Heather Gillis Band EPK



Heather Gillis Band EPK
HEATHER GILLIS BAND Contact: [email protected] BIO:
Rock- Soul- Roots
Heather Gillis is a guitarist/vocalist from Tampa
Florida who currently attends Florida State University and
fronts her band based out of Tallahassee FL. She is the
complete package as a guitar player, lap steel player,
songwriter, singer and arranger. She and her band have the
stage presence and confidence to appeal to a variety of
musical tastes be it rock, soul, jazz, roots or gospel.
At 21 years old, Heather has not only formed a
following at a local level, but has played alongside and
befriended members of the Allman Brothers, Col Bruce
Hampton, Matt Schofield, North Mississippi All-Stars,
Aquarium Rescue Unit, The Word, The Lee Boys and many
more. In addition to her performances with her band,
Heather is a fulltime member of (Allman Brothers drummer)
Butch Trucks’ current band “Butch Trucks and the Freight
Train Band”.
Heather’s live shows are energetic and consist of her
original music as well as rock, soul, and roots music.
Guitar & Vocals- Heather Gillis, Drums- Gerald Watkins,
Saxophone- Nyan Feder, Bass Guitar- Kyle Chervanik
Music Online: Social Media: Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/heather-­‐gillis-­‐band Sample of the tracks on Cd (unmixed): www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7oTSVZUFOo Studio Music Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aenYlHYb1lI Live Videos: www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqJ02JDbUEk Website: www.HeatherGillisBand.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Heather-­‐Gillis-­‐
158754160883520/ Sound Cloud (live album available): https://soundcloud.com/heather-­‐gillis-­‐band Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/HeatherGillisBand www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvGlF3zOeDM www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1pxdj7f8Io PRESS
“Heather, you rocked again. We gotta do this some more and I am absolutely certain that we will. Practice and stay cocky. Love ya.” -­‐Butch Trucks, Allman Brothers Band “Keep up the music, you sound great” -­‐Bobby Lee Rogers “THE festival moment happened. Perhaps you can relate. Some event occurs that bookmarks the festival in your brain for all time. It happened midset, when the Col. introduced Heather Gillis, a young lady from Tallahassee with a guitar.” “She is a young lady who made a ton of wanne-­‐be guitar players shrug and cry as she ripped three separate solos over the next few tunes, each in a different style. And with a huge smile. AND with a huge upsurge from the crowd after each one. Yep. THAT was the moment “ -­‐ Scott Hopkins, Music Fest News “Hear what the next generation of blues musicians has in store when guitarist Heather Gillis, 20, takes the stage” -­‐Tallahassee Democrat PRESS
Music Fest News Review 12/1/15 on Heather Gillis Band: http://www.musicfestnews.com/2015/12/01/come-­‐back-­‐alice-­‐and-­‐
the-­‐heather-­‐gillis-­‐band-­‐blow-­‐up-­‐st-­‐pete-­‐saturday-­‐night/ Heather Gillis w/ Col Bruce Hampton at Magnolia Festival Review: http://www.musicfestnews.com/2015/10/18/magnolia-­‐fest-­‐friday-­‐another-­‐suwannee-­‐slice-­‐
of-­‐heaven/ Heather Gillis w/ Butch Trucks Freight Train Band reviews: http://www.musicfestnews.com/2015/12/26/butch-­‐trucks-­‐and-­‐the-­‐freight-­‐train-­‐band-­‐are-­‐
rollin/ http://liveforlivemusic.com/show-­‐reviews/butch-­‐trucks-­‐sings-­‐for-­‐the-­‐first-­‐time-­‐in-­‐45-­‐years-­‐
covers-­‐bob-­‐dylan-­‐classic http://indiemusic.co/2016/01/07/butch-­‐trucks-­‐and-­‐the-­‐freight-­‐train-­‐band-­‐roll-­‐through-­‐
orlando/ Heat
Some of our previous performances: •
• Skippers Smokehouse-­‐ Tampa FL •
• Magnolia Festival-­‐ Spirit of Suwanee •
• Funky Biscuit-­‐ Boca Roca FL •
• Bradfordville Blues Club-­‐ Tallahassee •
• Orange Blossom Jamboree •
• Bamboo Willie’s-­‐ Pensacola •
• Ale & The Witch-­‐ St. Pete FL •
• Harry A’s -­‐ St George Island FL •
• Liberty Bar-­‐ Tallahassee FL •
• Ale and the Witch – St Petersburg FL •
• Ringside Café-­‐ St Petersburg FL •
• Funky Farm Festival-­‐ Brooksville FL •
• The Manhattan-­‐ Tampa FL Terra Fermata-­‐ Stuart FL Buckingham Blues Bar-­‐ Ft Myers Fl Pat Ramsey Festival-­‐ Tallahassee FL The Moon-­‐ Tallahassee FL Atmosphere-­‐ Tallahassee FL Sidebar-­‐ Tallahassee FL Bearded Clam-­‐ Sarasota FL Eddy Teach’s-­‐ St George Island Moose Lodge-­‐ Tallahassee FL Blueberry Festival-­‐ Brooksville FL Backwoods Bistro-­‐ Tallahassee FL Rising Sun Café-­‐ Brooksville FL Riverside Café-­‐ Nobleton FL Ybor cigar Bar-­‐ Lakeland FL Fathoms-­‐ Carrabelle FL Heather Gillis Band CD September 2015 Heather Gillis Band LIVE at the Bradfordville Blues Club in Tallahassee Florida 9/18/15 Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/heather-­‐gillis-­‐

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