Visit Helsinki



Visit Helsinki
24 hours in
An authentic adventure,
an alternative perspective
to explore the city.
Pamper, indulge and
enjoy yourself -with
luxury experiences
with a little cream
on top
Inexpensive and creative
ways to see the city through
the eyes of the locals.
Brunch at Siltanen. On weekends you can enjoy brunch at Siltanen, the trendiest hipster-filled
restaurant in the Kallio district.
Meat-eaters select the Berlin breakfast tray, while vegetarians choose
the Buddha. In summertime you may
eat outside on the sunny terrace
away from the traffic. The restaurant
plays club music every evening, plus
live gigs on occasion.
Organic breakfast at
Galleria Keidas. A café, an organic
shop, an art gallery, a handicrafts
boutique – Galleria Keidas certainly
is a colourful establishment! Sit down
and enjoy a cup of organic coffee with
homemade pastries made from organic ingredients. House specialties
also include its own “scrambled tofu”,
vegetarian cinnamon rolls and hummus rye bread.
Hämeentie 13 B,
Fleminginkatu 7
Breakfast at Ekberg’s. This
refined and traditional café serves
a breakfast buffet on the beautiful Bulevardi. You can also enjoy its
delicious pastries and baked goods.
Sit by the window and you can watch
the city life as pedestrians, cyclists
and trams pass by. Breakfast is also
served on weekdays.
fast in beautiful interior on Saturday
mornings (reservations required), or
begin your workday with a cup of
coffee from as early as 7am.
Bulevardi 9,
The “Wild Garden” is a green oasis
amidst the granite features of the
Kallio district. Enjoy a deluxe break-
Coffee in Hakaniemi Market.
Enjoy the most affordable morning
coffees in town at Hakaniemi Market.
Try also the delicious warm donuts
and cinnamon rolls. You can enjoy
the market atmosphere throughout
the year. On weekends the lively
atmosphere also includes accordion
music. After breakfast you can visit
Hakaniemi Market Hall, which sells
fresh meat, fish and vegetables, as
well as local handicrafts. The easiest
way to get to Hakaniemi is by metro
Kaarlenkatu 13,
Sis. Deli + Café. For a healthy
start to your day, Sis. Deli + Café
serves a tasty brunch made from
fresh organic and local foods. The
brunch is served from Mondays to
Saturdays. You can also buy lunch to
take with you.
Kalevankatu 4,
or tram. For more information about
public transportation, see
Swimming Stadium. Practice
your crawl in the big pool, let the kids
splash around in the children’s pool,
and jump off the diving platforms.
Sunbathe on the open lawns and enjoy a picnic. Ice creams can be purchased from the kiosk. Swim some
more, dry off and do it all again. Finish off with a hot sauna and leave re-
Suomenlinna Fortress.
Suomenlinna is not only a historic
maritime fortress and UNESCO World
Heritage Site, but also the perfect
place to spend a day and enjoy the
unique seaside atmosphere. The
handy ferry crossing from the Market
Square to Suomenlinna takes just 15
minutes. Suomenlinna also has several restaurants and cafes, including
the Suomenlinna Brewery Restaurant
where you can enjoy a pint of local
Söderskär Lighthouse. Approximately two hours from Helsinki
by ferry is the impressive Söderskär
Lighthouse. The breathtaking archipelago and sparse granite island will
make a lasting impression on you.
Aboard Royal Line you can enjoy
delicious archipelago food and refreshments. Ferries depart from the
Market Square from the end of June
to mid-August.
freshed and relaxed. The Swimming
Stadium is open from May to the end
of September, and on weekdays you
can get in as early as 6:30am.
Hammarskjöldintie 5,
Helsinki Vintage. Organised
twice a year, Helsinki Vintage is a sales
event that brings together buyers and
sellers interested in vintage culture. In
addition to shopping opportunities,
the event also presents vintage exhibitions and music performances.
Cable Factory
Uunisaari Island. On a warm
summer’s day you should head for
Uunisaari Island, where the granite
cliffs, sandy beach and stylish café/
restaurant guarantee an unforgettable day by the sea. In summertime
the ferry makes the short crossing
from the seaside boulevard next to
Kaivopuisto Park, and in wintertime
you can walk to the island across
the pontoon bridge. When the sea
freezes over, do as the locals do and
I want to ride my bicycle... A great
way to see the city is by renting a bike
and cycling from one tourist attraction to the next. In summertime bikes
can be rented from Greenbike and
Ecobike. Some hotels also provide
bicycles for their guests.
Bulevardi 32,
Savilankatu 1 b,
try walking across the ice, after which
you can reward yourself with a warm
drink in the café.
U6 – Uusix workshops.
The Uusix workshops in Kyläsaari
produce hand-made quality items
with a personal touch. Around 300
unemployed people work at the
workshops, updating their skills and
knowledge. All the products are
made from recycled materials, and
a recycling centre is situated in the
same location where you can even
pick up free items. Take Bus 56 or 68
to get to Kyläsaari.
Kyläsaarenkatu 8 J,
Smell: Mä
Pine soap nty suopa
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be found
and Tervas y Kaivopuisto Par
aari Island.
Salon Pacifique.
How would you like a pampering haircut in a salon that uses only natural
and recyclable products, where the
laundry is washed using soap nuts,
where old products are donated to
developing countries, where the electricity is generated by wind power, and
where you can sip a cup of Fairtrade
coffee? Then this is your place!
Annankatu 26,
Fanny. This delightful little park
bar is situated at the end of Bulevardi
near the Hietaniemi Flea Market and
Synebrychoff Park. Fanny serves
lunch and Saturday brunches in a
lovely milieu.
Bulevardi 40,
Cafe du Coin. This cosy café
serves special coffees, savoury
snacks, soups, salads and a genuine
French breakfast all day long. The
stuffed croissants and café au laits
are particularly popular. You can
Virka. Visit Virka! Situated in the
foyer of City Hall, Virka Info offers
information about Helsinki, and the
Virka Gallery presents special exhibitions. You can also read newspapers
and use the internet.
Pohjoisesplanadi 11-13,
Mental Wear. Lost in Helsinki.
Dancing Queer. Bipolar disorder. Buy
yourself a t-shirt with a radical statement. Mental Wear’s mission is to
work against prejudice and influence
people’s attitudes in a humorous
way. Mental Wear’s shop is situated
Record shops.
You have a dirty bottom! This is the eccentric marketing slogan of the record
shop Äx in the Töölö district. What it
has to do with records is unclear, but
Äx is definitely worth a visit. Popular
record shops can also be found in the
Viiskulma neighbourhood, including
Digelius, Eronen, Lifesaver and Popparienkeli. Interested in rap music?
Then check out The Funkiest. And
don’t forget also Stupido Shop and the
Fatty Sounds Record Store!
even hire the services of an authentic
French chef to prepare dinner for you
at home!
Unioninkatu 26,
Helsinki Day Spa. Pamper yourself in Helsinki Day Spa’s nine treatment rooms, which each has a different look and feel. Both for men and
women. Try Total Luxury treatment,
which includes complete pampering
from head to toe.
Erottaja 4,
in the Töölö district and is easy to get
to by tram.
Runeberginkatu 54,
Punnitse & Säästä. At “Weigh
& Save” you can purchase nuts, dried
berries, soy products and organic
food in precisely the quantities that
you require. This way you don’t have
to pay for unnecessary packaging,
which is good for your wallet and the
Fredrikinkatu 55, Hämeentie 50,
Levykauppa Äx ,
Arkadiankatu 14b,
Digelius, Laivurinrinne 2,
Eronen, Laivurinrinne 2,
Pursimiehenkatu 3,
Fredrikinkatu 12,
The Funkiest,
Lapinlahdenkatu 8,
Stupido-Shop, Iso Roobertinkatu
Fatty Sounds Record Store,
Hämeentie 4,
Pihlajasaari Island.
A great way to spend a summer’s day
is to jump aboard the ferry to Pihlajasaari Island just off the coast of
Helsinki. The ferry departs from the
southern tip of the peninsula next to
the Café Carusel. Pihlajasaari is one
of Helsinki’s many small island paradises where you can enjoy the sea,
sandy beaches and smooth granite
rocks. The summer restaurant is famous for its salmon soup and sugar
Flea markets. The most popular flea
markets in town are Hietalahti (“Hietsu”) and Valtteri. Hietsu is a sure sign
of summer, as the open-air market is
open during the warmer months. On
the other hand, Valtteri is situated inside a historic redbrick warehouse and
is open year round on Wednesdays
and weekends.
Hietsun kirppis, Abrahaminkatu 3
Valtteri, Aleksis Kiven katu 17,
Design District. Situated in the
heart of Helsinki, the Design District
encompasses 25 streets and over a
hundred design attractions, including boutiques, galleries, restaurants,
studios and hotels. At the centre of
the Design District is Design Forum,
a showcase for contemporary Finnish design, and the Design Museum,
where you can discover more about
the history of Finnish design. Pick
up a copy of the Design District map
from Tourist Information.
Second hand boutiques. When
you have explored the flea markets,
you should also check out the many
second hand boutiques. Mekkomania
and Hoochie Mama Jane are two of
the newest such shops in town. If you
want to support worthy charity causes, then visit the Emmaus flea market,
Fida and UFF.
Silvoplee. This fresh and lively
restaurant offers gentle and warm
vegetarian dishes that you can select
from the buffet and pay by weight.
Even the most diehard meat eaters
could be converted yet into vegetarians!
Mekkomania, Mannerheimintie 31,
Hoochie Mama Jane, Vaasankatu 10,
Fida International,
Soppakeittiö. Despite being mod-
Kakkugalleria. The “Cake Gallery” serves cakes that taste as good
as they look – the individual pastries
are like tiny works of art. Some of the
locations have an “All you can eat”
Sunday offer that is really too good
to pass up!
Kunsthalle Helsinki. Situated
behind Parliament House, Kunsthalle
Helsinki presents art by new names
and established artists. Next door
you will find the modern Asian restaurant Farang.
Bulevardi 34
Erottajankatu 7
Fredrikinkatu 41
Toinen linja 3,
estly called “Soup Kitchen”, Soppakeittiö is a superb lunch place that operates in both Hakaniemi Market Hall
and the Old Market Hall. A selection
of 3 tasty soups of the day are offered,
Farang, Nervanderinkatu 3,,,
Cathedral steps. When the sun
shines, local residents descend upon
the steps of Helsinki Cathedral to
soak up the warmth. Bring a snack
with you and enjoy the sea breeze.
In the centre of Senate Square stands
a statue of Tsar Alexander II, which
serves as a reminder of the Russian
era in Finnish history (1809-1917).
Hietsu Cemetery. A cemetery
can be anything but a gloomy place.
Peaceful, green and dignified are better adjectives for describing a walk
through Hietaniemi (“Hietsu”) Cem-
etery. A number of famous Finnish
artists are buried in the old cemetery
along lot 21a, including authors, composers, painters and actors. Bus 24
UniCafe. Inside the main building
of the University of Helsinki on Aleksanterinkatu street you can enjoy
a coffee and snacks amidst an academic atmosphere at UniCafe. Next
to the café is a cafeteria where you
taste world-famous healthy Finnish
school food.
Fabianinkatu 33,,
World Village Festival. Every
year at the end of May countries
from around the world pay a visit to
Kaisaniemi Park, where you can enjoy multicultural music, art, theatre
and food. You can also find out more
about development co-operation
and globalisation.
Kaisaniemi Park,
one of which is usually the super popular Bouillabaisse.
Hakaniemi Market Hall
Old Market Hall
SopivaShop. The “Suitable
Shop” is a small boutique that sells
unique clothing, bags and jewellery
designed by six young female designers. Suits you sir!
Eerikinkatu 15-17,
OVVN. The OVVN Independent
Helsinki Collective consists of ten labels by young, local and independent
designers. The shop sells clothing and
Iso Roobertinkatu 17-19,
Popot. Popot is a small shop that
lives for cool and rare sneakers by such
brands as Converse, Adidas, Reebok,
Puma, Nike, New Balance and Vans.
You can even order custom-made
sneakers to suit your style.
Iso Roobertinkatu 16,
gTIE. Well-dressed women and
men who prefer stylish neckwear
should check out the beautiful ties,
chokers, knotted scarves (plastrons),
bands, collars and “mousers” designed by gTIE.
Pursimiehenkatu 11,
Moko/Kaffa. Kaffa Roastery
represents the new coffee culture
in Helsinki and can be found in the
same premises as the trendy interior
design shop Moko Market.
Pursimiehenkatu 29 A,
Pitkämies. Labelling itself as
the coolest comic shop in Western
Europe, Pitkämies also sells secondhand LPs and clothing. Gigs and recitals are also held in the shop, which
– true to its name – is run by “tall
man”: Jelle Hugaerts.
Uudenmaankatu 23, Hämeentie 150,
Affordable lunch prices. Nearly
all restaurants in Helsinki offer very
reasonably priced lunch specials from
11am to 3pm.
The Greendress. The Greendress sells ethical fashion and vintage items, including last season’s
designer clothing and customised
second-hand finds. The product
range also includes ethical brands,
such as TOMS footwear.
Erottajankatu 5,
The most internationally recognised
names in Finnish design can all be
found in Helsinki.
Pride and Tuska. The first weekend in July offers two truly alternative
events in Helsinki. The Pride parade
paints the city centre in a rainbow
of colours and culminates in a great
party in the park. At the same time,
leather-jacketed heavy metal fans
will head for Suvilahti for some head
banging at the Tuska Festival.
IVANAhelsinki, Uudenmaankatu 15
Hanna Sarén, Korkeavuorenkatu 2b
Tiia Vanhatapio, Laivurinkatu 43
Minna Parikka, Bulevardi 24
KAANI. The Finnish furniture and
interior design products manufactured by KAANI are known for their
application of the newest technologies, craftsmanship and durability.
Fredrikinkatu 43,
Sushi buffet at Kamppi. Sushi
from a buffet? It may sound strange,
but it is definitely worth trying! You
can do so at Fuji Village, next to the
Kamppi Shopping Centre. Afterwards
you can check out the latest exhibition at Laituri, the Helsinki City Planning Department’s information and
exhibition space in the old bus station building.
Salomonkatu 3,
Basso Festival and Alppipuisto Park. In summertime local
residents flock to the parks, many
of which host free events. One of
the biggest is the Basso Festival in
Sinebrychoff Park. Alppipuisto Park
next to Linnanmäki Amusement Park
offers free concerts almost every
weekend throughout the summer.
For more information about the city’s
green parks, go to
Basso Festival,
Alppipuisto Park,
Year-round swimming. Helsinki
has several impressive swimming halls
where you can swim almost around
the year. Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall is
a work of art in itself, and it even lets
you swim naked – men and women
separately, of course. If you don’t
mind the cold, then you can try ice
swimming at Rastila Camping. Sounds
crazy, but they say it’s incredibly relaxing!
Karhupuisto Park. The “Bear
Park” was once notorious for the
shady people who used to gather
there, but they have since been sent
packing by locals! They have also
planted beautiful flower arrangements together with the park division,
and it is now a very pleasant place to
visit. It is also GLBT friendly, you can
relax at the Bear Park Café, or you can
visit the adjacent Kallio Library.
Napa Napa is an intriguing little
publisher, gallery and shop that is run
by artist and illustrator Jenni Rope.
Napa also serves as Jenni’s studio.
Eerikinkatu 18,
Mika Tarkkanen. Admire the
most beautiful ring of the year in the atelier of goldsmith Mika Tarkkanen. His
ring “Tunteiden vuori” (“Mountain of
Emotions”) won the Bridal Awards and
can be purchased in three parts. You
can even save up and add diamonds later. The atelier is open upon reservation.
Kaanaankatu 2,
Art and culture in the Tennis
Palace. Tennispalatsi is the former
“tennis palace” that now houses the
biggest cultural and recreational centre
in the city centre. The complex includes
cinemas, an art museum, a museum of
cultures, cafes, restaurants and small
boutiques. Free admission to the Tennis Palace Art Museum on Fridays from
11am to 4pm.
E xperien
The Blue ce:
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Ethnic shopping in Hakaniemi. Stroll down Hämeentie road
from Hakaniemi Market Hall towards
the Sörnäinen district and you will
pass many ethnic shops selling Indian,
Chinese, Vietnamese and African food
ganised on a regular basis, allowing
you to sample interesting new items.
A smaller but equally ecological shop
is Ekolo, which also sells online.
Hämeentie 32,
Ruohonjuuri, Salomonkatu 5,
Ekolo, Porthaninkatu 1,
Ecoshopping. Buy your daily groceries from Ekomarket Ruohonjuuri and you can be sure that they are
either organic or Fairtrade products.
Product demonstrations are also or-
Grapestation. Two girls from
Lapland came to Helsinki and opened
a design boutique that sells clothing,
accessories and interior decorating
products. In addition to their own
Lisn. The modern face of tradi-
combination. It could even be considered Helsinki’s only deluxe food
market. Before or after shopping you
can relax at the F8 restaurant world,
where you can taste how well chocolate and champagne go together!
tional Japanese incense meets the
vanguard of Finnish design. Inspired
by the subtle sophistication of Lisn
incense, seven design teams have
created a collection of incense holders and related objects.
Tarkk’ampujankatu 4,
Aleksanterinkatu 52 B, ,
Stockmann Herkku Delicatessen. A wide range of
Savoy. This refined restaurant
also serves lunch, which you can
enjoy in the original milieu designed
by legendary Finnish architect Alvar
Aalto. In addition to the fine food
Espan kiskat. Voted the best ice
cream kiosk in town, “Espan kiskat”
can be found at the corner of Esplanade Park. The servings are enormous! We recommend you enjoy your
ice cream beneath the parasols, as
the seagulls are always on the lookout for a snack!
Railway Station. Dress warmly, tie up
your laces tightly and try to stay on
your feet! Afterwards you can soothe
your frozen fingers and sore bottom
with a nice warm cup of cocoa!
goods and produce, expert personnel
and a central location make Stockmann Delicatessen an unbeatable
Eteläesplanadi 18
Ice skating. Experience the joy of
winter in Helsinki by renting a pair of
ice skates at “Brahen kenttä” in the
Kallio district or the Helsinki Icepark
in the city centre next to the Central
designs, the girls also sell products
by other designers. The shop is very
much like Kallio district itself – bohemian and modern.
Brahen kenttä (Kallio Ice Rink),
Helsinginkatu 23,
Helsinki Railway Square,
Skateboarding. Popular places for
skateboarding include outside the
Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma
and the skateboard parks at Eläin-
Antti Asplund. For a real sense
of drama, visit the Antti Asplund boutique. The designer bases his designs
on his own inner world. The products
on offer even include funeral dresses!
Iso Roobertinkatu 36-40,
and interior, Savoy offers a breathtaking view.
Eteläesplanadi 14,
La Torrefazzione. A cup of coffee at La Torrefazzione involves carefully selected beans that are roasted
and ground on the premises by professional baristos.
Aleksanterinkatu 50,
tarha and Kaivopuisto Park. At the
latter you can also admire the “Eternal Flame” monument by the shore,
where lots of young people like to
congregate on summer evenings and
listen to music as the sun sets.
Kiasma, Mannerheiminaukio 2
Eläintarha Skateboard Park,
Nordenskiöldinkatu 20
Kaivopuisto Skateboard Park,
Eiranranta 1
Taste: Wild berries packed
d’s forest s are
Berries such
with superfood.
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blueberries and
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Taste: Salmiakki
Salty liquorice is a particular Finnish favourite. The combination of
sweet and salty divides opinion.
The salty taste comes from ammonium chloride and the colour
from carbon black. Finns love
their salmiakki so much that it is
used to flavour ice cream, soft
drink s and alcoholic beverages.
Salmiakki schnapps is a particular
Sushibar. Conveniently located
on the corner of Uudenmaankatu and
Annankatu streets, Sushibar lets you
grab some sushi on the run or eat in
the minimalistic and stylish restaurant. You can buy also the accessories
and ingredients you need to prepare
sushi at home.
Uudenmaankatu 15,
Lemon Grass. The fragrant and
delicious Lemon Grass is one of the
most popular Thai restaurants in the
Kallio district. The small establish-
Maatilatori and Juuren puoti. The
“Farm Market” inside Lasipalatsi and
“Roots Boutique” inside the restaurant
Juuri both offer Finnish organic and local food. The interior of Maatilatori is by
Finnish designer Harri Koskinen.
Mannerheimintie 22-24
Juuren puoti,
Korkeavuorenkatu 27,
Graffiti wall at Suvilahti. Suvilahti is a dynamic new cultural centre
on the premises of a former power
plant. A 100-metre-long graffiti wall
has been erected next to the former
gas bells where you can try your hand
at street art without having to worry
about the cops!
Parrukatu 2,
In search of Alvar Aalto. Helsinki
will be World Design Capital in 2012,
and for good reason. Design is everywhere! Legendary Finnish architect
Alvar Aalto designed many of the
ment is always busy lunchtimes as well
as evenings.
Kolmas linja 12
Morticia. Morticia sells exquisite
gothic clothing at two locations in
Helsinki, as well as online. Here you
can find velvet, leather, blacks and
violets for everyday and special occasions.
Kamppi Shopping Centre,
5th floor, Urho Kekkosen katu 1
Flow Festival. If you are into the
latest rhythm music, this three-day
urban festival offers amazing performances from morning to night.
The festival takes place at Suvilahti,
a former power plant that is now a
cutting edge cultural centre, and the
catering is traditionally provided by
some of the trendiest restaurants in
town, including Kuurna, Grotesk and
Raku Ya. Festival is carbon neutral.
Kaasutehtaankatu 1,
Late Brunch at Boathouse.
Atelje Bar. You can catch your
breath while exploring the city by visiting the Atelje Bar on the top floor of the
Hotel Torni. The outdoor terrace offers
a spectacular view over the rooftops
and is a great place to enjoy your first
drinks of the evening as you watch the
sun set. You can even admire the scenery through the window in the toilets!
Kalevankatu 5,
buildings in the city centre, including the the Rautatalo Office Building (Keskuskatu 3), the Enso Gutzeit
Headquarters (Kanavaranta 1), Academic Bookstore (Pohjoisesplanadi
39), and Finlandia Hall (Mannerheimintie 13).
Library 10 is a modern music library where you can borrow from the
biggest collection of music in Helsinki. You can even record and edit
your own music, and live music and
other performances are presented on
the stage. Collectors will enjoy the
exhibits in the display cabinets, and
undiscovered stars can bring their
own music with.
Casual and relaxed. Stylish and fun.
Those would most likely be the words
used to describe Boathouse if it was
situated in Martha’s Vineyard. In fact,
Boathouse is situated on Liuskasaari Island off the coast of Kaivopuisto Park.
The restaurant offers a Lazy Sunday
brunch throughout the summer.
Du Dii. This tiny Thai restaurant
in the Kallio district has only a few
seats, but if they’re occupied you can
always take away. Servings come in
two sizes, and the prize-quality ratio
is superb! Viides Linja 7
Elielinaukio 2 G,
Secret Shop. This tiny little kiosk can be found in the public square
in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma. Salakauppa is
brimming with childish and inventive
products designed by Aamu Song and
Johan Olin, such as their Partanen/
Beardwear and Huppureppu/Hood
Bag. Guaranteed to make you smile!
Postikatu 1,
Linnanmäki. Helsinki’s legendary amusement park is an exciting
place amidst the evening lights. Take
your friend by the hand and share a
candy floss. There is no entrance fee
to the grounds, so you can just stroll
around and soak up the atmosphere.
But if temptation gets the better of
you, just buy a single ride ticket or
wristband and join the screaming fun
lovers on the rollercoaster and other
Tivolikuja 1,
Globe Hope at Lasipalatsi.
Globe Hope is an innovative Finnish
design company that designs ecological products out of recycled materials,
such as hospital and army textiles,
worker uniforms, advertisement banners and flags, recycled sails, seatbelts and vintage home textiles such
as curtains, tablecloths and bedsheets. Wear the skirt that was a towel
in its previous life!
Public saunas. Get ready for the
evening ahead at one of the many
public saunas. The Kallio district is
home to two very traditional local
saunas: Kotiharjun sauna and Arlan
sauna. Both saunas offer the opportunity to try cupping, a traditional Finnish folk remedy. You will need strong
nerves! Further information about
Mannerheimintie 22-24,
Harjutorinkatu 1,
Kaarlenkatu 15,
Tapasta. This small and cosy restaurant on Uudenmaankatu serves
delicious food at affordable prices.
You can reserve a table conveniently
One-euro bubbly. What: A
glass of sparkling wine for one euro.
Where: Upstairs at Bakers. When:
Tuesdays to Saturdays from 5pm
onwards. Good to remember: Lines
start to form already before 5, so get
there on time. Cin cin!
Uudenmaankatu 13,
Mannerheiminkatu 12,
Pelmenit. Pelmenit is an uncomplicated and cosy Ukrainian restaurant
in the Sörnäinen district that offers
extremely affordable Russian home
cooking. Pelmeni is a type of dumpling similar to ravioli that is filled with
minced meat.
Fleminginkatu 26,
Kustaankatu 7
Töölönlahti Bay. Situated in the
very heart of the city, Töölönlahti
Bay is a large and green recreational
area where you can jog, row, stroll or
just sit and count all the city hares.
Among the pretty wooden buildings
in the Linnunlaulu District is a blue
villa that houses a charming café
where you can enjoy a coffee while
admiring the view. In wintertime it is
often possible to cross the frozen bay
on foot.
Further information:
Soul Kitchen. Situated in the
heart of the Kallio district, Soul Kitchen will not leave you cold. Enjoy the
soul food and soul music. You can also
try local cuisine and traditional Finnish
favourites, such as sausage soup.
Kuningassoundi. The most
popular outdoor club in town, “Kuningassoundi” presents the best of
Finnish hip hop and reggae music
throughout the summer. The club is
held on Friday evenings amidst an
unbelievably pretty setting on the
terrace of the restaurant Helsinge.
Getting there is easy by bus.
Buses 57, 68, 71, 74 and 506
Further information:
Viikintie 1 e
Kitch. This ecological restaurant
sells tasty food, Fairtrade wines and
coffees, and other organic products.
The interior design features recycled
furniture. Kitch is retro and relaxed!
Yrjönkatu 30,
Sävel, Rytmi and Talo. On the
corner of Hakaniemi Square stands a
triangular building designed by legendary Finnish architect Lars Sonck.
Inside Arena House you will find three
popular restaurants: Rytmi, Café Talo
Atelje Finne/Kuurna. Kuurna is a
small intimate restaurant in the historic
Kruunuhaka district of Helsinki that satisfies even the most demanding tastes.
You can also try the sister restaurant
Atelje Finne in the Töölö district. Both
offer contemporary Finnish cuisine in a
modern yet cosy atmosphere.
and Sävel. Tour the building, admire
the architecture, and try a dish from
each of the restaurants!
Sävel, Hämeentie 2,
Rytmi, Toinen linja 2,
Café Talo, Hämeentie 2,
Pompei. Said to be the first pizzeria in Helsinki, Pompei seems to
have been transported straight from
Napoli to the classical Finnish Kruununhaka district.
Snellmaninkatu 16
A21. Ranked one of the best bars
in the world, A21 gives new meaning
to the word cocktail. The A21 Cocktail
Lounge simply has to be visited when
you visit Helsinki. Just remember to ring
the doorbell! Annankatu 21,
Meritullinkatu 6,
Atelje Finne,
Arkadiankatu 14,
New Bamboo Center. Rumoured to serve the best curry in
Helsinki, this Chinese restaurant is
situated in the same building as the
local Sobriety Club and accordingly
does not serve any alcohol.
Annankatu 29,
Hesburger. The specialty of this
Finnish hamburger chain is its delicious mayonnaise selection. Try a
hamburger on traditional Finnish rye
Huvila Festival Tent. The Helsinki Festival takes place every year
in August, offering a wide range of
top-quality events including concerts in the Huvila Festival Tent. The
lawns outside are packed with people
enjoying picnics while listening to the
music coming from inside the tent.
Should you run out of food you can
take a seat at the Café Piritta, which
is open daily until midnight.
Café Mascot. The biggest
names in Finnish rhythm music perform on Wednesday evenings at the
Café Mascot. On Tuesdays you can
take to the stage yourself during the
café’s open mic evening. If you are
too shy to perform or can’t stand the
music, you can always go upstairs to
play billiards or poker!
Neljäs linja 2,
Live music . You can enjoy live music
in Helsinki just about every night of
the week. Gigs usually begin between
10pm and midnight. Tavastia is the
most legendary rock club in Finland,
but you can also catch great bands
at Nosturi, Bar Loose, On The Rocks,
Virgin Oil Co., Kuudes Linja and Club
[email protected] Sea party cruises. What
better way to start your night out than
by dancing through the archipelago!
This four-hour party cruise aboard a
specially adapted Sun Lines vessel is
the perfect way to spend a summer
evening to music played by guest DJs
and artists.
Tavastia and Semifinal,
Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6,
Telakkatu 8,
Bar Loose,
Annankatu 21,
On The Rocks,
Mikonkatu 15,
Virgin Oil Co.,
Mannerheimintie 5,
Kuudes linja,
Hämeentie 13,
Kolmas linja 34,
Luomo. In spring 2010 the newly
opened restaurant Luomo caused
a sensation when it was awarded a
Michelin star, making it the fifth such
establishment in Helsinki.
Further information:
Vironkatu 8,
The bars of Kallio. The Kallio district is home to many small bars that
serve cheap bear amidst an authentic local atmosphere. The 3B and 3T
trams will get you there and back in
one piece. Most of the restaurants in
the neighbourhood close at already
at 2am.
Experience: Vihtominen
Whisking is what you do in the sauna
with fresh birch branches. The ritual
begins by heating the sauna to 80100°C, entering naked and throwing water over the hot rocks. This
creates steam that induces sweating
and cleanses your skin. Not only does
this make you smell nice, it also relaxes your muscles. You can purchase
ready-made whisks from any Finnish
market (some shops even sell frozen
ones!), or you can make your own if
you find yourself in the countryside.
Kafe Moskova. According to
urban legend, Finnish film director
Aki Kaurismäki opened the most uncomfortable restaurant in town where
no one would want to visit so that he
could eat and drink in peace! This was
not to be, however, and today Kafe
Moskova is a popular hangout. In the
same complex you will find the Corona Bar and the Dubrovnik Lounge &
Lobby, the latter a converted cinema.
Belly. One of the most popular
bars in the Punavuori district, Belly
hosts live music and clubs and is a
great alternative on weekends to the
traditional nightclubs. Belly is also one
of several restaurants in Helsinki that
has hosted a breakfast club for the
past few years. Enjoy a buffet breakfast while enjoying cool live music by
guest musicians, including top Finnish
names and even some designers!
Eerikinkatu 11,
Uudenmaankatu 16,
Restroom. Sing karaoke in the
restroom. Really! This tiny establishment is housed in a converted public
toilet and attracts karaoke fans from
all over town.
Tehtaankatu 23A,
Singstartaxi. Karaoke + Mercedes
taxi = a fun night out on the town for
you and your friends!
“Sedulat”. The dozens of restaurants owned by Finnish restaurant
mogul Sedu Koskinen are referred to
locally as “Sedulat”. At these establishments you can make an appearance and
party in style. Probably the most legendary Sedula in Helsinki is The Tiger in
the Kamppi Shopping Centre.
The Tiger, Urho Kekkosenkatu 1 a,,
Bar Lilla Helsingfors. This
charming bar in the Kruununhaka district offers a permanent discount on a
pint of beer, which will cost you 3.50
euros. The bar is adorned by a fantastic painting by Finnish pop artist Alvar
Gullichsen. Open daily until 3 in the
Snellmaninkatu 13,
Smell: Tar
Tar is modified resin produced primarily from the wood and roots of pine.
For centuries tar was used to protect
wooden ships and boats. Tar is also
a popular aroma that was traditionally used as a skin remedy. Today you
can smell tar in Finnish shampoos
and even taste it in liquorice candy –
“Terva Leijona” was introduced back
in the 1930s. Many restaurants also
serve tar schnapps.
Heavy metal bars. Finland has al-
ways been a hotbed of heavy metal
music. Despite appearances metal
heads are a jolly lot, and their favourite hangouts include PRKL Club and
Heavy Corner.
PRKL Club, Kaisaniemenkatu 4,
Heavy Corner, Hietaniemenkatu 2,
Nolla. Situated in the Etu-Töölö
district, Nolla is a laidback restaurant
and club that is easy to walk in to but
hard to leave.
Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu 21,
Korjaamo. Korjaamo Culture
Factory is a new kind of urban living
room that acts as a hub for creators
of art. Situated in the old tram depot, Korjaamo is made up of galleries,
a café, bar, club space, a theatre, a
shop, and also the Tram Museum.
Töölönkatu 51 b,
Teatteri. See and be seen! Conveniently situated at one end of Esplanade Park, and connected on the other
side to the Swedish Theatre (Svenska
Teatern), Teatteri attracts the most
stylish partygoers in town, from models
to local celebrities. In summertime you
can relax upstairs on the outside terrace, or you can party hard indoors at
the coolest nightclub in Helsinki.
Pohjoisesplanadi 2,
Puu-Vallila. “Wooden Vallila” is
an idyllic wooden house district that
was built in the 1910s. In the centre
of the neighbourhood is a small local pub called “Pikku Vallila”, which
is more like a living room. Across the
main Mäkelänkatu road that divides the
wooden houses from the stone buildings you will find Pub Magneetti, which
has become a favourite hangout among
young bohemians and urban hippies.
Pikku Vallila, Vallilantie 19 c
Pub Magneetti, Mäkelänkatu 20 b
Iso Roobertinkatu. “Iso Roba”
is a pedestrian street that is packed
with bars and restaurants. You could
spend an entire day here going from
one cool establishment to the next.
Don’t worry, there is a convenient
taxi stand nearby to get you home!
The largest gay restaurant in Scandinavia, DTM, can also be found here.
Iso Roobertinkatu
Grand Casino. Helsinki also has
its casino, in this case the Grand Casino.
Not only does it offer the best gambling excitement and entertaining show
& dinner evenings, but it also donates
its proceeds to support worthy causes.
Mikonkatu 19,
Vegemesta. The “Vegetarian Place”
serves healthy and inexpensive vegetarian burgers, such as the popular
hempburger. The Vegemesta shop on
Vaasankatu street has been around for
years, but rumour has it that you can
soon buy their food also at Punavuori.
Vaasankatu 6,
Pieni Roobertinkatu 2,
Opens in May 2011
Breakfast party at Playground. Restaurants in Finland must
close up at 4am, but if your feet are
still dancing, hang around until 5am
for the breakfast party at Playground,
where you can dance until midday!
tinkatu, Jaskan grilli on Dagmarinkatu
opposite the restaurant Manala and
Harrin Nakki in Karhupuisto Park in
the Kallio district.
Grill kiosks. After a night out on
the town, order a delicious meat pie
with two sausages and all the toppings. Helsinki’s legendary grill kiosks
include Tuomasgrilli on Iso Roober-
Hietsu (Hietaranta) Beach.
Sleep well in Helsinki. Slip on a
soft Nanso pyjama, dive beneath the
Luhta sheets and lay your head on a
Marimekko pillowcase. Nanso, Luhta
Tram 3T. An inexpensive and con-
venient way to see the city is to catch
the Tram 3T, also in the early hours of
the morning. The first tram of the day
departs at 6am. Many of Helsinki’s
main sights and attractions lie along
the route. For more information about
public transportation, see
A special 3T brochure is available from
Tourist information.
Morning coffees in the
Market Square. The first coffees of
the morning are served at the Market
Square from 6am onwards. A steaming cup of coffee and a fresh bun
amidst the indescribable milieu of the
market can bring a tear to the eye –
that’s how good they taste!
Iso Roobertinkatu 10,
The most popular swimming beach in
town can be visited also late on summer
nights, after the restaurants have all
closed. Enjoy the sunrise in good company. In the daytime Hietsu is packed
with fun-loving beachgoers.
Bus 55A
Tuomas-grilli, Iso Roobertinkatu 9
Jaskan grilli, Dagmarinkatu 2
Harrin Nakki, Agricolankatu 11
and Marimekko are legendary Finnish
brands that are renowned for their high
quality, durability and Scandinavian
Nanso Group Store Helsinki,
Mikonkatu 2,
Luhta Shop Aleksi 13,
Aleksanterinkatu 13,
Pohjoisesplanadi 31,
Visit Helsinki. The quiet hours of the
morning are the perfect time to surf the
internet and plan the day ahead. A comprehensive event calendar can be found
on the Tourist Information website.
Breakfast at Krulla. Start the
day at the Krulla Wiener Café with
a mouth-watering Viennese pastry.
Krulla opens its doors on weekdays at
7:30am. The products are made from
fresh cream and butter, free-range
eggs, rum, cognac, genuine Viennese
nougat, Belgian chocolate… in other
words, everything you can imagine that
is terribly unhealthy yet unimaginably
Lönrotinkatu 13,
Sunrise. Stop and admire the sunrise, which takes place in summertime
as early as 3am-4am. In wintertime you
will have to wait until after 9am to see
the first rays of light. You can greet in
the dawn and enjoy the silence of the
sleeping city in Esplanade Park, or you
can mingle among the other night people in Sinebrychoff Park and wait until
the Hietalahti Flea Market opens for
business. Exact times of the sunrise in
Helsinki can be found on the website
of the Finnish Meteorological Institute:
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urban cult
Helsinki City Survey §1/2010
What’s the best of Helsinki?
Vote for your own favourite in
the Nordic Oddity category!
Published by
Helsinki City Tourist & Convention Bureau 2010
Layout: Ezpa Oy/Katariina Tirkkonen-Wane
Images: Helsinki Tourism Material Bank,’s World Trips, Shusso, xmacex,
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