Petra Ahde-Deal
born 21.10 1976, Masku, Finland
+45 3138 9196
[email protected]
Doctor of Art in Design Research
Master of Art in Applied Arts
Gemmologist, F.G.A
Jewelry Designer
Approbatur in Social Psychology
Secondary school graduate
Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture
University of Art and Design Helsinki
Gemmological Association of Great Britain
Lahti Polytechnic, Institute of Design
University of Kuopio (open university studies)
Turun Suomalaisen Yhteiskoulun Lukio
KEA Jewelry, Business and Technologies
Nordes Conference
Aalto Univ., School of Art, Design and Architecture
Kello&Kulta (Watch&Gold) Magazine
The Finnish Goldsmiths Association
University of Art and Design, Helsinki
Helsingin Pantti Oy
Tmi Petra Ahde
Naantalin Lasi Oy
Helsingin Huutokauppakamari Oy
PlatinOro Oy
Morris Lindblom&CO.
Coordinator, teacher
Co-chair for Exhibition
research assistant
evaluator of jewellery
freelance designer
auction house worker
goldsmith, silversmith
goldsmith trainee
1.9.2013 spring 2013
1.1 2007 – 25.1. 2013
1.6 2006 - 31.12 2006
15.3 2006 - 31.12 2006
1.11 2004 - 30.6 2005
periods during 1.6 2003 - 14.3 2006
1.5 2003 - 31.12 2007
4.6 - 31.8 2001
periods during 5.6 2000 - 14.3 2006
1.6 - 30.8 1999
18.3 - 17.6 1996
Jönsson Li, Mäkelä Maarit, Tvede Hansen Flemming, Ahde-Deal Petra (2013) Investigating design research landscapes
through exhibition. In proceedings of Nodem conference December 1-3 2013, Stockholm, Sweden.
Ahde-Deal Petra (2013). Women and Jewelry – A Social Approach to Wearing and Possessing Jewelry. Doctoral
dissertation. Aalto ARTS Books. Helsinki 2013.
Ahde-Deal Petra, Koskinen Ilpo (2010). When Memories Become Tangible - Jewelry as Physical Representations of
Memories. In proceedings of Design&Emotion conference Oct. 5-7 2010, Chicago IL, USA.
Ahde-Deal Petra (2010). Jewelry as Provocateurs of Emotions. In proceedings of KEER2010 Conference March 2-4
2010, Paris, France.
Ahde Petra (2009). Jewelry in the Cycles of Everyday Life. In proceedings of IASDR conference Oct. 18-22 2009, Seoul,
Ahde Petra, Mikkonen Jussi, Latva-Ranta Sanna (2009). Spatial Jewelry - An Experiment with Communicative Party
Jewelry. In proceedings of IASDR conference Oct. 18-22 2009, Seoul, Korea.
Ahde Petra (2009). Multigenerational Possessing – Pieces of Jewellery Mediating Generations. In proceedings of
40IADE40 conference, Lisbon, Portugal.
Vaajakallio Kirsikka, Ahde Petra, Hahn Young Ae, Latva-Ranta Sanna (2009). Narri - Utilizing the full potential of
narrative data through a design game. In proceedings of 40IADE40 conference, Lisbon, Portugal.
Ahde Petra (2008). Power Jewellery: Mediating Power thorough Jewellery. In proceedings of Design&Emotion 2008
conference, Hong Kong.
Ahde Petra, Mikkonen Jussi (2008). Hello - Bracelets Communicating Nearby Presence of Friends. In proceedings of
PDC2008 conference, Bloomington, University of Indiana, USA.
Ahde Petra (2008). Domestication and Subjective Value of Jewellery. In Design Connections – Knowledge, Value and
Involvement through Design, edited by Turkka Keinonen. Working Papers publication series, F 34. University of Art and
Design Helsinki. ISBN 978-951-558-243-0.
Ahde Petra (2007). Appropriation by Adornments - Personalizing Makes the Everyday Life More Pleasant. In
proceedings of DPPI 07 conference, University of Art and Design Helsinki, pp. 148-157. Vaajakoski, Finland 2007.
Ahde Petra (2006). Bling bling - miten tytöt tykkäävät koruista. Kuluttajatutkimuskeskuksen työselosteita ja esitelmiä
98/2006. Kuluttajatutkimuskeskus: Helsinki. ISBN 951-968-147-X.
Visiting Research Fellowships
Danish Design School, Copenhagen, Denmark
Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute of Design, Chicago, IL USA
Student exchange
Akademia Sztuk Pieknych Im Wladyslawa Strzeminskiego, Lodz, Poland
15.2 2010 – 31. 3. 2012
15.6 - 31.12 2008, 15.6 - 13.9 2009
1999 spring term
Collective exhibitions
Historical Museum of Lahti, summer 2005, Faberge Biennale, “Jewel Case” exhibition
Moment!gallery, Helsinki, March 2004, ”Jewels of Ocean” exhibition
Moment!galleriy, Helsinki, December 2003, Opening exhibition
Tamperetalo, Tampere, summer 2002, Thesis exhibition
A. Tillander, Helsinki, November 2001, “Vibratios” enameld jewellery exhibition
Hämegallery, Lahti, spring 2001, “Ajan henki hybridinä” –sculpture exhibition
Suomen Käsityön Museo, Jyväskylä, kesä 2000, Year Exhibition of Lahti Polytechnic, Institute of Design
Jewellery gallery Studio M, Warsaw, summer 1999, “Muzyka” jewellery exhibition
GSW -fair, Helsinki, 1999, “Matter of Taste” -project
Design Forum, Helsinki, 1999, Young Forum
Inhorgenta -fair, München, spring 1999, “Matter of Taste” -project
TTS Design Scholarship for Visiting Research Fellow position in Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, 2008
Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, Scholarship for doctoral studies, 2006
Design Committee of Finland, stipend for retooling of workshop (Studiopaja), 2003
Lahti Polytechnic, stipend for MA thesis, 2001
Wäinö Aaltonen Society, stipend for design studies, 1997
First prize in potgarden design competition Ruukku-03 by Kekkilä Oy, 2003
Honorary mention in Anna Karenina -jewellery design competition by Lahti City Theather, 1999
Responsible positions
Member of Advisory Board of Seer Labs Inc 2014
Member of Board of Charity Association Wimma ry 2007-2008
Member of Committee of Future of Finnish Goldsmith Association 2006
Member of Committee of Education of Finnish Goldsmith Association 2006
Member of Board of Finnish Gemmological Society 2004 and 2005
Secretary of Finnish Gemmological Society at 2002 and 2003
Finnish – Mother tongue
English – Fluent
Danish – Beginner

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