local shopping picks up steam with arrival of new grocer



local shopping picks up steam with arrival of new grocer
Winter 2015
picks up
steam with
arrival of
new grocer
2014’s Award Winners
With more
features than ever!
Economic development ain’t
bean-bag. It’s a game played on
a tricky field. It’s unpredictable,
inconsistent, and extremely
demanding. Just when you
think you’ve made a couple
of steps forward, you realize
that you’ve also taken a step
new operation – Orchard Fresh – was undercapitalized
from the beginning and thus never progressed much
beyond its 2009 grand opening. It wasn’t long after
that opening that Village officials came to realize that
many of the claims that had been made by the developer
about the experience of the grocery operator were less
than accurate. It thus was with a very sceptic eye that I
viewed various notions about a new Park Forest grocery
store that were put before the Village Board. I recognized
that being twice burned by deals that suffered from
limited sustainability, the public’s faith was wearing thin:
a third attempt needed to be as solid as possible, or our
hopes of ever escaping from our local food desert were
limited at best.
Nothing better illustrates that situation that the Village
of Park Forest’s efforts to attract a grocery store to our
Only shortly before I became mayor in 1999, Jewel
announced that it was closing its long-time facility in
our town. The store was dark for a long time before we
were able to convince Dick Sterk, the then-owner of a
small chain of food stores headquartered in northwest
Indiana, to open a Park Forest facility. Unfortunately, by
the time the Sterk’s folks worked out all the give-andtake negotiations with the developer who owned the site
for the store, the chain was being sold to a larger grocery
conglomerate. The Village of Park Forest had worked
out a sales-tax-sharing arrangement with Sterk’s, and
the new owners kept the store in operation for most of
the time that agreement was in place, but then decided
to close the entire Sterk’s chain, which meant empty
grocery-store sites in Park Forest and some of our
neighboring communities.
Meanwhile, of course, major grocery operations in some
of our nearby communities were shutting down, which
created a more uneven playing field on which we had to
operate. The now vacant sites of the former Dominick’s
store in Matteson and the former Jewel store in Olympia
Fields both were located on Lincoln Highway, certainly
a roadway with much heavier traffic patterns than
Orchard Drive in Park Forest. How would we be able to
attract a grocer to our downtown when so many greater
opportunities for easy customer accessibility seemed to
be present at those other sites?
When Matanky Realty – owners of the complex where
our local grocery store has been located for decades
– proposed an arrangement with Wisconsin-based
grocer Jeff Jaber to open a Park Forest facility, I felt
strongly that our Village staff needed to examine the
opportunity as thoroughly as possible in order to assure
Again Park Forest suffered a prolonged period without
a grocery store. The owner of the former Sterk’s site
decided that the facility was too large to attract a new
grocer, so things were cutback considerably in order
to accommodate a new operator. Unfortunately, the
that we weren’t once again charging at a windmill in a
dreamy hopefulness reminiscent of Don Quixote. I was
convinced that “anything is better than nothing” just
wasn’t really a viable option for Park Forest.
The reports that came back indicated that Mr. Jaber’s
Wisconsin operations were highly successful.
purchase a franchise before a local store can open. All
of those can be daunting challenges, especially when the
competition is severe because every other community
in our south suburban region is playing the economic
development game as aggressively as possible too.
In addition, as circumstances in several of our
neighboring communities also illustrate, the south
Additionally, I learned that funding for his Park Forest
suburban region is suffering from economic blight in a
operation was being provided through the efforts of
way that most of the rest of Chicagoland is not. In 2013,
the Chicago Community Loan Fund (CCLF), whose
the Brookings Institution released a nationwide study
president – Calvin Holmes – is a highly respected
of poverty and revealed that for the first time in U.S.
financial figure in Chicago and someone with whom
history, suburban poverty has surpassed urban poverty.
I have worked as a fellow board member of the Cook
A follow-up study by Brookings is concentrating on
County Land Bank Authority. Mr. Holmes also serves on two specific regions in the U.S., one of which is the
our local South Suburban Land Bank & Development
south suburbs. In regions where poverty levels are high,
Authority and I knew CCLF wouldn’t be backing an
economic development is low. Our area is struggling to
operation that didn’t have firm footing. Finally, I learned recuperate from the economic downturn of 2007-08 in
that Mr. Jaber had purchased the Country Squire grocery ways that are far greater than what is found elsewhere in
store in Chicago Heights some time back and I was well our county, state, and nation.
aware of the success of that operation.
Finally, another detriment to economic development
Thus, we have a new grocery store in Park Forest –
in the south suburbs is the Cook County property tax
Country Squire Foods – and I am very optimistic that it
structure that encourages business growth in more
will be a success. Our staff has worked extremely hard
financially-advantaged areas over our local region, which
to assure that we have the right fit in a grocer, one with
struggles to foster business investment and development.
more than adequate experience and capitalization to be
I’ve been working with various local groups with the
goal of bringing about some revisions in that structure
in order – again – to make the playing field more level.
Often I receive suggestions from local residents that
Let’s hope 2015 is a year in which we will see some
we seek out this business or that business for our
viable solutions come forward.
town. I take each of these suggestions seriously, as
does our staff, but the process for attracting nameI have great confidence in our Park Forest economic
brand operations is extremely complicated. First
development staff and in the members of our Economic
of all, virtually every major corporate business has
Development Advisory Group (EDAG). All of them
demographic requirements regarding traffic counts and
work very hard to seek out the best possible businesses
local income levels. Furthermore, many have point
for our community and to find ways to offset the regional
systems that take into consideration how successful other problems we face. We’ve had some good successes
businesses in the immediate region have been. Finally,
of late – Country Squire, the new Dollar General, the
a number of commercial operations are franchise-based, Sapphire Room in the downtown – so let’s hope that
which means someone with $100,000 or more must
breeds even greater success for the future.
It’s been close to five years since Park Forest’s last
grocery store, Orchard Fresh Market, closed its doors.
It was a store of promise in its first days of operation.
There was a well-attended ribbon cutting in the parking
lot of the store featuring many familiar faces cheering its
arrival, encouraging others to be loyal in their support.
But just shy of a year after opening, the store once
cheered was calling it quits.
There are varying theories among residents as to why
the store’s stay in Park Forest was so short-lived; from
struggling to keep product on the shelves to variety of
product to competition. Five people may provide five
different answers on the store’s quick exit.
The opening of Orchard Fresh Market ended an almost
two-year Park Forest grocery store drought.
But one thing most residents could always agree on
when Orchard Fresh Market left town was the need of
some grocer – any grocer – to have a presence in Park
amazing local, fresh produce.”
Upon entering the grocery store, you don’t have to look
far to see exactly what the store managers, Roger and
Ken, mean. Mounds of produce immediately greet
shoppers once inside. From many common items to
more rare products, the selection is far from limited.
Adjacent to the produce, a lengthy deli counter houses
an abundance of options. A large variety of cheeses
and cold cuts are sliced by staff behind the counter, and
samples are always available to ensure that you get a
product you’re completely happy with. Just past the deli
you’ll find a counter for fresh cut meats and a second
counter for fresh seafood. Butchers serve up a variety
of items including chicken, beef, various types of fish,
shrimp, and many more options. Strolling up and down
That day came in 2014 when Country Squire Foods
announced the opening of a new store in the space
formerly occupied by Orchard Fresh Market on South
Orchard Drive.
Country Squire Foods describes itself as “the only place
to go to make your meal,” if you’re a lover of food and
love to cook. With close to thirty years of experience,
Park Forest’s newest grocer is proud to provide shoppers
with products they stand behind, describing their crown
jewels as “high-quality meats, the freshest seafood, and
the aisles of the store, customers will
find frozen foods, dairy products,
breads, canned goods, cereals, snack
items, cleaning products, toiletries,
and plenty of other products to
meet your needs. Management also
welcomes requests from shoppers
on products they’d like to see the
store carry. There’s even a café, with
plenty of seating, where friends chat
over fresh pastries also available at
the grocer.
At a grand opening event in
November, the Village Board, staff
members and residents welcomed
Country Squire Foods to town with a
hearty hello.
“This is a great occasion for the
Village of Park Forest because it’s
been a long time coming. We’ve
seen situations where we’ve had
high hopes and things just didn’t
materialize. But we really believe
-- sincerely -- that we have a grocer
who knows how to be a grocer,” said
Mayor John A. Ostenburg.
Many seem to agree in giving the
stamp of approval to the County
Squire Foods operation thus far.
Passing by the store, you’ll notice
a restoration of cars in the parking
lot and residents pushing carts and
packing their trunks with light green
shopping bags.
But despite the overwhelming
positives of Country Squire Foods
and its welcomed presence in
the community, some have been
slow to patronize the store. But it
will require a strong showing of
community support to ensure the
success of Country Squire Foods and
all other business in town.
The buy local movement so popular
across the country is a drum so
heavily beaten today for good
reason. Competition is stiff and
tougher economic times call for
an increased partnership between
local governments and residents in
championing business close to home,
vital to strong communities.
Where you spend your dollars does
A few dollars saved shopping in
another town for the same products
means more than just a few dollars
Your patronage of business in town
not only impacts that business
you make a purchase with. Your
patronage of business in town
also impacts the local business
community, the local job market, the
ability of Park Forest to attract more
new businesses, taxes, and many
other aspects that contribute to the
quality of life for residents.
So when you run out of the items
that you like to keep in your kitchen,
remember that a full-service grocer,
with fully-stocked shelves, is here
in town ready to assist with refilling
your refrigerator and pantry.
occurrence happens again.
Country Squire Foods
120 S. Orchard Drive
Park Forest, IL 60466
Store Hours:
Monday - Friday | 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Saturday | 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday | 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Look for deals at Country Squire Foods
in the weekly Red Plum circular.
For residents not receiving Red Plum,
call 1-800-874-2863 to be added.
It’s taken the hard work of many
over the past four years to put
an end to Park Forest’s days of
being without a grocery store. A
community working together in
support can almost guarantee that
it’s a long time before that kind of
Masters of Soul
Friday, February 13, 2015
7:30 p.m. - Tickets $30 (Subscribers
C.J. Chenier and the Red
Dana Leong Trio
Hot Louisiana Band
Friday, March 13, 2015
7:30 p.m. - Tickets - $28
(Subscribers $24)
Friday, March 27, 2015
7:30 p.m. - Tickets - $24 (Season
Subscribers $20)
Sadler (bass, electronics) and Val-Inc
(turntables), is the latest incarnation
of Leong’s ever-expansive
compositions, bringing together
an exciting blend of instrumental
melodies and driving musical
grooves. “Hands down excellent!” –
New York Magazine.
Tuesday, February 3, 2015
11 a.m. - Tickets - $13
Masters of Soul is a celebration
of these artists, their music and
style. The show features stylishly
costumed, fully choreographed
tributes to both male and female
groups, backed by a live band.
Masters of Motown performs hits
from The Temptations, Gladys
Knight & the Pips, Marvin Gaye &
Tammi Terrell, Smokey Robinson &
the Miracles, The Four Tops, Diana
Ross & Supremes, The Jackson
Five, Martha Reeves & Vandellas,
Stevie Wonder, The Commodores,
and many more.
C.J. Chenier, son of the ‘King of
Zydeco’ Clifton Chenier, joined his
father’s Red-Hot Louisiana Band
playing saxophone at the age of 21.
After Clifton’s death in 1987, C.J.
picked up the accordion and took
charge of his father’s ministry – to
spread the word of Zydeco music
to the world. The Boston Globe has
called him “the crown prince of
zydeco,” and Living Blues magazine
hails him as “the best living zydeco
singer and accordionist.” His musical
style ranges from the traditional
Zydeco of Clifton Chenier right
on up to modern funk with healthy
doses of blues, R&B, swamp pop
and even country.
This performance is sponsored by J.
Murray & Associates and Baxter &
Woodman, Inc.
This performance is sponsored by
J. Murray & Associates and 90.9fm
WDCB Jazz & Blues
Composer/cellist/trombonist Dana
Leong blends jazz, classical and
pop to create a signature sound.
Dana’s pioneering collage of musical
styles has garnered critical acclaim
and wowed audiences around the
world. In 2012 he was part of the
cast of Paquito D’Rivera’s 2x
Grammy Winning album “The
Panamercana Orchestra” and
has collaborated, performed, and
produced for renowned artists such
as Christian McBride, Dafnis Prieto,
Henry Threadgill, Ray Charles,
Barry White, Kanye West, Wynton
Marsalis, Bjork, Ryuichi Sakamoto,
Yoko Ono, and Lila Downs. The
Dana Leong Trio, featuring Dana
(cello, synthesizers, vocals), Lex
Two on Tap
Tuesday, March 17, 2015
11 a.m. - Tickets - $15
For Kids
The Rainbow Fish
Friday, February 27, 2015
10 a.m. & 7 p.m. - Tickets - $8
This performance is sponsored by
J. Murray & Associates and 90.9fm
WDCB Jazz & Blues
Two of Hearts
An encore performance for Masters
of Soul, formerly Masters of
Motown! In the early ‘60s some of
the most iconic names in the history
of popular music were discovered in
the Motor City of Detroit, MI, better
known simply as Motown.
Nat King Cole and Dean Martin. He
is a regular in Branson, Missouri and
has performed in Atlantic City, The
Nashville Nightlife, and the Grand
Hotel on Mackinac Island.
Powerhouse vocalists Benjamin
Utecht and Anne Cochran are
teaming up to perform songs from
their romantic collection Two of
Hearts: Cherished Love Song Duets.
Utecht, the NFL Super Bowl XLI
Champion with the Indianapolis
Colts, is now pursuing his dream
of sharing his extraordinary vocal
talent with the rest of the world
while Cochran continues to power
her way through a successful music
career as the lead touring vocalist
with Jim Brickman. Their flawless
partnership celebrates this album,
featuring 12 all-time favorite love
songs, from beloved standards such
as “Unforgettable” and “When I Fall
in Love” to contemporary classics
including “My Heart Will Go On”
and “I Will Always Love You.”
TWO ON TAP brings audiences
back in time to an era when couples
like Fred & Ginger and Mickey
& Judy filled the silver screen
with undeniable chemistry, tight
vocal harmony, and precision tap
choreography. With classic songs
from the Great American Songbook,
fantastic vocals, gorgeous costumes,
and exciting tap-dancing, TWO ON
TAP creates a magical one-of-a-kind
show filled with variety, comedy,
and plenty of Broadway-quality
song-and-dance featuring celebrated
musical theatre performers Melissa
Giattino and Ron DeStefano.
Allen Edwards - The
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
11 a.m. - Tickets - $13
With her lovely coloring and
shimmering scales, the Rainbow
Fish is used to being the most
beautiful creature in the ocean.
So when the other fish ask her for
some silver scales, she refuses. How
can she sacrifice the one thing that
makes her so unique? ArtsPower has
turned Marcus Pfister’s best selling
book into a delightful and touching
musical about the value of sharing
true friendship with others.
This performance is sponsored by
Freedom Hall Nathan Manilow Theatre
410 Lakewood Blvd.
Park Forest, IL 60466
Back by popular demand! Allen
Edwards, a true artist of our time,
sings the songs you love with a voice
you will never forget, his vocal style
is reminiscent of greats like Jim
Reeves, Perry Como, Eddy Arnold,
Box Office: 708-747-0580
Websites: www.freedomhall.org
View videos on
upcoming shows at
The Village of Park Forest
celebrates the outstanding
achievements of local youth.
Every year, the Village of Park Forest
selects four high school seniors to receive
scholarship awards. Three students
receive the Park Forest Scholarship in the
amount $500. One student receives the
Dr. Kenneth W. Kramer Scholarship in the
amount of $1,000. Park Forest is proud
to recognize 2014’s recipients.
Zachary Abbott | A lifelong resident of
Park Forest, Zachary graduated at the
top of his class at Rich East High School
in 2014. He is currently studying at
Bradley University and dreams of one day
changing the video gaming industry.
Zachary Abbott
Dr. Kenneth W. Kramer Scholarship Recipient
Aiyana Godsil
Park Forest Scholarship Recipient
Aiyana Godsil | Also a lifelong Park
Forester, Aiyana grew up in the Park
Forest school district. She is currently
attending Knox College and hopes to one
day become a neurosurgeon.
Kourtney Hodges | You may have seen
Kourtney Hodges at the Park Forest Aqua
Center where she was a staff member
for several years. Kourtney is currently
studying chemical engineering at Howard
University and dreams of becoming a
trauma surgeon.
Kourtney Hodges
Park Forest Scholarship Recipient
Jakari Lowe-Ellis | Jakari spent much of
her time at the Park Forest Public Library
and at various community events growing
up in Park Forest. She is currently
studying at Southern Illinois University
and hopes to improve the lives of others
after college with training in psychology.
High school seniors interested in applying
for the 2015 Park Forest Scholarship
Awards should visit villageofparkforest.
com/scholarship or pick-up an application
at Village Hall. The
application deadline
is March 31.
Jakari Lowe-Ellis
Park Forest Scholarship Recipient
View videos featuring each award recipient at
Tilley is Park Forest’s Firefighter of the Year
Park Forest’s Firefighter of the Year for
2014 is Captain William Tilley.
Sweitzer is Park Forest’s Officer of the Year
John Sweitzer
began 2014
in the patrol
division where
he consistently
ranked near or
at the top the
patrol corporals
in nearly every
category. In
April of 2014,
he was assigned
Many residents in Park Forest were to the investigations division, where
on edge last summer after a man
he was almost immediately tasked
groped several women in seperate
with leading that division due to the
incidents. Detective Sweitzer played commander being out on medical leave.
an important role in bringing that
Detective Sweitzer was an integral part
person to justice. The man had
of the team that spent several months
been driving to Park Forest from a
investigating and successfully arresting
neighboring town -- parking his car
blocks away from crime scenes and a serial sexual predator who had
immediately leaving town after his
victimized numerous women in Park
crimes without being seen by many Forest and neighboring communities.
witnesses -- making it difficult for
police to get a lead. It was through
the hard work and diligence of John
Sweitzer and his team of detectives
that an arrest was made in the
In July, Detective Corporal Sweitzer
came under gunfire while responding
to assist patrol units with a shots
fired call. Sweitzer returned fire
during the incident and played a
vital role in apprehending the
suspect. He later would receive
the Police Department’s highest
honor, the Medal of Valor. In
2014, Sweitzer also cleared a child
prostitution case prompting the
rescue of several victims. From
leading the investigations unit, to
investigating highly complex and
vital cases, along with being the
lead negotiator in a successful new
contract between the Village and
the Metropolitan Alliance of Police,
Detective Corporal John Sweitzer
has demonstrated the highest levels
of professionalism and provided the
community with outstanding service.
The Village of Park Forest salutes
John Sweitzer on being named the
2014 Park Forest Police Officer of
the Year.
View behind the scenes footage of
officers who serve you at
Standing before a packed room of fellow
firefighters, friends, family, and residents, Tilley was honored as
the following citation was read:
Captain William Tilley began his career as a volunteer firefighter
in 1973 and has given the Village over forty years of dedicated
service. Captain Tilley leads by example in everything he does
and, in his time with Park Forest Fire Department, has set an
example for all firefighters to follow. After 40-plus years of served
you might think he would start to slow down but nothing could be
farther from the truth.
Captain Tilley retired from his full-time job as a truck driver this
past year and has used his new found time off to dedicate even
more time to the fire service. He is very active in the Department’s
training, helping to mentor our new members, and works as an
instructor with the Fire Science Program offered through Prairie
State College.
Over the past 40 years, Captain Tilley has been the most
consistent POC member on the Department. No matter what
time of the day or night, he continually answers the call of
duty responding in the middle of the night, on weekend and on
When inducted into the Park Forest Hall of Fame in 2013, Captain
Tilley was quoted as saying, “It’s just a matter of serving your
community in a job you love to do.”
Hundreds of kids on bikes courtesy of PFPD
Since the Park Forest Police Department began their BICYCLE Program
in 2011, they’ve given away close to 300 bikes to kids in the Village. The
bulk of those bikes were awarded to youth for exhibiting outstanding
performance in school. Additional bikes were provided to kids as part of
raffles at various community events. “It’s great to drive
past a kid on their bike who you know is riding that bike
because of a combination of their hardwork and a helping
hand from us. The BICYCLE Program has been a great
way for the Police Department to build relationships with
students and school staff,” said Deputy Chief Christopher
The 41-year Park Forest resident was
recognized during the Fire Department’s
Annual Recognition and Awards
Ceremony at Village Hall in August.
Officer Julius Moore
speaks to youth at
Kids to Parks Day,
prior to raffling off
one of many bikes
the Park Forest
Police Department
has provided to
area children since
2011 with the use of
narcotics funds.
Captain Tilley’s professionalism, exhibited daily, is in keeping
with the highest traditions of the Fire Service and for these
reasons Captain William Tilley was selected as Firefighter of the
Several other members of the Park Forest Fire Department were
also recognized for their professionalism and bravery as part of
the ceremony.
Captain William Tilley has served as
a member of the Park Forest Fire
Department for over 40 years.
View Captain Tilley and others honored during
the Park Forest Fire Department’s Annual
Recognition and Awards Night at
Apply to become a member of the Park Forest Fire or Park Forest Police Department!
See back cover more more information.
quality of life for all residents in town. Park Forest
now looks to create a volunteer group specifically for
veterans. Applications are currently being accepted from
residents wishing to serve on Park Forest’s new Veterans
Commission, the latest addition to the Village’s volunteer
Boards and Commissions.
In recent years, military servicemen and women have
faced increasing challenges and hardships. Assimilation
back into society after serving has been complicated
for many veterans due to limited access to physical
and mental healthcare services, limited access to
preparedness services to become gainfully employed
and self-sufficient, and limited access to adequate and
affordable housing.
Longtime Park Forest resident Edwin J. Fizer, a
Montford Point Marine, is one of several veterans who
for years worked with the Village on veteran issues prior
to the formation of the new Veterans Commission.
The Park Forest Veterans Commission aims to study all
matters impacting the quality of life for area veterans in
the hopes of again making Park Forest a community of
first choice for servicemen and women. Additionally, the
Commission will report findings, make recommendations
to elected officials, and assist in the coordination of
veterans programming. The Veterans Commission will
consist of the following:
• Nine members of the community will make-up the
• Appointees will be representative of veterans serving
as far back as World War II up to present-day conflicts.
• Appointments will be in staggered three-year terms.
Original appointments to the Veterans Commission will
include three appointments to one-year terms, three
appointments to two-year terms, and three appointments
to three-year terms.
Park Forest
Needs YOU!
Yes, YOU!
Since its beginning, Park Forest has
relied on resident involvement to make
the community the very best it possibly
can be for all. Numerous boards and
commissions currently have vacanies
where your service can greatly enrich
the quality of life in Park Forest. Apply
TODAY to be a part of any of the below
• Beautification Awards Committee
• Cable Communications Commission
• Economic Development Advisory
• Environment Commission
• Equal Employment Opportunity
Review Board
• Fair Housing Review Board
• Housing Authority
• Human Relations Commission
• Plan Commission
• Police and Fire Commission
• Recreation & Parks Advisory Board
• Senior Citizens Advisory Commission
• Veterans Commission
• Youth Commission
• Zoning Board of Appeal
Complete this application and drop it
off at Village Hall or call 708-748-1112.
Number of years you’ve lived in Park Forest
What Boards/Commissions would you like to be considered for:
Please list any professional training/education:
Please provide a brief history of work experience:
What made you interested in serving on a Board/Commission:
• A chairperson and vice chairperson shall be appointed
The Village of Park Forest was originally built in 1949
as a town for young soldiers returning from World
War II to raise their families. Over the years, many of
those veterans have contributed greatly to the Village,
serving on numerous volunteer boards and commissions
as well as with other civic groups to help advance the
For more information, or to apply, call 708-748-1112 or
complete the application and return it to Village Hall.
View a video of Edwin J. Fizer talk about
his time in the service at youtube.com/
Gene Finley (left) of the Youth Commission
and Alfreda Keller (right) of the Human
Relations Commission.
Please indicate evenings you are available for meetings:
It is the policy of the Village Manager that persons on Boards and Commissions of the Village and/or their
relatives are not eligible for employment by the Village while serving on a Board or Commission. Those
individuals are also not eligible to purchase real estate from the Village.
Park Forest Growing GreenER
Village continues to make strides in sustainability.
Twenty-four Illinois
companies and
organizations were
honored in October
for their significant
achievements in
protecting the
environment, helping
sustain the future, and
improving the economy.
The Governor’s
Sustainability Awards
Sustainability Coordinator Sarah Coulter and Mayor
were presented by the
John A. Ostenburg presented with the Governor’s
Illinois Sustainable
Sustainability Award by representatives of ISTC.
Technology Center (ISTC)
during a ceremony in Chicago. ISTC Any Illinois public or private
organization is eligible to apply for
is a unit of the Prairie Research
the award. Winners are selected
Institute at the University of Illinois
through a rigorous process of review
at Urbana-Champaign.
and examination by ISTC technical
assistance experts.
Since 1987, ISTC has presented
Governor’s Awards to organizations
Twelve additional organizations
in Illinois that have demonstrated a
received Honorable Mention Awards
commitment to environmental
to acknowledge organizations whose
excellence through outstanding and
environmental efforts also embody
innovative sustainability practices.
the spirit of sustainability.
“Investing in
sustainability creates jobs, boosts
our economy and is an investment
in our future,” then-Governor Pat
Quinn said. “These awards foster
innovation and encourage our
universities and businesses to help us
build a stronger, greener Illinois.”
“The linkage between sustainable
policies and success in our
businesses, our organizations, and
our communities has never been
stronger,” said ISTC Director
Kevin O’Brien. “We are proud to
call attention to these champions
of sustainability who help lead
the way by improving our quality
of life through their responsible
stewardship of people, profit and our
The Village of Park Forest was
one of only five municipalities to
be included among the 24 awardwinners.
The main goal of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is to develop a comprehensive
non-motorized transportation network that will serve the needs of all Park Forest
residents, allow for safe travel at all ages, and connect neighborhoods to jobs,
shopping, regional bikeways, cultural facilities, recreational amenities and activity
Learn more about the new Park Forest Bike & Pedestrian Plan today.
Three environmentally conscious tips to consider when starting your car this winter.
If you’re stopped for more than 10 seconds, turn your car off.
Idling for more than 10 seconds uses more fuel than restarting your engine.
Idling pollutes and is a waste of money
Idling one car for five minutes per day can emit as many as 25 pounds of harmful air pollutants and 260 pounds of
carbon dioxide per year, 22.81 gallons of gas and at $3.05 a gallon $69.58 a year.
Even on cold mornings, modern engines don’t need to warm up
Modern engines require only a short idle period after engine start – even in very cold temperatures. Driving slowly
for the first mile or two is the best way for the
View a video of Mayor Ostenburg commenting on the
engine and other systems to warm-up. Long
Governor’s Sustainability Award, along with a presentation on
idling periods can harm your engine and waste
anti-idling from Sustainability Coordinator Sarah Coulter, at
Also learn more about these sustainable initiatives in Park Forest
Community Gardens | Document Destruction Events | Electronics Recycling
Park Forest Farmers’ Market
Village looks to land key certification that could
spark future funding, business partnerships
Since being named one of 20 towns
in the country to be selected in the
inaugural class
of the STAR
Rating System
(STAR) Program
in January of
2014, the Village
of Park Forest
has worked dilegently to complete
a lengthy application process in
hopes of attaining a top rating for
sustainable practices.
encompasses economic,
environmental and social
performance measures for both
local governments and the broader
community. The rating system
includes 7 goal areas and 44
sustainability objectives, with a
total of 526 different measurable
indicators. Communities are
awarded a rating based upon a
total cumulative score of points
achieved and in accord with the
STAR Community Rating System
Verification Policy.
STAR Communities is a nonprofit
organization that works to evaluate,
improve and certify sustainable
communities. STAR helps cities
and counties achieve a healthy
environment, a strong economy
and well being for their residents.
Technical experts, sustainability
leaders and local government
officials developed a rating system
to provide a transparent and datadriven mechanism to improve local
communities. STAR Communities
leads communities to chart a clear
path toward a sustainable future.
The primary applicant for a STAR
Community Rating is a local
government – a town, city, or county
government. The local government
provides data on evaluation measures
and submits their application for
verification for consideration. STAR
Communities’ technical team verifies
the data submittals for accuracy and
assigns a rating based upon points
The STAR Community Rating
System is the nation’s first
comprehensive framework and
certification program for evaluating
local sustainability, encompassing
economic, environmental and social
performance measures. Local
leaders use the rating system’s
evaluation measures to assess their
current level of sustainability, set
targets for moving ahead, and
measure progress along the way.
For communities that pursue
certification, the rating system
The STAR Community Rating
System supports three leadership
certifications: 3-STAR Community,
4-STAR Community and 5-STAR
Community. A STAR Community
Rating lasts for three years after
the award date, at which point a
community is expected to measure
progress through recertification.
Officials in Park Forest believe
that a top rating from STAR will
increase the Village’s ability to land
future grant dollars and business
partnerships. A decision on the
Village’s application is expected
later this year.
Park Forest Baseball is now
registering for the 2015 season.
Upcoming Park Forest Baseball
registration dates are:
Feb. 14
12 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Feb. 28
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
*March 12
6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
*All fees due by this date.
For more information, including
registration fees and age
restrictions, visit
or call 708-975-1294.
If you build it...
Park Forest one of 50 in
the nation, two in Illinois,
to be selected in Growth
Accelerator Fund Competition
In September of 2014, the U.S.
Small Business Administration
announced, after reviewing more
than 800 applications, the 50 winners
of the first Growth Accelerator Fund
competition. The Village of Park
Forest, in partnership with the South
Suburban Mayors and Managers
Association (SSMMA) and the South
Metropolitan Higher Education
Consortium (SMHEC), was selected
as one of the 50 recipients, each
receiving a $50,000 grant.
“The SBA is empowering
accelerators and startups that are
on the cutting edge of successful,
innovative new endeavors,” said
SBA Administrator Maria ContrerasSweet. “We’ve seen the enormous
success of the accelerator model in
communities like Silicon Valley. We
believe we can export this type of
sophisticated support structure across
the country to help start-ups become
commercially viable and create jobs
more quickly.”
the applications and pitch videos
submitted by the 100 finalists in the
Park Forest and its partners are using
the grant to purchase equipment
and fund the necessary training to
start a makerspace in Park Forest’s
DownTown. In short, a makerspace
is a community center with tools.
Makerspaces combine manufacturing
equipment, community, and
education for the purposes of
enabling community members
to design, prototype and create
manufactured works that wouldn’t
be possible to create with the often
limited resources available to
individuals working alone. These
spaces can take the form of looselyorganized individuals sharing space
and tools, for-profit companies, nonprofit corporations, organizations
affiliated with or hosted within
schools, universities or libraries, and
more. All are united in the purpose
of providing access to equipment,
community, and education, and all
are unique in exactly how they are
arranged to fit the purposes of the
community they serve. Makerspaces
represent the democratization of
design, engineering, fabrication and
Winners were selected by
a panel of seven judges
who are experts in
investing and
business plans,
both inside
and out of
the federal
The judges
education. They are a fairly new
phenomenon, but are beginning
to produce projects with significant
national impacts.
The initial acquisition of equipment
for the Park Forest Maker Space
includes two 3D printers, a laser
cutter, an electronics lab, and
computers and design software.
The goal of the makerspace will be
to enable users to create prototypes
of new products that can then be
marketed for larger production
and sale. The makerspace will
also provide a program of courses
and workshops that will educate
the members about production,
marketing, patents, and other key
issues involved in the manufacturing
The Park Forest makerspace is
currently located at 214 Forest Blvd.
in DownTown Park Forest.
For questions about this initiative, or
to learn how you might participate
in the programs offered by the
makerspace, contact Hildy Kingma
at 708-283-5622 or email
[email protected]
View the video submitted by the Village to help
secure the award at
Park Forest Finance Director wins CFO of the Year
Park Forest’s
continue to
be in good
hands under
the direction
of Finance
Director Mary
Dankowski is
the recipient
of the Daily Herald’s Chief Financial
Officer (CFO) of the Year Award for
Dankowski was one of twelve to
receive the CFO of the Year Award,
but one of only two representing
government organizations.
“What a wonderful recognition for
Director Dankowski. For Park Forest
officials, this recognition comes as
no surprise as Mary has stewarded
Village finances for nearly two
decades,” said Village Manager Tom
Under the leadership of Dankowski,
who has served Park Forest for
19 years in the role of finance
director, the Village has attained
the Certificate of Achievement for
Excellence in Financial Reporting
for the past 17 years and the
Distinguished Budget Award for the
past 18 years. Dankowski has also
been instrumental in the Village’s
efforts to boost commerce in Park
Forest’s DownTown -- currently at
83 percent occupancy -- and has
also been key to the establishment
of strategic planning processes to
ensure the financial health of the
“Under Mary’s close direction, Park
Forest’s financial practices have been
recognized and awarded every year
by the Government Finance Officers
Association,” said Mick.
Dankowski was formally recognized
at a reception last summer in
Hoffman Estates honoring all local
executives receiving the 2014 CFO
of the Year Award from the Daily
Herald Business Ledger.
The Park Forest Finance Director
holds a bachelor’s degree from
Loyola University, a master’s
degree from DePaul University
and is a registered certified public
Vehicle stickers
on sale March 1
Park Forest vehicle stickers
for the 2015-2016 year go
on sale March 1. Vehicle
stickers must be displayed,
prior to May 1, on every
vehicle that is registered with
the State of Illinois with a
Park Forest address, even
if that vehicle is not located
in Park Forest. Vehicles
driven in Park Forest without
a current vehicle sticker
are subject to citations,
until a sticker is purchased
and displayed. The cost to
purchase a vehicle sticker is
$50 before May 1. A late fee
of $25 is assessed to vehicle
sticker purchases made on
or after May 1. An additional
late fee is assessed to
vehicle sticker purchases
made on or after August 1.
Did you know you can pay
for your Park Forest vehicle
sticker online? To do so, visit
Select Park Forest
Select Vehicle Stickers
Type in your plate
Type in the first three
letters of your last name
New Bill Pay Option On The Way
Many residents who regularly pay their Park Forest utility bill online have waited patiently in recent
months as the Village has worked to identify a better payment solution.
In August of 2014, after several attempts to correct numerous glitches with the previous system, Park Forest
discontinued its partnership with the former provider for online utility bill payments.
Prior to that, recurring cases of the former site timing out which resulted in residents submitting duplicate
payments unknowingly had become a common issue. Additionally, difficulty in obtaining payment data
from the vendor to properly credit accounts also created challenges for residents and Village staff.
To prevent these sorts of inconveniences from continuing, the Village elected to move swiftly to transition
to a new vendor. This process does require some time.
The Village is pleased to announce that SEBIS, the vendor currently handling the printing and mailing of
bills, will now also handle online bill payments.
The Village has been quite satisfied with the services provided by SEBIS over the past year, after the
Village made the switch from the former postcard-sized water bill with limited information to today’s more
detailed bill inside of an envelope.
Similar to the upgrade SEBIS provided in paper billing, they will also provide significant enhancement to
online bill pay.
Residents can expect a similar option as they’re used to: a quick payment transaction screen requiring
only your account number to view your current balance which you then can pay. But with this upgraded
system, residents will also have the ability to enroll using a username and password. Once enrolled, you’ll
be able to view a copy of each bill, sign-up for paperless billing, and set-up automatic payments using your
checking account or credit card.
Over the next few weeks, the Village will be testing out the new system. More information is on the way
Thank you to all residents for your patience during this process of upgrading the system to better serve you.
For more information, visit
finance or call 708-748-1112.
Connect with the Village of Park Forest Online
Don’t wait! Lines will be long!
also vi
Comprehensive Village information is
available 24-7 at villageofparkforest.com.
Park Forest Non-Partisan Local Government Committee
It began 60 years ago, when the young Village of Park Forest made a bold step by eliminating party politics from all
local elections as then Village President Henry Dietch declared “there is no Democratic way of picking up garbage.
There is no Republican way of cleaning the streets.”
Since then Park Forest has maintained a gold standard in all local elections, allowing candidates for office to run on
their merits and are voted upon by all residents of the community. In order to ensure this process the all-volunteer
Park Forest Non-Partisan Local Government Committee was established in 1955.
The committee’s task is to make it convenient for any qualified resident to run for office at little expense and
regardless of race, creed, sex, age, or political party. To this, the Committee gives voters numerous opportunities to
hear all candidates and ask them questions in open meetings and forums.
Three Village Trustee positions as well as the Village Mayor and candidates for three Library Board Trustees will be
on the April 7, 2015 ballot.
The Non-Partisan Local Government Committee is here to help you learn more about the candidates so that you are
well-prepared to make important decisions on who to give your vote to on April 7.
Hear from the candidates running for office at forums taking place at Village Hall on the following dates:
Sunday, Feb. 8 at 1 p.m. and Sunday, March 22 at 1 p.m.
More information on the Committee can be found at
at myparkforest.com and at
Park Forest Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule for 2015
Rules 2
8 (Tues.)
8 (Tues.)
Regular 16
14 Rules & Regular Saturday Rules
26 (Tues.)
Rules and Regular Meetings
begin at 7 p.m. at Village
Hall. Meetings air on the
Village’s cable channel
(channel 4 for Comcast
subscribers and channel
99 for AT&T subscribers).
Meetings also stream online at
Saturday Morning Rules
Meetings begin at 10 a.m. at
Village Hall.
Annual street canvasing happening now
Mark Your Calendar!
Park Forest’s Building Department
began their annual street-bystreet drive-by exterior property
inspections in January, with a
special emphasis on readable house
numerals. These annual inspections
promote compliance with the
Village’s building, housing and
development codes, said Larrie
Kerestes, the Village’s Director of
Community Development. The stress
on readable house numbers is
necessary in order to assure fast
emergency response by police, fire
and paramedics.
Feb. 7
Village ordinances mandate that all
such numbers be of contrasting color
to the background and should be
large enough to be read during the
day across the street.
have to make sure all buildings are
free from health and safety hazards
and we also want to make sure
property owners observe minimum
maintenance standards,” said
The Building Department will make
inspections from January through
March. Some common code
violations include homes in disrepair,
missing roof shingles, flaking or
chipped paint and deteriorated
driveways. Residents of noncompliant homes are given through
June to repair or correct violations or
potential problems.
“We wait for warmer weather
for people to complete their
improvements,” said Kerestes.
Kerestes said that inspectors would
cite missing numbers or a lack of a
contrasting background. Park Forest
Mayor John A. Ostenburg said such
inspections were important.
Violators will start getting notices by
the end of the month. Kerestes added
that extensions can be granted, but
only if the department is notifi ed of
the reason for the delay.
“Through our house inspections,
we make every effort to assure the
health and safety of our residents,”
said Ostenburg.
“We do this to protect and help our
residents,” Kerestes said. “It is in the
best interest of the residents’ health,
safety and welfare for their homes to
be up to code.”
“Everyone hopes that police or fi re
personnel will not need to visit his
or her home, but in an emergency
we all want to be sure the police car,
ambulance, or fire truck gets to the
right address as quickly as possible.
A clearly displayed house number is
an important part of making sure that
Begun in 1983, the inspection
program serves two purposes. “We
Park permit lottery
Feb. 21
March 13
Prostate and
Screening at
Health Dept.
March 14
Tall Grass
Beaux Arts
April 7
Day in
Park Forest
May 2
Homes are inspected for a second
time and if repairs have not been
made or an extension has not been
requested, another citation letter will
be sent. Ultimately, the owner could
be forced to appear in housing court
in the Markham courthouse.
May 15
For more information, contact the
Building Department at
May 21 - 24
The Park Forest Cable Commission has video cameras available
for check-out to Park Forest residents at no cost. For more
information, visit the Building Department at Village Hall.
Township Senior Fair
May 16
Kids to Parks Day
Youth Commission Carnival
June 6
Parks Clean-up Day
Visit villageofparkforest.com for
more event details.
Frequently asked questions during snowfall season
How you can help to reduce the risk of water contamination
Water is used every day for
manufacturing, fire protection,
drinking, for watering lawns and
gardens, washing the car, for
recreation, and for many other
uses not necessarily seen. The
Village’s underground and surface
waters are vitally important to
everyday life in Park Forest.
someone must eventually clean
up -- potentially after more harm
than just its unattractive nature
has been done. In addition to not
rainwater and melted snow
carry them away. When taking
your pooch for a walk, you
may prevent this type of water
pollution by carrying a plastic
bag and discarding any waste in
the toilet.
•Motor Oil and Automotive
Products | Automotive products
are prime candidates for
Drinking water is constantly
water pollution as motor oil,
under siege from naturally
antifreeze, transmission fluid,
occurring events and human
engine cleaner, and battery acid
activities that can pollute sources.
are spilled or dumped into the
outside environment. When
The following are steps residents
spills occur, acting fast helps to
can take in order to help prevent
Water goes through one of many processes at prevent damage, as kitty litter,
the Park Forest Water Treatment Plant.
the Village’s water from being
sawdust, and wood chips help
soak up the fluid. Also, a wellmaintained car is less likely to
• Use environmentally-friendly
littering, consider gather a group
cause pollution through a faulty
household products | Avoid
of friends and family to clean
engine, transmission, or brake
household products that contain
up litter in the neighborhood.
chemicals. Instead, use green
Litter in the streets eventually
products, like biodegradable
makes its way to rivers, creeks
About Village of Park Forest
soap and all-natural toiletries.
and lakes through the Village’s
To clean your house, avoid using
storm sewer system. Once there, The Village of Park Forest is
bleach and chemical cleaners and
litter can create contamination
supplied by groundwater, pumped
use vinegar instead.
from six wells drilled approximately
• Apply natural pesticides and
• Dispose of toxic products with
300 feet deep into a dolomite
fertilizers | The use of chemical
care | Make sure to dispose of
limestone aquifer. Water is pumped
pesticides and fertilizers leads
toxic products, such as paints,
from the wells to a state-of-the-art
to water pollution because
solvents, and polishes, properly. water treatment plant, built in 2007,
contaminated water seeps into
Never pour toxic products down where it is softened using a lime
ground water and runs off into
the drain.
and soda ash softening process.
nearby water sources. Natural
• Pet Waste | The sight of pet
The water is also filtered through
pesticides that you can use
waste is not only unattractive,
sand filters. Chlorine is added as a
include insecticidal soap and
it also adds to water pollution
disinfectant and fluoride is added to
pyrethrum. Natural fertilizers
when it becomes part of
help prevent tooth decay.
include wood ash, grass
contaminated runoff. Over time,
clippings, and animal manure
organisms bearing disease thrive To view Park Forest’s Water Quality
• Don’t litter | Everyone loses
in the waste, which eventually
Report, conducted annually, visit
when litting occurs. Littering
find their way to lakes, rivers,
creates an eyesore which
streams, and wetlands when
The Village receives many questions
from residents during snowfall
season. Hopefully, the following
information helps address some
questions you may have in the
coming months. Thank you in
advance for your understanding and
patience this winter as the Village
works hard to salt and clear snow
from the roads as quickly and effi
ciently as possible.
What is the Village’s snow and ice
removal plan along Village streets?
ensure that emergency responders
are not negatively impacted by
poor conditions.
Crews aim to perform at least one
plowing of smaller residential
roadways once main roads
are adequately cleared and the
snowfall has somewhat subsided.
Why did the Village leave a
pile of snow at the end of my
When Village plows remove snow
The Village follows the following
from the streets, it often results in
protocol when snow falls:
some snow being left at the end of
driveways. The Village does not
• Minimal snow - The Village
intend to block any resident’s
applies snow and ice control
driveway and apologizes for any
chemicals to the streets.
inconvenience. Unfortunately,
• Less than two inches of snow attempting to avoid each resident’s
The Village applies snow and ice
driveway during snow removal
control chemicals to the streets,
would result in a very slowmoving
giving intersections, hills, and curves process, and that delay would
negatively impact public safety.
• More than two inches of snow The Village snow plows; focusing on Are residents responsible for
the most highly traveled streets
clearing the public sidewalks in
first followed by less traveled streets. front of and on the side of their
• Excessive snow fall - The Village
contracts with outside organizations
to assist with plowing when snow
All residents are members of
accumulation surpasses the Village’s the Park Forest community and
ability to provide swift relief. Again, should do what they can to clear
highly traveled streets are cleared
the public walkways surrounding
first and then less traveled streets are their immediate properties. The
Village supports and encourages
a more walkable community, and
When will Public Works clear my
the removal of snow and ice from
public walkways will provide safer
travel for those choosing to walk to
During a snow storm, the Public
their desired destinations. For all
Works Department focuses on
other questions, please call Public
clearing main roadways first due to
Works at 708-503-7702.
their highly traveled nature, and to
Illegal Dumping Notice
It is against IEPA regulations and
the law to dump anything and
especially contaminants into the
street side storm sewer inlets. These
contaminants will be conveyed
to the natural water ways which
pollute the environment and make
their way into the ground water
which is the Village’s water source.
If you see any resident or person
discharging or dumping any type
of fluid or solids into the street
side storm sewers, please call
the Department of Public Works
at 708-503-7702 and the Police
The Village’s new youth program, TeenZone, has a list of teens looking for part-time work who may
be able to assist with shoveling needs. To learn 25
more, call Recreation and Parks at 708-748-2005.
Breedlove named Park Forest Business Person of the year for 2014
Park Forest welcomes
Park Forest’s Business Person of the Year
for 2014 is Bree Breedlove of State Farm
new businesses
Shop Park Forest TODAY!
Cheap and Good Construction
Roofing Contractor
Cloud 9 Confections
Baked goods; cupcakes, cookies &
cakes for events
Country Squire Foods
120 Orchard Drive
Hough, Ray, Computer Services
Computer repair services
JK Loren Salon, Inc.
Hair Salon
361 Founders Way
Jones, Yvette, Mobile Notary Public Reach A Village (formerly FirstFruits
Notary Public
International Ministries)
254 Main Street
LUX 223
Hall Rental
22315 Central Park
R. J. Robinsons Family & Young, Inc.
Lawn care & servicing
NuPath Hypnosis & Life Coaching
Inspiring & Support Client via
Road Runner Driving School
Hypnosis Coaching
Truck Driving School
366 Forest Blvd.
338 Forest Blvd.
Park Forest Podiatry (practice under
new ownership)
Dr. Charlotte M. Covella
231 Main Street
SPAA Theater
Theater Company
371 Artists Walk
S. Douglas Price
Life & health insurance
Skelly, Rachel, L.
Board certified music therapist
Transitions Salon
Hair Salon Under New Ownership
300 Main Street
Registration at 8:30 a.m. - doors close at 6 p.m.
Information on employment, job training, health care and other services for ex-offenders will be available.
Volunteer attorneys will be on site to help with expungement and sealing applications.
Filing and Service Fees may apply. For additional information, call 312-603-5200 or visit www.cookcountyclerkofcourt.org
Bringing Expungement Services
26 to the Community
Breedlove received eight nominations from
the Park Forest community to secure the
The nominators complemented Bree on her
dedication to providing superior service
as an insurance agent, quality financial
advising, dedicated friendship, for her
support in good times and bad, and for her
unrivaled advocacy for Park Forest and the
business community.
Past recipients of the Business Person
of the Year award are: Janet Fiorenzo,
Tower Cleaners; Alan Franklin, Muzicnet
Performing Arts Center; Jim McDannel,
Lifetime Automotive Repair, Mike Jordan,
State Farm Insurance; and Earl & Alia
Davis, Quality Classic Health & Fitness
Park Forest Economic Development Advisory Group (EDAG) member
Phillip Perkins (right) presents Bree Breedlove (left) with the Park Forest
Business Person of the Year Award.
View a video of Bree Breedlove being presented with the
Business Person of the Year Award at
The EDAG Business Person of the Year Award is
an annual award to recognize Park Forest business
owners for their contributions to the community through charitable work, service, and for making
a difference.
Your ad reaches
every registered address
in Park Forest. Call
for details.
Visit Nurses Plus
at these events
Have you had your flu shot?
It seems that every place is offering
flu shots nowadays. Why is there
such an emphasis on getting a flu
shot? What are the benefits? What
are the risks if you don’t get your flu
Influenza is one of the most
common respiratory illnesses in the
United States today. It’s estimated
that influenza accounts for close
to 200,000 hospitalizations per
year. Quite an alarming number
for something that could be easily
prevented, right? The CDC suggests
that everyone 6 months old and older
get a yearly flu vaccine as a safe way
to protect yourself and your family
from the flu.
Remember, flu viruses are spread
from person to person through air
droplets when a person coughs,
sneezes or talks. They can also be
spread when the droplets land on
an object such as a telephone, a
keyboard or a doorknob.
There are a lot of myths out there
about the influenza vaccine.
Regardless to what you may have
heard, the flu shot does not contain
any live viruses and you cannot get
the flu from receiving a flu shot. And
even the nasal form of the influenza
vaccine contains a weakened form
of the flu virus too small to cause a
full blown flu illness. Getting the flu
shot will help your body to develop
antibodies against the influenza
virus, thus preventing you from
becoming seriously ill.
in seniors, therefore giving them
additional protection against the flu.
Both the High Dose flu shot and
the regular seasonal flu shots are
available at the Park Forest Health
For more information, call 708-7481118 or stop by Nurses Plus, located
in the lower level of Village Hall,
Monday through Friday.
This year, the CDC recommended a
high dose influenza shot for seniors
over the age of 65 years. Because
studies have shown that the immune
system begins to weaken with age,
it is believed that seniors are more
at risk for developing the flu. The
high dose fluzone contains 4 times
Jenise Ervin RN, MSN
Director Of Public Health
the amount of antigen that’s in the
regular seasonal flu shot. More
View a video on the Park Forest Health
antigen is expected to produce
Department’s home health service at
a higher antibody response
Prostate and Testicular Cancer
When: Friday, March 13, 2015
Where: Village Hall Board Room
Time: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
White Crain’s Wellness Nurse and
the Park Forest Health Department
Nurses Plus will present life-saving
information on prostate and testicular
cancer. This interactive workshop
will also offer a free prostate (PSA
blood test) screening for men over
the age of 40. Please call 708-7481118 by March 6 at 5 p.m. to RSVP.
A nurse practitioner will also be
available by appointment for men
who would like the clinical exam of
their prostate for a minimum fee of
$25. Please note that the free PSA
screening must be done prior to the
follow-up clinical exam.
Rich Township Senior Fair
When: Friday, May 15, 2015
Where: Richton Park Community
Center, 4445 Sauk Trail, Richton
Park, IL 60471
Time: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Estate planning, medicare, social
security and many other local health
and senior service vendors will be
on hand. Reduced transportation
services are also available
Reservations must be made for those
interested in lunch by calling
Now providing both Skilled and Non-skilled Home Services. The Park Forest Health Department is a state-certified
community care partner through the Illinois Department on Aging (for service areas PSA 02 and PSA 13).
Please take a moment to fill in the appropriate information below to be notified by your local
emergency response team in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts.
Examples include: evacuation notices, bio-terrorism alerts, boil water notices, and missing child
reports. This information will remain the property of ECN and will not be disclosed unless
compelled to do so by a court of sufficient jurisdiction.
Location Details
Address to be monitored
please no P.O. boxes
This is a
(check one)
Zip Code
Contact Information
first and last or business
Email address
Phone 1
Check this box only if the number you provided for Phone 1 is a mobile phone. If so, please also
provide the name of the service provider on the next line.
Service provider (AT&T, Boost Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, etc)
TDD/TTY device
Tone delivery, for hearing impaired (if applicable)
Phone 2
Check this box only if the number you provided for Phone 2 is a mobile phone. If so, please also
provide the name of the service provider on the next line.
Service provider (AT&T, Boost Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, etc)
TDD/TTY device
Tone delivery, for hearing impaired (if applicable)
Please return this completed form to Village Hall to be entered into the CodeRed
you to all residents
for the overwhelming
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CodeRed. Since November, the Village has registered over 1,000 residents in the emergency notification system
but thousands still have yet to enroll. Please return this completed form to Village Hall to be notified in the event of
emergency. You can also register online at villageofparkforest.com. Look for the CodeRed icon on the homepage.
For questions, or for assistance, call 708-748-1112.
John A. Ostenburg
Mae Brandon
JeRome Brown
Gary Kopycinski
Robert McCray
Georgia O’Neill
Theresa Settles
Local Customer
Park Forest, IL 60466
Tom Mick
Sheila McGann
Please Recycle
The Village of Park Forest Board of Fire and Police Commissioners will
be testing and establishing a two-year eligibility list for the positions of
Firefighter/Paramedic and Police Officer
January 20, 2015 – February 12, 2015
An optional study guide for the written test is
available for a non-refundable cost of $10
Application Deadline: 5 p.m. on Thursday, February 12, 2015
Please submit completed applications to:
Denyse Carreras
Director of Human Resources
Village of Park Forest
350 Victory Drive
Park Forest, IL 60466
For complete details, visit
Equal Opportunity Employer