Summer 2006 - ASID Texas Chapter



Summer 2006 - ASID Texas Chapter
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Design Texas
Summer 2006
ASID Texas Chapter Officers 2005-2006
Don’t Miss the #1 Venue for Creative New Products, Continuing Education & Connections
Robin Black, ASID, San Antoinio
Christi Farley, ASID, Corpus Christi
Fran Timbrook, ASID, El Paso
Communication Director
Connie Ricke, Industry Partner, Georgetown
Financial Director
Robert Preston Henry, ASID, Dallas
Professional Development Director
Laura McDonald, ASID, Dallas
Membership Director
Mark Grigsby, ASID, Amarillo
Chapter Administrator
Pat Gallagher
At-large Board Member
Mary Cusack, ASID, Kingsville
Central Region Advisor
J.D. Carter, ASID, Fort Worth, Wichita Falls,
Waco, Killeen and Temple Communities.
South Region Advisor
Sandra Herbster, Allied Member ASID, Austin,
San Antonio, Corpus/Rio Grande Valley and
Laredo Communities.
East Region Advisor
Joanie Wyll, ASID, Dallas, Tyler, Texarkana,
Longview and Sherman/Dennison Communities.
West Region Advisor
Andrea Wade, ASID, Amarillo, Lubbock, El
Paso, Odessa/Midland/San Angelo Communities.
Student Representative
Emily E. Wells, Texas Tech University
Newsletter Chair
Christine Eustice, ASID, Dallas
American Society of Interior Designers
1444 Oak Lawn #501
Dallas, TX 75207
Phone: 214-748-1541
Fax: 214-651-9309
Toll Free #: 1-866-892-7431
Email: [email protected]
By Laura McDonald, ASID / IIDA
METROCON06 – the largest design-related regional
expo and conference in the USA – promises
to be bigger and better than ever. The twoday event will take place at the Dallas World
Trade Center [2050 Stemmons Freeway,
Dallas] on Thursday, August 24 & Friday,
August 25, 2006.
This year marks the second time that
the Texas Chapter of ASID has joined the
Texas / Oklahoma Chapter of IIDA
[International Interior Design Association]
and the DFW Chapter of IFMA [International Facility
Management Association] in their innovative volunteer alliance structured to bring the latest and greatest
in industry information to their collective membership, as well as the entire Southwest design community.
METROCON06 Committee is most proud to announce
a completely revamped website for 2006: Use this official website as
your comprehensive resource for all conference information regarding daily schedules, keynote and CEPH
offerings, travel information, directions, exhibitor
information, and sponsorship opportunities.
One prominent benefit of membership is reduced
convention pricing. Exhibitor registration for ASID
Texas Industry Partners opened May 1, at which time
a 10’x10’ booth could be purchased for the reduced
fee of $350. ASID, IFMA & IIDA is again offering its
members affordable, quality continuing education.
Any member of the three organizations will attend
the two-day tradeshow free of charge with only a $25
flat fee to take any amount of CEPHs.
New for this year: tradeshow, continuing education, keynote, and exhibitor registration is all online.
CEPHs and the Keynote event (sponsored this year
by Metropolis magazine) will be filled on a first come,
first serve basis, so sign up quickly. Online registration opened June 5 and will close at midnight on
August 11. On-site tradeshow registration will be
available during METROCON06, but it is unlikely that
any continuing education classes will be available
at that time.
If you need help with online registration, please
contact Industry Partner Representative to the ASID
Texas Board, Brian Frailey [[email protected]; 214.742.3300] as he and other
Industry Partners have generously volunteered staff within their showrooms to help
our technologically-inexperienced members
secure their registration.
“It take a village” to make a dynamic,
content-rich event as large as METROCON
happen, so if you are interested in volunteering for METROCON, please contact
METROCON06 Volunteer Committee Chair, Linda
Steinberg [[email protected]; 972.490.8088]
as soon as possible. Strengthen the image of ASID
Texas by representing our dynamic organization well
– see you at METROCON06!
Industry Partners
By Brian Frailey
Never before has there
been such an exciting time
to be an Industry Partner
to the ASID! With the introduction of the IP councils
in each community there
is more direction and
support for those who are
new and newly interested
in how to develop their relations with the Design
Professional. There are now more ways to get your
designers driven to recognition and you as well with
IP collaboration awards. Being proud of the relationship is easier to show by displaying your ASID
colors on your door, using the logo on you correspondence, hosting monthly meetings and attending
METROCON. For the IP it is important to become
more involved to draw people to yourself. The ASID
cont. on page 8
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The Venice Collection from Tracy
Porter – an assortment of rich, gilded
heirloom pieces saturated in bold
crimsons and striking gold. Only from
Savoy House, Your Source of Light.
Lee Lighting
WTC Suite 10085
Available Exclusively
at Lee Lighting
designs by
5501 Colleyville Blvd.
4467 Preston Road
American Society of Interior Designers
A Letter from the Presiden
Dear Fellow Members,
warp speed creating
Board has been working at
Texas Chapter. We owe so
Since the New Yea
are put on each year by the
and for making the transition
and enhancing
, long hours, good nature,
much to the
to the new structure so effo
website update, Student Car
s so far: the
To nam
6, the second ann
In the works: METROCON0
Day, and Legacy of Design.
A in August.
nce held with
continuing education confere
nkind with the
org. If you have gone on line
tin Anderson with Huma
te address is www.asidtx.
ally redesi
trio’s excellent design
ly notice that it has been tot
Ricke, IP. Thanks to this
January you will immediate
lude the new ASID logo and
mbers: Laura McDonald,
nding standards, which inc
guidance of two board me
now designed around Nat
sensibilities, the website is
to navigate.
ter yet, the new site is easier
y accessed by the public;
its contemporary colors. Bet can be full
Texas Chapter owns ano
But did you realize that the
l it can be for you!
not do this yourself, contac
therefore, what a marketing
r work. If you would rather
your information and upl
2568], and they can help you
Be sure to log in and update
Connie Ricke, IP,
Laura McDonald [214.559.
is worth the dues to ASID
anded soon thanks again to
hs of your work on this site
will also be updated and exp
an, ASID, Austin Community
with input from Maria Calav
of it now.
s the constantly changing
each year. Take advantage
ter this year. Helen compile
ains and bluebonnets, which
ASID has done another gre
with the West Texas Mount
Roster – Helen Erdman,
ASID members. We were
addresses and e-mails of the
you, Helen.
te’s terrain and spirit. Thank
ing. If the information is not
are so representative of our
when it comes out in the spr
your information to be correc
h member to check the
takes happen and we want
Please note that is up to eac
the Texas Chapter offi
resting read. Articles come
correct, let Pat Gallagher at
rmative, current, and an inte
been added in an effort to
ristine Eustice, AS
ture – member news – has
Newsletter - Thanks to Ch
munities, and boa
of a highlight, milest
of our talented and diverse
nize the accomplishments
Chapter newsletopening.
along with many other ASID
(the pub
t Career Day, but also
blishing & Design, Inc.
,000 contribution for Studen
Duff Tussing with DSA Pu
te – for the Texas Chapter
support of the Texas Chapte
ners of the Lone Star Sta
by your
ters) is to be thanked for his
as and features design work
ned In Texas, ASID Fea
mplary book on design in Tex
to the
donated 100 books – Desig
ds from the sale of
the Chapter office
his or
ry designer needs to have in
ASID peers. It is one that eve
pressing, editing,
Texas Chapter.
done a thorough job of com
council. As a result the
n Henry, ASID, the Financ
mended on his guidance and
Financial - Robert Presto
Chapter bank accounts and
and eliminating extra Texas
ady financial course.
rships for the Texas Chapter.
Chapter is now set on a ste
hes and working on sponso
isers and sponsors.
/ IIDA, the fundraising cha
our membership for fundra
Dianne Etheredge, ASID
l. We are most happy to
h Brian Frailey, from
For this we are very gratefu
hip board member, along wit
Cox from Artifex and Cindy
uncil headed by Mark Gr
Kravet along with Russell
The Industry Partner Co
h the Industry Partners.
orcoverings, and Oscar
work of communication wit
ProSource Wholesale Flo
Community Cha
, which opened The 2nd of
Cagle, ASID, Dallas Design
CON06 booth sales. The site
the Trade.
send out a big Indust
later dates will be open to
This committee is about to
open to Industry Partners;
after the meetings present
May, is
ustry Partner showrooms, and
y the certificates. It
San Antonio and Aus
gold. The sho
cont. on page 6
h the ASID logo blazoned in
showroom a certificate wit
Design Texas • Texas Chapter
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david w gilbert and associates
furniture and accessories
is now in
s Gilbert
Stunning designs for the patio or porch, in
prime-quality handcrafted teak. Hand-carved
details, flowing curves, and old-world
craftsmanship make this a most unique and
exciting product for those who demand the
very best, both inside and out.
1718 Hi Line Drive • Dallas, Texas 75207
214 760 8500 800 633 8195
Fax: 214 760 8501
v i s i t : w w w. d a v i d wg i l b e r t . c o m
view manufacturer’s catalogs request quotes & info
signup for news & events contact us today!
Sheffield Collection
Theodore Alexander
Classic Leather
Old Biscayne
To The Trade Showroom
Representing Innovative
International and Domestic
Home Furnishings.
Custom Options, Art, Accessories,
Lighting and Outdoor Living
1617 Hi Line Drive #700, Decorative Center
Dallas, Texas 75207
214-748-1828 Fax 214-748-1091
Decorate your outdoor spaces from our newest collection
of unexpected fiber stone or exterior cast stone concepts!
American Society of Interior Designers
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t-Elect . . .
A Letter from the Presiden
Dear Fellow Members,
me – as I am sure it is for oth
always a revitalizing time for
As spring
ng group in April.
Chapter’s strategic planni
This spirit of renewal is wh
reviewed your member
t with your needs in mind. We
ie Winkle” in her youth
designer inspired by “Winn
Your terrific leaders for
sent them in) and your com
ounds and we chose design
surveys (thanks to all who
m extremely diverse backgr
ation of mine as well. The sur
fying factor we have.
since Winnie was an inspir
ign and it is the common uni
of reasons but definit
as our profession for a variety
member services and
the number one goal being
focused on refinements the
community, due to this
The strategic plan session
rd member from each design
r. We are
pter structure does not req
priority for the coming yea
growth. The current new cha
hampered. This is our first
information. This
ation with the design
as possible and get us their
we feel that our communic
ase elect com
re and need your input. Ple
relate to one another better.
looking for a better structu
solution to work, learn and
cess of com
way we can begin early a pro
r goals are being realized tod
ing the design profession. Ou
re user friendly
item on the plan is
rmed as this site becomes mo
Our second most important
g for ways to increase
er accessed website Texasas of focus and we are lookin
with updates to the consum
relations and how to get pub
for you and the public. Public
our knowledge on these poi
we are supporting
a legislative year and again
required we will be
ic plan deals with our right to
formalized and actions are
The third goal on our strateg
a right to practice act in the
by visiting the TAID and TBA
the TAID initiatives to gain
your vote. Stay informed
assist with political con
calling on all designers to
es open and plan to attend.
29 and 30th, so keep the dat
websites. Legislative day
vital resource regarding
rth goal. They are our most
remely important to us and
and thank them every opporOur industry partners are ext
fulfilling your client’s needs
ncial support. Please rem
information, product and fina
tunity you have.
dback, concerns and ideas.
coming year. Give us your fee
on you
This is just a quick update
Fran Timbrook, ASID
Design Texas • Texas Chapter
cont. from page 3
to show our appreciation, but our hope is that future clients note that big
ASID logo when they are in that showroom and call an ASID designer. Certificates
are available from the Chapter Office for a nominal charge.
Regional Chairs - Mary Cusack, Member-at-Large board member, is
working on getting better response from the Regional chairs about going out
to the design communities in their area. So much is happening on the state
level that needs to be shared with the nine design communities.
The South Regional chair, Sandra Herbster, Allied Member ASID, San
Antonio design community chair is putting in windshield time with trips to
the Austin, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio communities. Sandra reports that
she is warmly received and has enjoyed a lunch, a Christmas party, and a
CEPH course on plumbing so far on her rounds.
J.D. Carter, ASID, the north regional chair is going to Ft. Worth for a joint
ASID / AIA meeting on May 23rd. Robert Preston Henry, ASID Financial
Officer, and Rosemarie Rene, President Elect-Elect and I will join J.D.
Carter at this meeting.
Student Career Day - Laura McDonald, ASID / IIDA, and Scott
Frelick, ASID with their committees and the invaluable help of our student
rep to the board, Emily Wells from Texas Tech, put on a stellar student
career day at the World Trade Center on the 24th of February.
It was the largest turnout for a Student Career Day to date with 210 students
attending from the schools in Texas and from Santa Fe Junior College in
New Mexico. The daylong event included a panel of professional interior
designers who spoke about their experience in the job market and roles in
the different facets of Interior Design, a presentation by Mia Kyle, ASID on
STEP, an explanation of the alphabet soup of initials from TBAE, TAID, to
NCIDQ and everything in-between. A scavenger hunt was held through the
World Trade Center showrooms. The day was capped off with the appearance
of the dynamic Christi Proctor, ASID from Waco who shared her experiences as a designer on the television show, Trading Spaces. Awards were
given to students for excellent design entries, all funded by the Dallas Design
Community’s raffle at their Christmas party. Thank you Dallas.
Sherwin Williams paint sponsored the Student Career Day with a
$5,000.00 check, a paint fan deck for each student. A local representative
from Sherwin Williams, and one from Phoenix presented the fan decks and
color cards to the students.
Scott + Cooner, The Patricia Group, and ProSource gave checks
for $500.00 each to sponsor Student Career Day.
Our profound thanks to these fine companies for their support. They, as
we, realize that the students are the future of this profession.
The next Student Career Day will be held in the fall in Dallas in conjunction with the Decorative Center Dallas’ Celebration of Design in late
October 2006. See for details.
Emily Wells, the student rep to the board, has rallied the ASID Student
Chapters in eleven schools and has added such a lot of enthusiasm and insight
to the needs of the students after they graduate. The board joins me in thanking
Emily for all her emails and hard work and for giving us a fresh insight into
the needs of the students as they enter this multi-faceted profession.
The new student rep to the board is Stephanie Ballard, from Texas
State University, in San Marcos. Congratulations Stephanie, the new board
is looking forward to meeting and working with you.
Since October 1 have had the honor of addressing students at Incarnate
Word University, Texas State University, Baylor University, UTSA,
and the students at the Student Career Day. My message is about the importance of taking the STEP program, sitting for the NCIDQ exam, and joining a
professional interior design organization. If any of you have an opportunity
American Society of Interior Designers
to share with students about your practice and how you got where you are,
please do so. There are so many avenues of design to take after graduation
and we need to be mentors to these students to help them down the right
path and stay connected to ASID.
TAID, the legislative organization remains important to ASID, IIDA, and
the Independent Designers to protect their right to practice. I strongly urge
you to renew your membership dues each year, especially in this upcoming
session in the State Legislature. It is imperative to have a strong voice as interior designers. The TAID board is representing us to those who would not
understand that we are qualified to practice interior design through a long
course of education, experience, and taking the exam.
Step Program - Mia Kyle, ASID presented the Step Program at the
student career day and impressed us all with the depth and wealth of information that National has prepared to share with the STEP program participants. She has been leading this program for years and we thank her for
helping the participants pass the NCIDQ exam.
Legacy of Design - Laura McDonald, ASID / IIDA updated the award
categories in both Residential and Commercial to include Rising Star designers,
and also created a logo and all the forms that were sent out for the design
The Gulf Coast Chapter will serve as the judges on the 24th of May at
the ASID office in Houston. Laura McDonald and I will be present to record
the judges’ comments. The winners will be announced at the Legacy of
Design cocktail party at the very hip Gossip Bar at the Hilton Anatole
on Thursday, the 24th of August during METROCON06. Laura has arranged
for this informal venue for our Annual meeting and the awards presentation.
Modern Luxury Dallas magazine will publish the winners in their September
Special thanks from this Board to Sonya Odell, ASID / IIDA for being
in the wings with wise council, and for sharing her past experiences with
METROCON05, the Student Career Day ’05 evening event Futura, Legacy of
Design, and past President of the Tennessee Chapter. Her energy, knowledge,
and enthusiasm are much appreciated and have helped us carry on the work
and events of the previous boards.
Don’t have the dubious honor of being on the TBAE’s list of registered
interior designers in the TBAE’s Licensing News’s column “Continuing
Education Violations.” The eyes of Texas will indeed be on you if you are
audited and have not fulfilled your 8 CEPH hours of HSW credits as TBAE
publishes the violator’s name!
CEPH courses are those which are Health, Safety, and Welfare. One of the
HSW courses has to be in Barrier Free Design. CEU courses, while very
interesting and informative, do not pertain to the health, safety, and
welfare of the public and will not be counted towards your 8 hours by
How do you comply with ease and excitement and have a fun two
days with your peers? Easy. Get your CEPH courses when you attend
METROCON06. It is held the 24th and 25th of August 2006 at the World
Trade Center in Dallas. The cost for ASID members for the two days is free
to the trade show and $25.00 for as many CEPH courses as you want to attend.
The only way to register for METROCON06 and for the CEPH courses is
online with a credit card! Visit for all information.
Speaking of going online and registering, the Board has an easy way for
those who are not computer savvy, don’t own one, and need help. Simply
go to ProSource or another Industry Partner showroom in your area for
help in registering. We can assure you that this Industry Partner will be
cont. on page 8
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Four Hands Home
Design Texas • Texas Chapter
cont. from page 6
more than happy to see your face in their showroom and will go on line for
you and help you register for METROCON06.
The website is and the dates for pre-registering are
June 5 through August 11. Remember the sooner you do this the better chance
of getting those CEPH courses in which you are interested.
Mark Grigsby, ASID, Membership Board member, reports that there are
2,259 members in the Chapter comprised of 643 Professional, 578 Allied,
340 Industry Partners, and 698 Students. Last year 450 ASID members
attended MetroCon’05 and got all their continuing education courses. Let’s
get more designer’s attending this year and stay off TBAE’s list.
Laura McDonald, ASID / IIDA, the Professional Development board
member is to be congratulated for doing such a splendid job as the ASID
rep to the METROCON06 planning committee. She joins IIDA’s representative Karen Gaither Harrell, ASID / IIDA, and the IFMA representative
Carl Bergauer, IFMA, who is the Presiding Chair of METROCON06. Last
year it was , the President of the Texas-Oklahoma Chapter – 2005/2006.
Next year Laura McDonald will be Presiding Chair.
This group of leaders along with their committee chairs is organizing
another blockbuster event. METROCON05, which was bigger than Neocon
East or West, put on solely by volunteers, and was attended by 2,300 designers,
Industry partners, and sales representatives. There were 330 vendor booths
with both commercial and residential products at METROCON05. This is the
only joint ASID, IIDA, and IFMA tradeshow event in America.
Scores of volunteers are working tirelessly so that you can have CEPH
courses and access to vendors. Call the airline now, book a hotel, share a
room, and become educated on courses and products.
This is part of what The Texas Chapter ASID is giving back to the members
for those dues we all pay. Now it is up to you the Texas Chapter members to
participate, get involved, and connected. It is your profession, safeguard it,
grow and celebrate design, be a mentor to students, meet new designers and
IP members.
Robin Black, ASID, IIDA
President, Texas Chapter
cont. from page 1
has all of the programs to get you involved and the only thing you have to
continue to do is be active.
Designers, it is important to show devotion to your IP’s. These are the
people who came in asking one question. “How do I…?”. As professionals in
our respective industries we continue to ask the same question. Tell us what
it takes to maintain and earn more of your business. We need the information to tell us how to perform better for you and how to get our next raise.
We have never demanded your business but, have only requested the first
opportunity to get it. Industry Partners have supported this organization in
many different ways for many years. By giving them the chance to earn
your business they can continue to do so.
My staff and I at ProSource have committed ourselves to this idea and it
has been successful for us. Although ProSource is the nations largest “To The
Trade Only” wholesale flooring showroom, our Dallas Market showroom at
1500 Dragon St in Dallas has shown a true devotion to the ASID. Please visit
us so we can discuss the opportunities to earn your business as a Design
Brian Frailey is the father of two boys. Walker (7) and Brian (12). Brian is
a veteran of Desert Storm serving with the U.S.M.C. Brian has been in the
flooring industry for 19 years and with ProSource for 7. Brian serves as the
Sales Manager at ProSource of Dallas County on Dragon St, and on the
METROCON’06 committee as well as the Industry Partner Rep to the Texas
Chapter of the ASID.
American Society of Interior Designers
Reward, Reunite, Rejuvenate!
The Legacy of Design Awards, the annual competition recognizing the
finest interior design achievements within the Texas Chapter, will again be
held in conjunction with METROCON Expo & Conference, replacing the traditional September Annual Meeting. This year’s event will be held in the ultra
chic Gossip Bar at the Hilton Anatole Hotel [2201 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas]
on August 24, 2006 between 7 pm – 9 pm.
One goal for 2006 is to create an energetic atmosphere for socializing,
while celebrating our members’ achievements and thanking them for their
support. Instead of the traditional sit-down dinner, the event will consist of
a lively cocktail party featuring heavy hors-d’oeuvres and a cash bar. A continuous loop of winners’ work will be featured on three large plasma monitors,
allowing guests to admire their colleagues’ projects throughout the party.
Tickets for the event are $35 and will be able to be purchased through the
ASID Texas office.
In an effort to encourage more entries, ASID Texas both added and revised
categories this year, taking care to accommodate a wide range of projects from
across the state. To alleviate feelings of intimidation, the Chapter created the
RISING STARS division. These 14 categories were open only to designers who
have practiced design for 10 years or less. Designers meeting the RISING STARS
eligibility had the choice of entering either section, as the 20 DESIGN MAVENS
categories were open to all designers regardless of length of practice.
As to be more accommodating and fiscally responsible to our diverse
membership, this year ASID Texas offered two different methods for obtaining
an entry packet: downloading and printing .pdf files off of the
website or requesting from the Chapter Office that an entry packet be mailed
to them. The competition was announced via a mailer to all designer members
in mid-March and was publicized further through email blasts and Industry
Partner showrooms. The due date for submittal binders was 5:00pm on Friday,
May 19, 2006.
Winners will be published in a special supplement in the September issue
of Modern Luxury Dallas magazine, as well as honored at the Legacy of Design
Awards Party. Winners’ names, including select photographs, will be listed
on the public-accessible portion of the ASID Texas website, throughout the
2006-2007 ASID calendar year.
The ASID Texas Chapter is full of amazingly innovative, cleverly creative
designers just bursting with talent. From hospitality to healthcare, retail to residential, our dynamic group serves its clients well and deserves to be noticed.
We hope that members use Legacy of Design as a marketing tool, an ego booster,
or both – as long as they take advantage of this marvelous opportunity not only
to reach potential clients in their areas, but from around the state.
Industry Partners, per your request we have created exclusive sponsorship levels for Legacy of Design 2006. Therefore, if you miss out on the more
limited (and pricier) METROCON06 sponsorships, then a Legacy of Design
sponsorship is for you. It will still allow you to get your company name out
there and focus directly on our dynamic membership of specifiers and buyers.
Please visit the Legacy page of or contact Professional Development
Director, Laura McDonald [[email protected]; 214.559.2568]
to find out how.
If you are interested in volunteering for the Legacy of Design Awards Party,
contact Event Co-Chairs Laurel Paul [[email protected]; 972.226.2585]
and Donna Boatwright [[email protected]; 972.226.2260]. Members
are needed to help set up minimal decorations and to check guests in, issuing
name badges and accepting payment.
Stay tuned to the Legacy of Design page on for updated
information. You won’t want to miss the party of the year, so plan on
joining your fellow Texas Chapter members – as well as a few surprise guests
from ASID National – to Reward, Reunite, and Rejuvenate!
Horizon Tile
214 741 4447
1617 Hi Line Drive
Suite 450
Dallas, TX 75207
As seen at bulthaup showroom
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Member News
J.D. Carter, ASID from Odessa, past President of the Texas Chapter, is
now working for DSA Publishing and Design, Inc. and creating more
ASID design books around the United States.
Ann Spier Delaney, Student rep to the board 2004 –2005 and graduate of Texas State University is now working for Forrest Perkins in Dallas.
She will Chair this fall’s Student Career Day.
San Antonio- based Interior Design firm, Baxter Design Group, Inc.
has opened its first office studio in the heart of Manhattan! We are also
expanding within our firm. Our new Managing Director of Design, Casey
Roy, is advancing Baxter Design Group’s design services to assist
contractors in the development of high-end residences. Furthermore, Casey
is mentoring and managing Baxter Design Group’s design staff to promote
and reinforce high standards of project delivery and client satisfaction. Also
joining our team are Melanie Ford and recent Baylor University Interior
Design graduate, Courtney Balsam. We’re looking for even more experienced designers to join in the fun and growth happening here. We’re looking
for a Senior Designer with extensive project management experience.
Qualified designers must have at least 7 years of experience in either high
end residential or commercial design.
Click on ad for more information on this company.
The Bommarito Group will is slated to be published in the May issue
of Construction Today magazine because of design reputation in the industry.
The Bommarito Group is completing the final construction drawings
for Ballet Austin, the 4th largest classical ballet school in the nation. It will
be the first of many arts projects that have plans to move to the downtown area in the next 3 years. Occupancy is expected May 07. The Bommarito
Group won 7 design awards last year, including 5 first place. The firm has
won at least one design awards every year since 1988. Design Matters.
Dan Lee, AAHID, AIA, ASID was recently honored by the City of
Richardson for the two home renovations completed in 2005. He received
Best of Residential Renovation for these homes in addition to Best of
Commercial Renovation for Capella Court, a local banquet and wedding
Deborah Lloyd Forrest, FASID, and her firm, ForrestPerkins debuted
the Defining Luxury Collection by ForrestPerkins for Kravet Contract at
HD2006 in Las Vegas April 27-29. The collection includes ten patterns in
five colorways each, printed on AvoraFR grounds. The collection is available through Kravet showrooms in Dallas and Houston as well as through
its contract representative, Smith-Brown Partnership. ForrestPerkins is a
sixty-person interior architecture and design firm based in Dallas and
Washington, D.C.
James Kenner, ASID was recently named Vice President of Sawyer
Design Associates of Dallas, Texas. James was formerly with LRK
Architects heading up Hospitality and Multi-family interiors at their home
office in Tennessee for the last four years. Prior to that he was President
and founder of Kenner Moore Design Group of Dallas. A registered
interior designer, James has over 25 years experience in commercial interior design in Dallas. He has been a professional member of ASID since
1989. A seasoned professional, his award-winning work has been published
in some of the leading trade magazines.
It was announced at the IDEC Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, that
Jan Parker, FASID, IIDA, IDEC, is a co-recipient of the annual Carol Price
cont. on page 11
American Society of Interior Designers
cont. from page 10
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Shanis Scholarship to be used to meet educational or professional development goals. The scholarship is awarded by the Interior Designers Educators
Council Foundation.
Jan, who has been the Interior Design Academic Director at The Art Institute
of Dallas for the past 19 years, is enrolled in the Ph. D. program in Architectural
Studies at The University of Missouri - Columbia.
Plinth and Chintz’sfounder and ASID Texas Professional Development Director,
Laura McDonald, ASID / IIDA, proudly announces the addition of Amy Johnson
to the online interior design magazine team. Amy will head up's
and's advertising and product divisions.
Dorian's Interior Design is a new design showroom at 2701 South
Hulen Street in Fort Worth, Texas. Dorian's opened for business May 1, 2006
with the grand opening held on May 25. Dorian's is a division of Stacy Family
Enterprises and is managed by Greg Connally, ASID. The 12,000 square
foot showroom will feature fine furniture, accessories and rugs. Professional
design services will be available from a staff of eight designers and two sales
Holly Hillis (Austin) has agreed to co-chair the media position with
Cynthia Schwartz. Welcome Holly!
Janet Green Interior Design has recently moved into a new office. A
house that they remodeled for their design studio and a custom frame shop.
The new address is 2928 Richmond Road, Texarkana, TX 75503.
A tribute to the immediate past
President, Christi Farley, ASID
What better praise for all that Christi has done than from Susan Castor,
Christi's employer in Corpus Christi and Port Aransas:
"Since Christi joined the firm as my assistant in 1988, she has been a dedicated, loyal, and hard working employee who continues to push herself to
become more knowledgeable. She shares her continuing education with other
designers and is a good mentor to the newer employees in my firm. She is a
team player who always looks out for the good of the whole, which I think
was obvious during her tenure as Texas Chapter president. She made a
concerted effort to be sure that everyone was included, and participated in
some way. I am very impressed with her leadership skills and her dedication
not only to my growing business, but to ASID as well. She was tireless in
her efforts to do both, without letting either one suffer during the time she
was so active in ASID on the State level."
One of Christi's legacies is ASID's involvement with METROCON05. The
ASID / IIDA / IFMA collaborative event involved scores of volunteers from
each organization, many hours of CEPH credits for Interior Designers, and
a chance for 330 vendors to show their products and meet interior designers.
Christi contacted Kelly Warfield, the President of the IIDA Texas/Oklahoma
Chapter, to talk about bringing ASID into the Regional tradeshow and conference. The rest is history. Due to the highly successful METROCON05, the
Texas Chapter will participate in METROCON06 this coming August in Dallas.
We wholeheartedly agree with Susan Castor, and we salute you, Christi,
and thank you for your leadership and for the years you have given to ASID.
Your mark is indelible and we in the Texas Chapter have grown as a result
of your involvement and great leadership.
We are so grateful that Christi took on the task of interpreting National's
guidelines for the new Chapter structure and created the present Texas Chapter
regions and Job descriptions for the 8 board members.
Design Texas • Texas Chapter
An Interview With Irv Schwartz, FASID, AIA
By Laura McDonald, ASID / IIDA
Note: A version of this article appears in the September 2005 “Ready For
My Close-Up” section of the online interior design magazine PLiNTH & CHiNTZ
[] and was reprinted with their permission.
As a recognized profession, interior design is in its infancy. Compared to
the elder statesmen of medicine, law, and architecture, our life — as rich as
it is — occupies but a page or two in the world’s collective yearbook. Only a
handful of people have expertly guided the profession’s evolution, and Irving
Donn Schwartz, FASID, AIA is certainly one of them. For almost five decades,
Irv (as he prefers to be called) has served essentially as an ambassador
between the realms of architecture and interior design, two professions that
— though wholly dependent upon one other — sadly, don’t always see eyeto-eye. We are thrilled that this vibrant member of the “old guard” (we’re
going to pay for that one) agreed to share some highlights from his history.
The years have only made his thinking more progressive. All you newbies out
there — take note.
The question really is: What hasn’t Irv done? To give you a little perspective on why we think Irv is so exemplary and an inspiration to us all, just scroll
down to the bottom of the article to check out his accomplishments.
As you can imagine, Irv has plenty to say, and he does so eloquently; therefore, instead of us writing an article about him, we’ve decided to let him tell
his tale in his own words…
What was your first job related to the design industry and
how did you get it?
“My first design job was with the architectural firm of Richardson, Severns,
Scheeler, and Associates. To call it a ‘design job’ is a misnomer. I was 32 years
old and married with two small children when I decided to become an architect. The fact that the decision was prompted by the three partners of the
firm and made during a fishing vacation with considerable beer probably
made my status with RSSA a little unusual. Besides being close friends, I had
consulted with them on several retail projects and they kept urging me to
join them. I agreed on the condition that I would go back to school and become
an architect. If I had any clear inkling of what that would entail, I probably
would have waited for a more sober moment to make that decision.
“I worked full time, went to school in between, and to keep up with my
family I never (almost never) did homework until the kids were in bed. It took
me ten years to obtain my degrees and my license. Combining education and
practice provided insight impossible to achieve by a linear sequence. The
contribution each discipline made to my understanding and development
was incredible. This dual experience allowed me to go beyond the normal
internship and even challenge the way the practice was structured.
“I was particularly curious about the way interiors were being designed.
I saw the need to ‘complete’ the buildings we designed to ensure that the
needs of the client were thoroughly satisfied. Typically, buildings were designed
by composing areas of function, connecting these spaces with means of circulation, and enclosing the entire arrangement with a shell. Plans never included
furniture placement.
“Decoration was ‘limited’ to reflected ceiling plans and wall elevations
were done to locate switches, thermostats, fire extinguishers, drinking fountains, door locations, sill heights, etc. Everything was painted white, sometimes with accent colors (if at all), and those were typically primary colors.
The above litany is an exaggeration, obviously, but then not too far from
“History showed me examples of architectural interiors and decoration,
even furniture designed by architects. So, what happened? Where did
architects lose their sensitivity? There is an explanation, which you undoubtedly know, and I won’t bore you with the details, except to conclude that
architects did vacate the interiors segment of the design process.
“My hunger for answers led me to join AID (American Institute of Interior
American Society of Interior Designers
Designers — the precursor to ASID, American
Society of Interior Designers). I reasoned
that this would be a good way to learn what
I needed to know to ‘finish’ our designs. I
quickly was told that ‘joining’ AID (in those
days) was not achieved by just a simple
request. I would have to be interviewed. I
was also told to bring samples of my work
for the committee’s judgment. The meeting
dialogue is a whole other story, which is
probably not significant here except to note
that it was an event I have never forgotten.
“The process seemed to work, because
the designers in the Illinois Chapter were
an exceptional group of the most dynamic individuals imaginable, many of
whom went on to become leaders in ASID and the profession. They were also
remarkable in their willingness to help me get up to speed. That experience
has always stayed in my memory and made me realize that I had created a
debt, which could only be repaid by participating in service to the profession. Involvement in ASID and AIA is the primary way to achieve payback.”
What skills have you learned from non-industry experience?
“The obvious answer is everyone I meet has something of value to convey.
The trick is to learn to recognize that something. Being a good listener is one
of the attributes I learned from observing people who I perceived as ‘successful.’
“I recall I was involved in a real estate transaction, and I was excited about
making the deal. The lease would make it possible to continue my education
while working and still have the lifestyle I thought was essential for my family’s
well being.
“I babbled on and on. I never stopped selling and making concessions. My
attorney, a very wise individual who I admired enormously, took me aside and
said ‘shut up long enough for them to agree with you.’ A lesson I have never
forgotten. You can’t listen when you’re talking. One last example is advice that
my mother gave me. She said: ‘Always treat the people you want as friends
as if you met them for the first time.’ Simply, never want to take people for
granted. It takes constant nurturing to make relationships work.”
You own your own firm. What made you decide to establish your
own business?
“Opening a business was easy. The decision was made for me. It was a
combination of circumstances, timing, and probably my stubborn desire to
do things better than anyone else. Being competitive did not hurt either.
However, it was never about money (unfortunately).”
What kinds of tasks / projects do you work on and what’s a
typical day like for you?
“A typical day? I’m not really sure there is such a thing. But, that’s not a
complaint. That’s good! I have always had the philosophy that being an architect or an interior designer meant you ‘worked’ the profession. The business (management) aspect was a necessary requirement. What I do everyday
is practice design. Everything else is superfluous. I am not an executive!
“I have kept our office size compact enough so that architects of all
levels practice architecture, interior designers do interiors, and, in most cases,
they get involved with each other. Administration is handled by our office
manager with input from everyone to sufficient level to be efficient, but never
to the detriment of our design work. We have no titles devoted to executive
“Our projects are primarily in hospitality, more narrowly directed to golf
clubs and recreational facilities. We do renovations, master plans, new
construction, and all related facets.”
cont. on page 13
cont. from page 12
What did you learn in school that you feel really prepared you
for a career in architecture and design?
“School does, or should, provide basic skills. Skills in sufficient depth are
to be acquired after graduation. Acquiring business-related education was
helpful. History is the foundation for design, so I took all that was offered. I
have thoughts on the educational process, but enough is enough for now.”
American Society of Interior Designers National Documents Committee,
which created the AIA / ASID joint copyright contracts published in 1980;
currently the ASID representative revising the interior design documents;
member of Texas Association for Interior Design [TAID]; instrumental in
the passage of the legislation registering interior designers
• 1989 – Treasurer, ASID Texas Chapter
What was biggest mistake that you made as a young designer,
and how did you deal with it?
“It has been so long ago, I cannot remember, which is probably my way
of handling whatever it was.”
Dynamic Duo
So now do you understand why we look up to Irv? Where he has found the
time and energy to do all that he has done is a mystery. We’re sure his wife,
Jeannine Bazer-Schwartz, FASID, has had something to do with it. (See
Jeannine’s contribution to PLiNTH & CHiNTZ in the July 2005 installment of
“Go Ahead… Ask Me.”) The two of them together make one heck of a team,
and we should all be grateful for their dedication to the profession of interior design. Now go out there and make your own contribution — maybe we’ll
be writing about you someday!
You are a member of both AIA and ASID. How has membership in these organizations benefited you over the years?
“Belonging to AIA and ASID has provided me the opportunity to serve
the profession(s) and my peers. Note that I used the plural with profession.
I really don’t see the separation to the extent that the societies representing them emphasize. I predict that, eventually, architecture and interior design will be unified, though individually practiced as specialties.”
How do you stay current with what is going on in the design
“I am probably not current. Too busy pontificating my own ideas. Though,
I do keep my CEUs (continuing education units) intact and continue to be
curious about everything that composes our profession. I also insist that
we encourage salesmen and reps to visit us. And, we treat them with courtesy and show them appreciation for their efforts.”
Is there any other information that you would like to mention
that we haven’t covered here?
This Is Irv’s Life (as it relates to the A&D world, anyway)
Academics [University of Illinois]
• 1949 – Bachelor of Science in Industrial Administration
• 1956 – Bachelor of Science in Architecture
• 1970 – Master of Science in Architecture
• 1973-1975 – Lecturer, Notre Dame University
• 1979-1982 – Adjunct Professor of Architecture, University of Illinois
Graduate School of Architecture
• 1987-1991 – Visiting Lecturer and Associate Professor of Design, University
of North Texas
• 1970 – founded IDS, Inc. [Champaign, Illinois]
• 1983 – President of Architectural Designers, Inc. the architectural subsidiary
of Club Corporation of America [Dallas, Texas]; developed the firm into
a 50-person full-service architectural and interior design firm, producing
over 60 clubs
• 1985 – founded ISD/B, Inc. [Dallas, Texas]; a full-service architectural
and interior design firm, specializing in hospitality design; has produced
over 40 country clubs, athletic, and city clubs through the USA and abroad
• registered architect in 20 states
Professional Service
• 1976 – National Treasurer, American Society of Interior Designers [ASID]
• 1978 – National President, ASID
• 1980 – President, National Council for Interior Design Qualification
[NCIDQ]; one of the original founders and served on the board for 12 years
• 1980s – present – involved with the American Institute of Architects /
Grand-Prize Winner
Announced in Southern
Accents/ASID Design Contest
Living Room Design Takes Top Award in
National Residential Interior Design Contest
The American Society of Interior Designers and Southern Accents magazine are pleased to announce that Barbara Howard, ASID, an Atlanta-based
interior designer, was named grand-prize winner of the sixth annual National
Residential Interior Design Contest. Howard, the top honoree in the living
room category, was presented a check for $10,000 during a special ceremony at INTERIORS 06: The ASID Conference on Design, held March 15 19 in Nashville, Tenn.
In her design, Howard used a clean-lined approach to create a timeless,
yet modern, living room. To contrast the formality of the velvet-chenille sofa,
iron coffee table and damask ribbon-back chairs, Howard used casual cotton
pillows, glass cylinder lamps with plain paper shades, and wool-sisal carpeting
in the room. She chose a tan paint on the walls and ceiling to go with the
natural palette of the furniture. The judges noted that this room is a "forever"
room, as it will look as classic in 20 years as it does now.
The other finalists in the competition were:
Kitchen Category: Sandra Chancey, ASID, and Catherine Christie,
ASID, of Sandra B. Chancey Interior Design in Tampa, Fla.
Bathroom Category: Rozanne Jackson, of Rozanne Jackson Interiors
in Nashville, Tenn.
Each project was judged on its successful integration of utility, comfort,
and originality. Judges for the 2005 competition were Grant Eric Gribble,
ASID, of Gribble Interior Group in Orlando, Fla., and Judy Pickett, ASID,
of Design Lines, Ltd., in Raleigh, N.C., along with Southern Accents editors.
The 2005 winners were featured in the September-October 2005 issue
of Southern Accents magazine. Visit and for information about the 2006 National Residential Interior
Design Contest.
Design Texas • Texas Chapter
Welcome ASID Newest Members
New Members
Marci Barnes, ASID
Sullivan Barnes Associates
3312 Amlerst Ave.
Dallas, TX 75225-0000
(214) 378-7000
[email protected]
Leslie Reilly, ASID
Leslie Reilly Studio
455 Cypress Creek Lane
Wimberley, TX 78676
(512) 894-0907
[email protected]
Mary E. Ruch, ASID
Montgomery Roth
4125 Mildenhall Drive
Plano, TX 75093
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[email protected]
Stacy Sawyer, ASID
167 Turtle Creek Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75207
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Mary Jane Schooley, ASID
RDS Architects
388 Market St., Suite 670
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 954-1908
[email protected]
Tomoko Stratemann, ASID
225 Bending Oak
New Braunfels, TX 78130
(408) 309-1579
[email protected]
New Allied Members
Sandy S. Alcala, Allied Member ASID
12800 Arroyo Drive
Manchaca, TX 78652
(512) 261-9329
[email protected]
Ida Dalton, Allied Member ASID
800 W Renner Rd, Apt 2024
Richardson, TX 75080-1039
(972) 490-1888
[email protected]
Angela Gameson, Allied Member ASID
Hawkins Welwood Homes
519 Village Drive
Lewisville, TX 75067-5244
(469) 766-7124
[email protected]
Stacy Lynn Hillman, Allied Member ASID
104 Whitehouse Hill Court
Lufkin, TX 75901
(936) 240-5517
[email protected]
American Society of Interior Designers
Kimberly Lovett, Allied Member ASID
11350 Fourpoints Drive, # 1024
Austin, TX 78726
(512) 506-8482
[email protected]
Anna C. Robinson, Allied Member ASID
1101 Lorrain St.
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 236-8733
[email protected]
Sally White, Allied Member ASID
SMW Design
3729 Cresthaven Terrace
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 626-1500
(817) 626-2998 fax
[email protected]
Sherry Zare, Allied Member ASID
8602 Oak Mountain Circle
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 825-7799
[email protected]
New Industry Partners
Jennifer Adams
Lights Fantastic
4645 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 369-1101
(214) 369-1103 fax
[email protected]
Patrick Antognelli
Decoro Design
6505 W Park Blvd., Ste 306-294
Plano, TX 75093
(214) 558-1068
[email protected]
Frank Boardman, AIA
American Leather
4501 Mountain Creek Pkwy.
Dallas, TX 75236
(972) 590-9225
(972) 590-9225 fax
[email protected]
Kellie Cross
National Wallcovering
1444 Oak Lawn Ave., Ste 319
Fort Worth, TX 76123
(214) 742-1000
(214) 742-1441 fax
[email protected]
Michael Dodson
M Audio Video Design Group, Ltd.
3235 Skylane, Ste 101
Carrollton, TX 75006
(214) 552-4333
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[email protected]
Ann Doggett
C-D Constructions Services
7110 I 45 North
Houston, TX 77076
(713) 789-0360
[email protected]
George Gretser
Dallas Home Design
8111 LBJ Freeway, Ste 100
Dallas, TX 75251
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Stuart Harrison
American Leather
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Jerry Hibberd
The Coatings Alliance, LLC
Walnut Hill Paints
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[email protected]
David Hoskins
431 Marcus Drive
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[email protected]
Tommy Kissell, Jr.
Sound Imagae Audio/Video Design Group
3330 Earhurt Drive
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(972) 503-4434
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[email protected]
John Lane
Onis Stone, Inc.
1116 E Vickery Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76104
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[email protected]
Edward Lenz
Dallas Trading Company
2207 Creekside Circle S
Irving, TX 75063
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Cynthia Manis
Bath & Kitchen Showplace/Moore Supply
8740 Shoal Creek Road
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[email protected]
Bob Munro
Sacred Pause Photography
6010 McCommas
Dallas, TX 75206
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Connie Nannen
Designer's Patio
3250 Story Road
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Don Norris
Provencal Home
701 S Capital of Texas Hwy., Ste D-440
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[email protected]
Sven Olsen
Aaron Brothers
1221 South Belt Line Riad, Ste 500
Coppell, TX 75019
(214) 492-6290
(323) 726-4248 fax
[email protected]
Beth Rafferty
IBB Design Group Furniture Showroom
5798 Genesis Court
Frisco, TX 75034
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(214) 618-6699 fax
[email protected]
Kathy Runkel
Heart Vision Enterprises, Inc.
P.O. Box 168424
Irving, TX 75016
(214) 363-8246
[email protected]
Roulla Savva
House of Knobs
19-22 45th St
Astoria, NY 11105
(516) 333-7100
(516) 333-7100 fax
[email protected]
Bryan Stewart
Travista Custom Solutions, LP
2620 Buell Ave., Ste 200
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[email protected]
Stephanie Styles
311 Smith Industrial Blvd.
Dalton, GA 30722-1447
(706) 259-2070
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Deborah Wallace
Designer's Patio
3250 Story Road
Irving, TX 75038
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(972) 258-4800fax
[email protected]
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Design Texas • Texas Chapter
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Interiors’06 in Nashville
By Robin Black
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Publishing & Design Inc.
Industry Partner and
Publisher for ASID
California North
Slocum Stalls
Gulf Coast
Advertisers Maryland
Missouri-West Kansas
New Jersey
Orange County
Pennsylvania East
San Diego
Washington State
For Advertising Information
972-562-6966 • [email protected]
American Society of Interior Designers
Many Texas Chapter and Texas Gulf Coast ASID Designers attended this national
ASID conference. Board members from Dallas joined me:
Laura McDonald, ASID / IIDA, Professional Development, Rosemarie Rene,
ASID President-Elect-Elect, Robert Preston Henry, ASID Texas Chapter Financial
Chair, and former Texas Chapter President; Texas Chapter members: Linda Steinberg,
ASID and former Texas Chapter President from Dallas, Sonya Odell, ASID /
IIDA former Texas Chapter Board member, Past President of the Tennessee Chapter,
and ASID committee chair for MetroCon’05 from Dallas, Deborah Lloyd Forrest,
FASID presenting the Interior of one of her projects, the Hermitage hotel in Nashville,
Kimberly Marks, ASID / IIDA from San Antonio presenting her course on “Building
Codes for Interiors”, J.D. Carter from Odessa, past President of the Texas Chapter,
and now with DSA Publishing and Design, Inc., Cathy Ford Montgomery, FASID,
from Colorado and past President of the Texas Chapter and past National ASID
President, Donna Jarnigan, ASID, the Texas Gulf Coast Chapter President, Donna
Vining, FASID, Executive Director TAID, former president of NCIDQ (now CIDA)
from Houston.
The book 30 years of ASID, written by an ASID National Staff member was
passed around for all to sign for Irv Schwartz, AIA, FASID, to celebrate his years
and leadership rolls with ASID.
Speakers at Interiors ’06 included Patricia Moore, PhD., and FIDSA who gave
a one-woman play about accessibility. It was complete with slide show with
photographs of her as an 80+ year old trying to navigate the bus, store, and restaurants of NYC. National ASID gave Ms. Moore a prestigious award commending her
work in the field of accessibility.
Another keynote was Phil Terry, CEO, of Creative Good, who reinforced the
fact that interior designers are a service and that we cannot possibly know everything and need help from consultants to stay on the cutting edge with our clients.
His firm helps clients to communicate better and redesigns websites. He walked us
through the Gateway computer website which his firm updated.
Susan S. Szenasy, the Editor-In-Chief of Metropolis Magazine was present and
most receptive to Laura McDonald’s invitation to be a keynote panel leader for
Nashville is a lovely historical town complete with art museum in the 1930’s
art deco post office and has a perfect 1920”s replica of the Parthenon in Athens. A
huge fundraiser for was held in the Country Music Hall of Fame and we all tried to
sing like the Carter Family. Next year the conference will be held in San Francisco.
New Name and Look for FIDER
The Foundation for Interior Design Education Research, known as FIDER, recently
announced that its name has changed to the Council for Interior Design Accreditation
(CIDA). “The intent of the name change is to explicitly communicate our mission
and values. We celebrate a 35-year history of developing and applying quality standards for interior design education. Accreditation is our singular focus,” said Joseph
Pettipas, ASID, 2006 board chair. Through a process of self evaluation and peer
review, accreditation promotes achievement of high academic standards, while
making education more responsive to student and societal needs. The Council
engages nearly 200 volunteers, all drawn from interior design practice and education, to carry out its work. There are now 145 interior design programs accredited
by the Council. A broad constituency supports the Council’s work to set standards
for interior design education and evaluate entry-level education programs. “We
bring together representatives from the professional societies, testing, higher education, manufacturing, publishing, and others with an interest in the growing body
of knowledge,” said Kayem Dunn, CIDA executive director.” The community is
well represented in Council activities and this helps propel us forward.
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Closet Factory
Student News
Round Trip Interiors ‘06
On a bright and sunny March day, three interior design students from Baylor
University set off for the Interiors 06’ Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.
Kristen Rose, Sally Trigg, and Sara Wilson loaded up their car and headed
off into the sunrise. After being interviewed Sara said that they got interested
in the trip after talking to her dad about more ways to get more involved with
interior design and ASID. “So we looked into ASID's national conference and
he encouraged us to all go since it would be beneficial to us personally, our
career, and our school.”
The way there they stopped in Houston and Hattiesburg, Mississippi where
they were able to visit family and take a break from the long 13 hour drive.
After arriving in Nashville it was off to the conference where these three ladies
attended the multiple events that were held during the conference. After
being asked what did you learn from attending Interiors 06’ Sara said, “I
learned a lot about the different avenues you can take as an interior designer,
a lot about interior designers and their willingness to help and I learned about
what the workshops offered too.” Because of their eagerness to network and
learn more about the industry Kristen, Sally and Sara met many interesting
designers from all over the country. Sara said “Everyday we sat by new people,
all who had a different experience with interior design and new advice to
offer. At the social events it was fun to run into them again in a less formal
The conference ran for three full days filled with seminars, cocktail parties,
and dinners. Sara was asked what did the trip do for you which she replied,
“I felt really empowered as a future interior designer. It helped me get a feel
for what goes on after graduation. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun.”
Sally commented that she benefited from the trip because “I got many good
contacts, a new outlook on interior design and the people in the field, helpful
information from the classes, great sight-seeing in Nashville, and good times
with friends.”
On their way home these three ladies drove non-stop from Tennessee to
Waco Texas, that is almost a 13 hour drive! Sara said the best part of the
trip was “Going with friends and all three of us really getting something out
of it.” After being asked if she was planning on attending next year Kristen
said “We would actually like to get a group together from our ASID student
chapter to go next year. I think that it would be very beneficial for us and our
Kristin Rose, Sally Trigg, and Sara Wilson
Design Texas • Texas Chapter
The Gathering
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Art & Antiques Marketplace
1515 Turtle Creek Blvd. Dallas, TX 75207
Join us for Lunch at The Turtle Dove Bistro
Congratulations to all the
people who passed the
NCIDQ exam in 2005!
APRIL 2005
Anna Abaya, Tamara Ainsworth Graciela Andraos, Leigh Blake, Holly Bristol,
Jamie Carroll, Edwin Davis, Laura Davis, Martha Davis, Leslie Eiland,
Angela Estes, Nicole Ferrini, Emily Gibson, Meedi Hidalgo, Amanda Hill, David
Holt , Melissa Huffman, Yvette D. Jarvis, Clinton Johnson, Amie Keener, Laura
Keesee, Kara Kennedy, Carlysa King, Jenette Kinsler, Kathryn Leeson-Kight,
Ashley Lipscomb, April Miller, Ginger Miner,Jennifer Ostroff, Heidi Parker, Kim
Rich, Chad Rogers, Reed Ronald, Casey Roy, Jodi Shannon, Brandi Staples,
Amy Steen, Lisa Teakell, Joanna Tuttle, Dallas Wells, Breanna White, Mary
Whitehurst, Sarah Wilson, Stephanie Wilson.
Mary Bartlett, Kim Bates, Jody Berger, Christen Bernard, Kathryn Biehn, Jodi
Bonet, Stacey Brewer, Lindsay Carlile, Angela Christiansen, Mary Clark, Linsey
Denny, Alison Dominguez, Megan Ebert, Helen Erdman, Adria Findley, Meagan
Forsyth, Carolina Gentry, Lauren Grumbles, Catherine Harvey, Susannah
Hebert, Jennifer Hodges, Christa Howard, Ann Hsieh, Mary Ibison, Kylie
Johnson, Jennifer Kinslow, Jennifer Lacy, Hyun-Lee Lee, Melissa Lewis, William
Maguire, Jana Mead, Laurie Mitchell, Stephanie Norvell, Angelique Nossa,Laura
Roach, Stephen Sanchez, Hugh Scarbrough, Sarita Stewart, Teri Symington,
Sandra Taylor, Amy Thomasson, Maria Troia.
American Society of Interior Designers
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Student News
Students Give Career Day An A+
The Texas Chapter Of The American Society Of Interior Designers Teaches Students
That There’s More To Design Than What They Learn In The Classroom
By Laura McDonald, ASID / IIDA
Over 200 attendees from 12 design programs* around Texas and New
Mexico descended upon Dallas’ World Trade Center on Friday, February 24th
for one energetic Student Career Day. Attendance more than doubled from
last year’s event, making it the most successful ASID Texas Student Career
Day ever.
The event’s theme – Day Of Practical News That You Can Use – proved
popular with both students and educators. The morning session addressed
a broad range of need-to-know topics:
• The Lowdown – what ASID can do for you and you can do for ASID (by
Robin Black)
• STEPping It Up – ASID’s NCIDQ exam prep course will get you ready (by
Mia Kile)
• NCIDQ & TBAE [Texas Board of Architectural Examiners] – the vast differences, the maze of procedures, and how to effectively work with both
without losing your mind (by Scott Frelick)
• NCIDQ’s IDEP – experience it for yourself (by Laura McDonald)
• Alphabet Soup – decoding all those appellations and acronyms (by Scott
Frelick & Laura McDonald)
• On The Verge – ASID Dallas’ Emerging Designer Peer Groups (by Linda
• Workin’ It - how to register with the World Trade Center and work with
showrooms like an old pro (by Ashley Gage, Dallas Market Center)
Students were then guided by area professionals on a tour of ASID Industry
Partner showrooms during the Discovery Challenge Scavenger Hunt. Participating
showrooms: included Ambari, BJ Ferber, Contempo Designs, DSA / The Patio
Resource, Gallery Eleven, Gallery Six, Hemisphere, Lam Lee, The Patricia
Group, P.A. Turner & Co, The Reyna Collection, Rosenbaum Fine Art, and Rose
Afterwards students enjoyed lunch, a brief talk from lead sponsor Sherwin
Williams, and many raffle prizes provided by the day’s sponsors, including
Dallas Market Center, The Patricia Group, ProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings,
After inspiring the audience with her lecture on “Mapping Your Future,”
HKS Inc. Vice President, AnnMarie Wittig, ASID, CST, joined an esteemed
panel of diverse professionals: J.D. Carter, ASID – J.D. Carter Interior Design;
Patricia Gifford-Crocker, ASID – The Patricia Group; Connie Jackson,
ASID – Wilson & Associates; and Sonya Odell, ASID – Leo A. Daly. Full
of humor, energy and candor, the powerhouse group shared words of wisdom,
job-hunting tips, and basic dos and don’ts with the attentive crowd.
The day culminated in a fun networking cocktail party, which brought
together students, educators, professionals, industry partners and the public.
Connie Dufner, Home Editor of media sponsor The Dallas Morning News, introduced keynote speaker and native Texan Christi Proctor, ASID, designer on
TLC’s Trading Spaces and Registered Interior Designer in the State of Texas.
Proctor, a graduate of Baylor University in Waco, Texas, charmed the audience with her entertaining stories of design successes, failures, and surprises,
as well as her thoughts on the value of design in people’s lives.
The meaningful day was finally concluded with the announcement of the
winners of the Student Career Day Design Competition, which included nine
American Society of Interior Designers
professional-type categories. Proctor and Student Career Day Chair, Scott
Frelick, ASID, handed out ASID certificates and cash awards, which were
underwritten by a generous donation from the ASID Dallas Community. See
below for a list of the winners. Photos of the entire day’s activities can be
viewed on the Student Career Day page of
*Schools represented: Abilene Christian University, Amarillo College, Art
Institute of Dallas, Baylor, Collin County Community College, El Centro, Santa
Fe Community College, Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas State
University, Texas Tech University, University of North Texas, University of
the Incarnate Word
Bathroom Design
Award of Merit - Terry Lee & Shannon Johnston - The Art Institute of Dallas
Commercial Design
First Place - Lacey Hickman - Baylor University
Award of Merit - Liliana Arguelles Kylander - Texas State University
Computer Rendering
First Place - Kaydi Joyner - Texas Tech University
Award of Merit - Lacey Hickman - Baylor University
Furniture Design
First Place - Kaydi Joyner - Texas Tech University
Award of Merit - Cindy McCuistion - Texas Tech University
Hand Rendering
First Place- Ashley Ann Goad - Baylor University
Award of Merit - April Heflich - Baylor University
Honorable Mention - Vladyslav Gorbenkov - Abilene Christian University
Kitchen Design
First Place - Kelly Conklin - Abilene Christian University
Award of Merit - Katharine Lagoy - Baylor University
Loft Design
First Place- April Heflich & Ashley Ann Goad - Baylor University
Award of Merit - Corinne Elizabeth Whitney - University of North Texas
Product Design
First Place- Jamie Cindel Luby - Texas Tech University
Residential Design
First Place- Rachel Rockstroh - University of North Texas
Award of Merit - Ashley Elks - Texas State University
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from TAID
French Brown
When only
the Best will do..
The ABC’s of becoming
involved in helping TAID
This is for students, professionals, industry and any interested family,
friends etc.
If you are a student you can be a great help in your home town by getting
involved with the legislators in your district this summer; or during the
school year we would love to have you as part of our regional boards; then
plan on attending TAID Legislative days in Austin January 29th and 30th
As a professional you have many opportunities: talk about the practice
act with your fellow designers, your resources and the other professionals
that you do business with; check with the architects you know and secure
their support. BE proactive belong to TAID
If you are a designer working within the industry secure support from
your employer; suggest that they join TAID as an industry member, and/or
support TAID as well through advertising in our newsletter or by contributing
financially to TAID.
Professionals join your regional board, or if there is not one in your area
start one!! Or go direct, take a friend and volunteer to help your Representative,
or if your Senator is up for re-election call and volunteer as well.
Use your home address to contact on the main
page; left column, “click” on Senators; fourth choice is ‘Who Represents me?’ The left column on the main page, “click” on
members. In the right hand corner, you can fill in your address to find your
Representative. You will be given your Representative’s and Senator’s local
and Austin information. Call the local office and ask for the campaign office
number (it will be separate from their legislative office).
Once you have reached the campaign office, introduce yourself as one of
their constituents; let them know you would like to help with his/her campaign.
They are more than grateful to have your smiling face there to fold, stuff, label
flyers; envelopes or phone banks; any number of various duties. They are so
appreciative of any and all help. This is not any different than volunteering
at your neighborhood school; art event or charity or professional organization….everyone needs you!!
As you get to know the staffers and the representative you can inform them
that you are an interior designer; that we will file a bill for a practice act
during the coming legislative session and would like to educate them about
it. You show your interest in helping them first, and then you can help by
educating them, after all, what they see is HGTV and most don’t know that
there is a difference between an interior decorator and an interior
If you are not able to actively participate in our Adopt-A-Legislator
program, be supportive of your profession by financially contributing to the
TAID PAC. This will enable other TAID members to further their volunteer
opportunities by contributing though the PAC. Contribute with time or money
or both.
Keep in the loop, be a part of the future of interior design, help secure a
practice act!!
Come to French-Brown
to see one of the finest
selections of custom wood
flooring and hand painted
ceramic tiles in the nation.
7007 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75231
214 363-4341
Student News
Mark Your Calendars Now
For The Next ASID Texas
Student Career Day!
Friday, October 27, 2006
at the Decorative Center Dallas
For the first time, ASID Texas will be partnering with Decorative Center
Dallas to hold Student Career Day in conjunction with their very popular
annual Celebration of Design event. That means only one trip to Dallas for
the school year if you want to attend both. Plus, in the spirit of cooperation
and education, ASID Texas does not want to deny students the opportunity
to attend IIDA Texas / Oklahoma’s Student Day as well, which is traditionally held in Houston in the spring. So now students will have one event in
the fall, and one in the spring. Stay tuned for more information. If you are
interesting in helping with the event, contact:
Laura McDonald, ASID / IIDA
ASID Texas Professional
Development Director
[email protected]
Anne Delaney, Allied ASID
Forrest Perkins
Student Career Day Chair
[email protected]
214.953.2210 x131
Design Texas • Texas Chapter
The “Q” and you
By Helen Erdman, ASID
All my loyal fans out there, (and you three know who you are) might notice
that my byline has changed from the “Allied” appellation to the coveted
professional ASID. I did it—I passed the most dreaded test west of the Pecos,
or is that south of the Red River? And I am living proof that anyone can pass
this test once you have gotten over the “fear “ factor!
In order to help other people who are studying for the NCIDQ, Julie Reynolds,
ASID and I are hosting a “Q” study group on alternating Mondays at the ASID
office from 5:00 P.M.-8:00 P.M
Our “Q” group has a lot of fun (so they tell us) and are not only learning
about the test, but reviewing interior design facts that may have been dormant
for years. Our goal is to have everyone in the group sit for the Fall exam.
Bring dinner and a beverage and join us if you want to study, ask questions,
and have a great time.
We have people joining us all the time and they catch up pretty quickly.
Our group now consists of Faye Nelson, Kelly Allen, Kim Armstrong
,Kim Turner, Laurel Paul, Meredith Piper, Nancy Kelley, Nancy
Newbern, Rosemarie Rene, Terri Cooper, and Tina Christensen. If
these folks can step up and take the exam, so can you.
We have broken it down into two sections each session—reviewing the
questions in the study manual, and guerilla space planning in the practicum
part. We give you a book list , hand outs, and encouragement. Occasionally,
there are cookies!
With this method of teaching, we hope to not only acquaint candidates
with the test material and format , but to take the fear away from the testing
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process. By removing this fear of the test, candidates finally realize that
they DO know this material--- after all, it is what we all do for a living
every day.
If you wish to join us, email Julie at [email protected] or me at [email protected]
And remember, we are NOT afraid of any “Q”!
IIDA-TAID Meeting Recap
If you were having far too much fun, or did not attend last night's IIDA
meeting, at the Belmont in March; here is information about TAID, your
interior design legislative coalition:
• Texas Association for Interior Design (TAID), your interior design legislative coalition, was the driving force in the 1980's that brought about the
Interior Design Title Act, passed into law in 1991 through the Texas
• TAID's position, since that time, has been to monitor & preserve the title
act within the legislative process and the Texas Board of Architectural
Examiners (TBAE) our licensing body.
• TAID's board is made up of IIDA and ASID member's. Louise Nicholson
Carter, IIDA arrived as the IIDA rep to the board in 2000; she is our
current past president; several past president's of both the Texas and
Gulf Coast Chapter's of ASID are current members
• TAID is an all volunteer organization representing all registered interior designers in Texas; members ($75.00 Dues), anyone can be a member
(interior designers, relatives, business associates, clients); outside funding
comes mainly from professional organizations; i.e. IIDA and ASID, and
the design industry. Individual supporters, through fund raisers, are often
our greatest resource, as well. All of our contributors enable us to hire
the lobbyists that represent us in Austin; fulfill our marketing efforts and
pay our staff (1)
• DESIGN PAC is our political action committee that allows us, through
individual donations (no corporate money is accepted) to work with state
legislators and other elected officials who have shown an attitude of
support for the interior design profession.
• TAID and the design community is pursuing a Interior Design Practice
act in the 2007 (Jan -May)Texas legislative session .
• WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Become a member; get involved, help us with
our Adopt-A-Legislator program!! Working the representative's campaigns,
all 149 are up for re-election every two years; the senators have six
year terms, out of 32 a third are up for re-election. Working with the candidates and their staff can develop personal relationships on the local level,
giving us the grass roots we need when the legislature is in session in
• CONTACT: Amanda Kendall, your IIDA representative to the TAID Board
or your regional TAID Board members: Amanda, Peggy Noakes, Kelly
Warfield, Sonya Odell, Dan Lee or Pat McLaughlin [email protected]
American Society of Interior Designers
Your complete f loor covering resource.
Rugs & Carpets:
Custom Rugs & Carpets:
327 Cole Street, Dallas, TX 75207
214-741-5400 F: 214-741-5401
Hard Surface:
Broadloom Carpet:
• BR11
• W.F.I.
• I.M.C.
Industry Partner News
We are proud to announce the opening of the Closet Factory on May 1st.
Owned and operated by Carolyn Hopkins, Allied Member ASID. Closet
Factory is rated #1 in the organizational industry. Every storage solution is
100% custom, made to order. Ask us for the closet, family room or office of
your dreams. We also do commercial projects. We appreciate designer referrals and offer a generaous designer referral fee. Please call Carolyn at 512443-7800 for more details and a brochure for your clients in Austin, San
Marcos, San Antonio.
Industry partner MDESIGN has cabinetry that host electronics components and speakers. MDESIGN has a designer program and is also a
certified dealer in the area and has been approved to work with ASID. Designers
can become a member through us. We can be your complete audio and video
resource. Design tech installer and vendor for all your needs not only our
Dallas Stone Center, a boutique granite supplier located 1 block south
of Royal Lane off Denton Drive has recently received a beautiful shipment
of Verde Amazon in both 2 and 3 cm. This granite is practically 3 dimensional
featuring various shades of moss green and golds reminiscent of the Amazon
On the last Friday of each month beginning in May, DSC is launching
"Fabulous Fridays"! They will offer incredible pricing on exotic granite slabs
along with refreshments through the lunch hour. Come join us for this exciting
event, we would love to have you!
Elegant Additions, a new design plumbing and hardware showroom,
had the national launch of Jamie Drake's New American Glamour fittings for
the bath by THG. The entire bathroom was trucked into Dallas for Elegant
Additions grand opening May 11th. The fittings are truly reminiscent of the
40's glam! A few of the taps will remain in the Dallas showroom along with
some other very "glamorous" things. Stop in to see what your client's next
bath can look like. The Dallas showroom will be filled with the latest bath
and kitchen designs that were recently acquired at the 2006 Kitchen and
Bath conference.
Elegant Additions is proud to say they have just hired their three year
intern, Amanda Whatley, as a new full time sales person. Recently graduated from The Art Institute, Amanda will be doing showroom sales and specifications in the Houston showroom.
Travis Harlan has joined Locke Sales & Marketing in the Central Texas
markets. Travis has worked with the ASID and their partners while employed
by Home Expo and has now joined in Locke Sales & Marketing representing
manufacturers of Decorative Hardware and Plumbing. Please welcome Travis
as he begins his new role calling on Designers for Baldwin Hardware, Watermark
Designs, Neptune Tubs, and Norwell Lighting in the Austin and San Antonio,
TX markets. Travis can be contacted at 210-421-1851.
Steelcase has opened a new showroom in Dallas. The showroom is located
on street level off McKinney Ave, right in the Dallas Uptown district. The new
showroom demonstrates a true experience of the “new” Steelcase—
cont. on page 24
Design Texas • Texas Chapter
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Industry Partner News
cont. from page 23
offering research-driven, conceptual applications in a minimalist environment. The showroom is an effective venue, communicating the brand of
Steelcase including the Steelcase Design Partnership of Brayton, Metro, Vecta,
Designtex, Details, and Polyvision products.
The showroom coincides with a new launch of Steelcase coverage for
the Architecture and Design community, providing several resources to support
the A&D community. Leading the effort is Britta Swenson, a native Minneapolis,
MN Steelcase employee since 2000. Britta joined the Dallas team in 2004
and recently acquired the role of A&D focus. Along with Britta, Cindy Beavers
supports select firms focusing on law and finance. Cindy joins Steelcase Dallas
with over 15 years of industry experience. Libby Larson, a Dallas Steelcase
team member for over 20 years, specializes in Healthcare. And finally, Anita
Howard, serving the Dallas market for over 15 years, supports firms
working with Global Alliance customers.
If you have any questions about the changes, or would simply like to
visit the new showroom—please contact Britta Swenson at 214-789-1695.
Wind Water Gallery Asian Antiques (Industry Partner) recently moved
to a new 9,000 square foot custom built gallery to show all of their Asian
Home Decor. (548 W. 19th Street in the Heights) They now carry Chinese,
Tibet, Mongolian, Indian, Thai, Burmese and Cambodian antiques and home
decor. They have also added lamps and many home accesssories to their
large, in stock selection.
Industry Partner, Daltile Corporation international manufacturer and
wholesale distributor of ceramic and tile and stone products across the United
States and Canada welcomes to our San Antonio sales service center
American Society of Interior Designers
Grace Robison, our newest Builder Representative. Grace is a South Texas
native who received a degree in Psychology at the University of the Incarnate
Word. Grace worked in sales with the Republic Beverage Company for several
years before accepting her new position with Daltile through a referral form
Ruth Jordan, project designer at Insite Architects.
We would also like to announce, Beth Ann Falcon, our Builder Representative
for the past two years, has been promoted to Sales Representative, calling
on flooring dealers and contractors across South Texas.
Dallas Market Center, ASID IP, will host Elle Décor’s Dining by Design
during the Dallas International Gift and Home Accessories Market in June
(June 21-28, 2006). Dining by Design is a national fundraising effort to benefit
DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS. The tables will be on
view in the Dallas Market Center’s Trade Mart starting on Wednesday, June
21. A cocktail reception preview to the trade will be Friday evening, June 23
during Dallas Market Center’s Shop Late ‘til Eight night. The gala will be
Saturday evening, June 24. Guests will dine at the tables created by participating designers. ELLE DECOR's Dining by Design showcases the personal
passions of some of the world's leading design talents. National touring tables
include one designed by Margaret Russell, Editor-in-Chief of Elle Decor
and renowned architect David Rockwell. For ticket information to the cocktail reception and gala, please call the DIFFA office at 214-748-8580.
Also to note, Margaret Russell, Editor-in-Chief of Elle Décor, will be the
keynote speaker during June Super Market at the Dallas Market Center.
cont. on page 25
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Industry Partner News
cont. from page 24
Please visit to see the new webpage for the
Design Showrooms, ASID IP, of the World Trade Center. Their new presence on our website allows for designers to view upcoming design events
and dates, design showrooms news, and our online design lines directory.
FiberLoom is a leading producer of stunning Fine Art Wall Tapestries that
are considered among the finest in the industry. While suited for all wall
dimensions, these are particularly ideal for spaces with large walls.
Interior designers, builders and fine retailers typically remark that ours
are superior to tapestries they have seen. Neiman Marcus is a customer;
although, we have removed their purchased items from our site. FiberLoom
tapestries are made of 100% high-grade cotton or a combination of chenille
and cotton or wool and cotton. There are 9 to 17 miles of woven fiber in every
tapestry. Trade publications have referred to these as “woven works of art,”
as many resemble fine oil paintings.
Tapestries are available to ASID members at wholesale prices averaging
from $310.00 to $440.00, and generally retail from $725.00 to $1575.00.
FiberLoom has approximately 300 tapestries covering many subject
matters. These are an impressive and beautiful alternative to pictures, and
bring a warmth and texture into a home that paintings generally do not.
You will find that many customers have never considered a tapestry, simply
because the medium never occurred to them when selecting wall art; and
yet, once introduced to this art form they are thrilled.
Please visit their site:, and call or email with thoughts
or questions. In the meantime, FiberLoom wishes you and your firm, the best
of continued success, growth and fun!
Take Advantage of a Built-in Marketing Opportunity That
Is Included with Your Membership
Weekly I receive phone calls from the public wanting the name of an Interior
Designer in their city. I cannot give references or specific names, but I do
direct the caller to our public website, Did you
even know that this site existed? Apparently most of you don’t know about
this free marketing tool!
As the Texas Chapter Administrator, I have participated in the recording
and evaluation of three annual ASID Texas Chapter Membership Surveys.
Included in the survey is a question pertaining to the utilization of the Chapter
websites. Unfortunately, a large majority of the answers report complete nonuse of the member website,, and many don’t even answer
the question pertaining to our auxiliary consumer website,
As a member (either designer or an industry partner), your basic contact
information – name, address, phone number, fax number, and email address
– is automatically included within the database of the ASID Texas Chapter
member website, I update this list routinely as new professionals and industry partners are added to the membership roster. However,
you must take the responsibility to keep your member listing on
When you log in, you also have the fantastic opportunity to link your
company website (if you have one), add a few project photos, include your
logo, and designate relevant design categories that pertain to your specific
services and/or product.
Why is this all so important? Because the database is
linked directly to the searchable database found on our auxiliary public
This online service is a fabulous opportunity for you to get your name in
front of the public. Potential new clients can see all of your contact information, visuals, and links, but they will only see as much as you include. When
I refer callers to, I recommend that they search
mainly under the city heading, as many of the designers have not yet personalized their listing. However, if you designate your specialties, clients and
customers can find you that much faster. So make a point to log on and update!
(By the way, your default username and password is your national ASID
membership number, but you have the option of changing your password
once you log in.)
One last thing… On is a calendar that I try to keep up-todate with the various functions happening in the Chapter and nine Design
Communities. If I am sent the information in a timely matter, I will be sure
to list it.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning the
use of the ASID websites.
Design Texas • Texas Chapter
Request for Submissions
A New Book: Residential Design For Aging In Place
John Wiley and Sons, a leading publisher of professional books and trade journals has contracted with designers Drue Lawlor, FASID and Michael A.
Thomas, FASID, CAPS and NKBA member to complete a new book on the design and specification of residential living environments for an aging population.
With the graying population living longer and the wave of baby boomers turning 60, the
focus of the book is to create a practical guide for working with clients to make homes safe
and functional, adaptable and accessible as the years go by.
This is the Authors' first call for submissions for inclusion in the book. The Authors are
looking for many types of projects that feature interiors and exteriors, from single family
Bakhtiar-Baha Behjat
residences to town homes and condominiums and from new construction to remodels. Projects
Behjat Interiors
are to feature completed interior and exterior design solutions that allow the client and end
2801 Princeton Place
user to remain independent for as long as possible in an environment of their choosing.
Plano, TX 75075
Submissions are to have been completed within the last two years.
214-405-0503 (corrected)
Special attention will be given to submissions for an entire residence but also encouraged
are creative or innovative one room projects, concepts, cabinet drawings, elevations and clever
ideas that showcase effective criteria-based solutions. Professional photographic images with
Industry Partners
a minimum of 300dpi are preferred for publication but other informal digital pictures will be
Steinway & Sons
In addition, the authors are looking for individuals who would like to share their knowledge
Matthew Bird (corrected)
and skill thru special sections of the book. Designers, manufacturers and other related profesSteinway Piano Gallery Austin
sionals are invited to share their experiences, innovation in the areas of universal design and
12980 N. Hwy 183
/or other related research to support quality-of-life design for the aging population.
Austin, TX 78750-3240
For further information and details, please contact the authors via email at:
[email protected] or Michael Thomas at (561) 745-4146 ext. 4.
Roster Corrections
American Society of Interior Designers
Available From:
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Roster Updates
By Helen Erdman, ASID, Roster Chair
Everyone should have gotten their new roster by this time. (please email
the office if yours did not come) And again, it is time for my annual
pleading for each and every one of you to CHECK YOUR OWN LISTING for
I check the book 5 or more times, Prism checks it every time I check it,
and Pat updates the database every time new information comes in to her.
Even with all these checks and counter-checks, we still miss something.
In eager anticipation I received mine on a Friday, checked my OWN listing,
(ok there) and went on to scan the page. My husband wanted to see the new
book, picked it up and found three mistakes in three minutes. I took it
away from him at this point.
I have now corrected the three errors, but want to explain again that even
if you notify Nationals, it does NOT guarantee that we will receive the correction: therefore, PLEASE email me or Pat (no phone calls) and let us know
when phone numbers, appellations, addresses, emails, etc. are incorrect.
We are striving to make each Roster error free--and I m keeping the Roster
away from my husband & ..
Design Texas • Texas Chapter
Across the Lone Star State
Amarillo Design Community
By Sherri Beasley, ASID, Chair
The Amarillo Design Community of ASID enjoyed the beautiful facilities of the Ronald McDonald House for our March meeting. We held a
short business meeting and after our lovely lunch we had an interesting
and informative Designer Peer Table Group discussion. All of us in attendance agreed that it was very beneficial, and that we look forward to the
next one.
The ASID Student Chapter of the Amarillo Design Community is organizing a team to participate in the American Cancer Society's annual
Relay For Life Event. The students have invited the professional members
to join them in this community service project to raise funds in the fight
against cancer.
This year's event will begin on Friday evening June 2. The evening will
offer all kinds of activities and entertainment, it is a fun filled night
with a serious message. As professional members we have several ways
of helping the Student Team and the American Cancer Society: (1) Sign
up to participate in the walk; (2) Send a general event donation; or (3)
Buy a Luminaria in "Honor of" a survivor or in "Memory of" someone who
lost their fight against cancer. All monies received from the luminaria
sales stay in Amarillo to support the Local Chapter programs. Last year
over $63,000.00 were raised in Amarillo by more than 40 teams! The
goals are even higher this year.
We are so proud of our Student Chapter and their efforts to help the
American Cancer Society with this very important community service
Austin Design Community
By Nancy Bulhon, ASID, Chair
The ASID Austin Community is pleased to announce the latest additions to our board. Paul Davidson, with David Alan Rugs, has graciously
agreed to chair the new Industry Partner Liaison position. He will serve
out the remainder of this term and be the chair again for the 2006/2007
term. He has lots of great ideas and we are very excited to have him on
our board.
Barbara Brooks and Julie Evans have stepped up to be the new Design
Excellence chairs this year! We want to give them a huge “thank you” for
taking on such a tremendous project, and we know they will do an exemplary job. We are looking forward to another exciting Design Excellence
The Austin Community has awarded 3 student scholarships this year!
There were (2) $250 scholarships awarded to Sungmi Kim and Katie
Wooley of the University of Texas at Austin. There was also one $500
scholarship awarded to Maria Aponte of Texas State University. Thank
you, student members, for your dedication to your studies and the time
you give to ASID!
Our April general meeting was a huge success. Wilson Appliances
hosted a fun-filled and informative meeting featuring all of the latest and
state-of-the-art appliances from all of the leading manufacturers. Their
new showroom is located near Dripping Springs and is very well designed
to showcase these latest appliance products. We participated in a CEPH
program on green building which featured Jeff Mitzal of Green Award
Custom Woodworking.
Our next general meeting is scheduled for May 23 from 4:30-6:30 at
Furniture By DeZign. Our June meeting will be held on the 20th at Newport
Furnishings. And the July meeting will be on the 18th and will be
hosted by Furniture Market. There will be no meeting in August due to
The ASID board is also looking for entries for two $500 NCIDQ/STEP
scholarships. It’s very easy to apply! Just send a letter with your qualifications to the ASID board: C/O Hill Design Studio 3456 North Hills Dr.
#261 Austin, TX 78731. You must provide proof of enrollment in a
STEP workshop or the NCIDQ. You must also have served on the ASID
Austin Community board or served on an Austin Community committee.
Deadline for entries is May 31, 2006. Good luck!
The Austin Community is also proud of the efforts of TAID and has
offered our support to the PAC that supports the legislators working for
interior design legislation. Please continue your efforts in influencing
our legislators to support the interior design practice act.
We hope that everyone has a productive summer, and we hope to see
a great turn-out at our next meetings!
Corpus Christi – Rio Grande Valley
Design Community
By Ellen Angell, FASID
The Corpus Christi – Rio Grande Valley Design Community had its
monthly meeting Monday, April 24th at the Town Club.
Our guest speaker, a muralist, formerly of Los Angeles with Hollywood
clientele, showed her work and explained her artistic abilities to the
Due to her father’s death and her mother’s inability to run their large
cattle ranch alone, Sarita Crocker needed to return to South Texas. So
this is how we have acquired this extra ordinary talent at the foot of Texas!
Already she has painted a small powder room with local birds with
feathers you want to touch because of their authenticity and large dining
cont. on page 29
American Society of Interior Designers
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and Faux Finishes
now available at
Kwal Paint Stores
For more info please visit
cont. from page 28
room with small mural above the dado on all four walls with native birds
and trees. She was then commissioned by the Humane Society of Corpus
Christi to do a small mural with the animals they shelter.
Her animals are phenomenal, wild or domestic ones, her fish appear
to move and her architectural details are exact! I would not expound
on this work if it could be classified as mediocre, but this is a rare talent
available to us! Her last job before leaving L.A. was Jodie Foster’s home.
At the business meeting, Mary Cusack reported on the recent board
meeting in Dallas and touted on the upcoming fall CEU event which
was so successful last year and the Legacy of Design.
Most of our regular members who attend our meetings were present.
If you plan to be in the Corpus Christi area planning a condo or home
on the Island or have come to play, save some time to join us for an 11:30
luncheon meeting… us as to time & place. We would be delighted
to have you join us on the second Monday of each month.
Dallas Design Community
By Cindi Cagle, ASID, Chair
We are proud to announce that several of our new programs started
just since the beginning of this year, fall 2005, have been having great
success. If you have not already taken advantage of these programs,
please review these below to see which is right for you and get more from
your ASID membership.
ASID Dallas Specialized Peer Groups / Mentoring Programs –
NCIDQ Preparation Study & Peer Group for Experienced Designers
Emerging Designers / Recent Graduate Peer Groups
Designer Peer Groups - Dallas and Regional areas
Designer Mentoring Program
Peer Group for NCIDQ Preparation for Experienced Designers.
Specific challenges exist for Allied and grandfathered members that have
been practicing in the field for years and not had recent school training.
Besides being a support group, you will practice and gain skills of
space planning and gaining speed in hand drafting ('Guerilla Space
Planning'), knowing the specific codes and mindset required to pass
the exam. Learn skills and information not presented in any other prep
class. In preparation for the upcoming Oct 06 exam. Contact Julie
Reynolds, ASID [email protected]
Peer Groups for Emerging Designers / Graduating Students The
first year after graduation can be a challenging year - new city, new social
and job situations, new skills to learn. This group will be open to all recent
graduates. There will be no requirement for past affiliations or the school
of graduation and there is no limit to the number of groups that will be
formed. There will be approximately 10 people to a group, two facilitators to each group and you will be asked to commit for one year.
Current group is full, but you can sign up to be in the next group
starting in June 06. Contact Linda Fritschy, ASID [email protected]
We are looking for: 1.) Recent or upcoming graduates 2.) Professionals
to be facilitators interested in nurturing these groups of Emerging
Designers. 3.) Professionals and Industry Partners to share information and experiences who would like to pass on lessons learned from
their own first years in the design industry or experiences with hiring
design graduates. Contact Linda Fritschy, ASID [email protected]
Designer Peer Table Groups. Designers meeting together in a small
group to talk shop, share problems and solutions, sources and other business and personal issues. Although all groups will focus on professional
and personal growth and practices issues, some groups may want to focus
on specific topics (design specialty, length of time in the business, self
cont. on page 30
Design Texas • Texas Chapter
cont. from page 29
Beauty & Creativity
Beyond The
Front Door . . .
Serving the DFW Metroplex!
employed, owner with employees, changing specialties, technology challenged, or whatever is important to the group) There is no limit to the
number of groups that will be formed and there will be approximately 5
to 10 people to a group. Each group will determine their own content and
meeting schedules. We have two group coordinators to handle our membership with such a large areas to cover our Dallas Design Community of
over 625 members Dallas Area Peer Groups - A majority of our members are in the Dallas
and mid cities metropolitan area. Members interested contact Linda
Steinberg, ASID [email protected] or 972.490.8088
Regional Area Peer Groups We have members who are in the
outer suburbs and cities in our Community that are rarely able or may be
difficult to attend Dallas functions. So for our members in these areas
(like Sherman, Texarkana, Waco, McKinney, Tyler, Lewisville, Highland
Village, Denton, Longview, Frisco, north Plano, north Carrollton and other
areas) if you are interested in starting or attending a group in your area,
contact Sherry Kalisz, Allied Member ASID [email protected] or
Designer Mentoring Program. The person requesting a mentor will
be matched with an experienced designer in the area of their question.
Most initial questions would be answered in a few emails or conversations and depending on the situation and availability of both parties,
mentoring could last several months or longer. Contact Cynthia Adler,
ASID [email protected] or 972.470.0202.
Mark Lyon, Owner
972 •436 •2841
[email protected]
ASID Dallas Meeting Reviews Our March 14th meeting was hosted by IMC, International Marble
Company, IP with a special presentation by IMC President, Steven Pickert
who gave us an informative talk and slide show of his recent travels to
cont. on page 31
American Society of Interior Designers
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Click on ad for more information on this company.
cont. from page 30
Brazil showing the quarries and the process to make the slabs of
granite and marble. And Amber Jones, Designer/Builder Rep gave a
very creative and unique "Color Trends in Natural Stone" slide show
based on the 2006 Color Trends from The Color Marketing Group and
Sherwin Williams with IMC materials for the colors. Catering was by
provided by Spice of Life.
Our April 18th meeting was a special luncheon presentation on "How
To Get Published" sponsored by Daltile International, Tile &
Stone Gallery, IP and we were treated to several editors of local and
national publications talking to us on each of their design editorial philosophies and submission requirements. Our special guests included editors
from Dallas-Fort Worth Design Guide, D Home, Dallas-Fort Worth
House & Home, Dallas Home Design, Modern Luxury Dallas, Veranda,
and information from Home Improvement -Dallas, Metropolitian
Home and Southern Accents . Handouts and submission requirements were provided by all of the publications. The luncheon was catered
by Eatzi's and Daltile had generous goodie bags for all attendees filled
with catalogues of their entire line of tiles and a grout sample deck.
…..If anyone missed this meeting and would like to arrange to get a
copy of the comprehensive handouts with resources, contact Laura
Skeeters, Co-Programs Chair at [email protected] or 972.484.0334.
(All ASID members can receive this at no charge. Non-members $35 Any
postage would be additional)
Upcoming Meetings and Events Our DesignOvation 06 will be May 9th at the Tower Club downdown
Dallas. We are expecting another great evening of celebrating the profession and honoring the accomplishments of our peers. Winners will be
published in the annual Dallas-Fort Worth Design Guide again this year.
We wish to thank the Dallas-Ft. Worth Design Guide, Artifex, Dallas Sight
& Sound, for their contribution and support to make this evening a great
Our May 23rd meeting will be the rescheduled second Business
Luncheon Presentations with for "PR for Design Professionals", to
learn how to write Press Releases, Media Alerts, information and bios for
your website or brochures with special guest speaker Dusti Scovel, PR
and Marketing Consultant. Location TBA.
Our June 13 meeting will be the third in the series of our Business
Luncheon Presentations with special guest speaker Lloyd Princeton
speaking on Design Business: Selling Clients What They Need, Not
What They Ask For. Will be held in the WTC (World Trade Center) and
will include 'Discovery Challenge' events in participating showrooms and
a luncheon sponsored and hosted by the Design Showrooms of the
World Trade Center, IP and the Dallas Market Center, IP.
The July 11th meeting will be hosted by Hickory Chair, IP and will
have a special speaker from Western Interiors speak to us. Starting at
Our August 8th meeting will be hosted by Prosource, IP and a special
meeting on 'How to use the ASID Texas Chapter Website'. For Designers
and Industry Partners, how to update and use the features and a
special section on getting your photography on the site. Starting at 5:30.
Our Annual Member Appreciation Evening will be in September
at the end of the ASID fiscal year.
Refer to the ASID Texas Chapter website in the Calendar
of Events, for updated Dallas meeting information with times, locations, rsvp information and details.
A Special Thank You to Our Designers who have their emailaddress
listed with the Texas Chapter office. We have had quite a few requests
from the Media for our designers in the last few months. ASID receives
cont. on page 32
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Design Texas • Texas Chapter
The Designer’s Solution
I was surprised to discover that most decorators make little
or nothing on granite and marble applications. The
majority said they assist their clients on stone selections,
etc., and simply recommend someone in the industry. As
independents your buying power makes it very difficult to
be competitive, however, as a group The Designer’s
Solution has made that a thing of the past. Stop throwing
away your time and money by simply putting our buying
power to work for you.
fabrication, installation and more. Our goal is to assist you
from start to finish or on any specific need you may have.
You design it - we will assist you by creating it at volume
builder’s cost.
J. Rainer Designs
The Designer’s Solution is your answer to competitive
pricing. Our services and finished products are second to
none in the industry. Take advantage of the buying power
The Designer’s Solution has to offer on stone purchases,
For your smaller projects, we have hundreds of remnant
pieces to choose from at a reduced cost.
Let The Designer’s Solution put their buying power
to work for you and your clients today. For
additional information or questions about our services,
contact Jim Rainer at Metro
cont. from page 31
frequent requests from local and National editors and writers for immediate openings with specific types of projects. Due to their tight deadlines of just a few days, they contact us by email only.
Sharing these opportunities with you creates stronger PR opportunities for you, your business and also increases the public and trade awareness of ASID.
Update your Email, Address, Phone and Job Change to the Texas Chapter
Office, in writing only by email or fax [email protected] or fax 214.651.9309
Our ASID email database is not sold or used by anyone outside
of ASID. We will be relying more on email to notify our members of our
Dallas monthly meetings and events. If you have your current email
address with the Texas Chapter office, you will receive these notices and
reminders. Those members without any email will continue to receive
mailed meeting notices.
El Paso Design Community
By Shelley Saab, ASID, Chair
The El Paso Design Community February meeting was held at El Paso
Imports. Kathleen Garcia gave our group a tour of the showroom which
is filled with exotic furnishings from Romania, Mexico, India, and
China. We invited the El Paso Community College design students to
attend and had a very good attendance. This was a terrific opportunity
to meet them and check out a potential intern. There was a drawing for
a beautiful hand carved mirror, which Shelley Saab was the lucky recipient. The drawing is a great incentive to encourage our members to attend
Our march meeting was postponed due to Promusica Tablescaped
Fundraiser. Participants from ASID were, Fran Timbrook, Shelley Saab,
and Ellen O’Brien.
Our next meeting is scheduled for May 19th at City Lights. Tom Brown
will be our host and is sponsoring a lecture by Lutron on Specialty Lighting
and Home Lighting Systems. We have again asked the students from El
Paso Community College to attend in an effort to network with them and
expose them to a very important aspect of interior design.
Brown Interior Solutions with Val Brown, ASID at the helm, is
pleased to announce new members added to their team. Mary Jane Hair
is the new in the marketing department. Hilario Anaya and Adriana Paz
Anaya who both have architectural degrees from Chihuahua. Hilario
specializes in space planning and autocad while Adriana joins the staff
as sales manager. This will enable the company to target the Juarez market.
Sally Dinsmoor, ASID has volunteered to serve as our incoming chair
and we are looking for a volunteer to serve as our financial officer. Please
contact Shelley Saab if you are interested.
We do not have plans to meet during the summer and should have our
September meeting around mid-month. Wishing you all a safe and happy
Fort Worth Design Community
By Phyllis Thomas Crim, ASID, Chair
Our February meeting was an exclusive tour of the Radio Shack World
Headquarters. Our own Connie Blake was involved with the furnishings
of the building, and arranged for the tour. The views of north Fort Worth
are commanding, and the contemporary art is fantastic.Thank you Connie!
The March meeting was at Ferguson Enterprises new showroom. This
awesome new resource showroom features not only plumbing fixtures,
but appliances, lighting, hardware and countertops. It will be a great one
stop shop for us in Fort Worth. After the tour, Sherwin Williams paint gave
a one hour CEPH; "Science of Coatings" which was very informative.
cont. on page 33
American Society of Interior Designers
cont. from page 32
Our April meeting was at Barron Electric, a lighting showroom. Patrick
Bezdek and Marilen Henry taught a very educational class on track and
recessed lighting. We learned new energy code specifics and reviewed
how to read those charts in the back of lighting books. Thanks Patrick!
Below are pictures of a few of us spending a Friday in March making
centerpieces for the Tarrant County Safe Haven Benefit Gala. We designed
and created the dramatic arrangements, with ex-member Rebecca Low
making the iron stands. A good time was had by all participating, and we
felt good benefiting this great cause.
Coming up: May meeting with Fort Worth AIA at Botanical Gardens,
tour of IMC’s new showroom, and a primer on ASID Texas website. Thanks
again to Amy Walton and Connic Blake for such great and educational meetings.
Raise the Bar with Silhouette
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Window Shadings
Lubbock Design Community
By Catherine Dail, ASID, Chair
The ASID Lubbock Community has been active with the local Texas
Tech Interior Design program, TAID and monthly meetings this Spring.
On March 8, 2006, the ASID Lubbock Community awarded the annual
Outstanding Senior Award and $100 cash prize to Stephanie Beckmann,
a Senior in the Texas Tech University Interior Design program. Stephanie
received the award based on her exceptional work and presentation of
her Senior Portfolio as well as her outstanding GPA and extra-curricular
activities. The jury of three Lubbock Community ASID members was
most impressed with her portfolio’s professional style and cohesiveness.
She will not have a problem finding a job after graduation with her
Silhouette® window shadings continue to raise the bar! The window fashion that
revolutionized the industry has introduced some sizziling new fabrics and colors
to help make your designs shine. Call today to find out more!
713-861-8282 or 800-392-4336
cont. on page 34
Design Texas • Texas Chapter
cont. from page 33
The ASID Lubbock Community also sponsored our local TAID representative to travel to Waco on March 23 – March 24 for the TAID Spring
Meeting. Rosa Salazar has taken on the responsibility to represent West
Texas as our TAID representative and the Lubbock Community felt it was
important to support her as well as TAID. The ASID Lubbock Community
budget included a donation to TAID for $200.00, so this budgeted money
was applied toward Rosa’s trip to ensure that the Lubbock donation
supported West Texas.
The upcoming monthly meetings for the ASID Lubbock Community
include a luncheon on April 20, 2006, at Skyviews Restaurant sponsored
by Daniel Kauth with Kimball Office and Amy Whitten with National
Office Furniture and a CEU on “Communication Styles” presented by
Daniel Kauth. The May meeting will be a luncheon sponsored by Rod
Eaves with Lees Carpet on May 18, 2006, at the Lubbock Club.
If you would like to be added to the e-mail or mailing list for
future ASID Lubbock meetings please contact Cathryn Dail at
[email protected] or call 806-783-8362.
Odessa/Midland/San Angelo Design Community
No report available at the time of printing.
San Antonio Design Community
In an concentrated effort to hold meetings in Industry Partner showrooms in San Antonio, the members have been doing just this since last
Design Materials, a new IP member, opened their doors to their
exemplery tile showroom to a record turnout in September. We were
impressed with the variety of tile manufacturers, the staff, and the services
that Design Materials provide ASID members. We presented them with
a gold ASID certificate as a token of our appreciation for opening their
showroom and for their elaborate spread of comestibles at this ASID
KBK, a wallcovering and fabric showroom to to the Trade was our host
in October. Oscar Lupiba presented Kravet fabrics, and furniture. We
presented a gold ASID certificate to KBK and at this writer's last visit
there, it was framed and on their wall for all to see. Kravet fabrics is the
IP member at this showroom.
Abbey O'Krent, a floor covering showroom of great magnitude was
the IP host in November. We had a presentation of the many lines in this
showroom and held a business meeting in their conference room upstairs.
We presented O'Krent with a gold ASID certificate as a token of our appreciation for hosting the meeting.
Christi Palmer, ASID hosted a beautiful Christmas party in her kitchen,
lighting, and tile showoom, Palmer Todd, in December. As in years past,
the presentation was spectacular, the setting only added to the festivities of the season.It was a great event and many designers made a special
effort to attend the gala party. We presented Christi with a gold ASID
certificate for all her generous support of our Design community. Palmer
Todd is a new IP member.
Lighting Inc. was the host showroom in January. The President drove
over from Houston, the Lutron rep flew from Dallas and put on a continuing education course on dimming systems, and the designers enjoyed
a lovely array of comestibles. We presented a gold ASID certificate of
appreciation. Lighting Inc. has many lines that are IP members.
Interior Trade Cartel, a to the trade showroom, was the venue for
the February meeting. Oscar Lupiba presented Lee Jofa fabrics, and
Jim Moody with National Wallcovering presented a beautiful line of
residential wallcoverings. It was at lunch and there was a large
turnout. Again, we presented a gold ASID certificate of appreciation to
American Society of Interior Designers
this showroom who is so supportive of ASID.
Pro-Source, the carpet, and tile showroom to the trade, was the setting
for the March meeting. Carpet vendors from Fabrica - Jess Cockran,
Mirage wood - James Justitz, and Unique Carpets - Mark Kimsey presented
their lines to a attentive audience. These reps came from Houston, Dallas,
and Austin especially for this meeting. We presented a gold ASID certificate in appreciation for hosting our group.
Ferguson Bath and Kitchen's newly renovated and expanded showroom was the setting for the April meeting. Designers were taken on a
tour of the newest in bath fixtures, trim, hardware, and appliances displayed
showroom. A gold ASID certificate of appreciation was presented to
Ferguson for opening their showroom to the ASID group.
The May meeting will be at another IP member's showroom. Bjorn's
audio showroom features M Design, a manufacturer of furniture which
houses the audio components. M Designs is a National IP member and
has displayed their products at Interiors'05 in San Diego and the Leadership
Conference in Vancouver last July.
The June meeting will be held at Habitat for Humanity. Yes, we will
be wielding hammers instead of directing the contractors. It will be on
June 10th, and we will have a learning curve in the summer heat while
helping those less fortunate than we. It was decided to do our PR for
ASID in this way. What better way to get press than through this national
Sandra Herbster, the South Regional chair and San Antonio Desgin
Community chair, has been on the road to Austin twice, and Corpus Christi
once attending the Desgin Community meetings. The regional chair is
asked to attend 25% of the meetings and so far Sandra has enjoyed
meeting the members in Austin, and Corpus Christi.
Thanks to Bob Tisdale for serving as the Financial Officer this year.
Nasville Interiors 2006 Rosemarie Rene, Sonya O'Dell,
Linda Steinberg
Christi Farley
Interiors '06 - Robert Preston
Henry, JD Carter
Richard Batz, Derrick Dodge
Fabrica Rep shows some samples
S.A. Design Community Meeting at
Pro Source - Rudy and Anne
Deleon, Chris Asmudson with
Compleat Seal
Urban Matrix by Wood-Mode.
1400 Turtle Creek Blvd.,
4908 Camp Bowie Blvd.
Suite 175
Fort Worth, Texas 76107
Dallas, Texas 75207
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For your home. For your life.
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Carlin & Co