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The Bottom Line - Shawano Country
The Bottom Line November 2015
A Publication of the Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce
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United Way of Shawano County
Has Moved to Chamber Building
The Shawano Chamber Foundation is pleased to
welcome our newest tenant at 1263 S. Main
Street in Shawano—United Way of Shawano
County. The United Way has been active in
Shawano since 1968 and has handled $1.6 million over their 47 year history.
Serving Shawano County
United Way’s mission is to improve community
life within Shawano by mobilizing the caring
power of individuals in order to provide maximum positive impact in the areas of education,
income, and health. They currently support 20
community organizations directly with financial
gifts and are constantly receiving more requests. They also will be taking over the 211
Community Resource system and enhancing the
Born Learning Initiative. The 211 system is a
phone and internet resource that links those in
need with the appropriate governmental or nongovernmental organization. The Born Learning
initiative is a United Way program that teaches
parents how to turn everyday activities into
learning experiences for their children. Thus
far, they have partnered with other local organizations to build the Born Learning Trails at
Kuckuk and Eberlein parks. They are planning
to expand the initiative into workshops for parents that will give them the tools they need to
make every day an educational experience for
their children.
They currently have funding requests from the
following agencies:
Alzheimer’s Association
Birnamwood Community Cupboard
Bridge the Gap
Junior Acheivment
Lutheran Counseling/Family Services
Kids Club
Navarino Nature Center
N.E.W. Curative Rehabilitation
nic Foundation
Red River Riders
Shawano Area Food Center
Safe Haven
Shawano Literacy Counsel
Shawano County HCE
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Wolf River School to Work
Dr. Jonathan Boy
Their generous
supporters are
individuals and
businesses from
all sectors of life
However, even
staunch support,
United Way of
S h a w a n o
routinely falls short
of their goals.
Their goal this year is to raise
$100,000 for the community. In order
to reach this goal, they will depend on
the generosity of the Individuals and
the Business Community. If your
business would like to start a campaign or make a donation please contact Executive Director, Jonathan Boy,
at 715-526-0238, or visit their website
“The Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce advances economic
growth by coordinating resources and providing networking, promotion
and education to businesses in Shawano and Menominee Counties.”
Migration to EMV Chip Card
Technology and Your Small Business
U.S. credit card companies are making the transition
from magnetic stripe technology to cards with chips.
Chip cards are payment cards that have an embedded
chip, offering increased security when your customers
use the chip to pay in store. Chip cards are based on a
global card payment standard called EMV, which
stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, currently
used in more than 80 countries around the world. The
United States is now in the process of making the migration to EMV technology.
In an effort to reduce fraud, EMV Chips are becoming
the standard for integrated circuit cards (IC cards), IC
card capable point-of-sale terminals, and automated
teller machines.
Chip card transactions offer advanced security for in-store payments by making every transaction unique. Chip cards are also much harder to counterfeit or
copy. If the card data and one-time card are stolen, the information cannot be used to create counterfeit cards and commit fraud.
U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
As of October 1, 2015, a deadline set by
major U.S. credit card issuers including
MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American
Express, the liability for card-present fraud
will shift to whichever party is the least EMVcompliant in certain fraudulent transactions.
The SBA is
committed to
small business
owners understand what this transition means for you,
your business, and your customers through
webinars, online resources, and in-person
events. For more information visit:
For merchants and financial institutions, the switch to EMV
means adding new in-store technology and internal processing
systems. To get chip-enabled for your business, contact your
acquirer or payment services provider.
Membership Profile Updates Due
Just a reminder…please return your member
as soon as possible so we can update your
If you
tion in our Chamber Membership Directory.
did not receive the profile upda
contact the Chamber, 715-524-2139.
The switch to EMV also means a change in liability for credit card
fraud. Today, if an in-store transaction is conducted using a
counterfeit, stolen or otherwise compromised card, consumer
losses from that transaction generally fall back on the payment
processor or issuing bank, depending on the card’s terms and
Chamber Banquet & Awards—
January 28th, 2016
Mark your calendar for the 89th annual Shawano Country
Chamber of Commerce Membership Banquet on Thursday,
January 28th, 2016. There will be plenty of time for socializing, dining, and recognizing our award winners. You will have
an opportunity to win several themed raffle packages. The cost
is $30 per person and corporate tables of eight are available for
$240. To reserve your spot for this entertaining event, contact
the Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce, 715-524-2139
before January 18. Each member will receive an invitation in
the mail in early January.
The Gathering,
2600 Richmond Street, Shawano
Thursday, January 28, 2016
5:30 P.M. Social Hour/6:30 P.M.
Dinner/7:45 P.M. Awards
Call 715-524-2139
or email [email protected]
To be determined…
Recognizing Excellence
Chamber Seeking Nominations
For Business Awards
Great people live in Shawano Country. People
that do remarkable things every day like taking
business risks that create jobs for our area or
volunteering their time to a local charity or sharing their skills with a less fortunate person.
Many people help make this a great place to be.
Every year the Shawano Country Chamber of
Commerce recognizes an exceptional individual
and businesses that have contributed to our
overall quality of life in a very positive way. We
welcome nominations from the community for
the next Business of the Year and Citizen of the
Year. The award recipients will be announced
at the Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner on Thursday, January 28, 2016.
All businesses in Shawano Country (Shawano and Menominee
Counties) that have been operating for two or more years are eligible to be nominated (self-nominations are encouraged) for the
2015 Business of the Year awards. Criteria that are considered
by the Award Selection Committee include community involvement, company growth, job creation/retention, facility improvement/expansion, and commitment to employees.
All citizens residing in Shawano or Menominee Counties are eligible to be nominated for the 2015 Distinguished Citizen of the Year
Award. Criteria that are considered by the Award Selection Committee include demonstrated leadership, community service, and
economic and business development.
The deadline for 2015 Business of the Year and 2015 Citizen of
the Year nomination forms is December 4, 2015. To receive a
nomination form please contact the Shawano Country Chamber of
Commerce, (715) 524-2139 or [email protected] or visit
Next Business
November 17, 2015
5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Hosted By:
ThedaCare Medical Center
100 County Road B
RSVP: (715) 524-2139
First Wednesdays of Every Month—
November 4, December 2
8 a.m. – 9 a.m.
Glas Coffeehouse, Shawano
Reservations not required, but appreciated
715-524-2139/[email protected]
“Coffee Connections has helped me greatly in several
ways. First, since I live in Green Bay, it has helped me develop a good understanding of what the Shawano community
is all about and the different businesses in the area. Second,
it has helped me build connections in the community and
develop relationships with other business owners and employees. Overall, it has helped me feel like a part of the Shawano community that I once did not know much about when
I first started at OST. Now, I know where I can go with my
questions and the events I can join or assist with to better
grow both Shawano and OST.”--Matthew Melotte, PT, DPT,
CMTPT, Orthopedic & Spine Therapy.
New ThedaCare Medical
Center-Shawano to Host
November Business Connection
The new ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano brings
clinic, hospital, and rehabilitation services together on
one campus. The new facility, which adjoins ThedaCare
Physicians-Shawano, is located at 100 County Road B,
Shawano. The 84-year-old Shawano Medical Center
closed its doors when ThedaCare Medical CenterShawano opened on September 20.
The $52 million, 128,000 square-foot addition is an energy-efficient structure that brings inpatient, outpatient,
birthing suites, emergency, therapy, laboratory, imaging
and specialty physician services to the same location as
a primary care clinic. The design of the new building
emphasizes views of nature and natural lighting, and
includes culturally-appropriate local art and a welcoming dining area with healthy food choices.
In addition to medical services, the new medical center
houses a training center for students enrolled in the
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College health care program -- a first-of-its-kind partnership in Wisconsin.
Community members have been involved throughout
the project, from planning and designing the building's
features to a successful $2.3 million capital campaign.
Job Center of Wisconsin
Website New and Improved
The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development has unveiled
a new, mobile-friendly website. The
newly redesigned site is available to employers and job seekers at no
cost 24 hours a day. The site offers vastly improved usability to foster better site engagement and outcomes. The enhanced tools can
now target in-demand careers and connect employers with job seekers who have skills necessary to fill their openings. The website utilizes new advanced skills-matching features and integrates labor market information to allow both employers and job seekers to make
more informed employment decisions.
“This new website will change the way people
look for jobs in Wisconsin. The new features
of the website and up-to-date labor market data
give Wisconsin an upper hand in connecting
employers with employees. I hope this will
help to drive hirings around the state and fill
jobs available today,” said Senator Rob Cowles
(R-Green Bay), co-author of the legislation to
create the Wisconsin Fast Forward program.’s new features connect employers with a
robust pool of workers based on skills the workers have experience
in through previous occupations. The new website, through DWD’s
Skills Explorer application, helps workers to identify new employment options based on like skills that the job hunter possesses. The
new tools also identify veteran job seekers and assist those seeking
employment with disabilities in achieving greater employment results. “The new Job Center of Wisconsin website is really innovative
and easy to use. With almost 100,000 jobs posted and over 41,000
posted resumes, this website will be a great resource for those seeking employment and those seeking employees,” Cowles said.
Get Ready For
the Holidays!
The holiday season is fast approaching! I know, hard to
believe right? So, how are you
going to get crowds to deck the
halls at your business this year?
Don’t worry if you don’t have
an answer to that just yet,
we’ve got a few tips to help
you out!
Host an Event
Hosting events is a great way to promote yourself and get people going
through the door. Think about it, are
you more likely to go to a mall with
smelly food courts and pretentious
stores or, go to that really cute store
around the corner that’s hosting an
event that gives you free cupcakes
with purchase? I vote cupcake. If
you’re feeling really creative, get that
local cupcake store to work with you.
Cross promotion is the best way to
get the local community involved and
it’s a win win for both of you! Be
creative and festive also by hanging
up decorations and playing seasonal
music to get people in the holiday
spirit. You can also take to social
media. Hold Facebook competitions
where winners receive prizes that
encourage them to come to the store.
You’ll not only build your following,
but you’ll also get more shoppers in
your store.
Sell Small
Everyone’s looking for a great way
to save. Selling products that make
good gifts makes everyone happy.
Put together a small gift package like
roll on perfumes, travel sized hair
products, lotions, and packets of tea
and voila you’ve got a great product
you’re customers will love and appreciate. These items can be marketed as great stocking stuffer too!
It’s also a great way to get shoppers
to sample your products as well,
which will encourage them to come
back again and again which brings us
to our final tip…
by Save Local Now
Encourage Loyal Customers
Everyone wants to feel like they
matter, and you should be treating
your loyal customers like VIP’s.
These loyalty programs can be super
effective during the holiday season. It
can be as simple as sending them a
holiday card or giving them a free
ornament with purchase. These little
things mean a lot to the customer and
makes them feel like they get something special when they shop with
you. Your employees also deserve a
little appreciation. Host a Christmas
party or have an employee appreciation night and allow them to bring
their friends. Show them how grateful you are for their hard work and
maybe they’ll be encouraged to work
even harder.
Of course we’ll always be here to
provide more ideas but these quick
tips should help get you started!
What are you waiting for? GO!
Save Local Now is a community focused “Buy Local” initiative that
gives you the digital marketing tools
you need to better promote your business. The Save Local Now platform is
tailored for every type of business,
allowing you to strategically create
online promotions, email marketing
campaigns, and much, much more.
To get the most out of your training
session you will need a computer, a
phone, and a smile! Not sure how to
start—contact the Shawano Country
Chamber of Commerce. We are here
to help you succeed!!
Destination Marketing Workshop a Big Hit
Seventy business people attended our Increasing Sales and Profits as a
Destination Business Workshop on October 15. They had the unique
opportunity to learn from Jon Schallert - Destination Business Expert
and Speaker. Sixteen people took time to meet with Schallert one-onone after the workshop.
Schallert makes a living helping business owners to think outside the
box. He encourages them to uncover what makes them unique. He is
very candid with business owners, describing what may be standing in
the way of attracting more customers. Whether it’s a business name,
signage, product/service mix, merchandising or marketing, Schallert
shares his impartial perspective. He then helps them view their business
from an outsiders or potential customer’s perspective. He leads them
through specific strategies to help them become a destination—
attracting customers from hours away.
“Can't say enough about the workshop by Jon Schallert on increasing
sales and profits as a destination business. So many good ideas we can
use for now and in the future. Hats off to the Chamber for putting on
this great day of knowledge.” –Betty Zimmel, Perkins Restaurant
“The most informative speaker I’ve ever heard.”
—Derek Wesenberg, Senzig’s Fine Home Furnishings
“Jon teaches the fun stuff that you forgot you knew, like giant animal
statues, humor, and good kitsch.”
–Megan Dorsch, Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats
“Jon gives practical, useable advice which can make an immediate
impact on businesses. Great ideas which small businesses can
—Miriam Nelson, Your Community Shopper/Wall of Wittenberg
Here’s what several attendees had to say:
“Wow! Funny, energetic, and most importantly informative. Multiple
easy take aways that you can apply immediately to your business!”
—Trish Kieckhafer, Stone Creations
“Creative, entertaining and very educated speaker. The real life
experiences and examples make you feel like you are one of them,
instead of a ‘there is no way that could be me.’”
—Amanda Jach, B&J Custom Graphics
“I can’t believe the ideas running through my head, can’t wait to
implement some of these at our nursery and landscape center.
Jon has a wonderful talent. Thank you for sharing it!”
—Melissa Stuhr, Shawano Lawn & Stone Co.
“Humor while learning. Kept my attention all the while.”
—Roxanne Tilleson, The Rustic Shed
“The workshop was fantastic! We are so lucky to have the Chamber we
have that sponsors events such as this.”
–Kent Olsen, Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats,
Company Store Manager.
The Chamber thanks our presenting partners: Shawano County Economic Progress, Inc. and Shawano Country Vision 2017 for financially
supporting this awesome training opportunity for our businesses.
Thanks also to our workshop sponsors Cellcom, My Marketing Director, Premier Investment Services, and Dynamic Designs Unlimited.
KI-Krueger International, Bonduel hosted the October
Business Connection. Attendees enjoyed an informative tour, delicious snacks and refreshments. Scott
Parson won the Chamber Ambassadors’ Pot of Gold.
Thanks for hosting a great event!
Members in the News
Bowman Performance Consulting
(BPC) will provide technical support
to the WI Department of Transportation's Tribal Labor Advisory Committee (TLAC). BPC will work with Lac
du Flambeau Tribe of WI on this seven
month project. This project is to work
on the Statewide Native American
Labor Database which will work
closely with the 11 tribes of Wisconsin on capacity to maintain info and
creation of a statewide labor database.
KerberRose is pleased to announce
the addition of a new Staff Accountant
on their Shawano audit team, Brianna
Olson. Brianna has a Bachelors degree in Accounting from Rasmussen
College and most recently worked for
Shawano County as a Fiscal Clerk.
KerberRose Accounting Firm is
pleased to announce that Lucas
Koenig has joined the KerberRose
team as the Chief Technology Officer
for KerberRose Technology, a subsidiary of KerberRose, S.C. Koenig
will play a key role in shaping the
strategic direction of KerberRose
Technology as the company embarks
on its next phase of growth. Koenig
has more than ten years of experience
as a leader in the technology field and
was most recently employed as the
Director of Technology for Bellin
College. Koenig holds a Bachelors
Degree in Computer Science as well as
a Masters of Business Administration
from Lakeland College.
The Shawano Optimist Club recently
celebrated its 39th anniversary and
awards banquet, during which officers
and directors for the coming year were
installed. This year’s officers and directors are Doug Erdman, president;
Gail Moesch, first vice-president;
Gary Cumberland, second vicepresident; Dawn Knope, treasurer;
Kay Bloomer, immediate past president; and directors Greg Parker, Jim
Leuenberger, Ryan Koenig, Tom
Bjelland, Troy Edwards, and Diane
Century 21 Country Aire Realty
would like to congratulate Shawn
Thorne as the Selling Agent and Heidi
Werbelow as Listing Agent for the
Month for September. Congratulations
to Terri Peterson and Shawn Thorne
as the Top 2 Producers for Century 21
Country Aire Realty for the 3rd quarter.
KELLER, Inc., a Design/Build General Contractor with offices in the Fox
Cities, Madison, Milwaukee and Wausau announces the promotion of Cole
Teafoe to Architectural & Engineering
Services Lead. In this role Teafoe will
serve as the liaison between the Project
Manager, Architect, external Architects, external Engineers, internal Operations and the A&E Dept.
The Foundation of the Wisconsin
Automobile and Truck Dealers Association (WATDA), in cooperation with
Shawano High School has successfully achieved meeting all the necessary National Automotive Technicians
Education Foundation standards, making Shawano High School eligible to
formally apply for Automotive Youth
Educational Systems (AYES) certification. Thanks to the hard work of Jeremy Hadkiewicz, SHS Automotive
Instructor and the Wisconsin implementation team, AYES initiative will
be launched in the Shawano area. This
will make 14 sites in Wisconsin that
meet the educational standards.
Congratulations to newly elected
Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal Board.
Shannon Holsey, President; Doug
Huck, Vice-President; Janet Miller,
Treasurer; Tribal Council Members,
Joe Miller, Jeremy Mohawk, Joann
Schedler, and Scott Vele; and Education Board, Gloria Bruette and
Roberta Carrington.
Coldwell Banker Hilgenberg Realtors has named Jim Zierden as Associate of the Month of September in
providing top quality service to his
buyers and sellers.
Two local Shawano leaders have
joined the Junior Achievement of the
Wolf River District Board of Directors. The new board members are
Ryan Koenig, branch manager of
BMO Harris, Shawano and Brian
Kowalkowski, dean of continuing
education for the College of Menominee Nation. Junior Achievement
empowers youths to own their own
success through volunteer-led courses
promotion financial literacy, work
readiness and entrepreneurship taught
in K-12 grade.
Coldwell Banker Hilgenberg Reators has named John Koeller as Associate of the Month of August in providing top quality service to his buyers
and sellers.
The Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin (PAAW) recently
announced that Shawano Ambulance’s Kevin King has been named a
2015 Wisconsin Star of Life. He is one
of 26 honorees statewide to receive
this prestigious recognition. PAAW
recognized individuals who represent
the “best-of-the-best” in emergency
medical services as Stars of Life. King
has been active in the emergency
medical services for almost 30 years.
Steve Gulan, mill manager of Little
Rapids Corporation, Shawano recently signed a statement of support
for the National Guard and Reserve.
The statement confirms Little Rapids
will provide managers and supervisors
with the tools needed to effectively
manage employees who serve in the
guard and reserve, as well as encourage opportunities to employ guardsScott Parson, FIC, CLTC, and David
men, reservists, transitioning service
Passehl, FIC, both Financial Consultmembers and veterans.
ants with Thrivent Financial in Shawano, recently received the President
The Bonduel Emergency Medical
Award for life insurance production
Service received a $5,000 grant
from the National Association of Frathrough Shawano Area Community
ternal Insurance Counselors. This
Foundation to assist in the purchase of
award is the highest production honor
a Life Pack 15 Cardiac Monitor. These
given by the organization, recognizing
funds along with additional funds
both for life insurance sales. Parson
received through the Dr. Grover EMS
and Passehl have both served as a
Foundation, the Bonduel Community
Thrivent Financial representative
Fund, the Bleser Foundation, the Bonsince 2004.
duel Lions Club and the Bonduel Fire
Department, totaled the $30,000 pur- ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano
chase price for the monitor.
(TCMC-Shawano) is proud to announce the certification of its cardiac
Fannita’s Bakery brings a taste of and pulmonary rehabilitation programs
I t a l y t o S h a w a n o . D o m e n i c by the American Association of CardioBadalamemti and his sister, Fannita vascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Bommarito, took over Bult’s Bakery (AACVPR). Programs are designed to
in September. Customers can enjoy help people with cardiovascular probpastries direct from Italy along with lems (heart attacks, coronary artery
fresh homemade bread and donuts, all bypass graft surgery) and pulmonary
made from scratch. Badalamenti and problems (chronic obstructive pulmohis brother Sal, own Luigi’s Pizza and nary disease (COPD), respiratory sympPasta on south Main Street. Bom- toms,) recover faster and improve their
marito was a baker in Italy before she quality of life. Both programs include
moved to the states five years ago.
exercise, education, counseling, and
support for patients and their families.
Chamber Ambassadors
Cedar Street Market & Discount Foods LLC
Judi Hegewald
234 Cedar Street • PO Box 66
Tigerton, WI 54486
Cedar Street Market & Discount Foods opened
it’s doors on July 1 of this year. We are a friendly
small-town grocery store with fresh meats, dairy,
bakery, and produce reasonably priced. Beyond
that, we are a discount store, sometimes called a
“bent ‘n dent,” featuring name-brand products
priced well below the prices in a conventional
grocery store.
Store hours are:
Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
By Brea Bystol, BMO Harris Bank,
Assistant Branch Manager
Becoming a Chamber Ambassador has been an incredible experience. Although
I have only been an Ambassador for a few short months
I have already met so many
amazing people. I am enjoying building professional relationships, using tools, listening to strategies and growing
my knowledge. Having the opportunity to connect with
countless types of people gives a completely different approach to the multiple resources available to you. The networking that comes with being a Chamber Ambassador
also may lead to volunteering. I have lived in Shawano
County my entire life and until now never really realized all
of the events, groups, etc. that come together as one to
help make Shawano a better place. As I started I thought
to myself I need to do something for the place that I want
to raise my children. I soon joined Leadership Shawano
County. There are about 25 of us in the class that want to
help make a difference with some of the rising issues
throughout the community. One of the main issues that we
are going to be targeting is poverty throughout Shawano
County. While we just started our process we all are very
passionate and motivated about making a positive change.
If you are interested in learning more about the Ambassadors or Leadership Program, contact Nancy at the Chamber, 524-2139 or email [email protected]
Nov. 4
Coffee Connections
Glas Coffeehouse
511 N. Main St., Shawano
8:00-9:00 a.m.
Bring a first-time guest and be
entered into a prize drawing.
RSVP: 715-524-2139
Nov. 5
Fall Business Luncheon
“Train Your Brian for Success”
11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. will feature
keynote speaker Roger Seip.
The cost is $20 per person for members
of the Chamber and $30 for others.
Corporate tables of eight are
available for $160.
The Main Event Banquet Hall & Catering
206 N. Lemke Street, Cecil
Nov. 7
Let Me Be Frank
Productions to Perform
Tribute” in Shawano
Presented by:
Leadership Shawano County
Tickets $40 - available at the
Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce
Doors open 5 p.m., Dinner 6 p.m.,
Show 7 p.m. at The Gathering
2600 E. Richmond Street, Shawano
Nov. 17
My Marketing Director celebrated their grand opening in October.
Owner Bill Zeinert cut the ribbon at their new facility, 95 Industrial
Avenue, Clintonville, along with employees and Chamber
Ambassadors from the Shawano Country, Clintonville,
Waupaca, and New London Chambers of Commerce.
Business Connection
Sponsored by:
ThedaCare Medical Center
100 County Road B, Shawano
5:00—6:30 p.m.
RSVP: 715-524-2139*
*Reservations required
Angie Bistoff, owner of Angie’s Main Café & Daily Grind celebrated
renovations and updates to her restaurant’s interior and exterior.
She was joined at her ribbon cutting ceremony by staff, patrons,
and Chamber Ambassadors.
Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce
You’re invited!
Have a snack and tour the new
ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano
and NWTC training center
Business Connection
Tuesday, November 17, 2015
5-6:30 p.m.
RSVP by calling the Shawano
Country Chamber of Commerce
2015 Fall Parade
Sponsors & Volunteers
The Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce would like to thank
all of our members and volunteers who made the parade possible.
Fall Parade Sponsors
Auto Prep/APC Store
Charlie’s County Market
City of Shawano
CoVantage Credit Union
Culligan of Shawano
Knope Heating & Air Conditioning
Menominee Casino Resort
North Star Mohican Casino Resort
Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats
Premier Community Bank
Reinhart Food Service
Shawano Medical Center
ThedaCare Physicians
Shawano Municipal
TimberPro Inc.
Twigs Beverage
Wal Mart Super Center
Special Thanks
American Marine & Motorsports
Super Center
B & J Custom Graphics
Adam Bieber
Brea Bystol
City of Shawano
Dar and Terry Einerson
Chris and Nathan Falk
Donna Hobscheid
Market Messenger
Martin Jewellers
Michael Johnston
Lisa Meisner
Michelle Maroszek
R & R Recycling
Charmaine Schreiber
Scott Parson
Shawano Area Veterans
Shawano Police Department
Shawano Public Works
Shawano Community
High School
Shawano County Highway
Shawano Fire Department
The Shawano Leader
Shawano Printing
Shawano Wrestling Club
John & Nancy Syndergaard
Marcia and Michael Wilken
Veterans of Menominee
Wolf River Hog Chapter
Scott Zwirschitz
Nomination Form
Nominations are Confidential. Self nominations are encouraged.
The Business of the Year Award was created to salute local businesses that have shown growth and other
characteristics that enhance Shawano Country’s economic health and quality of life. Any individual
manufacturing, retail or service business operating for 2+ years in Shawano or Menominee Counties is eligible
for the award. The award will be presented at the Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet on
January 28, 2016. A business may nominate itself or may be nominated by another member of the community.
Nomination forms are due on or before December 4, 2015.
Please answer the following questions. Use separate sheets of paper where necessary and attach to this
form. You are encouraged to provide as much information as possible. A thorough application allows us to
favorably consider your nomination. If you nominate a business other than your own and you are not able to
respond to all of the questions, please complete those you can.
Name of Company/Business:
Mailing Address:
Physical Address:
City & Zip:
President or CEO:
Date Business Started:
Number of years the business has been located in Shawano or Menominee County:
Type of Business/Service/Products:
Total number of employees:
1. Identify ways in which the business has encouraged or supported our community:
1. Every business has unique measures of growth. Please tell us about the company’s growth.
(This could include % change in sales, assets, profitability, employee base, etc.)
2. Tell us about services enhanced, processes/equipment patented, new equipment purchases; creation/retention
of jobs; job training and growth; facilities improvement or expansion, or other actions which have been
significant to business:
3. Explain the company’s commitment to employees:
4. What is the company's primary key to success (How have you overcome challenges)?
5. Please consider the following categories, select the single most important issue and discuss. Or select “other”
and explain how this issue affects your company.
 Quality of workforce
 Securing adequate
 Finding new markets
 Government regulations
 Managing/sustaining
 Technological change
 Securing raw material
 Other
6. What is the most significant issue facing the company? Why?
Include supporting materials you would like us to consider. (Company brochures, photos, news articles, etc.
Attachments encouraged!)
Nomination submitted by:__________________________________ Phone:_____________________
Submit to:
Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 38
Shawano, WI 54166
On or before December 4, 2015
A Program of the Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce
Nomination Form
Information on Nominee
Zip Code
Phone Number
On a separate piece of paper please describe how the person exemplifies the criteria below.
Offices held, Directorships
Projects initiated and executed, including follow-through
Acceptance in the community
Involvement in school, church, etc.
Willingness to accept risk, taking the initiative, pusher/doer
A. Chamber participation, offices held
B. Roles in promotions
C. Singular contribution to community
D. Club and civic role involvement
E. Originator of ideas and suggestions
F. Spirit of volunteering
G. Educational contribution
Relationship with major employers
Relationship with City government and County Board
Membership and participation in professional trade groups
Economic ventures undertaken
Membership in local economic development group
Information on the Person Nominating Distinguished Citizen
Zip Code
Phone Number
Deadline December 4th, 2015
Submit to:
Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce
1263 S. Main Street
PO Box 38
Shawano WI 54166
All proceeds will be going to the Derek Stempa Family
Silent Auction
Santa House
December 11th, 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
December 12th, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
December 13th, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
December 11 , 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
December 12th, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
 Bidding begins at 5 p.m. December 11th
and concludes at 9 p.m. December 12th
 Winners of the silent auction will be
announced at 9:30 p.m. December 12th
Benefit Party
December 12th, 6 p.m. to midnight
 Admission cost $15 per person
 Party includes raffles, live music, food,
and drinks including Rum Chata, Tippy
Cow, Egg Nog, and beer (compliments of
Duane Maas at Midwest Bottling)  Santa House cost $10 per child 2 years
and up, $3 per adult
 Elves will meet you down at Santa’s Toy
Shop and bring you up on his wagon
 Includes a picture with Santa, cookies
with Mrs. Claus, and a present from
 Please call or email for appointment:
[email protected]om
Valhalla Hillside Inn
W13264 Highway 29, Bowler, Wisconsin 54416
Please call 715-781-5550 or visit our website at or
Dear Employers: At the United Way of Shawano we recognize the importance of giving something back to the communi‐
ty where we live and work. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to partner with us by star ng your own company campaign. It’s simple, tax deduc ble, and the right thing to do for our community. United Way of Shawano believes the best way to help the greatest number of people is to focus on root causes of serious problems. To that end, we focus on three areas: Health, Income, and Educa on. United Way partners with local charitable organiza ons, businesses, the faith‐based community, schools, govern‐
ment, and other local organiza ons. This collabora ve approach allows us to accomplish much more, and ensure that we are inves ng in what ma ers most: community results. I hope you will join us in suppor ng an organiza on that is dedicated to building a stronger, more caring community for everyone. Start your company campaign today! Find us at:, or contact us using the informa on below. Thank you for your me and considera on. Sincerely, Jonathan K. Boy Execu ve Director, Shawano United Way [email protected] 715.526.0238 y
h stro
Join Shawano Businesses for Small Business Saturday! Shawano Business
Improvement District invites you to shop at small businesses on the
Saturday after Thanksgiving. The Turkey is now history. Black
Friday has come and gone. Come stroll our small
business on Main Street. Spend the day with
loved ones exploring downtown and
begin to get the Christmas
list checked off.
Spirit of Giving
ay, D
• Santa House at The Well 4-8:30 P.M.
• Nativity Walk at First Presbyterian Church
• Santa Parade 6:00 P.M.
Fr•eHorse-drawn Wagon Rides after the Parade
e In
715.8 fo, Call
Navarino-Lessor EMS Boosts Communications With
Shawano Area Community Foundation Grant
The Navarino-Lessor
Emergency Medical Services
(EMS) took the first step in
upgrading their hand-held
communication radios with
a $4,760 grant from the
Shawano Area Community
Foundation. Government
changes will eventually require
that all emergency radios work
off a narrow band system.
These changes will make
many present communication
systems obsolete.
The new radios are digitally
compatible so they can adapt
to future digital programming.
The EMS can re-program
these radios on their own,
saving costs in the future.
Adding the two new radios
has allowed for two more
volunteers to be in the
communication loop with
other EMS members. The
new radios have an extended
service range for better
communication in the towns
of Lessor, Navarino, Maple
Grove and other outlying
communities on special EMS
Pictured: Aisling Elsner, behind her Marsha Lawrenz, Adam Peebles and Glen Peebles. or emergency calls.
Contact us to learn how we can help you give back to
your community today and for generations to come.
P.O. Box 255, Shawano, WI 54166
[email protected]
The Shawano Area Community Foundation (SACF) was established in 1990 by community volunteers to preserve and
improve the quality of life in Shawano and the surrounding area. We partner with the Community Foundation for the
Fox Valley Region, the second largest community foundation in Wisconsin.
November 2015
Events/meetings sponsored by the Shawano Country Chamber
of Commerce are listed in bold.
10/29-31 Appearing at the Shawano Community High School: “Harvey”, 7 p.m.,
presented by Dramatists Play Service, Inc., Play contains material that
is for audiences age 14 and up, Tickets $3 Students, $5 Adults. Pay
what you can on the night of Thurs., Oct. 29, Shawano High School
Annual Pet Vaccination Clinic: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Bring your cat or dog
for their shots. No office call to pay and immunizations are given at a
discounted price! Cash or check. Immunizations available, Rabies;
Distemper; Lymes; Feline Leukemia; and Kennel Cough. Bake Sale
also being held. Sponsored by Belle Plaine 4-H and We Care Animal
Hospital, Belle Plaine Town Hall, on Hwy. 22, Shawano
10/29-31 Menominee Casino Resort presents “The Noble Bros”, in the lounge,
8 p.m. to midnight, 715-799-3600,
10/30-31 Wittenberg Haunted House: 7-11 p.m., $6 per person or $5 with a can
food item, Proceeds donated to Walls of Wittenberg,100 W. Reed St.,
Salem United Methodist Church Red River Annual Bake Sale and
Bazaar: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., lunch served, W9204 Cty Rd. A , Shawano,
Let Me Be Frank Production Dinner Show: Leadership Shawano
County presents “Let Me Be Frank Tribute to the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s
Dinner Show”, Limited Seating, Reserved Tickets $40, Doors open
5 p.m., Dinner 6 p.m., Show 7 p.m., At The Gathering, 2600 E.
Richmond St., Shawano. Tickets available at the Shawano Country
Chamber of Commerce, 1263 S. Main St., Shawano, 715-524-2139
North Star Mohican Casino Resort presents: “Luck Be A Lady”,
2 p.m. to 5 p.m., Rolling cookie show, fun dance lessons, wine tasting,
champagne fountain. Tickets $40 includes $10 free play. All ladies
receive an exclusive swag bag valued at $65, in the Event Center,
Classic’s Restaurant & Lounge presents: “Mike Murphy & the MOB",
W6026 Lake Drive, Shawano, 715-524-8711,
Pet Portraits with Santa at Complete Canine Care Center: 10 a.m. to
1 p.m., all proceeds will go to the Shawano County Humane Society,
1280 County Hwy. B, Shawano, 715-524-2838
Shawano Hockey’s Best Seat in the House: Cheer on the Pack along
with other Packer Fans! Every time the score changes a fan is picked
to sit in the Best Seat in the House. The lucky fan in the seat at the end
of the game, wins the TV and recliner. All fans chosen will win prizes.
Tailgating 10 a.m., Ticket $25 includes brats, burgers, tailgating food,
tap beer and soda, and a chance to win. Get tickets via Facebook or
call 715-218-3827, Shawano County Park Pavilion, Lake Dr., Shawano
Coffee Connections: 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., Business networking and
idea sharing over a great cup of coffee, Glas Coffeehouse, 511 N.
Main St., Shawano, 715-524-2139 or [email protected]
The ADRC Alzheimer’s Class: 1 p.m., “Knowing the 10 sings of
Alzheimer’s Disease,” Presented by Vicki Johnson, Free class, open to
public, Shawano County Human Services, 1-855-492-2372
Explore Knee Pain Treatments: 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., a free
ThedaCare community program open to anyone dealing with knee
pain, Boarders Inn & Suites, 7393 River Bend, Shawano, please
register at (920) 830-6877,
Glas Coffeehouse Open Mic Night: 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., hosted by Joel
Kroenke, sing a song and enjoy some coffee, Glas Coffeehouse, 511
N. Main St., Shawano, 715-851-4527,
SAYPRO Business Breakfast: 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., Speaker: Terra
Fletcher “Choice Words,” Farm ‘Inn on Main, 123 N. Main St.,
Veterans of the Menominee Nation present a Veterans Day Ceremony
at 11 a.m., at Menominee Veterans Memorial Park, Keshena
WTCH-AM 960 & WTCH-FM 96.5 broadcast of the Shawano County
Veterans Day Observance: 11 a.m., live from the Shawano County
Courthouse steps
The City of Shawano Business Improvement District presents:
"Downtown Ladies' Night": noon to 7 p.m. downtown, Afterglow at Farm
‘Inn on Main, Shawano., 715-853-3775
Menominee Casino Resort presents: “Rick K & the Allnighters”, 8 p.m.,
free in the lounge, 715-799-3600,
10/30-31 North Star Mohican Casino Resort presents: “Copper Box”, 8 p.m. to
11 p.m., The Groove, 715-787-3110,
Classic’s Restaurant & Lounge presents: “David Janke”, W6026 Lake
Dr., Shawano, 715-524-8711,
City of Shawano Trick-or-Treat: 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Craft Sale sponsored by St. Paul Youth Rejoicing Together (SPYRT)
Youth Group and Bake Sale sponsored by Ladies' Aid: 9 a.m. to 2
p.m., silent auction, lunch of Hot Ham & Chill may be purchased,
St. Paul Lutheran School, Bonduel, 715-758-8532
Classic’s Restaurant & Lounge Halloween Party: “The Dirty Martinis”,
W6026 Lake Dr., Shawano, 715-524-8711,
North Star Mohican Casino Resort presents: Halloween Bash, “Vic
Ferrari”, Free show at 8:30 p.m., Costume Contest Entrants must
register at the Event Center between 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., 21 or older,
Event Center, 715-787-3110,
Menominee Casino Resort Halloween Costume Contest: Win a share
of $7,800 Cash and Free2Play, register between 3 p.m. and 9:30 a.m.,
Costume categories, 715-799-3600
Trick-or-Treat & Free Chili Supper: 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., a safe alternative
to going door to door, Divine Savior Lutheran Church, 102 Northridge
Dr., Shawano, 715-526-6880,
Menominee Casino Resort presents: “BB Secrist”, 8 p.m. to midnight,
free in the lounge, 715-799-3600
My Marketing Director Small Business Training: “Introduction to
LinkedIn”, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., learn how to open up sales and
opportunities with LinkedIn, My Marketing Director, 95 Industrial Ave.,
Fall Business Luncheon: “Train Your Brain for Success” Keynote
speaker: Roger Seip, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Tickets $20 Chamber
Members, $30 Non-Members, Corporate table of eight $160.
Presented by the Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce in
partnership with Gold Sponsors Menominee Casino Resort and
North Star Mohican Casino. Luncheon held at The Main Event,
206 N. Lemke St., Cecil, 715-524-2139, [email protected]
Crossroad Community Theatre Presents: “Dearly Beloved”. Show
begins at 7 p.m., doors open 6:30 p.m., show 7 p.m., Tickets $10,
seating is limited. WOWSPACE, 114 Vinal Street, Wittenberg.
Peace United Church of Christ Shawano Chili Dinner: 11 a.m. to
6:30 p.m., all-u-can-eat chili, crackers, bread, cheese and beverage,
pie & ice cream extra, tickets available in advance or at the door,
208 E. Maurer St., Shawano 715-526-2916
4th Annual Glimpse of Christmas Downtown: Multiple vendors,
woodworking crafts, jewelry, signs, wreaths, ornaments, soaps/lotions,
pottery, and much more! Friday, Noon to 7 p.m., Saturday, 8 a.m. to
4 p.m. Downtown Shawano, next door to Dreier’s Pharmacy
The Rustic Shed Christmas Open House: find tastefully displayed
home décor, hand-crafted furniture, jewelry, scarves, home-made
dresses and much more transformed for the season. Store hours,
Fri. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sat. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., 113 N. Cecil St.,
Bonduel. 715-853-9644,
36th Annual Shawano Community High School Orchestra: “Music
through the Ages”, 7 p.m., SCHS Auditorium, Tickets $7 general
admission, $5 Students/Senior Citizens, 50/50 raffle both nights to
support the SCHS Orchestra, 220 County Rd. B, Shawano
Shawano High School Dinner Dance: featuring award winning and
talented Shawano High School instrumentalists/vocalists, advanced
tickets sales only, $20, No dinner tickets will be sold at the door, Sit
down dinner, doors open 6:15 p.m., entertainment begins 6:30 p.m.,
Tickets are available at the SCHS, Charlie’s County Market, and
BMO-Harris Bank
Crossroad Community Theatre Presents: “Dearly Beloved”. Show
begins at 7 p.m., doors open 6:30 p.m., show 7 p.m., Tickets $10,
seating is limited. WOWSPACE, 114 Vinal Street, Wittenberg.
Shawano Medical Center Auxiliary’s 28th Annual Love-Light Sale:
$3 per bulb in honor or in memory of a loved one-living, deceased and
military. Proceeds are used to provide scholarships for students in
healthcare related fields. Purchase Love-Lights at Charlie's County
Market, Pick 'n Save, & Shawano Medical Center, 100 County Road B,
Shawano. Available in gift shop through Nov. 29. 715-526-7207
Classic’s Restaurant & Lounge presents: “Bob & Missy Tucker Band"
W6026 Lake Drive, Shawano, 715-524-8711,
Classic’s Restaurant & Lounge presents: “Maxwell Jones & Keith
Farnum", W6026 Lake Drive, Shawano,,
Red River Riders Therapeutic Horseback Riding for the Disabled, Inc.
Annual Awards Banquet: 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., all riders, volunteers, and
friends are invited, Golden Sands Golf Course, 300 Nabor Road, Cecil,
call Chris 715-853-6449
St. James Annual Craft Fair & Bake Sale: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., great gift
ideas, food and refreshments available, St. James Lutheran School,
Shawano, 715-524-4213
Art Fest at Navarino Nature Center: original and handcrafted treasures,
bake sale, food and drink, nature exhibits. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m..
$1 admission, 12 and under free, Navarino Nature Center, W5646
Lindsten Rd., Shiocton, 715-758-6999,
The First Annual Merry Mielke Christmas Art & Craft Fair: 9 a.m. to
4 p.m., sponsored by The Shawano County Arts Council, Mielke Arts
Center, N5649 Airport Rd., Shawano, 715-526-2525
Glas Coffeehouse Open Mic Night: 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., hosted by Joel
Kroenke, sing a song and enjoy some coffee, Glas Coffeehouse, 511
N. Main St., Shawano, 715-851-4527,
Glas Coffeehouse Presents: “Mike Magee” 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., live music
and great coffee, Glas Coffeehouse, 511 N. Main St., Shawano,
Community Dinner: 5:30 p.m., join us for food & conversation,
First Presbyterian Church, 100 Presbyterian Street, Shawano,
Veterans Day Steak Fry: 4:30 p.m. social hour, 5:30 p.m. meal,
American Legion Post 117, 850 S. Lincoln St., Shawano,
Tom 715-526-6502
Menominee Casino Resort presents: “Westside,” 8 p.m. to midnight,
free, the lounge, 715-799-3600
Happy Thanksgiving Day – Chamber Office Closed
St. James 11th Annual Dinner Gala School Fundraiser: 5 p.m. to
10 p.m. Silent Auction, social hour, dinner and live auction with door
prize to follow, The Gathering, Shawano. Gala tickets $40 each or
$350 for a table of 8 available at St. James School or church office,
324 S. Andrews St., Shawano, 715-524-4213
Shawano Lake Golf Course Presents: “Big N’ Tasty” Blues Band,
8 p.m. to Midnight, No cover charge, The Shal Bar & Grill opens at
3 p.m., Drink & Food specials, 5714 Lake Dr., Shawano, 715-524-4890
Total Fitness Thanksgiving Day 5K Turkey Trot: Family Fun Event,
Starts and Ends at Total Fitness, $20 Adults, $10 12 yrs & under,
includes a t-shirt if registered before 11/12/15, bring a canned good
donation for food pantry, registration starts at 7:30 a.m. 5K starts at
9 a.m. Total Fitness, 212 E. Green Bay St., Shawano, to register call
Knights of Columbus Thanksgiving Dinner: 9:30 a.m. to
3 p.m., All welcome, Free Thanksgiving dinner, desserts, and
beverages, St. Michael’s Barrett Hall, Keshena
Thanksgiving Dinner: Zion Lutheran and First Presbyterian church
Thanksgiving Dinner, Free will, Dinner at noon, Zion Lutheran Church
Hall, 1254 S. Union St., Shawano, 715-526-2017
First Presbyterian Church delivers Thanksgiving Meals on
Thanksgiving: around the noon hour, to those unable to leave their
homes, deliveries are made to Parkside and Elizabeth Manor, call
ahead of time 715-526-3329, or email
Classic’s Restaurant & Lounge presents: “The Liver Killers", W6026
Lake Dr, Shawano,, 715-524-8711
ThedaCare 2015 Community Conversation: information on innovative
healthcare initiatives now being implemented, Registration begins at
7:30 a.m., Program 7:45 a.m., Continental breakfast, RSVP by Nov. 12,
The Gathering, 2600 E. Richmond St., Shawano, 877-509-1949
SAYPRO Steering Committee: 11:30 a.m., Jeff Mace Conference
Room, Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce, 715-524-2139
Pure Essence Salon & Spa Holiday Open House: 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.,
Complimentary services, double points, up to 20% off AVEDA
products, refreshments, and holiday cheer, 720 E. Green Bay St.,
Shawano, 715-524-2726,
Business Connection hosted by ThedaCare Medical Center
Shawano, 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., 100 County Rd. B, Shawano,
Buck Fever Night: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., sponsored by the Shawano County
Conservation Association, an evening of skills, safety, and info. on the
upcoming gun deer season for all ages, special gun raffle and prizes,
Shawano County Highway Department, East Richmond St., Shawano
ROADS (Reaching Out About Depression and Suicide) Annual
Meeting: 7 a.m., Beans & Books Coffee House, 1235 Green Bay St.,
Shawano, 715-745-2142
Chamber Board of Directors meeting: 7:30 a.m., Jeff Mace
Conference Room, Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce,
Menominee Casino Resort presents: “Mostly Water,” 8 p.m. to 12 a.m.,
free in the lounge, 715-799-3600
Leadership Shawano County Steering Committee Meeting:
7:30 a.m., Jeff Mace Conference Room, Shawano Country
Chamber of Commerce, 715-524-2139
Ambassador Meeting: Noon, 715-524-2139
Menominee Casino Resort presents: “Wild Widows Weekend”, Ultimate
Package, includes two night stay, Buffet dinner Friday & Saturday,
Tickets to Magic Men Show, and Saturday luncheon & fashion show.,
Native American Artist Arts and Craft Sale: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.,
Beadwork, paintings, earrings, woodcarvings/baskets, dream catchers,
moccasins/mittens, doll clothes, scarves, regalia/quilts, and more,
Historic Preservation Culture Museum, Keshena, 715-799-3757
Menominee Casino Resort presents: “Magic Men Live”, male dancers,
Doors open 6 p.m., show 7 p.m. tickets $20, 800-343-7778, ext. 4024,
North Star Mohican Casino Resort presents: “Rick Springfield",
Tickets $60, 8 p.m., 715-787-3110,
Classic’s Restaurant & Lounge presents: “3 Guyz ", W6026 Lake Dr,
Shawano,, 715-524-8711
Walls of Wittenberg – 10th Annual Wreath Making: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at
the WOWSPACE, continue a family tradition or begin a new one,
You decorate or we decorate. Free decorations with wreath purchase.
114 Vinal St., Wittenberg.
Classic’s Restaurant & Lounge presents: “Aaron Kelly Band ",
W6026 Lake Dr, Shawano,, 715-524-8711
St. Michael’s Holiday Bazaar: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Holiday cookies and
baked goods, thrift & gift room, book share, Christmas boutique, soup
lunch & sloppy joe’s available, St. Michael’s Barrett Hall, Keshena
Shawano Lake Lioness Fall Arts & Craft Fair and Bake Sale: 8 a.m. to
3 p.m., over 50 vendors, gift basket raffles, $1 admission, Olga Brenner
Intermediate School, 1300 S. Union St., Shawano, 715-526-6260
Holiday Open House Sale: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Homemade crafts, Unique
Makeup, Watkins, Fresh evergreen wreaths and swags, Tupperware,
Essential Oils, and more! Soup and Bake Sale, Bowler Area Historical
Society, 104 E. Main St., Bowler, 715-793-4460
Tigerton Holiday Bazaar: Vendors, baked goods, food & refreshments,
9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tigerton Community Center, 125 Chestnut St.,
Tigerton, 715-508-0246
27-12/13 Hanauer’s Cut Your Own Christmas Tree: 1000’s of beautiful trees
to pick from, open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting on “Green
Friday” after Thanksgiving and the first two Saturdays and Sundays in
December, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., located 5 miles North of Shawano at the
intersection of Butternut and Kathryn Roads, Shawano, 715-526-6523
27-12/24 Hanauer’s Christmas Tree Retail Lot: Located at Qualheim’s True
Value, opens the Friday after Thanksgiving, remains open daily,
10 a.m. to 7 p.m., thru Dec. 24, 1345 E. Green Bay St., Shawano
27-12/31Annual Festival of Trees in the 1905 Village Hall: Opening night Friday,
Nov. 27, food and refreshments served, 6 p.m., Viewing for remaining
of festival open 9 a.m. to noon, or by appointment, presented by the
Tigerton Main Street, 1905 Village Hall, Tigerton, 715-535-2110
Classic’s Restaurant & Lounge presents: “Mike Magee", W6026 Lake
Dr., Shawano, 715-524-8711
Walls of Wittenberg – 10th Annual Wreath Making: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at
the WOWSPACE, continue a family tradition or begin a new one this
year, You decorate or we decorate. Decorations are free with wreath
purchase. 114 Vinal Street, Wittenberg.
North Star Mohican Casino Resort presents: “Midwest Medium
LoriAnn,” 3 p.m., Psychic medium back by popular demand,
Tickets $30, 715-787-3110,
21st Annual Shawano Downtown Holiday Stroll: 10 a.m. to
4 p.m., hot treats; in-store specials; on Main and Green Bay Streets;
Classic’s Restaurant & Lounge presents: “Burnt Toast & Jam,”
Dewgrass Blues, A Thanksgiving weekend tradition, W6026 Lake Dr.,
Shawano, 715-524-8711
21st Annual Shawano Santa Parade: “Spirit of Giving”, Parade 6 p.m.,
Santa House at The Well 4 – 8:30 p.m., Nativity Walk at First
Presbyterian Church, Free Horse-drawn Wagon rides after parade,
Downtown Shawano, 715-853-3775,
Ongoing Events~
Hanauer’s Tree Farms Christmas Trees: A timeless family tradition “Cut
Your Own Tree”, choose the perfect Christmas tree among thousands. Trees,
wreaths, garland and tree baling. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday after
Thanksgiving and the first two Saturdays and Sundays in December. 9 a.m. to
4 p.m., located at the Intersection of Butternut and Kathryn Roads, Shawano,
Or Visit retail lot at Qualiheim’s True Value, 1345 E. Green Bay St., Shawano,
open daily Nov. 27 – Dec. 24th, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., 715-526-6523
Homme Home Foundation Angel Appeal- Nov. 1 - Dec. 31:
Put a beautiful angel on the tree in honor of a loved one. The Ribbon on the
Angel designates how much of a donation was made. Donations available,
White Ribbon, Silver Ribbon, Gold Ribbon, Green Ribbon, Blue Ribbon, and
Red Ribbon. Angels can be hung at any of the four locations, call
715-253-2125, ext. 152, or
Now through March Shawano Hockey Association Season: Crawford
Center, 225 S. Waukechon Street, Shawano, Open Skating Saturday 6 p.m. to
8 p.m. and Sunday 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., $3 admission, skate rentals, 715-526-5336,
The Church on the Hill United Methodist Church Bible Kidz: Every
Wednesday after school until 5 p.m., meet new friend, enjoy healthy snack,
games and a Bible lesson, 1000 Engel Dr., Shawano, 715-526-5380
Twig’s Beverage Sundrop Museum & Gift Shop: Tues.-Fri. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., closed Sunday and Monday, Scheduled tours
Available also, 920 S. Franklin St., Shawano, 715-526-5031,