Issue 5, July 2012


Issue 5, July 2012
Issue 5
July/August/ September 2012
Ayadina Association is a not-for-profit, nongovernmental association dedicated to community development with a focus
on children and senior citizens, per notice 88/ad dated 15/09/2004.
For children and youth, we offer an Arts Education program that addresses social problems and contributes to the prevention of juvenile delinquency by providing opportunities for channeling emotions into creative expression, cultural and
artistic exposure, talent development, improved academic achievement, and economic empowerment.
For our senior citizens, we provide a comprehensive program that meets their social, health, and recreational needs. This
social integration lessens their state of marginalization and offers them a sense of belonging and dignity.
For more information about us and to keep up to date with our latest activities, please visit:
website :
Volume 1, Issue 5
Annual Sohour Fundraiser
Ayadina held its Sixth Annual Sohour Fundraiser at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Friday, August 3, 2012. The event program included a fashion show by the Senior Consultant and Designer In Lebanese and Eastern Heritage, Mrs.
Samia Saab, and a live Oud performance by Ahmad Halmouchi. We were honored by the presence of H.E. Dr. Hassan
Diab, the Minister of Education and his wife Mrs. Nawar Diab, who came to show their support and belief in our mission.
Making Waves Club—AUB
Members and family
Young Men’s Christian Association—YMCA
Fashionable Abayas designed by Samia Saab
Members and family
Members and friends
Ayadina President Maya Najjar
Happy Birthday !
Ayadina celebrated the collective birthday of six children that were born in the months of July and August, on Thursday 18 July, 2012 . The children invited their friends and enjoyed an afternoon playing on
our rooftop garden. Each child left with a gift.
Ayadina’s drama students, Julien Rizk alongside Jad and Fidel Badran have been cast in a web-series called
Fasateen. The show follows the lives of three Lebanese women in their 30s, their struggles, their kids, their
families, their husbands, lovers and friends. Julien, Jad and Fidel, play the roles of sons of two of these women
The producer of the series is the Emmy Award-winner Katia Saleh, and the directors Mounia Akl & Cyril Aris
who have previously worked with Ayadina’s students in a short movie called “Surprise a l’ecole”. To watch
the short movie please visit:
We are so proud of the hard work Julien, Fidel and Jad have put in and we hope this will open up many doors
for them in the future. This is an example of the many opportunities our programs can provide for our children.
To watch the web series please visit the website below:
Julien Rizk
Julien on set
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Classes for 2012/2013
This year we will be providing the following classes starting Monday October 1, 2012:
Instructor: Gaby Nehme
Instructor: Kathy
Hip Hop
Instructor: Carlos Abi
Nader from the Makriss
Dance Studio
Instructor: Layal
Drawing and Painting
Story Telling
Instructor: Maria Bou
Instructor: Catherine
Instructor: Roy Doumit
Instructor: Raneem
Malat from Ukrainian
Cultural Center
Capoiera (Tentative)
Pottery (Tentative)