agenda - Town of Pelham



agenda - Town of Pelham
SC-05-2016 - Special Meeting of Council
Monday, April 25, 2016
Start time 6:30 PM
Old Pelham Town Hall, 491 Canboro Rd., Ridgeville
Call to Order and Declaration of Quorum
Approval of the Agenda
Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and General Nature Thereof
Pelham Community Centre
5.1. Pre-Registered Delegations
Local Business Perspective
Pelham Seniors Advisory Committee
Niagara & Haldimand Building & Construction Trades
Council; IBEW
Barry Neelin
Dave Macfarlane
Pelham Panthers Basketball and Architectural Design
Advisory Committee Basketball Representative
Niagara Skating Club
Liz LeMesurier, Amanda Maggetti
Carolyn Botari
Ralph Winslade
5.1.10. Marianne Stewart
5.1.11. Citizen Representatives - Architectural Design Advisory
James Federico, Yvette Young
5.1.12. Welland Pelham Chamber of Commerce
Dolores Fabiano, Executive Director
5.1.13. Joseph Kos
Council Agenda - 2016/04/25
5.1.14. Pelham Minor Hockey Association
Victoria Morrissey
5.1.15. Gary C. Chambers
5.1.16. Alan Morgan
5.1.17. Bill Heska
5.1.18. Stephen Kaiser
5.1.19. Architectural Design Advisory Committee
John Nicol, Chair ADAC
5.1.20. Curt Harley
5.2. Receipt of Written Submissions
5.2.1. The Following Persons Submitted Correspondence:
Town of Pelham
D. DiFlorio
R. MacDonald
J & J Presley
Agi Mete
R. Monetforte
R. Madume
D. Lawson
D. Duemo
T. Audino
S. Reeves
Cybula Family
C. van Niekerk
I. Gerryts
B. Roszell
J. Watson
T. Cooke, A. Pupek
S. Whitaker
J. Michalko
S. Burr McWilliams
S., A., & K. Battell
A. Belding
M. Repar
N. & M. Ridley
A. Keus
L. LeMesurier
M. Brownlee
S. Gibson
L. Stolk
M. Halsted
S. DeDivitiis
B. Mittenburg
Secord Family
J. Levasseur
K. Budai
B. McLeod
M. DeDivitiis
B. Bradley
T. Waselovich
S. Bullett
C. Free
T. Bolibruck
L. & K. Henderson
N. Reynolds
Litalien Family
Y. Yungblut
D'Angelo Family
B. McWilliams
J. Maltais
S. Dama
J. Reeves
E. Dixon
R. Kavanagh
J. & S. Beaman
C. & C. Cook
A. Couturier
J. Dixon
S. & K. Scott
D. Morrison
J. Sherry (2)
L. Bolduc
L. Bruin
R. Barnett
J. Myers
C. Vitucci
T. Miklavic
L. Veld
P. & A. Wilson
A. Iannantuono
M. Mergl
K. & N. Sloan
J. Sviergula
C. Pitt
F. Zoretich
K. Ratcliffe
P. DeDivitiis
S. Huxley
R. J. Tiffin
V. Looby
D. Quiquero
S. Grenier
J. Wilton
P. Morgetano
M. Fast
S. Paquin
N. & G. Zavitz
T. Motola
M. Reger Philbrick
T. Newton
K. Kuzyk
J. Forte
K. Robins
D. Hurst
B. Walter
L. Kleinsmith
J. & N. Birrell
T. Morgan
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Council Agenda - 2016/04/25
T. Colangelo
M. Lefebvre
C. & T. Morgan
T. Sviergula
D. Shapland
D. & S. Burr (2)
B. & R. Massey
J. Karnay
J. Arias
M. & B. Lacroix
J. Abbott
K. & D. Phillips
S. & B. Law
D. O'Leary
P. & G. O'Hara
F. & E. Tauss
S. Beamer
P. Slattery
Raiders Lacrosse
P. Schafrick
PlaceSpeak Forum
5.2.2. Pelham Community Centre - Correspondence
5.3. Non Registered Delegations (Time Permitting)
Consideration of Staff Reports
6.1. Pelham Community Centre Next Steps
6.2. Options for Selling Municipal Land
6.3. Community Centre User Groups Memorandum of Understanding
6.4. Correspondence Items Received Following Agenda Release
6.5. Correspondence: Watson & Associates
Confirming By-law
Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting
MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016
6:30 P.M.
Town of Pelham
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Issue Summary Report
6.4. Correspondence Items Received Following Agenda Release
Meeting : SC-05-2016 - Special Meeting of Council
Meeting Type : Special Meeting of Council
Section : Consideration of Staff Reports
Meeting Date : 2016/04/25 18:30
BE IT RESOLVED THAT COUNCIL receive the Correspondence submitted by individuals expressing
concerns or opposition to the proposed Pelham Community Centre, as listed as part of the Addendum
package on the agenda for the April 25, 2016 Special Meeting; and
THAT staff be directed to respond as required.
Special Meeting of Council - 2016/04/25
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Appendix 1 for 6.4.: T. Major
Nancy Bozzato
Todd Major
Thursday, April 21, 2016 12:29 PM
Nancy Bozzato
New Community Centre
Dear Mayor Dave, There is certainly excitement being created in the Niagara Region with regards to the proposed plan
put forth by you and the Town of Pelham about the new Community Centre’s design and the
upcoming plans to construct this facility. I would like to personally say that I feel this facility is much needed, and it is obvious that a great
amount of attention to detail in the design and usefulness of space has been included, and
consideration for the Town resident’s opinions has been undertaken in getting the project to this
stage. Thank you for that commitment and effort. In this day and age, and with such a vibrant community full of youth, it is very exciting to see that
Pelham will have a facility in place for our residents to use and be a part of for generations to come in
promoting physical activity and community friendship and kinship. Todd Major Fonthill, ON 1
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Appendix 2 for 6.4.: B & M Fleming
Nancy Bozzato
Thursday, April 21, 2016 12:52 PM
Nancy Bozzato
Erin Dixon
70 Plus Senior's Approval
Dear Mayor Dave,
Nothing is ever perfect for everyone especially seniors that have nothing better to do but complain.
Look @ the bright side, a new "safe" modern Community Centre. We can enjoy walking, running,
Pickelball, Badminton, senior hockey, skating, morning aerobic classes etc. & even a coffee.
Yes more time could be spent explaining every detail of the new venue to the folks of Pelham. We
elected you the mayor & council to do the best job for us. With the help of many professionals & input
from concerned citizens I'm sure the proposal going forward will be a huge success.
Funding & financing the project is a concern to all. I'm sure this is a concern for you & council as well.
Going forward now makes good sense.
Bill & Marion Fleming
Sent from my iPhone
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Appendix 3 for 6.4.: L Brophy
Nancy Bozzato
Leslie Brophy
Thursday, April 21, 2016 2:23 PM
Nancy Bozzato
Pelham Community Centre and twin pad
Just reaching out to demonstrate my support for the proposed Pelham community centre which
includes a twin pad. As a young family in Pelham it is imperative that the town look towards its future
and support a community centre that will attract and serve young families coming to the area!
Some of the current residents do not feel that it is necessary but that view is often self-serving and
without consideration for the need to create a facility that will attract the families that will create and
sustain a vibrant, family oriented, family supportive, and economically attractive community. We are
losing families to surrounding communities that have made the fiscal and economic commitments to
build up their communities to attract and serve the healthy, active, engaging lifestyle that we all want
and want to create for our children!
Don't make Pelham the place people come to to retire but a place families come to to live and thrive!!!
Leslie Brophy
Fenwick, Ontario
Sent from my iPad
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Appendix 4 for 6.4.: MasonryWorks
April 21, 2016
Mayor Augustyn and Members of Council,
Please accept this submission from MasonryWorx regarding the proposed Pelham Community Centre project.
MasonryWorx is Ontario’s association for professionals in the brick, block and stone masonry industry. In
partnership with builders and planners across Ontario, we’re helping communities build tomorrow’s heritage
neighbourhoods today.
As masonry professionals, MasonryWorx and its members support the Pelham Community Centre project and we
want Pelham Council to know that by choosing a masonry exterior the town and its residents will be getting a
superior product with low maintenance costs, a long life-span and an aesthetic character considered more visually
pleasing than other materials by Ontario residents.
A community centre is a landmark, one which will serve the community for decades to come. It is a place of great
activity and thousands upon thousands of community, family and individual memories will be made there. That’s
why it is so valuable that the Town of Pelham invest in ensuring that the new community centre is built in a manner
that creates an enduring sense of place and longevity. An enduring, resilient structure, one which will serve the
community for many years, will ensure that the Town of Pelham not only builds a local landmark, but receives the
best possible value for money over the life of the project.
According to the Provincial Policy Statement, long-term economic prosperity should be supported by “encouraging
a sense of place, by promoting well-designed built form and cultural planning, and by conserving features that help
define character, including built heritage resources and cultural heritage landscapes.” Building with masonry
materials epitomizes this vision.
Many of Ontario’s heritage buildings today are structures built with masonry. The sense of place of many Ontario
municipalities comes from the masonry architecture, the longevity of the material itself and its enduring character.
Municipalities building with masonry today are building the physical character of their communities tomorrow.
Particularly with a community centre, this is an important factor to embrace.
The use of masonry will ensure that the Pelham Community Centre endures through the years for future
generations to enjoy. Because masonry is a sturdy, resilient material, masonry buildings can also withstand the
rigour of weather impacts associated with climate change, such as extreme wind, ice storms, and temperature
Ontarians agree that masonry builds memorable, distinct communities and structures. In a 2014 survey, 83% of
respondents said that stone or brick cladding on homes and buildings gives a community more of a unique
By building this important project with masonry, the Town of Pelham receives not just a building, but a local
landmark sure to last for many years into the future, bringing with it both an excellent return on investment and a
long-lasting sense of place. MasonryWorx encourages town council to continue forward with this great
Andrew Payne, Executive Director
[email protected]
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Appendix 5 for 6.4.: J & D Superka
Nancy Bozzato
Jeff Superka
Thursday, April 21, 2016 5:27 PM
Nancy Bozzato
Hello please add our names to the list of people that fully support this initiative.With our son in the
midst of his minor hockey career we have had the opportunity to travel to many other towns and see
what they have for an arena.In most cases they all have way nicer facilities then we have here.I listen
to all the other parents talk about how its time we improved our own facilities.This town has been
talking about a new complex for around 20 yrs now (if i remember right) well the writing is on the wall
the wheels are falling off of our old arena.Lets do this now before its too late and the old one has a
catastrophic failure of some sort.Lets build a community centre that we can all be proud of and benefit
Thank You Jeff & Denise Superka Fenwick
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Appendix 6 for 6.4.: M Dixon
Nancy Bozzato
Matt Dixon
Thursday, April 21, 2016 5:39 PM
Nancy Bozzato
Support for the proposed community centre
Dear Mayor Dave, I am writing to express my support to you and council on your vision and commitment towards building a new community centre. Growing up and playing in the current Pelham arena I have many found memories from my youth that when I moved back to Pelham, after over a decade away, to raise my family I was saddened by the state of the arena. I just completed my first year of coaching my son and a great group of kids and want to continue to be involved in Pelham hockey and cannot think of any one thing that can attract more families, businesses and visitors to the great community that Pelham is. I hope that we are able to come together to overcome the concerns from a vocal opposition group to hear from the sometimes silent and very busy group that is really supportive of this new facility. Sincerely, in Fonthill. Residents of Matt Dixon 1
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Appendix 7 for 6.4.: H & L Sawatzky
Nancy Bozzato
Herb & Lorrie Sawatzky
Thursday, April 21, 2016 9:06 PM
Nancy Bozzato
new 2-pad arena
We wish to add our voices to those in support of the new proposed 2-pad arena. We feel it will be a great
addition to our community, and a vast and much-needed improvement to the current arena.
warmest regards,
Herb and Lorrie Sawatzky, and family
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Appendix 8 for 6.4.: J Busca
Nancy Bozzato
From: Busca Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2016 12:56 PM To: MayorDave <[email protected]> Subject: Pelham Community Centre On Behalf Of John Dear Mayor Dave, We as residents of Pelham are in full support of the new Pelham Community Centre. It is way overdue in having such a facility. For example the Town of Grimsby in the 1980's built a recreational community centre when they had a population 15,000 to 18,000 people and have since expanded on it. We believe that the key to the success of the community centre is that it is available to be used by all residents of Pelham, regardless of their age, their disabilities or their wealth. We are confident that the Town of Pelham will provide many inviting programs and activities that will bring the residents of Pelham to this facility. We wish to thank Council and the Committee for their work in moving this project forward. Best Regards John & Cheryl Busca Fonthill, ON L0S 1E1 Virus-free.
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Appendix 9 for 6.4.: M Iannizzi
Nancy Bozzato
Iannizzi, Mark
Friday, April 22, 2016 8:05 AM
Nancy Bozzato
Community Centre
Dear Mayor Dave,
Congratulations on your Council’s bold initiative to build a new Community Centre in the Town of
Pelham. This facility is much needed and the residents of Pelham are so fortunate to have a Mayor &
Council who have the vision to see what Pelham needs now and into the future. At the core of this
new facility is the promotion of physical activity which should be a big part of any adult & especially
young person’s life. Please keep the twin arena design, it is greatly needed and will not sit idle.
Thank you very much.
Mark Iannizzi
Please consider the environment before printing this email.
This email, including any attachments, is the property of the Niagara Catholic District School Board.
This information is intended only for the use of the individual to whom, or entity to which, it is
addressed and may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure
under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If the reader of this
message is not the intended recipient or the employee or agent responsible for delivering the
message to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or
copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you received this transmission in error, please
notify the sender immediately and then permanently delete this message.
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Appendix 10 for 6.4.: J & J Sweeting
Nancy Bozzato
Judy Sweeting
Friday, April 22, 2016 9:07 AM
Nancy Bozzato
Community centre
To whom it may concern,
I am writing this email in support of the new community centre. My husband and I are moving to Fonthill from
Lincoln and really feel that the arena and community centre you have presently is very lacking. Especially in
comparison to the new centre in Lincoln. We are very active and would hope to utilize the facility ourselves, as
well as watching our grandchildren play hockey there. I'm hoping that the mayor and council have the forsight
of voting to proceed with the community centre and realize the positive effect that it would have in the
Judy and John Sweeting
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Appendix 11 for 6.4.: G Zizian
Nancy Bozzato
Nancy Bozzato
Friday, April 22, 2016 12:52 PM
Nancy Bozzato
FW: Re community centre.
On 2016-04-22, 10:42 AM, "[email protected] on behalf of Greg Zizian"
<[email protected] on behalf of
> wrote:
> Regarding this huge expense on the taxpayers fore the next 30 years im
>totaly against it.This should be put to some type of a referendum, let
>the people have a say after all we are the ones stuck with bad
>decissions made by the mayor,council,and special intersrt groups.I
>didnt see very much cosultation with the people of this community.
>This email was sent to you by Greg Zizian<
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Appendix 12 for 6.4.: M Leduc
Nancy Bozzato
Nancy Bozzato
Friday, April 22, 2016 11:28 AM
Nancy Bozzato
FW: Pelham Community Centre
On 2016-04-22, 7:50 AM, "[email protected] on behalf of Mark Leduc"
<[email protected] on behalf of
> wrote:
>Well Done, Pelham! As a Pelham resident for the past 14 years it is
>refreshing to see our town council rising to the occasion, making a
>bold decision focusing on the future of our community. It takes
>community working together to build a stronger, more vibrant community.
>I can only imagine that when our old arena was built, there was similar
>skepticism by those who no longer had young children...but we have to
>invest in our future! My children are unfortunately nearing the end of
>their minor hockey days, however, I look forward to the next generation
>of PMHA members having a great facility to enjoy and take pride in; and
>as community member; I look forward to taking advantage of what the
>community centre has to offer to all community members.
>This email was sent to you by Mark Leduc<
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Appendix 13 for 6.4.: M Gaudet
Nancy Bozzato
Gaudet, Marc
Thursday, April 21, 2016 3:11 PM
Nancy Bozzato
New Community Centre
Mayor Augustine, Please accept the heartfelt congratulations of my wife Carmelina, my two sons Liam and Lucas, and myself for both you and your Council in championing the much needed Community Centre in the Town of Pelham. We all look forward to being able to participate in physical activities together as a family and with our friends within the community. You will truly be helping to build a “stronger” community. Cheers Marc Gaudet Carmelina D’Angelo Liam Gaudet Lucas Gaudet 1
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Appendix 14 for 6.4.: S Cyopik
Nancy Bozzato
Nancy Bozzato
Monday, April 25, 2016 9:11 AM
Nancy Bozzato
FW: New Community Centre........
From: Santa Cyopik
Date: April 23, 2016 at 10:16:17 AM EDT
To: "[email protected]" <ma[email protected]>, "[email protected]" <[email protected]>,
"[email protected]" <[email protected]>, "[email protected]" <[email protected]>,
"[email protected]" <[email protected]>, "[email protected]" <[email protected]>, "[email protected]"
<[email protected]>
Subject: New Community Centre........
Dear Mayor and Councillors,
I feel I must add my voice to the many comments on
the proposed new community centre. If you've read our local
newspapers (and if you haven't, "shame on you!") there are so many
letters against rushing into such a huge proposal..and I have to say I
agree with them.
In my opinion, anyone who thinks the majority of townspeople are for
this project as it stands are sadly mistaken. However, let's find out for
sure. Put it to a referendum.....simple you agree with
building this project as proposed. No ambiguous questions like "do you
prefer plan A over B" when plan C would get more votes but that option
is not offered (does the Fenwick library project come to mind?). This
will affect our community for years to come, so let's do it right the first
time. In a truly "caring community" we all should get our say.
Santa Cyopik
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Appendix 15 for 6.4.: D Nelson
Nancy Bozzato
Don Nelson
Friday, April 22, 2016 10:32 PM
Nancy Bozzato; MayorDave
Pelham Community Centre
For some time I have been concerned with the Proposed Community Centre, wondering
how Fonthill could afford the development....well, not any longer. At first I questioned much use will it really get? what cost and what increase in taxes?
Let me try to express what answers have affected my position. Most of the information
came from the Director of Finance, C Pupo, who has a finance degree, a related MBA
plus many years of experience in like Senior positions....very much a capable
1. I have been advised that all the sport teams and activities groups have been brought
in to disclose their commitments for the facilities , even having to adapt to non prime
time availabilities due to oversubscription....thus a realistic utilization has been
developed and the facilities adapted to those resulting commitments. This has all been
done by the finance department and have fully reflected this in both incomes and
expenses. In other words, the use of the property is not something hoped for; rather the
facility has been designed for the detailed demand expected.
2. The financing and cash flows have been developed and laid out with a great level of
3. For several years our tax rates have risen at a very modest rate and the financial
burden of the facility will raise taxes by a modest amount, and that amount is expected
to be a level amount.
4. A third(1/3) of the project costs will come from the sale of surplus land; another
third(1/3) from usual Development Charges from Developers. The final third from the
above annual tax amount.
5. I have been impressed by the professional and thorough work of the Director of
Finance, C. Pupo and her staff. As I asked many detailed questions, she made me feel
confident of their thoroughness, professionalism and her having made all the interested
parties develop a serious and thorough position in their use of the facilities. I have been
encouraged by the professionalism of the Finance department and accept their
projections as accurate.
I will support the proposed Community Centre and encourage others to do the same. I
hope this helps give others confidence in the proposals.
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Appendix 16 for 6.4.: A Larochelle
Nancy Bozzato
Thursday, April 21, 2016 5:32 PM
Nancy Bozzato
Pelham Community Centre
To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to show my support for the Pelham Community Centre and congratulate all those involved for their
hard work in making this a reality. The positive aspects are many, it will not only promote physical well being
for our families but will open doors for many new experiences in our community. People of all ages will
benefit from its presence. It is especially important to my family because it will give our Pelham Panthers a
home of our own.
Al Larochelle
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Appendix 17 for 6.4.: C McQueen
Nancy Bozzato
C McQueen
Sunday, April 24, 2016 4:49 PM
Nancy Bozzato; MayorDave; Catherine King; Gary Accursi; John Durley; Marvin Junkin;
Peter Papp; Richard Rybiak
SUPPORT for Pelham Community Centre
I fully support Town Council's decision to build a new community centre and twin pad arena. It is a bold and
visionary decision that will shape this community for generations.
I congratulate the Town for doing a great job to address the financing for this community asset - it will serve
the entire population well and future generations (our kids!).
In case we are unable to attend tomorrow evening, thanks in advance for your vision and courage. I hope may
other busy families take the time to share their emails of support with you before your decision tomorrow
(Monday) night.
Chris, Sherri, Ian
& Elizabeth McQueen
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Appendix 18 for 6.4.: G Belchoir
Pelham Community Centre Public Meeting
April 25, 2016
Having read numerous emails, posts, articles, letters to the editor and spoken with neighbours, other
business owners, family and friends with in Pelham, I am concerned that Council is proceeding with a
larger than needed…. too costly…. and yet unfunded project.
While I fully appreciate the long history of dialogue, the many consultants hired and reports provided
over the years, it seems that this project has been given the “green” light with this current design
without formally asking the tax payers if this is what they want and if they are ready to pay for it.
While I believe the community is in full support of a community centre, I don’t believe the general
Pelham population is aware of how taxes will be affected for the next 30 years. Editorial letters,
questions and comments made at the recent PBA meeting support my belief. The specific wording “for
an average residential assessment, this means an increase of $46.67 for 2016 only (or $3.90 per month)
……. should also read, “and this additional amount every year (that being the $46.67), for the next 30
years, plus any annual budget increases needed for town purposes and potentially additional taxes for
operational costs associated with the Community Centre”.
It seems full disclosure needs to be provided more clearly for the general Pelham population to
understand the financial commitment associated with this current design and funding model. Then we,
the tax payers should be asked, “Is this what we want and are we ready to foot the bill?”
I understand a formal vote entails time, money and properly worded questions and a vote may result in
constructions delays. But closing the barn door after the horses are out is like building the barn not
even knowing you want horses or what the costs of the barn will be to house the horses you don’t even
know you want or can afford.
Please do not misunderstand my intention, I believe we all want a community centre. The question is of
what magnitude and at what cost.
Additionally, I have concerns that the current funding model is one of “built it and money will come”.
Not a financially prudent plan. I, personally, want my Pelham Council to be fiscally responsible in this
regards. I believe this to be true of many Pelham tax payers, especially Pelham seniors on fixed incomes
and with limited financial resources.
Gail Belchoir
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Appendix 19 for 6.4.: G Walton
Nancy Bozzato
Glen Walton
Monday, April 25, 2016 9:24 AM
Nancy Bozzato; Catherine King; Gary Accursi; John Durley; Marvin Junkin; Peter Papp;
Richard Rybiak
Pelham Community Centre
Good morning folks.
I would like to begin by saying I am in full support of our twin pad arena community complex.
I am a father of three young active boys. All three are participants in minor hockey, baseball,
lacrosse and soccer.
As a family we have travelled to more tournaments and small town venues than I can count.
Every small town complex I have been in over those years I have always hoped we would have one
the same.
That possibility of that is coming true and it is through your hard work and commitment to the youth
that makes that possible.
Our seniors are an essential part of our town, and although they may not be in need of the same
athletic facilities as our youth, it goes without saying that all ages require and will flourish as sharing
partners in this facility.
The interaction between youth and seniors, whether in a family environment, or in this case a
neighbourhood environment, benefits both to no end.
I may not be in attendance tonight as I will be at one of , field lacrosse, soccer practice, or at the y
with my third.
Please don't take my absence as a sign I do not care, or that I do not support.
Please take my absence as a father of a young active family who can't wait to stay in town to
Well done to all of you and thank you.
Glen, Curtis, Connor and Caleb.
Sent from my iPhone
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Appendix 20 for 6.4.: C Harley Speaking Notes Revised
Town of Pelham Council
Speaking notes for April 25, 2016 …… 10 minute duration.
Re: New Community Centre
Further research materials needed are being compiled by outside sources and we are still awaiting
Key topics at this time;
Generally the project scope is much larger that the town requires. Why carry such a capital
burden when residents have been and are happy using these programs in much larger adjacent
The general opinion of residents is that they have not been given clear information and that
many statements by the town are inaccurate.
Residents want funding secured and in place before tender to construction. No debenture, No
tax levies.
Based on informal sampling of residents and exit polling done outside the open house at Fire
station the overwhelming concerns of people were that the town is not listening to people and
are manipulating the process. Residents do not want the project to proceed until all funding is in
place, no borrowing, no tax levies.
Concerns with respect to the entire RFP process. Contractor and industry experts agree the
Town RFP document was unclear and that bidders were misled on scope and sequence and that
special consideration and negotiation took place almost as single source. Residents want an
open general tender on the construction phase, pay out the current services and more toward
general tender.
REVISED. After reaching out to the RFP bidders, I have just received written conformation on
what occurred during the RFP tender. These are some of the comments sent to me by bidders I
spoke with;
1. There was a public RFP issued that we reviewed however it wasn’t clear as to what they
were looking for (PM or CM services)
2. An answer we received was they were in fact only looking for an agent to oversee and
provide guidance through the entire project and that it would eventually be tendered...our
interpretation was they were looking for a PM. There was an extreme variance between
proposals received further confirming that people didn’t know what they were providing.
3. It came as some surprise to hear that Ball had been awarded, not on the basis of what we
understood the RFP to be but, as the design-build CM constructor
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Appendix 20 for 6.4.: C Harley Speaking Notes Revised
4. our understanding of the RFP was to secure services of a PM and that the project would
eventually be issued for general tender; this was also confirmed verbally by the developer
Stephen Kaiser in consultation with the Town’s CFO
A delay in moving forward has NO impact on construction. Claims of construction season are
absolutely false. Escalation costs for delay are not probably.
Events of the open house are questioned.
A comment by town officials. The town must approve the project to proceed my May in order to
meet the “Construction season” .
That is a false and misleading statement. 45 years in architectural design and construction
management I served as a senior construction manager on many of Canada’s landmark building
projects, working for the largest mmost recently before retirement on the NRP headquarters in
NF. The project issued as a public general tender. Our bid came in approx 9.4 million under the
next highest bidder. The project broke ground in November and was comprised of very large
complex footings and raft slabs which we poured continuously throughout one of the harshest
winters in recent memory. No impact, no adverse issues.
Public general tender has been the used in government and private capital building projects very
successfully for more than 100 years. A general tender will always deliver the most competitive
price. In the case of the Community Centre project it is very possible that a savings of upward of
3 million dollars can be realized over the current “negotiated” CM delivery.
The original and existing Pelham Arena on Haist Street was a large undertaking in its day. It was
issued as a public general tender and a local general contractor named Shoalts Construction was
the successful low bidder. That facility served the town residents very successfully for many
Closing request
The residents are asking for is;
1. Defer any decision until there is further public consultation.
2. A fair and open process, a process of open general tender with funding in place
before breaking ground.
3. A referendum to properly solicit residents views
4. No building until all funding is in place
5. There is no reason on earth why the building must be built immediately. Nothing
will be lost if delayed.
Curt Harley
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Appendix 1 for 6.5.: Watson & Associates Memorandum - DC Recovery Analysis for PCC
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Cari Pupo - Treasurer/Director of Corporate Services
Gary Scandlan
March 16, 2016
Pelham Community Centre - Potential Development Charge
In follow-up to our recent phone conversation, we have been asked to analyze the amount of
Development Charges (DC) the Town of Pelham can collect for Indoor Recreation Services
with regard to the proposed Community Centre. By way of this memo, we are responding to
that request.
Based on our discussions, you have indicated that the Community Centre (identified in the
2013 Development Charges Background Study) has increased in cost from $32 million to
$36.5 million and is slated to be operational in 2018. Using this information, we have
undertaken a forward forecast of the service standard to measure the potential amount which
can be recovered from development charges over the 2015 – 2039 period. Note that the
service standard calculations are required to determine a “ceiling”, which refers to the
maximum amount of potential DC recovery.
The calculations undertaken are summarized below:
Update service standard for each 5-year by-law period;
Multiply “per capita” standard by expected population forecast for 5-year life of each bylaw to determine maximum DC recoverable for that period; and
Sum each of the calculated amounts and subtract the mandatory 10% deduction.
Note that the 2013 DC study population forecast goes out to approximately 2035. We have
extended that forecast to 2039 as we think it is reasonable given that the Province has
updated the Places to Grow forecast to 2041.
H:\Pelham\Post DC\Memo to Pelham Staff - Re Community Centre DC Recovery.docx
 Demographics, Pupil Forecasting,
Industrial/Commercial Forecasts
 Development/Education
Development Charge Policy
 Land Needs and Market Studies
 Long Range Financial
Planning for Municipalities
 Financial Analysis of
Municipal Restructuring
 Municipal Management
 School Board Planning and
 Servicing Cost Sharing
 Tax Policy Analysis
 Fiscal Impact of Development
 O.M.B. Hearings – Financial,
Market, Demographic
 Waste Management Rate
Setting, Valuation and Planning
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Appendix 1 for 6.5.: Watson & Associates Memorandum - DC Recovery Analysis for PCC
Watson & Associates Economists Ltd.
Page 2.
The calculations noted above are summarized in the following table:
By-law Year
2014 - 2019
2019 - 2024
2024 - 2029
2029 - 2034
2034 - 2039
Service Standard Ceiling Indoor Recreation Facilities
Based on the preceding table, the estimated net development charge recovery for the
community centre is $12.14 million spread over the next five DC By-laws. This recovery is
based on the assumptions that the Town will continue to provide the same level of service
(with the addition of the community centre in 2018) for the forecast period and that the
recoverable DC amounts are used solely for the community centre. As discussed on the
phone, if the financing of the growth component of this facility is provided in a 20-year
debenture, the DC recoveries will be available to make the debt payments. Interest costs
would be in addition to the amounts noted above.
We trust that the foregoing is satisfactory and would be please to discuss further at your
H:\Pelham\Post DC\Memo to Pelham Staff - Re Community Centre DC Recovery.docx
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