Spring, 2014 - Lutheran SeniorLife



Spring, 2014 - Lutheran SeniorLife
Abundant life
More than 530 friends, business
partners, staff and residents of
Lutheran SeniorLife gathered at
Heinz Field on April 25 for the 11th
annual Excellence is Ageless Gala
and Awards Celebration. Proceeds
from the event benefit benevolent
care. This year, $201,000 was raised to
continue providing an Abundant Life®
for our residents who have outlived
their financial resources.
The Honorable Tom Ridge and
Dr. Mark Wholey, M.D. were the
Gala honorees. This award is given
to individuals age 55 and older who
have made significant contributions
to the community through profession,
service, philanthropy or leadership.
Chris Martin, president, Southwest
Region of Northwest Savings Bank
served as Gala Chairman.
Dr. Wholey is an internationally
recognized interventional radiologist,
co-founder of MEDRAD, and
an inventor of the Wholey Wire
used in vascular procedures. He is
Director of the Center for Vascular
and Neurovascular Interventions at
Allegheny General Hospital.
Mr. Ridge served as the first secretary
of the U.S. Department of Homeland
Security and is former Governor of
Pennsylvania. He is President and
CEO of Ridge Global, an international
security and risk management firm.
In his remarks, Ridge shared his
thoughts on getting older. “Aging is
just a number,” he said, noting that
many things improve as they age such
as wine and wood. People, he said,
are the same. “Getting older means
getting better.”
David Fenoglietto, president and CEO
of Lutheran SeniorLife, acknowledged
the ever-changing needs of seniors as
they age, and re-affirmed Lutheran
SeniorLife’s commitment to serve
elders in a manner that aligns with the
lifestyles and needs of older adults.
“We will continue to look ahead and
when needed or called upon, will
change the model of senior living to
ensure that each person can live with
dignity and respect, and have access
to health and wellness programs that
elevate opportunities to support a
person’s autonomy, decision making
and meaningful engagement in today’s
The evening’s festivities included a
silent auction featuring several pieces
of original art crafted by friends,
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The Hon. Tom Ridge, Gala honoree;
Chris Martin, Gala chairman; Dr. Mark
Wholey, Gala honoree
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Lutheran SeniorLife offers
a continuum of care featuring
senior living communities,
personal care, Alzheimer’s care,
home health and
hospice and physician services.
With headquarters in
Adams Township, PA,
Lutheran SeniorLife has locations
in Zelienople, Mars, Butler,
McCandless Township,
Hempfield Township, Kittanning,
Vandergrift, New Castle,
Aliquippa, Moon Township and
Ambridge. To learn more about
any of these programs and
services, visit our website at
On behalf of our
Moral Owners,*
Lutheran SeniorLife
serves elders in our
three synod region,
intending that the recipients
of these services will
a more Abundant Life®
regardless of their
physical condition or
financial circumstances.
*SWPA Synod, NWPA Synod,
‘Excellence is Ageless’ is a
guiding principle of Abundant
Life® and a very appropriate
David Fenoglietto and Dr. Bill Thomas
theme for one of our most
important fund raising events of the year held recently at Heinz Field. In
partnership with our signature sponsor, Northwest Savings Bank, and Gala
Chair Chris Martin, we honored Dr. Mark Wholey, M.D. and The Honorable
Tom Ridge.
Lutheran SeniorLife is very fortunate that these leaders believe that aging
chronologically is oftentimes in discord to a person’s ability to grow and
continue to be a lifelong learner. These leaders walked alongside our
organization for a brief moment in time to support our mission and to support
the paradigm of our change initiatives to connect with elders in their daily
A few weeks earlier, we hosted Dr. Bill Thomas at the New Hazlett Theater
in Pittsburgh as he toured the country speaking about his new book.
Dr. Thomas is a nationally recognized leader who has been a true inspiration
to senior living professionals as he encourages us to change the culture of how
we connect with elders. He has led the way with initiatives like the Pioneer
Network, Eden Alternative and the Green House project. Dr. Thomas, during
his Second Wind Tour presentation, commented that each person needs
to have a deeper and more connected approach to our lives, our work and
our communities. We certainly agree, and the field of senior living and the
very culture in which we age is now being overhauled because of the type of
thinking promoted by Dr. Thomas and others.
Please take a moment to view articles and video clips of these special
occasions of celebration on the Lutheran SeniorLife website and on our
Facebook page. There are many examples of how we are changing and
growing as an organization.
Lutheran SeniorLife is committed to changing the model of how elders are
served and we are honored to have world renowned leaders join us in our
journey. Our innovation and quality outcomes will continue to evolve to
support our system-wide transformation and, most importantly, a deeper
connection to those we serve.
David Fenoglietto
President and Chief Executive Officer, Lutheran SeniorLife
Portraits of Abundant Life
This on-going series highlights Lutheran SeniorLife residents,
program participants, staff and friends who are living their Abundant Life®.
Dr. Thomas’ views of elderhood as
an honorable and valuable position
in our society mirrors Lutheran
SeniorLife’s mission to provide an
Abundant Life® for our residents
by fostering a climate of personcentered care.
In the opening monologue of
the show, Dr. Thomas explained
that adults are living in a ‘hypercaffeinated’ world, where we are led
to believe that we are only valuable
when we are being productive, and
that once we slow down to enter
elderhood, we lose our worth in
society. “Baby boomers are on the
verge of entering elderhood and they
have no idea what is yet to come,”
Dr. Thomas said, “but there is life
beyond adulthood!”
“I think that leaving one’s youth
behind is, and has always been a
painfully difficult thing to do. This is
doubly true for those who experience
aging in a society that worships
the virtues of youth. I think that a
deeper investigation of life and living
can reveal the hidden virtues of age.
Outgrowing adulthood is worthwhile
in large part because the attendant
difficulties (emotional and physical)
can lead us toward slower, deeper
Abundant life
Lutheran SeniorLife proudly
sponsored Dr. Bill Thomas,
gerontologist, author and leader in
the Culture Change movement for
older adults, and his Second Wind
Tour at the New Hazlett Theater in
Pittsburgh on April 1. Dr. Thomas’
book, Second Wind: Navigating the
Passage to a Slower, Deeper, and
More Connected Life, outlines how
to recognize and navigate through
what has the potential to be the most
fulfilling time of life – elderhood.
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Dr. Bill Thomas wore stilts through part of the performance as a visual representation
of the knowledge and wisdom we gain in elderhood.
www.lutheranseniorlife.org / SPRING 2014
Finishing touches are being made to both the interior and exterior of the Abundant Life Center.
Bricks and mortar do not make a
home until there is life inside.
In just a few months, the Abundant
Life Center at Passavant Community
will come to life. It will be the heart of
campus, where people can gather to
socialize, worship and dine. But more
than that, it will be a life-affirming
environment where residents will
“That has been our goal from the
very start,” said Laura Roy, executive
director of Passavant Community.
“When we first started this process,
yes, it was exciting to think about a
new building. But a building is just a
building. For me, it has always been
about the people living inside.”
The new Abundant Life Center
will become home to Passavant’s
personal care residents, whose private
apartments will be arranged into
households. Each household will
have a shared living space and a
kitchen area to promote socialization
among the residents. The building
will also house a state-of-the-art
nursing center, with 96 private rooms
and three semi-private suites, also
arranged into households. Twenty
new independent living apartments
have also been added.
Dorothy Cain, who currently lives in
Olde Main, is looking forward to the
opportunity to participate in cooking
with other members of her household.
“I used to take cooking classes,” Cain
said. “Now in my new apartment, I
can come out of my room and bake
cookies if I want to. I’ll like that. I like
to stay busy.”
The medical clinic and rehabilitation
services will also be located in the new
building. The fitness center has been
expanded and will include a swimming
pool, which can be used for recreation
or rehabilitation. “Residents are so
excited about the pool,” Roy said. “It
is something they have asked for for a
long time.”
In response to the ever-changing
needs of seniors and their expectations
as they age, the institutional model
of long corridors, hospital-like rooms
and the traditional model of care have
been eliminated in the Abundant Life
Center, which will be a more homelike setting where the care is directed
by the specific needs of each resident.
This national evolution is called
Culture Change, and is based on
person-directed values and practices,
with a focus on resident choice,
Twenty new independent living apartments have been added to the building.
dignity, respect, self-determination
and purposeful living.
Resident requests, suggestions
and opinions have been taken
into consideration throughout the
construction process, she explained.
“All of the residents here have a
voice. We wanted to listen to and
honor their voices as much as
possible. That’s what Abundant
Life® is all about.” This is most
evident, she said, in
Passavant’s Community
Life Program, where
residents drive much
of the educational,
spiritual and creative
programming. “In
the new building, we
will have additional
opportunities for these
The Abundant Life Center will
offer expanded dining options
including The Bistro (casual dining),
Baron’s Inn (formal dining), and
Creamery Café (ice cream and
coffee shop). Most of the amenities
to which residents are accustomed
will re-open in the Abundant
Life Center including the library,
Scholl Conference Center, Seaman
Memorial Chapel, Gently Used
Shop, My Day Out Center, business
center, train room, creative arts
studio (former Center for Creative
Expression), Kidd Learning Center
(former In-Service Room), business
center (former computer lab),
support services (former business
services), game room, music room
and the copy/mail room.
Once all of the residents are moved,
the oldest building on campus, Olde
Main, will be demolished, taking
with it some of Passavant’s tradition
and history. Bill Posey, who has
been a resident at Passavant for 13
“Olde Main is 100
years old. It was time
to replace it. I like
Passavant and want
to see it continue to
Passavant Community resident
years, understands that it is time
for this change. “Olde Main is 100
years old. It was time to replace it.
I like Passavant and want to see it
continue to grow,” he said. “It’s like
this: if for all your life you’ve been
swimming in a pond, then you get a
bigger, better pool, do you really miss
the pond? Looking back doesn’t do
anyone any good.”
Abundant life
“Believe me, the Abundant Life
Center is nothing like a traditional
nursing home,” Roy said. They can
wake when they want, eat when
and what they want and decide how
they want to spend their day. There
will be spontaneity in their lives,
rather than being on the regimented
schedule that nursing homes
traditionally offer.
programs, and will continue to be
open to their suggestions. One of the
most important things we can give
our residents is a sense of meaning
and purpose.”
Roy agrees, “The residents have
been watching this come up from
the ground for three years. I have no
doubt that once everyone is moved
in to the new building they will enjoy
it and continue living an Abundant
Life®.” v
All campus residents will have access to the swimming pool,
which was designed for both recreation and rehabilitation.
www.lutheranseniorlife.org / SPRING 2014
Lutheran SeniorLife’s Visiting Nurse
Association of Western PA Hospice
provides comfort care for the physical,
emotional and spiritual needs of
patients and their loved ones who are
experiencing the challenges of a lifelimiting illness. Last month, about 220
friends and families served by VNA
Hospice gathered at Butler Country
Club for the ninth annual Friendship
Luncheon to raise funds to support
the hospice program.
of the many benefits of hospice care,
support community volunteers and
bereavement activities, defray the
cost of expenses related to volunteer
training, sponsor support groups and
wish trips, and other special events
and services.
“We introduced the luncheon as an
opportunity to make time to be with
and enjoy the company of friends and
family we otherwise don’t see enough
– a ladies day out amidst the countless
demands most experience,” said Judy
Connelly, director of VNA Hospice
and Palliative Care.
“The luncheon is important for
multiple reasons. In hospice care, we
see amazing things day after day. We
hear thousands of stories involving
memories, love and regret. As illness
progresses we see endearing friend and
family relationships enter the picture
to support, love and care for the
patient. It reminds us that in this crazy
busy world, these relationships are the
most precious thing we take with us
and surround ourselves with near the
end of our life,” Connelly continued.
The event raised more than $10,000
which will be used to support patients
and their families, increase awareness
For the most part, patients requiring
hospice care are able to receive VNA
services in the place they call home,
whether it is a private residence,
assisted living facility, nursing facility
or even in a hospital. For the times
when the patient is experiencing
distressing symptoms, VNA hospice
services can be provided at its
state-of-the-art inpatient facility
in Butler, PA.
“The support for patients and families
in relationship to VNA’s Friendship
Luncheon is two-fold,” said Margie
Walsh, interim executive director
of VNA. “The proceeds from the
luncheon support continued hospice
services both in the home and at our
inpatient unit at a level for which
the community has come to count
on. In addition, it gives families the
opportunity to give back and show
support for the care their loved ones
received. We are extremely grateful
to those who support our
organization.” v
Jenna Rhodaberger, VNA Hospice bereavement coordinator (center), attended the
luncheon with her grandmothers Dorothy Mincer and Arlene Stevenson, her sister
Abby Walsh and mother Sherri Wood.
(L to R) Mary Lorson; David Farrell; Dr. Bill Thomas; Janet Taylor, M.D.; Dr. Isabela Angelelli,
Santiago Angelelli, and Joseph Angelelli, Ph.D.; Samite Mulondo
Abundant life
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and more connected ways of living,”
Dr. Thomas said.
Dr. Thomas is the creator of The
Green House® model of senior living,
which he feels can improve the lives
of seniors by providing high quality
clinical care in an actual home
designed for just 10-12 residents,
each with private bedrooms and
bathrooms, but common spaces for
socialization and dining. Residents
here receive person-centered,
relationship-based care 24 hours
a day. Lutheran SeniorLife is
considering an opportunity to
build Green House homes on
the site of the former Aliquippa
Hospital in Beaver County. They
will be available for LIFE (Living
Independence for the Elderly)
Program enrollees needing nursing
care and others throughout the
community who are deemed nursing
home eligible by the Area Agency on
Aging. The homes will be the first of
their kind in western Pennsylvania,
and the first in the nation to partner
with a LIFE Program.
“The cinderblock walls of the
institutional nursing home are
holding us back,” said David
Farrell, senior director for The
Green House® Project, and show
participant. “These homes grow
people. They generate and sustain
genuine human warmth. Elders
that have shut down come back to
life here,” Farrell said, because they
are made to feel at home, like they
are a valued part of a family. “If you
change the architecture, you change
the thinking of the people who live
The Second Wind Tour also featured
other speakers including Janet
Taylor, M.D., MPH; Joseph Angelelli,
Ph.D., director, Health Services
Administration, assistant professor,
School of Nursing and Health
Sciences, Robert Morris University;
and Mary Lorson, writer and
performer. Musical entertainment
was provided by Samite Mulondo,
founding director of Musicians for
World Harmony. v
www.lutheranseniorlife.org / SPRING 2014
The rapid evolution of technology is
presenting an opportunity to change
how people age in the 21st century,
allowing them in many ways to live a
more Abundant Life®. Tablet devices
such as the iPad support hundreds of
applications (apps) that are proving
to be extremely beneficial to the aging
population, regardless of their physical
or cognitive abilities.
Recently, staff at Passavant
Community have begun using iPads
with some residents in personal care,
nursing and the My Day Out program
with tremendous success. The iPads
were purchased through two separate
grants – one from the American
Legion Post #474 in Zelienople and
one from the Ira and Frances Wood
Charitable Trust.
“When the residents use the
iPads, what you get from them is
total engagement. It is absolutely
fascinating to watch,” said Jody
Gulish, Community Life director at
Passavant Community. Residents
have been using a variety of apps
including art, music and games, both
individually and in groups. “They are
so intrigued that when they touch the
iPad, it responds. It is beneficial to
the cognitive and creative/expressive
aspect of our care.”
Mary Ann Frederick, assisted living
activities coordinator at Passavant
Community is thrilled at the way the
residents are responding to various
apps they have explored so far. In a
group setting, she said, there is better
socialization among the residents as
they play games like Wheel of Fortune
or Family Feud, word games and
memory stimulating games. Other
residents who are lower functioning
have shown positive emotional
responses to apps involving music,
colors and pictures.
“To see them interact like this, I’m in
awe!” Frederick said.
Sharon Whalen, technology associate
for Lutheran SeniorLife, said that
the iPads and other similar tablet
devices can be very beneficial to
the aging population. “Many people
think that iPads are for kids, for fun
and games only. But there really is
something here for everyone.” Whalen
demonstrated this at her recent
presentation “What Is An iPad, and
Why Would I Want One?” for the
residents at Overbrook Pointe. Those
in attendance had a wide range of
familiarity with tablet devices, from
novice to more experienced, but all
were fascinated by just how much they
had to offer.
“Independent living residents have
different reasons for using the iPad,
and are becoming less tentative about
using technology,” Whalen said.
But for all seniors, independence
and a sense of accomplishment is
something that should be nurtured
to help them live a more Abundant
Life®. v
Len Burrows, resident at Overbrook Pointe, gets some iPad instruction from
his grandson Scott Lohman and Sharon Whalen, technology associate for
Lutheran SeniorLife’s Silver Smart program.
Imagine visiting Ireland, Holland,
Mexico and other destinations
without leaving the comfort of
your own dining room. Residents
at Overbrook Pointe have the
opportunity to do just that by
participating in the Travel the World
Dining Journey, a 12-month cultural
and culinary excursion.
The program is executed by Amanda
Goldie, café manager and chef
at Overbrook Pointe, under the
guidance of Morrison Senior Living,
food service provider for Lutheran
SeniorLife. “Morrison gives me some
suggestions about what to serve each
month, but I have creative reign
when it comes to decorating, games
and other items for each dinner,”
Goldie said, adding that each meal
is made from scratch. The dining
program is offered at other Lutheran
SeniorLife locations as well.
The Dining Journey features a
different country each month.
Authentic cuisine is served, festive
decorations cover the tables and
trivia-type information is given
to the residents. Every resident
has their own ‘passport,’ which is
stamped at each of the monthly
dinners, and prizes will be awarded to
some lucky residents at the journey’s
end. In March, the St. Patrick’s Day
celebration included marinated
brisket, potato soup and potato
pancakes. Traditional Irish music
played throughout the dining room.
All of this, Goldie said, encourages
residents to share stories about
their heritage or travel or military
experiences. April’s theme was Tulips
in Holland.
“All of our residents have really
enjoyed the monthly themes so
far,” Goldie said. “The dinners have
helped to create a family atmosphere
here. When I stand back and watch
everyone enjoy these dinners it is
worth the little bit of extra effort
it takes to organize them. There’s
nothing better than seeing people
come together at a dinner table!” v
Abundant life
Overbrook Pointe residents (top of photo) Ruth Buffington, Lois Deah, Paul Deah, Margaret
Rosenberger, Len and Cassie Burrows enjoy their authentic Irish meal.
www.lutheranseniorlife.org / SPRING 2014
Continued from front cover
residents and staff of Lutheran
SeniorLife. Entertainment was
provided by the Kenny Blake Trio.
The invocation was given by The
Rev. Brian A. Evans, STS, senior
pastor, First English Evangelical
Lutheran Church in Pittsburgh, and
the benediction was given by The
Rev. Kurt F. Kusserow, Bishop of the
Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod of
the Evangelical Lutheran Church in
Ken Spruill, Yheizzi Owen and Bruce
Bickel, PNC Private Foundation
Management Services
Martin gave special thanks to those
who participated and supported this
event. “Your generous and thoughtful
contributions will help Lutheran
SeniorLife continue its mission to
serve elders now and in the years
to come, by providing them with
opportunities to live an Abundant
Life® regardless of their physical
condition or financial circumstances,”
he said.
For additional photos, visit our website
at www.lutheranseniorlife.org/seniorliving/news.
The Hon. Tom
Ridge, Lauren
Wholey, Dr. Mark
Wholey, Roseanne
Representing Lutheran SeniorLife are Susan Q. DiGirolamo,
chief financial officer; Renée M. Pekor, vice president of
development and president of Lutheran SeniorLife Foundation;
Kathy S. Castle, vice president of human resources; Donna S.
Van Kirk, vice president of system development
David Fenoglietto and
The Hon. Tom Ridge
John Harmon and The Rev.
Carl Johnson, St. John’s
Lutheran Church, Kittanning
Mary Baker, Ann Harmon,
Christine Whiteman
John Harmon; The Rev. Sandy Towberman; The Rev.
Dr. Alden Towberman, St. Mark’s Church, Butler and
Lutheran SeniorLife board member; The Rev. Robert
Musser, Good Shepherd Church, Pittsburgh
Passavant Community
resident Waltraud “Wally”
Hendel and Daniel Wille,
Lutheran SeniorLife
Foundation board member
Laura Deklewa; John Sebastian,
dck worldwide; Donna Sebastian
Thank You!
The Rev. Erin Evans; The Rev. Brian Evans; The Rev.
David Gleason, retired; The Rev. David Saylor, St. Peter’s
Lutheran Church, Evans City and Lutheran SeniorLife
board member
Lutheran SeniorLife wishes to extend
its appreciation to everyone who supported
the 2014 Excellence is Ageless Gala.
Special thanks to the following sponsors
for their generous support:
Northwest Savings Bank
Phyllis Maier and Don
Burgess, Passavant
Community residents
The George H. Campbell, Lillian S. Campbell,
and Mary S. Campbell Foundation
Bishop Kurt Kusserow,
Southwest PA Synod of
the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in America; The
Rev. Kirk Bish.
Allegheny Construction
Eastern Alliance Insurance Group
First Niagara Bank
Focus Marketing Support Services
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
Morrison Senior Living
Noelker and Hull Associates
Laura Roy, executive director
of Passavant Community;
Ruth Roy; Elizabeth Garrett,
associate director of Passavant
Rob Oelschlager; The Rev. Kirk
Bish, retired; The Rev. Martin
Roth; Sally Roth
Martha Malone
and Nancy
Abundant life
David Fenoglietto, president and
CEO of Lutheran SeniorLife;
Dr. Mark and Roseanne Wholey
NexTier Bank
ACMH Hospital / dck worldwide
Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, P.C.
First Commonwealth Bank
Heritage Valley Health System
Mars National Bank / MMC Land Management
Stantec Architecture / Unified Alerts
Anonymous / Automated Security Alert
Dr. and Mrs. Frank T. Baker / Bittcher Family Table
Burns White / Burstin, Burstin & Frantz
Butler Health System / Canova Electrical Contracting, Inc.
Capital Healthcare Solutions & Harmony Home Care
CareKinesis / Civil and Environmental Consultants, Inc.
First English Evangelical Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh
Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Company
Henderson Brothers / MassMutual Pittsburgh
Mediture / ParenteBeard / Providence Pharmacy Services
Rex Energy / St. John’s Lutheran Church of Highland
Daniel E. Wille, Esq.
www.lutheranseniorlife.org / SPRING 2014 11
The following gifts were received between October 1, 2013 through March 31, 2014.
Whip and Harriette Abbe
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Boffo
Jane Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Allen
Brody Arbuckle
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Zachary Arbuckle
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Virginia Arkwright
Ms. Norma Jean Boyd
Twila B. Bakken
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Boyce
Helen Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Wiltman
Mary Jane Bendick
Ms. Michelle Craig
Angela B. Bianco
Ms. Charlotta K. Ross
Albert and Jane Bittcher
Ms. Jane E. Bittcher
Albert A. Bittcher Family
Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Bittcher
John (Jack) Bonzer
Dr. and Mrs. Eric D. Kofmehl
Ruth E. Boughton
Mrs. Marjorie H. Jones
June K. Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Hene
Mary J. Brandstetter
Mr. Carl W. Brandstetter
Hilda Catalucci
Ms. Laura Catalucci
Country Gardens Staff
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Hammer
Carol Crudden
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Casey Crudden
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Ann Cummins
Ms. Suzan A. Schindledecker
Mildred M. Dollhopf
Rev. and Mrs. James W.
Virginia Drnevich
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance L.
Eleanor Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Elliott
Marie Fahey
Martha J. Fetterly
Mr. David R. Jarrett
Frank R. Fire
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Fire
Lenora Fitzgerald
Mr. Dennis Melnick
Beatrice Flasco
Mrs. Harriet Ulizio
Gregg E. Fleischman
Mrs. June K. Boyd
Karen J. Fleischman
Mrs. June K. Boyd
Barbara Flinn
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Flinn
Betty Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Boeh
Foundation Staff
Ms. Diane M. Calderone
Miss Marguerite R. Miller
Family and Friends
Ms. Diane M. Calderone
Robert Frizzell
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Frizzell
Barbara Galbraith
Rev. Martin J. Galbraith
Elizabeth Garrett
Susie R. Giuliano
Miss Marguerite R. Miller
God Blessing me with 97 years
of love, care and happiness
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Barb and Francis Greco
Ms. Beverly K. Bowser
Helen M. Guy
Mr. Robert B. Mitchell
Virginia Hansmann
Mr. and Mrs. William G.
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Harmon
Management and Staff of
Passavant Retirement
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Happy Birthday Jesus!
Ms. Diane M. Calderone
Reba I. March
Ms. Karen Cardosi
Thelma D. Harnack
Fred and Amy Harnack
Rocco Mastrangelo
Mildred E. Harting
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Harting
Mary F. McGinnis
Ms. Rosemary McGinnis
Eleanor E. Hay
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Hay
Emma McIntosh
Ms. Constance J. Sankovic
Kristy Hene
Mrs. June K. Boyd
James and Helen McKenzie
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Keller
Alice Hibbs
Mr. and Mrs. Eldin Hibbs
Caroline Mendis
Ms. Marilyn K. Luft
David Howard
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Mrs. Caroline M. Hass
Larry and Janet Huggins
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Arlene Mielke
Mrs. Dolores J. Yochim
Marguerite R. Miller
Ms. Diane M. Calderone
Richard and Gisela Mitchell
Ms. Claudia R. M. Porter
Joreen M. Moehring
Ms. Charlotta K. Ross
June Kennedy
Ms. Doris A. Keefer
Taylor Morrison
Ms. Ida McCutcheon
Gladys Kephart
Mr. George J. Kephart, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F.
Florence Musgrave
Ms. Susan J. S.
Jim Koerth
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Flinn
Karen Koerth
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Flinn
Betty J. Langer
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M.
Mary E. Napolitan
Ms. Barbara Boylan
Marion Nelson
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Lois Ness
Mr. Dennis E. Ness
Newhaven Court Staff
Dr. and Mrs. Gary P. Stoehr
Stanley Lapatka
Ms. Kathleen Jury
Peggy Nicholas
Ms. Brenda Kramer
Stephen Loschiavo
Mr. Daniel Loschiavo
Pat O’Brien
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Jim and Margaret Lotz
Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Hensel
Adam Obsenica
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Avery Obsenica
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Ernest W. Schindehette
Ms. Denise S. Sticha
Thankful for God’s Blessings
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Jen Anderson
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Drew Obsenica
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Lois Schindehette
Ms. Denise S. Sticha
Catherine U. Thompson
Mr. Glenn Thompson
Nancy Wolfe Anderson
Mr. Ronald B. Anderson
Karen Obsenica
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Pete Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P.
Patrick J. Thornton
Mr. Steve Thornton
Rudy R. Anusick
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Rod Obsenica
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Rod and Karen Obsenica
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Passavant Staff
Ms. Claudia R. M. Porter
Lois Scuilli
Ms. Samantha J. Guinto
Pauline Sefscik
Mr. Richard Sefscik
Nancy Tuscic
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tuscic
Esther Vespignani
Mr. Dante Vespignani
Ethel M. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde L. English
Janet Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Jay H. Willis
James K. Shaddock
Ms. Connie Spagnola
Helen R. Wehr
Ms. Mary Ann Stickel
Anna L. Postupac
Miss Marguerite R. Miller
Mary O. Shanahan
Ms. Kathy Druschel
Ann J. Welsh
Ms. Deborah Mangelli
Geraldine B. Powell
Mr. Craig Powell
H. Ray Sheetz
Ms. Barbara L. Sheetz
Caroline Wheaton
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Boffo
Margaret Purvis
Ms. Eleanor Cupps
Betty Sherwood
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Beth Wierman
Ms. Rebecca Humbert
Dorothy Raymond
Mr. Eric B. Raymond
The Wayne and Lois Shipe
Rev. and Mrs. Robert W.
May and Jack Wiskeman
Ms. Shirley Kantz
Victor Redfoot
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Redfoot
Carol Reich
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Alice Sieglen
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A.
Wayne Reich
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Jack E. Sieglen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Hart
R. Russell Riethmiller
Ms. Maria von Mickwitz
Betty Smith
Mrs. Barbara A. Miller
Lee and Jean Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A.
Goll, III
Clara Spade
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Spade
Roland H. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Roland C.
RoseCrest dedicated and
caring staff
Mark and Becky Fadik
Janice Spencer
Ms. Nancy Freshcorn
Mrs. Ruthanne A. Kronk
Ms. Mildred J. Roush
Ms. K. Ember Spencer
Jane Stapel
Mr. Stephen M. Stapel
Jay and Ruth Roy
Ms. Laura R. Roy
Ruth E. Staples
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Boffo
Elizabeth Sarver
Ms. Shirley J. Mitolo
Edna M. Telford
Ms. Eileen Telford
Rev. Reinhold “Dutch” Weber
Donald A. Wunnenberg
Ms. Janet L. Hesse
Dorothy S. Zeigler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C.
David Zeller
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Jim Zeller
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Bernadette Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Adams
Mary E. Albert
Mr. and Mrs. Norman R.Voigt
Violet Alger
Ms. Elizabeth H. Anderson
Dorothy Ammer
Eva Arbutina
Mr. Tod R. Arbutina
William C. Armstrong
Mrs. Nancy A. Armstrong
Bernice Arovits
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Wible
Harry and Dorothy Artinger
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tomchak
Charles Ashton
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Ashton
Thomas (Dink) and
Charlotte Ayres
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Ayres
Mary Bailey
Mr. Gary Bailey
Ms. Janet Yakich
Abundant life
Robert Pearce
Mr. Richard Colvin
Service Men and Women
Ms. Diane M. Calderone
Vivian Applegate
Mr. Richard Applegate
Greta Baker
Rev. Dr. David C. Baker
Robert “Jim” Bamford
Mrs. Eileen F. Bamford
Mrs. Ellen Jackson
Becky Banyay
Mrs. Alice Ketterer
Mary P. Barnes
Mr. William Barnes
Ms. Frances M. Devittorio
Ms. Marsha Hood
Mrs. Renee M. Pekor
Mrs. Shelby Ruch
Ms. Cheryl Speir
Raymond Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lutz
David Bates
Ms. Shirley A. Bates
Kathryn Bauder
Mrs. Caroline Wheaton
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Harry and Helen Bauman
Mr. and Mrs. Guy P. Bauman
Betty V. Beaman
Ms. E. Betty Beaman
Rudy Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S.
Judith Beckman
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Alger
Ms. Irene Anderson
Mr. Tim Bishop
Ms. Mary Byron
Mr. and Mrs. John Carlson
Ms. Jane Chwick
Ms. Manda Dagata
Mr. Peter Lampione
Ms. Connaught Lindquist
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Sheggeby
Ms. Laura Takacs
Mr. and Mrs. Merlin
Williams, Sr.
Mary Alice Betsch
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W.
Barbara L. Bish
Rev. Kirk W. Bish
Evelyn E. Bishop
Ms. Janice M. Chunchick
William Stanton Blackstone
Ms. Dawn E. Hoogerbrugge
George Blagg
Mrs. Lois E. Blagg
Paul and Vera Boarts
Mr. Raymond A. Boarts
Dorothy Bollen
Mr. Homer A. Bollen
Ms. Joyce Lydick
Ms. Susan Richards
George and Loella Grace
Mr. and Mrs. Byron N. Mitchell
James Boyles
Anna and Bob Brown
Ms. Susan Brown
Dolly Brown
Mrs. Alice Ketterer
Joan DeAugustino
Mr. Steve DeAugustino
Grace and Francis Ellsworth
Ms. Linda R. Cragg
Margaret A. Deitrich
Court House Associates
William C. Engleman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leddy
Mary Delgreco
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Delgreco
Dan and Kathryn Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Payling
Wray E. Dennis
Mrs. Grace T. Dennis
John H. Evans
Mr. John Evans
Gilda Sue Calahan
Captain Charles E. Calahan
Homer and Pauline Dickson
Mr. and Mrs. Dale R.
Kay and Dan Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Payling
Harold Caldwell
Ms. Cheryl J. Caldwell
Wayne Dindinger
Ms. Patricia D. McConahy
Harriet Caldwell
Ms. Louann Gould
Irene Dittemore
Miss Marguerite R. Miller
Wilma Candioto
Mrs. Lori Fitzgerald
Ms. Rosetta Ishman
Ms. Renee Rosko
Shirley Doller
Mr. and Mrs. George E.
Barbara Burgess
Mrs. Renee M. Pekor
Ms. Judith Webster
George C. Burk
Mrs. Ellen M. Burk
Walter Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Main
Helen Caddick
Mrs. Susan C. Eastman
Gertrude R. Caye
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M.
Caye, Jr.
Sylva and Bob Clark
Ms. Ann Mutmansky
Ann Costello
Ms. Diane M. Buetzow
Leona Crawford
Prudential Preferred Realty
John Csuy
Ms. Kathryn Csuy- Altvatter
Ruth M. Fackler
Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Roller
Catherine Fahrenhold
Mr. William J. Fahrenhold
Robert Ferguson
Mrs. Anne P. Ferguson
Grace I. Fetterolf
Mrs. Grace E. Sahler
Mary Dreher
Ms. Janis D. Benson
David and Mary Fife
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Fife
Florence Dresser
Mrs. Alice Ketterer
Donald Flavin
Mrs. Kay I. Flavin
Florence and Paul Dresser
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Dresser
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Smith
Christine L. Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. William E.
Mrs. Dorothy J. Zieg
Ruth Dripps
Mrs. Alice Ketterer
Samuel and Betty Dugan
Mr. Samuel Dugan
Charles C. Floyd
Mr. Edward L. Floyd
Mr. Harry K. Floyd
Eleanor Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Feldsien
Mr. Lawrence Mirkes
Betty Forsythe
Ms. Teresa Bostanic
Harry Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Elliott
Astrid B. Franzen
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Franzen
Sally Duss
Mr. Albert R. Duss
Kathrine Barnes Fraser
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lutz
William Fruth
Mrs. Dolores H. Fruth
Hilda Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Walter
Gertrude Eback
Ms. Denise E. Bendle
Ms. Nancy M. Griffiths
Mr. and Mrs. Vince A. Knechtel
Mrs. Marie L. Loebig
Ms. Marilyn O’Brien
Ms. Lois M. Reubi
Ms. Linda B. Zeiler
Robert E. DeAngelis
Ms. Judith E. DeAngelis
Cecelia Elek
Thomas E. Crowley, J.D.
Anne A. Cusick
Ms. Joanne C. Meredith
Helen Cvetnic
Ms. Mary Kay Ross
William and Helen
Mr. and Mrs. Norman V.
Ralph Dauer
Mr. William Dauer
Elizabeth Davis
Mrs. Janet D. Lacy
Winifred Fox
Ms. Beverly K. Bowser
Elma Galano
Ms. Kim Carey
Walter D. Galbraith
Rev. Martin J. Galbraith
Lois Gallagher
Ms. Elizabeth J. Garrett
William Marian Garrett
Ms. Elizabeth J. Garrett
John Gerhardt
Mrs. Donna M. Close
Jeannette M. Goll
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A.
Goll III
Mary T. Gorski
Mrs. Patricia J. Chill
Ethel M. Graff
Trinity Lutheran Church
Rose M. Greb
Ms. Monica Greb
Barbara Green
Michael and Joann Angello
Mr. Joseph L. Caliham
Mr. Scott Gallagher
Gregory and Janice
John T. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Baling
Boylan Funeral Homes
Mrs. Melva E. Deitt
Rev. and Mrs. James W.
Mr. Mark Dollhopf and
Ms. Maryjo Anderson
Mr. William E. Dollhopf
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Hague
Ms. Lorrie A. Hegness
Mr. Donald Kiesel
Mrs. Caroline Wheaton
Edward Hart
Mrs. Betty H. Hart
Ray Hartmann
Ms. Ann Mutmansky
Margaret Hartung
Ms. Yvonne L. Meyer
Erna and William Gribben
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Dotson
Dorothy Hawthorne
Mrs. Alice Ketterer
Lillian Grinnik
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A.
Hayes Family
Ms. Karen Guzyk
Elizabeth Guerra
Mr. and Mrs. Keith P. Lorey
Ms. Joyce Rankin
Ms. Carolyn Roth
Daniel Guiser
Mrs. Helen E. Guiser
John F. Haeberle
Mrs. Frances L. Haeberle
Carl and Grace Hamilton
Ms. Penelope A. Hamilton
Grace Harding
Ms. Elizabeth A. Guy
Mary Harman
Rev. and Mrs. John P. Harman
Rev. Dr. J. Paul and
Mary Harman
Rev. and Mrs. John P. Harman
Clara Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Regis W.
Harrington, Jr.
Wilma Hays
Olive Heckman
Ronald and Nancy Book
Robert and Karen Gantner
Jim and Pam May
Mr. Arthur E. Neubauer
R. Kenneth and Shirley
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Rubino
Walter and Jean Smiley
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E.
Mr. Scott F. Zimmerman
Mabel Heinlein
Ms. Mary Lee Holler
Sidney Heinsberg
Ms. Judith A. Heinsberg
Isabelle and Bill Hendren
Mr. and Mrs. James R.
Eldin O. Hibbs
Mr. and Mrs. Eldin Hibbs
Ellen J. Kline
Ms. Nancy S. Leonberg
Nancy A. Hopkins
Ms. Diane Koegler
Ms. Linda S. Zemanick
Barbara Klobuchar
3 Green Thumbs Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Dineff
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hurley, Jr.
Ms. Mary L. Mall
Mr. Henn Rebane
Mr. Theodore Storoz
Annie Houck
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Juliano
Kenneth Householder
Ms. Ellen King
Joyce Hower
Rev. William A. Hower
Steve Howryla
Mrs. Mildred Howryla
Gloria Jean Hugo
Mr. Ralph Hugo
Janet Hunt
Mr. Robert Hunt
Helen Isett
Mr. and Mrs. Alex F. Lesko
Kenneth Karns
Karns Family
Lois and Jack Knapp
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Flinn
Howard W. Koepke
Mrs. Mary A. Koepke
Marie Koerts
Mr. and Mrs. William E.
Mr. and Mrs. John W.
Koerts, Jr.
Mrs. Dorothy J. Zieg
Freda Krapp
Mrs. C. Jean Soergel
Robert Kiel
Ms. Jean C. Horensky
Sara Krkuc
Ms. Stella Banas
Mr. and Mrs. William R.
Mr. and Mrs. Gasper S.
Denes, Jr.
Mrs. Heather M. Denes
Melanie A. Hartman, M.D.
Ms. Kimberly Krawczyk
Living Water Fellowship
Mr. Robert Minteer
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Petrik
Ms. Kathleen Shingler
Ms. Donna Snare
Ms. JoAnn Trgovac
Mr. and Mrs. John Varhol
Ms. Janet Yakich
Mr. and Mrs. Keith D.
Eino and Angela Kilpela
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Kilpela
Ann Krofcheck
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Janicki
Dolores Kleigleng
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J.
Mrs. Audrey Rectenwald
Marlene Krupa
Mr. Theodore Krupa
Joseph Katusa
Ms. Josephine J. Cote
Thomas Kearns
Mr. Kenneth I. Kearns
Annabelle Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Kelley
June C. Kennedy
Mr. Paul Kennedy
Kathryn Kerr
Mr. and Mrs. Brice V. Hostutler
Wallace and Estella Kerr
Mr. Lindsay E. Kerr
Emery William Kleigleng
Mr. Robert G. Kleigleng
Abundant life
Howard and Jean Green
Ms. Patricia H. Green
Bill and Ruth Hawthorne
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Roy
Ms. Laura R. Roy
Shirley Holleran
Mr. John Holleran
Barbara Kuhn
Mr. Dale K. Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C.
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Kathryn Lalama
Ms. JoAnn Bishop
Caroline McCleary
Mr. and Mrs. Dick McCleary
Andrew J. Morris
Mr. Paul F. Morris
Edwin Langer
Mrs. Betty J. Langer
Alberta and Roy McCoid
The Reverend and
Mrs. Donald J. McCoid
Joseph E. Morris
Mr. Paul F. Morris
Maudress Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. William S.
Robert R. and Margaret M.
Mrs. Dolores J. Casali
Ms. B. Lynn Wonderling
Rose Lesnick
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry B.
Luella Ley
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne P. Ley
Floyd B. McKelvy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J.
Estelle Musico
Ms. Patricia Petrusik
Anna McKinney
Ms. Mary Lee Holler
Margaret Liehr
Dr. Patricia Liehr
Dorothy E. Meerhoff
Mr. John J. Bodziuch
Arnold Liska
Ms. Amy L. Mellor
Anna L. Merante
Mrs. Lucille Albright
Carl Longobardi
Mr. Frank Longobardi
Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Mertens
Mrs. Caroline M. Hass
Loved Ones
Mrs. Betty Davis
Franklin Michaels
Mr. and Mrs. James Crawford
Alvin L. Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Malone
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Malone
Grace Hamilton and Mary
Mrs. Marnie M. Repasky
Virginia Martin
Mr. Stephen V. Martin
Sylvia Matthews
Mrs. Caroline Wheaton
Lemuel R. McBride
Mrs. Nancy T. McBride
Wendy D. McCauley
Mr. Jonathan McCauley
Rose M. Mudicka
Ms. Jodi A. Richard
Gilda and George Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Bost, Jr.
Edward Leyland
Ms. Peggy Haefele
Pastor Walter C. and Solveig S.
Ms. Christina Bixby
Carol Morrow
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Choma
Ira and Virginia McKee
Mrs. Donna M. Close
Rose McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Sarah J. Luebbe
Mr. Harry C. Luebbe, Jr.
Anna M. McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. James F.
O.R. and Wanda Mick
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W.
Arlene Mielke
Ms. Mary Ethel Jae
Mr. and Mrs. Rick A.
Ms. Carol Ann Poillucci
Ms. Kathleen Sandoe
Robert Musser
Rev. and Mrs. Robert L. Musser
Pete, Peter and Veronica
Ms. Ann Mutmansky
David H. Neudorfer
Mr. Charles Neudorfer
Ervin Pilarski
Mr. James M. Pilarski
Lottie Pilarski
Mr. James M. Pilarski
Joseph A. Polonchak
Mrs. Mary L. Polonchak
Mary L. Nolfi
Mr. Ronald Nolfi
Charlotte M. Proffitt
Mr. William J. Proffitt
Regina Ochman
Mr. John Ochman
Valent Rabovsky
Mrs. Ann L. Rabovsky
Ann O’Neil
Mr. and Mrs. James R.
O’Neil, Jr.
Elder L. Rape
Mrs. Dorothy F. Rape
Alice S. Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Lohr
Ralph Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Lohr
Florige and Mary Louse
Mr. Anthony Palombo
Richard Moore
Ms. Becky Erisman
Helen and Ernest Piisila
The Reverend and
Mrs. Donald J. McCoid
Richard Nickerson
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Martin and Sarah Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Byron N. Mitchell
Meryl Jean Moore
Miss Marguerite R. Miller
Arthur and Lee Pflug
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Pflug
Joseph and Kenneth Pitchke
Ms. Audrey P. Lott
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Pitchke
Our parents
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Wohler
Merle (Bud) A. Mohney
Mrs. Betty E. Mohney
Curt and Lois Jean Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Penrod
Helen M. Neudorfer
Mr. Charles Neudorfer
John C. Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Warren M. Kati
Mark T. Moehring
Mr. Michael Moehring
Robert Pearce
Mr. Robert Iovino
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knetzer
Mr. J. Richard Lauver
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Potetz
Ms. Patricia B. Rodgers Dowd
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle C. Stott
Dorothy Raymond
Mr. Rich Riggio
Ms. Eleanor Spence
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Zajac
Robert Rectenwald
Mrs. Audrey Rectenwald
Stella Redfoot
Rev. Victor Redfoot
William Reese
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Patricia (Pat)
Ms. Megan Lotay
Sister Germaine Regina
Ms. Elizabeth J. Garrett
John E. Patterson
Mrs. Mildred K. Patterson
Anne Reich
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Alma Ruth Pawk
Ms. Brenda S. Oman
John and Phyllis Renfrew
Mr. Ken Renfrew
Ethel M. Richards
Ms. Joan F. Teichart
Paul and Lauretta Schnur
Mrs. Ann K. Gibson
George S. Richards
Mrs. Linda Richards
Katherine Schuster
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Ruth Rickley
Mr. and Mrs. George E.
Rickley, Jr.
Peter and Katherine Schuster
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Joyce W. Riethmiller
Rev. R. Russell Riethmiller
Ms. Maria von Mickwitz
Sophia Schuster
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Gladys Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Johnson
Mack and Theresa Riggs
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Dotson
Nicholas Sefscik
Mr. Richard Sefscik
Mr. and Mrs. Winston Riggs
Mr. Donald J. Riggs
Norman D. Sevcik
Fisher Scientific Employees
Ms. Jenny L. Hanyo
Ms. Kathleen Kirkhman
Schroeder Industries
James R. Rimer
Ms. Kathryn E. Lingenfelter
Mr. C. Claude Martz
James and Emilie Roy
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Roy
Ms. Laura R. Roy
James and Elizabeth Ruffner
Ms. Rebecca Lobato
J. Wesley Runyan
Mr. and Mrs. James Runyan
Christine Sankovic
Ms. Constance J. Sankovic
Leola M. Sarver
Mr. Ronald Sarver
Ray Sarver
Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Sarver
Julie Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Lohr
Owen Saylor
Rev. and Mrs. David Saylor
Cecelia Scharf
Dr. Patricia Liehr
Richard Schawalder
Mrs. Rosemarie H. Schawalder
Carl J. Schindler
Ms. Maria von Mickwitz
Sarah Shearer
Mr. Albert R. Duss
Ken Sherman
Grace J. Shortz
Ms. Linda G. Shortz
Otto F. Shortz
Ms. Linda G. Shortz
Louis Simon
Mr. and Mrs. David R.
Van Tine
Sinclair Family
Mrs. Alice S. Hayes
Charles Smith
Mr. Peter J. Schuster
Regina, Joseph, Joe, Bill and
Tom Sondej
Mrs. Chris J. Sondej
Naomi Sondheimer
Ms. Marci Landis
Glenn Spangler
Rev. and Mrs. Robert L.
Phyllis C. Spangler
Mr. Eric Beckman
Mr. and Mrs. David W.
Mrs. Sandra Lederman
Ms. Diane Mcelhaney
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C.
Helen (Dolly) Sprenkle
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W.
Christie, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R.
Ronald Staub
David E. Smith
Mrs. Elizabeth Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Mrs. Ruth E. Finkenbine
Marian A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Half
Anna Staudt
Dr. Patricia Liehr
Charles “Bud” Smullin
Mrs. Dorothy Smullin
James C. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. W. Bruce Hall
Edward Sniezek
Ms. Janet L. Sniezek
James Stuckey
Rev. Dr. Nelson T. Strobert
Grace Stumpf
Rev. Caroline M. Mendis
Elsa Jane Supan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G.
John Supan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G.
John and Elsa Jane Supan
Mrs. Kathleen S. Jeffers
Trudy and Bob Swagler
Mrs. Chris J. Sondej
Reyer Swan
Dr. David and Dr. Barbara
Bingham Taylor
Mrs. Caroline Wheaton
Paul Thiebaud
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H.
Kathryn M. Thoma
Ms. Sylvia Lepczyk
Mary Isabel Thompson
The Reverends Kenneth and
Karen Thompson
Helen Tipton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Dixon
Ruth Torrence
Mrs. Anna M. Ruzomberka
Albert Trauman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Trauman
Abundant life
Robert Rowlee
Don and Doris Fitzgerald and
Gary and Ginger Fitzgerald and
Mr. Dennis Melnick
Doyle H. Snyder
Carson Middle School Lunch
Mr. and Mrs. David G.
Ms. Patricia Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley S. Semple
Mr. and Mrs. Ray J. Stegeman
Mrs. Lynne A. Wagner
Betty Turner
Dr. and Mrs. Harold B.
Staff of the Rabbi Joseph
Weinberg Early Childhood
James Tyson
Mr. and Mrs. Dean P. Ingold
Robert Ulrich
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Malone
Dale D. Umbel
Ms. Kathy Hyre
Grace K. Voegler
Ms. Joan F. Teichart
Lois V. Waldkoenig
Ms. Ginny Blackwell
Alberta A. Wanker
Ms. Lois Wenzel
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Jean Weber
Mr. Charles Weber II
Joseph A. and Anna C. Weber
Mrs. Frances E. Weaver
Lois Weber
Mr. John D. Reisch
Rev. Reinhold K. Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K.
Eleanor Weinheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Emmett
Glenn-Kildoo Funeral Home
Lunch Bunch
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sparber
Robert C. Werner
Mrs. Ruth Werner
Thelma Whiteside
Mr. David W. Covert
Richard F. Weber
Mrs. Kay I. Flavin
Virginia Grace Wisniewski
Mr. James R. Wisniewski
Gertrude Weinert
Mr. Robert E. Weinert
Mary Wolford
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. DeSalle
Mr. and Ms. Robert A. Prisby
Harriette Woods
Mr. Stephen B. Woods
Gaillard Worstell
Mrs. June P. Worstell
Harold C. Young
Ms. Linda A. Young
Mary Beth Worstell
Mrs. June P. Worstell
Helen M. and Charles H.
Ms. Hilda Kenny
Dorothy Wroblewski
Ms. Nadine Simon
David L. Wunnenberg and
Joshua D. Wunnenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A.
Eve Stefonia Yakich
Ms. Janet Yakich
Florence Yund
Mr. Frank A. Yund, Jr.
Elizabeth Zimmerman
Rev. Robert Zimmerman
Leah Abbe Zwerver
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Abbe
Edna L. Yant
Mrs. Joan A. Brown
Palmer Yoder
Ms. Diane K. Yoder
Thank You!
Since 2003 Thrivent Financial for
Lutherans has provided $64,930 in
support for Lutheran SeniorLife. This
year, the Allegheny and Butler County
chapters provided fraternal matching
gift support for the Excellence is Ageless
silent auction.
Additionally, Thrivent Allegheny
County Chapter has provided
$23,999.75 in fraternal matching gift
support for our fundraisers including
the Grandparent Run at Passavant
Community and the Fashion Show
for St. John Specialty Care Center,
and Thrivent Butler County Chapter
has provided $41,575.72 in fraternal
matching gift support.
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
offers the Thrivent Choice® program
to help congregations, educational
institutions and other non-profit
organizations in need by allowing
its members to recommend how
some of its charitable outreach funds
are allocated. If you are a Thrivent
Financial member and would like
to designate your Thrivent Choice
dollars to Lutheran SeniorLife, please
visit www.thrivent.com/thriventchoice/
index.html. Click the red Get Started
button, the follow the instructions to
register. v
The annual Grandparents Run is one of the many activities at Lutheran SeniorLife that
benefits from the generosity of Thrivent.
As the generation of baby boomers
reaches retirement age, many are
expressing the desire to “age in
place,” which means that they
wish to live at home with support
from various services, products and
conveniences to live safely and
As a testament to the importance
and effectiveness of these
programs, LIFE Beaver County,
a partnership between Lutheran
SeniorLife and Heritage Valley
Health System, recently celebrated
its 10th anniversary. Since 2004,
relations coordinator of the LIFE
Programs. “That’s definitely enough
to fill a purse!”
Combined, the LIFE Programs
in Beaver, Butler and Lawrence
counties are currently serving more
than 500 seniors, and the number
will continue to grow with the
opening of a new LIFE center in
Armstrong County in the spring of
2015. For LIFE participants who
meet the eligibility requirements,
these services are provided at no
Adult day services are a blessing
for seniors, especially those who
live alone. For many, spending day
after day alone at home becomes
tiresome and isolating, and can lead
to feelings of depression. Having a
place to go where they are valued
and respected gives them a sense of
purpose. Transportation is provided
to and from the LIFE center, where
the participants can receive medical
services, rehabilitation services,
bathing assistance and nutritious
meals in addition to a full schedule
of activities. The number of days
per week spent at the center is
determined based on individual
“From June, 2012 to July, 2013, the
LIFE Programs have provided over
28 million dollars of medical care
and services to the frail, elderly
seniors in these three counties,”
said Toni Hively.
In March, the LIFE Programs
held their first annual Purse Bash
fundraiser to benefit the LIFE
Blessings Program which provides
Christmas gifts each year to every
one of its participants. “The Purse
Bash raised more than $11,000 in its
For more information on the LIFE
Programs and how your donation
can make a difference in the lives of
seniors, please visit our website at
www.lutheranseniorlife.org. v
Abundant life
The LIFE (Living Independence
for the Elderly) Programs offer
comprehensive care and services,
including adult day services to frail,
low income seniors in Beaver, Butler
and Lawrence counties. These
innovative programs provide care for
seniors who would otherwise need
nursing home care, allowing them to
stay in their own familiar home with
their medical, functional and social
needs being addressed at the LIFE
more than 540 seniors have
benefitted from the care the program
very first year,” said Mary Lou Harju,
regional marketing and community
LIFE Butler County participant Charles Newton, and
Susan Wolski, certified nurse aide, LIFE Butler County.
www.lutheranseniorlife.org / SPRING 2014
191 Scharberry Lane
Mars, PA 16046
Board of Directors
Lutheran SeniorLife
Mark Trauman, J.D., Chairman
George E. Friedline
Frank T. Baker, Ph.D.
R. Brandon James
Jane E. Bittcher
Eric D. Kofmehl, Ph.D.
Paul J. Bittler, Jr.
Mary Jeanne Krob, M.D.
Jeannette Christensen
Rev. Thomas E. Moog
Ronald J. Coombs
Rev. Robert L. Musser
Rev. William B. Diehm
Rev. James W. Dollhopf Rev. David Saylor
David M. Wolfe
George D. Ehringer
Rev. Robert Zimmerman
David J. Fenoglietto
Wayne E. Franzen
Lutheran SeniorLife Foundation
Jane E. Bittcher, Chairman
Carol Achezinski
Ronald J. Coombs
Thomas E. Crowley, J.D.
David J. Fenoglietto
Gary A. Frantz
Mary Jeanne Krob, M.D.
Brian A. Maxwell
Rev. Dr. Alden W. Towberman
Lance A. Whiteman
Daniel E. Wille, Esq.
St. John Specialty Care Center in
Mars has been providing high quality
clinical management for its residents
for more than 100 years. This care was
recently recognized by the Centers
for Medicaid and Medicare Services
(CMS), the agency that governs
nursing homes across the nation, with
a four-star rating. Five stars is the
maximum any facility can achieve.
CMS ratings are used as a guide
to help caregivers and families
compare the quality of nursing
facilities, and are based on three
criteria – staffing, survey results
and quality measures. Annual state
survey results carry the most weight
when determining the star status.
Facilities must maintain annual
surveys with less than the state
average number of deficiencies,
which St. John has done for the
past two years. This is a particularly
noteworthy accomplishment for a
facility the size of St. John.
“Improving a facility’s star rating
does not just happen by chance,”
said Karen Russell, executive director
of St. John. “State survey results, in
addition to above average quality
measure outcomes, gave us the fourstar rating we achieved. Achieving
four-star status takes a dedicated team
working very hard to make things
better, not being satisfied with status
quo or mediocre performance. I am
confident that we can hang on to this
four-star rating. And why be satisfied
with four stars? Let’s aim for five!” v
www.lutheranseniorlife.org / SPRING 2014