The Bob Burton Spirit Award



The Bob Burton Spirit Award
Northern Area
Leigh Cambra, Laurel Gast, Christy Hertsch, Peaches
Mackenzie, Chuck Noroian, Jenn Oberg, Julie Wallace, Chelsea
Central Area
Monica Anderson, Bob Collins, Joe Hurtado, Shannon Hurtado,
Jim Johnson, Lisa Walters
Southern Area
Linda Ayerza, Jose Duenas, Jennifer Duston, Darlene Johnson,
Becky Kaspar, Rick Kent, Kevin Lorch, Phalba Thomas
CADA/CASL Outstanding Leadership
Program Award
Arroyo Grande High School
Area D
Advisor: Shannon Hurtado
ASB President: Geo Abuan
Principal: Conan Bowers
Mesa Middle School
Area D
Advisor: David Osterbauer
ASB President: Hunter Long
Principal: Brett Gimlin
North Salinas High School
Area D
Advisor: Margaret Noroian
ASB President: Priscilla Nunez
Principal: Barbara Lawrence-Emanuel
Nipomo High School
Area D
Advisor: Monica Anderson
ASB President: Vanessa Veloz
Principal: John Denno
Pioneer Valley High School
Area D
Advisors: Lisa Walters
ASB President: Joseph Codamos
Principal: Shanda Herrera
Leadership Development Day Hosts
Thank you!
North Salinas High School
Area D
Margaret Noroian
Pajaro Valley High School
Area D
Julie Brusa-Wallace
10 years
Leigh Cambra—Carmel High School
Lori Lowensen—North Monterey County High School
Nancy McKinney—Thousand Oaks High School
Brett Zielsdorf—Channel Islands High School
15 years
Laurel Gast—North Monterey County High School
Jennifer Healy--Sinaloa Middle School
20 years
Jose Duenas—Balboa Middle School
25 years
Kevin Lorch—Mesa Verde Middle School
The “Area Award Winner” honors a CADA area
member for contributions to their area, rather than to
the program at any individual school. The nominee
could have been active in CADA through the years in
a variety of ways: by serving as a contributing
member of the Area Council, working at Leadership
Camps, by presenting or presiding at a Convention,
by providing convention assistance with the area
table, by presenting at Area Conferences, by helping
organize Area Conferences, etc.
1981 Annie Marquez
1982 Tom Parizo
1983 Les Van Dyke
1984 Joan Roberts
1985 John “Rod” Rodriguez
1986 Derrell Kunnas
1987 Bob Collins
1988 Bill Getris
1989 Yvette Gehant
1990 Linda Benway
1991 Phalba Thomas
1992 Paula Winter
1993 Dick Bellman
1994 Hal Rosewell
1995 Stan Daily
1996 Randy Bangs
1997 Linda Ayerza
1998 Margaret Noroian
1999 Steve Hirt
2000 Jose Duenas
2001 Monica Anderson
2002 Wendy Henchy
2003 Rick Kent
2004 Chuck Noroian
2005 Kevin Lorch
2006 Jim Johnson
2007 Becky Kaspar
2008 Jennifer Duston
2009 Carol Cook
2010 Shannon Hurtado
2011 Christy Hertsch
2012 Leigh Cambra
2013 Joe Hurtado
2014 Darlene Johnson
2015 Lisa Walters
The Bob Burton Spirit Award
The Bob Burton Spirit Award is presented to one regular CADA member
from each area for their exemplary leadership in the development of a positive
culture and climate on their campus, who makes a positive difference, who
emphasizes inclusion of all students by making Spirit Work on their campus.
The nominee cannot be a current council member.
Past Area D Winners:
2009 Linda Frye
2010 Craig Combs
2011 Lisa Avery
2012 Melanie Lindsey
2013 Barbara Johnson
2014 Peaches MacKenzie
2015 Kelley DeBernardi
2016 Lori Lowensen
2016 Area D Conferences
Area D Central Middle and High School Conference
Monday, September 19th
Mountainbrook Community Church in San Luis Obispo
Area D Advisor Conference
Saturday, September 24th
Pioneer Valley High School
Saturday Night Wine Tasting and Dinner
Area D Northern Middle and High School Conference
Tuesday, October 11th
Sherwood Hall at the Salinas Community Center
Area D Southern Middle and High School Conference
Tuesday, November 8th
Ventura County Fairgrounds

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