Lincoln Plant News



Lincoln Plant News
June 2012
Vol. 26, No. 2
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A.
Kawasaki Receives LANSA Award
Mr. Akio Kanamaru has returned
to KHI in Japan
after three years as
General Manager
at KMM-Maryville.
Good luck and
best wishes in your
future endeavors.
Mr. Masafumi
M i yo s h i j o i n e d
Plant on May 1,
2011 as Production Manager
for Machining &
Assembly Departments and Senior
Advisor to the President for Production Engineering.
Notary on Duty
Notary services are available for KMMMaryville employees. The notary public’s
primary duty is to show that the signer
of a document understands what he/she
is signing and to declare that the signer’s
identity and signature are genuine.
Please see JoBeth Ancona, Katie Purdy
or Jo McGeorge for notary service.
During the April LANSA Conference in Orlando, Florida,
Kawasaki received a Life Time Achievement Award from LANSA.
This award is for long time LANSA customers who utilize the
LANSA Utilities for their business. KMM has been running
LANSA’s ERP Codestart since March 2002. Since then we have
adopted Visual Lansa Frameworks, LANSA Commerce, LANSA
Web, LANSA Integrator, RAMP, LANSA Open, Composer, Workflow Codestart, and the
latest is LANSA LongRange. LANSA’s tools have allowed IS Developers from different
backgrounds to utilize one set of skills to perform various tasking very rapidly.
There to receive this award on behalf of KMM were (pictured left to right) - Mike
Campbell, Lincoln Plant, Tony O’Riley, Maryville Plant, Jay Kamradt, Lincoln Plant and
presenting the award, Eric Johnson, KMM’s Lansa Representative.
Blood Drive
A blood drive was held at KMMMaryville by The Community Blood Center
for KMM employees on May 11, 2012.
There were nine participants who
generously donated their time and blood
to the community. Mr. Tobe (or Slick as
he prefers to be called) was one of the
nine donors who participated in the blood
drive. Thank you to all who donated!
Although you probably know that there are good reasons to give blood,
if you haven’t donated before, it’s normal to be a little nervous. To help ensure that you hav
pleasant donating experience, please read through the suggestions in this guide.
A qUICk OvERvIEW. . . of what happens during donation
Maryville Plant News
Life Changes—So Should Your Beneficiaries
Photo Contest
When naming your beneficiaries, keep these important points in mind:
•Life changes, and so should your beneficiaries. Divorced? Remarried? A birth or
a death in the family? All of these life-changing events are likely to call for updates to
your beneficiaries. If you designate a charity to inherit your savings, check periodically
to make sure it’s still operating.
•Default beneficiaries might not align with your wishes. If you don’t name a
beneficiary, retirement funds in workplace retirement plans and Individual Retirement
Accounts generally must go to your spouse—even if you meant to leave the money
to children or other recipients. If you’re single and don’t name a beneficiary, your
retirement funds could go directly to your estate, which means the courts would
determine how they should be distributed. And that can be a long, expensive process.
Naming someone other than a spouse requires the spouse’s signature, witnessed by
a Notary Public.
•Remember to designate a custodian for minor children. If you name a minor as
your beneficiary, you’ll need to designate a custodian to manage the money in this
person’s interest, should something happen to you. If you don’t, the state may decide
for you, and the beneficiary could end up being someone you wouldn’t have chosen.
June 2012 Newsletter
Kawasaki NCAA March Madness Challenge
•Periodically review your beneficiaries to ensure that distributions will be paid to
the right people and in a timely manner.
In addition to Fun Fridays in April, KMM
held a Kawasaki Product Photo Contest.
Employees were asked to submit a photo
or their family using or wearing their
favorite Kawasaki product(s). Employees
voted on their favorite photo by donating
funds to their favorite photo. All photo
donations went to the National Multiple
Sclerosis Society. The winner of the contest
was Matthew Stephenson, the grandson of Barb Noland. His photo raised an
additional $29 for the MS Society.
Company Store
d in the
NCAA Bracket
with all proceeds
going to the March of Dimes. We had 22 entries,
Kawasaki employees participated in the NCAA Bracket Challenge with all proceeds
going to the March of Dimes. We had 22 entries, so the $5 entry fee raised $110.
Prizes were awarded for most points earned each round, tournament champ and
ugliest bracket.
oints earned each round, tournament champ and ugliest bracket.
Overall Points Champion – Terry Dorrel (156)
2nd Place – Steve Ball (150)
3rd Place (tie) – Curt Jeter and Donell Robidoux Anderson (146)
(156)Ugliest Bracket Winner – Terry Anderson (96)
9 contestants picked Kentucky to win it all!
Thanks to everyone who participated.
ell Robidoux Anderson (146)
erson (96)
win it all!
The Company Store has enjoyed great
success since opening in December of last
year. The inventory has expanded tremendously. The coats have been packed away
for the summer and we have lots of new
merchandise for your summer activities.
Some of the new items are shorts for men
and women, tank-tops, t-shirts and even
Kawasaki socks. Lawn chairs are available
for purchase, as well as luggage for your
vacation travels. So come in and see all
the new additions. If the item you need
is not in stock, we can do special orders!
Have a great summer!
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A.
Maryville Plant News
Healthy Snack Contest
March was National Nutrition Month. With that in mind, there
was a contest on March 23 for the most nutritional (and good
tasting) food item, either an original creation or a store bought
item. In order to enter your food item, you were required to add
a place card that contained your name and the reason you felt
yours was the MOST nutritional item tasted. Secret judges were
chosen by our Occupational Health Nurse, Kelly DeMott. Dennis
Losee won Best Entrée, Trina Phillips won Best Dessert and Ellen
Kaler won Best Snack. Thank you to all who participated.
Berry Cobbler
(from Pinterest) – Submitted by Trina Phillips
2 bags of frozen mixed berries
1 white cake mix
1 can of Sprite Zero or Diet 7-Up soda
1. Lightly coat a 9x13 pan with non-stick cooking spray.
2. Place an even layer of frozen berries in bottom.
3. Sprinkle dry cake mix over berries.
4. Pour can of soda evenly over the top. (Do not stir.)
5. Bake @ 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes.
Submitted by Dennis Losee
Tony Wilmes
11/13/1989 - 8/6/2012
Child’s Name
(from Pinterest) – Submitted by Ellen Kaler
•Slice red apples into wedges. Dip in lemon juice.
•Spread thin layer of peanut butter on two wedges.
•Sandwich about 6 mini marshmallows in between the wedges
so the peanut butter sticks them together.
•If needed, use a toothpick to keep smiles together.
Salmon & Vegetable Frittata
We would like to thank Tony
Wilmes for his twenty-two years
of service and dedication. Best
wishes from everyone here at KMM
Maryville Plant.
Employee’s Name
Ronnie Wendle
Jamie Sticken
Leonette Campbell
Kristina Cromer
James Michaelsen
Jake Matheny
John Brown
Sky Bounds
Mike & Nicole Wise
Trina Phillips, Ellen Kaler and Dennis Losee
sporting the Smiles made by Eller Kaler
Birth Date
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A. Ingredients:
PAM® Original No-Stick Cooking Spray with Olive Oil
1 cup thinly sliced onion or scallions
4 cups chopped fresh spinach (1 bag)
2 medium cloves garlic, finely chopped
1/2 teaspoon ground seasoned black pepper
1 can (14.5 oz each) Petite Diced Tomatoes, or Rotel Tomatoes
1 can sliced carrots
2 cups coarsely chopped fresh broccoli and stems
1 medium green/red/orange/yellow bell pepper, coarsely
chopped (can be mixture for more color)
1 8 oz package of fresh sliced mushrooms
12 eggs or 2 cartons (16 oz each) Egg Beaters® Original
2 cans or 8 oz fresh cooked Pacific salmon
(can substitute 1 lb. bacon or sausage or hamburger)
1 8 oz package shredded colby jack cheese
(your choice or style of sharpness can be substituted)
6 slices whole wheat bread cubed
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
(sprinkled on top prior to baking)
1. In a large bowl or 2-Qt pitcher, mix the eggs like scrambled
eggs, pour in all ingredients; refrigerate overnight.
2. Spray 9 x 13 baking dish with cooking spray; pour in ingredients. Sprinkle top with extra cheese if desired.
3. Bake 90 minutes @ 350° or until top of frittata is almost set
or knife inserted into middle comes out clean.
4. Cut into 16 wedges; serve warm.
Maryville Plant News
2012 Supplier
Quality improvements have always been part of
KMM’s continual development, but it came into the
spotlight when the “Back to Basics” campaign started
three years ago. This year Purchasing has been asking suppliers and pushing internally to follow the
initiative to “Squeeze the Tap”. This was conveyed to
KMM Maryville’s suppliers at the recent 2012 Supplier
The conference kicked off on April 24 with a golf
outing at Mozingo Lake Golf Course. Later that
afternoon the suppliers met at KMM Maryville plant
for dinner which was prepared and served by KMM
Yasuhiro Ikeshita, KMM Suppliers, Steve Bratt and Mr. Asano
management and Purchasing staff. In addition to the
great taste of the barbeque, suppliers were able to relax and enjoy sitting elbow-to-elbow with KMM staff in an environment much
more casual than the meeting rooms they normally see.
The presentation part of the conference started the next morning. From the initial welcome the message was clear. More emphasis must be placed on quality improvements, the elimination of waste and inventory reduction. Mr. Asano started the presentation by explaining the “Squeeze the Tap” campaign. Simply put, to stop the wasteful flow of water one must tighten the valve on
a faucet. The same is true for other waste. Tightening the valve on a faucet can be compared to everyone’s efforts to shut off the
waste of time and materials. Mr. Asano also introduced a list of corporate business ethics. He explained that this list of principles
was nothing new to KMM, but he decided it was time to publish them for all to see. He closed by stressing the fact that we are one
team and success means all parties involved must work together.
Steve Bratt followed up Mr. Asano’s presentation by explaining ways that suppliers could “Squeeze the Tap”. He gave a list of
priorities that must be addressed by our suppliers as well as the many Kawasaki members. To make a big impact everyone must
work together.
Tim Malinowski from KMC briefed our suppliers on the markets that Kawasaki serves, the economy, and how it affects the sales of
our engines. Tiffany Young, KMC’s Marketing Supervisor, highlighted some of their marketing programs and advertising campaigns.
She ended with an update on Kawasaki’s industry leading horsepower designation, proudly noting that Kawasaki was the only small
engine manufacturer to label our engines using the SAE J 1995 standard. This assures the customers that the engine they purchase
delivers the advertised performance.
The presentations went on to emphasize the need for improving efficiency. Mr. Tobe gave a presentation on KMM’s new Kaizen
department explaining some of the basic theories that are practiced by his group. He also gave several examples of improvements
that have been made internally as a direct result of the program. To assist suppliers in understanding Kaizen and the “Squeeze the
Tap” initiative, KMM offered to provide a free 5-day training course to those companies willing to perpetuate the philosophy in their
manufacturing locations and share those results with KMM.
Lastly, the suppliers were offered the opportunity for more business. KHI announced earlier this year the transfer of the production of the FD engine to KMM Maryville. With this transition will come the opportunity to shift procurement of the FD engine
components to Maryville, as well. Suppliers were able to view a teardown display of the engines included in the FD family and many
of the engine components used in their production.
Although the conference was an opportunity for KMM to gather suppliers and communicate KMM’s current status and future
expectations, it was also a great chance to recognize the outstanding performance of some suppliers from the previous year. Awards
were presented to the following suppliers on their 2011 achievements.
K-Tek Wisconsin
Cost Down Award
Fabory U.S.A. Ltd.
Quality Award
Eclipse Mfg. Corp.
Customer Service Award
Vantec Inc.
Environmental Award
R. L. Hudson & Co.
Supplier of the Year
KMM continues to develop and partner with suppliers to assure that KMM’s future is bright. A special thanks to everyone who
made this year’s conference a success!
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A.
Maryville Plant News
Back row: Dennis Losee, Steve Bratt, Brittany Langston, David Nun, Marvin Derks, Jim Dropinski
Front row: Donell Robidoux Anderson, Trina Phillips, Mr. Asano, Ellen Kaler, Malinda Hicks, Angela Wiedmaier and Karla Roush
Congratulations to the following individuals who recently celebrated promotions:
Marvin Derks – Manager, Facilities
Jim Dropinski – Assistant Manager, QA
David Nun – Controller
Donell Robidoux Anderson – Senior Supervisor, Human Resources
Trina Phillips – Supervisor, Purchasing
Dennis Losee – Supervisor, Production Control
Malinda Hicks – Inventory Analyst
Ellen Kaler – Administrator, HR
Brittany Langston – Assistant, Purchasing
Angela Wiedmaier – Accountant
Karla Roush – Supervisor, Production Control
Jeremy Burns – Supervisor, Maintenance
Mr. Asano and Jeremy Burns
Service Awards
Stephanie Amlong (15)
Eloise Lewis (5)
(L to R) Sandi Kline (20), Millie Hendrix (20), Dan Bates (5),
Patty Smith (20), Brandi Farnan (15)
Joy McCall (10)
Ed Manley (10)
Not Pictured: Peggy Sears (20), Chad Cassavaugh (20), Tammy Hamilton (15), Trina Phillips (10), Bet Gard (5), Pam Gordon (5),
Jason Forney (5), Ron Wolf (5), Megan Madden (5), Anthony Ferguson (3), Jacob Bremer (3), Edwin Otto (3), Keith Swinford (3),
John McBride (3), Marilyn Reed (3), Brandy Donahoo (3), Lacy Gladman (3), David Holthaus (3)
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A. 5
Maryville Plant News
Graham Godsey, age 5, will be graduating from Tinker Tots Pre-School. Graham
is the son of employees, Katie and Jeremy Purdy, and the
grandson of employee,
Terry DeVoe. Graham’s plans after graduation include playing T-Ball, racing, fishing
and lots of tormenting of his older brothers. When he grows up, he wants to be a
“football player for the Bedford Bulldogs,
then the Iowa Hawkeyes and then the New
York Giants with Eli Manning or a fire truck driver.”
very forward to taking a break from the books, pursuing some
of her favorite hobbies and being open to whatever path God
takes her down.
Jordyn Elisabeth Long, daughter of
David and Pam Conley, graduated from
Maryville High School. Her future plans
are to attend Northwest Missouri State
University, majoring in Wildlife Ecology/
om Tinker Tots Pre-School. Graham is the son
of employees,
Jordyn Marie
Pankau, daughter of Lynn
and Brad
graduated from Mound
of employee, Terry DeVoe. Graham’s plans
City High School as Valedictorian. She will be
Univerof tormenting of his older brothers. When he
sity in the fall majoring in Art.
Ali Rae Ann Ramsey is the daughter
s, then the Iowa
Wardlow York
the daughterGiants with
of John and
Allison Calfee. She isand
a 2012 then
graduate of North Nodaway-Hopkins. She
plans to
attend William(pic)
Jewel College to
g or a fire truck
plans are to attend Northwest Missouri
obtain her BSN in Nursing.
Lanny Leivan Jr.,
is the son of Sondra
and Lanny Leivan.
He graduated from
Maryville High School. He plans to attend
college to become an art teacher.
State University in the fall.
Steve & Charlie
Putnam are proud to
announce the graduation of Emma Kaylee
Putnam “move’n on
up” to first grade.
John and Allison Calfee. She is a 2012 graduate of North
Mitchell Swinford,
James McJewel College
to obtain
her BSN in Nursing.
son of Mark
and Twila
Bride, son of John
Swinford, graduated
from Maryville High School and plans on attending Northwest Missouri State University
in Maryville. He is undecided on a major as of
now, but is leaning towards History.
Kateline Jane Miller,
is the daughter of Irma
and David Miller. Her future plans are to
attend Northwest Missouri State University
in Maryville to pursue a degree in Nursing.
McBride, graduated
from Bedford Community High School. His
future plans are to attend Iowa Western and
he hopes to pursue a career in psychology.
Caila Elaine Raymond, daughter of
John McBride, graduated from Bedford
Community High School and will attend
Iowa Western and will pursue studies in
Business Administration and a career in
Ministry and Worship.
van. He graduated from Maryville High School. He plans to
Zachar y Gladman
is the son of Rick and
Vickie Gladman and a
2012 graduate of North Nodaway R-VI in Hopkins. He is currently working for J.L. Houston
Company in Hopkins and will be attending
Northwest Missouri State University this fall.
ord, graduated from Maryville High School and
beth Lewis,
grand- on
daughter of Don and
is a is leaning
n Maryville. He is undecided on Major
as ofEloise
graduate of Liberty High School. During her
Makayla Dawn O’Riley, daughter of Kyle and Mendi O’Riley, will
graduate in June. Makayla has been
home schooled from the time she was
old enough to walk, talk, read and
write. In the future, Makayla is looking
Jaqualyn Eliza-
Senior year she earned her CNA. She will be
attending Missouri Western in St. Joseph
this fall taking classes in the field of nursing.
id Miller. Her future plans are to attend Northwest Missouri
e in Nursing. (pic)
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A.
Maryville Plant News
Dr. Benjamin Scott Reine, D.O.
graduated from the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine on May
19, 2012. After Ben graduated from
Truman State University, in Kirksville,
MO, with his undergraduate degree in
2008, he entered medical school and
has completed four years of classroom
work and rotations in all areas of the
medical field. Ben was the recipient
of the William L. Wetzel Osteopathic
Education and Research Foundation Scholarship, which he received from the Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians
and Surgeons. He will continue with his training as a resident in
family practice at Truman Lakewood Hospital in Lee’s Summit,
Missouri. Ben is the son of Randy and Traci Major.
Elizabeth (Beth) Suzanne Reine
graduated from Northwest Missouri
State University on Dec. 16, 2011. Beth
graduated Cum Laude with a degree in
accounting. She is now working as an
auditor with the firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Kansas City, MO, where she
is also working to obtain her CPA. Beth is
the daughter of Randy and Traci Major.
Discount Tickets Available in HR
Stop by the Human Resources Office for details on pricing.
General Admission (ages 12-54)
Child/Senior (ages 3-11 and 55 & older)
*Ages 2 and under are free
WOF Single Day
WOF Junior/Senior Single Day
Oceans of Fun Single Day
Oceans of Fun Junior/Senior Single Day
Ride & Slide Single Day
Junior/Senior Ride & Slide Single Day
Juniors are ages 3 years and older and
less than 48 inches tall.
Seniors are ages 62 years and older.
Age 2 and under are free.
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A. HR Reorganizes to
Serve You Better
Recent changes to job descriptions and
the organizational chart in HR will streamline
services and information flow. HR Benefits
and Compliance under Assistant Manager
Mark Schief fer and HR Talent Management under Senior
Supervisor Donell Anderson will coordinate responses to your
Work/Life inquiries and events.
Mark’s staff strives to make Benefits and Compliance easier
to understand:
•Katie Purdy, HR Administrator -- Benefits and Compliance, and
JoBeth Ancona, HR Assistant, can handle your requests about
FMLA, other leaves, and insurance, as well as clarifying policies
and procedures, employment laws and regulations.
•Occupational Health Nurse, Kelly DeMott, R.N., continues to
offer the benefit of First Aid, and coordinates Worker’s Compensation and KMM’s Wellness program.
•JoAnn Townsend supervises the cafeteria and janitorial attendants and coordinates the Uniform program, offering great
employee benefits!
•Pat Dobbins, Safety Specialist, champions our safety compliance.
•Barb Noland operates the Company Store and is in charge of
safety shoes.
•Todd Turner, Environmental Specialist, has been re-assigned
to the Maintenance Department.
Donell’s staff coordinates HR Talent Management, which
encompasses attracting highly skilled workers, developing and
integrating new hires (onboarding), and developing and retaining
current workers. Talent Management incorporates hiring, training,
recognition, and retention strategies and involves the following
staff members:
•Patsy Reed, HR Administrator – Staffing, involved with talent
acquisition and retention through recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding.
•Ellen Kaler, HR Administrator – Talent Management, coordinates training and development opportunities including the
Maryville Learning & Development Site and the Customized
Training program.
•Beth McDonald, HR Administrator – Talent Management and
Development, helps to assess performance and delivers training,
coaching, and consulting to improve job performance.
•Galen Cloud, Training and Performance Specialist, coordinates
training and development for Engineering and technical positions.
•Ashley Brown will be joining HR as an Assistant to support
the staffing and Talent Management initiatives.
HR Director Anita Coulter says, “HR’s reorganization is
designed to fill the gaps HR has discovered in fulfilling our duties
and will enable us to better serve our customers by providing a
skilled workforce in a timelier manner and providing subject matter
experts to our personnel for a faster, more accurate turnaround
to inquiries and issues.” We in HR invite your input and feedback
to help us improve even more.
Maryville Plant News
From the Safety Corner:
Safety is a 24/7 topic and being safe and green at home is
a good practice – good for you, good for your family and easy
on the earth. Besides, green can be better on the pocket book.
Kitchen Chemistry 101
With just a few things that are probably already in your cupboards, you can make simple and safe green cleaning supplies
for your home. Here are a few recipes to get you started.
Clear As Day Glass Cleaner
To make glass cleaner, mix two teaspoons white vinegar and
one quart warm water in a bowl. Stir. Use crumpled newspaper
to wipe a window or mirror clean. Hint: To avoid streaks, don’t
clean windows if the sun is on them or if they’re warm.
Mean, Green Furniture Clean
To make furniture polish, mix one cup olive oil and 1/4 cup
white vinegar and pour into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture
onto a soft cotton cloth and polish the furniture, rubbing with
the grain of the wood. (Please be sure to test a small, unnoticeable area first for surface safety).
Counter Intelligence Cleaner
To make all-purpose spray cleaner, combine one teaspoon
borax (a common household cleaner), two tablespoons white
vinegar and 1/4 teaspoon liquid soap in a non-aerosol spray.
Add two cups hot water and shake gently until the ingredients
are dissolved. Spray onto surface and wipe with a damp sponge
or cloth.
Want to try cleaning green around the whole house?
Get on your rubber gloves and mix up some more. Here
are some other easy recipes to try.
Drain Cleaner
The “greenest” way to clear the drain is to take your drain off,
and simply remove the hair or clog. You can also use a coat hanger
as a simple snake. If that doesn’t work, pour approximately 1/2
cup baking soda down the drain to be cleaned, followed by 1/2
cup vinegar. After 15 minutes, pour in boiling water to clear
residue. Caution! Use this method only if you have metal pipes
since large amounts of boiling water can melt plastic pipes. Also,
skip it if you’ve just tried commercial drain opener. Vinegar and
drain opener combined can create dangerous fumes.
Toilet Cleaner
Mix 1/4 cup baking soda and one cup vinegar. Pour the mixture into the toilet bowl and let it sit for a few minutes. Scrub
with a brush and rinse. You can also try a mixture of two parts
borax and one part lemon juice.
Surface Cleaner
Mix two teaspoons borax, four tablespoons vinegar and three
cups hot water in a bowl. Use a funnel to put it into a non-aerosol
spray bottle or apply with a dampened cloth.
Grout Cleaner
Sprinkle baking soda on damp grout and scrub with a stiff
toothbrush. Let it sit for about five minutes. Boil a pot of water
and, if you’re cleaning an area with a drain, pour it over the baking soda to rinse it away. Otherwise, dip a rag in hot water and
wipe it clean. Tip: wear gloves to keep from burning your hands.
Oven Cleaner
Sprinkle a generous amount of water on the floor of the oven.
Cover with baking soda until the surface is virtually white. Sprinkle
more water on top and let the mixture sit overnight. Wipe away
most of the grease, and then use a little liquid soap on a sponge
to wash away the remaining residue.
Mold and Mildew Cleaner
Simply apply white vinegar or lemon juice at full strength
with a sponge.
Oil and Grease Cleaner
For small spills on the garage floor, add baking soda and scrub
with a wet brush.
Why Clean Green?
It’s easy.
It doesn’t take much to mix vinegar and water.
Less waste.
Reusing your spray bottle saves the earth and your pocketbook.
Less expensive.
Have you seen the price of a bottle of kitchen cleaner lately?
Many people make their own supplies for economic reasons as
well as green ones.
Less harmful.
You’ll do your family, your pets and the earth a big favor.
Less stink.
For some reason, manufacturers think “clean” smells like
chemicals. Homemade alternatives use lemon juice and other
easy-on-the-nose ingredients.
Summer Holiday
and Shutdown
Vacation Shutdown........6/29/2012
Vacation Shutdown..........7/2/2012
Vacation Shutdown....................................................7/3/2012
Independence Day......................................................7/4/2012
Vacation Shutdown....................................................7/5/2012
Vacation Shutdown....................................................7/6/2012
Plant Shutdown..........................................................7/9/2012
Plant Shutdown.........................All Fridays from 7/13 thru 9/28
Labor Day...................................................................9/3/2012
Planned Vacation Shutdown: Employees will need 40 hours
of vacation time.
Plant Shutdown: Employees have the option to use VAC, PTO
or Without Pay. Some areas may be required to work based on
department requirements.
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A.
Maryville Plant News
Derek Rowan
Team Member - 2nd
Jeremy Hughes
Team Member - 1st
David DeBuhr
Team Member - 1st
Bronson Anderson
Team Member - 2nd
Shana Newquist
Team Member - 3rd
William Walker
Team Member - 3rd
Dawn Blackney
Clerk, Accounting - 1st
Matthew Robinson
Engineer, P.E. - 1st
Mark Bullock
Team Member - 2nd
Debbie Dunn
Team Member - 3rd
Michael Vinzant
Team Member - 3rd
Travis Ackley
Team Member - 1st
Vickie Ladd
Team Member - 1st
Kayla Crandall
Team Member - 2nd
Marsha Gibson
Clerk, Maintenance - 1st
Leah Gard
Team Member - 2nd
Bryan Davis
Team Member - 1st
Ethan Oelze
Team Member - 2nd
Janie Jackson
Team Member - 1st
Michael Poppa
Team Member - 1st
C.J. Kerns
Supervisor, S&R - 2nd
KMM Wellness
The Kawasaki Wellness Program for
2012 has started off with a bang. We had
a great turn out for the Hydrate Challenge
with 287 employees who participated!
Hydrate water bottles were given to all
participants. Be Active is the next challenge
and you can sign up for that from 6/4/12
to 6/22/12. Our Maryville Wellness Committee will have a challenge to run along
with the Be Active challenge to encourage
even more participation. Watch employee
bulletin boards for additional information.
Don’t forget that you need to have 200
points by September to be able to qualify
for next years (2013) wellness benefit.
“Socks for Foster Kids”
Submitted by Karen Dobbins
Each year in Missouri there are many organizations that assist
foster children with their necessities in life. One of the items
not frequently provided to these children is socks. The Missouri
Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star is collecting “Socks
for Foster Kids.” A barrel will be placed out in the lobby to collect
socks during the month of July. Knowing the generosity of everyone
who works here, we are hoping you will help us with this special
project. Your donation of socks (any size infant to young adult – new or good used)
will make many children’s lives a little bit brighter. Thank you in advance for your willingness to make this project a success.
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A. 9
Lincoln Plant News
2011 Improvement Project Winners!
2nd Place – Reducing Defect Rate on
Black Mule Sides/Tailgates
Mr. Asano, Jason Detweiler, Mike Boyle
1st Place – Reducing Service Parts Packaging Costs
Mr. Asano, Cheryl Nelson, Mary Kuntz, Joy Holman and Mike Boyle
2nd Place – Café Access Database
Conversion to SQL
Mr. Asano, Paul Kramer, Jay Kamradt,
Mike Boyle (not pictured - Steve Forester,
Mark Fischer, Michelle Eurek, Dana Visger)
3rd Place – Warehouse Makeup Air
Unit Controls
Mr. Asano, Ryan Long, Mike Boyle
(not pictured - Brian Wertz)
3rd Place – Reducing Color/Clear
Line Rejects by 3%
Mr. Asano, Mr. Minami, Matt Thomas,
Mike Boyle (not pictured - Kevin Christensen, Val Christensen, Danny Dakan
and Rob Garratt)
4th Place – Thailand Generalized
System of Preferences
Mr. Asano, Leonard Wilsey,
Kristi Worrell and Mike Boyle
3rd Place – Automating the Hot
Parts Call System
Mr. Asano, Randy Komenda, Dale
Meskimen, Paul Kramer, Jim Townsend,
Mike Boyle (not pictured - Kevin
Christensen and Wayne Petrzilka)
4th Place – Injection Molding
No Picture - Nick Hatfield
4th Place – Seat Damage
No Picture - Pete Iacino, Aaron Davis
and Alex Ahmann
4th Place – Reducing the Amount
of Reloads in Receiving
Mr. Asano, Terry Essink, Dale Meskimen,
and Mike Boyle (not pictured - Annie
Meskimen and Pam Sommer)
5th Place – Reducing Electrical Usage
for Flash Butt Welders
No Picture - Joe Malousek
5th Place – RF750 Crating
Cost Reduction
Mr. Asano, Neil Standley, Ken Vollmer
and Mike Boyle
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A.
Lincoln Plant News
5th Place – Reducing RF Carrier
Robot Reprogramming
Mr. Asano, Brian Boyd, Curt Malousek
and Mike Boyle (not pictured - Randy
Root, Jim Monnier and Brian Kouba)
5th Place – Fleet Management
Cost Reduction
Mr. Asano, Terry Essink and Mike Boyle
(not pictured - Eric Lemmerman)
5th Place – Commonizing the
AF400 Glove Box
Mr. Asano, Kermit McCarter, Mike Boyle
(not pictured - Ben Johnson)
5th Place – SMC Paint Booth
Filter Usage Reduction
Mr. Asano, Ben Evans, and Mike Boyle
(not pictured - Sandra Pirnie,
Eric Lemmerman and Danny Dakan)
5th Place – Stamping Lubrication
Mr. Asano, Tobin Watson and Mike
Boyle (not pictured - Jim Armintrout)
5th Place – Reducing Gloss Black
Powder Usage on ATV
Mr. Asano, Dave Reinke, and Mike Boyle
(not pictured - Vic Ooton, Harve Evans
and Greg Watson)
5th Place – Fluorescent Lamp
Mr. Asano, Mike Rader, and Mike Boyle
(not pictured - Dean Strough)
5th Place – Improving Masking
Procedures on ATV
Mr. Asano, Dave Reinke, Matt Thomas,
and Mike Boyle (not pictured - Christie
Kluck, Vic Ooton, Dough Heidtbrink
and Sherri McCullough)
5th Place – Switching Vinyl Aisle Tape
Mr. Asano, Vickie Cox, and Mike Boyle
(not pictured - Kathy Halada,
Bruce Spilker and Pete Iacino)
5th Place – KHI PO Automation
No Picture - Debbie Bender, Gary Walker
and Barry Failor
5th Place – Downtime Reduction to
Jetski® Deck Bonding Area
Mr. Asano, Matt Huber and Mike Boyle
(not pictured - Dan Codr, Jim Malone)
to all
Project Winners!
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A. 5th Place – Adding Variable
Frequency Drive to Haven Cutter
Mr. Asano, Robert Hain, and Mike Boyle
Lincoln Plant News
— 35 Year Service Awards —
Clifton Hannah – 02/07/1977
Tim Kaiser and Clifton Hannah
Paul Miller – 02/16/1977
Paul Miller and Owen Masek
Keith Watson – 03/28/1977
Keith Watson and Annie Meskimen
John Kuligowski – 05/16/1977
Larry Schmailzl and John Kuligowski
Duane Cheney – 05/16/1977
Duane Cheney and Annie Meskimen
Michael Hardesty – 05/09/1977
Dale Meskimen and Mike Hardesty
Kawasaki would like to recognize Matt Bohmont for
being the first employee to reach K-Elite. Good job Matt!!
Edward Baade – 04/06/1977
Ed Baade and Owen Masek
Beverly Kipper
Technical Writer – 1980-2012
Pictured above with Randy Lewandowski
K-Fit is a series of different exercises based on the
American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) to test
overall fitness: core endurance, upper body endurance/
strength, flexibility, leg strength and cardiovascular fitness.
Employees will do a pre-test with the wellness coordinator. Based on your results, you will develop a goal plan to
maintain or improve your current fitness level. You have
up to 90 days to work on your goal and then you will
retest to see if you met your goal. Based on your fitness
level, you will receive wellness points:
Wellness Points
Avg. 90
30 Points
Avg. 80
25 Points
Avg. 70
20 Points
Avg. 60
Avg. <60
15 Points
10 points
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A.
Lincoln Plant News
(Courtesy of Omaha World Herald)
Rob Anthes, Governor Dave Heineman, Ryan Rikli and Becky Shaw
Importer of the Year
International trade already is a big boost to Nebraska’s economy and is likely to grow
significantly in coming years, Gov. Dave Heineman and others said at the Midwest
International Trade Association meeting on May 15, 2012.
Importer of the Year went to Kawasaki Motors in Lincoln, which imports components
for rail cars, all-terrain vehicles, personal watercraft and other products for assembly at
its Lincoln plant.
Meeting participants heard from federal and state export officials and shipping
experts, including customs brokers who help importers or exporters wade through a maze
of paperwork, tariffs and other trade regulations. Foreign trade can be complicated,
but the payoff is often worth it, said David Kramer, an Omaha lawyer who is president
of the Midwest trade group. International trade is going to be the lifeblood for a lot
of businesses, he said. Ernie Grosse, an economics professor at Creighton University
stated, “In Nebraska, we’re shining because we’re trading, because we’re exporting.”
— Employee News —
Molly Mayhew
It is with great pride that Kim and
Dan Mayhew announce the graduation
of the daughter, Molly, from Wayne State
College. On May 5, 2012, she received a
Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communication, with an emphasis in journalism and a minor in broadcasting. She is
currently job seeking in her field and we
would like to wish her the best of luck in
all she does.
On May 19, 2012, Amanda Wilcox
successfully passed the Professional in
Human Resources (PHR) exam. The PHR
exam is designed to test HR Professionals
in six functional human resource areas:
Business Management and Strategy,
Workforce Planning and Employment,
Human Resource Development, Compensation and Benefits, Employee and Labor
Relations and Risk Management.
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A. Regan Zach is the daughter of Teri
Zach. Regan graduated on May 20, 2012
from Elkhorn South High School. She will
be attending the University of NebraskaKearney pursuing a degree in business
management. Congrats Regan!
Emily Thomas, daughter of Matthew and Barbara Thomas, graduated
May 27, 2012 from Lincoln Southwest
High School. She will be attending the
University of Nebraska-Kearney majoring
in theatre education.
Kasyn Lantaze Broussard is now
6 months old, weighs 21 pounds, is 31
inches and has 7 teeth. Bruce and Jenefer are the proud parents of Kasyn.
Lincoln Plant News
Stacy Cummings
Inventory Control Spc.
Jason Dannewitz
Accountant - Rail
Chase Einspahr
Welder - Rail
Kelly Gubser
Eng., Production - Rail
Carrisa Harris
Clerk, Inv. Control - Rail
David Hernandez
Welder - Rail
Jacob Kaufman
Engineer, Quality - Rail
Jennifer Kreutzer
Clerk, Production
Scott Leiting
Welder - Rail
Daren Lemke
Welder - Rail
Joshua Meier
Welder - Rail
Steve Meisinger
PC Specialist - Rail
Nho Nguyen
Team Member B
Marcus Nole
Inventory Control Spc.
David Petta
Welder - Rail
Ashley Priefert
Dennis Schweikart
Engineer, Quality - Rail
Tyler Stutheit
Welder - Rail
Laurie Sukup
Supervisor, Accounting
Geoffrey Webb
Purchasing Agent - Rail
Abram Wyatt
Welder - Rail
Welcome and Farewell
Mr. Yoshihiro Yamazaki joined KMM on
April 1, 2012 where he is the General Manager – Consumer Products. Mr. Yamazaki
came from Kawasaki Heavy Industries MC&E
Company where he was the Senior Manager
of SC Promotion Department for the last five
years. His wife and son currently reside in
Akashi City, Japan.
Mr. Matt Kurushima left KMM on
March 23, 2012 where he returned to KHI
Motorcycle and Engine Company in the SC
Promotion Department of Supply Chain Division where he will act as the Senior Manager.
Mr. Kurushima is looking forward to gaining
new knowledge and finding new challenges
beyond his experience. He enjoyed living
here in a vast plain with generous and kind people.
Mr. Naoyuki Watanabe left
KMM on May 15, 2012. He returned
to KHI’s Cooperate Control Section as
an Assistant Manager. Mr. Watanabe
enjoyed strengthening the corporate operation, budgeting and
accounting at KMM. He was also excited to participate in the
Lincoln Marathon and complete 26.2 miles. He is looking forward
to something new and expanding Kawasaki’s rail car business.
Mr. Mitsuji Yoshino left KMM on May
25, 2012. He returned to the Logistics
department of the Rolling Stock Company
where he will be a manager. He is looking
forward to systematic control of material
movement and information within his new
position. Mr. Yoshino enjoyed his position in Lincoln and enjoyed working with
American buyers.
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A.
Lincoln Plant News
Congratulation to Kawasaki’s Lincoln Marathon participants!
The 35th Annual Lincoln National Guard Marathon and Half
Marathon had over 10,000 participants this year with KMM accounting for 50 of those entries! Running 13.1 or 26.2 miles is
an amazing feat in itself, but the training prior to the marathon
takes hard work and dedication as well. The 15 week program is
designed to allow runners to progressively reach their marathon
distance by running 4 times a week and strategically increasing
distances. Throughout the training program alone (half and full
marathon), runners and walkers will travel between 200-400
miles total. For a 200lb individual, that’s approximately 30,000
to 60,000 calories burned by running! If the numbers don’t get
you, hopefully the health benefits will. Aerobic exercise has been
proven to help manage weight, increase stamina, ward off illness,
reduce health risks, and boost your mood. The list definitely goes
on! Whether you want to conquer the marathon like an Olympic
tri-athlete or just enjoy it at a leisurely pace, with ten thousand
plus comrades and over eighty thousand supporters, it’s bound
to be an event you’ll never forget! Please acknowledge those on
the list of this year’s participants for their awesome achievements.
Who knows, maybe you’ll be on it next year?
Participants in the Full Marathon were:
Paul Danson
Naoyuki Watanabe
Satoshi Hayakawa
Half Marathon participants were:
Debbie Bender
Joseph Moura
Diane Bittinger
Jason Nettleton
Bruce Broussard
Ashley Ortiz
Corey Brown
Rob Peters
Minh Bui
Bryon Pickett
Mike Danahay
Shelley Portis
Mindy Dreifurst
Sue Rader
Kim Garcia
Steph Reed
Troy Geisert
Kim Refior
Lisa Haffey
Juan Renteria
Carla Hansmeyer
Manuel Renteria
Nick Hatfield
Heather Small
Brian Havlovic
Dan Staehr
Matthew Huber
Cassie Staehr
Yasuo Kida
Tami Svehla
Cheryl Kleinschmit
Joni Tyler
Kurt Knobbe
Rick Webb
Ryan Kratochvil
Amanda Wilcox
Jennifer Kreutzer
Yamada Yoshiyuki
Crystal Lewis
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A. Jason Rethwisch
Steven Schroeder
10th Annual Weld Contest
will be Held June 18th
The 2012 weld contest will be held in Japan at KHI on June
18th. Participant for this year’s contest were chosen from high
qualifiers in last year’s in house trials. Those qualifiers are Jason
Rethwisch from Rail Car competing in the aluminum division
and Steve Schroeder from Consumer Products competing in the
steel division. Good luck to both contestants and BRING HOME
Employee’s Name
Child’s Name
DOB Mark Fischer
Ryan Rikli
Albert Unger
Hussein Hussein
Josh Hine
Emily Hillgren & Bryce McLaughlin
Takashi Hisamura
Andrew Meister
Anthony Elsberry
Employee Name
* Designates Kawasaki employee
Phu Nguyen* and Kim Chau
John Hook* and Jennifer Crumley
Bruce Jacobsen* and Jennie Sorensen
Patrice Schilthuis* and Scott Adams
Bobby Tran* and Tamra Baum
Marriage Date
Lincoln Plant News
Mike Boyle, Brad Nelson – Senior
Manager, Production, Mr. Asano
Mike Boyle, Rob Fairchild - Controller,
Mr. Asano
Mike Boyle, Mr. Moriuchi, Jason Hellbusch – Manager, Quality, Mr. Asano
Bobby Tran, Nick Hatfield – Senior
Engineer, Mr. Asano
Jason Hellbusch, Dan Guthard –
Senior Engineer, Mr. Asano
Jay Kamradt, Andrew DuSchene –
Programmer Analyst, Mr. Asano
Greg Bohling, Cory Wilken –
Supervisor, Production, Mr. Asano
Paul Kramer, Scott McShannon –
Systems Administrator, Mr. Asano
Greg Bohling, Hussein Hussein –
Supervisor, Production, Mr. Asano
Dale Meskimen, Jason Eisenbarth –
Supervisor, Production, Mr. Asano
Randy Komenda, Christle Kluck –
Supervisor, Production, Mr. Asano
Mr. Asano, Tyler Saatmann –
Engineer, Level 3, Jason Niemann
Mr. Nagatani, Mr. Tsuji – Senior Advisor to the President for Purchasing,
Mr. Nakazawa
Mr. Nagatani, Bill Kruse –Manager,
Purchasing, Mr. Nakazawa
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A.
Lincoln Plant News
Mr. Nakazawa, Jason Niemann, Bill Green – Technician, Engineering Level 2, Brian Witt – Engineer, Level 4, Mr. Asano
Mr. Nakazawa, Brian Geyer – Associate Controller,
Mr. Asano, Mr. Yamamoto, Mr. Watanabe
Mr. Nakazawa, Paul Young, Ralph Miller – Engineer,
Level 4, Mr. Asano
Mr. Nakazawa, Dave Brink, Allen Roelfs – Engineer, Level 3,
Mr. Asano
Ed Cather, Eric Lemmerman – Purchasing Agent, Level 2,
Heather Seeba – Purchasing Agent, Level 3, Mr. Asano
Michelle Eurek, Lisa Haffey – Coordinator, Human Resources,
Teri Zach – Administrator, Payroll Level 2, Mr. Asano
Mr. Nakazawa, Mr. Yoshino, Michael Blaylock – Purchasing
Agent, Level 2, Mr. Asano
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A. 17
Lincoln Plant News
Movie Day
On April 28 , Kawasaki held a family event at The Grand Theater. Employees and
their families chose from the following movies: The Pirates! Band of Misfits, Chimpanzee, The Hunger Games and Mirror Mirror. Approximately 1270 employees and
guests attended the event. Fun was had by all. Hope to see you at the next event!
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A.
Lincoln Plant News
Kawasaki Open House
Kawasaki and contract agency employees and guests are
invited to attend the Kawasaki Open House on Saturday,
August 4, 2012, from 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the plant in Lincoln.
You are welcome to tour both the CP and RC facilities. Refreshments will be available after the tour.
Tours must start no later than 11:00 a.m. and be completed
by 1:00 p.m.
No cameras, camcorders or recording devices of any kind will
be allowed. Cell phones must be powered off.
Now Available on the
Kawasaki Website
Information regarding Kawasaki’s wellness program and
other wellness related information is now available to view on
the Kawasaki website. To view this information you will need
to go to and log in or register. Once
logged in you can pick what topic you want to view by picking
it from the drop down menu under the wellness tab. Some of
the options available are:
1. A link to the Viverae website.
2. Upcoming challenges for the wellness program.
3. A new Kawasaki cookbook.
4. Other wellness information when it becomes available.
Please contact Human Resources with questions or problems
logging in.
Tickets to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun are available. See
the Human Resources Department for details. Options include:
Worlds of Fun single day pass
Junior/Senior Worlds of Fun single day pass
(48” in height or tall)
(62 and older or 3 and older under 48 inches)
Oceans of Fun single day pass
Junior/Senior Oceans of Fun single day pass
(48” in height or tall)
(62 and older or 3 and older under 48 inches)
Ride and Slide pass - (both parks in the same day)
Junior/Senior Ride and Slide pass
(both parks in the same day)
(62 and older or 3 and older under 48 inches)
Schlitterbahn tickets are also
available. See the Human Resources
Department for pricing and details.
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A. Kawasaki / Viverae
Wellness Partnership
The Be Active Challenge began Friday, June 15th and ends
on Sunday, July 15th. This challenge is designed to encourage
individuals to increase their physical activity. Your goal for the
challenge is to choose physical activity alternatives each day
during the challenge to achieve 20 credits. For example, parking
farther away than normal or accumulating 30 minutes of physical activity daily.
You then need to record your physical activity alternatives on
the Viverae website.
You can earn 15 Wellness Points for completing the challenge.
These points will help you achieve the 200 Wellness Points that
need to be accumulated prior to September 30, 2012 to qualify
for Kawasaki’s 2013 Health Plan Wellness Reward.
You can sign up for the challenge through Friday, June 22nd.
Please refer to the following sites for more information:
1) Kawasaki Wellness Boards
2) Kawasaki Employee Communication Boards
3) Kawasaki Intranet to link to Viverae’s website / Kawasaki
4) Kawasaki Website / Wellness
Tab / KMM Wellness Viverae / or Be Active Challenge Flyer
5) Viverae’s Website / Tab: My Program /
Challenges / Be Active
6) Kawasaki Wellness website
7) Talk with a Kawasaki Wellness Committee member
It is also not too late to sign up for other ongoing Wellness
KaWellsaki Meet with Wellness staff and set your SMART goal.
Purchase your shirt to begin wearing on Wellness Wednesdays.
K-Fit program
Forms available at the new Wellness link at the website:
Lincoln Children’s Museum
July is Kawasaki month at the Lincoln Children’s Museum. As
a Kawasaki em­ployee, you, your spouse and immediate family
(dependent children under age 18) will receive complimentary
regular admission to the Museum during the month of July.
If you are a grandparent, your spouse and grandchildren
(under age 18) will receive complementary regular admission.

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