Escape to our 16th Century village with over 30 acres to
explore: 200 craft shops, 13 stages of nonstop
entertainment; performances of music, dance, comedy,
falconry, acrobatics, and three jousting tournaments daily!
Select Your favorite theme or perhaps more than one and
come Join in the Revelry—Add YOUR image to the
Renaissance menagerie!
February 11th & 12th
Opening Weekend - Let the Revelry Begin!
2 for $24 admission with a coupon brought to
Festival gate to purchase your tickets
February 18th, 19th & 20th
Renaissance, Romance and Regal Royals!
Fiesta Renaissance!
February 25th & 26th
High Seas Adventures!
Y’arr! Bring your mateys!
March 4th & 5th
Fairytale Masquerade!
March 11th & 12th
Time Travelers!
Artisan Appreciation - Observe old world trades and
unique items crafted by the King's Artisans!
March 18th & 19th
Celtic Weekend - Do a little jig!
March 25th & 26th
Renaissance Revelry
April 1st & 2nd
No Jesting—It’s the Final Huzzah!
Don’t Miss out on your Best day out in History!