Autumn 2007
Celebrate the
Spirit of Corby
Our Top 12 Pledges
for 2007/8
St Mary Magdalene Church, Cottingham
International Pool
gets in the swim
Autumn 2007
News in brief
Back on track - Corby gets its station
Plans for the new station for Corby have been submitted to the Council by the North
Northants Development Corporation (NNDC) and English Partnerships (EP).
The application has been made just six weeks after the announcement by the
Department for Transport on 22 June 2007 that Corby was to be included in the new East
Midlands rail franchise.
The application details how the new station will look, means of access by foot, cycle
and car, and how the site layout will provide parking for around 140 cars, a taxi rank and
bus interchange. It’s located on the site of the old station on the corner of Station Road
and Cottingham Road.
Leader of Corby Borough Council Cllr Pat Fawcett said: “I’m absolutely delighted with
this news. We’ve been waiting too long for this in
Corby and I’d like to thank everyone who signed
Phil Hope’s petition and got behind the campaign
last year. It worked!”
The new station is due to open by December
Court 2008
Look out for the Carnival Roadshow
later in the year where you can pick up
a form to enter the Carnival Court 2008
selection process for the Carnival
Queen, Princesses and Town Princesses.
For more information go to
Council wins
£600,000 High
Court action
After a Judicial Review, the High Court
has ruled that Corby Borough Council
was entitled to £600,000 reward
payments for increasing business
growth in their area through the Local
Authority Business Growth Incentives
Scheme (LAGBI), an incentive scheme to
generate economic growth.
Council Leader Cllr Pat Fawcett said:
"This is a victory for common sense
and a just reward to Corby for the
huge efforts we have made to
generate housing and employment
"Corby will benefit to the tune of
£600,000 with another £300,000
going to Northamptonshire County
Council. The money will be used to
provide enhanced services to our
population that is growing at the rate
of around 4 per cent per year.”
Green for Go at Oakley
Vale Primary School
The Council has approved a planning application
for a new £5 million environmentally friendly
primary school on the fast growing Oakley Vale
estate in Corby.
The school will have places for over 400
pupils and is due to open in September 2008
on Cheltenham Road. Built to incorporate the
latest environmental technology, it will achieve
‘Very Good’ in the Government’s environmental
Cllr Jean Addison, Corby Borough
Council’s representative on the board of
Governors, said: “This is great news for
all the residents on Oakley Vale, which
has been such a success for Corby. This
will be a fantastic school with an
exciting, eco-friendly design, an
innovative layout and state-of-the-art
teaching facilities. Out of school hours it
will provide community facilities for the
wider community.”
Built on a former ironstone quarry,
Oakley Vale has been transformed into a
vibrant new community and once
completed, will be home to around 3,000
homes with a population in excess of
6,600 people. It now has its own local
centre, playing fields and the recently
opened children’s play area.
Members have endorsed the
designation of Corby Old Village and
Stanion as Conservation Areas. A
Conservation Area can be defined as an
‘area of special architectural or historic
interest, the character or appearance of
which it is desirable to preserve or
Designation as a Conservation Area
brings a number of specific statutory
provisions aimed at assisting the
‘preservation and enhancement’ of the
area, including extra publicity given to
planning applications affecting
Conservation Areas, and certain works
to family houses which are normally
considered to be ‘permitted
development’ will now require
planning approval from the Council.
For more information, log on to or contact the Local
Plans department on 01536 464165 or
[email protected]
Autumn 2007
Corby-East Midlands
International Pool gets
in the swim
Not only has Corby’s brand new 50m Pool now got its official name - Corby-East
Midlands International Pool - but the building work is underway after the second
stage of a two-stage design and build construction contract with Willmott Dixon
was officially signed by Mayor of Corby Cllr Jean Addison.
The £19.8 million pool
will be built on the
Parkland Gateway site
and is the first of two
landmark projects
currently underway on
the site intended to
transform the town
centre. The second
project is the Corby
Cube, a civic building
housing a new theatre,
library, Council One Stop
Shop and much more,
which is now out to
Look out in the next
issue for the winning
logo for the new pool.
Smoke-free Corby - a breath of fresh air
Corby has really had a breath of fresh air since the new smoking legislation came into force
on 1 July 2007. After six weeks, Corby Borough Council Smoke-Free Officer Colleen Rattigan
(below) and Technical Officer Ted Greaves had done nearly 400 inspections and given out
110 caution notices and three final warnings, but currently all premises are compliant with
the new law. No fixed penalties have been issued.
In conjunction with the new legislation, Ted and Colleen have trained two new smoking
cessation advisors who have helped 72 people stop smoking
since 1 July 2007.
From September, Ted and Colleen will also be going
into schools with advice for students and staff. They
will also be putting on workshops about the smokefree legislation and the new age limits for purchasing
cigarettes from 1 October 2007. From this date, it
will be illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone
under the age of 18 (an increase from 16) in
England and Wales.
If any business or members of the public need
any help or information about the smoke-free
legislation, please contact Colleen Rattigan on
01536 464075 or Ted Greaves on 01536 464065.
Autumn 2007
Art in the Park
Arts Group Corby Zone held what they hope will become an annual arts event at East
Carlton Park this summer. They delivered a week long project with free art workshops for all
ages and abilities funded by Corby Borough Council, Corby Community Partnership and
Kingswood Community Art Project.
Artists Kenneth Martin, Marian Anderson, James Steventon, Paula Boulton, Helen McKay
and Rebecca Boulton Roe designed their workshops so that everyone could experience
something new, whether they were a complete novice or a professional. The workshops
ranged from playing with Blue Rabbit fragmented sculpture to mixing paints using natural
For more information please visit or
‘Unnatural Nature’ by
Artist Marian Anderson,
Jodie Young (8) and
Louise Boyle (16)
Be prepared for flooding
The Environment Agency is encouraging
everybody to take the risk of flooding
more seriously.
During the summer flood events,
many communities have been protected
from floods. Although in these extreme
events we can’t always stop the
floodwater, we can warn people in
advance. Throughout these events we
issued more than 1,100 flood warning
updates to millions of people via our 24
hour phone line and website, by
loudhailer, siren and across radio and
television. But to receive an immediate
and personal warning, Flood Warnings
Direct automatically alerts people via a
phone call, text message or fax.
Flood Warnings Direct automatically
alerts people to rising rivers and
possible flooding, giving people the
vital hours they need to protect their
home and belongings.
Check to see if your home is at risk
from flooding by visiting the
Environment Agency website
floodline) or by calling Floodline on
0845 988 1188. You can ring this
number at any time of the night or day
for the latest flood warnings and
helpful advice on how to reduce flood
your right
to vote
The Register of Electors lists everyone
who is entitled to vote within Corby
Borough. Each year we carry out an
annual canvass to update our records.
A form has been delivered to every
household in the Borough over the last
few weeks. If you have not already
sent it back, please ensure that you
complete it listing all the persons
eligible to vote in your household and
return it in the Freepost envelope
If you do not register then you
cannot exercise your democratic right
to vote in any election. It may also
lead to problems obtaining credit as
credit reference companies rely on the
Register for background information.
If there are no changes to your
household details, why not try our
telephone registration or internet
service. Simply call the Freephone
number 0800 197 3699 any time or
log on to
corby and follow the step by step
If you want more information
regarding electoral registration, please
call the Electoral Services office on
01536 464012/14, email
[email protected], or call
into the Council’s One Stop Shop
during normal office hours.
Record recycling rate
Our new 3 bin refuse and recycling scheme has
now been running for six months. Thanks to
residents, the scheme has been a huge success
with a record 43.6 per cent of waste being
recycled and diverted away from landfill since
April 2007.
Corby Borough Council Lead Member for the
Environment Cllr Peter McEwan said: “Corby
residents are to be congratulated - it is only as
a result of their continued efforts and
commitment to recycling that we have
achieved this record rate.”
What to do with glass
There are some problems with contamination, the
main one being glass in the brown bin. We would
remind residents that at the moment, glass cannot be
collected in this bin but anticipate that glass
collections will be reintroduced early in 2008.
So please, where possible, continue to take your
glass jars and bottles to the recycling bring banks
across the Borough. If you cannot take your glass to
the recycling bring banks, please put them in the
black bin. Residents will be notified by post once
glass can be included in the brown bin.
Further information or advice about the scheme
can be obtained by visiting our website on, emailing [email protected] or
by telephoning our helpline on 01536 464285.
Corby recycling rates
Autumn 2007
43.6% (currently)
Meet your Lead Members
Corby Borough Council
has five Lead Members
who work as a
spokesperson and
advisor to fellow
councillors on a
strategic theme or
service area. Lead
Members have
responsibility for the
main themes of the
Council’s ‘One Corby’
agenda plus Housing.
The Lead Members and their areas of
responsibility are:
Leadership - Cllr Mark Pengelly
Performance Management
● Human Resources
● E-Government and
Customer Care
● Consultation and
● Finance
● Equalities and Diversity
● Well being
● Strategic and Support Services
● Service Improvement
Community - Cllr Tom Beattie
Regeneration - Cllr Jimmy Noble
Community Centres
● Leisure Services
● Community Safety
● Special Events
● External Partners
● Area Forums
● Neighbourhood Management
● Service Improvement
Environment - Cllr Peter McEwan
Local Community Improvement
● Street Scene
● Environmental Health
● Parks and Woods
● Grass Cutting
● Footpaths
● Local Agenda 21 and sustainability
● Natural and Built Environment
● Service Improvement
Housing - Cllr Bob Eyles
● Council Housing Stock
● Housing Improvement Plan
● Housing Strategy
● Housing Revenue Account
● Empty and Void Garages
● Voids Management
● Service Improvement
Economic Development
Education and Skills
● Asset Management
● Development Control
● Planning Policy
● Estates
● Town Centre Renewal
● Service Improvement
The Lead Members are also there to
promote their area of responsibility
both inside the Council and throughout
the community of Corby by:
● overseeing the enhancement of
Service provision;
● adopting good practice and
identifying good practice with other
● ensuring the effective use of the
Council’s resources;
● providing efficient and effective
democratic local government;
● promoting the Council through an
effective communications policy;
● stimulating debate and ideas in
regard to their area of responsibility.
If you wish to contact the Lead
Members, their details are on the
Council’s website at,
or you can call 01536 464000.
Autumn 2007
Corby’s future get involved
Council planners are drawing up a blueprint called a 'Local Development Framework’ to
shape the regeneration and growth of Corby. Our ambition is to double the Borough’s
population to 100,000 by 2030, with a complementary increase in jobs, infrastructure and
Future consultation events for Corby’s Development Plan Documents are outlined below.
Get involved and have your say on how Corby is developed in the future.
Anticipated consultation period
Submission of the Kingswood Area
Action Plan and 6 week consultation
December 2007
Preferred Options for Danesholme Area
Action Plan 6 week consultation
January/February 2008
Submission of the Corby Town Centre Area
Action Plan and 6 week consultation
March 2008
Submission of the Site Specific Proposals
Development Plan Document and
6 week consultation
April 2008
Preferred Options for Corby Borough
Urban Extensions Area Action Plan
6 week consultation
June/July 2008
Please note: these dates may be subject to change.
If you would like to be involved in any of the above consultation events, or would simply
like to be kept up to date with the progress of Corby’s Development Plan Documents,
please contact the Local Plans team on 01536 464165 or email
[email protected]
Get snappy with Corby’s Mayor
Mayor of Corby Cllr Jean Addison is launching a competition for young people to
find a photo to be featured on the front of her official 2007 Christmas card.
The competition is open to any budding photographers from the Borough
aged 18 and under, and the image must be of Corby (but doesn’t have to be
Christmassy!). Prizes include the chance to be the Mayor’s guest at an event, as
well as gift vouchers.
The Mayor said: “I really want to see how the young people of the town view
Corby and what Corby means to them.”
To submit your entry, send the photo along with your
name, age, address and contact number to:
Public Relations, Grosvenor House, George Street,
Corby NN17 1QB. Or you can email your picture along
with your details to [email protected]
The closing date is Friday 19 October 2007.
Spirit of Corby Awards Dinner
incorporating the Corby
Business Group Awards
Friday 1 February 2008
Hotel Elizabeth, Corby
Following the success of the first ever
Spirit of Corby Awards in November
2006, Corby Borough Council is again
recognising everything that is good
about the Borough of Corby, its people
and its places, with the Spirit of Corby
Awards 2007/8 on Friday 1 February
The Spirit of Corby is a series of
awards to people and organisations
chosen by Corby people to represent
the best of our vibrant local
community. Corby Business Group will
also be joining with us to present their
awards on the night.
For more information about the
Corby Business Awards, contact Corby
Business Group on 01536 770463 or
07816 503147, or email
[email protected]
The categories for the Awards are:
The Jimmy Kane Young Spirit
of Corby Award
A young Corby resident (under 25)
who has made a contribution to their
local community, is an example to
their friends, may have excelled in
music, education and sport, or has
perhaps overcome adversity to show
the real Spirit of Corby.
Nominations are invited for this
award, with the winner decided by Cllr
Kane’s family.
Community Spirit Award sponsored by Northants
An individual or group such as a
Tenants’ and Residents’ Association
who have worked to make their area a
safer place to live by creating - or
contributing to - community safety
initiatives to reduce crime and
disorder, anti-social behaviour and the
fear of crime in the local area.
Autumn 2007
ate the Spirit of Corby
Environmental Spirit Award sponsored by the
Environment Agency
For an individual or group who have
worked to protect or improve the
natural or built environment, or
promoted environmentally responsible
attitudes and behaviour, eg recycling.
Creative Spirit Award sponsored by Corby
Excellence Cluster
For an individual or group who have
made a contribution to the arts in
Corby - music, theatre, art, dance,
literature, etc.
Club Spirit Award - sponsored
by the NHS
For an individual or a group who
have contributed towards a local club
or society, be it sporting, social or
Educational Spirit Award sponsored by Tresham
An individual or group who has
enriched their lives through a
commitment to lifelong learning, who
has returned to education, achieved
excellence in their chosen field, or who
inspires others with their enthusiasm
for learning.
Last year’s winners are not eligible to
be nominated for the same award
again. They are:
Voting Process
Once we have all the nominations,
an independent panel will select a
shortlist for each award. Once the
shortlist is announced we’ll be asking
you to vote for the winners, which
you’ll be able to do via:
● forms in the next issue of ‘One’
● forms on our website;
● forms in the One Stop Shop and
other Council offices;
● email.
All those who vote or put
forward a nomination will go
into a draw to win tickets to
the event.
The winners will be
announced at the Awards
Dinner on 1 February, so get
nominating! You can nominate
for as many different awards as
you like.
The overall Spirit of Corby
Award will be chosen by an
independent panel from the
winners of the other categories.
Nomination form (photocopies accepted)
I am nominating:
for the category of:
because (in no more than 200 words - please attach further pages as necessary):
Nominee’s address/contact details:
Spirit of Corby Award - Sharon Pyper
Young Spirit of Corby Award - Zak
Community Spirit Award - Yvonne von
Environmental Spirit Award - Barry
Educational Spirit Award - Sammy
My name:
Phone no:
I love Corby because:
Club Spirit Award - Mary Drummond
Creative Spirit Award - Grampian
(Corby) Association Pipe Band
Please return to:
Spirit of Corby Awards, 5th Floor, Grosvenor House, George Street, Corby NN17 1QB
or e-mail the same information contained in the form to [email protected] You can also
use the nomination form on our website - click the link on the front page.
Autumn 2007
Corby Gets Active!
Do you want to improve your health
and fitness or simply have some fun?
Corby Active is a new initiative for
improving health and fitness for the
people of Corby through new or
improved schemes for sports and active
recreation. There are many ways you
can keep fit, from walking and cycling
to organised sports or aerobics classes.
The key is finding out what you enjoy.
Olympic Gold Medallist
and World Record
holding Triple Jumper
Jonathan Edwards CBE
was guest of honour at
a spectacular closing
ceremony for Corby
School’s ‘Year of the
Games’ on Wednesday
11 July at the
Rockingham Triangle.
Around 1,500 young people aged 5-19
from Corby and the surrounding areas
took part in the closing ceremony,
which celebrated the end of a year of
sporting activities held throughout
The event ended with a spectacular
dance finale performed by 100
secondary school students, trained by
professional choreographers from ProExcel, led by Pete Hillier, presenter of
CBBC’s ‘Boogie Beebies’, as well as
being a musical theatre performer and
choreographer. The young dancers
went on to perform the dance in front
of over 20,000 people at half time in
Wigan Warriors’ Super League game
on 11 August.
Corby Excellence Cluster organised
the ‘Year of the Games’ to encourage
children into sport in the Borough. As
well as many inter-schools sports
competitions, young Sports
Ambassadors for Corby were also
appointed, including champion archer
Zak Crawford, who is already in the
under-18 English team at the age of
11, and Daniel Keatings, who has since
left school and gone on to win a silver
What counts as exercise?
medal at the European Gymnastics
Championships on the Pommel Horse.
The 2007 Northants Youth Games
were held on Saturday 30 June at
Kettering Leisure Village. For this year’s
Youth Games, Corby entered 80 young
people in eight teams across six
different sports with 20 coaches,
leaders, instructors and teachers.
Lodgy the Lion got the Corby team
off to a flying start with an impressive
second place in the Mascot Race. The
whole event was a great success for
Corby with the team winning five
medals from eight events, including
two golds for the Boys’ Basketball and
Year 7 Girls’ Football. Well done to
everyone who took part!
There are lots of different ways of
being physically active, such as
walking, cycling, football, swimming,
netball, dancing, badminton, aerobics,
kick boxing and many more.
An active lifestyle such as brisk
walking and gardening will also
benefit your health and contribute to
your 30 minute daily target for
physical activity, provided it makes you
feel warmer and mildly out of breath.
Your local facilities
For information on opportunities for
active recreation in Corby, contact:
● Lodge Park Sports Centre 01536 400033
Corby Swimming Pool Complex 01536 464643
Corby Borough Council Sports
Development - 01536 464047
West Glebe Park
West Glebe Park’s brand new sports
pavilion was officially opened by
Phil Hope MP (left) at a Fun Day on
Saturday 21 July.
Corby Borough Council, working
in partnership with Corby Football
Forum, secured £738,942 from the
Football Foundation towards the
capital costs for the pavilion and a
contribution towards a Football
Co-ordinator post, with the Council funding approximately £1 million towards the
pavilion, new car park and improvements to the access road.
The new pavilion has eight changing rooms suitable for use by everyone
including people with disabilities, as well as officials’ changing rooms and a
community room. Work is also finished on the fantastic new play area, Skate Park
Autumn 2007
Don’t get a ticket!
Or look at our website at
For further information about the
Corby Active initiative, contact Rachael
Lewis, Corby Active Network Manager,
on 01536 464255.
Get active now!
Corby Active will be holding a
number of events in October to
promote ideas on how to keep fit in
Corby including a day of
demonstrations and information in the
town centre on Saturday 13 October
and a series of ‘Come and Try’ taster
sessions at local sports centres and
clubs later in the month. Check the
local press for more information closer
to the time.
Anyone who drives in Northamptonshire
knows the problems caused by one
irresponsible motorist parking in the
wrong place.
Although the majority of motorists
park correctly, a vehicle parked
incorrectly can not only be dangerous,
but can also cause queues, delays and
inconvenience for other road users.
Parking needs to be managed to make
sure Northamptonshire keeps on the
That’s why Northamptonshire County
Council, in agreement with Corby
Borough Council, took over the
enforcement of parking regulations in
Corby from 5 August 2007. This means
no difference for those who park
responsibly but will result in more
effective action on inappropriate
How will it work?
Our strategy is to keep Corby moving
by targeting known problem areas and
ensuring traffic flows during peak
periods. From 5 August, Parking
Attendants, employed by the County
Council’s Parking Services contractor
NCP Services, will enforce parking
regulations and will issue penalty
charge notices to motorists who do not
comply with the regulations.
There are lots of benefits to effective
enforcement. It’ll help keep traffic
and BMX track, funded by £150,000 from the Council.
And as part of the West Glebe Heritage Project, a very different type
of tree was ‘planted’ in the park in August when several tree sculptures
up to three metres high and made from steel tubing were installed.
The Heritage Project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the
Friends of West Glebe Park, and managed by Groundwork North
Northamptonshire. Designed by artist Tom Grimsey, the trees have been
developed as a permanent reminder of the park’s industrial heritage.
Tom said: “I want these trees to remind people of the planting of new
trees which heralded the start of West Glebe Park. I have made them
from steel tubing to link them to the industry that has been the
foundation of Corby’s existence and the ironstone that was extracted
from the quarry that has since been developed into West Glebe Park.”
moving, reduce dangerous and
anti-social parking, improve
access for emergency vehicles
and public transport, and help
make sure only blue badge
holders can access disabled
parking facilities.
Parking enforcement is good
for local businesses too. Areas of
short term parking outside local
shops will receive better
enforcement. Drivers will no
longer be able to park for longer
than permitted and it will be
easier to find a space when you
need it. It should also be easier
for businesses to load and
To make sure you’re parking correctly, look out
for the lines, signs and notices when you park.
These will tell you about any restrictions in force. If
you’re a bit rusty on the meaning of different road
signs, the Highway Code will help explain what
they mean.
The income generated from enforcement activity
is retained by the County Council to fund the
parking service. Any surpluses are ring fenced for
parking, public transport or highway improvements.
The County Council is budgeting for the countywide
scheme to run at a loss for its first two years.
For more information, contact Northamptonshire
County Council’s Parking Services on:
● 0845 6800153
● [email protected]
Autumn 2007
Scores on the Doors
Over 210 food
businesses in
Corby have
been awarded
a star rating
since the
of the ‘Scores
on the Doors’
scheme on
2 April 2007.
The new scheme has enabled Corby
residents to see how food businesses
perform on food safety before
choosing to eat there or buy their food
from a business.
The ratings range from no stars
(very poor) to 5 stars (excellent) using
information determined by
environmental health practitioners
following routine food hygiene
inspections, which includes the
assessment of hygiene, safety and
cleanliness. This in no way reflects the
quality of the food from a business.
’Scores on the Doors’ certificates are
provided for businesses to voluntarily
display in their window or at the
entrance to their premises to show the
public how well they are dealing with
food safety matters. Those premises
that don’t receive any stars will not be
given a certificate.
All of the star scores are available
on the website:
Make sure you look out for the
‘Scores on the Doors’.
Very high standards of compliance
with food safety legislation.
Demonstrating best practice in
managing and achieving this.
High standard of compliance with food
safety legislation. Robust food safety
Good level of legal compliance. Only
minor safety issues not addressed.
Mainly compliant with food safety
legislation. An understanding of food
safety and standards being maintained
or being improved.
Some non compliance with food safety
legislation. More effort required.
(no stars)
A general failure to comply with legal
requirements. Little or no appreciation
of food safety.
Corby councillors’
cash up for grabs
A total of £43,500 is available though
this year’s fund and already some of it
has been snapped up.
A joint amount of £1,500 has been
awarded to Corby Cougars Torino
Under 10 Girls’ football team from Cllr
Pat Fawcett, Cllr Jean Addison and Cllr
Jimmy Noble. The money will be used
on equipment, kits, recruitment,
coaching and bus hire.
Each year the Council allocates all
elected Members money in order for
them to help community groups,
projects and initiatives within their
ward. Each councillor has £1,500 to
Corby councillors are giving a helping
hand to their local wards as they dish
out their share of Corby Borough
Council’s Members’ Community
Leadership Fund for 2007/8.
The Community Leadership Fund is
designed to help Members bring about
positive changes to services and
quality of life at the local and
neighbourhood level, and has done
just this in the past.
Last year 41 projects were
supported by Elected Members
including football clubs, charities,
schools and a variety of youth and
environmental groups.
Any community group can apply for
the fund but the project or initiative
must demonstrate that it enhances the
local community, promotes community
cohesion, encourages participation
and/or promotes Corby.
Community and volunteer groups or
associations who are interested in the
scheme should contact their local ward
councillor. Details can be found on our
website or via
Committee Services on 01536 464015.
Autumn 2007
Top 12 Pledges
for 2007/8
Climate change has been called
the biggest challenge facing the
world today. We will back up our
commitment to the Nottingham
Climate Change Agreement by
conducting a Green Audit, setting
a carbon reduction target and
implementing a rolling
programme of measures to reduce
our impact on the environment
and encourage sustainable
regeneration and growth.
As Corby grows, we want to make
it a more prosperous and
attractive place to live, learn, work
and visit. We will adopt a
statutory `Better by Design’
planning policy document with
other North Northamptonshire
councils in order to achieve the
highest standards of design,
construction, energy efficiency and
environmental sustainability in all
future housing developments and
The revival of Corby’s retail centre
is well underway. We will work in
partnership with Land Securities,
North Northants Development
Company and other partners to
attract key strategic leisure
investments into the town centre
by 2010, including major cinema,
restaurant and nightclub
operators, to fulfil our promise to
make Corby a bigger, better,
brighter place.
As Corby grows we need to create
more and better jobs. In pursuit of
this we will work with public and
private sector partners to improve
assistance and support for small
business development and
innovation, provide additional
training facilities and encourage
increased participation in
education across all age groups.
We shall meet and exceed the
Local Area Agreement targets for
NVQII qualifications and young
people not in employment and
training (NEET).
We will cut Corby’s Housing
Waiting List and boost home
ownership aspirations by ensuring
that in future, 20 per cent of all
new homes built in Corby are
made available at low social rent
levels or affordable levels to buy.
As our Housing Service continues
to improve, we will reduce the
number of lettable, empty Council
properties across the Borough to
an average of less than 50 by the
second half of 2007/8 and the
time taken to relet them to 30
days or less.
We will continue to invest in
cleaner, safer neighbourhoods and
improve the quality of life of all
our residents by creating a third
Neighbourhood Management
Team and sponsoring a fifth Police
Community Support Officer.
Crime and fear of crime has fallen
significantly in the past three
years. We will continue to improve
community safety and help to
reduce crime and fear of crime by
installing a new digital control
room and increasing the number
of cameras in all new housing
areas and crime hotspots across
the Borough.
Corby is a sporting town. We will
increase participation in active
sport and recreation by 600
people per year and encourage
involvement from play to podium,
with a particular emphasis on
children and older people.
Young people are Corby’s future.
We will encourage and support a
powerful voice and influence for
them in the provision of public
services, leisure and recreational
facilities, and work with the
County Council, Connexions and
users to refurbish the Connaughty
Youth Centre or provide a purpose
built alternative.
Corby’s woodlands, parks and
green spaces are one of its
biggest assets. We will invest in a
comprehensive tree management
programme from Autumn 2007
onwards and seek to achieve
quality Green Flag or Green
Pennant status for all our
woodlands/country parks on a
rolling annual basis.
We are first and foremost a
customer service organisation and
aim to provide high quality
services and information that are
easily accessible to everyone in
the community. Our new One Stop
Shop will continue to strive to
improve on high levels of
performance already achieved and
from June 2007 onwards we will
introduce regular Saturday
morning opening in our One Stop
Shop. We will conduct a full
review of the Council’s current
and potential electronic customer
services and use of technology to
ensure that all our services and
information is relevant, up to
date, and easily accessible to our
What’s on
Autumn 2007
Friday 5 October
‘One Night of Elvis’
Elvis Presley sound-alike Lee
'Memphis' King performs his ‘One
Night of Elvis’ show.
7.30pm, Willows Theatre
Saturday 6 October
Lakelands Variety Dance
7pm, Willows Theatre
Saturday 13 October
Beatles tribute
The Complete Beatles bring their Fab
Four tribute show to Corby.
7.30pm, Festival Hall
Friday 19 October
‘The Pearl Fishers’
Bizet's ‘The Pearl Fishers’ presented
by Northampton Festival Opera.
7.30pm, Theatre
Thursday 25 October
'The Tempest’
Shakespeare's ‘The Tempest’
performed by The Love and Madness
7.30pm, Theatre
Friday 26 October
Mary Shelley's ‘Frankenstein’
performed by The Love and Madness
7.30pm, Theatre
Friday 2 November
New English
Contemporary Ballet
The New English Contemporary
Ballet’s latest touring production,
which includes the UK premiere of
Richard Wherlock's new ballet
7.30pm, Theatre
Friday 30 November
The ELO Experience
7.30pm, Theatre
Sunday 4 November
‘The Witch's Bogey’
3pm workshop, 4pm show, Theatre
Wednesday 12 December
The No 1 Christmas Show
Performances of the best Christmas
pop hits of the last 50 years, ranging
from Bing Crosby and Cliff Richard to
Mud, Slade and Wizzard.
7.30pm, Festival Hall
Saturday 17 November
The Spirit of Corby
The Spirit of Corby in music, song
and dance. Corby Male Voice Choir
featuring the Grampian Pipe Band,
Highland Dancers and Irish Dancers.
7.30pm, Festival Hall
Monday 19 - Friday 23
Christmas at Rockingham
Christmas shopping like nowhere
11am - 8pm daily, shop, restaurant
and grounds. No charge.
Castle tour: Adults £5, Children £1
Information and group bookings:
01536 770240
Sunday 2 December
‘The Nutcracker’
‘The Nutcracker’ presented by The
Vienna Festival Ballet.
5pm, Theatre
Thursday 27 - Sunday 30
Corby Amateur Theatrical Society
closes the year with the ever popular
7pm, Theatre
Matinees on 29 December and
30 December at 2pm
Willows Arts Centre
Box Office: 01536 402233
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