collection of styles


collection of styles
THE Hansa collection
So beautiful, the flow of water. Released
in flat streams, in the shapes of raindrops,
rushing brooks, cascades and waterfalls.
This is a KWC moment. Refresh and relax in
it. Simply dip your soul into our pure design
and witness the transport of water move
into a wonderful world of fluid beauty. This
kind of gorgeous is not meant for those
weak in character. Nor the statement-driven.
Patrons of KWC faucets are comfortable in
their skin. Skin washed in pure splendor.
Fluid motion. Liquid lines.
KWCFAUCETS for the Kitchen
Designed to meet commercial
needs, this is one hard worker that
doesn’t ask for very much. Just a
single opening in your countertop
and its sensible modular system
Customize it to fit your work detail,
from soap dispenser and pre-rinse
spray to a pillar for height. The
Splendure™ stainless steel and
the chrome finish makes it the
perfect accompaniment to today’s
most popular kitchen appliances.
Traditional, but hardly stuffy.
Modern, yet mercifully tawdryfree. Moved by the great art
deco period, designers of this
fine piece have created a menu
of options home epicureans will
fall for: offered in Splendure
s t ainle s s s te el o r p oli s h e d
chrome. Available in top- and
side-lever with pullout spray, bar
faucet, side lever and a swivel
spout faucet with side spray.
All things “kitchen” are just supposed
to be enticing. And KWC DIVO ARCO
is one faucet that dares not stray
from that scrumptious rule. Lift
the lever - wash your hands, your
newborn or some handpicked berries
and delight in the lovely feel and
weight only the freshest designs
deliver. Available with matching side
spray and a looped lever. In chrome,
Splendure stainless steel or white.
Water and light. Two elements
necessary for life. And, it would
seem, for well-dressed kitchen sinks.
KWC EVE, that international design
award-winning star, employs both.
Slim and gorgeous, a stream of
water debuts from a circle of light
to make any “chore” anything but.
Single side-lever faucet, sassy swivel,
Neoperl® pullout spray and easyclean design keep your kitchen a
step ahead of the Joneses. Available
in chrome finish or stainless
steel with and without light.
Not long ago, original drawings of
a rather stylish KWC faucet from
1922 were discovered. Shortly
thereafter, its dashing good looks
served as muse for this impressive,
timeless reproduction. The look plunging neckline framed by Old
European cross handles - is the
same, but ingeniously updated on
the inside. Modernized with stateof-the-art valves and other features,
the KWC 1922 collection is available
in chrome and solid stainless steel
and Splendure stainless steel.
Picture the roaring twenties and a
nifty seltzer bottle and you have
the story of a very inventive faucet.
Designer Michael Lammel combined
both water filtration and faucet in
one to create a collection uniting
intelligence and beauty. Modeled
after a vintage bottle, its design
includes a KWC PURESTREAM filter
that’s tucked under the sink or a
freestanding, pull-out filtered water
tap that can be placed just about
anywhere inspiration moves you.
Statuesque, conical lines meet
with dramatic curves that pivot
effortlessly and exclusively, thanks
to renowned designer, Hannes
Wettstein. Moved to create
the KWC KONOS line after
studying a variety of cone
sturdy, practical faucets, all
polish of immaculate design.
The end result is functional
art for your kitchen. Pullout spray, high-arc and swivel
Chrome or Splendure stainless
steel finishes are available.
Bursts of blue; a rush in black
or Splendure stainless steel;
— interchangeable extension
sprayheads with real personalities—
find one that matches yours. It’s easy.
Just pick your favorite color, kitchens
have never been more vibrant! And
solid stainless steel construction is the
foundation upon which this clever
design rests. With soap dispenser,
pull-out aerator and optional
spray also available, your kitchen
could entertain a complete line.
Meet the latest KWC DOMO. The
faucet version of Mr. Reliable.
Innovative ceramic disk cartridge,
TURN AND CLEAN™ aerator,
TURN & LOCK™ feature and
JETCLEAN™ faceplate provide
serious pedigree. A hi-arch swivel
spout or side lever are available
with pull-out handsprays or
matching bar lever in Splendure
stainless steel or polished chrome.
All with limited lifetime guarantee.
The particular appeal of KWC
EDGE lies in the simplicity of
form, clarity of line and play
of light on its chrome surface. You’ll
achieve aesthetic nirvana with this
single-lever design which affords
sink areas lots of roomy space.
Space, for instance, for the pull-out
spray to really stretch out and
show off its handiwork. And
speaking of upstaging, the faucet is a
testament to functionality swiveling
to provide maximum flexibility.
Solid and straightforward, this
line’s sturdy construction comes
from design rooted in function,
function, function. Not one
to let incredible credentials in
operational excellence take all the
credit, KWC ORCINO does have
its finer features. In fact, the allchrome or Splendure stainless steel
good looks are noticeable from
afar. And its innate inner beauty
— think state-of-the-art ceramic
discs — keeps this modest charmer
shining from the inside out.
Pretty and compact, KWC LUNA
takes a stream of water and with
the touch of a button switches it to
a lively spray. Such is the graceful
simplicity of this amiable line. And
having been created under the
keen eye of Swiss engineers, a
stellar performance is just a given.
Available in equally appealing
swivel spout and pull-out spray,
a kitchen’s bare necessities
were never more engaging.
Graceful winged handles flit, and
water soars through state-of-theart ceramic disc valves. Making
its way up through an elegant
arch of a neck, its descent and
delivery is a thing of absolute
beauty. A rare treasure in a sea
of look-alike kitchen appliances,
this all-chrome collection is built
upon well-planned construction.
KWC DISKO is available in
bridge and semi-pro versions.
Simple, gracious swoops and
polished, curved arches that swivel
180º or 360º. It’s the clean lines
that make the turn of the faucet
an attractive experience. You’ll
find that all versions — including
bridge and semi-professional —
are star pupils in our long tradition
of solid construction. All dressed
up in state-of-the-art function
like ceramic disc valves...water
moves from source to sink with
such style, it affects the psyche.
KWCFAUCETS for the bath
Former Mercedes-Benz designer Bruno
Sacco has done it again: Introducing
HANSA CANYON, a brilliantly simple
cascade of color. Its delivery is open,
perfectly natural. Yet, with electronic
controls and LED light that changes
according to the temperature, its
ultra-modern side claims an equal
stake. Featuring electronic touch pad
controls and a complementary suite of
products. Also available in a tub spout.
HANSA MOTION is a heady experience
that starts with a single, bold
swoosh of a lever. Unaffected by
its self-assured design and superior
lineage, this faucet proves it’s all
business when put to work. As
streams of water are released into
the spillway, you’ll know right away
and forever more you haven’t
settled for anything less than
perfection. Or pleasure. To complete
the total experience explore the
matching tub accessories available.
Stout and strong - just like the Swiss
superhero it is - KWC IQUALINO
is a no-nonsense kind of fellow.
Considering its KWC heritage of
impeccable construction, its snapto-attention posture is completely
understandable. In addition, it has
the great pleasure of imparting
gorgeous streams of water to its is a very lucky faucet
indeed. The single-lever basin
faucet is available in striking chrome.
Engineered by the brilliant mind of
Bruno Sacco, Mercedes-Benz’s former
director of design, HANSA MURANO
is an incredible study in flowing
water. Clear glass, polished chrome,
nanotechnology, the dynamics of
water flow — all neatly packaged
in this special collection. Coated
with Permatec, which prevents
mineral deposits from forming,
cleaning this unique faucet is a
breeze. To complete the look, a full
suite of accessories is also available.
With its dashing lines and urbane
good looks, HANSA RONDA often
finds itself in the washrooms of
art champions. Yet, it’s a gracious
guest in homes of most any
decor. High-tech function elicits
volumes of positive press, proving
brains can marry beauty and live
happily ever after. The chrome
faucet is offered in loop, solid or
glass lever. Matching Roman tub
set and shower system available.
Unconventional and slightly
intellectual in nature, this line’s
characteristics lay at the feet of its
tubular spouts and cross handles.
Angular and earnest, KWC QBIX
is serious design that delivers
laminar flow: a steady stream of
water. Suited for a traditional
or contemporary décor, the line
comes with a family of matching
accessories and bath and shower
components, so you’re perfectlysuited to outfit any style bathroom.
An art deco rendition in chrome
and black, KWC QBIX-ART is
the collection for right angle
stand straight up, giving you
their full attention. And its
laminar flow provides you with
a perfect stream. Complete
any bath suite with a matching
shower system and a variety
from hooks to soap dish.
A collection full of stylish possibilities.
A line with two ideas: “Classic” is your
softer, rounder cast-brass version of
the KWC VESUNO theme. Weighing
in with a more pointed view is
“Stainless Steel.” KWC VESUNO offers
single-lever faucets in deck and wallmount versions. A variety of shower
components take the dignified
and angular “Stainless Steel” line
into bath and shower territory.
Also available in chrome or
Diving headfirst into the bath is a
collection of remarkable fluidity
and poise. Modeled after the ebbs
and flows of the very thing it’s
created to deliver, the line is a real
coup for lovers of nature-inspired
art. KWC FAMOSO’s resume
includes thermostatic valves,
loop and solid levers and other
like-minded accessories. And
should you have a tub in need of
fixtures, you are most fortunate.
Chrome and über design transfix
the eye and transform the bath.
Ceramic discs and temperature
control valves are meticulously
crafted following the same strict
principles used in the construction
of Swiss timepieces. KWC DESIGNO
has a substantial extended family.
Complete with a variety of bath
and shower components, a Roman
tub set, deck and wall mounts
and a chic group of accessories.
Such a gorgeous liberation of
H2O feels like a waterfall, leaving
you smitten with life. It has to do
with the “one-eighty” in KWC
number of perfectly balanced
streams of water that fall from
the eight and one half-inch
wide swiveling showerhead
disc, which, by the way, is
available in polished chrome.
Offered in wall or ceiling mount.
THE Hansa collection
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