Album Synopsis



Album Synopsis
If music can soothe the savage beast, then listening to Shimona's
music is definitely balm for the soul.
A story-teller of life weaving songs with her voice, guitar, ukulele,
and piano, singer-songwriter Shimona Kee has recently released her
self-produced, first full-length originals album, "Simply Shimona".
With her simple heart-wrenching brand of music, Shimona's voice is a
delicious mix of wild child and luscious woman. She is often known
for her versatile singing and warm stage-presence.
Take an intimate acoustic journey along life's ups and downs with "Simply Shimona" which falls back on simple
melodies, quiet strong tunes & lyrics, and of course a mesmerising voice that will touch the heart. Tracks You Should Definitely Listen To...
The Gym Song
A short & sweet
reminder to “WAKE
UP and go to the gym!
Track #1
Sweet Company
Everyone deals with
loneliness and loving
themselves. This song
is a succinct reminder
to take time to get to
know and love
yourself, flaws and all!
Track #2
The Social Media Song
This ukulele centered
song is a tongue-incheek look at both sides
of the coin we call
“Social Media” and the
impact it can have on
our social lives.
Track #3
Little Things
Ever have a bad day
sneak up on you?
Little things have a
tendency to gather and
build. With plenty of
text-painting, this
song will tickle the
unease in your heart
and leave you with a
promise of hope.
Track #4
Like a Piece of My
“I miss you”... perhaps
it’s because that
someone or someplace
will always have a
piece of your heart.
Track #5
Wishing Star
A song inspired by the
hope and love of
children, wishing star
is about a fantastical
journey towards the
ideal of peace by
standing on common
Track #7
And if you have the time, do give the rest of the CD a listen...
Hustle Bustle
As Singaporeans, we
sometimes get too
stressed out from dayto-day living. This
slightly jazzy double
bass + voice duet will
remind you to take
time to smell the roses
and get to know the
people around you!
Track #6
No Goodbyes
Life is full of goodbyes.
When all we’re left
with are memories of
better times, it’s good
to have something
more to look forward
Track #8
Rainy Day
Snuggle up to this cute
little ukulele piece
when it’s storming
outside and you’re
chilling with a nice hot
Track #9
A Promise is a
Sometimes it’s hard to
keep promises we make.
It’s even harder to
believe and have faith
in promises that have
been made to us... A
song of hope and faith.
Track #10
A Modern Woman’s
Valentine’s Day Plea
Written at first as a
poem one Valentine’s
Day eve, this song
embodies the dramatic
frustration of the
modern day woman in
her search for a man
with a clue.
Track #11
A very visual song
starring guitar and
cello, “Rain” pools
together all feelings of
lostness and confusion,
and soaks the listener
in the question “What
should I do with my
Track #12
One Last Try
Poised at the edge of the
decisive moment of whether
to break up or to stay
together, “One Last Try”
arranged by Producer Eli T.
is the only non-acoustic,
R&B track on the album.
Track #13
A very personal and
vulnerable piece, this song
was written in memory of
Shimona’s brother, Reuben,
who died in a dragonboating accident late 2007.
Bonus Track #14
About This Album...
Shimona has been writing songs since 1998. With a wealth of songs under her belt, she
shortlisted only the most acoustic and intimate songs for her debut album so as to represent
who she has been as an artist and musician over the years - very often a lone performer,
guitar in hand, serenading crowds with the stories in her songs. The album was recorded
very organically in a hole-in-the-wall home studio, U R Indie Studios in Yishun, and almost
all the tracks were played and sung at the same time, to preserve the live, raw and honest
feel her songs have always had. Although the album features an eclectic mix in genres (jazz,
pop, musical theatre, R&B), they are easily held together being stories about life and love,
and Shimona’s smooth vocal stylings. Many songs are extremely vivid and visual, and water
is often used literally and metaphorically in lyrics, melodies, and the accompanying music.