Sanctuary at St. Paul`s Community News August 2014



Sanctuary at St. Paul`s Community News August 2014
Sanctuary at St. Paul’s
Community News
Health and Happiness
With Houseplants
Houseplants are popular due to their
aesthetic appeal and the touch of nature they
bring indoors. But did you know that
houseplants provide several health benefits as
well? Here are a few ways houseplants are a
healthy addition to your home:
Clear the air. According to a study by NASA,
some houseplants actually remove harmful
toxins from the air. Formaldehyde and benzene
can be present in materials such as carpet,
solvents and paint, and mold is a common
threat in damp places such as bathrooms. Peace
lilies, chrysanthemums, and several varieties of
philodendron and dracaena are especially
effective at removing these substances.
Breathe deeper. During photosynthesis, plants
take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen,
which we need to breathe. Flowers such as
gerbera daisies and orchids release oxygen at
night, so placing them in bedrooms can help
you sleep better.
Climate control. Plants release moisture, which
is particularly important during cooler months,
when we are more likely to suffer from colds,
coughs and dry skin due to low humidity.
English ivy and Boston ferns are good
candidates to help you avoid these
weather-related issues.
Improve your mood. Research has shown that
plants have a calming effect and may even lower
blood pressure and help combat depression
and loneliness.
August 2014
Aug. 2
Aug. 3
Aug. 6
Aug. 6
Aug. 7
Aug. 7
Aug. 8
Aug. 8
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Aug. 10
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Aug. 30
Aug. 30
Aug. 31
Kathleen Boyd
Virginia Holobyn
Mary Billisitz
Ollie Sanderson
Anna Marie Cunvong
Lenny Schramski
Lottie Bell
Carolynmarie Howard
Les Fox
Betty Favorite
Don McGann
William Pemberton
Jean Schell
Ray Carbiener
Mary Ann Rayl
Helen Miller
Sara Witt
Charles Busard
Juanita Myers
Loretta Maure
Julia Baugher
Maria Szasz
John Gyorgy
Libby Karns
Francis Lies
Selma Staszewski
Ruth Hunter
Arvid Erlandson
Ernest Smith
August Birthday Stars
Leo (July 23–Aug. 22): Daniel
Radcliffe, Dorothy Hamill,
Emily Bronte, Lisa Kudrow
Virgo (Aug. 23–Sept. 23):
Barbara Eden, Jason Priestley,
Warren Buffett, Keanu Reeves
Collecting School
Supplies for Kids
School days are here again!
St. Paul’s Mission Committee
wishes to help the elementary
kids of Lincoln Primary School
get the best start to school. To
do that, they are hosting a
school supplies drive.
Pencils, pens, paper tablets,
crayons, scissors, erasers - you
name it, the Mission Committee
is ready to take your donation.
Donations are being collected
near the Reid Thompson
Memorial Chapel. If you have
questions, call the chair of the
Mission Committee - Eldon
Heatwole at 284-9049.
Collections will be taken until
August 18.
Root Beer Float Day
The Mission Committee
wishes to celebrate this national
holiday by treating residents,
staff and guests. Watch around
the campus for details about
when the root beer float party
will be hosted!!
Cool Creation
A snowy mountaintop
resembling a scoop of ice cream
was the inspiration for a cool
creation: the root beer float.
National Root Beer Float Day,
Aug. 6, celebrates this frothy
summertime treat.
In 1893, Frank Wisner owned
a mine and brewing company in
Cripple Creek, Colo. One night,
he noticed that the moonlit
snow atop the dark slopes of
nearby Cow Mountain looked
like a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Inspired, Wisner went back to
his bar and added ice cream to
his customers’ favorite soda,
root beer. The drink, which
Wisner named Black Cow
Mountain, was an instant hit,
and soon people shortened
the name to “black cow.” Today,
it’s better known as a root
beer float.
Although mixing ice cream
and soda was already popular,
Wisner was reportedly the first
to use root beer.
Since it first appeared, there
have been as many variations on
the root beer float as there are
flavors of ice cream and soda,
and combinations can vary
by region.
Cool as a Cucumber
Give Your Brain
a Workout
Think of your memory as a
muscle. The more you exercise
your brain, the better you’ll be
able to process and remember
information. Activities that
require using your hands, such
as playing a musical instrument,
making pottery, knitting,
painting or enjoying a game of
ping pong, exercise the brain by
challenging hand-eye
coordination and creativity.
Positive Thought
“When you change the way
you look at things, the things
you look at change.” —Max
Movement Is Life
Sitting is ........
This DIY body spritzer will
keep you cool on a hot summer
day. Cut up half a cucumber and
put it in a large spray bottle. Add
water to the bottle. Store the
spray in the refrigerator. When
you need an instant refresher,
simply spritz onto your skin.
Eat Healthy!
More Herbs, Less Salt Day is
Aug. 29. Try a new type of herb
or spice in your food. You may
find a healthier option that
you love!
Challenges to Balance
Options for balance training
1. Use the Wellness Center
3-4 x week
2. Home Balance Exercise
3. Senior Fit Class Tue-Fri
11:15 a.m.
Main Lounge
4. Strength Class Tue & Th 1
p.m. MPR
5. Community Balance
Course near
Bistro/Wellness Hall
6. One-on-One Coaching Dave 284-9040
7. Mobility Classes Mon/
Wed/Fri 9:30 a.m. & 3 p.m.
2nd Floor East Living Room
8. Bistro Friday’s Balance
Class 1 p.m. Bistro
Keep Cool in the Heat
Heat-related illnesses are
preventable. To have a safe
summer, follow these
recommendations from the
Center for Disease Control and
Fluids first. It’s important to
hydrate even before you feel
thirsty. Avoid very cold drinks
because they can cause stomach
cramps. Don’t drink liquids that
contain alcohol or large
amounts of sugar because they
can cause you to lose more
body fluid.
Don’t skip sunscreen. Sunburn
affects the body’s ability to cool
itself. Protect yourself by
applying sunscreen 30 minutes
before going outside. Use
sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or
higher and make sure the label
says “broad spectrum” or
“UVA/UVB protection.”
Minimize midday exposure.
Limit your outdoor activity to
morning and evening hours.
When you are outside, take time
to rest in shady areas.
Play it safe. If the heat seems
unbearable, stay indoors in an
air-conditioned space. Take a
cool shower or bath. At the
beginning of summer, give your
body time to adjust to the
warmer temperatures.
Welc me
New Residents
Jerome & Doug Lape 243W
Vera Monahan 328W
Welcome Social
Join us to welcome our new
residents on Friday, August 29,
at 2 p.m. in the 2 West Lounge.
Out &
CINDY AT 284-9039 IF YOU
Rummage Sale
Evangel Heights Church is
having their annual rummage
sale on Saturday, August 9. This
is always a huge sale. Many
bargains can be found.
Lunch at the Emporium
We will go to lunch at the
Emporium on Friday, August 22.
If the weather is nice, we will sit
outside on the patio facing the
East Race.
South Bend Symphony
Cindy Robinett 284-9039
Outdoor Therapy
Take a book or deck of cards
outside and enjoy the summer
breezes while you relax.
Grand Canyon Trip
Cindy and Tom will show
pictures and tell about their
adventure rafting through the
Grand Canyon on Monday,
August 11, at 2 p.m. in the Main
Bill Moor
The South Bend Symphony is
performing at the Chris Wilson
Pavilion at Potawatomi Park on
Saturday evening, August 23.
This is a FREE concert.
Don’t miss the entertaining
stories of Bill Moor on
Wednesday, August 20, at 2 p.m.
in the 2 West Lunge.
South Bend Silver Hawks
Bruno’s pizza will be in the 1
West Lounge by the bistro at
noon on Wednesday, August 13.
Order forms will go in your
mailbox on August 5. Slices are
$1 each. Pre-orders will be
served first. Any extra pizza will
be sold for $1 a piece.
The Silver Hawks play the
Bowling Green Red Hots on
Wednesday, August 27, at 7:05
p.m. Tickets are $10. The price
includes a Silver Hawks hat.
Activity Coordinator
Origin of August
August is named for
Augustus, the first emperor of
the Roman Empire.
Bruno’s Pizza
On Friday, August 8, we will
make necklaces out of ribbon
and pretty beads. Join us at 2
p.m. in the 3 West Card Room.
How long has it been since
you have been to the farmers’
market? Well instead of going
out for lunch, we will be going
out for breakfast at the farmers’
market, and then we can browse
and enjoy all the fresh veggies
and homemade goodies. We will
be departing at 8 a.m. from 3E
on Friday, August 8th. Sign up
early for this new adventure.
Back Porch Stories are every
Monday (except holidays) at 10
a.m. on the 2nd floor right after
Dave’s Exercise. Join your
neighbors and Ann for true
inspirational stories and
Join Jerry to hear the latest
news and enjoy some laughter
with Jerry’s jokes every Tuesday
(except the last Tuesday of the
month) at 10 a.m. on the
2nd floor.
Every Thursday at 9:30 a.m.
on the 2nd floor, join Ann for
some fun chair exercise. It’s a
great way to start your day!
The “Rat Pack Club” will be
going out to breakfast at “Allies”
(The Old Morrows) on Friday,
August 15th. We will depart at 8
a.m. from 3E. Sign up now to
enjoy this “Men’s Only” time
(East Campus men only).
We will be departing at 9 a.m.
to Four Winds on Friday, August
29th. Sign up for this day of fun!
This trip is open to all of the
campus. Call Ann at 284-9035
to sign up or sign up in the
activity books on any of the 3
floors in the East Campus. Seats
are limited, so sign up early.
Join Carolyn for some great
stories and have some super
discussions with your neighbors.
Every Thursday right after
Movin’ & Groovin’ at 10 a.m. on
the 2nd floor.
August is here already! Watch
your calendars this month, I
have a few new activities in store
for all of you. Think Fast,
Treasure Chest and Slang Time
are new ones you may want to
check out. Oh, and also we will
be having root beer floats!
If any of you have suggestions
for where we can go out to eat or
any place you may want to visit
or see, please let me know.
Please be a good neighbor
and invite any new residents we
have to our activities. Help make
them feel welcome. Let’s have a
super month and get involved!
Soothe Bug Bites
If you have itchy mosquito
bites, put a cold, used tea bag on
the stinging spot for about five
Make It Happen
August is Happiness Happens
‘And’ Is One
Ann will be available to do
your nails on Friday, Aug. 8th, &
Thursday, Aug. 28th, at 2 p.m.
on the 2nd floor (no clipping).
How many words can you
come up with using the letters in
“ice cream sundae”?
Enjoy Your Summer
The East Campus Coffee Hour
will be on Tuesday, August 26th,
at 10 a.m. on the 2nd floor. This
is your opportunity to discuss
any issues you may be having
with upper management. Join us
and be informed of what’s going
on in the East Campus.
Go outside once a day just to
savor the fresh air and sunshine.
‘Tan’ Is One
How many words can you
come up with using the letters in
The Inn at St. Paul’s
Karen Ogle - Community
Life Assistant
(574) 284-9003
Cool Clothing
Wear light-colored,
lightweight clothing if you plan
to spend time outside this
What a Glorious Dancer
Wednesday & Friday 10:15
a.m. - Just Movin’ with Dave
Famous Faces Born
in August
Aug. 3, 1926: Tony Bennett
Aug. 3, 1940: Martin Sheen
Aug. 4, 1961: Barack Obama
Aug. 14, 1947: Danielle Steel
Aug. 19, 1963: John Stamos
Aug. 23, 1949: Shelley Long
Page Turner
While summer is a great time
to be outside, sometimes you
need to cool off with
air-conditioning. Spend a few
hours at your local library and
“chill out” with a book.
Gene Kelly was born on Aug.
23. Watch the actor in some of
his more famous films,
including “Singin’ in the Rain”
and “An American in Paris.”
Check your calendars!
Wednesdays are dog days.
Tuesdays 2:30 p.m. Rosary
followed by Mass on Level 2
Thursdays 2 p.m. Rosary
followed by Bible Study Level 3
Saturdays 4 p.m. Mass Main
Sundays 9:45 a.m. Mass Main
Sundays 11 a.m. Protestant
Service Main Chapel
Laugh Lines: Play Ball!
Q: What has 18 legs and
catches flies?
A: A baseball team.
Q: How do umpires make
their mothers proud?
A: They always clean their
Q: Which baseball player
holds the water?
A: The pitcher.
Q: A man leaves home, makes
a left turn, makes another left,
then another left turn and goes
home again. When he gets home
there are two men wearing
masks waiting for him. Who
are they?
A: The catcher and the
Logic Problem
Betsy, Wendy and Mallory
each have a different favorite
color (yellow, purple or red) and
a different favorite food (french
fries, hamburgers or ice cream).
Use the clues below to find out
each person’s favorite food
and color.
1. Mallory’s favorite color
is yellow.
2. The person who likes red
also likes hamburgers.
3. Betsy, who hates the color
red, loves ice cream.
New Exercise Class
to Begin
A new exercise class, Senior
Fit, is scheduled to begin in
August every Tuesday and Friday
at 11:15 a.m.
The class, sponsored by Saint
Joseph Regional Medical Center,
will be taught by Dave Stahl, St.
Paul’s wellness director. It will
focus on upper and lower body
strength, cardiovascular
endurance, flexibility and
The class has no charge, but
does require registration with
Saint Joseph’s 55+ program. This
ongoing series will be held in
the Main Lounge. For more
information, call Dave at
Zoo Makes a Stop at
St. Paul’s
Potawatomi Zoo made a visit
with some of their creatures last
month at Breakfast Club. The
zoo brought in an American
toad, domesticated ferret, and a
bearded dragon.
Residents and guests got the
chance to learn about them and
have an up close, personal
experience with the animals. The
bearded dragon even had “trick”
spikes that looked dangerous,
but actually were just soft scales.
Delores Carroll
Dec. 30, 1920 - June 10, 2014
Frances Kuzmitz
June 22, 1914 - June 15, 2014
Joan Haney
June 22, 1914 - June 22, 2014
Rose Bujecker
Sept. 4, 1916 - June 24, 2014
Herbert Hull
Feb. 26, 1916 - June 26, 2014
Frances Grabarek
May 2, 1921 - July 8, 2014
Victor Singleton
May 3, 1929 - July 11, 2014
Chaplain Corner
I have been spending some
time recently watching the
World Cup soccer tournament. I
have noticed that the athletes are
in amazing physical condition
and can perform for the
regulation game and then often
for an additional thirty minute
period to determine the winner
of the game.
When contests are still tied
following the regulation time
and the extra time, the game
winner is determined by a
shootout. To me, this does not
seem like the best way to
pronounce a winner and loser of
the game. The “team” aspect of
the sport seems to be
diminished with the outcome in
the hands of the shooter and
the goalie.
In a way, our individual faith
journeys are like that of a soccer
match. We establish and
develop our faith over the
lifetime of a game. Daily
nurturing our faith allows us to
endure for the duration of our
lives. But, unlike in the World
Cup soccer tournament, our
faith does not come down to a
shootout. A well-nurtured faith
lasts forever. God’s grace is
available in abundance for all
who put their trust in Him. We
can know with certainty that our
faith experience will not come
down to a shootout to
determine our eternal destiny.
How are you continuing to
nurture your faith?
-Chaplain Eldon Heatwole
Game Show Greats
Solving puzzles, answering trivia questions, guessing prices, even picking a
date—TV game shows have put contestants through it all! Here are some of
history’s most popular game shows and their famous hosts.
1793: One of the world’s most
prestigious galleries, the Louvre
Museum, opens in Paris.
1890: Baseball great Cy Young
pitches his first professional
game. The annual Cy Young
Award commemorates his career
by honoring the best major
league pitcher.
1912: Arthur R. Eldred of Oceanside,
N.Y., becomes the first person to
achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.
Game Show
“Blind Date”
“You Bet Your Life”
“To Tell the Truth”
“Let’s Make a Deal”
“The Price Is Right”
“The $10,000 Pyramid”
“Wheel of Fortune”
“Family Feud”
“Win, Lose or Draw”
“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”
“Deal or No Deal”
1939: The movie musical
“The Wizard of Oz” makes its
world premiere in Oconomowoc,
Wis. Studio MGM worried the film
might be a bust and launched it
in the Milwaukee suburb rather
than Hollywood.
1949: The Basketball Association of
America (BAA) and National
Basketball League (NBL) merge to
create the National Basketball
Association (NBA).
1961: The amusement park Six Flags
Over Texas opens in Arlington to the
delight of thrill-seekers.
Arlene Francis
Groucho Marx
Bud Collyer
Monty Hall
Art Fleming
Bob Barker
Dick Clark
Chuck Woolery
Richard Dawson
Vicki Lawrence
Regis Philbin
Howie Mandel
1967: Thurgood Marshall becomes
the first African-American to
be confirmed as a U.S. Supreme
Court justice. He served for 24 years
before retiring.
1981: IBM releases its new IBM PC.
The personal computer’s price tag:
1996: “The Macarena” hits the top of
the Billboard pop chart, prompting a
popular new dance craze.
2013: Described as a small
raccoon with a teddy bear face,
the olinguito becomes the first
mammal to be discovered in the
Americas in 35 years.

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