30+ years of experience 25+ years of experience



30+ years of experience 25+ years of experience
Our family tree holds over 651 years of real estate wisdom.
Red Oak Realty Agents Celebrating 10+ Years in the Business.
Edna Olmstead
Peter Campbell
Patrick Leaper
Laurie Capitelli
Bob Blumberg
Diane Ohlsson
30+ years
of experience
Alexandra Crisafulli
25+ years
of experience
Arlene Leonoff
Marsha Quick
20+ years of experience
Kathy Nitsan
Jerry Ratch
Barbara Hendrickson
Judy Boe
Tom Cone
Henry Chang
Sonja Velez
Marc Guay
Mamood Moktari
Adrienne Broché
Francesco Papalia
1981 Solano Avenue, Berkeley
Marjorie Sperber
10+ years
of experience
2099 Pleasant Valley, Oakland
Feri Niroomand
Naomi Pruger
Francine Di Palma
Sara Garabedian
Billy Karp
Jane Ishibashi
Heidi & Jerry Long
Melitta Beeson
Nancy Hoover
Schuyler Oliver
2983 College Avenue, Berkeley