A Photo Album - The College of Fellows of the American Theatre



A Photo Album - The College of Fellows of the American Theatre
Our Golden
~~~ A Photo Album ~~~
50th Birthday of the College of Fellows
of the American Theatre
Created by Dean Robert A. Schanke
April 17, 2015
The weekend began with thirty Fellows of the College attending the KCACTF Irene Ryan
Evening of Scenes in the Terrace Theatre of the Kennedy Center.
A highlight of the evening was the introduction of the College of Fellows of the American
Theatre Jane Alexander Award. Fellow Bonnie Nelson Schwartz, Chair of the Gala
celebration, was the brains behind creating the award; Fellow Tom Schumacher provided
the funding, and Fellows Katie Robinson and James Still drew up the guidelines and
selection process.
Jane Alexander presented the award.
The first recipient of the award was Jayson
Kayla of the University of Minnesota-Duluth.
April 18, 2015
The Board of Directors meets annually on the Saturday morning of our annual meeting in
Washington DC to deal with the business of the College. Among their tasks is selecting
new inductees from the nominations submitted by Fellows of the College. From left to
right: Treasurer Frank Hildy, Dean Robert Schanke (sitting), Kim Marra (standing), Jeff
Koep, John Lutz, Secretary Julie Jensen, and Beverley Byers-Pevitts.
Missing from the
photo above was
Board Member
Dean Emerita
Felicia Londré, who
was busy taking
photos of the meeting.
Karen Berman gave an
update on our
relationship with
John Cauble, our Corporate
Secretary / Archivist, always
provides a report on our
financial investments.
Gail Humphries
Mardirosian reported on the
College’s new Advocacy /
Profile Task Force.
Our 50th Anniversary Golden Gala Celebration
It all began in 2011 when Dean Milly Barranger created a planning committee to be
chaired by Bonnie Nelson Schwartz. Eventually, the committee was composed of Jeffrey
Koep, David Young, Karen Berman, and Gail Humphries Mardirosian.
The decision was reached early on to hold the
Saturday, April 18 Gala celebration at The
Cosmos Club, a private social club
incorporated in 1878 for people distinguished
in science, literature, and the arts.
In August 2014, Jeff Koep assumed the role of fundraiser and began an amazingly
successful campaign, encouraging Fellows to donate $1,000 in memory of a deceased
Fellow. By early September, he had pledges and checks totaling nearly $20,000!
In December,
stage and
screen actress
and former
Chair of the
for the Arts,
agreed to be
our Guest of
Our Master of
would be Tony
and Chair of the
Theatre Wing,
William Ivey
In January, Karen Berman
designed a “Save the Date”
card which was mailed out
to all Fellows.
The Reception
The reception started at 6:30PM on a lovely Saturday evening and was held in the Long Gallery
of the Cosmos Club.
As Fellows and guests entered, Joan Thorn & Kathy
Andres invited them to wear name badges.
Jim Traynham & Gresdna Doty
& Kim Marra
Beverley & Bob Byers-Pevitts
Noreen & William McGraw with daughters Sarah &
Dan Carter & Don Drapeau
Dorothy Webb, Orlin & Shirley Corey
Bob Schanke & Jane Alexander
Ethel Pitts Walker & Bonnie Nelson Schwartz
& Kim
Karen Berman & Felicia Londré
Alan & Carol MacVey
Scott Parker & Pat Partilion
John Ezell & Felicia Londré
Liz Woodman, Jane Alexander & Larry Kolp
James E. Jewell, Alfred Muller & Dominee MullerKimbell
Jane Alexander & William Ivey Long
Frank Gagliano & Robert Schenkkan
Jerry Crawford & Alfred Muller
John & Martha Cauble
Karen Berman & Jane Alexander
Robert Benedetti & John Lutz
Julie Jensen & James Still
Tom Schumacher & Jeff Koep
Gail Humphries Mardirosian & Harry Elam
Bob Schanke & Milly Barranger
Michael Hood & Frank Hildy
David Young & Beverley Byers-Pevitts
Byron Howes & his father Jack Clay
Gil & Kathryn Lazier
Katie Robinson & Milly Barranger
Frank & Cynthia Hildy
Jack Barnhart & Bob Schanke
Dorothy Webb, R. Keith & Marion Michael
Karen Berman & Bonnie Nelson Schwartz
Jon Whitmore, Robert Benedetti & Jack Clay
Harry and Michele Elam & Ethel Pitts Walker
Pat Partalion & Paul Accettura
John Ezell & Bob Schanke
Gresdna Doty & Milly Barranger
Bonnie Nelson Schwartz & Jeff Koep
Harold Oaks & James E. Jewell
The Dinner
As the reception ended, we moved into the Warle Ballroom for a four course dinner,
featuring seared filet mignon as the main entrée.
A bouquet of tulips on each table
At everyone’s seat a beautifully designed, 48-page,
souvenir program of the Gala Celebration created
by Karen Berman
Dean Robert Schanke welcomed all Fellows and
their guests.
Our emcee, William Ivey Long, praised the souvenir
Katie Robinson, Arlie Schardt, Jane Alexander, William Ivey Long, Felicia Londré, Bonnie Nelson Schwartz,
Bob Schanke, David Young
Karen Berman, Larry Kolp, Kathy Andres, Joan Thorn, Jack Barnhart, James E. Jewell
Zoe Long, Wilson Tarver, Robyn Baker Flatt, Maria Breese, Gail Humphries Mardirosian, John Lutz,
Kathryn Lutz, Marilyn Tammi, John Tammi
Paul Truckey, Baux Truckey, Keli Truckey, Jerry Crawford, Ansley Valentine, Frank Gagliano, Sandra
Milly Barranger, Gresdna Doty, Jim Traynham, Harold Oaks, Ima Jean Oaks, Dan Watermeier, John Ezell,
Scott Parker, Pat Partalion, Liz Woodman
Byron Howes, Jack Clay, William McGraw, Noreen McGraw, Laura McGraw Neill, Sarah McGraw
Krushinski, Lindsay Markus, Judge Richard Markus, Tom Markus
Julie Jensen, James Still, Janet Allen, Dorothy Webb, Joel Grynheim, Leigh Hughes, Winona Fletcher, R.
Keith Michael, Marion Michael
Orlin Corey, Shirley Corey, Martha Cauble, John Cauble, Ethel Pitts Walker, Alfred Muller, Dominee
Muller-Kimbell, Tom Schumacher
Bob Byers-Pevitts, Joan Benedetti, Robert Benedetti, Jon Whitmore, Attilio Favorini, Gil Lazier, Kathryn
Lazier, Libby Drapeau, Don Drapeau, Bev Byers-Pevitts
Frank Hildy, Cynthia Hildy, Kitty Hood, Michael Hood, Patti D’Beck, David Leong, Robert Schenkkan,
Deborah McDermott
Michele Elam, Harry Elam, Carol McVey, Meredith Alexander, Alan McVey, Kim Marra, Dan Carter
The stars of the evening: Guest of Honor Jane Alexander, Chair of the Gala Celebration
Bonnie Nelson Schwartz, and Master of Ceremonies William Ivey Long
Patti D’Beck & David Leong
Harold & Ima Jean Oaks
Lindsay Markus, Judge Richard Markus, Tom
Jerry Crawford’s granddaughter, Baux Truckey, is
thrilled to get an autograph from Jane Alexander.
Bonnie Nelson Schwartz & David Young
Felicia Londré & Katie Robinson
Winona Fletcher & R. Keith Michael
Janet Allen & Dorothy Webb
Induction of Jane Alexander
Bonnie Nelson Schwartz & David Young read the
formal citation describing her achievements.
Dean Schanke presents our new Fellow.
Dean Emerita Felicia Londré & Dean Bob Schanke
present to her the 40th Anniversary Volume of our
history, the College medal & the Citation.
Our new Fellow signs the official membership
William Ivey Long read a touching tribute to Jane Alexander written by Fellow Zelda Fichandler. Her tribute
to Jane Alexander ended with these words:
“For your spirit, your talent, the force of your example; for your ongoing work as artist and
teacher and, in the intermissions, your work on behalf of wildlife conservation: and for
the memories we share from an earlier, younger time, it is a real joy to express in public
my deep admiration and abiding affection for you. I only wish I could be there in person
to celebrate – along with the College of Fellows of the American Theatre – what you have
given, and continue to give, to the American culture. Your personal story is truly unique.
I say as our Anton Chekhov would say: ‘Be well, be happy.’”
(The complete tribute can be seen in the summer 2015 issue of The Fellows Gazette.)
Bonnie Nelson Schwartz congratulates our new Fellow!
Conversation with Jane Alexander
William Ivey Long moderated a lively interview with Jane Alexander.
Milly Barranger, Jim Traynham, & Liz Woodman
Jerry Crawford
Pat Partalion & Scott Parker
The Annual Toast
The evening ended with Orlin Corey offering the annual College of
Fellows toast:
The two most asked questions about the college of Fellows of the American Theatre are: “What does the
College do?” and “What are the duties of the fellows?” Each of the deans over the years has replied
variously. I chose when Dean 1994-1996 to inquire of these matters. I composed the following toast of the
Dean in 1996. By request of Dean Schanke, I am honored to present it tonight on behalf of all deans of the
Obviously, the fellows are men and women who have attained distinction in a life-time of labors in
theatre—labors artistic, scholarly, and, occasionally, labors of crisis. They have observed that the college is
not a source of further assignments. Rather, it is a place of privilege. Here we have a brief annual respite,
out of time and custom, where colleagues may together reflect, and individually enjoy the friendship of
peers. However, we must venture further.
We are an assemblage famous for diverse talents, skills, and accomplishment. No fellow has a single string
on his bow. In other times we may have called magicians, jugglers, jongleurs, poets, strolling players if not
worse. Tonight, in our hearts, beneath the resonance of professional titles, and the warmth of academic
gowns, we know that we all still wear motley, and that we are variously magicians, jugglers, poets, and
strolling players. In short, we are what we have always been. We glimpse ourselves in morning mirrors and
wink at Touchstone Grumio, Phoebe, and other famous fools. Unintentionally, we are also abstracts of our
age, chroniclers of our time. And there is more.
We all play the role of mentor. Each of us learned in apprenticeships. We create in collaborations. Although
the human ego is notoriously forgetful and egregiously ungrateful (as every parent knows!), we of the
theatre—the most human of the arts— remain what we were before our creative journeys brought us where
we are.
Thus it is that our gatherings are graced with gratitude from and to all with whom we have toiled and
mutually benefitted. Had not others remembered and reflected, how would any of us have been elevated
into the college? It is in this spirit that I offer the toast of the dean of all seasons a toast that employs the
muscular language of John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress. The words I quote were notably employed in
1954, 59 years ago this November, as the climax of the encomium of the British parliament upon the 80th
birthday of Sir Winston Churchill. These words are equally appropriate for the fellows:
(Please stand for the toast)
You have been so faithful and so loving to us:
You have fought so stoutly for us;
You have been so hearty in the counseling of us:
That we shall never forget your favour towards us.
The College of Fellows!
April 19, 2015
Morning Coffee & Business Meeting
Sunday morning brought us back to the Kennedy Center where the College has been
meeting since 1989.
Beginning the day with coffee and conversation.
Felicia Londré, Bev Byers-Pevitts, Don Drapeau, Bob Byers-Pevitts
Tom Schumacher, Gail Humphries Mardirosian &
Karen Berman
Dan Carter, Robert Schenkkan &
Tom Markus
Paul Accettura & Karen Berman
Dean Schanke presided at
the Business Meeting.
Bonnie Nelson Schwartz
reviewed the success of the Gala
Dan Watermeier & Buck
Julie Jensen was Secretary.
Jeff Koep described the success
of the fundraising campaign.
Michael Hood, R. Keith
Michael, Milly Barranger, &
Scott Parker
Frank Hildy gave his Treasurer’s
Gail Humphries Mardirosian
outlined the plans for our new
Advocacy/Profile Task Force.
Tom Schumacher, Robyn Baker
Flatt & Orlin Corey
John Cauble reviewed our
Corporate & Archive concerns.
William Ivey Long & Robert
Investiture Luncheon
Gregg Henry, Artistic Director of KCACTF
welcomed us to the Kennedy Center.
The menu scrolls were created by Gresdna Doty.
To celebrate the College’s 50th birthday, a cake
buffet was a surprise dessert.
Gregg Henry announced that Julie Jensen had
won the David Mark Cohen Playwriting Award.
And it seemed to be a hit!
Founder and Dean Emeritus William McGraw
offered brief remarks.
Following the Luncheon is the Investiture Ceremony when the nominator reads the
Citation for the Inductee, and then the nominee receives the College medallion, the book
of the College’s history, a copy of the Citation, and a Certificate.
Janet Allen, nominated by James
Robert Benedetti nominated
Tom Markus
Michael Hood, nominated by
Milly Barranger
The new Fellows are asked to sign the membership registry.
Michael Hood signs the registry with Tom Markus and Janet Allen looking on.
Conversation with New Fellows
To conclude the day, David Leong moderated a panel with the new Fellows.
In addition to the current Dean, eight former Deans attended the Gala weekend. They include:
Robert Schanke, Gil Lazier, Milly Barrnager, Orlin Corey, Felicia Londré, Jerry Crawford, Gresdna Doty,
William McGraw, and Scott Parker
Photos in this album courtesy of Paul Accettura, Jack Barnhart, Felicia Londré, and
Susan Shaffer