bless your beautiful soul poster



bless your beautiful soul poster
Joy is the realization of the truth of our oneness:
The oneness of our soul with the world soul,
and of the world soul with Supreme Love.
~Rabindranath Tagore
So vast
a room,
your soul,
every universe
can fit into it.
May your spirit be always filled with freedom, light and song….
May you trust the wisdom of your heart and live your life with love…
May you find the keys to a happiness and contentment that is true…
Wishing you compassion, wholeness, beauty, belonging, peace and bliss.
May the work of your hands reflect the joy of your being,
and may you always feel loved, protected and free.
May you always enjoy the sacred essence of your being…
May your days be filled with generosity & the warm love of belonging.
May you trust and even delight in your soul's love, intelligence, worthiness,
and joyful oneness with the world.
The more the soul knows, the more she loves, and loving much, she tastes much.
~Saint Catherine of Sienna
Put your ear
down close
to your
and listen
~Anne Sexton
My soul smiles
and loves this world,
loves the way it tastes –
even loves the pain of it.
My soul opens her arms
and holds eternity.
I belong to her –
she does not belong to me.
The soul is like a wild bird,
filled with song,
boundless and free.
The soul is here for its own joy.
Everyone knows that you can’t love
in any other way than by cultivating
the soul. ~Apuleius
Now is the time
to remember
that all you do
is sacred.
Your soul is here
to love this world...
~Ingrid Goff-Maidoff
The progress of our soul is like the perfect poem.
It has an infinite Idea which once realized
makes all movements full of meaning and joy.
c. 2013 Soul Blessings, from
~Rabindranath Tagore