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Authentic Asian Products - Select your store to find your flyer
Authentic Asian Products
For almost 20 years, T&T Supermarket has been committed to bringing Asian-Canadian
families the authentic Asian foods they love, and to introducing the diversity of Asian foods
to all Canadians. Now we’re offering a selection of T&T products for you to enjoy at your
local Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstore locations. These delicious foods are sure to be a
delightful addition to your everyday meals or entertaining.
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Pork and Shrimp
Spring Rolls
A delightfully crisp, thin wrapper
bundles together a savoury mixture of
pork, shrimp, cabbage, carrot, water
chestnut and seasonings in these mouthwatering spring rolls. They’re precooked,
so you can simply heat them in the oven
for 20 to 25 minutes and enjoy them as
part of a meal or serve them to guests as
hors d’oeuvres.
T&T Cooked Pork & Shrimp
Spring Rolls
frozen, 162 g pack
$ 98
Pork Gyoza
Bring one of your favourite Asian restaurant
experiences home with ready-to-heat
Cooked Pork Gyoza Dumplings. Although
said to have originated in China, gyoza is
now the commonly used Japanese name for
crescent-shaped dumplings like these. Each
package includes six tender dumplings filled
with succulent pork, cabbage and green onion,
all enhanced by salty-sweet oyster sauce.
Placed in a convenient microwaveable tray,
they are ready to serve in about 2 minutes.
Or follow the pan-fry directions to achieve a
crispier texture in 5 to 8 minutes.
T&T Cooked Pork Gyoza
frozen, 120 g pack
$ 28
Cooked Dumplings
Although dim sum is traditionally a snack
enjoyed with tea, you may choose to prepare
these as appetizers or as part of a meal. Serving
a variety of bite-size dumplings encourages
sampling and sharing around the table, so we’re
offering three varieties of cooked dumplings:
shrimp with Chinese chive, shrimp, and pork
and shrimp – each gently infused with spices.
Packed in a convenient microwaveable tray,
they are ready to serve in just 2 to 3 minutes.
Or steam the dim sum in a bamboo steamer for
about 6 minutes and treat family or guests to a
traditional presentation.
Aloe Vera Drink
A unique alternative
to soft drinks, this
incredibly refreshing,
popular Korean drink
contains real aloe vera
pulp that you can
actually see. Best served
cold, it has an intensely
tropical flavour – with
just the right amount of
sweetness to please both
kids and adults. High in
vitamin C.
T&T Aloe Vera Drink
1.5 L bottle
$ 88
Chinese Style Pastry
Crispy Crackers
These mouth-watering crackers from Korea come
wrapped in individual packs of 6 to keep them fresh
longer. Choose from rich-tasting Milk Crackers, velvety
Cheese Crackers or extra-crispy
Saltine Crackers. Delicious on their own
or top with fruit or jam, or mozzarella
cheese and tomato.
T&T Crackers
Cheese, Milk or Saltine variety
160-192 g box
T&T Cooked Dumplings
Shrimp & Chive, Shrimp or
Pork & Shrimp variety
frozen, 200-208 g pack
$ 28
$ 98
Korean Kalbi
Marinade Sauce
This sweet and savoury marinade is essential
for creating the Korean barbecue dish kalbi.
This authentic blend of soy sauce, sesame seeds
and hints of garlic and ginger, is mellowed by
sweet pear, which also helps tenderize meat
and make it extra-succulent. The full-bodied
flavour penetrates meat in minutes, so it’s
ideal for fast grilling and stir-fries. Although
traditionally used on beef ribs, this marinade is
also delicious on chicken and pork.
T&T Korean Kalbi
Marinade Sauce
960 g bottle
$ 88
Known as sachima, these moist and chewy puffed wheat snacks
from Taiwan are a popular snack resembling puffed rice squares.
These treats are irresistibly sweet, slightly sticky and perfectly
golden brown. Although recipes vary slightly from region to region,
the appearance is almost always the same. No added preservatives.
Chinese Style
Raisin & Sesame,
Multigrain or
Egg variety
$ 38
228 g pack
Green Tea
Fresh winter and spring
tea leaves from the high
mountains of Taiwan
are blended with the
essence of white jasmine
flower buds to create
this refreshing Jasmine
Green Tea. Subtly floral
and very fragrant, the
tea is well-balanced
and soothing without
being overly sweet. Ideal
served slightly chilled.
Rich in vitamin C.
T&T Jasmine
Green Tea
1.5 L bottle
Pineapple Cakes
Traditional pineapple cakes like these can be
found in almost any bakery in Taiwan. The
moist, crumbly, golden crust surrounds a
chewy, fresh-tasting filling made with intensely
sweet pineapples from Southern Taiwan.
Intended for dessert with tea yet also suitable
as an indulgent snack, these miniature cakes
come in individual gold wrappers.
$ 88
T&T Pineapple
224 g box of 8
$ 98
More than 20 years ago, Cindy Lee had the vision to combine the Asian groceries she could find
only in Vancouver’s Chinatown with the convenience of a one-stop Canadian supermarket. In 1993,
Cindy and her husband, Jack, opened the first two T&T Supermarket stores, which would eventually
grow into one of Canada’s largest Asian supermarket chains. All T&T products offer exceptional
convenience and value, and they are taste-tested by Cindy to ensure premium quality and authentic
Asian flavour – guaranteed.
CEO of T&T Superm
CUSTOMERS, PLEASE NOTE: Applicable taxes are extra. No sale to retail outlets. We are
not obligated to sell items based on errors or misprints in typography or photography.
Prices apply to the locations listed in this flyer. The trademarks, service marks and logos
displayed in this flyer are trademarks of Loblaws Inc. and others © 2012 Loblaws Inc.
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Authentic Asian Products
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