-Mar. 23;
Emory M. North-Mar. 31
Henry, St. Henry
Robert L. Frost-Sept. 10
Herreid, St. Michael
Karl Mitzel-Jan. 7; Donald J.
Weisbeck-Mar. 29
Highmore, St. Mary
Dorothy Farrell-Dec. 28; Marie
LaFortune-Aug. 10
Hosmer, Holy Trinity
Joseph Hartman-Nov. 8; Leona
Malsam-Apr. 6
Hoven, St. Anthony of Padua
Robert Dreis-Oct. 10; Larry
Hawkinson-Nov. 26; Edward
Williams-Jan. 8; Gladys SimonMar. 2; Millie Brehmer-Mar.
9; Ruth Van Well-Mar. 19; Jay
Duenwald-Aug. 31
Howard, St. Agatha
Mary Rita LaMotte-Dec. 3;
Florence Fay Gassman-Feb. 12;
Marcella Wolf-Mar. 30; Emma
Calista Burghardt-May 11; Mary
Violet Christopherson-July 3
Humboldt, St. Ann
Wallie Binfet-Oct. 25; Elizabeth
Gaspar-Dec. 14; Monte FoltzJan. 30; Lawrence Kapaun-Feb.
13; Leo Gaspar-Feb. 24; Dorothy
Fendrich-May 31; Mary Lou
Puthoff-July 13
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Huntimer, St. Joseph the
Harold Seimonsma-Dec. 27;
Janice Ann Frantzen-June 11
Huron, Holy Trinity
Cherryl Corcoran-Oct. 1;
Marisol Corona Lopez-Oct. 15;
Ellen Hougland-Oct. 24; David
Sheridan-Nov. 3; Ray HuckinsNov. 9; Gregory Yapp-Dec. 8;
T. C. Waits-Dec. 19; Marcella
Malikowski-Dec. 27; Ruby
McAllister-Jan. 2; Evelyn CarterJan. 2; Helen Larson-Jan. 7;
Blanche Haley-Jan. 23; Dennis
Lund-Feb. 11; Thomas BeermanFeb. 12; Dale W. Keefe-Feb.
20; Lois Boyd-Mar. 6; Jerome
Schiferl-Mar. 15; Richard
Janes-May 11; Ethel Pier-May
21; Clara Turner-May 22; Jerry
Ransom-June 25; Vernon SpartzJune 27; June Hegg-July 15;
Cheryl Drew-July 27; Hsa Htoo
Ree-Aug. 2; Judy SchumacherLamke-Aug. 22; Helen MaassAug. 31; Michael McMahonSept. 15
Idylwilde, St. Boniface
Jackson Lee Vetch-Dec. 12;
Richard F. Schweitzer-Feb. 6
Ipswich, Holy Cross
Magdalena B. Schumacher-Oct.
29; Andrew Daniel SchumacherDec. 7; Phyllis M. Herrick-Dec.
16; Grace M. Engelhardt-Dec.
19; Donna Marie Rohr-Jan. 6;
Jack A. Braun-Jan. 17; Ervin
Hammrich-Jan. 24; Edward
Louis Geditz-Jan. 29; Pauline
C. Hammrich-Mar. 21; Florence
Marie Krueger-Apr. 4; Leroy M.
Gauer-June 17; Bernadine HeinzSept. 1; Betty J. Geditz-Sept. 21
Lennox, St. Magdalen
Jerome Schiferl-Mar. 15; Linda
Flannery-Sept. 1
Mayfield, St. Columba
Leo B. Andersen-June 19; Lucille
M. Mason-July 15
Leola, Our Lady of Perpetual
James E. Geffre-Nov. 16
Mellette, All Saints
Carl E. Anderson-Nov. 8; Nadine
Zarneke-Nov. 12; Coletta M.
Galbreath-Nov. 16; Cornelius
Joseph Fink-Jan. 5; Alberta
Moeller-Feb. 4; Ronald W.
Betten-Feb. 13; Ruth Virginia
Mannie-Mar. 6; Cyril J. DangelMar. 7; Lola F. Ragels-Apr. 15;
Leila Aileen Jungwirth-July
8; Gene Roth-Aug. 30; Albert
Miesen-Sept. 17
Iroquois, St. Paul
Raycroft Keating-Feb. 26
Lesterville, St. John the Baptist
No deaths recorded.
Jefferson, St. Peter
Charlotte E. Schulz-Dec. 18;
June Faith Nearman-Dec. 31;
Maynard J. Verdoor-Jan. 26;
Edith Chicoine-Jan. 28; Thomas
M. Dillon-Mar. 7; Jerry August
Steckelberg-Mar. 17
Madison, St. Thomas Aquinas
Richard Bortnem-Oct. 30;
Douglas Stout-Dec. 11; Dorothy
Farrell-Dec. 28; Elvin Brown,
Jr.-Jan. 3; James Deremo-Jan.
5; Kathryn McLane-Jan. 31;
Barbara Daniels Meyer-Feb.
11; Marjorie Dobbs-Feb. 12;
Michael Nowka-Mar. 8; Lorraine
Mulvihill-Mar. 20; Adeline StitzMay 1; Cyrilla Allgaier-June 20;
Rebecca Reese-July 30; Joseph
Habeger-Sept. 18
Kimball, St. Margaret
William Ryan-Oct. 1; Dorothy
E. Schmitt-Oct. 2; Lezlie Renee
Blasius-Jan. 29; Mary Delores
Lenz-Mar. 9; Florence Marianne
Konechne-June 5; Ruth GeppertJuly 20; Leonard August
Schlepuetz-Sept. 8
Kranzburg, Holy Rosary
John M. Weber-May 21; Arthur
Joe Bush-June 10; Larry J. BergJune 10; Vivian B. Ries-June 29
Lake Andes, St. Mark
Edward Vasek-Mar. 27; Richard
Hakl-June 3; Charles A. KeelerJuly 28; James Kelly-Sept. 6
Lake City, St. Joseph
Donna Wegleitner-Nov. 2; Viola
Nordquist-Jan. 25
Marion, Our Lady of Perpetual
Margaret Irene Konda-Oct. 1
Marty, St. Paul
Ron Reynolds-Oct. 8; Janelle
Hart-Dec. 29; Avery RouseFeb. 19; Marjorie Huapapi
Blaine-Mar. 16; Francis WoodMar. 20; Mary Agnes Selwyn
Frankenstein-Apr. 26; Herbert
Huapapi, Jr.-June 7; Shirley
Whipple-June 26; Marcene HaklSept. 5
Marty, Oblate Sisters of the
Blessed Sacrament
Sr. Madeleine LeCompte-Dec. 19
Marvin, Blue Cloud Abbey
Fr. Odilo Burkhardt, OSB-Dec. 30
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Milbank, Daughters of St. Mary
of Providence
No deaths recorded.
Milbank, St. Lawrence
Treva Ahles-Oct. 20; Rachel
Hoffert-Nov. 26; James O’BrienNov. 29; Edward Roehrich-Dec.
29; Raymond Wollschlager-Jan.
26; Richard Trevett-Feb. 3;
Agnes Engebretson-Feb. 13;
Louise Folk-May 25; Ruth Ann
Johnson-Aug. 28
Miller, St. Ann
Frank Wellner-Jan. 8; Eugene
R. Porter-Jan. 9; Helen
Hrdlicka-Jan. 21; DeWayne C.
Herman-Jan. 30; Charles John
Wilber-Feb. 14; Dessie Evelyn
Price-Mar. 13; Marcella A.
Bushfield-June 23; Roxanne R.
Danburg-Aug. 20; Theodore
Schaff-Aug. 21
Mitchell, Holy Family
Patricia Bowling-Oct. 16; Louis
Mayer-Oct. 22; Jeanette CulhaneOct. 31; Selena Schultz-Nov.
16; Dennis Padrnos-Nov. 20;
Jeannie Loneman-Jan. 2; Louise
Sheely-Jan. 13; Glen FreidelJan. 24; Kimberly Miiller-Jan.
25; Dorothy Hart-Jan. 27; Dale
Kobousek-Feb. 19; Luvern
Weber-Feb. 20; Ronald EllMar. 2; Sherrie Wermers-Mar.
4; James Mayer-Mar. 7; Alan
Nov. 20; Art Bonato-Nov. 30;
Asmus-Mar. 9; Gregory DiceKwang Red Legs-Jan. 30;
Mar. 15; Robert Buche-Mar. 22;
Laurence Hollenbeck-Mar. 10;
James Tyler-Mar. 28; Boehnen
Roberta Leibelt-Mar. 21; Pauline
Lloyd-Apr. 16; Morna BrownHammrich-Mar. 21; Tony
May 11; Bernadine Somers-May
Buckmeier-Mar. 28; John Hohl14; Gerald Oberembt-May 17;
Apr. 2; Marilyn Gibson-Apr. 14;
Irene Robinson-June 10; Janice
Johnson-June 15; Jean Horstman- James Clausen-Apr. 28; Frank
Selzler-July 29; Barbara WelderJuly 7; Henry Eichman-July
Aug. 1; Catherine Kraft-Sept. 3;
11; James Tischler-July 29;
Nadine Gill-Sept. 16
Audrey Kinsella-Aug. 13; James
Schneider-Aug. 16; Steven
Montrose, St. Patrick
Mohr-Aug. 21; Eugene GebelBeryl Kapaun-Nov. 7
Aug. 31; Frieda Weiger-Sept. 9
Jan. 10; Eunice Anderson-Jan.
19; Loretta Brech-Mar. 6; Kathie
Neal-May 8
Pierre, SS. Peter & Paul
Rose Maret-Oct. 30; Frank
Wellner-Jan. 8; Frances KrierJan. 14; Ruby Kosters-Jan. 17;
Ethel Schumacher-Feb. 6; Ruth
Karim-Feb. 10; Steve PhillipsMar. 19; Anthony Deters-Apr.
4; Lois J. Lee-Apr. 17; Kenneth
R. Jennings-Apr. 25; Tiernyn
Goodface-May 9; Alice VennerMay 16; James Palmer-May 30;
Myril Arch-June 15; John Jund,
Jr.-July 5; Francis Allison-July
14; Don Conway-July 15; Vivian
Barge-Aug. 17
Mitchell, Holy Spirit
Colleen Thelen-Oct. 3; Roy
Rissky-Oct. 7; Vada Church-Nov.
17; Ilene Moody-Dec. 3; Wilma
Aulner-Jan. 19; Elaine Kane-Jan.
19; Mary Ann Kessler-Jan. 30;
Stanley Councillor-Feb. 5; Leona
Young-Apr. 3; Norma HeidingerApr. 18; Wayne Heidinger-Apr.
22; Alvin Lau-May 14; Mary
Elizabeth Roby-June 27; Donna
Kayser-July 2; Richard TrudeauJuly 3; Edwin Graves-Aug. 1;
Bernie Stocking-Aug. 26; Robert
Kirwan-Sept. 7; Darwin NussSept. 28
Mount Vernon, St. Michael
LoDema Faye Kirkus-Aug. 20
Orient, St. Joseph
Otho Eaton-Jan. 23; Bea
Foerster-Aug. 25
Polo, St. Liborius
Harlan Anglin-Feb. 22
Mitchell, Sisters of St. Francis of
Our Lady of Guadalupe
No deaths recorded.
Parker, St. Christina
Steven Ray Oliver-Feb. 24; Lisa
Marie Luke-Mar. 8
Pukwana, St. Anthony
Loraine Leheska-Oct. 12; Earl R.
Goepfert-Mar. 27
Mobridge, St. Joseph
Jacob Bleyle-Oct. 11; Patricia
Palmer-Oct. 23; Madelyn
Mulloy-Oct. 30; Verna Goldade-
Parkston, Sacred Heart
Norbert Hoffman-Oct. 6;
Rosemary Wagner-Oct. 30;
Debra Lewin-Dec. 8; Joel Hohn-
Ramona, St. William
Noelene A. Thurow-Mar. 18;
Geneva A. Hoff-May 12
New Effington, Sacred Heart
No deaths recorded.
Onaka, St. John
Jackson Vetch-Dec. 12
Onida, St. Pius X
Tate Senftner-Jan. 1; Wayne
Rawstern-Feb. 25
Plankinton, St. John
Don C. Boyd-Apr. 27; Josephine
Faulhaber-May 27; Sylvester
Weniger-Aug. 2
Platte, St. Peter
Arnold Dalldorf-Dec. 30; Paul
Kramer-Jan. 16, John Enke-June 18
Redfield, St. Bernard
Carl E. Anderson-Nov. 8; Nadine
Zarneke-Nov. 12; Coletta M.
Galbreath-Nov. 16; Cornelius
Joseph Fink-Jan. 5; Alberta
Moeller-Feb. 4; Ronald W.
Betten-Feb. 13; Ruth Virginia
Mannie-Mar. 6; Cyril J. DangelMar. 7; Lola F. Ragels-Apr. 15;
Leila Aileen Jungwirth-July
8; Gene Roth-Aug. 30; Albert
Miesen-Sept. 17
Revillo, Annunciation
No deaths recorded.
Roscoe, St. Thomas the Apostle
Christine Binfet-Oct. 3; Julie
Malsom-Feb. 27; Wendelin
Geier-Mar. 5; George RothSept. 23
Rosholt, St. John the Baptist
Robert Mayou-Oct. 10; Paul
Brandenburger-Oct. 24; Leroy
Sumption-Nov. 9; Reinhold
Knoblich-Nov. 9; Mervin BraunDec. 31; Sylvia Bergstrom-Jan.
2; Betty Braun-Jan. 9; Leander
Braun-June 12
Salem, St. Mary
Wilfred Westhoff-Nov. 4;
Veronica Tuschen-Nov. 7;
Terrence Wagner-Nov. 12;
Martin Avery-Nov. 12; Amanda
Heiberger-Dec. 3; Dolores HulsJan. 26; Ralph Bartscher-Feb.
22; Raphael Eichacker-Apr. 6;
Sophia Gregg-Apr. 7; Ella Marie
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Doss-Apr. 15; Levi Addy-Apr.
18; Virgene Herbst-July 10;
Mathilda Mayrose-Aug. 18;
Francis O. McPhillips-Sept. 21
Scotland, St. George
Eleanor L. Ireland-Dec. 26;
James C. Cisar-Jan. 10; Marvin
L. Petzoldt-Mar. 13; Evelyn A.
Kvasnicka-Mar. 26
Selby, St. Anthony
Donald Lemler-Nov. 19; Barbara
C. Moser-Jan. 31; Richard Darcy
Pudwill-Mar. 30
Seneca, St. Boniface
No deaths recorded.
Sigel, St. Agnes
Daniel R. Devine-June 18
Sioux Falls, Cathedral of Saint
Aloysius Matthias TennessonOct. 14; Edwin J. Rutten-Oct.
21; Rev. Lawrence William
Friedrich-Oct. 23; David CiottaNov. 25; Christina KnipplingJan. 4; Gilbert Koetzle-Jan. 8;
Marcella Persing-Jan. 11; Emma
V. Linneweber-Jan. 24; Frances
Sunderman-Feb. 1; Elizabeth
Farrell-Feb. 8; Helen ForsbergFeb. 14; Norman Wuebben-Mar.
9; Thomas Keegan-Mar. 13;
Vincent Reiter-Apr. 19; James
Sullivan-May 24; Raymond
Weber-June 9; Lorraine ParezoJune 19; Jim Edward HunnelJuly 8; Margaret Kersey-July
9; Gerald W. Lutz-July 14;
Lawrence Persing-Aug. 1;
Matthew Balk-Aug. 2; Ilene
Hink-Aug. 22; Bernetta Rosella
Sterud-Sept. 1; Shirley Catherine
Paulin-Sept. 25
Sioux Falls, Christ the King
Marjean Patzwald-Oct. 10;
Leroy Kelley-Nov. 1; Verna
Shreves-Nov. 14; Lucille
Reichert-Nov. 30; Ada HansenDec. 14; Margaret Harris-Dec.
30; Katherine Wulf-Jan. 10;
Helen McGuire-Jan. 19; Floretta
Zwinger-Jan. 24; Janet RuttenJan. 25; Betty Rahm-Jan. 31;
Darla Slagle-Mar. 18; Ellene
Lien-Apr. 14; Kathryn StoebnerApr. 19; Mavis Vanderloo-May
24; Geraldine Jennings-June 29;
Philip Zimmerman-Aug. 10;
Robert J. Verley-Sept. 24; Beth
Hartman-Sept. 28
Sioux Falls, St. Lambert
Judith A. Jesse-Oct. 13; Donald
A. Lorang-Nov. 20; LaRita
Tebbe-Dec. 5; Mary Jane
Betsworth-Dec. 9; William
Verschoor-Dec. 11; Jeanette
Friedrichs-Dec. 23; Charles G.
Murray-Jan. 8; Lucille JacobsenJan. 24; Eugene T. Carl-Jan.
24; Lindalu R. Nastase-Feb.
23; Gerald W. Quinn-Feb. 28;
Michael J. Mulholland-Mar. 1;
Derald Wilcox-Mar. 7; Donald
J. Van Dam-Mar. 11; Cletus
Sehr-Mar. 16; Florene ColwillApr. 19; James E. Staebell-May
22; Phyllis M. Bertrand-July 3;
Agnes Petree-July 17; James
P. Sadowski-July 30; Milton
Munce-Aug. 2; Douglas
Krekelberg-Aug. 11; Shirley
Schreiner-Aug. 12; Bernard
Buchheim-Aug. 19; Howard
Kolhoff-Aug. 31; Carl BlumhoffSept. 17; Kenny Bertrand-Sept. 23
Sioux Falls, Holy Spirit
Agnes Bierschbach-Nov. 14;
Herman Petersen-Nov. 17;
Martha Haggar-Nov. 27; Don
Wetrich-Mar. 27; Jane BillsSioux Falls, St. Mary
Mar. 28; John Oppold-May 4;
Charlotte Mielke-May 13; Jessica Joyce Kohler-Oct. 6; Frances
Calvert-Oct. 13; Lawrence
Galinanes-Aug. 18; Bertha
Goodis-Oct. 17; Anna StaebellElpert-Aug. 31
Oct. 26; Edith Cannon-Nov. 2;
Richard Rezac-Nov. 11; John
Sioux Falls, Our Lady of
Everist-Dec. 7; Eleanor BillionGuadalupe
Dec. 10; Joann OberlanderJazlin Rodriguez-Mar. 5
Dec. 11; Neil Reiter-Dec. 12;
Irene Huebl-Dec. 26; John
Sioux Falls, St. Josephine
Zimmer-Jan. 8; Colleen ReiterBakhita
Jan. 9; Jason Peters-Feb. 16;
No deaths recorded.
Audrey Gunderson-Mar. 4;
Phyllis Jaeger-Mar. 30; Wilbur
Sioux Falls, St. Katharine
Heimerman-May 8; Patricia
Jones-May 12; Natalie NelsonJohn Charles Sweeney-Nov.
May 15; Margie Zuraff-May 24;
8; Myrna Ann Kauer-Nov. 23;
Thomas Breske-June 7; Grace
Shelia Marie Kelly-Feb. 7;
Devitt-July 14; Joan Van DorenTeresa Lynn Devericks-Mar. 13;
July 24; William Frankman-July
Carol Horn-Apr. 15; Joshua Lee
26; Edith Varns-July 30; James
Hein-July 22
Karels-Sept. 21
Sioux Falls, St. Michael
Thomas D. Culhane-Oct. 7;
Geneva Wisner-Oct. 15; Jean
Mossefin-Oct. 16; Terry Lee
Patzwald-Oct. 31; Lidia Z.
Sather-Nov. 11; Dennis R.
DeVos-Nov. 25; Lillian R.
Dahlseid-Dec. 1; Patricia
L. Wells-Dec. 23; Sheri L.
Nordstrom-Jan. 16; Robert
C. Johnson-Jan. 24; Troy M.
Hohn-Feb. 14; Omar S. Nyberg-
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Feb. 26; Edward J. Mark-Mar.
22; Christopher D. AndersonApr. 10; Ella M. Doss-Apr.
15; Willard J. Story-Apr. 16;
Kathleen A. Garrow-Apr.
16; Angela T. Metli-Apr. 18;
Margaret T. Wagner-Case-Apr.
19; Frank W. Reimann, Jr.Apr. 19; David M. Klein-June
3; Kathleen M. Lang-June 21;
Jenny L. Staly-June 24; James
A. Jarding-July 9; Dorothy A.
Danielson-July 12; Patricia
M. Thompson-July 17; Luray
J. Denevan-Aug. 5; Carol S.
Schneider-Aug. 6; Josephine
Oswald-Aug. 14; Leona A.
Jarding-Aug. 17; Vincent J.
Kueter-Sept. 9
Sioux Falls, St. Therese
Laurence Puterbaugh-Sept. 27;
Lester Verley-Oct. 6; Donna
Ugland-Dec. 3; Willard R.
Schumack-Jan. 5; Glen R.
Horton-Jan. 17; Jason A. PetersFeb. 16; Michael Sauer-Mar.
6; Kathryn Stoebner-Apr. 19;
Randy Hawks-Apr. 23; Margaret
Pollock-Apr. 28; Lawrence
Dhaemers-May 22; Marilynn
McDonald-May 26 Michael
G. Christenson-June 6; Phyllis
Hanisch-June 14; Dennis M.
McDonald-July 16
Sioux Falls, Perpetual Adoration
Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament
No deaths recorded.
Sisseton, St. Catherine
Velma June Renville-Nov. 20;
Jeanette Barker-Jan. 5; Milton
Hill-Jan. 5; Misty ThompsonMar. 15; Mary Jane Drum-Apr.
11; Sheila Wanna-Apr. 29;
William LaCroix-May 2; Birdell
Armell-Aug. 4
Sisseton, St. Peter
Valdean Frost-Oct. 11; Dr.
Alfonso Magat, Jr.-Nov. 10;
Todd Weinkauf-Nov. 12; Fidelis
Steiner-Nov. 15; Elaine WolfeNov. 21; Marjorie HannaschDec. 5; Steven George-Feb.
5; Bernetta Sutton-Apr. 2;
Thomas Long-Apr. 26; Marjorie
Ellingson-Apr. 27; Carolyn
Brown-May 13; Floy VenegasAug. 2; Phillip O’Brien-Aug. 9
Springfield, St. Vincent DePaul
Mildred Ishmael-Jan. 10; Fred
Fiedler-Apr. 2
Stephan, Immaculate
Antoine D. Medicine Crow,
Sr.-Dec. 9; Peter John WerdelApr. 25
Stickney, St. Mary
Wilma Blanche Billars-Apr. 14
Tabor, St. Wenceslaus
Helen Kaiser-Oct. 18; Kari
Douglas-Nov. 12; Joann Marie
Vesely-Dec. 12; Frances
Rokusek-Jan. 24; Ronald
Koupal-Jan. 30; Mildred A.
Cimpl-Mar. 31; Roman George
Honner-May 3; Helen M.
Kollars-May 7; Joseph G. HejnaJuly 21; Timothy Lee Kostal-July
21; Amelia A. Rokusek-Sept. 21
Tea, St. Nicholas
Lamae Weibel-Mar. 19; Arthur
Lammers-June 15
Tripp, Holy Rosary
Mary Ilene Peterson-July 18
Turton, St. Joseph
Cyril Thomas Bendorf-Oct. 6;
Betty K. Rahm-Jan. 31
Tyndall, St. Leo
Allen Cuka-Oct. 31; Mildred
Herman-Dec. 27; Lois SedlacekFeb. 21; Thomas Varilek-Feb. 25;
Angeline Balvin-May 18; Agnes
Koenig-May 29; Donald PaulJuly 1; Robert Hajek-July 18
Veblen, St. John
John Cimburek-Dec. 16; Blanche
Tyler-Jan. 7; Louis Vrchota-Feb. 5
Vermillion, St. Agnes
John Charles Mueller-Oct. 27;
Jonathan Daniel Queen-Nov. 3;
Delores Donnadell Frahm-Nov.
28; Evelyn F. Girard-Nov. 29;
Joyce Dennison-Dec. 1; Greg
Girard-Dec. 25; Margaret M.
Nelson-Jan. 15; Lela WalzApr. 10; Rudella Engman-May
3; Lillian Amundson-May 7;
Lois Welch-May 18; Eileen M.
Holleman-May 24; Veronica
Fredrickson-May 25; John
Check-June 5; Kathleen MaherJune 20; Randy R. LivingstonJuly 27; Thomas Odenbrett-Aug.
11; Gerald Beach-Aug. 13;
Richard Duman-Sept. 9
Vermillion, St. Thomas More
Newman Center
No deaths recorded.
Wagner, St. John the Baptist
Christine Kaberna-Oct. 12;
Roberta Swanberg-Oct. 29;
Vincent Wright-Dec. 6; Adeline
Rokusek-Jan. 20; Marion
Schuldt-Jan. 30; Wilbur MaagFeb. 19; Donald J. Walters-Mar.
28; Edward Seiner-Apr. 6; Dale
Wilson-July 6; Marcene HaklSept. 5; Jim Kelly-Sept. 6
Wakonda, St. Patrick
Mary Collins-Mar. 24; Delores
Haver-May 6
Watertown, Holy Name
Clara A. Wagner-Oct. 27;
Lawrence J. Rieffenberger, Sr.Nov. 15; Patronella J. TaeckerNov. 15; Margurite M. SchoeppNov. 20; Burdette C. Solum-Dec.
28; Gerald R. McElroy-Jan.
12; Josephine M. Lauen-Mar.
12; Richard M. Drake-Apr.
8; Douglas C. Lindner-Apr.
12; Mary Lou Shriver-May 5;
Pamela J. Borns-May 9; Robert
E. Mondloch-July 3; Florence
A. Leemhuis-July 26; Dolores E.
Wensing-Aug. 18
Watertown, Immaculate
Carol Ratliff-Oct. 25; Betty
Cunningham-Oct. 31; Hermina
Frederick-Nov. 4; Theodore
Meyer-Dec. 4; Lowell BarrettDec. 9; Elmer Reichling-Dec.
12; Marlene Reilly-Jan. 14;
Rose Quam-Feb. 1; Rosemarie
Lantsberger-Feb. 12; Elizabeth
Lenards-Feb. 14; Donna SteckerFeb. 19; Hazel Matteson-Feb.
27; Catherine Ostrander-Mar.
1; Roger Reese-Mar. 19; Larry
Brink-Mar. 28; Shirley SearsApr. 16; Helen Klein-May 24;
Agnes Johnson-May 31; Kathy
Weiland-June 2; Mary Lois
Reichling-June 3; John WabaJune 5; Ruth Hunter-June 6; Lisa
Tschumper-June 24; Rosella
Falk-July 6; Margaret ByerJuly 12; Wade Bement-Aug. 1;
Lorraine Ries-Aug. 31; Joyce
Moes-Sept. 17; Lauren Grace
Eckart-Sept. 23
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Watertown, Mother of God
Sr. Alma Hartung-June 27
Waubay, Immaculate
Brian Butler-Dec. 2; Rose
Fleischhacker-Dec. 19; Barbara
Witte-Aug. 26
Wessington Springs, St. Joseph
Marie Lillian Simmons-Aug. 29
Westport, Sacred Heart
LaRue Alice CantwellFeb. 17
White, St. Paul
No deaths recorded.
Waverly, St. Joseph
Helen C. Klein-May 24; Timothy
J. Stricherz-Sept. 14; Donald I.
Swanz-Sept. 27
White Lake, St. Peter
Lynne Cain-May 30; Darrell
Alphons Mairose-June 17; Hazel
Lucille Wilson-Aug. 9
Webster, Christ the King
Timothy Kwasniewski-Jan. 3;
Kenny Sass-Jan. 9; Dorothy
Henning-Jan. 17; Irven SchmitJan. 24; Alaina Wik-Jan. 24;
Gene Steffes-Mar. 15; Linda
Schoenbeck-Mar. 16; Beth
Lesnar-Mar. 28; Verna SimonMar. 29; Leona Meuer-June 2;
Alvin Axness-June 13; Gertrude
Cooper-Aug. 12; Joy Bauer-Sept.
21; James Helms-Sept. 28
Wilmot, St. Mary
Milton James CroymansMar. 20
Wessington, St. Joseph
Margaret K. Christensen-Oct. 28
Worthing, St. Edward
No deaths recorded.
Woonsocket, St. Wilfrid
Robert Lee Weeldreyer-Nov. 14;
Carl Andrew Anderson-Feb. 6;
Margaret Ellen Thompson-Feb.
26; Gordon F. Kogel-Apr. 24;
Delores Mathis-June 4; Doris
Murtha-July 29; Donald Harry
Stange-Aug. 29
Yankton, Sacred Heart
Fr. Lawrence J. Marbach-Nov.
7; Mary Gasteazoro-Nov.
16; Dolores Foxhoven-Dec.
23; Donavan Dickes-Jan. 11;
Joseph Yaggie-Jan 14; Gary
R. Thompson II-Jan. 29;
Milford Carlton Folkers-Feb.
6; Bethene Lockman-Feb. 6;
Daryl Bernard-Feb. 10; Adeline
Frick-Feb. 14; Dennis PeitzFeb. 18; James Goetz-Feb. 22;
Dorothy Darcy-Mar. 4; Ellen
Frick-Mar. 7; Joan OswaldMar. 15; Dolores Horacek-Mar.
15; Joanne Sudbeck-Mar. 21;
Cheryl I. Wolfburg-Apr. 1;
Lorene Pokorny-Apr. 7; Darrell
Anderson-Apr. 14; DuWayne
Lundstrom-Apr. 17; Edmund F.
Hamann-June 9; Irene YaggieJune 23; Robert J. Camp-July
21; David Jon Van Goor-July 27;
Donna Lubbers-Aug. 15; Dale
Hansen-Aug. 19; John HiltnerAug. 25; Thomas Lee LyngstadSept. 2; Olivia C. Miley-Sept. 12;
Patrick C. Smith-Sept. 18
Yankton, Sacred Heart
Sr. Henrietta Jundt-Nov. 22;
Sr. Rachel Brossart-Jan. 5; Sr.
Gabriella Baumberger-Feb. 7; Sr.
DeChantal Garcia-May 31; Sr.
Virgil Koch-July 19; Sr. Christine
Knoll-Aug. 31
Yankton, St. Benedict
Timothy Charles Schlaefli-Sept.
12; Bernice Pauline Cwach-Sept.
14; Katherine Mary Logan-Oct.
5; Howard E. Wheeler-Dec.
10; Leonard Gleich-Dec. 24;
LeRoy Darius LeFebvere-Dec.
24; Norine D. Peterka-Mar. 8;
William J. Kabeiseman-Apr. 23;
Patti Lynn Wells-Apr. 23; Curtis
Arthur Fisher-May 3; James E.
Watembach-May 9; William J.
Barkl, Jr.-May 13; Donald J.
Zavadil-May 29; Jerry KurtzhalsMay 30; Timothy I. MorrowJune 13
Fr. Paul F. Offerman-Oct. 6; Fr.
Lawrence W. Friedrich-Oct. 23;
Fr. Lawrence J. Marbach-Nov. 7;
Fr. Odilo Burkhardt, OSB-Dec. 30
All the stillborn,
miscarried and
aborted babies
submitted by
Donna Cannon
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Bishop Paul J. Swain recently celebrated
the White Mass where members of
the medical field were recognized and
thanked for their service. Pictured (at
left, top) are two members of the medical
community bringing the offertory gifts
forward to the bishop. Bishop Swain also
recently celebrated the Blue Mass, held
to honor and pray for those who serve in
law enforcement and as first responders.
Pictured (at left, bottom) Deacon Dennis
Seiner reads the gospel as members of the
Sioux Falls Police Department listen and
contemplate along with other members of
the congregation. The Masses were prayed
at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph, as will be
the Red Mass, honoring and praying for
those in government service, the justice
system and the legal profession. That Mass
will be celebrated November 8 at noon. It
is intended that these Masses will become
annual events for the diocese. (Top photo
by Gene Young; bottom photo by Jerry
“Come aside
and rest awhile”
An Advent Afternoon of Spiritual Renewal, Reflection and Reconciliation
Bishop Paul J. Swain (on the right) recently presented Father
James Joyce, retired priest of the diocese, with a papal blessing from Pope Francis during the senior priests luncheon. Father Joyce celebrated his 65th anniversary of ordination to the
priesthood earlier this year. (Photo by Matt Althoff, Catholic
Diocese of Sioux Falls)
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er 1st 1:0
:00 p.
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Free; Ev
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e is in
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
St. Joseph School, Pierre,
was recently named one of
50 private schools by the
U.S. Dept. of Education
as a Blue Ribbon School
for 2013. Each year,
thousands of schools
across the country, both
public and private, apply
for this prestigious award.
O’Gorman High School is
a previous recipient. (Photo
courtesy, St. Joseph School,
Respect Life month in October generated
a number of pro-life events in Sioux Falls
including the Life Chain rally along 41st
Street in Siioux Falls. Pictured participants
stood alongside 41st Street near O’Gorman
High School to show their support for the
culture of life. Hundreds of South Dakotans
stretched along one of the busiest streets in
the city. (Photo by Gene Young)
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Clergy of the diocese
learn , pray and share at
Clergy Days
The priests and deacons of the diocese attend
a presentation by Father Justin Wachs, the
Moderator of the Curia, Delegate for Discipleship and Evangelization during Clergy Days in
Oacoma. In addition to attending presentations
and workshops on the New Evangelization, the
priests and clergy also prayed together.
Bishop Donald J.
Kettler of Fairbanks,
AK, and a priest
of the Diocese of
Sioux Falls has
been named to succeed Bishop John
F. Kinney as the
bishop of St. Cloud,
MN. Bishop Kettler,
69, has been the
bishop of Fairbanks
since 2002. His
installation Mass
is scheduled for
Nov. 7.
The perfect Christmas gift
for the kid who has everything
Do the children in your life already have all the
plastic toys and video games they could ever need?
Give the kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews the
gift of protection with a Single Premium Youth
Term life insurance policy.
Plus, your life policy gift includes the benefits
of membership in Catholic United Financial,
including eligibility for a Post-High School Tuition
Scholarship at college time.
For children age 15 days to
15 years
Single Premium Youth Term Policy
$10,000 Face Amount
One-Time Payment of
*For children age 15 days to 15 years. Parents must be beneficiaries. Convertible to up to $50,000 in permanent coverage before expiration without further
evidence of insurability. See Sales Representative for limits on total Youth Term coverage. Form 08SPYT-1.
Butch Byers
(605) 665-4756
[email protected]
Candee Cloos
FICF (605) 949-1248
[email protected]
Home Office: St. Paul, Minn. © 2013 Catholic United Financial
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Catholic Family Services recently
brought speaker Sarah Swafford
to the diocese to speak at Sacred
Heart Parish, Aberdeen. There
were two sessions for Swafford,
beginning with parents, followed
by 7th-12th graders. The program
was designed to enhance communication between parents and
children. Topics covered included
working through challenges,
choices, realigning hearts in hopes
of realigning our relationships with
others and more. (Photo courtesy,
Cathiolic Family Services)
Diocesan men studying for the priesthood
Five diocesan seminarians recently
received Candidacy at the Saint Paul
Seminary, St. Paul, MN. Pictured are (left
to right): Steven Bierschbach, Andrew
Thuringer, Timothy Smith, Brian Eckrich
and Tyler Mattson. The seminarians, who
are each in their first year of theology,
formally declared at the liturgy their de-
Bishop Paul J. Swain
recently blessed a group
of missionaries from Avera
before they took off on
a nine day mission trip
to Haiti. In all 14, missionaries made the trip
to bring medical help to
the people of the island
nation. (Photo by Gene
sire to become a candidate for the priesthood
and to continue their theological studies. The
Diocese of Sioux Falls has 22 men at various stages of their study for the priesthood at
a number of seminaries and colleges across
the country and in Rome. (Photo courtesy,
Daryl and Anita Thuringer, St. Michael Parish, Sioux Falls)
Vice President
President fo
for M
Presentation College of Aberdeen invites applicants
a licants tto
for the position of Vice President for Mission
ission to serve as
as a
practicing Catholic and have
ve a willingness to promote
romote the
Presentation Sisters
ters and their legacy. The applicant
ant must have
experience in working with diverse groups and demon
ith Catholic higher education.
e ideal applicant
ant must
m t
ave the ability to articulate Catholic tradition, values
values and
erspectives in the context of the college
college environment.
" #
% %
three personal and three professio
nal references
references including
ontact information to [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
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November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Monsignor Charles Mangan (at the podium), director of
the Marian Apostolate for the diocese and the Vicar for
Consecrated Life is joined by Kelly and Travis Benson
during the Marian Conference hosted by the diocese.
Participants enjoyed a number of presentations and prayer
opportunities during the day long event. (Photo by Tim
Stanek, Diocese of Sioux Falls)
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul recently hosted its 6th annual
Friends of the Poor walk/run in the city of Sioux Falls. The effort
sought to benefit those living in poverty in the Sioux Falls area.
The event began at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph and concluded
at the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store on North Cliff Avenue.
Proceeds and donations from the event benefited the people in the
Sioux Falls area served by the society. The event is annually held
on or near Sept. 27, feast day of the society’s patron, St. Vincent
de Paul, who ministered to the poor in the 17th century. The walk
in each community is designed and run by the St. Vincent de Paul
chapter in that area. Services provided by the Sioux Falls SVdP
include, home visits, rental assistance, clothing, diapers, utility
costs and more. (Photo courtesy, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Sioux
nt Retreat
e reat Schedule
Men’s 2014
February 27- March 2
March 27-30
July 17-20
September 25-28
Women’s 2013-2014
November 7-10, 2013
February 20-23, 2014
March 6-9, 2014
May 15-18, 2014
Day of Recollection Schedule
November 12th – Directed by Father Paul King
December 10th – Directed by Father James Mason
Upcoming Special Retreats
December 6-8 – Couple’s Retreat with Father Jeff Lorig
Intimacy grows when people experience opportunities for carefree
timelessness. This conference based retreat led by Father Lorig,
a priest of the Archdiocese of Omaha, will offer couples a chance
to put the demands of daily life on hold, come away to the peace
and quiet of Broom Tree, and experience the joy that spending
carefree time together can bring. Let God refresh your marriage
at a Broom Tree Couple’s Retreat.
123 Saint Raphael Circle • Irene, SD 57037
605-263-1040 • [email protected]
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Roncalli honors
new hall of famers
into a World of
A World of
1417 West Ash
Mitchell, SD 57301
The Roncalli Hall of Fame
inducted three new members at
its recent 2013 banquet. Stacy
Levsen (right), Tom Murphy
(center) and Marie Schumacher
(left) are the newest members
of the honorary organization.
All of the inductees are former
staff members of the Aberdeen
Catholic School System. (Photo
courtesy, Pat Gallagher, Roncalli
Schools, Aberdeen)
Recently on Sunday, October
13th, the 96th anniversary of
the Miracle of the Sun during
the 6th apparition of Mary at
Fatima, Mass was celebrated
at the Fatima Family Shrine
in Alexandria, during which
the new “Our Lady of Fatima
Council” of the Knights of Columbus was inaugurated with
the installation of officers and
Father Jerome Ranek as chaplain. (Photo courtesy, Father
Jerome Ranek, Alexandria)
“Mount Marty College has guided me to excel in
my nursing studies as well as my leadership skills.
I have taken on leadership roles I never would’ve dreamed
of and because of that, I feel confident & prepared for
the opportunities that await me after graduation.”
Class of 2014
Madison, SD
10055 W.
W. 8th SSt
t. | Yan
n, SSD
D | 11-855-MtMarty
rttyy ((686-2789)
22778899) | m
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
The Mitchell area community recently held a public square
rosary crusade in the visitors’ park across from the Corn
Palace. Approximately 66 people attended who prayed for
the nation. (Photo courtesy, Father Michael Schneider, pastor,
Holy Spirit Parish, Mitchell)
The annual public square rosary, sponsored by the Immaculate
Heart of Mary Praesidium of the Legion of Mary, was held at the
McKennan Park east picnic shelter in Sioux Falls. The National
Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima was there as well as
a good sized crowd. The National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our
Lady of Fatima is a lovely hand-carved Image of Our Lady of
Fatima given to the United States by the Bishop of Fatima in 1967
and crowned by Patrick Cardinal O’Boyle in the National Basilica
of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. in 1971. The
Statue was blessed by Pope Paul VI during his visit to Fatima in
1967. The statue comes to the Diocese of Sioux Falls with the
permission of Bishop Paul J. Swain. (Photo courtesy, Mark Weber,
Holy Spirit Parish, Sioux Falls)
What is the Church?
What did Vatican II teach on the Church? That’s the focus of this
fall’s sessions for the Bishop Martin Marty Institute for the New
Evangelization. After a short introduction to the Council and to
the council’s teaching time will be provided for participants to
read and discuss the council document itself, concluding with a
Q&A period. Come and see how the Second Vatican Council can
transform your life and the lives of all Catholics.
Saturday, November 16th
10:00 am to 3:30 pm - Catholic Pastoral Center, Sioux Falls
Registration required:
(605) 988-3766
Fee for each session is $10, lunch is provided
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Commited in
ABERDEEN – Jim and Debra
Reecy will celebrate their 45th
anniversary on Nov. 30. They
have 1 child, 5 grandchildren
and are members of St. Mary
ABERDEEN – Lee and Peggy
Goetz will celebrate their 25th
anniversary on Nov. 11. They
have 5 children and are members of Sacred Heart Parish.
ABERDEEN – Leo and Jean
Weber will celebrate their 60th
anniversary on Nov. 5. They
have 4 children and are members of Sacred Heart Parish.
ABERDEEN – Leo and Cathy
Schatz will celebrate their 55th
anniversary on Nov. 24. They
have 6 children (1 deceased), 6
grandchildren and are members
of Sacred Heart Parish.
ALEXANDRIA – Wilbur and
Juliann Haiar celebrated their
60th anniversary on Oct. 5.
They have 4 children, 10 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren
and are members of St. Mary of
Mercy Parish.
BOWDLE – Mike and Betty
Mitzel celebrated their 70th
anniversary on Oct. 25. They
have 6 children (1 deceased),
13 grandchildren, 19 greatgrandchildren, 1 great-greatgrandchild and are members of
St. Augustine Parish.
BRIDGEWATER – Jerauld and
Shirley Hoffman will celebrate
their 50th anniversary on Nov.
16. They have 7 children (2
deceased), 11 grandchildren
and are members of St. Stephen
Thelma Alton will celebrate
their 50th anniversary on Nov.
17. They have 4 children, 12
grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren and are members of
Good Shepherd Parish.
DELL RAPIDS – Mike and
Louise Kriens will celebrate
their 60th anniversary on Nov.
18. They have 6 children, 12
grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren and are members of St.
Mary Parish.
DELL RAPIDS – Robert and
Carol Mergen will celebrate
their 50th anniversary on Nov.
30. They have 3 children, 5
grandchildren and are members
of St. Mary Parish.
DELL RAPIDS – David and
Diane Hansen will celebrate
their 50th anniversary on Nov.
30. They have 4 children, 15
grandchildren and are members
of St. Mary Parish.
HARTFORD – Francis and
Mary McMahon will celebrate
their 65th anniversary on Nov.
3. They have 15 children (1
deceased), 50 grandchildren (1
deceased), 26 great-grandchildren and are members of St.
George Parish.
IPSWICH – Terry and Lynda
Braun celebrated their 40th anniversary on Oct. 6. They have
2 children, 4 grandchildren and
are members of Holy Cross
LAKE ANDES – Ed and Betty
Bruner will celebrate their 65th
anniversary on Nov. 25. They
have 4 children, 13 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren
and are members of St. Mark
LESTERVILLE – Kenneth and
Joyce Kloucek will celebrate
their 50th anniversary on Nov.
9. They have 3 children, 8
grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren and are members of St.
John the Baptist.
MILBANK – Francis and Dolores Weber will celebrate their
60th anniversary on Nov. 11.
They have 3 children, 5 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren
and are members of St. Lawrence Parish.
MITCHELL – John and Arlene
Thury celebrated their 50th anniversary on Oct. 2. They have
4 children and are members of
Holy Family Parish.
and Marcella Braun celebrated
their 65th anniversary on Oct.
20. They have 8 children, 13
grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren and are members of
Sacred Heart Parish.
PARKSTON – George and
Diane Sandhoff celebrated their
40th anniversary on July 20.
They have 2 children, 3 grandchildren and are members of
Sacred Heart Parish.
PIERRE – Nick and Barb Kaufman will celebrate their 65th
anniversary on Nov. 16. They
have 4 children, 9 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren and
are members of SS. Peter and
Paul Parish.
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Commited in
RAMONA – Harold and Helen
Norman will celebrate their
70th anniversary on Nov. 20.
They have 5 children (1 deceased), 10 grandchildren, 21
great-grandchildren and are
members of St. William Parish.
REDFIELD – Gordon and
Betty Geuke celebrated their 63rd
anniversary on Oct. 10. They
have 8 children (1 deceased), 31
grandchildren (2 deceased), 45
great-grandchildren (1 deceased),
1 great-great-grandchild and are
members of St. Bernard Parish.
REVILLO – Marty and Kathy
Novy celebrated their 40th anniversary on Oct. 13. They have
7 children, 6 grandchildren and
are members of Annunciation
ROSHOLT – Wilfred and Doris
Foltz will celebrate their 65th
anniversary on Nov. 16. They
have 8 children, 24 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren
and are members of St. John the
Baptist Parish.
SIOUX FALLS – Emil and
Marilyn Bruscher will celebrate
their 60th anniversary on Nov.
7. They have 5 children, 14
grandchildren (1 deceased),
9 great-grandchildren and are
members of Holy Spirit Parish.
WATERTOWN – Joseph and
Elreda Brewster will celebrate
their 60th anniversary on Nov.
21. They have 11 children, 14
grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren and are members of
Holy Name Parish.
WATERTOWN – Jerry and
Marilyn Comes will celebrate
their 50th anniversary on Nov.
30. They have 4 children, 9
grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild and are members of Holy
Name Parish.
WATERTOWN – Richard and
Lois Heyn will celebrate their
50th anniversary on Nov. 16.
They have 7 children, 17 grandchildren and are members of
Immaculate Conception Parish.
WATERTOWN – Lyle and
Carol Norton celebrated their
40th anniversary on Sept. 14.
They have 2 children and are
members of Immaculate Conception Parish.
WESSINGTON – Marvin and
Rita Matthews will celebrate
their 60th anniversary on Nov.
16. They have 7 children, 25
grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren and are members of St.
Joseph Parish.
YANKTON – Jack and Jane
Slowey will celebrate their 50th
anniversary on Nov. 11. They
have 2 children, 4 grandchildren and are members of Sacred
Heart Parish.
YANKTON – Martin and
Patricia Raab will celebrate
their 60th anniversary on Nov.
3. They have 2 children (1
deceased), 4 grandchildren and
are members of Sacred Heart
Anniversary submissions
Send a color photo, your
anniversary news and a selfaddressed, stamped envelope, by
November 14 to:
The Bishop’s Bulletin,
523 N. Duluth Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
or e-mail to:
[email protected]
Good Shepherd Center honors guest
The Good Shepherd Center recently held its 15th annual fundraiser. The nonprofit, ecumenical ministry served breakfast at the center in Sioux Falls. This
year, the Good Shepherd Center honored Leah Hall (second from the left) with
the Triumphant Lamb Award. It is an award presented to a former guest of the
center who has conquered challenges and succeeded in getting back on their
feet and making it on their own. Hall was presented with the award by center
director Maria Krell (second from the right), Governor Dennis Daugaard (on
the left) and Bishop Paul J. Swain (on the right). The Good Shepherd Center
provides daytime shelter and services for people who are homeless, poor or
newly arrived in the community. (Photo by Gene Young)
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Pope Francis
decides to hold
2014 Lenten retreat away
from the Vatican
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- “As a good Jesuit,” Pope Francis knows it is best not to try
to make a retreat where one lives and works,
so he has decided the annual papal Lenten retreat with Roman Curia officials will be held
outside Rome, a Vatican spokesman said. The
annual retreat will take place March 9-14 at
the Pauline Fathers’ retreat and conference
center in Ariccia, a town about 20 miles
southeast of Rome, said Passionist Father
Ciro Benedettini, vice director of the Vatican
press office. The tradition of having weeklong, preached “spiritual exercises” for the
pope and members of the papal household
began with Pope Pius XI in 1925. For more
than 35 years, it was an Advent, not a Lenten
retreat. Pope John XXIII broke the Advent
tradition in 1962 when he spent a week
in September on retreat to prepare for the
Second Vatican Council. His successor, Pope
Paul VI, made the retreats a Lenten staple
in 1964 and broadened the list of preachers,
who almost always had been Jesuits.
Thank You!
to all of our sponsors
Turkey Creek Pheasant Haven
Bill & Peggy Werdel, Owners
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Finals Week Fruit Basket Delivery Service
Send a basket of fruit to your favorite student
during finals week!
Sponsored by the
Pius XII Newman Center
TO ORDER: send a check for $20, along with
the student’s name, complete address, phone
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P.O. Box 730, Brookings, SD 57006-0730
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A special thanks to the Volunteers, Family Participants, Family
Activity Leaders and Assistants, and the Broom Tree Staff for
providing this opportunity for the Youth Hunters.
--From the Youth Hunt Committee: Damian Greble-Chair,
Curt Clemen, Sam Geigle, Vicki Lowman, Dave Mavity, Fr.
James Morgan, Fr. Paul Rutten, Allen Schlenker and Bill &
Peggy Werdel
- Produced under auspices of Diocesan Faith Formation Office
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
Parish Dinners/Socials
Nov. 3/St. Thomas More Parish,
Brookings; annual turkey dinner
Serving times are 11 a.m., 12 p.m. and
1 p.m. with tickets $9 for adults, $4 for
children 4-10 and free for children three
and under.
Nov. 3/St. John Neumann Parish,
Farmer/Spencer; soup supper with
serving from 4-7 p.m. at the parish hall
in Spencer; the parish will be serving
chicken noodle soup, chili, vegetable beef
soup, ham and potato soup, sandwiches,
dessert and pie.
Nov. 16/St. Nicholas Parish, Tea
Parish craft and vendor bazaar at the
parish from 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m. including
bake sale and concessions.
Nov. 17/St. Patrick Parish, Montrose
Parish soup and pie dinner, country store.
Serving from 11 a.m.-1 p.m.
Nov. 17/Holy Family Parish, Mitchell
Parish baked potato social with variety of
toppings, homemade bars and beverages
Serving from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
Free will offering; bingo will be played.
Nov. 24/St. Lambert Parish, Sioux Falls
Turkey bingo will be played
Doors open at 2 p.m. with bingo from
2:30-5 p.m.; cost is $3 per card, 6 cards
for $15, $100 blackout game and more.
Dec. 14-15/Christ the King Parish, Sioux
Falls Cookie extravaganza Saturday from
9 a.m.-2 p.m. and Sunday following all
the Masses
Evenartousnd the diocese
ing our faith to parents and youth in Yankton
on Wednesday at St. Benedict Parish. Swafford is a national speaker who has an engaging style. The first session will be at 6 p.m.
for parents. The second session for youth is
from 7:30-8:45 p.m. Parishes are invited to
bring youth to this event. Contact Laura at
St. Benedict Parish for more information at
Public invited to weekly gatherings
Monday, Nov. 4 and Wednesday, Nov. 6
- The Legion of Mary invites all to attend
either of its weekly gatherings Mondays
at 7 p.m. at the Holy Spirit School library,
Sioux Falls and Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m.
at St. Mary Parish, Sioux Falls.
Living with chronic illness group to
Tuesday, Nov. 5 and Tuesday, Dec. 3 Catholic Family Services offers its Living
with Chronic Illness group that meets
monthly from 1-3 p.m. at St. Lambert Parish, 1000 S. Bahnson Ave., Sioux Falls.
For more details, call Catholic Family
Services, 605-988-3775.
Sioux Falls parish hosting adult education
Tuesday, Nov. 5 - Holy Spirit Parish,
Sioux Falls will host adult education at 7
p.m. in the Fireside Room. The topic is
“Praying When It Doesn’t Feel Good” and
the presenter will be Father Jordan Samson, Parochial Vicar at Holy Spirit Parish.
Following there will be questions and
refreshments. If you have any questions,
please call Kathy Davis at 371-2320.
Gala fundraiser planned for Madison
Friday, Nov. 1 - Come and enjoy an evening
away on a “Roman Holiday.” The evening
begins at 5:30 p.m., with appetizers and a
full meal to follow. There will be a silent
auction, live auction and drawings for cash
prizes. Tickets are $100 per couple and are
available at the St. Thomas School office.
For more information call 605-256-4419.
Marriage Encounters planned
Nov. 8-10 - Worldwide Marriage Encounter hosts a weekend in Rapid
City. Go to for more
information or call John and Dawn
Elsinger at 605-362-0924.
Creativity workshop to be held
Saturday, Nov. 2 - “The Healing Power of
Creativity” will be offered Saturday from 9:30
a.m.-3:30 p.m. at Harmony Hill Hall, Watertown. This day will be a combination of times
of prayer, creative expression and sharing.
Suggested donation is $30 (includes lunch).
Call Sister Emily to register at 605-886-4181.
Rachel’s Vineyard retreat scheduled
Nov. 8-10 - Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat
planned - strictly confidential. A safe, loving, non-judgmental environment. Open
to men, women, mothers, fathers, grandparents who have been affected by abortion. Non-denominational. Sponsored by
Catholic Family Services. Call Margi at
605-988-3775 or 1-800-700-7867 for registration materials and more information
or e-mail [email protected]
Speaker being hosted in Yankton
Wednesday, Nov. 13 - Sarah Swafford will
present a powerful message of living and lov-
Search for Christian Maturity set for fall
November 8-10 - Search for Christian
Maturity is a Roman Catholic oriented
retreat program. Young adults and
youth adult coordinators who have made
a Search will be conducting the weekend. The upcoming dates for Search in
Sioux Falls are Nov. 8-10 and then Feb.
7-9, 2014. For more information, please
call 988-3766 or visit
Pax Christi meeting scheduled
Saturday, Nov. 9 - Pax Christi Southeastern
meets from 1-3 p.m. at Caminando Juntos,
617 E. 7th Street, Sioux Falls. Study and
action will continue on promoting current
peace and justice issues.
Monastery hosting grief workshop
Saturday, Nov. 9 - “A spiritual understanding
of the four emotions of loss: anger, anxiety,
fear and grief will be offered from 9 a.m.-4
p.m. at Harmony Hill Hall, Watertown.
In the workshop, participants will receive
information that will enable them to move
through any negative aspect of these emotions. Facilitators will be Sister Jan LaPlante
and Sister Emily Meisel. Suggested donation
is $30 which includes lunch.
Grieving the loss during the holidays
Nov. 12-December 17 - Six Tuesday evenings from 6:30–8:30 p.m. Catholic Family
Services, 523 N Duluth, Sioux Falls will
offer this program. Directed by Dr. Marcie
Moran. Call 988-3775 or 1-800-700-7867
to register. Cost is a donation. This program
is for adults who have lost loved ones and
are grieving during the holiday season. The
program is designed to be educational and
will offer positive suggestions to help people
with the adjustments that must be made during the holiday season.
Men’s spirituality luncheon in Sioux Falls
Wednesday, Nov. 13 - The men’s spirituality
luncheon is at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph
in the parish hall at 11:30 a.m. Lunch is provided with a free will offering.
Benedictine sisters hosting workshop
Saturday, Nov. 16 - “Managing conflict
well: skills for negotiating change and dealing with differences” will be offered from
9 a.m.-4 p.m. at Harmony Hill Hall, Watertown. This workshop will be led by Sister
Adrienne Kaufmann, OSB. Suggested donation is $30 which includes lunch.
November 2013 - The Bishop’s Bulletin
$ "5 ) & % 3 " - 0 ' 4 " * / 5 + 0 4 & 1)
17th Annual
Soprano - Marni Raab, Tenor - Scott Piper,
Actor - Philip Kappen,
5JDLFUT All Sioux Falls Hy-Vee Grocery Stores, | (605) 988-3765 or (888) 246-3386

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