SDCCS 2012 February Newsletter - Jones Studio of Highland Dance



SDCCS 2012 February Newsletter - Jones Studio of Highland Dance
Take the Journey
Business Name
Ice Palace—West Edmonton Mall
Volume 1, Issue 2
February 2012
Alberta Highland
Dancing Association
Welcome to ScotDance Canada Championship Series 2012. In order to help the
dancers prepare and visualize their surroundings, we have included this picture of
the same event in 2000. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Edmonton.
Adjudicating Panel and Pipers
Shendl Russell
Diane Krugh
Mark Elliot
Christine Aitken
Elizabeth Coyle
Cam Prowse
Jacqueline Aird
Rob Johnston
Lindsay Reid
Karin Maltby
Judith Monteith
Kim Roe
Phil Ferguson
Inside this issue:
Build a Bear
Triple Flip
Event Sponsors
Scottish Imports
Limited Space
Journey in Pictures
Page 2
Take the Journey
Build a Bear
The organizing committee is working on an original and cute idea as a souvenir of
the event. More details will follow in the March issue.
In the meantime please visit their website at
One option would be to have the
SDCCS logo on the bear’s t-shirt.
Some might prefer the bear in a kilt!
Build-A-Bear Workshop®
West Edmonton Mall
1291, 8882 170 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5T 4M2
The official merchandise of ScotDance
Canada Championship Series 2012 will
be supplied by Triple Flip. Pants, tshirts, shorts and jackets will be available for purchase on the SDCCS website shortly.
Thank You to Our Event Sponsors
Platinum Sponsors
Triple Flip
Scottish Imports
Silver Sponsors
Calgary Highland Dancing Association
Korea Veteran’s Association of Canada
Scottish Dance Teacher’s Alliance Ltd.
Friend of Dancers
Glenlily Highland Dancers (Saskatoon, SK)
Halifax Highland Dancing Association
Sandra and Tony Jones
Wallace-Symington School of Highland Dance
Jennifer Worthen
Volume 1, Issue 2
Page 3
Calling All Volunteers!
Edmonton will host the ScotDance Canada Championship Series 2012 from
July 11th – 15th at West Edmonton
Mall. An event of this size is successful
only with the help of many volunteers –
and we need your help!
Volunteers are required during the
event for marshalling, running results,
the marking room, handing out awards,
and security. One shift at the competition will be a morning, an afternoon or
an evening.
Volunteer Registration forms for this
event can be downloaded from the ScotDance Canada website. Completed
forms can be mailed in (name and ad-
dress are indicated on the form) or
emailed to the email address below.
Confirmation of your volunteer assignment for ScotDance Canada Championship Series 2012 will come via email in
If you have any questions, please contact
Ellen Lauersen or Pearl Morrison
(ScotDance Canada 2012 Volunteer CoChairs) at [email protected]
Attention Retired
Canadian Champions
Share the journey with the up and coming Canadian Champions by participating in the award presentations for
SDCCS 2012. If you are attending this
year's competition please contact Lynda
McPhee at [email protected]
Thank you for helping us host
ScotDance Canada Championship
Series 2012 in Edmonton!
A Nice Idea!
Thank someone special by donating a trophy or set of medals in their name.
Visit and click on the SDCCS 2012 logo for more information.
Scottish Imports Is Coming To SDCCS 2012!
As a part of their sponsorship commitment to ScotDance Canada Championship Series 2012, Scottish Imports has
specially designed swords for both our
Premier and Primary dancers.
The swords were developed in Edmonton under the guidance of some of the
best highland dance professionals in
Clear powder coated steel
Price: $75
Premier Swords:
Double hilted pair—4” hilt
Primary Swords:
Double hilted pair — 1.5” hilt
27 Championship and 8 Primary
swords will be used at SDCCS 2012
and pre-sold while supplies last...Get
your name on the list now by contacting Laurie Robertson at 403-663-1771
or via email at [email protected]
Plan Ahead– Ice Palace at WEM is a Public Venue
Participants are reminded that this
event is being held in a very public
venue. As such, SDC Risk Management
rules with regards to changing costumes will be strictly enforced. This
also includes attire worn in between
dances. Please familiarize yourself with
the SDC Policies. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to your
teacher for further information or clarification.
The Ice Palace at WEM has very limited, warm-up space. When planning in
advance how they will be warming up,
dancers are encouraged to take into
consideration the spreading of mats
and hanging of garment bags in the
mall or surrounding area will not be an
Your co-operation is appreciated.
Take the Journey
Page 4
Did you know that the city of Antigonish has hosted the series 4 times? The event traveled to Antigonish in 1979,
1985, 2005 & 2011.
Canadian Champions from 1979 were Ann
Milne (ON), Michelle Baird (MB), Jill Young
(AB), Mary Munro (BC) and Donne Cove (MB)
Nova Scotia has had 4 Canadian Champions:
Glenda Landry 1981, Sherry-Lynn Murray
1985, Stephanie Grant 1994, 1996 and Sonia
Doucette 1995.
Pictured below is Stephanie Grant with her
teacher Janice Macquarrie. Dancer #752 is
Sonia Doucette.
Dance Entry Opens
Thursday, March 15, 2012
1300 EST
Canadian Inter-Provincial Championship
Qualifying Competition
Registration opens June 4, 2012
Registration closes June 24, 2012
Entry fee is $40.00
SDC Open Champions 1988
Pictured above is SherryLynn Murray Canadian
Champion 1985
The first SDC Open
Championship was held
in Hamilton, Ontario in
1988. The champions of
that event were:
Tanyss Cameron SK,
Ann Milne ON, Christa
Mackie SK, Dawn Brennan ON, Rachelle Wilson
ON, Heather Martin ON
and Leah Robinson BC.
The organizers of this
event were Sandra Bald
Jones, SDC Independent
Member and Donna Jean
Ostrander, SDC Emeritus Member

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