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Orchestra KlangVerwaltung - Künstlersekretariat Buchmann GmbH
Orchestra KlangVerwaltung
The Orchestra KlangVerwaltung was founded in 1997 by violinists Andreas Reiner and Josef
Kröner. While the public focus was initially aimed at the unusual name - KlangVerwaltung litterally
means sound administration - acting as responsible advocates of the great masterpieces and their
creators - it quickly became clear that a new elite orchestra had taken the stage - historically
informed, from early Baroque to todayës repertoire.
The orchestraës superlative technical and chambermusiclike interaction, extraordinary soloistës
abilities, amazingly colourful sound and an their unusually dedicated and lively habitus have
earned them brilliant reviews as well as a great degree of sympathy, not common in the
professional orchestral world.
For each project, a constant base of musicians comes together in order to revise their meanwhile
sizeable repertoire, but also to work on new scores. Their style of rehearsing resembles a
workshop, which allows for both the conductor and the musicians to be equally involved in the
process of bringing new life to music. This guarantees for an entrancingly vivid, dense,
uncompromising, and yet, due to the ensemblesë quality, a homogeneous musical experience.
The members of the KlangVerwaltung are comprised from leading orchestras, but as well
internationally renowned soloists and chamber musicians. The most exceptional sound experience
is supported by great instruments by Stradivari, Guarneri, Amati and other famous masters.
Apart from the regular concert schedule they have played at significant venues such as the Berlin
and Munich Philharmonic Hall, the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein, the Amsterdam
Concertgebouw, the Vatican, the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, at the
Rheingau Festival, the Beethoven-Fest Bonn, the European Weeks and at the Festival on
Herrenchiemsee, where the KlangVerwaltung is orchestra in residence every summer. They have
toured England, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, the US, Southamerica and China - where
they had an absolutely stunning success and where called "on par with the Berlin Philgharmonic".
At the Menuhin Festival in Gstaad, Switzerland critics called KlangVerwaltung "the best of the
Enoch zu Guttenberg is the principal conductor of Orchestra KlangVerwaltung. With Kent Nagano,
Roberto Abbado, Heinrich Schiff, Reinhard Goebel, Andrew Parrot, Paul McCreesh, Paul Goodwin,
Thomas Zehetmair, Salvador Mas Conde, Dirk Joeres and without conductor with their leader
Andreas Reiner they appeared on stage.
KlangVerwaltung is recording CDs exclusively for FARAO classics, which have been highly praised
by international reviews. Brucknersë 4th Symphony (live from the golden hall of Viennaës
Musikverein) received the most significant German music award, the ECHO Klassik. The release of
Beethovenës Missa Solemnis (live from Munich) is hailed as "a milestone in the younger history of
this workës reception" and one of the "five best renditions of all times".
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