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MPS Foto Catalog - Marco Photo Service
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2011 Catalog
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A Message From Our Staff
At MPS Foto, we’re willing to bet that choosing a school picture company is not on your Top Ten
List of “Things-We-Need-To-Do-To-Better-Educate-Our-Students”. In fact, you just might be
parked on your living room couch right now, watching the TV, dreading the thought of even
considering a new company.
We get it. School picture companies can be a distraction and a headache.
And you don’t need anymore of those. So that’s our promise to you -- no headaches. Everything we do -- from picture day to payment options, from student safety to delivery schedules,
from memory book production to customer service -- is designed around creating a school picture experience that compliments a student’s education rather than takes away from it.
Think about it for a minute, what if you could...
Receive all of your pictures and administrative materials in 15 business days or less?
Pick the dates you want for picture day?
Provide your parents with convenient, modern, easy payment options?
Provide a proven student safety program at no cost to your school?
Not have to charge an arm and a leg for pictures and still be fundraise effectively?
What if your school picture company...
Handled -- in world class style -- all of your school, team, and club photography?
Owned by one of the country’s leading school and sports photography labs?
Regularly handled the yearbooks and sports programs for the schools it photographed?
Offered extended customer service hours and trained professionals at all levels?
Was completely Ohio-based and never sent your images (or tax dollars) out of state?
Engaged with schools and area non-profits to provide mentoring opportunities for students?
You can have all of the above and much more by working with MPS Foto.
Thank you for taking the time to consider MPS Foto. Have a look around and please don’t be
afraid to call us with questions or concerns. Our job is to make sure you are comfortable and
confident in your decision to choose us.
We look forward to working with you very soon.
All of Us at MPS Foto.
Why MPS Foto?
Everything You Expect from School Pictures in One Place
Electronic Administrative Services
MPS Foto provides your school images formatted to fit any digital system
requirement. From school management systems like DASL, SASI and hundreds of others to yearbook cd-roms that are certified by every major publisher. Custom formats are easy and available upon request.
Yearbook CD-Roms
Free Yearbook Software
Administrative CD-Roms
Standalone Software
Custom Formats
Sports Event Images
Printed Administrative Services
Serving the needs of thousands of administrative offices through our parent
company has made us very knowledgeable in terms of what a school might
need. You’ll benefit from that experience by selecting from the items below.
Peel-and-Stick Student Pics
Bound Pictorial Directories
Rolodex Cards
Free Staff Pictures
Tamper-Proof ID Cards
Personalized Daily Planners
Personalized Stationary
Desk Calendars
Creative Memory Book Design and Printing
Did you know that MPS Foto provides memory book design and printing
services? We do, and we’ll provide for you a complete online and desktop
publishing solution, and then work with your staff to create a memory book
just the way they want it.
Formatted Yearbook Images
Free Yearbook Software
Free Clip Art & Backgrounds
On-Call Graphics Staff
Marketing and Sales Kits
Custom Covers
Up to 72 Pages
Printed at our Ohio Facility
Parents & Families
Fun & Creative Products for Students and Families
School Portraits to Fit All Lifestyles and Budgets
Everybody knows by now that school pictures aren’t just prints anymore.
We couldn’t be happier. Our favorite thing to do is design and bring to
market fun and innovative school portrait products that appeal to families,
while honoring tradition.
MyPic CD-Roms
Folded Greeting Cards
Fridge Magnets
Dry Erase Message Centers
Holiday Ornaments
Magnetic Calendars
Coffee Mugs
Laminated Fun Packs
Awesome Sports Portraits
Why stop with school portraits? MPS Foto will bring to your athletes the
very best sports program they have ever seen. We treat every player as
an all-star and lead the league in innovative products and services.
Ultra Gloss Metallic Paper
GreenScreen Backgrounds
Free Personalization
Professional Graphics
Available Action Photos
Laser Cut Statuettes
Aluminum Water Bottles
Gigantic Stick-Em-Ups
Established E-Commerce and Child Safety Solutions
Unlike many other school picture providers, our integrated child safety
and e-commerce solutions are secure, simple, and actually work. Over
400,000 families benefited from our ClickandSafe service in 2007 alone.
Ask us for a free demo!
Completely Secure
Unique Pass Codes
Parents Maintain Control
Dozens of Unique Products
Families Order When Convenient
Included with All School & Sports Portraits
Fun Portrait Options
It’s Not Just Pictures Anymore!
Our Philosophy on Service...
1. Listen to Customers.
2. Learn What They Really Want.
3. Create Great Value for All Involved.
What That Means to You is...
Our Packages (Especially the Larger Ones)
Contain Fewer Prints, but More Overall Value.
The facts are clear. 21st century American families make far fewer
prints than they did 10 years ago. Rather, they share their photos via
Facebook or through any other means. Owning their image is key,
and that’s why we include fewer prints in large packages, but instead
include a copy of their image.
We Allow Families to Purchase What is Right For Them.
MPS Foto eliminates restrictions which force parents to purchase a package in order to purchase a smaller item. Offering such freedom of choice is surprisingly
unique in the school picture business, and it means happier customers who get exactly what they want.
We Create Modern, Friendly
Ways to Pay for Pictures.
Families with MPS Foto can take advantage of
our pre-pay online system to pay for packages
ahead of time or -- in the event they did not
purchase on picture day -- reorder pictures
online and have them shipped directly to their
home. Modern. Convenient. Simple.
Like This!
Smart Technology
All-Digital Proofing a Win-Win-Win Situation
Gadgets and toys are for kids and home theaters. At MPS Foto, we make technology investments
to make our customers happier. That’s why we’re so excited about our new green screen
proofing program. It delivers a better experience to our customers. Here’s how…
1. We make it simple for
There are
no backgrounds to
pick because we photograph everyone on
Quicker photography,
2. New
features allow Mom
and Dad to purchase
at their convenience,
on their terms. In today’s marketplace,
that’s just good service.
3. Parents order only
through our unique,
Build Your Own Package menu. No minimums!
ClickandSafe Child Safety
and e-Commerce
Our e-commerce and child safety program is set up to make sense for you.
Every child’s family receives a ClickandSafe card and a unique pass code. That
same pass code takes them to our on-line
store, where they can browse and make
purchases whenever they want.
Above is an example of a ClickandSafe ID card. The pass code is
completely unique to this student. Every student receives one, even if
they do not purchase on picture day!
Athletic Photos
Sports Photos Made AWESOME!
Some of the Things MPS Foto Does to ROCK Your Sports Programs!
Provides the best product selection in the industry. We’ve shown some below and included samples of the phenomenal quality as well.
Staffed and Scheduled to Meet Your Needs - which means your picture day will run on
schedule, be a fun experience, and will happen at a time that works for you.
Provides - free of charge - images of
individual athletes and teams to your
school. This means you will always have
access to professional images of your student athletes for the newspaper, television, or other media.
The willingness of your employees to step outside the
box, to get that one shot, were truly appreciated. I
have not talked to a single Clear Fork employee or
student that was not thrilled with the service they received. We in the Valley are looking forward to working for MPS Foto for many years to come.
Rick Beans, Football Coach
Clear Fork High School
Thanks! By the way, I have gotten a TON of compliments on the photos! Everyone is already asking
if we can book you guys for next year!!
Tanya McCarthy
Dublin Muirfins Swim Club
Clubs & Activities
Dances, Special Events, & Ceremonies
Cooperative Coverage
Every school has unique traditions and important events. MPS Foto works with our clients to understand what those events are and how we can help document them.
Customized Prom Memory Books. Our best candids as well as posed couples.
Special Commemorative Photography. Special photos
of the senior class, championship teams, or whatever else
you can dream up.
Sports Action. Superior photos = superior yearbooks!
Publishing Options
Yearbooks, Sports Programs, Newspapers, and More!
Equipment and Personnel
MPS Foto is again fortunate to be part of one of the best professional school photography labs
in the country. Through this relationship, our customers have preferential access to a state of
the art publishing operation and bindery. This means greater creative freedom for your students and staff, better prices because we can combine services, access to professional marketer and graphic artists, and tremendous opportunities streamline production. Plus...
MPS Foto produces ALL memory books in
Formats and Capabilities
12 x 18 tabloid. Full color. The 12x18 format allows us to produce any publication
that falls into standard tabloid format. This means MPS Foto can handle school newspapers, your sports programs, memory books, literary magazines, & school brochures.
Layout and Design Services. MPS Foto offers design services to our schools. Our professional artists and pre-press technicians will lay out and design your publication for
you, freeing teachers and staff to concentrate on education.
Press and Bindery. MPS Foto owns and operates our own press and bindery. This
means we always have control over the production of your yearbooks, employ Ohio
residents and deliver more quickly than other publishers.
Software & Support. We can and do provide specialized yearbook software and
training to our schools. It doesn’t end
there, though. If your staff prefers to work
in industry applications such as Adobe InDesign, we support those file types as well.
Please Call Any of the Clients Shown Below
Clear Fork School District
Thomas Worthington HS
Brecksville-Broadview Heights HS
Slate Hill Elementary
Brian Brown, HS Principal
4 schools, +1500 students
Jim Gaskill, HS Principal
1600 students, 31 varsity sports
Scott DeTray, Asst. Principal
Broadview Heights
1600 students
Barb White, Head Secretary
Great Western Academy
Hillsdale Local Schools
Jennifer Wyant, Photo Contact
1 school, +800 students
Kevin Reidy, HS Principal
Highland Drive Elementary
Discovery School
Columbus Torah Academy
The Harrisburg Pike Academy
Old Trail School
St. Peter’s High School
Eva O’Mara, Principal
Lisa Cook, Head of School
Nancy Hauser, Photo Contact
Stefanie Lowery, Principal
Luann Williams, Head of Primary Educ.
Tim Failor, Athletic Director
New Members of
St. James the Less School (Columbus)
Danville Elementary School (Danville)
St. Mary Magdalene / St. Justin Martyr
Brecksville-Broadview Hts School District
St. Peter’s Elementary (Mansfield)
Mansion Day School (Columbus)
Granville Christian Academy (Granville)
St. Stanislaus Elementary (Cleveland)
St. Joseph School (Crestline)
Holy Trinity School (Somerset)
Muirfins Swim Team (Dublin)
Mansfield Liederkranz Soccer (Mansfield)
Como Elementary (Columbus)
Friendly House Basketball (Mansfield)
Mifflin Elementary (Mansfield)
The Woodland Club Swim Team (Mansfield)
Bethlehem Christian School (Cleveland)
Woolridge Woods Swim Club (Mansfield)
Licking Heinghts North ES (Pataskala)
Sunrise Academy (Hilliard)
Madison South Elementary (Mansfield)
Gilead Christian School (Mt. Gilead)
Clintonville Academy (Columbus)
Reynoldsburg Youth Football (Reynoldsburg)
Gables Elementary School (Columbus)
Ontario Local Schools (Ontario)
Easton Youth Hockey Association (Cols)
Granville Recreation District (Granville)
People Are Talking
What Our Clients Say About Their Experience
This year was the best year we have ever had for pictures. MPS Foto has paid attention to us, listened to
what we needed, and produced the best looking
school pictures I have ever seen.
Linda Rex, Fmr. Principal
Danville High School
The pictures look great and I have heard only positive
comments from our parents, staff and community.
Keep up the good work!
Kevin Reidy, Principal
Hillsdale High School
I must complement you on the friendliness and professionalism of the staff that you bring over.
Tim Failor, Athletic Director
St. Peter’s High School
In all seriousness, you are providing excellent service
to our school. I have heard good things about you
and your team. We appreciate the partnership we
have with you.
Jim Gaskill, Principal
Thomas Worthington High School
MPS has been the most professional group of people I
have ever dealt with. Their willingness to go above
and beyond to take care of our school and athletes
has been incredible. I would recommend them to any
school, organization or business.
Steve Suter, Fmr. Athletic Director
Clear Fork High School
Thank you for the service you and your company provided. I have not heard of any problems from parents, students or school personnel. I am confident
the relationship will continue for years to come.
Randy Gates, Fmr. Principal
Brecksville-Broadview Heights HS
I LOVE working with you, and owe you! Thanks for
keeping it fun on picture day and for ALL your flexibility. You are a Godsend.
Julie King, Asst. Principal
Thomas Worthington High School
We were extremely pleased with the professionalism
and the dedication showed by the MPS Foto crew.
The parents continue to comment on the quality of
the pictures they received at the tournament.
Nicki and Eric Meister
Liederkranz Soccer Club
A HUGE THANK YOU to you and your staff! Thank
you for being so nice and polite to our staff and students! I heard so many good things about picture
day today!
Jennifer Wyant
Great Western Academy
I received our school portraits package today! I am
very impressed with the pictures and ID cards.
Amy Soper
Mount Vernon Academy
Your competition was never in our school to see us.
When we called MPS Foto with a special project, they
were responsive, professional, and got it done. It was
an easy choice.
Chris Scholl, Principal
Madison South Elementary
The service to our staff and students was incredibly
responsive. I truly appreciated the attention to the
details that he and his staff provided. The product
was beautifully executed and we had the fewest number of retakes we have ever had for one school year.
Eva O’Mara, Principal
Highland Drive Elementary
Our kids and parents loved the yearbooks. MPS Foto
made the whole process so easy for us, that yearbooks were actually a fun experience.
The Yearbook Staff
Central Elementary
Your staff was great! It was something like a million
degrees out there on the pool deck and they never
lost their cool. The kids had a great time and everything ran smoothly. We’re very happy with everything about our firs MPS Foto experience!
Nicki and Eric Meister
Liederkranz Soccer Club
I am so very pleased that we went with your company. This is a very nice, professional program, and
all of the MPS employees have been a joy to work
with. I for one thank you for making our jobs easier.
Carol Strapp
Reynoldsburg Youth Football
Dollars and Cents
Contracts and Fundraising
Here’s How We’re Different and What it Means...
The unfortunate fact of the school photography business is that commissions are not always what
they seem to be. Sometimes things just don’t add up.
MPS Foto clears that up in the best way we know how. We're clear and transparent and offer no
hocus pocus in our commission method. Here’s how...
Your school controls the commission percentage.
...which means you have the freedom to choose what you want to earn.
Your school will earn a percentage of sale from every item sold on picture day.
...which means your school will earn more than with other companies.
Your school will earn every time there is a major picture day.
...which means that you will earn more throughout the year.
Your school will receive commission checks within 30 days of picture day.
...which means you will have access to your earnings sooner.
Your school will have access to all package sale information.
...which means you will never have to wonder if you are receiving what is due.
Call Us Anytime! 877-811-9010 or [email protected]
Start your research online at
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school and
sports photography.
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Our Mission
At MPS Foto, our photography
creates lifetime memories for
families and organizations all
over America. We provide a
great portrait experience with
innovative products and our
commitment to customer service. Our job is not complete,
nor are we satisfied, until our
customers are delighted by the
experiences they have while
working with us.