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Foundation Newsletter - CarolinaEast Foundation
Foundation Newsletter
Promote health in our region
Support the healthcare community
Assist individuals with healthcare needs
Foundation Staff:
Jill Thompson, Amy Willis, Joni Bass and Reggie Hardamon
Thank You
On cover from left to right:
Dr. Keith Bennert – CarolinaEast Foundation
Board, Chief of Staff – CarolinaEast Health
System, donor, Craven Pathology Fund for
Cancer Patient Treatment
Scott Lindner – Havelock Fire & Rescue
Department, donor
Mr. James Daniels, Jr. – supportive father to
Mandie Daniels, cancer warrior, current patient
assistance recipient, and cancer warrior as well
Dr. Richard Ward – donor, Craven Pathology
Fund for Cancer Patient Treatment
Derrick Miles – Havelock Fire & Rescue
Department, cancer warrior, donor
Mandie Daniels – CarolinaEast Heart Center
employee, cancer warrior, past donor, current
recipient of patient assistance
Lynne Davenport – started the Craven Cancer
Classic, donor, Scott Davenport / Brian Fisher /
John Aylward Cancer Warrior Fund creator
Edward Harper – cancer warrior assisted
through the patient assistance program
Steve Coffey – Havelock Fire & Rescue
Department, Chief of Operations, Havelock Fire &
Rescue Cancer Care Fund creator, donor
Liz Tuttle – wife of Richard Tuttle (Liz holding
Richard’s picture) – who lost his battle to cancer
in 2013. Richard was assisted through the
patient assistance program
Reba Aylward – started the Craven Cancer
Classic, donor, Scott Davenport / Brian Fisher /
John Aylward Cancer Warrior Fund creator
Wendy Fisher – CarolinaEast Foundation Board,
started the Craven Cancer Classic, donor, Scott
Davenport / Brian Fisher / John Aylward Cancer
Warrior Fund creator
David Johnson - Havelock Fire & Rescue
Department, donor
Dylan Quick – cancer warrior, Freshman at New
Bern High School, assisted through the patient
assistance program
Tammy Quick – loving mother to Dylan Quick
David Meredith – Havelock Fire & Rescue
Department, donor
Dawn Peele – Executive Director CarolinaEast
Comprehensive Cancer Center, donor
Matt Bolton – Havelock Fire & Rescue
Department, donor
Ray Leggett – President / CEO CarolinaEast
Health System, donor
It is with great privilege that our daily work is
in service to the people on the cover of this
newsletter. Every year, generous donors
contribute to our efforts to serve the people
of Eastern North Carolina. Regarding cancer
care specifically, this cover picture epitomizes
community love and support. From the awesome
ladies that started the Craven Cancer Classic,
the men and women from the Havelock Fire &
Rescue department that are ‘Brave Enough
to Wear Pink’, and the generous doctors from
Craven Pathology, and not pictured, CarolinaEast
Health System’s Board Chairman, Mr. Norman
Kellum, who started the Kellum Breast Cancer
Awareness and Education Fund; all of these
generous donors are committed to helping
support their neighbors through their cancer
journey. The cancer warriors in this picture are,
simply put, amazing. Their spirit of gratitude and
hope is inspiring to all. Ray Leggett and Dawn
Peele are pictured with the rendering of our
future comprehensive cancer center that will
allow our patients to stay close to home during
their treatment. It is with great excitement that
the Foundation will be working on raising funds
to make this center a reality.
Community Cancer Support…
with great compassion and care.
We are honored to serve you.
Foundation Staff
Jill, Amy, Joni and Reggie
I am proud to continue to serve as chairman of the Foundation Board for so many reasons. The work the Foundation
does strengthens our communities and offers hope and assistance to many organizations and individuals. Our incrediblydevoted and talented volunteer board is committed to the execution of our mission and the stewardship of our donor
dollars with great integrity, compassion and discretion. Without the financial support of our donors, our mission simply
would not be possible. Thank you for your gift to the Foundation and I look forward to another fantastic year.
David Wilkins – Chairman
Foundation Board of Directors and Staff, pictured left to right. Amy Willis - Office Administrator, Rev. John Pierce, Jr., David Wilkins – Chairman, Eric Remington – Vice Chairman, Dr. Curt Frogley
– ADCOM chair, Helmut Weisser, Nelson McDaniel, Dr. Keith Bennert, Jackie Stroud, 2nd row: Jill Thompson – Executive Director, Mickie Stroud – Secretary, Wendy Fisher, Dr. Joe Overby, Jr.,
Andrew MacLaren, Cille Griffith, Jami Turner, Jim Briley, Jr. – Treasurer, Joni Bass – Donor Relations Manager, Reggie Hardamon – Administrative Assistant. Not pictured: Charlton Burns,
Craig Keenhold, Charles Smith and Susan Moffat-Thomas
The CarolinaEast Foundation is fortunate to be governed by a competent board who is committed to making our communities healthier and stronger. Their gift of leadership, time and
resources to this Foundation creates the strength to better serve to our communities.
Board of
Dr. Keith Bennert
Charlton Burns
Wendy Fisher
Vernon DeBolt
Tim Ludwig
Judy Pierce
Lynda Pope
David Wilkins
Eric J. Remington
Mickie Stroud
Jim Briley, Jr.
Dr. Curt Frogley
Cille Griffith
Craig Keenhold
Andrew MacLaren Nelson McDaniel
Susan MoffatThomas
Dr. Joe Overby, Jr. Rev. John Pierce
Charles Smith
Jackie Stroud
The Foundation is thrilled to welcome
our three newest board members:
Jami Turner
Helmut Weisser
Charles Smith, Susan Moffat-Thomas and Craig Keenhold.
Arms of an Angel
The Foundation celebrates the creation of a new named
fund, Arms of an Angel – the Jean M. Remington Senior
Care Fund. CarolinaEast Foundation’s six year board
member, Eric Remington and his wife, Amy, created
October 3, 1931 – July 25, 2014
this fund in memory and love for Eric’s mother. Mrs.
Jean Remington, passed away in 2014 after a long
battle with dementia. Eric is extremely mindful of the
July 25, 2014
challenges placed on caretakers dealing with the elderly
October 3, 1931 – July 25, 2014
as he watched his father navigate the many challenges
of caring for his mother through the last years. The
The rainbow is a sign of God's promise that H
fund was created to provide support for, assist with,
form. In Norse mythology the rainbow, called
and divinity). Beholding a rainbow is a gift. I
and promote the health and welfare of seniors and
their caregivers. The Foundation is extremely grateful
to both Eric and Amy, for the creation of the fund, and
also Eric’s father, Mr. James Remington, who quickly
Rainbow – July 25, 2014
Double RainbowDouble
– July
25, 2014
matched Eric’s gift of $20,000 to allow the fund’s
by Laura
Nell Powers,
Jean's Granddaughters
– Julyone
25, of
The rainbowby
is a sign
of God's promise
will guide
He will
see us through all our troubles, no matter what their
of that
beginning balance to be 40,000. Many seniors and Photographed
form. In Norse mythology the rainbow, called the Bifrost, signifies the bridge between Midgard (the mortal world) and Asgard (the world of the gods
The rainbow
us through
their what their
The rainbow is a sign of God's promise
and is
a rainbow
a will
gift. Iguide
of letting
us know
in Heaven.
their caretakers in our local communities will benefit
form. In Norse mythology the rainbow, called the Bifrost, signifies the bridge between Midgard (the mortal world) and Asgard (the world of the gods
form. In Norse mythology the rainbow,
the Bifrost,
the bridge
world of the god
and divinity).
a rainbowsignifies
is a gift. I believe
this double
rainbow was
God's way (the
of letting
us know
that my and
Mom had
in Heaven.
from the Remington’s generosity.
you to
all of thea rainbow is a gift. I believe this double rainbow was God's way of letting us know that my Mom had arrived in Heaven.
Remington’s for this support.
Jean Jensen Remington
Breakfast with Santa
CarolinaEast Pediatrics
BSH Home Appliances
Danis Construction
Champ & ET Mitchell
Wells Fargo Private Bank
CarolinaEast Health System
Ward and Smith, P.A.
Denny Murdock Photography
Beasley Broadcasting
Sun Journal
CarolinaEast Health System
Rodgers Builders
Williams Scarborough Smith Gray LLP
Bruin Builders LLC
RPA Design
American Anesthesiology
James C. Briley, Jr., CPA
Coastal Children’s Clinic
Craven Pathology Associates
Horizon Health
Leach Wallace Associates
Stubbs & Perdue
Helmut & Carmen Weisser
Frogley Chiropractic Center
Ray Properties
Aiken Moser Wealth Management Group/
Wells Fargo Advisors
Coldwell Banker Willis-Smith Company
Eagle Hospital Physicians
Emergency Medicine Physicians
Fisher Fuel Markets
Greg Bernhardt Insurance
Bob & Carol Mattocks
Daniel Miller Family
New Bern Breakfast Rotary
Palmetto Design Interiors
Dr. Rebecca Saenz
Dr. T. Reed & Alice Underhill
Dr. Jayne Kendall
New Bern Noon Rotary
TRICOM Communications
Women Evolving Beyond Sorrow (WEBS)
A.G. Salem & Associates, PLLC
Alfred Williams
Armstrong McGuire & Associates
Athlete’s Foot
Michael Bass – Edward Jones Investments
Blue Arbor
Epiphany School of Global Studies
Lloyd & Cille Griffith
Dr. & Mrs. Chris Hudson
Kellum Law Firm
Dr. Kai Miao
New Bern Chiropractic Care
Potash Corp.
The Chelsea
Jill & Dean Thompson
Tom Southern Financial Services
Donald R. Whitley DDS
McCullouch England Architects
BSH Home Appliances
Cynthia Bach
Mary Bernatitus
BBH Design
Bruin Builders, LLC
Dr. & Mrs. S. Joseph Buff
Coca Cola Bottling Co.
David Hinson
J.M. Hodges, D.D.S.
Dr. & Mrs. Chris Hudson
Ray & Karen Leggett
Tim Ludwig
Bruce Martin
Dr. & Mrs. Ron May
Lori Meads
Susan Moffat-Thomas
Kenneth E. Morris, Jr.
Charles & Marsha Parker
Dawn & Charles Peele
Dr. Todd H. Rankin & Dr. Leonard Fiume
Segal Family Charities
Tammy Sherron
Mickie Stroud
Cynthia Turco
David Williams
A Holiday Tradition
Our hope with Breakfast with Santa has always been to create a
one-of-a-kind experience that keeps families coming back year after
year. More than half of our families each year have been attending
for several years. One such family is the Clark family. Mary and Peter
have been attending with their 11-year old daughter, Sam, since
December 2005. Sam was 16 months old the first time she attended.
We recently asked the family what brings them back each year. Sam’s
mom, Mary, said “As soon as we walk in, it feels like Christmas. Like
you entered a fairy tale world. Everything is so magical and special –
from the “elves” to Santa himself.” Daughter Sam added “Of course,
I like seeing Santa but that is what everyone would say. My favorite is
the kids only store. I get to purchase gifts for my family and of course,
for myself too.” Sam says she will continue to go every year and is
looking forward to volunteering in the near future. We look forward to
having you as a Breakfast with Santa volunteer, Sam!
Armstrong Grocery
Branch’s of New Bern
Coca-Cola Bottling Group
Craven Co. Extension & Community Assoc.
Dunkin Donuts
Harris Teeter
Lowe’s of New Bern
Denny Murdock Photography
Caroline & Michael Norwood
Pirates & Pixies Toy Stores
A special thanks to all our dedicated
volunteers who every year help the
Foundation put this special festive event
Samantha Clark
with Santa in 2005
Samantha Clark and her mom, Mary,
at the Christmas Crafts station in 2010
CarolinaEast employees, Foundation board
members, family and friends who help us
plan, set up and work the various stations.
Our photographer, Denny Murdock, Michael
& Caroline Norwood & Family for the
awesome bead making station and Pirates
& Pixies Toy Store for supplying our “Under
the Tree” kids only gift shop. Epiphany
School of Global Studies students, who
made gingerbread houses for each table in
the dining room and assisted with attendees
along with the New Bern High School Junior
Civitans students and West Craven National
Honor Society members who helped out at
the various stations.
The Craven County Extension’s Sewing Guild
made special handcrafted ornaments for
each child to take home.
Lowe’s of New Bern and Branch’s Furniture
And a very special thank you to Santa and
Mrs. Claus!
2016 Breakfast with Santa is December 3
Samantha Clark with Santa in 2014
The Magic Behind Breakfast with Santa
One of our very favorite Christmas songs here at the Foundation is Josh
Groban’s “Believe” from the movie Polar Express. Maybe it’s because of the
Polar Express station we added a few years ago. Or maybe it’s our favorite
because it’s a meaningful song that seems to capture the magic and spirit
of the Foundation’s signature event, “Breakfast with Santa” perfectly.
Some of Breakfast with Santa Amazing Volunteers
Children sleeping, snow is softly falling
Dreams are calling like bells in the distance
We were dreamers not so long ago
But one by one we all had to grow up…..
Although as we grow older we may stop believing in a lot of things that make
Christmas special, for so many of us, Christmastime becomes magical
again. Countless hours have been spent planning, organizing and creating
the magic of Breakfast with Santa. Well over 100 volunteers help us with
preparation for this event that begins months in advance. Putting this event
on without these volunteers is impossible. From making an ornament for
each child to take home, to decorating gingerbread houses for the tables, to
filling the reindeer food bags and hot chocolate bags, to the assembly of the
“Polar Express” train, to the volunteers willing to come in at 5:00 am on a
Saturday to help finish set-up before the first guests arrive at 8:00.
Let’s not forget Santa and Mrs. Claus! They take time out of their very hectic
schedule at the North Pole to come to this event each and every year. We
have volunteers who sit for hours at the registration tables, bead making
tables, and cookie decorating tables, volunteers that play Christmas music
on the piano for hours without taking a break as well as volunteers that help
ensure that Santa writes personal letters to each child that writes him during
the event. We could fill this entire page with a list of all that goes into this
fun event. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful, dedicated group
of volunteers.
“But one by one we all had to grow up.” On this one day, we don’t have
to. On this one day, we can share the magic with our children and we can
“BELIEVE” again.
Beadmaking Volunteer
Beadmaking Volunteers
Gift Shop Volunteers
Polar Express Volunteers
Registration Volunteers
Christmas Music Volunteer
Registration Volunteers
Storytime with Mrs. Claus
2015 Craven Cancer Classic Golf Tournament
Fisher Fuel Markets
2015 Craven Cancer Classic
Golf Tournament
The Craven Cancer Classic Golf Tournament was first held in 2010 to remember and
honor Scott Davenport, Brian Fisher, John Aylward and all those battling cancer. The
proceeds go to support the Scott Davenport / Brian Fisher / John Aylward Cancer Warrior
Fund that assists patients with cancer care-related costs. Since 2010, the Craven Cancer
Classic has raised more than $150,000.
CarolinaEast Health System
Unfortunately, it seems we hear almost daily that someone we know or love is battling a
CCHC / New Bern Cancer Care
form of cancer. To date, this fund has helped over 230 patients in our local communities
Danis Construction Co.
Sports Connection
with gas cards for transportation, prescriptions, medical equipment, nutritional
supplements, and other items needed when going through cancer treatments. 100% of
all net profits from the golf tournament go directly to benefit patients and their families
to help with their financial challenges. Please read below about one such patient that was
helped with the funds raised from the Craven Cancer Classic Golf Tournament.
Denny Colbert
Each patient we’ve assisted has their
Dr. Curt & Marti Mostellar
own courageous story. This is Darryl’s
Family of L. Ashley Stroud, M.D.
Dr. Darryl Bryant, Sr. is from New
Bern, NC and is married with six
Wells Fargo
Darryl is a licensed and ordained
He has a Doctorate in Theology
Kiddie Kollege
Christian Minister and Christian Author.
and Biblical Doctrines as well as a
Ida Bryant with her husband, Darryl Bryant on graduation day at
Miller Motte College. Darryl earned the honor of valedictorian of
his class.
Doctorate of Ministry in Christian
Counseling. In 2002, after many life
God calling him to start a ministry “Treasure in the Wilderness Ministries”. Darryl has
written six books and published one to help with his ministry. “I give thanks to God for His
plans and thoughts for my life, to be a vessel to touch the hearts of others,” said Darryl.
Darryl is also recent graduate from Miller-Motte College in Jacksonville where he recently
Cella Ford
completed his AAS degree in Management in April, 2015. Two weeks prior to completing
Coastal Beverage
his management degree, Darryl began feeling ill. He was found to have cancer in both
Coca Cola Consolidated
Minges Bottling Group
R.A. Jeffreys
Robinson & Stith Insurance
Trent Cadillac
Frito Lay
Lance / Snyder
Little Debbies
Southco Distributing Company
lungs, liver, left and right pelvic areas, and lower abdomen. “I was shocked and felt
overwhelmed by the diagnosis. My wife was upset also but realized she had to stay calm
for me. She reminded me that we would get through this because of God’s promises.
I still have work to complete,” says Darryl.
Darryl and his wife, Ida, prayed about his illness and felt led to contact the Cancer
Treatment Centers of America in Newnan, Ga. Darryl is presently traveling from New
Bern to Newnan, Ga., for treatments a couple of times a month. Ida formed a team that
consists of Darryl’s sister and nephew that would take turns traveling with him to Georgia
for his treatments. This has allowed Ida to stay in New Bern and continue to work.
We first met Darryl two months after his diagnosis. Ida was working as a medical coder
at the hospital and had heard the Foundation assisted patients in need with medical
expenses. Since Darryl was unable to work, they knew they needed help
with travel expenses. Ida informed Darryl of the Foundation and the Patient
Assistance Program.
“The Foundation staff has been a blessing to me and my family. They
helped with support for hotel stays and meals, which eased a great financial
burden, especially since I am unable to work. The staff has always greeted
me with a warm smile and encouraging words,” said Darryl.
“To any person facing cancer, I would like to encourage them to build a
personal relationship with Jesus Christ, if they do not already have one,”
said Darryl. “Also, maintain a positive attitude, build a support team that
will encourage you, and find out what resources are available in your
community to help you.”
Darryl is just completing his fifteenth chemo treatment. He will then be
rescanned to see if the chemo treatment has shrunk the cancer or put it
2015 Craven Cancer Classic Winning Team: (left to right)
Michael Parrish, Travis Moser, Brent Mizelle, and Kenny Morris.
Balloons lined the putting
green, reminding everyone just
how many lives are affected by
this terrible disease.
into remission. In the meantime, Darryl continues to lead discipleship training at the Golden Corral in New Bern on the second Saturday at 8 am each
month, where Darryl teaches from one of the books he has written, “Discipleship Boot Camp for the Kingdom of God training manual.”
Gifts were made to the 2015 Craven Cancer Classic in honor/memory of the following:
Michele Amos
Hovey Aiken, Jr.
Michael Amos
Michael P. Anderson
Bob Armstrong
Teresa Arthur
Joanne Ashton
John Aylward
Becky Badger
Dr. John Baggett III
Sara Bailey
Kenneth J. Baye
Billy Benners
Jan Brinson Davis
Tom Brinson
Sean Bunn
Ruth Butler
Sandy Carawan
Rick Carter
Ron Casey
Willie Causey
Edie Causey
Jackson Causey
Martha Chamberlain
Steve Cobb
Carolyn Colbert
Margaret Colbert
Mark Cooper
Lila Cotten
Jane Cox
Barbara Crawford
Reggie Daugherty
Barbara Daugherty
Scott Davenport
PW Davenport
Jackie Donnelly
Cecil Eason
Allyson Eborn
Mark Faggan
Billy Faulkenberry
Brian Fisher
John Frost
Monk Fulcher
Rilma Gardner
Stevan Greenwood
Sue Gupton
Jayne Gutierrez
Marianne Gutierrez
John Hall
Sherry Hall
Tom Hancock
Scott Hardison
Beth Hicks
Carol Hill
Steve Hoard DDS
Steve Holloway
Richard W. Hudson, Jr.
Ashlea Humphries
Debbie Hunt
Husbands of WEBS
In Honor of all
Who Battle Cancer
Karen Johnson
Linda Kampitch
Jonathon King
Kathy Kuziw
Milton F. Legg
Bo Lichty
Joan Limpach
Ann Little
Laura Lorek
Carolyn Willey Lovette
Gerald Luneburg
Beverly Lupton
Abdul Malik
Charles Mason
Don Mattocks
Lillian Michael
Susan Michael
Wilbur Michael, Jr.
Deborah Miller
Melony Mills
Frank Miriello
Aubrey Lee Mizelle
Firth Monte
Ann Moody
Bryan Morton
Ray Moser
Amy Muse
David Muse
Keith Myers
Susan Outlaw
David Page
Caroline Palmeter
“Paw Paw”
Natalie Peterson
Jack Peterson
Ruthanne Rhem
Susie Rhodes
Gay V. Rice
David Rohrbach
David Rowe
Bruce Sanders
Isabella Santos
Pam Schmid
Ranae Seay
Elizabeth Seymore
Jen Sheldon
Sandy Slaughter
George Slaughter
James Smith
Leslie Smith
Michael Peterson Smith
Dan Stallings
Karen Hudson Stanley
Henry Stilley, Sr.
Tiny Stilley
Ike Strawbridge
Nancy Strawbridge
Ashley Stroud
Faye Swickard
Rip Taggart
Ed Talley
Zach Taylor
Brian Twiddy
Phil Urick
Cathy Warren
Greg Warren
Tanner Webb
Carl Wellington
Julie West
Wheatley Family
John R. Wheatley
Kenneth Williams
Bill Winfield
2016 Craven Cancer Classic is October 21
Patient Assistance Program
We often receive touching letters of thanks from patients and their families. We would like to share a few of these.
Dear CarolinaEast Foundation,
My apologies for not communicating with you since last fall. My world turned upside down shortly after our last
interaction. My wife, Diane passed away and it has been a difficult journey since then. I thought care giving was hard but
loss is even more challenging. I want you to know how wonderful and refreshing it was to find you and the CarolinaEast
Foundation. The real beauty of your program is it is not only available to a small portion of the population but available
to almost everyone who needs help. We were challenged, overwhelmed, and felt like it wasn’t worth trying to seek help
anymore because we did not qualify…. then I found you! I would like to offer our sincere appreciation for your help and
generosity. I cannot express how much of a difference the Foundation and it’s donors made in our efforts to battle with one
of the most devastating diseases in the world. Not to mention your personal compassion that I could honestly sense each
time I spoke with you. I continue to have financial burdens associated with Diane’s illness. However, if I find myself in a
better position I would like for you to know that people like you and the Foundation have inspired me to give back so others
can be helped. I pray for a way for that to happen soon. I love my wife very much and I love you for extending your love
and generosity to her too! Diane and I truly appreciate your support….it will not be forgotten. God Bless.
Sincerely, Jason Hunt
Diane Hunt with great nephew, Ayden
Dear CarolinaEast Foundation,
Thank you so very much for the $50.00 gift card. It helped a lot with gas for my first visit to the oncology appointment. I appreciate your help
and especially your prayers. I have a long battle ahead of me, but with God’s help and the support of my family and friends I will press on
to a successful outcome, I hope. Continue to remember me and my family and all others going thru this terrible disease in your prayers.
Thank you again for the gift.
Dear CarolinaEast Foundation,
I want to thank you so much for the gas cards; it was a big help. I am doing much better. You cannot tell that I ever had a strok e. Thank you for caring.
I pray the Lord will Bless you for Blessing me.
Dear CarolinaEast Foundation,
Thank you so much for helping me transition home by providing me with a nurse aide for three days. She helped me so much and
was a blessing to me.
Sincerely, Jacqueline
Dear CarolinaEast Foundation,
Thanks to all of your donors for helping us with our medical supplies. Your help is so appreciated!
Love, Ruth
Dear CarolinaEast Foundation,
Thank you for your generous gift to Camp Seafarer and the Anchoring the Family Weekend. You cannot imagine what this weekend means to us.
We appreciate the time and gift you have given us! Thank you!
The Foundation’s patient assistance program offers direct support
to local patients by addressing needs not typically covered through
insurance or charity care. These are everyday living needs such as
gas cards for transportation to appointments, prescription medication
assistance, Lifelines, wheelchair ramps and many other medically
necessary items. This program offers support that eases the burdens
of dealing with being sick or injured. It is an privilege to serve these
patients on a daily basis, helping them have an easier journey.
The CarolinaEast Foundation Proudly Supports Many Local
Healthcare Related Non-profit Organizations
CYCLE TOTALING $112,500.00
BACKPACK BLESSINGS - Summer Feeding Program
CAMP SEA GULL / SEAFARER Camp weekend for families living with & surviving cancer
CARTERET CO. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROGRAM Medical care & medications for sheltered victims of domestic violence
TOTALING $107,986.00
CATHOLIC CHARITIES - Senior Pharmacy Program
COASTAL WOMEN’S SHELTER - Kid’s Club and Mom’s Empowerment
COASTAL COALITION FOR SUBSTANCE ABUSE PREVENTION Awareness program on the dangers of prescription drug misuse
CRAVEN CO. HEALTH DEPT. FOUNDATION Prostate Cancer Screening and Education Program
Creekside Park for 2-5 year olds and children with special needs
CRAVEN SMART START Healthy play equip. & training for local childcare providers
FOOD BANK OF CENTRAL & EASTERN NORTH CAROLINA Healthy Meals for Healthy Kids program
HOPE CLINIC - Medical & dental care for indigent adults in Pamlico
GENTLE YOGA - Gentle Yoga for People Living with Cancer
MILE OF HOPE FOUNDATION - Event filled weekend escape for
children, and their families, facing cancer.
HEARTWORKS - Safe Start Academy, Sun Safety Project
CAROLINAEAST HEALTH SYSTEM Support patients affected by & suffering from the loss of a child
MERCI CLINIC - Phone System Replacement
PRETTY IN PINK FOUNDATION Breast Cancer: Bridging the Gap for Uninsured and Underinsured
REVIVING LIVES MINISTRIES Faith-Based 12-Step Residential Recovery
PROMISE PLACE - Trauma-focused therapy and childhood sexual
assault prevention education
news and information to persons with visual impairments
REACH OUT AND READ CAROLINAS - Reach Out and Read program
at CarolinaEast Pediatrics & Coastal Children’s Clinic
RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY SERVICES Medically Related Expense Assistance Program
TWIN RIVERS YMCA - 3rd and 4th Grade Water Safety Program
VETERAN’S ORGANIC GARDEN Veterans Employment Base Camp and Organic Garden
The CarolinaEast Foundation has two grant cycles a year.
Grant Applications – available online at
Spring Deadline: March 18
Fall Deadline: October 7
CarolinaEast Health System
Horizon Health
Coastal Radiology Associates,
Danis Construction
Champ & ET Mitchell
(in honor of Dr. Michael
Fujimagari & Dr. Griffith Steel)
Rodgers Builders
Sodexo Health Care
BSH Home Appliances
Dr. Tom & Pam Burkart
Craven Community College
Dr. Chris & Nell Hudson
Joseph Osenni
Dr. Angela Park
Dr. & Mrs. John Robertson
Singleton Vision Center
Family of L. Ashley Stroud, M.D.
Team Health
Sun Journal
Beasley Media Group
Dr. and Mrs. S. Joseph Buff
Carolina Orthopedics &
Sports Medicine
CenturyLink Business
Eagle Hospital Physicians
Emergency Medicine
Frogley Chiropractic
Fuel Market
Kellum Law Firm
Dr. May Mokbelpur
Gregory Poole Equipment
Potash Corp
Stubbs & Perdue
Sumrell Sugg
Dr. T. Reed and Alice Underhill
Dr. Kenneth and Dru Wilkins
A Dog’s Dream
American Anesthesiology
BCE Technology
Coastal Eye Clinic
Dr. Roy Everett
First Choice Benefits
Gibbs Dentistry
Dr. O. Drew Grice
Drs. Paul & Anne Healy
Dr. Jayne Kendall
Dr. & Mrs. John McQuade
Dr. Kai Miao
Kenneth & Linda Morris
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Newell
Dr. Patty Ohrum-Bergmueller
Tammy & Scott Sherron
Charles & Sarah Smith
Dean & Jill Thompson
to the following businesses /
individuals who donated
tickets so that a special nurse
could attend.
Charles & Lisa Edwards
Dr. Bob Fisher
Interactive Medical Systems
G. Raymond Leggett III
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Overby, Jr.
Dr. John Ayers, Jr.
Cindy & Wayne Bach
Jeff & Donna Bashford
Drs. Keith Bennert and
Elizabeth Benson
Joanne Boyle
Dr. Tom & Pamela Burkart
CarolinaEast Medical Center
The Chelsea Restaurant
Craven Pathology Associates
Danis Construction
Dr. Andrew Davidson
James Davis
Dr. Piotr Dumicz
Frogley Chiropractic
Dr. & Mrs. O. Drew Grice
Claire Hageman
Drs. Paul & Anne Healy
Dr. James Hodges, Jr.
Horizon Health
Dr. & Mrs. Chris Hudson
Dr. John Gould
Terry Jackson
Tim Ludwig
Bruce Martin
Dr. Ronald May
Lori Meads
Dr. R. Bart Newell, Jr.
Dr. Patty Ohrum-Bergmueller
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Remington
Cindy Turco
Dr. Harold Vandersea
Hageman Nursing
Appreciation Dinner
Left to right: David Wilkins, Chairman of the Board with the 2015 Joseph Hageman Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Recipients: Chris Grimm, Shawna Knight, Charlotte Finn, Deanna Macintosh, Chelsie Mattox, Naomi Clark, Susannah
Laprairie, Chelsea Huggins, Laura Hutchins, and President and CEO of CarolinaEast Health System, Ray Leggett.
Joseph Hageman Memorial
Nursing Scholarships
Total awarded each year
Total awarded since 2007:
34 Scholarships
1 award
1 award
2016 Nursing Appreciation Dinner is May 25
A Gift to This Community; This Country
Truc was an early Hageman scholarship recipient as she was
pursuing her BSN at ECU. CarolinaEast Medical Center has had the
good fortune of employing Truc since March of 2014. Truc has a
wonderful story that all Americans can be proud of and learn from.
Truc was born, raised and graduated high school in Vietnam. She
was inspired to become a nurse after living with the lack of care
offered to her grandfather in Vietnam who suffered with cancer.
She struggled watching the painful process with no palliative care offered in Vietnam
and was inspired to become a nurse to help care for the terminally ill. She is currently a
nurse on CarolinaEast’s oncology unit and is honored to help the patients and families of
that unit. She is married and is expecting her second child in the Spring. An advanced
nursing degree is her next step. Truc is the perfect example to all future scholars of
making a difference in this world. Thank you, Truc, for your service to CarolinaEast.
2015 CarolinaEast Health System Employee Campaign
Almost 50% of the workforce at CarolinaEast gave of their time and
dollars during this two week campaign with a record breaking total of
302,099.56. One hundred percent of those dollars are dedicated to
directly serving the healthcare needs of the local communities in eastern
North Carolina. This year’s theme consisted of more than 30 teams
throughout the organization performing random acts of kindness in the
community over the two week period. These acts ranged from standing
at stoplights with uplifting signs, hiding one dollar bills in the toy section
of the local dollar stores, donating food to RCS, delivering cookies to
the local fire departments, bringing flowers to the local nursing homes
and many other challenges. With each team challenge completed, the
following card was left behind.
2016 Employee Campaign is Sept. 12-26
Christine Arnold
Lois Balance
Mary Bob Barrow
Diana Bennett
Laurie Bennett
David Besanko
Debbie Britt
Jennifer Broadway
Kitty Bryan
Pam Burkett
Ann Byrd
Adriane Cox
Gerald Cox
Eileen Daley
Barbara DeLong
Michelle Demery
Robin Doughty
Jodi Edwards
Laurie Ellsworth
Pamela Evans
Pat Fernandez
Cathy Fisher
Kelly Forrest
Krista Fries
Janice Furman
Frances Giummule
Nikki Gonzalez
Cynthia Griffin
Jane Grubb
Barbara Hall
Roberta Hand
Joshua Hardee
Ileta Heery
John Hodges
Theresa Horton
Melinda Houston
Vivian Howard
Richard Hughes
Linda Ipock
Monica Jacobs
Dawn Jenkins
Hardy Jones
Veronica Jones
Kaitlyn Kelly
Shawna Knight
Angela Lee
Rebecca Long
Angela Lupton
Pam Madsen
Lynn Maletzky
Natisha McCarter
Megan McGarvey
Jeanette Milks
Judy Morris
Gina Nelson
Sandra Norman
Randi Osiecki
Judy Pierce
Leslie Pittman
Jane Plant
Lynda Pope
Brandy Popp
Adronica Raynor
Dena Riley
Debra Rogers
Donna Russell
Amanda Sawyer
Ashley Sawyer
Flo Sawyer
Andrew Scott
Elizabeth Seeger
Arnie Smalldridge
Kara Smith
Jane Sobotor
Tiffany Sparrow
Henry Steinman
Jane Swinson
Sami Taglieri
Ginger Thomas
Casey Toler
Saundra Toler
Pamela Townsend
Pam Vanover
Patricia Voliva
Margo Waters
Thelma West
Tiffany Wilson
A Dog’s Dream
A-1 Fire & Safety
Accidental Artist
Amazing Nails
The Athletes’s Foot
Amos Mosquitos Restaurant
C.A. & Darlene Boyd
Baker’s Kitchen
Baldree’s Tire, Inc.
Michael Bass/Edward Jones
Bear Town Market
Bear Essentials
Beaufort Charter Boats
Beer Army Burger Company
Blue Grass Vacation Points
Bradford Creek Public Golf Course
Bridge Pointe Hotel & Marina
Capital Builders & Developers
Carolina Bagel
CarolinaEast CVIMC and CVICU
CarolinaEast Cardio Pulmonary Services
CarolinaEast Diagnostic Center
CarolinaEast Finance/Accounting/RAC
CarolinaEast Food & Nutrition
CarolinaEast Foundation
CarolinaEast Health Information Services
CarolinaEast Health System
CarolinaEast Intensive Care Unit
CarolinaEast Internal Medicine Havelock
CarolinaEast Internal Medicine New Bern
CarolinaEast Internal Medicine Pollocksville’s
Physicians & Staff
CarolinaEast IS Department
CarolinaEast Neuro
CarolinaEast Operative & Anesthesia Services
CarolinaEast Outpatient Services
CarolinaEast Pediatrics
CarolinaEast Pharmacy Department
CarolinaEast Physicians & Insurance and Billing
CarolinaEast Public Relations & Admin
CarolinaEast Rehab & Cardiopulmonary Rehab
CarolinaEast Resource Department
CarolinaEast Urology
Charlotte Speedway
Chelsea Restaurant
Joseph Cohen, M.D.
Courts Plus
Courtyard by Marriott New Bern
Christoph’s on the Water
East Carolina University Athletic Department
Famous Subs & Pizza
Fisher Stores/Fisher Oil Company
Friday’s 1890 Seafood / Annabelle’s Restaurant
Funky Monkee
Golden Corral Steak House
Hampton Inn
Hardison Tire Company
Hearne’s Fine Jewelry
Cliff & Ginger Holland
Joe Alcoke Auto & Truck Center
Lawson’s Landing Cafe
Marc Jessup Insurance
Mayo’s Seafood Restaurant
Meadows Inn – Pollock Street
Merchants Grocery Company
Mitchell Hardware
Moores BBQ
Morgan’s Tavern & Grill
My Eye Dr
New Bern Breakfast Rotary
New Bern Civic Theatre
New Bern Family Eye Care
New Bern Tours
North Carolina Aquarium
Outback Steakhouse
Paula’s Pizza
Reflections Gift Shop
Pecheles Honda
Rock 105.5
Schlotzsky’s Deli
Smithfield’s Chicken N Bar-B-Q
Smash Studios and Fitness
Sound of Freedom Golf Course
Sound Side Restaurant
SpringHill Suites-New Bern
Sting Ray Café
The Emerald Golf Course
The Flame Banquet Center
The UPS Store
Thea’s Ideas
Trent Cadillac Buick GMC
Tryon Palace Historic Sites & Gardens
Twin Rivers YMCA
Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company
Wine & Design
Has a doctor made a difference in your life or in the life of someone you love?
To honor a doctor now or for Doctors’ Day on March 30th, please use the enclosed envelope
or go online A special note of appreciation will be sent.
2015 National Doctors’ Day
Dr. John P. Arrowood, Jr.*
Dr. Bart S. Arthur
Dr. John C. Ayers
Dr. Harry H. Ballard
Dr. Lisa E. Banker*
Dr. Millard F. Banker IV
Dr. Brian J. Battersby, Jr.*
Dr. Neil C. Bender*
Dr. Keith W. Bennert*
Dr. Elizabeth Benson*
Dr. William H. Bobbitt III*
Dr. Christine G. Bounous*
Dr. E. Phillip Bounous, Jr.*
Dr. Thomas E. Burkart*
Doctors of CarolinaEast & Staff
Dr. Michael C. Casciello
Dr. J. Kenneth Chance*
Dr. John M. Cho
Dr. Andrew Davidson
Dr. Michael L. Davis*
Dr. Thomas P. Davis
Dr. Martin C. DeGraw*
Dr. G. Mark Doyle*
Dr. Piotr Dumicz*
Dr. Roy N. Everett*
Dr. Robert J. Fisher*
Dr. Andre D. Frederick
Dr. Curt Frogley
Dr. Wood Gibbs
Dr. Brent Gill
Dr. Charles D. Godwin*
Dr. John J. Gould
Dr. Richard F. Gorman, Jr.
Dr. Gregory G. Gunsten
Dr. Michael E. Halligan
Dr. Helen Harmon
Dr. Anne V. Healy*
Dr. Joseph S. Healy
Dr. Mark C. Held
All of the Hospitalists
Dr. Christopher J. Hudson*
Dr Daniela T. Ivanova
Dr. Svetlana S. Kats*
Jody L. King, PAC
Dr. Ronald Lather
Dr. William P. Lorio*
Dr. Michael Mahoney
Dr. Jennie C. Mangun
Dr. James J. Manley
Dr. Dennis K. Martin
Dr. Ronald B. May*
Dr. David B. Maybee
Laura T. McDaniel, PT
Dr. John F. McQuade III
Rebecca J. Mercer, PAC
Dr. Kai Miao
Dr. Melinda B. Michelson
Dr. G. Radford Moeller
Dr. May Mokbelpur
Dr. Leann D. Moore
Dr. Richard E. Morgan
Dr. Andrew M, Mylander
Dr. Todd Nelson
Dr. Robert Bart Newell
Dr. Joseph R. Overby, Jr.*
Doctors of Pamlico Medical Center
Dr. Angela M. Park*
Dr. Daniel E. Paul
Dr. Jennifer A. Ratley
Dr. Nathan A. Saucier
Dr. Michele L. Scott
Dr. Wright D. Shields
Dr. Lee Ann B. Skladan
Dr. J. Matthew Smith
Dr. Sarah E. Smith
Shannon Sparks, PA
Dr. Steve Stelma & Staff
Dr. Alan C. Stimson
Dr. Andrea L. Terry
Dr. Richard M. Ward
Dr. Kristin Warner & nurse staff
Dr. Edwin B. Watkins, Jr.*
Dr. Mark Wertman
Dr. Robert B. Whitmore III
Dr. Kenneth W. Wilkins, Jr.*
Dr. John A. Williams III*
Dr. Craig Zavelo*
Dr. Hovey E. Aiken, Jr.
Dr. John Baggett
Dr. Brian Edson*
Dr. Carl Hiller
Dr. Dale T. Millns
Dr. L. Ashley Stroud*
Dr. John C. Tayloe, Jr.
*Indicates Multiple Gifts Received
Thank you for bestowing a tremendous honor on our physicians.
A Family Affair – David and Bonnie Wilkins
Ever since it began over 10 years ago,
one or more of our family has participated
in the annual Neuse River Bridge Run
event. We have always been impressed
by this event and how it seemed to
capture everything that is great about our
community. Similarly, the 2014 event will
be one that we will remember for years
to come as it had, for our family, a very
“special meaning.”
An amazing thing about the Bridge Run is
that it is not just another race event, or a Stephen Wilkins – 2014 Bridge Run
fundraiser, or community celebration.
It is all of these and so much more.
The Neuse River Bridge Run benefits eight great organizations who each
contribute to the event’s success through contributions of time and talent
during planning for and the execution of the race:
The Neuse River Bridge Run continues to benefit eight great organizations
who each contribute to the event’s success through contributions of time and
talent during planning for and the execution of the race:
• CarolinaEast
Foundation • Craven Arts Council • Craven Community College
Foundation • Mediation Center of Eastern Carolina • MERCI Clinic
• Promise
Place • Religious Community Services • Twin Rivers YMCA
And, the Neuse River Bridge Run benefits the local New Bern economy,
largely due to the number of participants who travel to run. Almost one third
of the racers during the past several years have traveled more than two hours
to race. With early start times, these participants and their supporters often
choose to spend at least one night in New Bern. Additionally, we have another
20-30% who drive in for a day trip which often leads to time after the event
spent in our inviting downtown shops and restaurants.
While all of this is great, what we will remember most about the event is
that for the first time, our entire family (all six of us) ran together. On a
perfect Saturday morning, as we listened to Dr. Joseph Overby play the Star
Spangled Banner on his trumpet, and watched the American Flag, hanging
from the extended ladder of the New Bern fire department truck, flap in the
breeze, we wished that time would stop as we looked across the large crowd
of runners, many friends, and our family. We all stood there together, for one
purpose. This is why we love our community!
The commitment to grow and improve the event, along with the excellent race
routes, wonderful volunteer support, and ideal race day weather, positions the
Neuse River Bridge Run to experience continued success.
David and Bonnie Wilkins
Cumulative Donors
$100,000 AND ABOVE
CarolinaEast Health System
Duke Endowment
Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust
Team Hatteras
Wendy Fisher
$50,000 - $99,999
Mr. & Mrs. Hovey E. Aiken III
BSH Home Appliances, L.P.
Kenneth Morris Insurance
Margaret R. Stancil Trust
$25,000 - $49,999
Leon G. Alexander Family
Dr. & Mrs. Harry Ballard
Dr. & Mrs. Victor W. Bustard
Carocraft Cabinets Inc.
CarolinaEast Health System Auxillary
Coastal Carolina Health Care, PA
Craven Pathology Associates
Dr. Andrew Davidson
Fisher Stores/Fisher Oil Company
Havelock Fire & Rescue
Ileta Heery
Mr. & Mrs. Norman B. Kellum, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. G. Raymond Leggett III
William & Patricia Naumann
Neuse River Bridge Run
Dr. Christopher Philippart
Potash Corp
Progress Energy
Trawick Stubbs, Jr.
Cindy Turco
Ward and Smith, P.A.
10,000 -$24,999
American Anesthesiology
Amital Spinning Corporation
Drs. John & Kyle Arrowood
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ascik
Aylward Enterprises, Inc.
Reba Aylward
Charles & Kathy Bates
Mr & Mrs. Tom Bayliss III
Dr. Thomas & Mrs. Pamela Burkart
Mr. & Mrs. Charlton Burns
Coastal Children’s Clinic
Coastal Eye Clinic, P.A.
Coldwell Banker Willis-Smith
Confidential Records Management
L. Franklin Davis
Tamala Ebert
Gladys Frankson
John Freeman
Patricia Fuller
Susan Hackney
Hearne’s Fine Jewelry
Horizons Mental Health Management
Dr. & Mrs. Chris Hudson
Michael Iovale
Mr. & Mrs. Albert King
Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. King, Jr.
Rosanne & Joseph Leahy
Timothy Ludwig
Lynn Maletzky
Bruce Martin
Dr. Ronald May
Megan McGarvey
Daniel Miller
W. G. Champ & Etteinne Mitchell
Drs. G. Radford & Wendy Moeller
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Parker, Jr.
Lynda Pope
John B. Satterfield, Jr.
Robin Schaefer
Tammy Sherron
Dr. Wright & Margaret Shields
Singleton Vision Center
Williams, Scarborough, Smith,
Gray LLP
Jackie Stroud
Mr. & Mrs. Larry W. Stroud
Dr. T. Reed & Mrs. Alice Underhill
Wachovia Bank A Wells Fargo
Wachovia Foundation
Helmut & Carmen Weisser
Dr. & Mrs. John A. Williams III
15 Month Donors
7/01/2014 - 6/30/2015
$100,000 AND ABOVE
CarolinaEast Health System
$25,000- $99,999
Wendy Fisher
$10,000 - $24,999
Reba Aylward
Havelock Fire & Rescue
$5,000 - $9,999
AFGE Local 2065 Cherry Point
Professional Firefighters
Danis Construction Company
Fisher Stores/Fisher Oil Company
Gladys Frankson
Ileta Heery
G. Raymond Leggett III
Neuse River Bridge Run
Tammy M. Sherron
Jackie H. Stroud
Cindy Turco
$2,500 - $4,999
BSH Home Appliances, L.P.
Mr. & Mrs. Charlton Burns
CarolinaEast Professional
Development Council
Coastal Carolina Health Care, PA
Jerry L Cox
Tamala J. Ebert
John D. Freeman
William B. & Sophie R. Gadzuk
Horizons Mental Health
Dr. & Mrs. Chris J. Hudson
Sebrenda A. Lewis
Bruce Martin
Dr. Ronald B. May
Shawn A. Parker
Rodgers Builders
Ward and Smith, P.A.
Weyerhaeuser Company
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Williams III
$1,000 - $2,499
Leslie Allen
American Anesthesiology
Drs. John & Kyle Arrowood
Diana Bennett
Mr. & Mrs. David Blain
Cynthia Bojonell
Bruin Builders
Dr. & Mrs. S. Joseph Buff
Dr. Thomas & Pam Burkart
Pamela C. Burkett
Dr. & Mrs. Victor W. Bustard
Ann L. Byrd
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Carnes
Carolina Orthopedics & Sports
Coastal Children’s Clinic
Coastal Radiology
Mary A. Conner
Craven Community College
Craven Pathology Associates
Hope Cuthrell
Michelle Damery
James Davis
Wanda Deans
Eagle Hospital Physicians
Emergency Medicine Physicians of
Craven County
Catherine R. Fischer
Dr. Robert J. Fisher
(cont. on next page)
Michael Roy Fogle
Frogley Chiropractic
Patricia L. Fuller
Kandi R. Gardner
Meredith A. Garmon
Robin Gibson
Cille & Lloyd Griffith
David Hinson
Craig Holton
Theresa K. Horton
Michael Lovale
Terry L. Jackson
Norman B. Kellum, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Albert King
Teri Koson
Rosanne & Joseph Leahy
Jack H. Lee
Dr. & Mrs. John J. Long
Tim Ludwig
Chip Madison
Lynn E. Maletzky
Bob & Carol Mattocks
McCulloch England Architects
Megan M. McGarvey
Daniel Miller
W. G. Champ & Etteinne Mitchell
Drs. G. Radford & Wendy Moeller
Carrie Nelson
Joseph Osenni & Dr. Angela Parks
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Overby Jr.
Charles & Dawn Peele
Potash Corporation
Ray Properties
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Remington
Rentenbach Constructors, Inc.
Dr. John P. Robertson
Robinson and Stith Insurance
Robin M. Schaefer
Segal Family Charities
Lee P. Shreve
Singleton Vision Center
Michael Smith
Jane B. Sobotor
Southco Distributing Company
Sports Connection
Rose A. Stabile-Simon
Brian Stone
Team Health-Orthopedic & Surgical
Jill & Dean Thompson
Dr. T. Reed & Alice Underhill
Sandra Vanlaecke
Helmut & Carmen Weisser
Wells Fargo
Lorraine White
Gloria J. Whitford
Dr. Robert B. Whitmore III
Theresa Wilder
David & Bonnie Wilkins
Williams, Scarborough, Smith,
Gray LLP
$500 - $999.99
Loreen Aiken
Allstate Insurance
ARBCO Properties LLC
Dr. & Mrs. Harry H. Ballard
Robin G. Bartholomew
Joni Bass
Drs. Keith Bennert & Elizabeth
Caroline C. Bliss
Jeoffrey K. Bojonell
Joanne E. Boyle
Katie D. Brown
Tonya M. Brown
Cindy W. Bryan
Genelle M. Butz
Donna Cahoon
Mr. & Mrs. William B. Carleton
Steven Carlton
CarolinaEast Finance and RAC
Jacque F. Cobb
Coldwell Banker Willis-Smith
Lila D. Cotten
Ricky Cox
Dr. & Mrs. C. Marston Crawford
Cynthia D. Davenport
Lynne Davenport
Dr. Andrew Davidson
Ashley Davis
Carol Demetro
Jodi H. Edwards
Epiphany School of Global Studies
Kathy Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Evans
Dr. & Mrs. Roy Everett
Dianne W. Ezell
Dr. & Mrs. Michael E. Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fisher
Todd Frankson
Krista L. Fries
Janice D. Furman
Gwendolyn G. Gibbs
E. Murray Gilgo
Sherri Goodwin
Chris P. Grimm
Steven Hale
Samara T. Harris
Jetta L. Holden
Lynda T. Honaker
Theresa A. Hughes
Lesley H. Hunter
The Insurance Center
R.A. Jeffreys Distributing Company
Dawn T. Jenkins
Deborah Johnson
Michael Johnson
Jeana L. Kahlert
Jamie Keene
Rhonda Kiley
Laura Lambert
Gretchen Lankenau
Joanne M. Lilly
Barbara A. Lopez
Albert Loud
Deanna MacIntosh
R. Keith Mallard
Travis Marquardt
Dorothy Martinez
Daniel McDonald
Jean A. McGill
Dr. Kai Miao
Mark A. Millard
Dr. Mark B. Moeller
Dr. May C. Mokbelpur
Dr. George Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Morris, Jr.
Jamie L. Murphy
Alice H. Murray
Kimblin Murrell
Clifford Nielsen
Randi Osiecki
MGEN & Mrs. Hugh R. Overholt,
USA Ret.
Joseph Parrish
Julie A. Pearson
Warren H. Phillips
Jay & Leslie Pittman
Jane Plant
Mary Plasky
Gregory Poole Equipment
Lynda K. Pope
Jane C. Revels
Lucy P. Robinson
Debbie B. Rogers
Tracy L. Rosner
Susan S. Rouse
Dorothy Salvati
April Schmidt
Dusty L. Scott
Jennifer Sheldon
Edward Singletary
Brandyn M. Slappey
Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Smith
Jason Smith
Johnnie Speight
Barbara H. Stocks
Cynthia M. Stone
Garrett Straughn
Trawick H. Stubbs, Jr.
Sumrell, Sugg, Carmichael,
Hicks & Hart
Paula G. Taylor
TransUnion Healthcare
Casey H. Toler
Denise Turner
Urethane Innovators
Pamela S. Vanover
Lorri W. Wetherington
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Wilkins, Jr.
Alfred Williams & Company
David Williams
Amy Willis
Nadine Wright
Events 2 America LLC
Malinda Falardeau
Patricia R. Fernald
First Choice Benefits
Frederick M. Fisher, Jr.
Kelly Forrest
Gibbs Dentistry
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Gold
Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. Gold, Jr.
Angela Nikki Gonzalez
Holly M. Graham
Dr. & Mrs. O. Drew Grice
Dustin R. Grimes
Deborah N. Gustafson
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Haidt
Annie Hall
Roberta Hand
Lori C. Hardee
Stephen R. Harris
Sandy Harrison
Madonna B. Hawks
Drs. Paul & Anne Healy
Kimberly A. Healy
Randal Hemminger
Deborah S. Hill
$250 - $499
Debbie L. Hines
A Dog’s Dream
Dr. James M. Hodges, Jr.
A.G. Salem & Associates
Hannah J. Hoenig
Aiken Moser Wealth Management Christopher Horne
Melinda Houston
Alpha Graphics of New Bern
Vivian Howard
Donna Anderson
Candace M. Howell
Katy Anderson
Richard Edward Hughes
Wayne & Cindy Bach
Donald R. Ipock
Lauren Barb
Phyllis P. Jacobs
Lori Barlow
Ruth A. Jancy
Michael Bass / Edward Jones
Barbara John
Tammy Johnson
BBH Design
Deyana L. Jones
Susan E. Bellue
J. Hardy Jones, Jr.
Laurie T. Bennett
Kaitlyn Kelly
Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Blair, Jr.
Dr. Jayne Kendall
Angela C. Blanton
Grace D. Kennedy
Michael Blanton
Susan Kennedy
Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Block
Charles Kimball
Blue Arbor, Inc.
John Kirkland
Sahar Bonilla
Shawn Klabo
Chaplain Michael D. Bostian
Mr. J. Dean Knight & Bonnie
Christopher T.Bouler
Jenna C. Boyd
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Lather
Mr. & Mrs. James Briley, Jr.
Debra S. Lee
Deborah N. Britt
Christina Manning-Lester
Thomas O. Brouhard, III
Jennifer Lewis
Sarah V. Buffa
Tara Liszewski
John W. Cahoon, Jr.
Wendy B. Littrell
Dr. Deborah A. Milkowski-California Rebecca N. Long
Angel Carr
Christine M. Maglicic
Maria Carr
Mass Mutual Financial
Kimberly Carter
Cristy Nicole Mayernik
Dr. Catherine Chew and
Elizabeth Mayo
Kelsie McBride
Mr. Howard Stier
Jeanne M. Closterman
Dr. & Mrs. John F. McQuade III
McNeary Inc.
Coastal Beverage Company, Inc.
Coastal Eye Clinic, P.A.
Lori Meads
Scott Conley
Christine Memering
Eleanor L. Meyers
Patrick Cooley
Jennifer Middleswarth
Linda Cosner
Sarah L. Mills
Heather K. Couch
Thomas A. Cuthrell
Jack & Linda Monsell
Carletta Dabney
Mr. & Mrs. M. Lee Moore
Mitchell Moore
Kathleen Dargan
Travis Moser
Vicky Davis
Dr. & Mrs. Curt C. Mostellar
Michele DePietro
Dr. Douglas Desantis
Cynthia L. Natusch
Mattie Doran
Dr. Robert B. Newell, Jr.
Jason Dornan
Rebecca L. Newman
Carol T. Dover
Sandra K. Nichols
Dr. Piotr Dumicz
Sandra D. Norman
Marsha W. Eastland
Mr. & Mrs. James Norment
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Edwards
Evelyn O’Connor
Laurie B. Ellsworth
Caroline Orman
Ron England
Palmetto Design and Interiors, LLC
Faye T. Erichsen
Marianne F. Parker
Kristin D. Pastore
Judy C. Pierce
Emily F. Plant
E. Knox Proctor V
Progressive Design Collaborative
Dr. Todd H. Rankin
Hans C. Rasmussen
Karen Reaves
Jean Reichenbach
John Rhem
Dena Riley
Dr. Rebecca C. Riley
Sandra K. Rose
Mary Saenger
Moses Saw
Amanda W. Sawyer
Carol R. Sawyer
Floleeshur Sawyer
Janice Schwartz
Andrew Scott
Elizabeth Seeger
Matthew Sheaffer
Daniella Smith
J. Troy Smith, Jr.
R. Eddie Smyer, Jr.
David Snook
Dr. Thomas Stewart
Susan M. Stover
Mickie M. Stroud
Mr. & Mrs. N. Bradley Sutton
Barbara H. Swain
Swisher International, Inc.
Takeda Pharmaceuticals North
Andrew M. Townsend
Pamela R. Townsend
TRICOM Communications
Jami Turner
Dr. Harold M. Vandersea
Patricia B. Voliva
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Ward, Jr.
Jason Wellington
Susan White
Shelly Whitford
Dr. Donald R. Whitley
Leigh A. Wilkinson
Ida M. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Williams
Edith S. Wilson
Susan D. Womble
Wilma J. Wright
Shelia Y. Yennie
Deborah Zang
George Zaytoun Jr.
Anna Mae Zschoche
Thomas J. Zschoche
$100 - $249
Barbara Adams
Joe Alcoke Auto & Truck Center
Jason Allen
Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority
Joe Amaro
Cynthia Anderson
Renee Arion
Komesha Arrington
Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Ashford
Sandra Avery
Dr. John C. Ayers, Jr.
Maggie Babashanian
Natalie Baggett
Teresa Bailey
Veronica Bane
Susan Barber
Valencia Barber
Belinda H. Barr
Eric Beall
Crystal Beals
C. Duncan Beaumont
Selena Beavers
Dr. Neil C. Bender
Birgit Bendy
Ethna Bennert
Dr. Patty Ohrum-Bergmueller
John Bishop
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Blunt
Scott F. Branch
Dr. Malinda L. Breda
Mr. & Mrs. David Brengel
Jennifer Broadway
Gloria Swindell-Brooks
Kimberly D. Brown
Peggy Brown
Tina Brown
Allison Buck
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Burnett
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Burton
Dr. and Mrs. Ted Burton
Matt A. Calcutt
Shirlie M. Callahan
Sarah Cannon
CarolinaEast Medical Center
HR Dept.
CarolinaEast Surgery Center
William R. Carter
Roseanna K. Cash
Kara Chadwick
Gary B. Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Colbert
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Collins
Coastal Pediatric Dentistry
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Corner
Greenleaf Memorial Park, Inc.
Winnie Cotton
Karen Cowan
Carolyn R. Cowell
Morgan Cumbo
Sherry L. Cuthrell
Eileen Daley
Scotty Davenport
Gwendolyn Davis
James L. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Davis
Sabrina Dean
Vernon DeBolt
Barbara Delong
Clifton Dillahunt
Ilene P. Disosway
Dagny Diversified II
Dr. Hoyt Doak
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Dougherty
Michael Dunlap
Tawana Dunn
Stephen Durci
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Eddings
Elizabeth Edwards
Marilyn Edwards
Donalt J. Eglinton
Kristi Eller
David Snook, Director of
Environmental Services at
CarolinaEast, is a wonderful
friend of the Foundation.
He volunteers his
professional photography
skills with most all of the
Foundation pictures in
the office, the media and
in this newsletter. Thank
you David for this gift of
preserving moments for the
D O N O R S (cont.)
Encee Chemical Sales Inc.
Mitzi Evans
Pamela Evans
Katherine Fannin
Mary A. Farrar
Coastal Exteriors, Inc.
Sean Ferguson
Patricia Fernandez
Ruth Fisher
Catherine Ann Foister
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fontaine
Mr. & Mrs. Werner Friederichs
Theresa Fritton
Mr. & Mrs. F.K. Froelich
Lori Galvao
Carole S. Gann
Arlene H. Garman
Mr. & Mrs. David Garrish
Noah Gaskill
Philip D. Gaskins
Dale H. Gibbs
Dr. Kenneth W. Gibbs
Catherine P. Gillikin
Frances M. Giummule
Irene Golding
Jeanne K. Gray
Leighanne Green
Liann S. Greiner
Cynthia G. Griffin
Judy A. Haddock
Claire H. Hageman
Barbara Hall
Nancy W. Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Allen M. Hardison
Esther H. Hardison
Susan Harrington
Janet L. Haseley
Karen G. Haseley
Carolyn Herold
Brenda Hill
Lindsey J, Hines
Dr. Stephen J. Hoard IV
Sheila Hoover
Lawrence P. Houston, III
Hudson Pope PLLC.
Mr. & Mrs. George Huffman
IBM Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Indoe
Interactive Medical Systems
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ipock
Ashley D. Jackson
Monica Jacobs
Christopher Jarvis
Cortina D. Jenkins
Janice Jenkins
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jensen
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Louis Johnson
Mariam B. Johnson
Melissa A. Johnson
Pamela A. Johnson
Barbara Jones
Edna Jones
Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Jones Jr.
Jordan Jones
Kevin S. Jones
Veronica J. Jones
Keisha Jones-Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Kanipe
Kiddie Kollege
Jacqueline King
Shawna Knight
Casey Knortz
Julie Kramer
Martha Krueger
Dr. James A. Krukowski
Mr. & Mrs. Claude Lalonde
Drew M. Lamb
Mark Lane
Janet R. Lanier
Julie Lansdowne
David Lau
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Lawhorn
LCA Advertsing & Productions INC.
Peter Lechner
Dianne Ledbetter
Ronnie J. Lindsey
Marcia Livingston
Andrea Lofton
Janet Lokken
Tiffany E. Lupton
Mary Madsen
Leeann Mailloux
Cheryl Marteney
Linda Mattocks
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mayes Jr.
Amelia D. McCallister
Ginny McKinney
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Medlin
Kathy Mendoza
Dwight Merchant
Sherre Midyette
James A. Migliorato
Roberta L. Milford
Sue Miller
Marie Etta Mills
Clay Milstead
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Mitchell
Pete J. Moffett
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Moman
Lynne Montgomery
Christine L. Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Moore
Glenna C. Moore
Vera C. Moore
Wanda Moore
Judy E. Morris
Wendy Morris
Pat Moser
Theresa A. Murray
Diana Myers
Julie A, Neibaur
Gina Nelson
New Bern Chiropractic Care
OA Adams Insurance Services Inc.
Susan Oliver
Dana E. Outlaw Appraisals, Inc.
Patricia S. Padilla
Pamela Palmeter
Shannon Park
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Parker
Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Parson
Partners in Excellence
Wright Payton
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Peacock
Samantha A. Peacock
Marlene G. Peck
Jessica A. Pender
Ms. Frances A. Peters
Debra Pogodzinski
Denise Potter
Phyllis L. Potter
Aimee Hardison Powell
Juanita J. Powell
Deane Poythress
Jennifer Prescott
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Przybylko
Joyce Rachid
Sue Regan
Deborah Register
Ruth Reynolds
Mary C. Richardson
Latasha Roberson
Marquita D. Rogers
Dr. & Mrs. J. Peter Rowlett III
Katherine Rylien
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony G. Salem
Cristina Saunders
Ashley M. Sawyer
Susan Scott
Dr. Kimmey N. Seymore III
Susan F. Shaw
Linda E. Simmons
Glenda W, Skinner
Dr. Timothy Sloan
Arnie Smalldridge
Dennis J. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Smith
Kimberly L. Smith
Lauren Smith
Virginia Smith
Sandra Southard
Pamela Spellman
Kim E. Spruill
Sarah Spruill
Mr. & Mrs. James Starr
Air Purification
Heather-Lynn Sullivan
Ketra D. Swain
Jane Swinson
Sami Taglieri
Tarheel Building Sysytems
of New Bern, Inc.
Holly Thornton
Patricia Tingle
Stephanie Tomlinson
Megan Trask
Gary N. Tullos
Tara S. Tyson
Mr. & Mrs. C. Richard Van Niel
Joyce Vandiford
Ed Vaupel
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Ray Vawter
Francisco Villa
Dawn D. Waddell
Christy Wallace
Dr. Richard M. Ward
Rada Washington
Deborath Wayne
Mr. & Mrs. Matt Webb
Wells Fargo Advisors
Dr. & Mrs. Mark G. Wertman
Pam Wertman
Thelma R. West
Jennifer Wiggs
Mr. & Mrs. Josh Willey
Cynthia D. Williams
Treva Williams
Alice Willis
Allen Wilson
Laura Wolfe
Julia Tappan Wood
Alisha Woolls
Kenneth R Wooten
Turner Wortham
Cheryl Yurko
Zaytoun Raines Real Estate, Inc.
$25 - $99
Christine Aaron
Terri Ackerley
Melissa Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Albertson
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Albrecht
Albert Almore
Pamela Almore
Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Alterman
Mr. Steven Anderson
Tara Anderson
Jessica Andrews
Rosa Ankrum
Sandra Armstrong
Mr. & Mrs. E.B. Austin
Brian T. Backman
Carolyn Ballard
Cheryl Bane
Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Barynski II
Diane Barnhart
Mary Bob Barrow
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Bashford
Jennifer Batchelor
Michelle Baulch
Brooke Baynor
Janet Stocks Beacham
Hope Beaman
Vera A. Benedetto
Tommie E. Bennett
Mrs. Shirley M. Benson
Anne Benwell
Amanda Berry
Vi Berteaux
Diane M. Bevill
Tiffney C. Billhimer
Mr. & Mrs. Skip Bischoff
Susan Bland
Angel D. Blaylock
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Bock
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bolen
Yulonda Boston
Dawn M. Bowser
Laurie Boyd
Donna Bradbury
Jennifer Bradley
Melanie Branch
Eileen Bress
Connie Brimmer
Traci B. Brinkley
John Brittle
Mr. James Broadway
Emily Brothers
Dawn Brown
Kathleen B. Brown
Martha Brown
Theresa Brown
Danetta Brown-White
Annette L. Bucchan
Brandi Buck
Nichole Buck
Susan Bullard
Sean Bunn
Kim Burdine
Grady Burroughs
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Burrows
Betty Butler
Catherine Byers
Jane E. Calendine
Lisa Campbell
Robert W. Campbell
Kristen L. Canfield
Annette J. Capers
Kristen Carpenter
John Carrere
Elizabeth Casner
Margie Castleberry
Gerry Castonguay
Carolyn Caton
Desiree Cayton
Alexandra Cella
Telea Chaconas
Linda Chagnon
Patricia Challenger
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Chapman
Chelsea Restaurant
Bonnie J. Chirdon
Kate B. Chittick
Christina Cioffi
Barbara Clayson
Linda Cleve
Anne D. Clink
Coca Cola Bottling Company
Dawn Collier
Beverly Collins
Nancy B. Connor
Rebeca Contreras
Kimberly Copeland
Brittney Coronado
Terri Cothery
Jennifer Coventry
E.B. Cox
Jamie Coyle
Talitha Crawford
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Crayton
Future Assets, Inc
Sarah R. Croom
Jane Crotty
Terry M. Cuff
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace C. Curry
J. Allen Curtis, Jr.
Ashley Cutler
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dalton
Amanda Darnell-Jones
Iris Annette Daugherty
Mr. & Mrs. James Daughtry
Amy Davis
Carrie Davis
Cherie Davis
Michelle T. Davis
Patricia DeMeo
Larry Demaire
Janice Desmarais
Tammie Dixon-Phillips
Amy Dorsey
Michelle C. Dowdy
Mollie Doyle
Jaime Drake
Patricia S. Dulac
Jeffrey R. Dulberg
Karen Dunlap
Lucille Durst
Gail P. Edge
Maudith Elam
Mr. & Mrs. John Elliott
Anita Ellis
Richard Eubanks
Linda Evans
Expedition Yachts International,
Major & Mrs. Brian Fagan
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Fentress
Mr. & Mrs. George Fisher
Keith W. Fisher
Patti Fleming
Marion G. Flynn
Yaminah Flythe
Sharon Foley
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Fore
Nikia P. Foskey
Ashley Foster
Suzanne Foster
Michelle Foye
Kristen Franks
Zenaida D. Fravor
Rebecca Frenia
Kathleen Frey
Ashley Friend
Jacqueline A. Fritsch
Carolyn Fulcher
Joanna C. Gaines
Madeline Gardner
Louise Garner
Garris Evans Lumber Company
Julia D. Gaskill
Pam Gaskill
Linda Gaskins
Phyllis Godley
Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Goguen
Carrie Golden
Catherine Golen
Melinda A. Gonzalez
Mariah Goodrich
Leilani Goodwin
Dr. John J. Gould
Daniel A. Gover
Mrs. Monica L. Gover
Erin Graham
Latashua Greenway
Christine Griffin
Kelly Griffin
Elizabeth A. Grimes
Verdie M. Grimes
Don Grosz
Jane Grubb
Ellen Gurganus
Mr. and Mrs. Clemens
Janelle Haggard
Terry Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Halley
Kristen L. Hanchey
George Hancock
Allison K. Hansen
Joshua Hardee
Hardison & Hardison, PA
Kathleen S. Hardison
Stephanie Hardison
Virginia R. Hardison
Roland Hargett
Darlene V. Hargett-Verdejo
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Harper
Christopher S. Harris
Teddie Hartsell
Bonnie Havener
William G. Hawkes
Kathryn Heath
Shelia A. Heath
Kristen Heckler
Gretchen N. Heckman
Teresa Heckman
Karen Hemby
Ruthann Hendel
Jennifer M. Henderson
Erin Hensley
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Henson
Malinda C. Hiatt
Demetta S. Hill
Mr. Marcus Hines
Kimberly Holden
Martha Hollon
Linda Holloway
Matthew Holman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Holmes III
Amanda M. Holsopple
Tina M. Holton
Jane Horner
Mary Horton
Jenny Howell
Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Howerton III
Christine Hubbard
Holly Hudach
Amy Hudson
Brenda Hughes
Shevel Kathleen Hunt
Dianne Imhof
Linda G. Rouse-Ipock
Heather H. Ireland
Neddeith Jackson-Foy
Sheryl James
Mr. Daniel Jenkins
Dennis L. Jenkins
Vida Jenkins
SGT. MAJ. & Mrs. Terry Jessip
Jennifer Johnson
Donna Jones
Mary Beth Jones
Michelle Jones
Tiffany Jones
Leesha Joseph
Andrea Joyner
Douglas Kaser
Violet Kelly
Lois Kemper
Mallory Kennedy
Renita Kirkman
Joseph Klaumann
Barbara Knortz
Mr. Christopher Knowles
Tammy Knox
Danielle Koslowski
Alyssa Lambert
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Larimer
Brandi Laton
Angela A. Lee
Nita Lee
Pamela D. Lehner
Michelle Lemke
Patricia Beck Leonard
Debra H. Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Lewis
Melissa Lewis
Beryl Lillaston
Reverend Keith Little
Cindy Loftus
Schleen Lozica
Michael R. Madsen
Pamela Madsen
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Mallard
Lee Ann Mallard
William Robert Maple, Jr.
Ashley N. Mares
Melinda Lori Mares
Sherry S. Marks
Sandy Marquez
Janie Martin
Theresa Martin
Brandy Mason
Tiffany N. Mattocks
Debbie Mattox
Katherine May
Linda McAlister
Rosemarie T. McCardle
Calvin McCuller
Iris M. McGinnis
LaDonna McKeel
Lisa McKellar
Kathy McKenna
Diane L. McKillop
Carol Mclawhorn
Kristen Mcroy
Cindy Medlin
Loretta Mercer
Amy Merz
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Michaud
Daryl G. Milford
Jeanette Milks
Cynthia C. Miller
Heather Miller
Myra Miller
Niles Miller
Ashley N. Mills
Jason Mills
Col. & Mrs. Corwin Mitchell
Danielle T. Mocek
Michael Monroe
Jane Montesi
Sarah F. Moomaw
Jamie Moore
Jane T. Moore
Jimmy Moore
Margaret Elizabeth Moore
Stephanie C. Moore
Casey Morand
Kristina M. Morgan-Cannon
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Morton
Paula Morton
Janet Munday
Archie Munro
Linda H. Muntean
Ann B. Murphy
Elizabeth R. Murphy
Jennifer Murphy
Becky Muse
Rodney Myers
Florence M. Nance
Brandi S. Neer
Mary Beth Neill
Becky B. Nelson
Robert Nelson Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Newton
Erika Nicholson
Paula Noe
Robert Norris
Jo Ann Norton
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Ober
Mandy O’Connor
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Douglas
Rosemarie Ognissanti
Mr. George W. Olsen
Karen Orientale
Anne Orlando
Marie Ostheimer
Judy M. Paquin
Darrell R. Pare
Laura Parker
Mr. & Mrs. William Parker
Jennifer Parsons
Joanne Partin
Jennifer Passarelli
John K. Pate
Amy Peacock
Jurina D. Pender
Kenneth Perkins
Laura Peters
Patricia Peterson
Tawanna Phillips
Lt Col Henry J. Polichnowski
Col. & Mrs. Kenneth Powell
Jamie Price
Linda Price
Amber C. Purifoy
Christie Quick
Agnes Quinn
Paula’s Pizza
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Radicella
Mr. Thomas H. Ragland
David W. Raines
Helen D. Raines
Martha B. Rasmussen
Andronica Raynor
Janet Raynor
Luanne Reed
Mary Rees
Bea H. Respers
Larry W. Revels
Susan Reynolds
Camillia Richards
Patricia K. Rinehart
Andrea Roberts
Misty Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Roeckell
Melissa A. Rose
Debra R. Rowe
Donna Russell
Chastity Ryan
Terri Salter
Ethel R. Sampson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sands
Vicky Saulter
Carletha Saunders
George Sawyer
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Scharr
Margaret S. Scheele
Brenda Schutta
Adora P. Scott
Rebecca Scott
Beate Selbe
Asleigh Shear
Rick Sheppard
Daphne Sherring
Margaret D. Shields
Sarah Shultz
Donna J. Siler
Singleton Vision Center Staff
Karen Sklavos
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Skrotsky
Angela M. Smith
Dorothy S. Smith
Dorothy Smith
Jessica Smith
Mary Lou Smith
Michael P. Sokira
Francine Spaziante
Angela Whorton Spencer
Wayne T. Spencer
Darlene Stallings
Deborah Stankus
Lorie A. Stanton
Evelyn Staton
Linda Staunch
Allysia Styrk
Leandra Suggs
Elista C. Sumner
Barbara Sutton
Dawn Tanis
Dora Taylor
Jacqueline Taylor
Sandra Y. Terry
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Tharrington
Ginger Thomas
Guylene Thomas
Wendy Thomas
Gemma Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Karl Thurber
Nancy Tillery
Andrea Timbrook
Irma Tingle
Kelsey Toler
Stacy L. Tourigny
Laura Towarnicky
Edward Tripp
John Tripp
Betty Trott
Mary Tussing
Cherie Tyndall
Mr. & Mrs.Floyd Uhteg
Rachel Uselton
Teresa Vaughn
Michelle Velten
Darlene Verspoor
Paul P. Vezina
Kelly Viviano
Yukari Vladimery
Abigail L. Vogel
Annette Wagner
Brenda Wagner
Tamie Walters
Ellen L. Walton
Amy Wang
Shirley Wang
Priscilla A. Ward
Dr. Calvin G. Warren
Sharon Warren
Margo Waters
Ellen Weismer
Kimberly H. Wells
Dorothy Weltz
Stella D. Wendoloski
Mickey Wetherington
Sharon Wetherington
Vonda White
Carla D. Whitehurst
Haveryette W. Whitfield
Whitford Insurance
Thomas Willard
Mr. Jimmie L. Williams
Joan K. Williams
Patsy L. Williams
Sandra Williams
Katy Willis
Matthew Willis
Alexandria Wilson
Betty Wilson
Deborah G. Wilson
Lisa A. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Reinhold Wind
Linda Winfield
Carlene Wiseman
Mr. & Mrs. John Wood
Julia E. Wood
Elanda Wright
Karen Yaeck
Elizabeth K. Young
CarolinaEast Foundation’s Named Funds
The CarolinaEast Foundation is honored to steward the
following named funds. The funds are established with a
gift of $20,000 to support specific healthcare concerns.
A percentage of the fund is used annually to support the
healthcare initiatives the fund has designated.
Coldwell Banker Going Home Fund helps patients
with health care needs as they transition from their
primary health care providers to home
for their critically ill child
Potash Pediatric Fund assists children with
healthcare needs
Arms of an Angel - Jean M. Remington Senior
Care Fund provides support for, assists with, and
promotes the health and welfare of seniors and their
Craven Pathology Fund for Cancer Patient
Treatment aids patients undergoing chemotherapy
and radiation
Scott Davenport/Brian Fisher/John Aylward
Cancer Warrior Fund assists patients with cancer
care related costs
Dr. Hovey Aiken, Jr. Fund for Pediatric Care
assists with health care needs of children in our
Alan Davidson Eye Care Fund provides eye care to
indigent patients
God’s Grace Fund assists with indigent care needs
Ballard Child Care Fund assists hospital staff with
child care needs
Joseph Hageman Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Fund provides annual scholarships to nursing students
BB&T Child and Family Health Fund supports
programs that positively impact the health of our
Team Hatteras Endowment for Community
Wellness funds wellness & prevention projects and
Bustard Fund for Special Needs assists with
indigent care needs and provides support for any
special needs identified by the Foundation
Havelock Fire and Rescue Cancer Care Fund
assists patients with cancer related expenses
CarolinaEast Auxiliary Senior Adult Health Care
Fund assists with special needs of our growing senior
Dr. & Mrs. Francis P. King Memorial Fund
for Cardiovascular Education funds programs for
cardiovascular disease
CarolinaEast Foundation Endowment is a
permanent fund to support the Foundation.
Nell Norwood Fund for Pediatric Assistance
assists families with expenses incurred while caring
Honorariums & Memorials
Dr. Thomas P. Davis
Martin C. DeGraw
Drs. Shawn & Cathy Doty
Dr. G. Mark Doyle
Dr. Piotr Dumicz
Sedalia Duncan
Eastern Nephrology Associates
Alyson Eborn
Paul Elam
Dr. Roy N. Everett
Mark Fagan
Billy Faulkenberry
Jim & Vickie Fischer
Dr. Robert J. Fisher
Charline Fockler
Dr. Andre Frederick
Dr. Curt Frogley
Dr. Michael Fujimagari
Monk Fulcher
Pat Fuller
Rilma Gardner
Keith Gardner
Dr. Wood B. Gibbs
Dr. Brent R. Gill
Dr. Charles D. Godwin
Dr. Charles Godwin’s staff
Dr. Richard F. Gorman, Jr.
Dr. John J. Gould
James Gray
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Greenlaw
Don Grosz
Matthew Grove
Dr. Gregory G. Gunsten
John Hall
Dr. Michael E. Halligan
Tom Hancock
Scott Hardison
Shirley Harkey
Dr. Helen Harmon
Dr. Anne V. Healy
Dr. Joseph S. Healy
Robert Hedge
Dr. Mark C. Held
All of the Hospitalists
Beth Hicks
Carol Hill
Dr. J. Stephen Hoard IV
Dr. Christopher J. Hudson
Dr. Daniela T. Ivanova
Peggy Jessup
Dr. Svetlana S. Kats
Norman B. Kellum, Jr.
Dr. Vishal Khiatani
Jody L. King
Linda King
Progress Energy Fund for Women’s Health Needs
supports wellness programs for women
L. Ashley Stroud, M.D. Inpatient Hospice Fund
supports the development and operation of an inpatient hospice home in Craven County
Stubbs & Perdue Mental Health Fund assists with
mental health care needs
Wachovia Bank Pamlico County Indigent Care
Fund supports indigent care needs in Pamlico County
Helmut and Carmen Weisser Children’s Fund
assists families with sick children
Kellum Breast Cancer Awareness / Education
Fund educates women about early intervention &
preventative measures against breast cancer
CarolinaEast Cancer Center supports the
development of the center.
Leslie Allen
Michele Amos
Dr. John Arrowood
Dr. & Mrs. Barton S. Arthur
Dr. Barton S. Arthur
Joanne Ashton
Susie Atherton
Atlantic Internal Medicine
Dr. John C. Ayers
Dr. Jack Ayers
Becky Badger
Dr. Harry H. Ballard
Dr. Lisa E. Banker
Dr. Millard M. Banker
Dr. Brian J. Battersby, Jr.
Dr. Neil C. Bender
Dr. Keith W. Bennert
Dr. Elizabeth Benson
Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Blair
Karen Blunt
Dr. William H. Bobbitt III
Dr. E. Phillip Bounous, Jr.
Drs. Chris & Phil Bounous
Dr. Christine G. Bounous
Susan Braaten
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Bradley
Tom Brinson
Dr. Thomas E. Burkart
Ruth Butler
Johnny Cahoon
Hedy Campbell
Rick Carter
CarolinaEast Emergency
CarolinaEast Heart Center
The Staff and Doctors at
CarolinaEast Hospital
Dr. Michael C. Casciello
Margie Castleberry
Randy Castleberry
Edie Causey
Dr. J. Kenneth Chance
Dr. John M. Cho
Coastal Carolina Hospitalists
The doctors & staff at Coastal
Children’s Clinic
Coastal Oral & Maxillofacial
Linda Coley
Lila Cotton
Barbara Daugherty
P.W. Davenport
Dr. Andrew Davidson
Dr. Michael L. Davis
Rev. & Mrs. Charles E. Parker, Sr. Memorial Fund
for Cancer Care assists cancer patients
Kathy Kuziw
Steve Kuziw
Janet Lamb
Margaret Lamb
Dr. Ronald Lather
Dr. William P. Lorio
Linda Lumley
Beverly Lupton
Dr. Michael Mahoney
Lynn Maletzky
Dr. Jennie C. Mangun
Dr. James J. Manley
Dr. Dennis K. Martin
Dr. Ronald B. May
Dr. David B. Maybee
Laura T. McDaniel
LaDonna McKeel
Dr. John F. McQuade III
Rebecca J. Mercer
Dr. Kai Miao
Susan Michael
Brian Michaud
Dr. Melinda B. Michelson
Drs. G. Radford & Wendy
Dr. May Mokbelpur
Firth Monte
Ann Moody
Dr. Leann D. Moore
Lee Moore
Pinkie Moore
Lee & Pinkie Moore
Dr. Richard E. Morgan
Dr. Warren Murray
Tim Myers
Dr. Andrew Mylander
Bill & Patricia Naumann
Dr. Todd Nelson
Dr. R. Bart Newell
Robert Joseph O’Connor
Walt & Gail Oelrich
Patricia Oelrich
Dr. Joseph R. Overby, Jr.
David Page
Caroline Palmeter
Physicians of Pamlico
Medical Center
Dr. Angela M. Park
Dr. Daniel E. Paul
Paw Paw
Dawn Peele
Physicians in the field
of heart medicine
Physicians & Staff at
Coastal Children’s Clinic
Dianne Powell
Gay Price
Mary Purcell
James Rankin, Sr.
Dr. Jennifer A. Ratley
James A. Remington
Susie Rhodes
Wolfgang Roeder
Caleb Rowe
David Rowe
Jeff Sanders
Dr. Nathan A. Saucier
Pam Whitt Schmid
Dr. Michelle L. Scott
Ranae Seay
Jen Sheldon
Bonnie Shelton
Dr. Wright D. Shields
Dr. Lee Ann Skladan
George Slaughter
Sandy Slaughter
Dr. J. Matthew Smith
Jim Smith
Leslie Smith
Dr. Sarah E. Smith
Skip & Giga Smith
Shannon Sparks
Staff and Physicians of the
Heart Center
Dianne Starr
Dr. John G. Steel
Dr. Steve Stelma & Staff
Dr. Alan C. Stimson
Ike Strawbridge
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Stroud
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Stroud
Alma Stumpo
Swisher International Inc.
Dr. Andrea L. Terry
Stephen L. Thomas-Linden
Thomas & Co.
Jill Thompson
Dr. & Mrs. John Tinga
Alma Vaupel
Dr. Richard M. Ward
Dr. Kristin Warner &
Nursing Staff
Dr. Edwin B. Watkins, Jr.
Dr. Mark Wertman
Julie West
Dr. & Mrs. William B. Wheatley
Dr. Robert B. Whitmore III
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Whitmore
Dr. Kenneth W. Wilkins, Jr.
The Foundation is dependent and extremely grateful for the volunteer hours
selflessly shared with the Foundation. Pictured above with the staff, are
the Foundation’s most regular volunteers. Thank you for the service to this
Foundation, thus this community. From left to right: Amy Willis - staff, Gail
Edge, Dan Miller, Gretchen Lankenau, Joni Bass - staff, Sandra Hill, Denny
Murdock, Reggie Hardamon - staff, Jill Thompson - staff
Dr. John A. Williams III
Ken Williams
Ethan Wise
David & Pam Wright
Dr. Craig M. Zavelo
Catherine Adams
Dr. Hovey E. Aiken, Jr.
P. Michael Anderson
Bob Armstrong
Peggy Armstrong
Dr. John Baggett III
Sarah Bailey
Arthur James Bennert
Ethna Christine Bennert
John William Benson
Walter & Muriel Brengel
Clem Brinson
Naomi Collier Brinson
Grandma Dink
Ron Casey
Eleanor Castonguay
Steve Cobb
Carolyn Colbert
Mark Copper
Barbara Crawford
Reggie Daugherty
Scott Davenport
Jan Brinson Davis
Thelma Doyle
Cecil Eason
Dr. Brian Edson
Jack Edwards
Billy Faulkenberry
Brian Fisher
Julia Gatlin
William Gilgo
Jeanne Graham
Sue Gupton
Jayne Gutierrez
Joseph Hageman
June M. Hageman
Sherry Hall
Tom Hancock
Dr. Carl J. Hiller
Martha Jenkins
Charles Jones
Hayden H. Jones
Mary Alice Jones
David Kanipe
Guion E. Lee, Sr.
Barbara Leggett
Joan Limpach
Carolyn Willey Lovette
Gerald Luneburg
Beverly Lupton
Abdul Malik
Don W. Mattocks
Marion G. May
Anna Mays
Caroline McKnight
Lillian Michael
Deborah Miller
Dr. Dale T. Millns
Melony C. Mills
Annette Milstead
Abrey Lee Mizelle
Ray Moser
Bonnilyn Munro
David Muse
Bonnie Ogden
Susan S. Outlaw
Jan Parker
Greg Parker
Hazel Pellieter
Penelope & Ford
Earl Piche
Grace Piche
Cody Pilkington
Renee Pittman
Beverly Polichnowski
Matilda Praschak
Nita Purvis
Jean J. Remington
Gay Rice
Isabella Santos
Robert H. Saunders, Jr.
Elizabeth Cotten Seymore
Ruth Skrotsky
Charles Patrick Sloan
Shirley Snead
Dan Stallings
Karen Hudson Stanley
Nancy Strawbridge
Dr. L. Ashley Stroud
Dr. John C. Tayloe, Jr.
John “Jack” Tuohey
Richard Shelton Tuttle Jr.
Doug Vernelson
Keith Warren
Tanner Web
Carl Wellington
Pat Whitehurst
Ben Williams
SGT. MAJ. David D. Williams
Crystal Wilson
Bill Winfield
Sister Marie Bernadette Zaytoun
Bunny Zaytoun
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