celebrations of our faith



celebrations of our faith
The Filipino
VOL. 13, NO. 6
Spreading the Good News
January 14 - February 11, 2009
Poon Hesus Nazareno
Santo Niño
Simbang Gabi sa Katedral
by Ner Martinez
The second Simbang Gabi Sa Katedral kicked off with a street candlelight procession
originating from the Cathedral High School. The statue of the “Our Lady of Manhattan”
owned by Aida Gamolo and other Marian images were processed through the streets of
Manhattan to the Cathedral of St. Patrick’s – where they were joined inside a fully packed
Cathedral by a parade of colorful and vibrant parols, and over 40 concelebrants led by
Msgr. Robert T. Ritchie. Also participated were the Knights of Columbus, Knights of Rizal
and the Knights of San Lorenzo Ruiz as Honor Guards.
The Mass was presided by the Most Reverend Antonieto Cabajog, Bishop of Surigao.
The lectors were Deputy Consul General Melita S. Thomezcek for the First Reading and Ms.
Cora Reyes of the Second Reading. Rev Jaime Noel Deslate, Psy.D. was the homilist.
The Prayers of the Faithful were read in different dialects by Philippine-American
Community Leaders: Dr. Baby Bleza, Ms. Celeste Ampeloquio, Archt. Aida Gamolo, Ms.
Mila Mendez, Engr. Roger Alama, Mr. Romulo Luz, Dr. Raul Calicdan, Mr. Jose Ramos,
Ms. Jocelyn Bernal
The all parish liturgical choir was conducted by Professor Rey Lauron, and was
accompanied by resident organist and musical director of St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Jennifer
Among the special guests were Consul General Cecile B. Rebong, Permanent
Representative of the Philippines to the United Nations Ambassador Hilario Davide, PIDCI
President 2009 Gerry Austria and wife Imelda.
The winners of the Family Bible Quiz were presented after the mass. First Place went
to the Celebrados family (Ramon, Emelinda, Jesus and Jennifer) of St. Eugene Parish in
Yonkers, Second Place went to the Bevo family (Wilfredo, Erma, Dana and Paolo) of Our
Lady of Mercy Parish in Jersey City, Third Place was the Taco family (Zacarias, Betty and
Kyle) of Our Lady of Angels Parish in the Bronx. The preliminary Quiz winner was the
Villanueva family (Bobby, Nelia, Justine and Kevin) from Our Lady of Pompei Church
in Manhattan and the runner-up was the Lindo family (Marcelino, Sofia, Patrick and
Phoebe) from St. Anthony Parish in Yonkers. The Manila Team was headed by Ms. Elvira
Yap Go; Msgr. Gary Noel Formoso, Fr. Miguel Garcia, SSS, and Ms. Malou representing
Channel 4.
The evening was capped by a special cultural presentation “Pasko, Noon at Ngayon”.
Written by Fr. Joseph Marabe, it depicted through narration and songs how the Simbang
Gabi was introduced from the Spanish era in the Philippines and how it evolved as a distinguishing and traditional feature of Christmas celebration in the Philippines. Complementing the presentation is the celebration of Christmas in New York.
Ronald Seludo, tenor and Bambam Masaoy, soprano opened the presentation with
a sentimental rendition of a special arrangement of Memories . . . Maalaala Mo Kaya...
To provide a glimpse of the Mexican influence on the Simbang Gabi, the Guadalupano
Mariachi Band regaled the audience with authentic Villancicos. Alyssa Balderama, a young
girl with a lyrical voice touched the hearts with her haunting rendition of Ang Maging
Ulila and Kung Puwede Lang. Although special guest Fatima Soriano was not permitted
to travel by her doctor – she performed via a special video.
The Bayanihan Club of Union Singers led by their musical director Erwin Argonza
performed Christmas Carols in English and Tagalog and led the audience with a stirring
finale of “If We Hold On Together” and by a special vocal arrangement of Kumukutikutitap,
Pasko ay Sumapit and Halina, Halina.
Simbang Gabi Sa Katedral is a kick-off to the various Simbang Gabi Novena Masses
that are held in the tri-state Area. This event is sponsored and organized by the Simbang
Gabi Sa Katedral, Inc Steering Committee. Major Sponsor was Western Union, Other
Sponsors were Forex, XOOM.com, and PNB.
We are grateful to all the SGSK members, volunteers, ushers, marshals and the staff of
the Cathedral of St. Patrick’s who worked hard behind the scenes to make the celebration
on December 6, 2008 very successful. Marami Pong Salamat!
For more information Rev. Joseph G. Marabe (Overall Chairman), 212.753 2261 x 251
[email protected]; Cely Medrano (Secretary) 917.502.5907 [email protected]
com; For candlelight procession details: Aida L. Gamolo 917.816.0530 [email protected]
net. – For further details on SGsK please visit: www.simbanggabinyc.com
The procession of Marian images through the streets of Manhattan and finally at St. Patrick’s Cathedral at the start of the Second Simbang Gabi sa Katedral.
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In our place in Santa Cruz lived two men both named Pablo. To distinguish one from the
other, the neighbors nicknamed one, Pabling and other, Pablito. But still, people would
occasionally get mixed up on who was who and which name belonged to whom. Both men
lived ordinary lives until one day in 1941, the Japanese came and bombed the City of Manila.
It was the start of World War II.
The extraordinary and horrific circumstances brought about by the terrible inhumanities
of war aroused certain heroic traits in these two men. Pabling devoted much of his time
helping and aiding the victims of war. Pablito, because of his knowledge of electronics,
communicated with and relayed vital messages to the American forces.
Manny Pascual
One day someone from a neighboring town came looking for Pabling. A neighbor pointed to
where he lived. Soon afterwards Japanese soldiers came and took him away. He never came
back. He was accused of guerilla activities.
When Pablito heard about it, he was certain that Pabling was mistaken for him. My father told me that story several times
and referred sadly to Pabling as “the man who died for me.”
Memories of war. Memories of friends and families losing their lives.
In life we experience death and dying almost everyday. In the tough decisions we carry out, in the difficult sacrifices we
make, we go through “death” of some kind. Sometimes we allow something in us to perish in order to give life to something
else. Some of life’s shattering events often leave us no choice but to give up our dreams so that someone else’s could go on.
Life throws unexpected crosses on our lives. Crosses that make us cry a little . . . die a little. During those times when our
crosses are too heavy and just impossile to bear, it’s best to offer them to the One who is the Greatest Cross Bearer of all.
“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have
eternal life.”
--- John 3:16
Of Faith And Practicality
“With God nothing shall be impossible.“
- Luke 1:37
Make It a True Happy New Year’s Greeting
Ordinarily, we would welcome New Year with a big cheery bang. But this year it came with some
nasty bangs of its own. The bang of a war in Palestine, the suicide bangs in Iraq, the continuing bangs in Afghanistan, even some bangs in erstwhile peaceable Athens and Bangkok. Then there was the economic crash whose bang was heard the loudest throughout the
world and right into our living rooms. It is easy to understand why so many people seem
to hold back on their usual upbeat New Year’s greetings these days. If at all, they are given
with little or no enthusiasm.
by Rene Tubilleja
Whatever happened to the message of the just concluded Christmas season? Was there a
meaningful message there at all? That is what happens when people “celebrate” Christmas without Christ in it. If we had
just bought and exchanged gifts, sang carols, and greeted everybody around simply because it was the catchy seasonal thing
to do, then we had left Christ out of Christmas. That would leave us with a feeling of emptiness in our soul and oftentimes
in our pockets, too. We would see all the ills in the world and would not see the light at the end of a long dark tunnel of a
new year.
On the other hand, if we as true Christians had prepared our souls well and celebrated Christmas as a proper birthday party
for our beloved Jesus, we would still be positive and calm today in spite of the unhealthy economy and all the unfortunate
goings-on around us. The reason is we believe in the Christmas message that God will take care of us, hear our prayers, and
fix all our ills. Remember what He said: “Believe and it shall be granted.” He didn’t say, do good first or repent of your sins
first, and then it shall be granted. No, He simply said “believe.” He did miracles just by virtue of people’s faith in Him, even
by pagans like the Roman Centurion in the Gospel. His praise of him was of the highest degree in saying: “In all of Judea, I
have never seen a faith as great as this man’s. Go therefore; your servant has been healed.”
Faith cannot happen without Love; having great Faith means having great Love. With Love, repentance, doing penance,
doing Charity, and all other virtuous acts are a given. We must believe that God loves us so much that He wants to give us
everything. Didn’t He give us His only Son so we could be washed of our sins and be able to go into Heaven? God would
give us peace, prosperity, and good health in abundant measure if we would only ask for them, and sincerely believe that
we would receive them. Absolute Faith is a must. It is what makes for a miracle.
It is not too late to catch up to the birthday party of Jesus. He’s still there waiting in the Eucharist. We can still wrap belated
gifts of good works and prayerfulness for the Baby Jesus. After all, the Three Wise Men themselves were some three years
late. New Year’s Day is our celebration of the Feast of Mary as the Mother of God. Let’s pray for her intercession in asking
God her Son to grant us our wishes for the New Year. Then we could go out cheerily and sincerely wish all our friends and
family a New Year full of happiness, peace, prosperity and good health.
The Filipino Catholic • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • Page 3
Fidelity to prayer, especially the daily recitation
of the Rosary as urgently requested by our Blessed
Mother at Fatima will result in a growth in holy
This wisdom helps us recognize and follow
God’s holy Will in our daily lives. In this Newsletter
we will discuss applications of wisdom regarding
1) Family size – how large?
2) The Marriage Feast at Cana
3) Christian discipleship and the “gay” lifestyle.
to her. But she no longer exercised her authority since she was treating him as he was, a
mature man. And, so, Jesus, when he was not working in the family carpenter shop, was
with his friends and with those who accompanied him as disciples.
Mary, Jesus’ mother, was invited to a marriage feast by friends who also invited Jesus
and his disciples. The wording indicates that the young couple had already accepted that
Jesus’ companions were a little more than just his friends.
And they might have been more numerous than expected. If this were the case, it would
be an added motive that Jesus would be expected, out of his love for the bride and groom,
to do something about this embarrassing situation. In any case, the wine ran out.
Mary, who, as a mother, had long since known that Jesus was waiting for his “hour”
to come, became aware during the wedding feast that her divine Spouse, the Holy Spirit,
was calling her to initiate the long-expected “hour”. In obedience to the gentle but clear
prompting of the Holy Spirit, she approached Jesus to do something about the wine. This
situation, from a human point of view, was extraordinary. It seems that she was not acDuring this past year Cardinal Archbishop customed to use her authority with Jesus from the time that he had reached manhood.
Christoph Schoenborn, who is very close to Pope
Furthermore, she had never asked Jesus to show his glory as God by performing a
Benedict, spoke with unusual directness against miracle. And so it appears that she was reluctant to use her authority given that Jesus was
by Rev. Alfred R. Guthrie
Cardinals and Bishops who publicly disagreed no longer a child, much less to ask for a supernatural sign. But the call of the Voice of her
with the Encylical Humanae Vitae when it was Spouse was insistent. And so, she obeyed.
promulgated by Pope Paul VI in 1968. Cardianl Schoenborn accused specifically the late
Apparently not wishing to give her call in the form of an order, Mary offered the inarchbishop of Vienna, Franz Koenig, and Cardinal Julius Doepfner, the late archbishop formation to Jesus in the form of a suggestion. “They have no wine.”
of Munich of “weakening the People of God’s sense for life” so that when “the wave of
Jesus’ answer, though, as usual filled with reverence and love, must have stunned Our
abortions” and increasing acceptance of homosexuality followed, the Church lacked the Blessed Mother. Woman??? He had never used that word with her before! But we can
courage to oppose them. Cardinal Schoenborn made
safely guess that she, knowing the scripture as she did,
these remarks while addressing Neocatechumenate
quickly realized what Jesus was really saying: that she
families in Jerusalem early this year. He thanked them
was inviting him to disobey the Father, just as Eve did
for having large families which produce many vocato Adam. And he would have no part of it.
The workers of the World Apostolate of
tions. Cardinal Schoenborn “asked God to forgive
It seems then, that (to Jesus who did not yet know
Our Lady of Our Lady of Fatima
all bishops [for their rejection of the Holy Father and
that Mary’s request was coming from the Father) her
their cowardice] and give them courage to say “yes” to
request was an invitation to disobey the Father by
life”. (Quotes and material from “Inside the Vatican”
performing a miracle before his “hour” had come.
magazine, Dec. ’08, pg. 17)
That’s why this scenario brought them right back to
But to round out this topic lest the Church’s posithe tragedy of Adam’s following the suggestion of Eve
tion is misunderstood, not all couples are gifted with
to disobey God’s command. And so Jesus rejected the
large families. As described in previous Newsletters,
suggestion, calling his mother “woman” as a symbol
simply obeying the Voice of Jesus in the Church, usof the woman who invited Adam to disobey God:
ing prayer and the sacraments and remaining attentive
“Woman, how does your concern affect me? My hour
to the guidance of the Holy Spirit will allow a couple
has not yet come.”
to accept God’s plan for them and will give them the
But Mary knew that Jesus’ “hour” had indeed
courage to obey.
come. And now she also realized that a suggestion
was a mistake. The mistake was that she didn’t use
her authority which still represented the authority of
the Father. And so Jesus, not knowing that Mary was
The Feast of the Epiphany, that is the Manifestation
already acting with the authority of his heavenly Father,
rejected her suggestion.
of the Lord to the Gentiles of the world, represented by
Therefore, Mary had to use her authority. Her
the Magi, falls on January 4th of this new year. In the
history of this feast, the different ways by which Jesus
words to the waiters had about them the gentle tone of
was revealed as Lord and Messiah are celebrated:
quiet authority. “Do whatever he tells you” - an order
The visit of the Magi,
discreetly given to Jesus through the waiters.
The Baptism of Jesus, and
The waiters probably said something like this:
The marriage feast at Cana.
“Mister, that lady over there told us to do whatever
As promised in last month’s Newsletter, we will reflect on some of the lessons found you tell us to do.”
in the marriage feast at Cana.
Jesus recognized the words of the waiters as a very clear, while indirect and gentle order
Although it comes from another of the four gospels a better understanding of what from his mother. At that moment he realized that her order not only represented the Will of
happened at the marriage feast at Cana in John’s gospel begins with an event in Luke’s his Father, but also meant that his “hour” had, indeed, now come. And so, he obeyed.
The occasion of a marriage feast was highly symbolic. The prophets had foretold, in
We are all well acquainted with the gospel events but they are reviewed here for the the human terms of rich wine, the spiritual riches of the coming Kingdom of God. (Issake of the sequence of events.
25:6) And Jesus, the bridegroom had come to give his life for his Bride, the Church, the
“The boy Jesus remained behind in Jerusalem, but his parents did not know it.” (Luke New Jerusalem (Apoc-21:2).
2:43). Jesus was, in his youthful enthusiasm, filled with the love of his Father’s house, and
And from that moment on, Jesus’ public life began. He was no longer subject to the
apparently not thinking of his parents’ reaction, but, rather, still thinking as a child, bypassed authority of his mother, but now directly subject to the authority and direction of his
their authority, and stayed behind in Jerusalem. When Joseph and Mary finally discovered heavenly Father.
him in the temple, he realized that he should not have acted without their permission, and
“Jesus did this as the beginning of his signs in Cana in Galilee and so revealed his
so “…he went down with them…and was obedient to them”.
glory, and his disciples began to believe in him.” (John 2:11)
Many years later, Jesus, now an adult, was still waiting for the call from his Father, a
There are many lessons here:
call that would mean that his “hour” had come. But up to this point, his “hour” had not yet
First: always obey the will of the Father, no matter who, whether one’s parents, or best
come, and so, the Will of his Father was still to be found in the authority of his mother.
friend, tries to suggest or even, as some will do, to push us to do something against what
In the meantime, Jesus, as urgently as he wanted to begin his public life, was not going we know the Father wants.
to disobey his Father in the slightest by expressing his love or his glory until he was called
Second: always be attentive to and obey, after careful discernment, the voice of the
to begin his public life, that is, until his “hour” had come.
Holy Spirit, speaking in our hearts.
Having met his cousin, John where John was baptizing at the Jordan, Jesus was bapThird: never give up waiting patiently for God’s Will to be made known.
tized by him and was identified (manifested) as the Son by the Father and the Holy Spirit.
Fourth: be ready and happy to accept invitations to celebrate important human mileJesus then (after, it seems, having fasted and been tempted in the desert) returned to his stones, such as birthday’s, weddings, and other such days that are important to the one
family home in Nazareth to his former way of life – but now followed by some disciples inviting, as long as they are events that are not against the law of God.
to whom he had been pointed out by John the Baptist. (John 1:35 ff).
Fifth: except for reasonable or necessary health exceptions, enjoy a drink of whatever
Over the years, Jesus, while living with his mother after the death of Joseph, had been alcohol is served at celebrations or meals.
supporting her by continuing the work of the carpenter shop. But he still remained subject
Sixth: as long as God’s will allows, be solicitous about helping bring about the success
(turn to page 22)
Wish you
Wonderful Growth in the
Joy and Love of the Lord
in spite of, or rather, by means of
whatever pleasant surprises He Brings
difficult Trials He allows
throughout this New Year,
Page 4 • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • The Filipino Catholic
Housing Our
Homeless God
It was uncanny (to say the least). I was with a
group of parishioners, members of the Parish Pastoral Council and a few high school teenagers from
one of our parish youth choirs. We were caroling
for a church project that had run out of funds. My
presence was calculated to ‘encourage’ generosity.
I even decided to wear my clerical. And it proved
to be a smart move. In more than one instance a
homeowner or a member of a family would, upon
hearing our voices, decide we were worth only
by Rev. Eutiquio ‘Euly’
twenty pesos (thank God that was the minimum)
B. Belizar, Jr., SThD
but, on seeing me, would apologize profusely for
what apparently in their mind was almost an unpardonable sacrilege (the twenty-peso evaluation of our singing, I mean). Then the
twenty peso bill would promptly be taken out of our sight and in its place would
appear a five hundred or one thousand peso bill. That together with big smiles and
offers of a beverage or snack. Naturally I’m not saying we were given the same
reception or treatment in all the homes we went to. But it soon became clear to
me why our group was ecstatic when I decided to come along. A priest’s presence
may not necessarily work miracles but something close to one is often enough. For
instance, a remark from a member of our group almost bowled me over. “Receiving a response from this family is like squeezing juice out of stone,” she mused.
“Now that they see a priest with us, they seem so hospitable and giving.”
In all this I would never forget coming to a rest house on a street corner. The
manager seemed to me to be just patiently tolerating our presence and singing
with a smirk. Apparently my presence even absolved our singing deficiencies.
I don’t even recall how much she adjudged our singing to be worth. But, as we
were leaving, I saw a sign hanging by the main door. “SORRY. NO MORE ROOM
INSIDE”. “What a strange coincidence,” I said within her hearing. “Did a man
named Jose and a pregnant woman named Maria come before us?”
I don’t remember any more what the manager’s answer was.
To be honest, it mattered little to me, as we both knew I asked the question
in jest. Something else arrested my mind in its tracks. I found myself marveling
at the thought of how God’s Son came into the world homeless, like the thought
came to me for the first time. Maybe, I thought, if Jesus came as a Roman Catholic
priest with a Roman collar, I strongly suspect (I could be wrong, of course, given
today’s views on priests) he would not be met with “SORRY, NO MORE ROOM
But God’s homelessness wasn’t a phenomenon that happened on Christmas
Day for the first time. I couldn’t help remembering the words of David in the
second book of Samuel read on the Fourth Sunday of Advent of Year B: “Here
I am living in a house of cedar, while the ark of God dwells in a tent!” (2 Sam
7:2). David was feeling downright ashamed at the utterly incalculable injustice
of the situation: he, a human king, living in a splendid palace of cedar while the
God of hosts, Creator of the universe, was dwelling in a tent. Even then God was
homeless. And he didn’t seem to mind. He was more into making David’s house
impregnable. David’s generous thought was answered by a generosity whose
immensity could only be measured by eternity. The homeless God who owns
all homes made David a promise that has impacted you and me. “Your house
and your kingdom shall endure forever before me; your throne shall stand firm
forever” (2 Sam 7:16).
To say that God cannot be outdone in generosity is an understatement.
That David’s offer was met by God’s “No, thank you” and “I’ll give you a better offer” response staggers the imagination. Even when Solomon finally finished
the temple of Jerusalem God’s homelessness was scarcely resolved. In truth, God
continued to look for a home.
Then came the Annunciation. As the archangel Gabriel slowly made clear to
a simple barrio lass named Mary the outlines of God’s request that she become
the mother of his Son, after her famous hesitation (“But how can this be since I do
not know man?” (Lk 1:34), she let go of her other famous declaration: “I am the
handmaid of the Lord. Let it be done to me according to your word” (Lk 1:38).
At last God found a home. His real home: His own people best represented by
the best of the human race, “our tainted nature’s solitary boast” (Wordsworth),
a woman named Mary. And her generosity was met with a return that cannot be
paralleled. She not only shared her Son’s Resurrection by her own Assumption
into heaven (Fourth Glorious Mystery). She was also crowned Queen of Heaven
and Earth (Fifth Glorious Mystery). Even Mary’s supreme generosity couldn’t
equal God’s.
And so, why do we hesitate till now to house our homeless God?
Fr. Euly writes from the Cathedral Parish of the Nativity of Our Lady in Borongon, Samar, Philippines where he
is assigned as pastor and rector. He is the Founding Director of the Diocesan Lay Formation Institute there.
The prayer power circle
by Fr. James Reuter, S.J.
Lord, look down upon us —
Your Filipino children.
You have blessed our land with
incredible beauty and wealth . . .
our magnificent trees. . .
our majestic mountains. . .
our fertile soil, nourishing us
with food. . .
our mines, filled with gold
and silver. . .
our seas, rich with fish. . .
our beautiful, sandy shores. . .
our mild climate, blessing us with sun
and rain. . .
Above all, You have filled the Filipino heart with
generosity and joy. . .
with a willingness to share. . .
with a desire to reach out and help others. . .
with a hunger to love. . .
You have blessed us with the power to smile. . .
even when everything is wrong. . .
You have given us the strength and courage
to carry on cheerfully. . .
even in the depths of poverty and hardship.
For all this, we thank You, with all our hearts!
And we ask you. . . please. . . to heal the evils
that have fallen on our nation. . .
the graft and corruption
that has had such terrible effects
on the poorest of our poor. . .
the selfishness and greed
among our leaders. . .
which has made so many good Filipinos
feel hopeless and helpless.
Lord, you know that 70% of our people
are living below the poverty line. . .
that three out of ten
are hungry, every day.
So we beg of You. . .
touch the hearts of our leaders. . .
touch their minds. . .
their eyes and ears. . .
give them the wisdom to see
the agony they are causing. . .
give them the grace to change!
You have said to us, loud and clear. . .
“Ask, and you will receive. . .
Seek, and you will find. . .
Knock, and it will be opened to you.”
We ask you to transform the hearts of those
in power. . .
Remove their selfishness and greed. . .
and fill them with love
for their brothers and sisters. . . .
the hungry, and the poor. . .
Lift this nation out of darkness, into the light. . .
Out of poverty into the fullness of life
which they deserve. . .
We ask you this through your mother. . .
whom You love. . .
who is also our mother . . . whome we love. . .
Our “Mama Mary”. Amen.
Fr. James B. Reuter, S.J. writes from the Philippines. The article above which appeared in the
Philippine Star on January 3, 2009 is reprinted with permission.
The Filipino Catholic • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • Page 5
The Queens Village Santo Niño Prayer Group celebrated its
22nd Fiesta honoring the Holy Infant Jesus last January 11 at
Our Lady of Lourdes Church. Main celebrant was Fr. Alex
Ramos. Concelebrant was Fr. Laquindanum.
The affair started with the recitation of the rosary. After
the rosary, mass started with the traditional dancing of the
Sinulog honoring the Santo Niño.
In his homily, Fr. Alex Ramos traced the historical and cultural significance of the Sinulog dance and the origin of the
chant “Pit Señor Santo Niño.”
There was also the blessing and incensation of the Santo
Niño images placed before the altar by devotees. Liturgical
music was provided by the FDA Music Ministry.
After the mass, a typical Filipino salu-salo was held at the
church’s hall where various native dishes were served
to the guests. There were also some cultural dances performed by members of the community. The 14th Generation Band of Queens Village provided the party music at
the hall gathering.
The whole affair was hosted by the Queens Village Santo
Niño Prayer Group led by Lita Panganiban in coordination
with Our Lady of Lourdes Filipino Community and the
Pagasa Filipino community – Incarnation Parish.
Fr. Alex Ramos
Page 6 • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • The Filipino Catholic
Holy Family
by Fr. Peter James R. Alindogan
To raise a family these days is a difficult thing to
do. That is why the Church is reminding us to keep
Christ in the midst of our lives. After the wonderful
celebration of Christmas, we have this feast
dedicating our families to God as we honor Jesus,
Mary and Joseph.
We could learn from kids when
they were asked the following
questions. What is marriage?
Marriage is when you get to keep
your girl and don’t have to give her
back to her parents. ~ Eric, age 6.
How can a stranger tell if two people
are married? You might have to
guess, based on whether they seem
to be yelling at the same kids. ~ Derrick, age 8. Why do lovers often
hold hands? They want to make sure their rings don’t fall off because
they paid good money for them.~ Dave, age 8. When is it okay to kiss
someone? You should never kiss a girl unless you have enough bucks to
buy her a ring and her own VCR, ’cause she’ll want to have videos of
the wedding. ~ Allan, age 10.
Holiness begins with the notion that we need help. It is with humble
submission to God and acknowledgment of His grace that we can attain
holiness. If we think we can escape from God, if we think we’d be able
to hide from Him, if we think we are independent of His providence,
then we are grossly mistaken. Humility is necessary for holiness.
Which means that we have to start from the realities of life. There are no perfect families,
just as there are no perfect marriages. We are all human beings and we are all imperfect.
When relationships get tested, we may be hurt and offended. When expectations fail, we
may be disappointed and frustrated. When promises get broken, we may end up crushed
and wounded.
Loss and and defeat, failures and falling outs, brokenness and breakdowns are the
spices of life.
We all have our own problems, especially problems with our loved ones, our own
families. But, thank God! He will never allow us to get into anything that He cannot take
us out of. We do not have big problems. We have a big God.
The Holy Family exemplifies the reality of Christ present in our midst and in our lives.
Being another Jesus to them is our call to holiness. When they do things we do not expect
and like or when they do not do or say anything at all, being another Christ to them is
probably what they need.
There was one scene in the old TV Show “All in the Family” where Edith was talking
to her friend Amelia. Amelia says, “Of all the people I know, you’re practically the only
one who has a happy marriage.” Edith says, “Really? Me and Archie? Oh, thank you!”
Then Amelia asks, “What is your secret, Edith?” Edith replies, “Oh, I
ain’t got no secret. Archie and me still have our fights. Of course we
don’t let them go on too long. Somebody always says, “I’m sorry.”
And Archie always says, “It’s okay, Edith.”
Essential to family life is forgiveness. The family is the place where
we are meant to give and receive life, but many times our sharp deeds
and cutting tongues remove the very life of the people we are under
obligation to protect, guide, love and make holy.
Every family should have occasions for reconciliation and forgiveness.
Every family member should bear the burden of each other’s faults and
understand each other’s failures. If we can be forgiving to our friends
who are not related to us by blood, why can’t we be forgiving to our
own families whose blood we share in common?
God did not give us perfect parents, because He knew we were not
perfect children. God did not give us perfect children, because He
knew we were not perfect parents.
What should lovers do to stay married? Don’t forget your wife’s
name. That will mess up the love. ~ Roger, age 8. Be a good kisser.
It might make your wife forget that you never take out the trash.
~Randy, age 8. Is it better to be single or married? You should ask the people who read
Cosmopolitan. ~ Kirsten, age 10. It’s better for girls to be single but not for boys. Boys
need somebody to clean up after them. ~ Anita, age 9
On this Feast of the Holy Family, we hope and pray for our own families. They may not
be perfect. They may not be holy. But God gave them to us. They are our family.
Homily delivered by Rev. PJ Alindogan on December 28, 2008 at St. Charles Borromeo
Church in Cinnaminson, NJ.
Claimed for
in Baptism
by Fr.
Basil C. Colasito
Noticing how nervous I was during the
celebration of my First
Mass (50 years ago
March 19, 1959, on the
feast of St. Joseph) my
mentor who was also
Master of Ceremonies,
whispered in my ears,
“Just pay attention
to the words.”
Looking back over the years, I realize how often and how
easily I had lapsed into the routine of celebrating Mass and
the Sacraments, often oblivious of what I was doing. Most
actions become habitual with repetition.
Last week, however, at a baptism ceremony, as I paid
“attention to the words”. I was deeply touched by the awesome meaning of the Sacrament.
I began with the sign of the cross, “in the name of the
Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” It felt like being
at a “flag ceremony” with which civic ceremonies usually
begin. As “citizens of heaven,” we begin liturgies with the
invocation of the Holy Trinity. I then ask the parents and godparents: “What name
do you give your child?” A name describes the hopes and dreams of the parents
for their child. It likewise depicts for the child a specific lifestyle. Emmanuel
“God with us.” most appropriately describes Jesus, Who continues to be with us,
through His Spirit in our heart, and through His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.
in the Most Holy Eucharist..
What moved me even more deeply were the words welcoming the child into
the family of the Church, the Body of Christ:
“The Christian Community welcomes you with great joy. In its name I claim
you for Christ with the sign of the cross, and I ask your parents and godparents
to do the same.”
The baby now belongs to Christ. the King, who has sealed her/him with the
Royal Dignity of the “Signet Cross”, the Sign of Redemption. Just as cattle (pardon the comparison) are
branded with the indelible initials of their owner, so the
child is “claimed for Christ,” with a permanent seal of
Christ which can neither be erased nor repeated.
Whether we are aware of it or not, we belong to
A story is told that in the times of the Roman emperors, there was a popular dog that used to roam around
the imperial palace and around the streets of Rome.
No one dared harm it. In fact everybody respected the
dog. The people would bow in reverence every time
the dog walked by.
Around its neck, the dog carried a big medallion,
clearly inscribed with the words, Caesaris Sum, which
is Latin for “I belong to Caesar.” or I belong to the
We do not really know who we are until we know
whose we are. Jesus knows Who He is and Whose He
is. At His Baptism, Jesus heard His Identity proclaimed
loud and clear by the Father, “You are My Beloved
Son. With You I am well pleased.”
As I pay attention to those words, I feel so blessed, so awed, so overwhelmed,
because they proclaim loud and clear my and your dignity as a child of God, a
temple of the Holy Spirit, and an heir to the Kingdom. In Baptism, we were
claimed for Christ; we belong to the King of Kings!
The Filipino Catholic • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • Page 7
by AA Medrano
Happy New Year to All! I hope you had a
wonderful Christmas. As we welcome the year
2009, we thank the Lord for the year that has gone
by despite the unstable economy. On a personal note,
we must all be grateful for what we have - family,
friends, good health, good job. Above all, we thank
the Lord for what we are today and we rely on
HIM for what tomorrow will bring - new year, new
beginning, and new hope. Let us be optimistic that
the New Year will bring more exciting possibilities
and new opportunities for all of us in 2009.
2008 was a successful year filled with memorable
events for the Filipino Pastoral Ministry of Our
Lady of Pompei church. Last October, the Filipino
Pastoral Ministry celebrated a milestone – for 20 years as the welcoming church for
Filipino migrants under the auspices of the Scalabrinian Fathers. We also celebrated the
20th anniversary of the start of the devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help at Our Lady
of Pompei on June 26. The Santo Niño Prayer Groups of New York based at Pompei also
celebrated its 25th anniversary of propagating the devotion to Santo Niño in New York.
Overall the Filipino Pastoral Ministry had a fruitful year fulfilling the vision and mission
of the ministry.
The Filipino Pastoral Ministry started the New Year with the successful celebration of
the Fiesta of Poon Hesus Nazareno on January 4, 2009. It was the 10th annual celebration
held at Our Lady of Pompei in New York. The FPM will continue the same program and
will have more exciting activities in 2009 (Please see schedule of activities)
ing voices of the newly formed Our Lady of Pompei Filipino Choir with Sally Alonso,
conducting the choir.
After the Mass, all the guests were treated to sumptuous Filipino food and special
delicacies and also some ballroom and line dancing at the Pompei Fr. Demo Hall.
Thank you for all your support through the years for a successful celebration.
How the Poon Hesus Nazareno Devotion started in New York:
The Filipino Pastoral Ministry of Our Lady of Pompei Church launched the Poon Hesus Nazareno sa Village the popular devotion for all transplanted devotees of the Hesus
Nazareno in Quiapo to usher in the new millennium. The late Fr. Bernabe B. Sison, the
founding director of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry was optimistic then that the new devotion will fill the void of our longing to pay homage to the Black Nazarene. On January 9,
2000, the feast day of Poon Hesus Nazareno was celebrated for the first time in New York.
The image of the Poon Hesus Nazareno was blessed and enshrined at Our Lady of Pompei
Church, New York where the Filipino Pastoral Ministry is based.
The devotion to the Poon Hesus Nazareno gained support and dedication among the
Filipinos that it became a permanent fixture in the village. What started as a vision like
the many devotions and programs started by the Filipino Pastoral Ministry indeed become
a reality. The task was enormous in the beginning and was met with a lot of challenges.
It came a long way since then as we celebrated the 10th annual feast day to Poon Hesus
Nazareno last Sunday. The annual feast day celebration at Pompei is celebrated every first
Sunday of January.
On December 8, 2006 the San Lorenzo Ruiz Association of America, Inc. (SLRAA)
launched the devotion of the Poon Hesus Nazareno sa Jamaica. The life size image of
the Black Nazarene was blessed and enshrined at the new chapel of the San Lorenzo Ruiz
Scalabrini Center at 168-41 84th Ave. in Jamaica Hills NY 11432, the home of the SLRAA.
A Friday prayer service is held regularly at the Center. They hold a separate feast day
celebration in honor of the Poon on January 9, the same day celebrated in the Philippines.
The first feast day in Jamaica was held at the San Lorenzo Ruiz Scalabrini Center on January 9, 2007. To accommodate more devotees, the 2008 feast day celebration was moved
to a bigger venue. The San Lorenzo Ruiz Scalabrini Center still holds the Novena Mass
for nine days prior to the feast day that starts on December 31 to January 8.
This year is the third annual feast day celebration of the Poon Hesus Nazareno at
Jamaica hosted by the SLRAA and the San Lorenzo Ruiz Devotional Chapter. It will be
held at the Holy Family Church in Queens. Drs. Jorge and Helen Aguila-Amador are the
continuing Hermano and Hermana Mayor for 2008 and 2009.
The devotion to Poon Hesus
Nazareno in Jamaica is the extension of the Poon Hesus Nazareno
sa Village at Pompei where the
devotees could pay homage to the
Black Nazarene.
On Sunday, January 4, 2009, the Filipino Pastoral Ministry of Our Lady of Pompei
church celebrated the 10th annual
Fiesta celebration in honor of
the Poon Hesus Nazareno sa
Village. The feast day celebration was the culmination of the
Novena Masses held for nine
consecutive Fridays in honor of
Filipino Clergy of New York
the Poon Hesus Nazareno.
The Makinano Family led by
On Sunday January 4, the
Jun and Amelia spearheaded the
Filipino priests from the different
successful celebration. We are
parishes in New York attended the
grateful to them for continuing
post-Christmas party/meeting at
the Poon Hesus Nazareno tradiOur Lady of Pompei church hosted
tion in New York.
by Msgr. Romy Montero. Some of
To continue the tradition,
the attendees concelebrated in the
the Sunday’s celebration started
Mass for Poon Hesus Nazareno
with the transfer ceremony of
feast day. The concelebrants were
the Hermanidad from the 2008
Msgr. Oscar Aquino, JCD, Msgr.
Hermano and Hermana Mayor
Bayani Valenzuela, Fr. Romy
Bobby and Nelia Villanueva to
Hontiveros, Fr. Francis Ong, Fr.
the 2009 Hermano and HerJoy Tentativa, Fr. Anthony Legaspi,
mana Mayor Jun and Amelia
Fr. Joselito Cabatuan, Fr. Mike
Makinano. With the transfer of
Lagrimas. Fr. Joseph Marabe, JCD
the image of the Poon Hesus
Procession of the Black Nazarene at Our Lady of Pompei Church
also attended.
Nazareno, came the turn over
of the responsibility to keep and
Eucharistic Seminar Part 2
care for the image during their term as the new Hermano and Hermana mayor.
Fr. Mike Lagrimas will conduct Part 2 of the Eucharistic Seminar on January
After the transfer ceremony, the devotees carried the big image of Poon Hesus Naza17, 2009 at 7:00 P.M. to be held at the Our Lady of Pompei church. It will be the
reno in the carosa decked with flowers during the procession. The hermanos and hermanas
continuation of the Eucharist seminar held last November. The seminar is open to all
mayores of the Poon Hesus Nazareno led the congregation with the concelebrating priests
interested to be lectors, servers and lay ministers. Please let us know in advance if you
in the procession.
will attend especially to those who attended the Part 1 seminar last November. For those
Msgr. Romulo Montero presided the concelebrated Mass. The concelebrants were
who are interested but did not attend the Part I Seminar, please let us know also so that
Msgr. Oscar Aquino, JCD, Msgr. Bayani Valenzuela, Fr. Romy Hontiveros, Fr. Francis
we could schedule it on a different date. Please e-mail to [email protected]
Ong, Fr. Joy Tentativa, Fr. Joselito Cabatuan, Fr. Anthony Legaspi, Fr. Mike Lagrimas was
the homilist. Bro. Michael LaMantia was the master of ceremonies of the celebration.
The lectors were: El-Al Makinano-First Reading, Xana Makinano - Responsorial
San Lorenzo Ruiz Scalabrini Center celebrated its 5th anniversary with a Mass of
Psalm, Amelia Makinano for the Second Reading. Tess Vasquez led the prayers of the
Thanksgiving on December 8, 2008. Msgr. Oscar Aquino presided the Mass. Msgr. Romy
faithful in Tagalog.
Montero, Fr. Tony Mahinay and Fr. Mike Lagrimas were the concelebrants. A reception
The Mass was enhanced by the music provided by Bobby Villanueva and the engag-
Page 8 • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • The Filipino Catholic
followed at the Fr. Bobby Sison Hall after the Mass.
On December 16, the board of directors of the SLRAA met with Fr. Matthew Didone,
the new Provincial Superior of the Scalabrinian Fathers for the renewal of the lease agreement. It has been five years since the Scalabrinian Fathers allowed the SLRAA through
the agreement with the late Fr. Bobby Sison to use the St. Charles House of Studies
now transformed into the San Lorenzo Ruiz Scalabrini Center. Fr. Didone approved the
renewal of the lease for another five years. He was satisfied with the improvements done
to the building and was impressed with the programs and activities that invigorated the
“Operation Bigay Bigas” fund raising was re-launched on December 23 during the
Christmas party at the San Lorenzo Ruiz Scalabrini Center. The “Rice for the Poor” is
part of the humanitarian project of SLRAA under the Scalabrinian Lay Movement program to help our poor kababayans in the Philippines. The project was started by Nick
Libramonte as a personal mission in 2006. SLRAA adopted the program in 2007 with
the first mission in Catbalogan, Samar.
San Lorenzo Ruiz in Thailand:
San Lorenzo Ruiz Association of America, (SLRAA) received the good news from
Thailand that the construction of the church to be named San Lorenzo Ruiz Church in
Muhahki under the Chiang Mai Diocese has started. With the building of the San Lorenzo
Ruiz Church, the SLRAA is going to help in bringing the Good News in Chiang Mai
Diocese. It is also a great opportunity to honor Saint Lorenzo Ruiz and also to be known
among Thai people. The church construction is estimated to be completed by the end of
March 2009. Bishop Joseph Sangval scheduled the blessing of the church on April 19,
2009. The Bishop will officiate the first Mass.
The building of the church is one of the projects of the SLRAA- Foreign Mission
initiated by Casto Changho, Director, SLRAA-Foreign Mission. The church will be used
for: 1. A place of worship with space to hold more than 50 people. Currently,
they pack the village leader’s house for services.
2. Center for community gatherings and other community function.
3. Village Shelter during typhoons since the village houses are mostly
made of bamboo and leaves
4. Welcoming center for visiting village leaders from other tribes.
5. As showcase for the Catholic church to the mountain hill tribes and also
to propagate the devotion to San Lorenzo Ruiz.
6. Learning center for educating the village people about Christianity.
Wednesday Sunday
6:30 P.M.
3:00 P.M.
Mother of Perpetual Help
Misang Pilipino
First Friday
6:30 P.M.
Mass and Holy Hour
Last Sunday Monthly Birthday Celebration
Sunday after the Mass Free Line Dancing & Fellowship
2 Fri 6:30 PM 1st Friday Mass & Holy Hour
4 Sun 3:00 PM Feast of Poon Hesus Nazareno
17 Sat 7:00 PMPart 2 Eucharistic Seminar – Lectors/Servers
25 Sun 6:00 PM Laksambayan Meeting
Sun 3:00 PM January Birthday celebration
Dates to be announced
Bible Study
15 Sun 3:00 PMValentines Day
22 Sun SGSK Thanksgiving Party
25 Wed 6:30 PM. Ash Wednesday
25Wed 6:00 PM Novena Mass- Mother of Perpetual .Help
Choir from OHIO to sing in the Mass
29 Sun 3:00 PM March Birthday celebration
3 & 4
Fri8:00 PMPABASA NG PASYON – SLRAA Center, Jamaica
5 Sun 3:00 PM
Palm Sunday
9 Thu 7:00 PM
Holy Thursday - Washing of the Feet
10 Fri 9:00 AM
Brooklyn Bridge Way of the Cross
7:00 PM
Good Friday - Veneration of the Cross –
Pompei Church
12 Sun 3:00 PM
Easter Sunday
Children’s Easter Egg Hunting
19 Sun 3:00PM 1st Day Novena Mass SANTO NIÑO
Divine Mercy Novena Mass
22 Wed 6:30 PM Perpetual Novena to Mother of P. Help
1st Day in preparation for Feast day - June 24
Masses, novenas, fiestas and other
important religious celebrations.
“This is the day which the Lord hath
made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”
-- Ps 118:24
January 18, 2009
1:30 PM - Filipino Mass
St. Joan of Arc Church
82-00 35th Ave. Jackson Heights, NY 11372
(Every 2nd Sunday of the Month)
2:00 PM - Filipino Mass
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church,
101-41 91st Street, Ozone Park, NY 11416
(Every 3rd Sunday of the Month)
2:30 PM - Filipino Mass
Guardian Angel Church
2978 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY, 11235
(Every 3rd Sunday of the Month)
5:00 PM – Filipino Mass
St. Bartolomew Church
43-22 Ithaca Street, Elmshurst NY 11373
(Every 3rd Sunday of the Month)
January 25, 2009
2:00 PM – Filipino Mass
Corpus Christi Church
31-30 61st Street, Woodside, NY
(Every 4th Sunday of the Month)
5:00 PM – Filipino Mass
Most PreciousBlood Church (Basement)
32-23 36 st Street, Long Island City, NY
February 1, 2009
12:15 PM - Filipino Mass
Feast of Sto. Nino
St. Patrick Church,
39-38 29th Street, LIC, NY 11101
(Every 1st Sunday of the Month)
2:00 PM - Filipino Mass
Our Lady Help of Christians Church,
1315 E. 28th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11210
(Every 1st Sunday of the Month)
1:30 PM - Filipino Mass
Our Lady of the Island
Eastport, Long Island
Long Island Expressway, Exit 70
(Every 1st Sunday of the month)
February 6, 2009
7:30 PM - Filipino Mass – First Friday
Sponsored by FDA and Apostleship of
St. Jude Church
1677 Canarsie Road, Brooklyn, NY 11236
(Every 1st Friday of the Month)
February 7, 2009
12:00 Fiesta of Our Lady of Candelaria
St. Gerard of Majella
188-16 91ST Avenue
Hollis, NY 11423
6:15 PM - Filipino Mass
St. Brigid Church,
409 Linden Street, Brooklyn, NY 11227
(Every 1st Saturday of the Month)
7:00 PM - Filipino Mass
Presentation Church,
88-19 Parsons Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11432
(Every 1st Saturday of the Month)
February 8, 2009
2:00 PM - Filipino Mass
by Gene Salle
Incarnation Church,
89-43 Francis Lewis Blvd.
Queens Village, NY 11427.
(Every 2nd Sunday of the Month)
2:00 PM - Filipino Mass
St. Rose of Lima Church
269 Parkville Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230.
(Every 2nd Sunday of the Month)
2:00 PM - Filipino Mass
Church of Holy Child Jesus
111-11 86th Avenue
Richmond Hill, NY 11418
(Every 2nd Sunday of the Month)
5:00 PM - Filipino Mass
Mary’s Nativity Church
4602 Parsons Blvd., Flushing, NY 11355.
(Every 2nd Sunday of the Month)
February 15, 2009
1:30 PM - Filipino Mass
St. Joan of Arc Church
82-00 35th Ave. Jackson Heights, NY 11372
(Every 3rd Sunday of the Month)
1:30 PM - Filipino Mass
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church
101-41 91st Street, Ozone Park, NY 11416
(Every 3rd Sunday of the Month)
2:30 PM - Filipino Mass
Guardian Angel Church
2978 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY, 11235
(Every 3rd Sunday of the Month)
5:00 PM – Filipino Mass
St. Bartolomew Chapel
43-22 Ithaca Street, Elmshurst NY 11373
(Every 3rd Sunday of the Month)
February 22, 2009
2:00 PM – Filipino Mass
Corpus Christi Church
31-30 61st Street, Woodside, NY 11377
(Every 4th Sunday of the Month)
5:00 PM – Filipino Mass
Most PreciousBlood Church (Basement)
32-23 36 st Street, Long Island City, NY
Filipino Mass every Sunday - 5:00 PM at the
Most Precious Blood Church (Basement),
32-23 36th Street, Long Island City, NY 11006.
Novena to Mother Perpetual Help
at 7:00 PM every Wednesday
at St. Patrick Church,
39-38 29th Street, LIC, NY 11101.
Please show your support to our Filipino
Apostolate by participating and joining with us
in any of these events. The readings,
prayers, homily and songs are said in Tagalog.
Please consult Mapquest.com
or Yahoo.com or Google for directions to these
The Filipino Catholic • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • Page 9
Syanga Naman!
Msgr. Ruben M. Dimaculangan
1. Hello and Goodbye! Habang ang mga bakasyonista ay namamaalam sa Belen, Christmas tree at Santa
Claus, naka-telecast naman sa ilang morning TV programs ang storing tips o kung papaano igagarahe ang
Christmas lights at décor sa kani-kanilang taguan.
Opppps, huwag na huwag ninyong isasama sa taguan
ang pagpapatawaran at pagbibigayan! Hwag kalimutan na ilang beses din kayong naki-awit na… “At
magbuhat ngayon, kahit hindi Pasko ay magbigayan”.
Take note, kasama sa pagbibigayan ang pagbibigay ng
“the best” natin anuman ang ating ginagawa. Dahil
dito, lakas-loob nating isigaw:“Goodbye Christmas
vacation; Hello, school, books and notebooks!” Huwag matakot sa mathematics! Goodbye
sa pagbangon nang tanghali na. Ang mga sakripisyo tuwing schooldays ay pampalasa ng
buhay. Ang mga ito ang nagpapasaya ng bakasyon. Syanga naman.
2. “Pastoral” music para sa Misa. Ako po ay di magaling kumanta. Ang katuwaan ko po
naman ay ang makinig ng musika. Sa akin pong pakikinig narito ang aking mga napupuna: May
mga awitin sa radyo at sa simbahan na maganda ang lyrics pero pangit naman ang melody. Resulta? Maingay sa ulo ang
effect ng mga
ito. Meron namang pieces
na maganda
ang melody
pero mababaw
naman ang
lyrics. Siguro
malaman ng
choir directors na merong awitin na
mas bagay
sa konsyerto
kaysa Misa.
Kahit ano pang ganda ng polyphony, lyrics at rendition nito sa loob ng Misa, mahihirapan
pa rin ang na patagusin ang mensahe nito sa puso lalo na kung ang melody nito ay walang
bakas ng liturgical solemnity. Ganon din, maganda kung ang pag-awit sa Misa ay pastoral,
i.e., naghahatid o nagpapastol ito ng mga sumisimbang tupa tungo sa Panginoon at hindi
tungo sa paghanga sa choir o choir director. Syanga naman.
3. Mga sawimpalad sa Film Festival 2008. Napansin ko nitong festival na mas-maraming entries ang pampasaya at pampatawa, e.g., “Iskul Bukol”, “Desperadas” at “Tanging
Ina”. Understandable lang, di po ba, na si Juan de la Cruz ay pasayahin? Ang malungkot
nito, meron po akong inabangang mga winners pero hindi po nanalo. Sawimpalad! Wala
ni isa sa mga opisyal mula sa Malacañang, Kongreso, Senado, Department of Justice at
Supreme Court ang lumabas bilang winner. Di po ba dapat lang nating taguriang Best
Actor yun pong mga senador o congressmen na umaasbok sa init kapag nakikipag-debate
o nag-iimbestiga sa session hall pero table mates naman pala sila ng mga ini-interrogate
o ka-debate nila over a piece of “hambordyer”. Di po ba best actor/actress yaong mga
makabayan sa mga talumpati sa plaza, radyo at TV pero kabaliktaran naman ang ipinapakita
Virgin of the
If you wish to sponsor a novena to
Our Lady in your home, please call:
Bayani Villaver (201) 451-1669
Aida Manlangit (973) 335-4435
Josette Camino (347) 879-3674
Cora Mendoza (973) 364-5241
Maria Sulat (201) 386-1132
Myrna Agustin (201) 222-6365
Fred Soliva (718) 365-9253
Norrie Cornelio (212) 777-2662
Page 10 • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • The Filipino Catholic
sa kanilang politika at pamamalakad. Kaya, po next time ay dapat maging maingat na ang
mga hurado ng film fest sa pamimili ng best actor at actresses. Syanga naman.
4. Pagtatayo ng Kapayapaan sa pamamagitan ng Pagwasak sa Karukhaan: Ito po
ang pamagat ng mensahe ni Pope Benedict XVI (B16). Laan po ang mensaheng ito para sa
mga presidente, prime ministers, diplomats, at mga pinuno ng iba’t-ibang relihiyon nitong
World Day of Peace, ika-1 ng Enero 2009, Kapistahan ni Maria, Ina ng Diyos. Sinabi ni
B16, kung tutuusin “ang karukhaan (poverty) ang ugat ng mga digmaan at civil war”.
Ang solusyon sa karukhaan ay hindi
ang pagsugpo sa pagdami ng tao
kundi ang pagsugpo sa maraming
taong biniktima ng naghaharing-uri
sa pamamagitan ng panggigipit at
Ang solusyon sa karukhaan ay hindi
ang pagpapadala ng saku-sakong
condom sa mga nagdarahop na biktima ng AIDS kundi ang paggagamot
sa moral issues na may kaugnayan
sa pagkalat ng virus. Sa tuwing may
mga babae na biktima sa lipunan ng
mga macho, ang laging nagdurusa
ng kahirapan ay ang mga bata.
Sa mga bansa na hinahagupit ng
global recession, ang solusyon ay
ang kooperasyon sa legal at economic level upang makapag-ugit at
makapagpasunod ng mga batas na
pakikinabangan hindi lang ng mga
mismong umuugit ng batas. Bagay
na bagay rin ang mga payong ito ng Papa para sa bansa ni Juan de la Cruz na pinapapagdusa
hindi lang ng economic crisis kundi lalo’t higit ng credibility crisis. Syanga naman.
5. Syanga Naman mosaic. Hanggang ngayon ay meron pa ring nagtataka kung bakit
ang style ng column na ito ay parang pagtatagpi-tagpi ng iba’t-ibang topic. Kasi po, ang
trip ko ay ang makapagbuod ng maraming topics bawat buwan kaysa makapaglathala ng
isa lang article na pinahaba at pinalalim ng maraming supporting footnotes at sources.
Para sa akin, mas-masaya kung maraming topic at tag-lish, di po ba? For a change, ika
nga. Syanga naman.
6. Rizal Day. Naniniwala ako sa sinabi ni Conrado de Quiros mula sa isa niyang
mga columns: “Ang kabayanihan ay makikita hindi lang sa kamatayan. Makikita rin
ito lalo’t higit sa kung papaano tayo nabubuhay.” Totoo rin ito kung iuugnay sa buhaykabanalan. Sa katunayan, parang mas-madali ang mamatay na martir kaysa magtiyagang
magpakabanal araw-araw sa gitna ng karamdaman, pagkakautang, pag-iisa, pag-uusig, at
pagkabigo. Di po ba? At “silang nag-aalay ng buhay dahil sa pag-ibig at katarungan ay
di namamatay”(B16). Syanga naman.
7. New Year’s Resolutions. Hindi sapat na dahilan na porke hindi natin nagaganap lahat
ang ating New Year’s resolutions ay hindi na tayo gagawa pa kailanman ng mga resolutions.
Hwag naman. Hwag tayong magpatalo sa espiritu ng cynicism. Sa totoo lang, walang
kasaysayan ang araw-araw nating pagdarasal kung wala tayong resolution of the day.
Walang kasaysayan ang sermon kung hindi ito nag-iiwan ng hamon o resolution sa mga
sumisimba sa araw na iyon. Maging masugid lang tayo sa pagsasakatuparan ng ating daily
resolutions ay pagkakalooban tayo ng bonus na “fruits of the Holy Spirit”, ng charity, at
joy. Sa pamamagitan ng bonus na “bunga ng ng ”, hindi magiging maganit ang pag-akyat
natin sa bundok ng kabanalan. Sa halip makakagawa tayo ng mga dakilang bagay na laging
may ngiti sa mga labi at kislap sa mga mata (Easter Joy). Syanga naman.
8. Flying Bread. Tanda pa nyo kung sino si Muntadhar al-Zeidi? Siya ang Iraqi na
bumato ng sapatos na kasimbilis ng Scud missile kay Presidente Bush matapos makapagupdate ang huli sa isang press conference tungkol sa Afghanistan at Iraq nitong nakalipas
na December 2008. Biro ng iba, pwede sigurong irikemonda si Mr. al-Zeidi na maging
“patron” ng goodbye kiss, baseball pitcher o kaya ng mga magsasapatos. Sa Europa, ang
ibinabato nila sa mga lingkod-bayan na di maka-deliver ay itlog na hilaw. Sa bayan ni Juan,
hindi dapat mangyari na ang maibato ay flying bread. Hindi dahil masasayang lang ang
tinapay kundi dahil very hazardous kung nakalagay pa ang tinapay sa garapon. Kung bakit
hindi ito ginawang big deal ng mga bilang diplomatic case lalo pa’t ginawa ito sa kanilang
head of state, hindi na tayo dapat masyado pang mag-isip. Alam nilang maliit pa ito kaysa
langgam kung ihahambing sa diplomatic mistake na ginawa ng Bush administration. Sa
unang tingin, ito ay aral para kay Presidente Bush lamang. Syanga naman.
Awit ni Ka Naldo
Rey Lauron
Sa Ginang Ng “Cuatlashupe” *
Manga himig na pumukaw sa naidlip na damdamin
Niyong manga maligalig ang hanap ay away lamang.
Niyong murang kaisipan sa gitna ng panalangin;
Aliw-iw ng kabundukan sa matamis na awitin
Dito na nga’y ilang taon ang tiniis at inabot
Tangi lamang pagmumulan tinig niyong Ginang Natin. Niyong manga madlang himig sa lumanay ng pagagos;
Una una ang dahilan ay pag-gamit niyong Latin
Tila tubig sa batisan maka-bago yaong dalos;
Niyong Paring nagmimisa sa gitna ng panauhin;
Wari’y siyang ibinagay sa panahong nakaraos.
Manga dayong taga-bundok tila nagiging antukin
Sa kawalang pang-unawa sa banyagang panalangin.
Kapistahan ni Lorenzo taong ika-siyamnapo;
Niyong siya’y maging santo, takdang awit wala pa po
Anupanga at sumunod yaong bata sa paglikha
Kungdi yaong siya’y Martir siyang bilin at pasugo
Ng himig na kung awitin ay madali ang unawa;
Sa bayan ng Pilipinas duon ay napagkasundo.
Ang daloy ng bawat tinig naaayon sa balana;
Taliwas sa iginiit niyong himig ng banyaga.
Lalong hindi pa rin payag nagkaisa na alagad
Sa pagtutol at pagbawal niyong himig na nadagdag;
Subali at ang pinuno at may hawak ng pang-tanda
Bagkos pa nga’y hinadlangan yaong manga paghahayag
Sa uri ng aawitin at uri ng pagka-likha,
Niyong daloy, niyong kumpas, kahit tama yaong bigkas.
Hindi mandin uma-ayon sa daloy ng himig-bata;
Bagkus pa ay binawalan sa pag-awit yaong madla.
Tila baga nabaon na sa limot na yaong lahat
Hanggang nitong huling taon na siya nga mailahad
Agad saad ay sa Ina siya na ngang naging paksa
Na magturo at mag-ayos at siya rin ang kukumpas
Niyong sunod na awitin siya na ngang naging badha;
Niyong tanang manga himig na nilikhang may taliwas.
Himig niyong pahimakas, dalangin na nagandukha
Tanging huli nang mabatid, “Ave Maria” ang sadya.
Ang dasal na namutawi sa labi ng abang lingkod
Tila baga manga rosas na hinabi at sinuyod
Hindi pa rin nagka-siya sa suri ng inampalan
Upang siyang maging dalit ng Ginang na nasa bundok;
Kungdi niyong ilang taon bago pa nga nakaraan;
“Cuatlashupe” ang bansag,“batong-ahas pinalugmok”.
Sa Pilipinas pa nahayag, bulwagan ng Pamantasan
Wari’y siyang pahimakas sa saliw ng manga anghel
Ang dalit sa Ating Ginang inawit ng kabataan.
Nang dalitan yaong Ina ng hiwaga ng aliw-iw;
Lumipas ang ilang taon duon naman sa kanluran
Bulwagan ng San Patricio tila mandin pina-aliw
Naulit ang manga awit ng nilikha sa tugunan;
Ng Gloria ng Franciscano, manga Madre, Padre
Anupa at sa tuwina ay palagi yaong hadlang
* “The word Guadalupe cannot be spelt or pronounced in Nahuatl, the Aztec language which Our Lady used and the only tongue
known to Juan Bernardino (Juan Diego’s uncle) since the letter D and G do not exist in it. Therefore the inescapable conclusion is
that she (Our Lady) identified herself with a name that was phonetically similar to Guadalupe. . . .”
“. . . in 1895, Professor D. Mariano Jacabo Roxas, head of the department of Nahuatl in the National Museum of Archaeology,
History and Ethnography, undertook an intensive scientific study of the word Guadalupe. His conclusion was that the Virgin used
the word Coatlazopeuh, which means “she who breaks, stamps or crushes the serpent”, and which again was the equivalent of the
Immaculate Conception.” pp. 46-47, “The Wonder of Guadalupe” by Francis Johnston, Tan Books and Publishers, Inc. Rockford
Illinois, 1981
“Some questions were to continue throughout history concerning this name. Some authorities suggested that (Bishop) Zumarraga
and the others heard a Nahuatl word, Coatalucpia (pronounced “Cuatlashupe”) which meant, “Who crushed the Stone Serpent.”
The serpent beneath the feet of the Virgin on Juan Diego’s cloak was a symbol for the Indians.” p. 54, “Those Who Saw Her,
Apparitions of Mary” rev. edition, by Catherine M. Odell, Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Division, Inc. Huntington, Indiana 46750
Bagong Luma
Peter James R. Alindogan
Dahil dalawang taon at kalahati lamang ang agwat namin, si Jun ang lumabas na pinakamatalik
kong kapatid noong panahong laro lamang ang
pumupuno ng aming mga isipan. Sa mga hapong
wala kaming magawa sa bahay, kasama ko siyang
angkas sa bisekletang minana sa tatay. Pamamasyal sa tiyahing nakatira isang tulay lamang
ang pagitan ang siyang hantungan.
At doon kami ni Jun buong hapon. Nagbabasa
ng pagkarami-raming pahayagan at magasin.
Dagliang maiidlip kapag pagod na sa kababasa at
sa pagbukas ng mataʼy nakahanda na ang tinapay
at lemonada.
Ito ang mga alaalang nakintal sa aking isipan sa
pagusbong ng panibagong taon. Luma mang alahanin ay nanatiling bago pa ring isipin. Masarap
at madamdaming balikan ang kahapon lalo pa
ngaʼt kasiyahan at tuwa ang saloobin nito. Tulad
na nga ng mga panahong kasama ko si Jun na
parang kambal kong palagiang kasama.
Naiiba marahil ang aking alaala kung ako lamang ang namimisekleta, kung ako lamang ang
nagbabasa at kung ako lamang ang umiinom ng
lemonada. Walang tuwa at walang sigla kung
walang kasama.
May alam din akong kambal sa buhay ng sanlibutan at sa pananampalataya ng sangkatauhan.
Ang magkapatid na luma at bago. Ano nga ba ang
bago? At ano naman nga ba ang luma? Sariwa
lang ba at bango ang mga katangian ng bago na
di kayang tapatan ng luma? Kahinaan ba at kakulangan ang karamay ng kalumaan? Bago ma’y
luluma rin. Luma ma’y mababago pa rin.
Ito ang turo ni Hesus. Walang bago sa luma.
Walang luma sa bago. Masasayang lang ang
anumang bago kung piliting paghaluin sa lumang
lalagyan. At sayang din ng yamang luma kung
piliting siksikan ng bagong anuman.
Hitik sa ating pananaw at unawa ang mga bago
at luma. May lumang Tipan na nangakong
maghandog ng Mesiyas at mayroon namang
Bagong Tipan na nagbigay katuparan sa pangako.
Dalawang Eba ang alam natin. May lumang Eba
sa paraiso na nagkamaliʼt nagkasira sira at mayroon namang makabagong Eba na ang pangalaʼy
Maria na walang bahid ng pagkakasala. At Dalawang Adan rin ang kilala natin. May lumang
Adan na pasimula ng kasalanan at isang makabagong Adan sa pangalan ni Hesus na kumitil
ng kasalanan.
At tulad ng halimbawa ni Jun sa aking paglalakbay sa buhay, turo ni Heus na bakasin natin ang
bagong bango ng bukas at kalimutan ang lumang
kamalian ng kahapon. Ito ang isang simulain na
nararapat makamit at makamtan di lamang ng
mga makata at manlilikha. Ito ay isang tawag,
tanawin at tanda ng Dakilang Lumikha.
The Filipino Catholic • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • Page 11
by Ate Norma
Shown with Fr. Joe Cadusale are the offerers during the First Sunday mass
last December 7 at the Our Lady of the Island Shrine in Eastport: Alexis,
Alvin and Alexa Cresencia.
From FilCatholic with love.
Members of the God Almighty Prayer Community and other religious
groups attended the surprise birthday party for Jho Swezey. Photo shows
Jho with friends Jesusa Alico and Emily Reiley. Happy 50th Jho!
Yellow Belters Allie and Ethan take their Tae Kwon Do lessons
Page 12 • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • The Filipino Catholic
Jojo Carolipio, Captain Rey and Fr. Gilbert Centina display the Image of the
Infant Jesus and the Candelabras donated by the Filipino Catholic to the
Church of the Holy Rosary in the Bronx.
Caleb, Scarlett and Quinn are enjoying a ride around Colorado Springs.
A Word of Thanks
The Makinano family extends its heartfelt
thanks all those who participated in the 10th
annual celebration of the Feast Day of the
Poon Hesus Nazareno sa Village in New York
City at Our Lady of Pompeii Church. Photo
shows from left, front row: Tess Makinano
Vazquez, Xana Makinano, Marie El-Al
Makinano. Back row: Leo Makinano, Juan
Makinano Durado, Jun Makinano (this year’s
Hermano Mayor) and Amelia Makinano.
Spirit of Christmas past
Santo Niño Caroling
Memorable images of Filipino Catholic’s Christmas 2008
Fr. Patrick Longalong and
Msgr. Feliciano Palma with
Lily Ulep and Shirley Troupe.
Happy time at Our Lady of the Snows
Certificate of Appreciation
Christmas party at the Stadmeyer’s
New Year gathering at
Junnie & Annabelle Vallega’s
Gift for the Filipino Catholic
from Our Lady of the Snows
Photos by Albert Betito
The Filipino Catholic • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • Page 13
Let’s study the
Come Holy
Spirit, Come.
by Sonia S. Salerni
(Continued from last month)
Jesus’ ascent to Jerusalem
557 “When the days drew near for Him
to be taken up [Jesus] set His face to go to
Jerusalem.” By this decision He indicated
that He was going up to Jerusalem prepared
to die there. Three times He had announced
His Passion and Resurrection; now, heading
toward Jerusalem, Jesus says: “It cannot
be that a prophet should perish away from
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558 Jesus recalls the martyrdom of the prophets who had been put to death
in Jerusalem. Nevertheless He persists in calling Jerusalem to gather around
Him: “How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen
gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not!” When Jerusalem
comes into view He weeps over her and expresses once again His heart’s desire:
“Would that even today you knew the things that make for peace! But now they
are hid from your eyes.”
Jesus’ messianic entrance into Jerusalem
559 How will Jerusalem welcome her Messiah? Although Jesus had
always refused popular attempts to make Him king, He chooses the time and
prepares the details for His messianic entry into the city of “His father David”.
Acclaimed as son of David, as the one who brings salvation (Hosanna means
“Save!” or “Give salvation!”), the “King of glory” enters His City “riding on an
ass”. Jesus conquers the Daughter of Zion, a figure of His Church, neither by
ruse nor by violence, but by the humility that bears witness to the truth. And
so the subjects of His kingdom on that day are children and God’s poor, who
acclaim Him as had the angels when they announced Him to the shepherds.
Their acclamation, “Blessed be He who comes in the name of the Lord”, is
taken up by the Church in the Sanctus of the Eucharistic liturgy that introduces
the memorial of the Lord’s Passover.
560 Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem manifested the coming of the kingdom that
the King-Messiah was going to accomplish by the Passover of His Death and
Resurrection. It is with the celebration of that entry on Palm Sunday that the
Church’s liturgy solemnly opens Holy Week.
561 “The whole of Christ’s life was a continual teaching: His silences, His
miracles, His gestures, His prayer, His love for people, His special affection
for the little and the poor, His acceptance of the total sacrifice on the Cross for
the redemption of the world, and His Resurrection are the actualization of His
word and the fulfillment of Revelation” John Paul II, CT 9).
562 Christ’s disciples are to conform themselves to Him until He is formed
in them (cf. Gal 4:19). “For this reason we, who have been made like to Him,
who have died with Him and risen with Him, are taken up into the mysteries of
His life, until we reign together with Him” (LG 7 # 4).
563 No one, whether shepherd or wise man, can approach God here below
except by kneeling before the manger at Bethlehem and adoring Him hidden in
the weakness of a new-born child.
564 By His obedience to Mary and Joseph, as well as by His humble work
during the long years in Nazareth, Jesus gives us the example of holiness in the
daily life of family and work.
565 From the beginning of His public life, at His baptism, Jesus is the
“Servant”, wholly consecrated to the redemptive work that He will accomplish
by the “baptism” of His Passion.
566 The temptation in the desert shows Jesus, the humble Messiah, who
triumphs over Satan by His total adherence to the plan of salvation willed by
the Father.
567 The kingdom of heaven was inaugurated on earth by Christ. “This
kingdom shone out before men in the word, in the works and in the presence of
Page 14 • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • The Filipino Catholic
Christ” (LG 5). The Church is the seed and beginning of this kingdom. Its keys
are entrusted to Peter.
568 Christ’s Transfiguration aims at strengthening the apostles’ faith in
anticipation of His Passion: the ascent on to the “high mountain” prepares for
the ascent to Calvary. Christ, Head of the Church, manifests what His Body
contains and radiates in the sacraments: “the hope of glory” (Col 1:27; cf.: St.
Leo the Great, Sermon 51, 3: PL 54, 310C).
569 Jesus went up to Jerusalem voluntarily, knowing well that there He
would die a violent death because of the opposition of sinners (cf. Heb 12:3).
570 Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem manifests the coming of the kingdom that the
Messiah-King, welcomed into His city by children and the humble of heart, is
going to accomplish by the Passover of His Death and Resurrection.
Source: The Catechism of the Catholic Church Book
to be continued …
The Gospel Truth
by Rev. Joe Cadusale
Last Christmas 2008, there was a personal message
which is frequently missed by many. The birth of Jesus
was not simply an interesting fact of history wholly
unrelated to your present life but rather it has a direct
bearing upon it. When the angels announced the birth
of Jesus to the shepherds, the personal importance
of His coming was emphasized. They said “Fear not: for behold, I bring you good
tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the
city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord” (Lk 2:10, 11).
Have you ever thought that it was for you the Savior was born? Do you realize that
when God sent His Son into the world, He sent Him to become your Savior? Yes it
was for you that Jesus came. He did not come to be the inspiration of Christmas
carols, nor to be the theme of Christmas cards and nativity sets. Jesus came to
be the Savior, and as such He was born for you. Bound inseparably together are
the Savior’s birth and His death. He came to save, and to save He must die, die
in the sinner’s stead, bearing the full penalty of divine wrath for sin. This too,
was personal, it was for you. Such a personal message of God’s love and grace
demands a personal response. The Savior who was born was God’s gift to you.
He wants you to receive that gift. “For God so loved the world, that he gave His
only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have
everlasting life.” (Jn 3:16).
To receive the gift of God by faith you must believe that Christ actually was born
to be your Savior. You should trust Him because He died for your sins. You should
trust Him because He lives, having risen from the dead.
Join Fr. Joe’s Bible Study Class
For more information, please call: (718) 275-3936
Most Precious Blood Charismatic
Prayer Community
Most Precious Blood Church
32-23 36th Street
Long Island City, NY 11106
Head Servant: Nenett Barbilla
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2nd Tuesday 7:30 PM
El Shaddai Prayer Community
Most Precious Blood Church
32-23 36th Street
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Head Servant: Amerito Gerodias
718 458 8214
4th Sunday 3:00 PM
Light Of Christ Prayer Group
St. Nicholas of Tolentine
150-75 Goethals Avenue
Jamaica, NY 11432
Head Servant: Cookie Fernandez
718 380 1712
Last Thursday 7:30 PM
Family of Christ Prayer Community
Presentation Church
8819 Parsons Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11432
Head Servant: Patrick de la Paz
718 658 2078
1st Tuesday 7:30 PM
Mary Mother of Divine Healer
St. Gerard Majella Church
188-16 91st Ave., Hollis, NY 11423
Head Servant: Raymonde Cesaire
718 445 4423
1st Friday 7:30 PM
Haitian Community
90-33 184th Place
Hollis, NY 11423
Head Servant: Alberte Madame Delatur
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3rd Tuesday 7:30 PM
Sacred Heart Family Apostolate
37-74 6th St.
Woodside, NY 11377
Head Servant: Remy Consoli
718 424 7984
2nd Sunday 6:30 PM
English Community
161 Le Grand St.
Brentwood, NY 11717
Coordinator: Rose Nallie Germain
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1st Thursday 7:30 PM
Filipino Catholic
453 Hawthorne Avenue
Uniondale, NY 11553
Coordinator: Dr. Norma Pascual
516 2921445
Last Monday 8:00 PM
Handmaid of the Lord/Couples for Christ
202-35 Foothill Ave., A-38
Hollis, NY 11423
Head Servant: Dolly Pawal
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Last Sunday 6:30 PM
Militia Immaculatae Marian Kolbe Movement
St. Stanislaus B&M
101 East 7th Street
New York, NY 10009
(917) 753-7233
1st Saturday 5:00 P.M.
Our Lady Queen of Martyrs
110-06 Queens Blvd.
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2nd Friday 7:30 PM
Haitian Community
16339 130th Ave., Apt 5C
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Head Servant: Raymonde Cesaire
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4th Saturday 7:00 PM
Filipino Community Our Lady of Angels
2860 Webb Ave., Bronx, NY 10468
Head Servant: Josette Camino
718 543 0884
2nd Saturday 7:30 PM
Flushing, NY 11366
Coordinator: Perla Leonardo
(718) 591-4579
2nd Friday, 9:00 PM
Divine Mercy Devotion Our Lady of Victories
2217 Kennedy Blvd.,
Jersey City, NJ 07304
Head Servant: Tess Alvarez
4th Friday 7:00 PM
The Lord’s Flock Prayer Group
Sta. Rita
281 Bradley Ave
Staten Island, NY 10314
Coordinator: Myrna Leyson
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3rd Saturday 8:00 PM
St. John Prayer Community
272 Boyd Ave
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Head Servant: Purita Vasquez
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3rd Monday 7:00 PM
St. Nicholas Prayer Group
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Puissance Divine D’Amore
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2nd Thursday 7:30 PM
Home Bound Bible Study
St. Rose of Lima
269 Parkville Ave
Coordinator: Violeta Robbins
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1st Saturday 2:00 PM
The Vine & the Branches IncarnationPrayer Group
92-19 212th St., Queens Village, NY 11428
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3rd Friday 7:00 PM
Family of God
160-31 78th Rd
Divine Mercy Prayer Group
Our Lady of Mercy
70-01 Kessel St.
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Filipino Community
Our Lady of the Angelus
63-63 98th St., Rego Park, NY 11374
Coordinator: Ofelia Concepcion
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2nd Monday 7:30 PM
Saint Martin de Porres Healing Ministry
Flushing Chapter
86-60 Range St., Bellrose, NY 11427
Coordinator: Sylvia David
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3rd Thursday 8:00 PM
Friday Night Devotion
40-14 62nd St., Apt. 4F
Woodside, NY 11377
Coordinator: Rosemary Khan
718 457 5877
5th Friday 8:30 PM
The Filipino Catholic • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • Page 15
Page 16 • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • The Filipino Catholic
2008 Colorado Pilgrimage
“Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!
1 Chronicles 16:11
While New York was enjoying its nice spring weather of 70F last May 2008, the St. Martin de Porres Healing Ministry NY members, Malou Cadiz, Benilda Gottfried,
Marivic Santos and Virgie Socorro headed out to the cold freezing rainy weather of Denver, Colorado for their pilgrimage to Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden Colorado.
At the same time, Sister Josephine G. Dichoso together with Maria Yasay arrived from San Jose, CA, thus completing the pilgrimage entourage. The group stayed with
their hosts, Leo and Susan Baleva in Colorado Springs.
May 13, 2008 – The group lead the 2000 Hail Mary Devotion, Coronation and flower offering to the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Baleva’s residence followed by prayer
and healing service by Sister Josephine Dichoso. Leo’s daughters Lindsay and Melissa and in-laws Rufino and Virginia Estioco, Benita Arevalo and children Jonathan and
Andrew visiting from Sacramento, California and neighbors Flor Palalay and son Charles and Gloria and Willie Seto joined the group in prayers.
May 14, 2008 – The group drove almost 2 hours north to visit Mother Cabrini Shrine located beyond the foothills of Golden Colorado. This was established by St.
Frances Xavier Cabrini for the purpose of spreading the gospel and providing a peaceful summer atmosphere for orphaned children. Some members went to climb 373
steps that leads to a 22-foot high statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus adorned by the Stations of the Cross, the mysteries of the Rosary and the Ten Commandments. At the
chapel of Mother Cabrini, the group and some visitors from Denver Colorado asked to be prayed over by Sister Josephine Dichoso. Everyone had a wonderful and enriching
experience from the trip.
Taken at the residence of Leo and Sue Baleva, Colorado Springs.
Taken in front of Mother Cabrini Shrine.
Sister Josie in deep meditation.
Inside Mother Cabrini Shrine with Sister Josie and the group
Taken at the Chapel of Mother Cabrini during prayer healing service.
The group enjoyed the cool spring of miraculous water
that Mother Cabrini found on the barren hill top.
Our hosts Leo and Sue joined the group in climbing the 373 steps
while meditating on the Stations of the Cross.
The Filipino Catholic • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • Page 17
Santo Niño Feast Day
You are invited
On January 24, 2009. Saturday,
devotional prayers to Santo Niño, Lord
of Pardon and Our Lady of Fatima. will
be held at 4:30 p.m. at the upper church
of St. Rita’s Roman Catholic Church in
Long Island City. It will be followed by
the celebration of the Mass at 5 PM. Rev.
Philip J. Pizzo, the Pastor of St. Rita. The
event will be sponsored by the Marriage
Encountered Couples Prayer Group of
New York headed by Tess & Ladis Usis.
Rev. Pizzo is also the Spiritual Director of
this Group. The Coordinators for group
are Jet & Ding Capili. This year 2009,
there will be a regular monthly gathering
at St. Rita’s Church, every 4th Saturday of
the month at 4:30 pm. Be sure to attend
our first gathering on February 28th.
Installation of the Devotions to the
Holy Infant Jesus, Our Lady of Fatima
and Our Lord of Pardon
St. Rita’s Roman Catholic Church
36-25 11th Street, Long Island City, NY 11106
Saturday, January 24, 2009 at 4:30 PM
Mass will follow at 5 PM
Rev. Philip Pizzo, Pastor & Spiritual Director
Sponsored by the
Marriage Encountered Couples Prayer Group of NY
Contact Persons:
Tess & Ladis Usis (Head Servants) 516 414 4321
Jet & Ding Capili (Coordinators) 718 846 8369
From Nassau, Suffolk and Eastern Queens:
From the Grand Central Parkway Westbound, take the 31st Street Exit. Continue straight to
21st St. Continue straight to 36th Avenue. Make a right turn onto 36th Avenue. The Church is on the Avenue and 12th Street.
The parking lot is on 11th Street
From Upstate NY and the Bronx:
Take the Triboro Bridge. Get off the very first exit in Queens, Astoria Blvd. Go straight from the exit 1 block to Astoria
Blvd. Turn right onto Astoria Blvd. Go to 21st Street, Turn left onto 21 st Street Continue straight to 36th Ave. Make a right
turn onto 36th Avenue. The Church is on the corner of 36th Avenue and 12th Street. The parking is on 11th Street.
From Brooklyn:
Take the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway to McGuinnis Blvd exit. Drive on McGuinnis Blvd to the end and over the
Pulaski Bridge into Queens At the end of the Bridge, turn right onto Jackson Avenue. Drive on Jackson Street Turn left
onto 21st Street. Drive on 21st Street to 37th Avenue. The Church is a right turn onto I2 St. Parking lot is a right turn onto
11 Street.
You may get public transportation directions from your address to the Church at http://www.HopStop.com; Directions
and Bus Directions for New York City (NYC).
Gesù Bambino
Pilgrims’ House
by the Shrine of the
Blessed Sacrament
1770 County Road 548
Hanceville, Alabama 35077
(256) 352-4135
(347) 301-1611 (c)
email: [email protected]
“Keep Jesus in the center of our lives. Keep the
Tabernacle in the center of the Altar.”
Page 18 • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • The Filipino Catholic
Don’t forget to attend the Santo Niño
affair this coming 24th of January.
Bring your friends and family members
and be a part of our big Santo Niño
And may the Holy Infant Jesus bring
abundant blessings to you and your
Coordinators (718): 846-8369
Restaurant & Grocery
324 Post Avenue
Westbury, NY 11590
(516) 333-9898
Authentic Philippine
Cuisine • Home style
Cooking • Philippine
and Oriental Food
Emma Yuson
“It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green...”
Ordinary Time From Christmas To Lent
It is not easy being green specially in
winter. But it is worth the wait----- this
journey into “being green” into spring,
into Easter Vigil and resurrection.
Following the great energy and excitement of Christmas, Solemnity of Mary,
and Epiphany we often experience a
letdown in liturgy. This short season
between Christmas and Lent is called
Ordinary Time. Surely such can’t be so
ordinary because this Ordinary Time
is a time of journey into the Paschal
If we look closer at the movement of the
liturgical season, we will see a continuation of the whole Paschal mystery as
presented by the lectionary. Consider
the readings of the season. Following
the Baptism of the Lord, the Lamb of
by Andrea Oliva Florendo
God appears (the Second Sunday) and
we are called to do the will of the Father
who sent Him! We are called forth as
disciples the following Sunday, and then through those who are “ill and sick
with various diseases,” we are reminded of Christ’s healing power on them.
The Sunday before Lent reminds us that Christ calls us to a more active life of
almsgiving and fasting and to “pray to the Father in secret.”
So what we call “time between” or Ordinary Time is nothing short of ordinary.
What a wonderful hiatus from the Holy days!
Such an interlude needs deep reflection. It is a great opportunity to rest and savor the energy of winter. This season between Christmas and Lent can be a time
of warm conversations with the Lord. It is certainly a time to renew one another
in worship and reconnecting with our families and friends about our lives
together. No less an opportunity is given in the liturgy. The echo of Christmas
extends all the way to February 2nd with the Presentation of the Lord. Joyful
shouts of Mary’s Magnificat (Song of praise) can be recounted. Hymns of praise
and light can be sung throughout the season.
As Christians whose hope is based on faith and trust in the Babe of love which
has been born to us, we can rejoice in our communal wait together for the light
that is becoming more visible in our lives, awaiting the glory of the resurrection, the promise of new life and the greening of our existence.
Please join us in celebrating Silang’s town fiesta
Saturday, February 7, 2009
12:00 pm to 5:00 pm
188-16 91st Avenue, Hollis , NY 11423
Tel. 718-468-6565
Blessing of Candles & Tagalog Mass start at 12:00 pm
Lunch and fiesta celebration after Mass
Collections at 2006 fiesta celebration funded the pads of ALL the kneelers at the Silang
parish church. Please see sample completed kneeler.
Collections at 2007 and 2008 fiesta celebration funded the tables, chairs and cabinets of the
Silang Parish Church’s Multi-Purpose Center.
From GWB: Take the Triboro Bridge. Follow the sign to Long Island leading to Grand Central Parkway East. Pass La
Gurardia Airport. Bare left following the sign to Long Island. Exit to 188th Street. Proceed south (turn right) on 188th
Street on to Hillside Avenue. Turn left on Hillside Avenue and make a right on 189th Street. Go down 3 blocks and turn
right on 91st Avenue. Church is on the corner of 91st Avenue and 188th Street.
From Brooklyn, Staten Island & NJ: Take Brooklyn Queens Expressway (I-278) East. Exit to Long Island Expressway
East (LIE I-495E). Exit to Grand Central Parkway East. Exit to 188th Street. Follow the direction above.
From Queens & Long Island: Grand Central Parkway (either direction) to the 188th Street exit. Proceed south on 188th
Street on to Hillside Avenue. Turn left on Hillside Avenue and make a right on 189th Street. Go down 3 blocks and turn
right on 91st Avenue. Church is on the corner of 91st Avenue and 188th Street.
By subway: Take F train to the last stop in Queens (179th Street station). Take bus Q2 or Q3 going to JFK Airport. Get
off at corner of 187th Street and 91st Avenue. Walk one block. Church is on the corner of 188th Street and 91st Avenue.
For more information on the 2009 fiesta
celebration, please call:
Nene Videña-Salle 516-225-5757
Gene Salle 516-225-1616 cell
The Filipino Catholic • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • Page 19
Happy New Year
The CT Kids
of Westbury
Gavin, Holden,
Austin, Camryn
and Sienna
Prayer to
Saint Martin De Porres
Most glorious Martin de Porres whose
burning charity embraced not only thy
needy brethren, but also the very animals
of the field, splendid example of charity,
we hail thee and invoke thee! From that
high throne which thou dost occupy,
deign to listen to the supplications of
thy needy brethren that, by imitating
thy virtues, we may live contented in
that state in which God has placed us
and carrying with strength and courage
our cross, we may follow in the footsteps
of Our Blessed Redeemer and His most
afflicted Mother, that at last we may
reach the Kingdom of Heaven through
the merits of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Amen. JCC
Do all your food shopping at ...
Philippines’ Best
Second Month
Virgin Mary, we pray for families; first for our
own, then for those of our friends and neighbors.
We entrust them all to your care; those who are
happy and prospering, those who are in plain and
suffering and all who are having difficulties and
failures. Those spouses who are living a difficult
marriage need your help now.
Oh! And the children! Protect the poor little
ones living in troubled families. Be a mother to
the children of homes broken by divorce and
From the depths of our hearts we pray for this
special intention …
Remember the day you mourned your spouse,
St. Joseph. Please console all those who now
must live with an empty place at their side.
Support grandparents in their old age. Be
close to old people who are abandoned to their
Our Lady of the Cape, bless fathers and mothers, that they may find happiness and fulfillment in their love for each other and for their
children. JCC
Page 20 • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • The Filipino Catholic
Long Island’s largest and most complete
selection of fresh and canned Filipino and
Oriental foods ... cooking ingredients ...
snacks and delicacies ... and a variety of
other Philippine products.
56 Woodbury Road
Hicksville, New York 11801
(516) 939-0800
God Dwells In Me
The holiness that we work so hard to attain
will certainly need our lifetime commitment
to stay on course in spite of the many challenges that come our way. We are constantly
made aware of the need to remain faithful to
the true teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ
handed down to us from apostolic time up to
the present through its legitimate successors
as commissioned by the sole church founded
by Christ - the Catholic Church. The season
by Deacon Rolando V. Nolasco of Advent that we had gone through before
Christmas called us to repentance to make
our lives blameless as our preparation to commemorate the birth of our Lord and Savior. The Lenten season invites us to look
deeply into ourselves to resolve tasks we failed to do to allow us to rejoice in our
commemoration of His resurrection. The liturgical readings from the Scripture
allow us to meditate on the life of Jesus to become the focus of our lives, our model
and example. These are not just a random selection of readings but a definite path
for all to grow and mature in faith so we can truly claim that God dwells in us.
This cyclical arrangement of liturgical readings had started since the very early
history of the Church.
New Year is always a time to have our resolutions in order to improve our
lives - a time to let go of many distractions and unproductive endeavors. I just
hope that we include to these resolutions our spiritual aspirations to better love
and serve God thus achieve true peace within us and in the entire world. Just as
many promises have remained as resolutions, we seek God’s grace and mercy to
give us strength and determination to pursue what we long for. Many have trod
this path to holiness but had given up since then for a much less cumbersome
way the world offers them - the road that leads to perdition. It is unfortunate that
this change of heart is often encouraged by self proclaimed ministers who whet
the appetite of the faithful for material well-being instead of tempering them. St.
Paul compares our spiritual journey to “athletes in training that submits to strict
discipline in order to win the crown of victory.” The gospel according to Matthew
describes the gate to life as narrow and the way that leads to it is hard, and there
are few who find it.” On the other hand, ‘the gate to hell is wide and the road that
leads to it is smooth hence many travel it.”
St. Paul’s second epistle to Timothy reminded him of “the time when people
will not listen to sound doctrine but follow their desires and gather for themselves
teachers who will tell them what they are itching to hear.” They will turn away from
listening to the truth and seek instead man-made tales. This explains the success
of many false teachers and their ministries flourish because they cater to demands
of their clientele. It goes without saying that the more people in the congregation,
the more profitable it becomes; likewise such big gathering will give a semblance
of God’s blessing. St. Peter in his second epistle wrote: “In their greed these false
teachers will make a profit out of telling made-up stories.” On the other hand, a
dwindling number of faithful will hang on to their commitment and continue in
their journey with fidelity. I once read a book about the Lord Jesus teaching his
early followers on discipleship and hearing how difficult it would be, many have
turned away thus the writer concluded why He did not have many friends. At
our last Simbang Gabi Mass, the celebrant while exhorting the obedience of Mary
to God reminded the congregation the need to submit to the will of God in spite
of the seemingly many obstacles along the way. Without hesitation, a long time
parishioner who is well known to be stubbornly doing things she had been told
to desist retorted that it is easy to do will of God. Everyone in the congregation
shrugged-off such remarks and took it as a big joke.
It is of no wonder why the gospel reminds us that we cannot have two masters
at the same time - God and money. It tells us that we are prone to love one and
hate the other. If our lives are ruled by our intense desire for material things, we
certainly are to ignore our spiritual needs and fail greatly in our journey of faith.
We may even probably excuse ourselves because it seems humanly possible to
tread the path to authentic holiness. To compensate, most often time, many resort
to performing vain religious practices. We find many young people now wearing
three or more rosary beads at one time as a necklace but wondering if they ever
know how to pray; some even may go to church to pray for long periods of time
but does not manifest a real transformation. St. Paul wrote to the Ephesians urging them “to get rid of their old selves” so that “their hearts and minds are made
completely new.” This may seem to be a daunting task but St. Peter tells us to rely
in God alone because His “divine power has given us everything we need to live
a truly religious life through our knowledge of one who has called us in his own
glory.” How can we ever come to a true understanding of the one who called us
when we surround ourselves with false teachers? We cannot save ourselves for
we are weak and prone to fall to temptation. It is only through God’s mercy and
love that we can overcome our human frailty. St. John’s first epistle affirms this
when he wrote that: “our love for God means that we obey His precepts which
are not difficult for us because every child of God is able to defeat the world.” He
assures us that we will emerge victorious over the world by means of our faith.
Only then can we truly claim that God dwells in me because the world will witness it as we allow Him to inwardly transform our lives.
Our Lady of Seven
Dolors and Her Seven
Jesus wishes us to know seven of the many sufferings the Blessed Mother had for Her Son and for us
by Scapular John
as a result of her saying, “Fiat” to God’s will and to
know seven Graces He has given us to those who
meditate on her sufferings. This devotion was revealed to St. Bridget.
The Seven Graces are:
1. I will grant peace to their families.
2. They will be enlightened about the Divine mysteries.
3. I will console them in their pains and I will accompany them in their work.
4. I will give them as much as they ask for as long as it does not oppose the adorable will of my Divine Son or the sanctification of their souls.
5. I will defend them in their spiritual battles with the infernal enemy and I will protect them at every instant of their lives.
6. I will visibly help them at the moment of death, they will see the face of their Mother.
7. I have obtained (this grace) from my Divine Son, that those who propagate this devotion to my tears and dolors, will be taken directly from this earthly life to eternal happiness since all their sins will be forgiven and my Son and will be their eternal consolation and joy.
To obtain these graces
one needs to honor her
daily by saying seven
Hail Mary’s and meditating on the following
Seven Sorrows.
1. The prophecy of Simeon. (St. Luke, Chapter
2, verse 34-35)
2. The flight into Egypt.
(St. Matthew, Chapter 2,
verse 13-14)
3. The loss of the Child
Jesus in the temple. (St.
Luke, Chapter 2, verse
4. The meeting of Jesus
and Mary on the Way of
the Cross.
5. The Crucifixion.
6. The taking down of
the Body of Jesus from
the Cross.
7. The burial of Jesus.
There is no limit to the
insights we can have on
these meditations. As a result there is no limit to the sufferings that we can receive
and experience, which expands our hearts to have a greater capacity to love, and
to appreciate the love of others when they do sacrifices for us.
If we were to measure love, how would we measure it? It could be measured by
sacrifice. The greatest sacrifice of all was Jesus laying down His life for us.
By meditating of the Blessed Mother’s sufferings for Jesus and on our behalf, we
receive the grace to be Christ like, which is to offer more and more sacrifices to
others by an ever increasing love in our hearts. There is no greater joy then experiencing Jesus’ love in our hearts in these gifts of sacrifice.
For more information on sacramentals you can log on to our website at, www.
TheHolyFamily.com or call us at 610.253.8604 or write to us at:
Dove Tales, PO Box 3623, Easton Pa, 18043.
The Filipino Catholic • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • Page 21
Diocesan Santo Niño Fiesta
by Erlinda A. Franco
The parish of Our Lady Help of Christians (OLHC) in 1315 East 28th Street was
this year’s host of the joint Queens and Brooklyn Diocesan celebration of the Santo
Nino on January 4, 2009. The day was celebrated with two feast days, the Santo
Nino feast and the Epiphany of the Lord. The Federation of Diocesan Apostolate
(FDA), the joint Diocese of Queens and Brooklyn celebrated the feast with the Most
Reverend Rene A. Valero, DD, as the main celebrant. The concelebrants were: Rev.
Peter J. Rayder, Pastor, Our Lady Help of Christians, Rev. Dennis J. Farrell, Pastor
Resurrection Church of Brooklyn, Rev. Marc M. Caliwan, FDA coordinator, Resurrection Parish, Rev. Alexander Ramos, Wychoff Hospital Chaplain, Rev. Anacleto
Asebias Jr. Maryʼs Nativity Church, of Queens, Rev. Antonio B. Camora, Seaport
Chaplain, Rev. Jovito Carongay, Jr. St. Joan of Arc Church and Rev. Godofredo
Felicitas, St. Robert Bellarmine Church also of Queens.
The Mass was started with the Santo Nino Sinulog Dance offered by the Federation of Diocesan Apostolate (FDA) Queens’ Youth Ministry under the direction
of Miriam Empalmado. The beautiful dancers, who performed the colorful and
lively sinulog dance delighted the whole congregation. It was a reminiscent of a
lively Sinulog dances back in the Philippines.
After the dance offering to the Santo Nino, the Mass started. The readings were
in Pilipino and the petitions were read in different Filipino dialects. The homilist
was Rev. Alexander L. Ramos, Chaplain of the Wyckoff Hospital, who gave a brief
history of the Sinulog. The offerings were done by the officers and members of the
Filipino communities of Queens and Brooklyn, who wore their beautiful kimona
and barong Tagalog. The children also participated in the floral offerings to the
Santo Nino. Three men dressed as the Three Kings gave their symbolic offerings
to the Infant Jesus. The choir sang selected Filipino songs with Ruth Manligoy,
director of the Music Ministry, as the soloist, sang. At the end of the mass, the
Bishop Valero gave his blessing to all the children.
A reception and fellowship followed in the lower church after the Mass. While
the members and guests were on the line waiting to get their food, they were
entertained by the lively Rondalla of the Brooklyn Youth Ministry headed by Bill
Locsin. The beautiful Rondalla of the youth known as the Filipino Art and Music
Ensemble (FAME) was conducted by Edwin Cardoniga. It was a reminiscent of
the real Fiesta sa Barrio. Hundreds attended and enjoyed the various Philippine
dishes served during the celebration.
Last year the diocesan fiesta was held in Queens. This year in Brooklyn. These
two dioceses take turns in hosting the fiesta. The success of the affair was due
to the cooperation of the Filipino community of Queens and Brooklyn, the host
church, Fr. Marc Caliwan, the officers and Zeny de Vera, coordinator of OLHC
church. Special thanks to the donors, sponsors, benefactors, guests who came
from different parishes.
Fr. Guthrie
from page 4
of parties such as wedding receptions. And, above all, do all reasonably possible to help
relieve an awkward situation.
Seventh: if help is needed and we are in a position to offer it, do it as quietly and with
as little fanfare as possible.
Eighth: be discrete and reverent in dealing with other people, whether in authority over
us, or people who, in human terms, are somehow subject to our authority or guidance, or,
even more, with people who are weak or helpless.
Ninth: and, finally but most important, we are called to drink, as deeply as God’s holy
Will and guidance allows, of the spiritual riches of the wedding feast of the Kingdom of
God through fidelity to the Will of God, the sacramental life, heart to heart communication
with God in prayer, and the self-denial to which the Holy Spirit of God calls us.
For the last few years, when news stories come up about “gay” activism and other matters involving homosexuals or the “gay” life-style, we often hear the words “hate speech”,
“bigotry”, “injustice”, “just” rights, etc.
It is necessary that a few thoughts be made clear. In making these distinctions we need
to keep in mind that there are many homosexuals, both men and women, who are faithful
disciples of Jesus and who are living a chaste Christian life. (eg. Members of Courage)
Also, I am using the word “gay” to designate those who are caught in the immoral life-style
of living according to their unnatural and disordered homosexual inclinations.
These thoughts are presented as, hopefully, properly representative of the spirit of the
Gospel and the mind of the Church.
First, we must never, in any way fail to genuinely love in Christ a “gay” brother or
sister. This is the way, we must always regard a person who is known to be homosexual
or who is called “gay”.
Under no circumstances are we to ever allow ourselves, or others, to the degree that
we are reasonably able, in any way to reject or denigrate a homosexual person.
Second, we have also been called to love God above all things. This commandment
Page 22 • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • The Filipino Catholic
Bagong Taon
sa lahat ng
Mambabasa ng
Filipino Catholic
Emilie Zipagan, MD
and Family
East Meadow, NY
requires us to learn and obey God’s Will as applied to all circumstances of our lives. This
responsibility includes God’s Will regarding the sins of the city of Sodom (Gen 19:11 ff)
where the “gay” lifestyle was rampant. As is made clear by the account found in the Bible,
God does not tolerate such actions or lifestyle. Why? Primarily, because sodomy is against
the very nature and purpose of human sexuality. Homosexual activity is, by nature, a grave
disorder. The people of Sodom are described in the bible as committing “abominable
crimes” (Gen.19:1-25; Ez.16:50). As the fate of these two cities demonstrates, flaunting
such lifestyles is a very dangerous way to treat the good God.
And Paul, writing to the Romans (1:24ff), described as “shameful” the sexual actions
of those who were given over to idolatry and to the “gay” lifestyle:
“Therefore, God handed them over to impurity through the lusts of their hearts for the
mutual degradation of their bodies. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie and revered
and worshiped the creature rather than the creator, who is blessed forever. Amen. Therefore,
God handed them over to degrading passions. Their females exchanged natural relations for
unnatural, and the males likewise gave up natural relations with females and burned with
lust for one another. Males did shameful things with males and thus received in their own
persons the due penalty for their perversity. And since they did not see fit to acknowledge
God, God handed them over to their undiscerning mind to do what is improper.”
And nature will fight back against the abuse of human sexuality, especially homosexual
activity. No amount of medication will ever prevent the eventual catching and spreading of
venereal disease that result from the abuse of the sacred gift and responsibility of human
sexuality. Even if AIDS should be conquered, the continued abuse of human sexuality will
result in the emerging of other new sexually transmitted diseases.
A perverted court system in our country is showing signs of supporting this evil lifestyle. But under no circumstances may we, as disciples of Jesus, our God and brother, be
a part of it.
And, no matter what happens legally, however perverse, we will continue to love every
one of our homosexual brothers and sisters.
Our declaring in this way the truth with love is not “hate speech”. It is not “bigotry”.
It is simply fidelity to God and to his Truth.
NEXT MONTH: Programs to help our parishes and people grow in love for and fidelity
to the message of Our Blessed Mother at Fatima.
St. Michael
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The Filipino Catholic • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • Page 23
Working Visas
Labor Certification
Immigrant Petitions
Every First Sunday of the month
at The Shrine of
Our Lady of the Island
Atty. Wilfrido E.
Panotes, Jr., Ph.D.
Eastport, Long Island, New York
Mass in Tagalog at 1:30 p.m.
preceded by Rosary in Tagalog
(Practicing Immigration & Naturalization Law since 1973)
• LL. B. (Ateneo de Manila); A.B., Ph. B., Ph. L. (UST); M.A.
(Fordham Univ.); Ph.D. (Graduate Theological
Foundation - Indiana/Oxford/Rome)
• Admitted: New Jersey, New York and Philippine Bars
• Member: Association of Immigration and Nationality Lawyers; National Lawyers Association
3000 Kennedy Blvd., Suite 303
Jersey City, N.J. 07306
Tel. (201) 963-5565
Tel. (212) 244-0581
Fax (201) 798-0636
72 Van Reipen Avenue
PMB #405
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Primo & Tessie Carlos (631) 325-1177
• Manny & Norma Pascual (516) 292-1445 • Helen & Peter Buni (631) 543-8775
• Mercy & Ding Rivera (631) 583-3236
• Ben & Lou Ileto (516) 433-2338
• Nita Vasquez (516) 931-5229 • Gilda Abejar (516) 476-7274
• Zeny Berroya (516) 869-8202 • Eden Gaceta (516) 942-0203
• Elsa Vergara (516) 640-5580
Directions: Head east on LIE, then take exit 70 South on Port
Jefferson-Westhampton (Capt. Daniel Roe Hwy - Route 111).
Drive for a couple of miles, then turn right to Eastport Manor
Rd. and follow the signs to the Shrine.
Visit the Shrine’s website at:
Page 24 • January 14 - February 11, 2009 • The Filipino Catholic

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