Baroque Projections: Images and Texts in Dialogue



Baroque Projections: Images and Texts in Dialogue
 4.30: Presentation of the "Proyecto HdH," a FAU Neo-­‐
Baroque Student Project? Lorenzo Ponce de León, Catalina Pire-­‐Schmidt, Guglia Rivera, Frédéric Conrod (PA 101) 5.30: CLOSING RECEPTION (F.A.U. Schmidt Art Gallery) 11.15 – 12.45: Spiritual Projections Chair of the Panel: John Beusterien • Juan-­‐Pablo Gil-­‐Oslé, Arizona State University, Tempe, “Commemorations of Francis Xavier’s Heritage in the Fifth Centennial of his Birth, 2 006.” • Frédéric Conrod, Florida Atlantic University, “From the Baroque to the Jungle: the construction of a God in Francis Xavier’s Letters from Goa.” • Michael J. Horswell, Florida Atlantic University, “Un suplemento barroco transatlántico: El martirio mimético de Guamán Poma de Ayala.” 1.00-­‐2.30: TAPAS LUNCH at THE LIVING ROOM THEATERS C AFÉ 2.30 – 4.00: Cinematographic Projections Chair of the Panel: Frédéric Conrod • Noelia Cirnigliaro, Dartmouth College, “The Golden Age on the Silver Screen: Epiphanies, Trances, and Other Post-­‐Modern Raptures.” •
Javier Irigoyen-­‐García, University of Illinois at Urbana-­‐Champaign, “Everybody Expects the Spanish Inquisition: Reevaluating the Exemplarity of the Iberian History in Adrian Rudomin’s Day of Wrath (2006) and Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain (2006).” Andrea Castelluccio, College of W illiam and Mary, “Jorge Gaggero’s Cama adentro: A Projection of Early Modern Servants and Masters.” EMIT2012
2 Florida Atlantic University and the EMIT Society Present: Baroque Projections: Images and Texts in Dialogue with the Early Modern Hispanic World October 25-­‐27, 2012, Arthur and Mata Jaffe Center for Book Arts, Florida Atlantic University Library, Boca Raton, Florida. 1
Conference Schedule Thursday, October 25th: 6.00 PM Welcome Gathering, W yndham Hotel, Boca Raton, Poolside Bar Friday, October 26th: 9.00 AM: Registration, Breakfast and Opening Words (Michael Horswell, Chair of Hosting Department, and Frédéric Conrod, Vice-­‐President of the Early Modern Image and Text Society) 09.30-­‐11.00 Historical Parallels and Iconographies. Chair of Panel: Noelia Cirnigliaro • Eric C. Graf, Wesleyan University, “Projections of Juan de Mariana in the Modern American Politics of Money: From Salamanca to Jefferson to the Austrian School.” • Patricia Saldarriaga, Middlebury College, “La representación del mundo: del globus cruciger a la esfera posmoderna.” • Nuria Godón-­‐Martínez, Florida Atlantic University, “Cuadros histérico-­‐masoquistas del ascetismo místico en el imaginario decimonónico.” 11.00-­‐11.15 Coffee Break 11.15-­‐12.15 Baroque (Post-­‐)Modernities Chair of Panel: Nuria Godón-­‐Martínez • Romà Rofes Herrera, University of Illinois at Urbana-­‐Champaign, “Carlismo, franquismo, y fantasía política en Don Juan de Serrallonga (1949) de Ricardo Gascón.” • Aurora Hermida-­‐Ruiz, University of Richmond, “Góngora S.L.: Generation of 1927 and the Conquest of Góngora.” 12.15 – 12.30: Presentation of the A. and M. Jaffe Center for Book Arts. 12.45 -­‐ 2.00: LUNCH (University Faculty Club) 2.15 -­‐ 3.30 Beyond Language and Nature Chair of Panel: Yolanda Gamboa • María-­‐Dolores García-­‐Borrón, Asociacion Española de Estudios Internacionales sobre la India / A ssociation of Asian Studies, “East-­‐
Asian Cratylus: Naturalism and Conventionalism in Lexica of Mandarin Chinese and Vietnamese.” •
Margaret Marek, Illinois College, “Intertextual Textiles and Wool Blends: Ovine Productions and Pastoral A rts.” 3.30 – 4.30 Executive Board meeting (Open to interested participants) 4.30 – 5.30 Keynote Address: Bruce R. Burningham, Illinois State University, “Screening Quixote: Cervantes and Media Culture.” th
Saturday, October 27 : 9.30 -­‐ 11.00: Cervantine Baroque Chair of the Panel: Juan-­‐Pablo Gil-­‐Oslé • John Beusterien, Texas Tech University, “Animals and Ecology: Cervantes meets Aldo Leopold.” • William Worden, University of Alabama, “The Intertwining of the Literary and the Artistic in Don Quixote.” • Carrie L. Ruiz, Colorado College, “Recycling the Cervantine Retablo in st
the 21 Century: the Case of Els Joglars.” Bruce R. Burningham received his PhD from Yale University.
He in an Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies in the
Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures and an
affiliate faculty member in the Latin American and Latino/a
Studies program. He specializes in medieval and early
modern Spanish and Latin American literature, Hispanic
theater, and performance theory. He is the author of Tilting
Cervantes: Baroque Reflections on Postmodern Culture
(Vanderbilt UP, 2008) and Radical Theatricality:
Jongleuresque Performance on the Early Spanish Stage
(Purdue UP, 2007). He is also Editor of Cervantes: Bulletin of
the Cervantes Society of America.