Welcome to Astrid Lindgren`s Vimmerby!



Welcome to Astrid Lindgren`s Vimmerby!
Virum Älgpark
guide 2014
Nils Holgerssons Värld
Welcome to
Astrid Lindgren’s
Where fairy tales come to life
This is a magical place where the most unexpected
things can happen. Here you can meet a girl who
is so strong she can carry a horse if she feels like it.
You can witness a fort splitting in half when struck
by lightning. And you can feel the gust of wind as a
little boy from Småland comes running past as fast
as he can to escape his vexed father. If you have read
the books, both the settings and the stories will
be familiar to you, but you have never experienced
them like this before.
New this year is that we will be performing
summer evening theatre Monday - Thursday
during the weeks 28 –30. The show is called Pippi
in the South Seas. We advise you to book early as
the number of spaces is limited.
The adventure begins at www.alv.se
Vimmerby, Småland, Sweden | www.alv.se | +46 (0)492-798 00
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Help Emil!
Six of the wooden figures in the tool shed are broken. Can you put them back
together? Piece together the figures two and two: one letter and one numSex av Emils trägubbar har gått
kan du sätta
igen?a Pussla
fit together.
to thank you for your help!
två och två!
I have helped Emil and my name is:
If I win, please send my puzzle book to:
The five first correct solutions to be opened will be
awarded a puzzle book from Rabén&Sjögren.
Send this page to:
Vimmerby Turistbyrå, Rådhuset 1, 598 37 Vimmerby, Sweden
Mark the envelope ‘Emilpyssel’
©Astrid Lindgren/Saltkråkan ©Björn Berg/Bildmakarna Berg
Photo: Daniel P. Sandin
Do you know what it is that
makes something into an expe­
rience? We believe an experience is
something that gives you a “butter­
flies in your stomach” sense of
expectation, something you get to
see or do for the first time that you
remember for the rest of your life.
Something that touches all your sen­
ses and that you feel all over your body.
Photos: Astrid Lindgrens Värld
Astrid Lindgren’s World
Where fairy tales come to life.
Astrid Lindgren’s World is a fabu­
lous place for young and old.
Everyone who has grown up with
the stories about Pippi, Emil and
Astrid Lindgren’s other charac­
ters will recognise the settings in
the park. There are lots of oppor­
tunities to become part of the
adventures here. Astrid
Lindgren’s World is Sweden’s big­
gest outdoor theatre with many
stages with daily performances of
specially written scenes, all based
on Astrid Lindgren’s stories.
New this year – summer evening theatre
The 2014 season will open this
very special performance. For 12
evenings in July, we will put on
‘Pippi in the South Seas’, an excit­
ing performance in which Pippi
fights pirates and helps her dad
escape his imprisonment.
Cannons, smoke and fire all add
to the show. It opens on Monday, 7
July, and thereafter MondayThursday for three weeks: weeks
28-30. Separate admission fee.
Tickets can be booked direct at
We invite small people to big
For a child, it is a big experience to
meet and play with Pippi, Karlsson,
Emil or one of their other favourite
characters. The children will get
the chance between performances
when the characters walk around
among the guests in the settings
and around the park.
Pippi Longstocking, Emil of
Lönneberga and Ronja the
Robber’s Daughter all live
Villa Villekulla is home to Pippi
Longstocking, and where Pippi is
there is always something going on.
You can see her fight pirates or hold
off Dunder-Karlsson and Blom, and
the next minute play pranks on
Kling and Klang. In Katthult, you
can experience a farm, as it was at
the turn of the last century, and
stroll around the hay fields and the
hundred-year-old oaks. Nearby,
there is a play barn, a small lake
and a barn where you can jump in
the hay. Emil’s tool shed, which is
full of wooden figures, is of course
also here. The Svensson family is
here all summer, after all, they live
here. The adventure continues in
Matt’s Fort and the large Matt’s
forest surrounding it. Visit the dun­
geons in the fort, try Skalle-Per’s
bed and see ‘Helvetesgapet’ (Hell’s
Gap, the gorge between the two
parts of the castle) open up in front
of you. Ronja, Matt, Lovis and all
the other robbers are here in peak
The right way to satisfy your
If you haven’t brought a picnic to
eat in one of our many picnic
areas, there are several restau­
rants to choose from, all with
good and proper food on the pla­
tes. We cook the food from
scratch in our restaurant kitchens
with local raw produce. Many of
the recipes are Småland classics:
‘raggmunk’ (potato pancakes)
Matt’s Fort – the closest thing you can compare
it with is a theatre landscape. The show “Far åt
Pip-svängen” (Go to Blazes), based on the story
of Ronia the Robber’s Daughter is staged daily.
Other shows are shorter and taken from the
books. Between performances, you can investigate Matt’s Fort and the surrounding forest by
with bacon is one of our favourite
dishes. We do of course also have
meatballs and pancakes.
Welcome to www.alv.se
Visit Astrid Lindgren’s World’s
homepage, www.alv.se where you
will find everything you need to
a day
e’s Lass is played once
. The show, Pirate Fabb
ress, ever yone
of our larger stage sets
When no show is in prog
Villekulla Cottage is one
are all
and the shor ter ones
surrounding settings that
throughout the season
running out to play in the
nd Pippi’s house before
is welcome to look arou
taken straight from the
Here is where the fun continues when the summer’s gone
In September there’s lots going on
at weekends and on weekdays the
park is open for walks and play.
Later in the autumn we’ll celebra­
te both the Danish and the
Swedish mid-term break and invi­
te you to a traditional Småland
style autumn fair.
Our opening times:
Pre-season: 16 May-5 June, 10 am-5 pm
Main season: 6 June-31 August, 10 am-6 pm
September: Friday to Sunday, 10 am-5 pm, open for play and walks
Monday to Thursday, 10 am-3 pm
11-14 October we open Astrid Lindgren’s World with Pippi Longstocking as a
playpark, 10 am-4 pm
Celebrate the autumn break with us at our Autumn and Craft Market,
25 October-2 November, 10 am-5 pm
Lundgatan, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-798 00
Web: www.alv.se E-mail: [email protected]
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Lat: 57.6764
Long: 15.8453
Astrid Lindgren’s Näs
The childhood home
In our extensive exhibition, “The
Whole World’s Astrid Lindgren”,
you can follow the story about
Astrid Lindgren from her child­
hood at Näs to her life as a
world-famous author. The exhi­
bition comes with an audio
guide in Swedish, German,
English, Spanish and Danish.
We also have special audio
guides for children.
Go on a guided tour of Astrid Lindgren’s
childhood home and experience it just as
it was when she grew up. The house has
been put in order by Astrid herself and
kept the same as when she was a child. A
visit is a unique way to experience the
environment that characterised Astrid
Lindgren and all her writing.
Shop & café
In the Pavilion you can visit our shop which has a wide
assortment of Astrid Lindgren’s books, handcrafts, post­
cards, gifts etc.
You can also enjoy our home-made food and cake at our
café, with outdoor seating in the beautiful apple
Photo: Jacob Forsell
Curious about Astrid Lindgren?
Photo: Astrid Lindgrens
– Astrid Lindgren’s childhood home, gardens and exhibitions
The Gardens at
Astrid Lindgren’s
Näs – like a neverending story
The first chapter of the Gardens
at Astrid Lindgren’s Näs opens
in June. Here, you can walk
through a rose garden, enjoy the
apple grove and the plum grove,
see green art installations in the
vicarage park, and learn about
the story of Astrid Lindgren’s
life, sources of inspiration and
writing. A place that offers
knowledge as well as experienc­
es, beauty and wonder. In the
garden, you can also see the
lemonade tree, Crown Princess
Victoria’s oak and the sculpture
Källa Astrid.
There are Astrid Lindgren books stamped with a special label on
sale in the property’s old woodshed. There are also artefacts, hand­
crafts and the property’s own postcards and reproductions. In Boa
you get to meet Astrid’s nieces and nephews and their families, who
are only too pleased to answer your questions and tell you more.
In the same building there’s also an exhibition entitled “Ene unnlie
unge” (dialectic Swedish for “Odd children”). Entry fee for adults –
20 SEK. It’s all about the childhood years at Näs and about the sib­
lings’ interesting life within literature, art and politics.
Open: 8/7-16/8 Tuesday-Sunday, most likely 11 am-4 pm
Astrid Lindgren’s Näs
Located by Prästgårdsgatan in
Vimmerby, approx 1 km from the
centre and Astrid Lindgren’s
World – approx 10 minutes’ walk
Opening times
6 Jan-28 Feb: closed
1 March-18 May: Wed-Sun 11 am-4 pm
19 May-31 Aug: daily 10 am-6 pm
1 Sep-30 Sep: daily 11 am-4 pm
1 Oct-31 Dec: Wed-Sun 11 am-3 pm
See homepage for opening times at Midsummer and
other long weekends
Painting: Leif Ruhnström
The admission includes the exhibition ‘Hela världens
Astrid’ (The Whole World’s Astrid) and entrance to the
Gardens at Astrid Lindgren’s Näs. Children under 16
years do not pay admission. Guided tours of the childhood home are in addition to the admission at 95 SEK
for adults and 50 SEK for children under 14 years
(recommended minimum age 8 years). Guided tours daily
in peak season in Swedish, English and German. Places
on the tours may be booked in advance.
Visit the homepage for more information.
Prästgårdsgatan 24, Vimmerby.
Phone +46 (0)492-76 94 00.
[email protected] www.astridlindgrensnas.se
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
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Lat: 57.674808
Long: 15.856516
Nils Holgersson’s World
– Sweden in miniature for young and old
At Nils Holgersson’s World you
find a Sweden in miniature and
many opportunities for play and
exciting escapades.
Or, what do you say to an adven­
ture trail 9 metres up among the
treetops, a pedal-car track, an
18-hole minigolf course, a play­
ground with a climbing-net, a jum­
ping pillow and as if that wasn’t
enough, a laser shooting range?
Learning while having fun
Nils Holgersson’s World is situated
approximately 10 km north of
Vimmerby, on a level with Södra Vi.
Everything is built like a
Sweden in miniature on a scale of
1:3 and 1:8. The purpose is to give
visitors an idea of what Sweden
looked like at the end of the 19th
Century. You get a sensation of
sitting together with Nils
Holgersson* on goose-back when
he made his wonderful journey
through Sweden.
In every county there are sign­
posts indicating what animals, flo­
wers, types of fish and other things
that are particular to each county,
as well as a flag with the coat of
arms. There is also an exhibition
where you find books, puzzles etc.
relating to Nils Holgersson.
The thought behind it is that
while they are here, visitors have
fun and learn more about Sweden
at the same time.
Adventure at a high level
The adventure trails up in the
trees are very popular. The 250
metres long high trail is set 9 met­
res off the ground. You have to
climb ropes and nets, balance
along narrow bars and throw
yourself down the flying fox.
Parents need not worry – all
climbing is done with utmost pre­
caution. Climbers are secured
into a harness that can only be
removed by the personnel at start
and finish.
At the shooting range visitors
test their hunting skills in various
games, where you might shoot at
clay pigeons and wild animals
appearing on a screen.
In the cafeteria you can
enjoy a good lunch, have
an ice-cream or enjoy
some coffee and cake.
Opening times 23 June-22
August daily 10 am-6 pm
Real miniature steam train with
36 seats. See current timetable on
our homepage. For prices and
times, see homepage
Special offer during the period 23/6-22/8
Entry and lodgings 995 SEK (max four people)
8 km north of Vimmerby and 90 km south of Linköping ROAD 23/34
Phone: +46 (0) 76-611 66 21 +46 (0) 733-86 86 58
Web: www.nilspark.se
E-mail: [email protected]
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Lat: 57.733300
Long: 15.760672
Welcome to Virum Moose Park
Here you can get to know the moose from up close when
you take the guided safari tour into the park. The jeeps
you travel in have roofs and partly open sides so you get
the opportunity of petting and feeding the moose at the
same time as you are well protected in your seat.
Bad weather is no problem.
To pay your entrance fee and for more information
about the safari rides, come on into the “Moose Barn”.
There you can take a coffee break and buy mouse souve­
nirs in the cosy old-time environment, before or after
your ride.
Opening times 2014:
4 May-15 June, Sundays 11am-4pm
21 June-24 August, open daily 11am-4pm
25-31 August, safari tours 11am and 1pm
1-7 September, one safari tour at 12
For other times of the year, call or email for bookings
How to get here:
From Vimmerby, drive south to Tuna.
Drive through the Tuna village.
Continue for approx 1 km to the Tuna church
After the church you’ll see the sign to the Moose Park
Virum, Tuna, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-52007, 52024, +46 (0) 70-6256816, +46 (0) 70-5200768
Web: www.virummoosepark.se E-mail: [email protected]
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Stadsmuseet Näktergalen
Cultural History Museum in
Vimmerby. The museum is hous­
ed in an 18th century timber
dwelling with original Baroque
11 June-13 September ’Alla tiders
50-tal’ (The Wonderful 50s) A nostalgic look back
Exhibition preview 11 June 6-8pm
12 June-9 August
Mon-Fri 12-5pm Sat 11 am-2pm
Closed 20 and 21 June
13 August-13 September
Wed-Fri 12-4pm Sat 11-2pm
Remainder of the year: limited
opening times. Groups catered for
throughout the year by agreement.
Adults 20 SEK Year Pass 50 SEK
Schoolchildren 10 SEK
Sevedegatan 43, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-76 94 59
Web: www.vimmerby.se/naktergalen
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A day in nature
Enjoy the eco-trail, animals and nature playground in our garden, followed by a coffee or lunch break in our
cosy café. Read more about our other outdoor activities, workshops and simple pleasures on our website.
Welcome to Lidhem, a green destination for all ages.
Active in nature/ Lanthotell Lidhem, Lidhem 178, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-70100 – Web: www.lidhem.com – E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.7578
Long: 16.0493
Visans Skepp
Beautifully situated by the millpond in Storebro, 7 minutes from
Vimmerby, you’ll find a model ship with 40 of the most beautiful
songs and hymns from the 20th century carved into it. You can
come and sing the songs together or just enjoy the views of the lake.
Storebro Mill Museum is only a stone’s throw away. There you can
view objects from its almost 300 yearlong history. Musical entertainment,
guiding or visits to the mill museum by
arrangement. Call: +46 (0)70-515 15 60.
STOREBRO Phone: +46 (0) 70-515 15 60, +46 (0) 70-5490000
Web: www.visansskepp.se
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.5888
Long: 15.8358
This is where the classic Emil films were shot in
1971-73. Experience the atmosphere in the well-pre­
served film setting and visit the world-famous tool
shed into which Allan Edwall chased Emil so many
times. Meet all the animals on the farm in the idyllic
and unique environment. In the Katthult shop, you
can buy souvenirs, coffee, ice cream and drinks.
Drive 20 km towards, Jönköping on Hwy 40, turn
right to Rumskulla and follow the signs to Katthult.
Katthult is open daily 16 June-17 August, 10 am-7pm.
Closed Midsummer’s Eve (21 June, 2013)
Web: www.katthult.se E-mail: [email protected]
The three small farms in Sevedstorp were the model for Astrid’s books about
Bullerby. This is where Astrid’s father Samuel August grew up and this is
where the films were made about Bullerby in 1986/87 under the direction of
Lasse Hallström. In the summertime the village comes to life. There are a few
different animals, you can jump in the hay and in one of the barns you’ll find
Café Sörgården where waffles, Swedish cheesecake, sandwiches, ice cream
and other things are available. In the café there is a little shop with souvenirs,
handcraft and children’s clothes. Check out the website for more information
about what is going on in Bullerby, at: www.astridsbullerbyn.se.
Bullerby, Sevedstorp is situated in the parish of Pelarne. It is signposted from
Hwy 40 between Vimmerby and Mariannelund and from Hwy 129 between
Mariannelund and Lönneberga.
Café Sörgården’s opening times during 2014:
14-29 June, 11-24 August: 11am-4pm. 30 June-10 August: 10am-7pm. Closed
Midsummer’s Eve.
Parking and entry fee: 40 SEK/car
For bookings or questions call +46 (0) 70-7646724
Sevedstorp Phone: +46 (0) 70-764 67 24
Web: www.astridsbullerbyn.se E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.612248
Long: 15.669390
In Astrid’s
Samuel August’s
One tree and a word to
remember telling how Astrid Lindgren’s father, Samuel
August proposed to her mother Hanna can now be found
near the Vimmerby Church. You can read here in Astrid
Lindgren’s own words how the proposal took place.
Vimmerby Town Centre
Vimmerby is Astrid Lindgren’s birthplace and the town
where she grew up. It’s also here in Vimmerby that she is
buried. It’s very much the same as when she lived here –
but at the same time very different. Take a stroll through
the town centre and experience what it was that
inspired her. Here you’ll find Bill Bergson’s
alleyways (Kalle Blomkvist in Swedish),
Emil’s marketplace, Pippi’s sweetshop
and a whole lot more you’re
sure to recognise.
When Emil in Lönne­berga
had been to the doctor in
Mariannelund and had the
soup tureen removed from his
head, the family came walking
along a pretty little street (gränd
in Swedish). That scene was fil­
med here in Klemen’s gränd in
Vimmerby. Do you recognise it?
Photo: Hans Gustafsson, Effect
Take the car, pack
up some food and
drinks and set out
on a trip that we
simply call “In
Astrid’s Footsteps.”
During the trip you
can visit places that
are closely associa­
ted with Astrid
Lindgren – her
childhood home of
Näs, Katthult and
Bullerbyn for
The Statue of Astrid Lindgren
Sit down for a moment on the chair opposite Astrid
Lindgren in the Main Square (Stora Torget) in Vimmerby!
The statue of Astrid sitting in her workroom by her
typewriter was unveiled in 2007 and soon became one of
the most photographed tourist attractions in Vimmerby.
The statue was made by the artist Marie-Louise Ekman,
together with Hanna Beling, Heinz Müllner and students
at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.
Photo: Emma Jansson
Round Tour
The journey is more important than the desti­
nation, so the saying goes. That fits quite well
around here. We p
­ romise you a beautiful drive,
what­ever your destination. Fields, lakes, forests,
stone walls, cows, horses, wild animals...
Tuna Hultsfred Storebro
Photo: Nils-Erik Pettersson
A full day trip
Start the trip by visiting Gästgivarhagen, one of
the largest grave-fields in Sweden. Drive out of
Vimmerby towards Tuna. After a few kilometres
you will come to Lake Solnen where you can go
for a swim.
There is a narrow gauge railway at Tuna Ll.
Check the departure times, you might care to
take a round trip to Tuna and back. In Tuna, you
can then enjoy a coffee or light lunch at
Restaurang Lunchtåget. Tuna is associated pri­
marily with the Hammarskjöld family that still
happens to be living on their farm in Tuna. Make
a detour to Mr Virum moose park (turn leftdi­
rectly after the church) where you can get the
moose real close and even kiss them!
Continue towards Vena and from there towards
Hultsfred. Visböle is an undivided village bet­
ween Vena and Hultsfred and will give you an
idea as to what 18th century peasant life and the
countryside they lived and worked in looked like.
When you reach the rock metropolis of Hultsfred,
you’ll find ‘Svenskt Rockarkiv’ (Swedish rock
archives). The archives were formed to allow
researchers and people with an interest in music
to study the swinging history of Swedish rock.
Here, you’ll find recordings and curios from the
history of Swedish popular music.
Drive northwards on Road 23/34. In Lm Storebro
you can stop to see Visans Skepp, it is signposted
from the town. Food and drink available for sale
at Fredensborgs Herrgård and Gästgiveri. You
could also go for a swim at the lake.
Continue on Trunk Road 23/34, which soon takes
you back to Vimmerby, but first you’ll pass the
Småland village of Ingebo * with an eco-café
and farm shop.
The North-West Tour
A full day trip Nature and culture. Drive out from
Vimmerby past Åbro Brewery. You might
like to stop and see how they brew beer
at Sweden›s oldest family brewery.
Photo: Peter von Sassen
Continue on the road towards
Rumskulla. After approximately 15km,
turn right towards Ydrefors. Follow the
signs towards Nn Norra Kvill›s National
Park. If you have lots of time and good
shoes you can enjoy a nice walk in a
really old primeval forest.
Return in a southerly direction towards
Rumskulla. Turn left towards «Eken».
Along the road you will see a sign for
«Diket», a fault fissure from the Ice Age,
and then another sign for «Grytan» also
a remnant of ancient times.
Photo: Nils-Erik Pettersson
Drive back to Södra Kvill and turn off to
the left towards Skräddarefall. Now you
can expect a crooked road typical of
Småland which carries on for about 10
km before you arrive at the Nils
Holgerssons world. Lq Nils Holgersson’s
World is Sweden in miniature for young
and old. It also sells food and drink.
You will soon come out onto Road 23/34,
drive south, and after about 10km you›ll
be back in Vimmerby. You may like to
continue your trip «Djursdala-Södra Vi».
Photo: Peter von Sassen
Photo: Peter von Sassen
Close to the village Kvill is one of
Europe›s largest trees, Lo the Kvill Oak.
It is about 14 metres in circumference.
Just stop and think what has happened
during the past 1,000 years while the
oak tree has been standing there. Just
think, if only trees could speak! Well
worth a visit for everybody. It is only a
small walk from the parking area.
Södra Vi Djursdala Gullringen
A full day trip
Photo: Janne Larsson
Drive along Prästgårdsgatan on the way
out of Vimmerby, follow the signs towards
Djursdala. After about 8 km you will come
to Ls Kronbaden where you will be able
to get a bite to eat or go for a swim.
Continue towards Djursdala. At the
crossroads “Horn, Djursdala,
Vimmerby”, drive towards Djursdala.
Soon you’ll come to the sign “Ungstorp”
Ml on the right. A very nice track (longdistance footpath) starts here which is 7
km long and with many beautiful points
from which there is a view. Here you’ll
also find a small gallery with art exhibi­
tions during the summer.
Continue down towards Lake Juttern
and then back towards Södra Vi. Drive
out of Södra Vi along Norra Storgatan.
You will pass Vimmerby’s largest com­
pany, Ljunghäll foundry. When you get
to Road 23/34, cross it towards Loxbo.
Continue through Loxbo until you reach
Gullringen , with a public swimming
pool, Stigs Konditori (patisserie), swim­
ming lake and short golf course.
Drive back to Vimmerby via Trunk Road
23/34. On the way you’ll soon pass the
turning for Nils Holgersson’s World Lq
and Vaxboa in Käbbo Lr. Vaxboa produ­
ces and sells wax candles. Satisfied with
your trip, continue back to Vimmerby
via Road 34.
Photo: Nils-Erik Pettersson
Return to Djursdalavägen from
Ungstorp. Turn right and continue
towards Djursdala. You will soon arrive
at Hembygdsgården, at Lindstorp’s hil­
lock, where the pasque flowers bloom in
the spring. Continue through the undivi­
ded village, turn to the left up towards
the / old wooden church which has
beautiful paintings on the walls and on
the ceiling.
Djursdala Hike. A 7km-long hiking trail with
exciting natural surroundings – and a rich cul­
tural environment that begins at Ungstorp or
Snokebo. Änglamarken in Djursdala leaves
nobody unmoved.
Brantestad Nature Trail. 9.9km-long trail
through gently undulating terrain and very
varied landscape. The hike takes you through a
rich cultural heritage region set in a wonderful
landscape. At several places along the way
there are tables and benches, as well as a fine
BBQ spot beside the Yxern Lake.
Sevedeleden is a hiking trail of around 50km
offering some wonderful natural experiences.
For the greater part, the trail is a closed ring of
four stages and from it, you can join up with
Östgötaleden, Lönnebergaleden and
Höglandsleden. Along the trail you will find
overnight huts, wind shelters and picnic areas.
Ingebo Hagar. Today, in the pastures and
woodlands of Ingebo there are several hiking
trails along which you can discover the cultur­
al landscape of Småland. You can buy a “coffee
basket” in the village’s Ecocafé and then choo­
se the distance of your walk – 1.5km, 3km or
6km. All the trails start out from the village
and lead down through the old cattle trail and
then on out into the forest and pastureland.
You get a map and a handbook for your jour­
ney. The trails are also well signposted.
National Park Norra Kvill
and the Kvill Oak
Visit two of Sweden’s crown jewels – the Norra
Kvill National Park and the Kvill Oak.
A piece of wilderness of unique ecological value
awaits you in Norra Kvills National Park. Wander
among pine trees many hundreds of years old,
alongside enchanted lochs and get a breathta­
king view from Idhöjden’s majestic summit. The
terrain of the Park is steep in places, making
walking quite demanding, but the well sign­
posted walking tracks, footbridges and handrails
are a great help. There are rest places, toilets and
information boards near the parking area.
Just a stone’s throw away from there, by the vil­
lage of Södra Kvill you find the Kvill nature
reserve, boasting the mighty Kvill Oak. The oak
is more than 1000 years old, the oldest in
Sweden, and probably the thickest! There is a
parking area and toilet here, too.
The oak has been made easily accessible by
track to make your visit as comfortable as pos­
sible. Come on out and see!
Web: www.lansstyrelsen.se/kalmar
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: Norra kvill 57.7583 Eken 57.7360
Long: norra kvill 15.5993 Eken 15.6278
Vimmerby Church
Frödinge Church
Join us on a guided tour of the brewery to get a
close-up look at how we brew our popular and
award-winning beer. You’ll also get to
see how we produce our tasty softdrinks that we distribute to our custo­
mers in bottles or cans.
Locknevi Church
Tasting of soft drinks after the tour.
Tuna Church
Rumskulla Church
Pelarne Church
Storebro Church
• From 16 June to 20 July, the
church is normally open every day,
• Other weeks during the summer,
the church is open Monday–Friday,
• Lunchtime music every Thursday
at 12
• ’Music on a Summer’s Evening’
Tuesdays in July at 7 pm
• VÄGKYRKA 14-27 July, 11am-5pm
with daily devotions at 2pm
• Other weeks during the summer,
the church is normally open Mon­
day–Friday, 12-4pm
Visit Sweden’s oldest family brewery!
• Open church, Monday–Friday, 124pm during the month of July
• Music on Summer Evenings 8 pm
• Wednesdays, 5 June, 3 July and 7
• SOMMARKYRKA 28 July-3 August,
1-6pm with daily devotions at 3pm.
• Other weeks during the summer,
the church is normally open Mon­
day–Friday, 12-4pm
Price per person
Adults 60 SEK, Children 40 SEK
23 June–8 August 2pm
No prior bookings needed. In the oldest
of the brewery buildings you’ll find the
Brygghuset Restaurant & Pub – a gastro-pub –
that serves both good food and drink. More info
under the tab, ”Eat”
• During the summer, the church
is normally open Monday–Friday,
• Music on Summer Evenings with
Summer Café, every Wednesday in
July, 7pm
• VÄGKYRKA 7-20 July, 12-4pm with
daily devotions at 3pm
• During the summer, the church is
normally open every day, 10-4pm
• ’Midsummer Music’ 20 June at 8 pm
• Evensong/Open air services are
normally celebrated every Wednes­
day at 6:30pm
• ’Midsummer Music’ 21 June at 4 pm
GOD never goes on holiday!
Åbrovägen 13, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-75380
Web: www.brygghuset.nu, www.abro.se
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.666833
Long: 15.833830
You’re most welcome to visit our churches and services this summer.
See our website:
Vaxboa i Käbbo
On the Käbbo property out­
side Vimmerby, wax candles
have been manufactured for
more than 100 years. We still
make them the same way
today: a copper basin to melt
the wax, pine resin in a
15-hole plate and two
An extraordinary
forest experience.
Guided horse-and-cart
rides for the whole
family in Småland’s
idyllic natural sur­
roundings. In the win­
ter, providing there’s
snow, we organise
sled-rides. Open all
year round.
Open most of the time.
You’re welcome to give us a call.
Phone: +46 (0) 492-204 38,
+46 (0) 70-564 58 68
Web: www.vaxljus.se
Annelie Svensson, Eriksgården, Fjälster, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 70-2453317
Find us with GPS
Web: www.skogsupplevelser.se
Lat: 57.5927
E-mail: [email protected]
Long: 16.0294
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.739579
Long: 15.744217
Gullringens simhall
Krukmakeriet i ­Vimmerby
In Gullringen, 15 minu­
tes north of Vimmerby,
you’ll find the munici­
pality’s swimming hall
with its 25m pool and a
smaller children’s pool.
There’s also a gym, sauna, massage chair, solari­
um and cafeteria. Alongside the swimming hall,
there are two tennis courts for hire. (The tennis
pavilion is available to let for overnight guests.
Contact the Tourist Bureau). Opening times, see
our website.
Creative ceramics
inspired by both
Swedish and Asian
Idrottsgatan 24, GULLRINGEN
Phone: +46 (0) 492-224 22
Web: www.gullringen.info/simhall.htm
Venholm, VIMMERBY Phone:
+46 (0) 492-107 89
E-mail: [email protected]
Pottery artists
Karin Bengtson and
Dale Karlsson.
Workshop and boutique on the outskirts of
Vimmerby’s heritage park, Gästgivarhagen,
near the Västervik road. Open daily during the
summer season.
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.7991
Long: 15.7105
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6603
Long: 15.8744
Galleri under Lönnen
Welcome to a unique attraction in the north of Småland!
The Ungstorp property (12 km north of Vimmerby) at
Änglamarken, Djursdala dating from the 13th Century
has a lot to offer during spring and summer:
The Djursdala Round celebrates 40 years – Galleri under
lönnen (The Gallery under the Maple tree) – Art –
Lönnboden (The Maple store) – Antikmagasin (Antique
store) – Guided tours – accommodation.
You’re also welcome to visit Bitte Antikt in Lönnboden.
Ungstorp, DJURSDALA, +46 (0) 492-231 68
www.ungstorp.nu E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.7497
Long: 15.8565
Mariannelunds karamellkokeri
Stop by and visit one of the oldest confectionery factories in Sweden.
In Mariannelund the sweets are still manufactured the way they were when it started in 1929.
We make around 25 different varieties, mostly by hand...
”And the flavours have a touch of luxury...”
Open Mon–Fri, 8am–4pm.
(Occasionally other times as well. Call +46 (0)496-10063)
Summertime 2 June-24 August:
Mon–Fri, 9am–6pm Sat & Sun, 10am–3pm.
Keep an eye out for us at any of the many fairs held all around
Parkgatan 14, MARIANNELUND Phone: +46 (0) 496-100 63
Web: www.karamellkokeri.se
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6156
Long: 15.5784
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6174
Long: 15.5819
- a new visitors’ attraction in Barnfilmbyn Mariannelund
When the films about Emil of Lönneberga were made, the
film crew found the perfect locations in and outside
Mariannelund. With the local tradition of children’s films as a
starting-point, Barnfilmbyhuset (village house for children’s
films) is the first step towards creating a new and innovative
visitors’ attraction – Filmernas Hus (house of films).
Opening times: Open: 14/6-17/8 daily 12-6 pm
Price: adult 70 SEK, student 40 SEK, child 0-15 years free
For more information see www.barnfilmbyn.se
© Björn Berg
/ Bildmakarna Berg
Östra Storgatan 21
Ingebo Hagar - Ekoby
Eco village with a flock of sheep, cultivations and KRAVcertified eco café. Here, you can meet the farm’s many animals:
sheep and pigs, hens and ducks, rabbits and cats. In Ingebo’s
pastures and woodlands, there are several footpaths by which
you can discover Småland’s nature. Coffee hampers are availa­
ble at the eco café. There are swings and a playhouse in the café
garden and good opportunities for play and ball games, etc. In
the show garden, you can learn about herbs and vegetables. Rooms
and kitchen are available to hire at Tant Agnes guest house. There
is also a farm shop and second-hand market in the village.
Opportunity for buck hunting and fishing.
Voluntary admission 30 SEK/family, electricity 10 SEK/person
A warm welcome!
Ingebo, VIMMERBY Phone: +46 (0) 70 658 32 12 Web: www.ingebohagar.se
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6322
Long: 15.8330
Each year, in Vimmerby there are several big
folkrace, motocross and enduro-­
competitions arranged by Vimmerby
Motorsällskap (Motor Club). There’s also the
annual MC-convention in Vimmerby with
the obligatory convoy through the town.
Visit www.vimmerbyms.com to keep track of
competition dates.
If you’re interested in speedway, you should
take the opportunity of watching some high
calibre matches around Vimmerby. The nea­
rest course is Målilla, which is Dackarna’s
home-ground. The GP circus will also be
back in Målilla in 2014. The GP competition
will be decided there on 14 June. Welcome to
an arena that will offer a cool and actionpacked experience!
Motocross Bikes
Unique Exhibition
Over 100 Bikes
from Six Decades
World Champion Bikes
and Authentic Outfits
See ad on p.50 or www.dackarna.nu
P. Sandin
Foto: Daniel
(The Holiday Race)
Scandinavia’s biggest people’s race carnival
takes place in Vimmerby 8-12 July!
Semesterracet attracts not only 600-700 cont­
raptions from near and far, but also around
20 000 spectators arrive at Gnagaredalen
during these days. The people’s race is a
people’s sport in every sense.
The quality of the vehicle is often not much to
write home about, and with every heat, they
get more dented and scratched. That one of the
most prestigious trophies is “The Rumskulla
Wrecker’s Prize” probably says it all!
+46 (0)492-122 10
Theatre Walk in
the town of Vimmerby
The Vimmerby theatre Komedianterna will put
on a number of different productions in 2014. In
July, we will hold our traditional Theatre Walk
in the town with historical scenes from the town of
Vimmerby. The walks take place in the evening and
start from the Town Hall. An informative and fun
walk among the town’s old, picturesque wooden
buildings. The parade takes just over one hour and
is suitable for all the family. A warm welcome to
enjoy all our performances. See our homepage
For more information, times and prices, contact
Vimmerby Tourist Bureau on +46 (0)492-310 10.
Vimmerby’s Playgrounds
Play in any one of Vimmerby’s playgrounds,
free of charge. Källängsparken (H7) and
Kungsparken (I5) are both centrally located,
green parks with swings, sandpits and possibly
even a carousel or two. Should the adults not
feel like participating in the games, there are
benches where you can sit and relax awhile.
In the summer of 2010 Källängsparken in
Vimmerby received heritage listing. It’s a uni­
que park, designed by Ulla Bodorff, dating
from the 1950’s, which is to be kept and deve­
loped for the future.
The Bullerby Cup
The Bullerby Cup is one of the nation’s biggest
and most popular soccer tournaments for girls
and boys aged 10-12.
This year the cup is played 24-27 July. 2013 was a
record year with a total of 200 teams in the tour­
ra Green
Photo: Sa
The area has much to offer in terms of
musical events, large and small, all
year round. One example is the sing-along evening in Storebro. This is a very
popular family event, featuring top
artists, that draws a huge crowd every
Emil in Lönneberga went to The Vimmerby
Fair where he gave a demonstration of how to
deal with temperamental horses. Animals are not
being sold at the Fair anymore, even though you might see
some there. But, there’s lots to enjoy. There are street vendors
peddling their wares and many visitors. These traditional
fairs, reminiscent of a bygone era, nowadays days attract
around 10,000 visitors whenever they’re held!
Stora torget i Vimmerby
31 May Vårmarknad
11 October Höstmarknad
20 December
So as not to miss anything, see our run­
ning updates at www.alltsomsker.nu
30–31 May, This is Hultsfred
23 July Sing-a-long, Storebro
28 June Tuna Möte
With reservation for changes
The Discover Day
18 maj The Discover Day (Upptäckardán)
National Day
6 June, Sweden’s National Day – Astrid Lindgren’s Näs
Midsummer Celebrations
20 June
Pelarne, 1pm in the Heritage Park
Rumskulla, 1pm in the Heritage Park
Tuna, 1pm in the Heritage Park
Storebro, 3:30pm in the park
Södra Vi, 5:30pm in Brunnsparken
Vimmerby, Gästgivarehagen. Time – see Vimmerby local newspaper
Astrid Lindgren’s World Time – see Vimmerby local newspaper
With reservation for changes On
Bike riding
Photo: Lönneberga Vandrarhem
The river Stångån, which flows to Storebro and then
up through the lakes Krön and Juttern, through the
southern part of the province Östergötland, is a
popular canoe route. There are nearly ten rest stops
along the excellent waterway.
If you enjoy rolling along on two wheels
you’ll find superb bike-tracks in and
around Vimmerby. It’s perfectly possible to
explore the municipality without using the
big roads. Equipped with a good map,
you’ll find your own little “favourite spots”.
Here you can rent a canoe:
The well known Sweden Trail passes
through the municipality.
Kröngården +46 (0)492 600 02 Ls
Here you can rent a bike:
Smålandsbyn +46 (0)492 122 59 B12
Motorsport +46 (0)492 134 60 B7
Lönneberga Vandrarhem +46 (0)495 400 36
Oxgården +46 (0)492 188 70 D1
Boat rental
Torebo Gård, telefon +46 (0)702-55 55 48, +46 (0)702-90 09 89 Mq
Brantestads fiskecamp, +46 (0)70-592 14 92 No
Tent Rental
Oxgården Tel. +46 (0)492 188 70 D1
Keep Sweden clean!
Open country right – Everybody’s duty
In Sweden, we have something called Open country
right, that is the legal right of access to private
land, something that just few countries have.
Therefore, we should value it and protect it.
We can
ander freely in forests and fields
* W
ick berries, mushrooms and wild flowers, if they
* Pare
not endangered
* Camp one night, without permission of the land­
Vimmerby offers you varied fishing, whether
you’re a beginner or a veteran: angling for
rainbow trout, spinning for pike or perch,
night fishing for zander as well as rod-fish­
ing for roach, bream, rudd and tench.
The possibilities and the lakes are endless –
summer and winter!
owners, if its not too close to a populated area
athe, row, sail, paddle and drive motorboats on
* Blakes,
rivers and archipelagoes
ake fires, proceeding with extreme caution, but
* M
never on top of rocks
We must not
growing trees or bushes
* DWamage
alk over fields in crop or through newly planted
* forest
bird’s eggs or bird’s nests
* TLake
garbage (paper, plastic, glass, etc…)
* ineave
Grållemuséet i Vimmerby
Grålle tractors with all sorts of
attachments. Perhaps it evo­
kes old memories, or we’ll
gladly tell you about the histo­
ry of the Grålle and show you
around. Next door to the Hotel
Opening times:
Weeks 23-39, Tue, Thu, Sun
5-7pm (weeks 28 and 30, 1-4pm)
Weeks 29, 31 closed.
Pride: adults 50 SEK Under 18 free
Torebo Gård
- Fishing in lake Juttern
Torebo Farm is located in idyllic surroundings
along the shores of Lake Juttern. Juttern is
known for its fine zander fishing, and offers ama­
zing fishing opportunities both for the angler
and for families with children. We have boats to
take you out on the water. Then you can choose
to fish, find a nice bay to swim in or just enjoy
boating. On the farm, there are also three lovely
cottages that are much appreciated by anyone
who wants to relax after a fun and busy day.
Hultsfredsvägen 34, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 70-3219393
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6582
Long: 15.8427
Vimmerby Golfakademi/
Our nice 9-hole golf course,
which is now slope-rated, is
located two km from the
centre. We have a large
practice area with teeing
mats under cover and a
well-stocked golf shop. Perfect facility at which
to take a green card. Golf schools and private
lessons by a PGA professional.
Ulriksdalsvägen 21, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-105 10
Web: www.golfakademin.com
Go to www.juttern.se for information about
boat rentals, fishing, crayfish raffles and much
more, and at www.torebogard.se there’s infor­
mation about the cottages on the farm.
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6756
Long: 15.8910
Gullringens golfklubb
Gullringen’s “Pay &
Play” is a very varied
9-hole par 3 golf course,
set in beautiful natural
surroundings. This
course is a challenge for
beginners and veterans
alike. Membership, han­
dicap or green card not
Phone: +46 (0) 702 – 55 55 48, +46 (0) 702 – 90 09 89
Web: w ww.juttern.se
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.80022
E-mail: [email protected]
Long: 15.81755
Open for play May–October.
Ådalsvägen 40,GULLRINGEN
Phone: +46 (0) 70-226 02 65,
+46 (0) 70-582 20 34
Web: www.gullringen.info/golf.htm
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.795
Long: 15.711116
The Stjärnevik swimming place is located on Lake
Juttern’s eastern shore, in Djursdala. It’s child-friendly,
but beyond the jetties the water deepens quite suddenly.
The lake’s edge has both sand and grass.
A beautiful spot situated beside Lake
Anen in Locknevi. Shallow bathing.
The Storebro Dam
Right in the middle of the village of Storebro,
beside the park, is where you’ll find the swim­
ming area - and it’s got a diving tower!
Bathe as much
as you like in
Vimmerby’s lakes
You’ll find this child-friend­
ly bathing spot in
Spångenäs nearby Tuna.
The shallow water and
sandy beach is perfect even
for the tiny-tots.
A couple of kilometres east of Vimmerby in the
direction of Västervik. Traditionally the favourite
swimming place for the Vimmerby locals. With its
sandy beaches and large recreation areas, it’s the
ideal place for children. There’s a 3-star camping
ground here, with Its own shop and a summer res­
taurant - and there’s even an area at the end of the
beach where your dog can have a swim.
Lies south of Vimmerby. Take the
turn-off from Tunavägen towards
Solnebo on a level with Barmshult.
Sandy beach and generous, grassy
areas with lots of sun.
Nossenbadens badplats.
The swimming place at Krön is situated 5km
north of the town along “The Beautiful Walk” on
the east side of the lake. Here you’ll find
Kröngården (the Crown Garden) with its church,
cafeteria, canoe rentals and camping facilities.
The sandy beach and sunny location make it a
great place for children to enjoy.
Situated right beside both the Fredensborg
estate and the Tobo golf course just outsi­
de Storebro. Sandy beach with shallow
water - one of the municipality’s finest.
A little bathing place
complete with changing
rooms and a jetty right
in the middle of the villa­
ge. If you’re feeling a bit
reckless, you can jump in
off the rocks!
This is where many of the Rumskulla locals
come to cool down. Turn off the main road
to Mariannelund, just south of the village.
Photo: Emma Jansson
A quiet and child-friendly swimming
place just outside Mariannelund - boas­
ting both a jetty and a diving tower.
There’s also a café nearby.
Photo: Astrid Lindgrens Värld
Welcome back
in autumn…
Fairs in Vimmerby
11 October Autumn fair
20 December Tomas fair
The fun continues
In September, the park will open every weekend from Friday to
Sunday. Pippi, Emil, Ronja and all their friends will be here. For
those who want to take it easy, the playpark will also be open
Monday-Thursday in September.
The playpark with Pippi Longstocking in October
We will open again for four days, 11-14 October, when Pippi will
be here with her friends, and the playpark will be open, including
Seacrow Island and our cinema.
Astrid Lindgrens Näs
next to
Experience a real Christmas fair
Astrid Lindgren’s childhood hom
Friday 12 Dec - Saturday 13 Dec
Ingebo Hagar
29 November Adve
nt fair
Virum Mo
ose Park
1-7 Septe
mber, one
safari tou
For other
r at 12
times of th
e year, ca
email for
ll or
Autumn opening at
Astrid Lindgren’s World
The Autumn Market in Astrid Lindgren’s World is just like
an old-fashioned market. There are nice, carefully produ­
ced and, sometimes, unusual products from more than 70
selected exhibitors. Most of the products are locally produ­
ced, not least the food. Come into the food marquees and
taste all the delicacies on offer. If you become really
hungry, you can take a seat at one of our restaurants
and enjoy real Småland homely fare.
During the evenings a unique show for the entire
family based on one of Astrid Lindgren’s stories
will be performed.
Photo: Astrid Lindgrens
25 October-2 November 2014 Throughout the week of the
autumn break, a range of special activities will be organi­
sed, such as Barnkåsan (children’s bicycle race), the
Autumn Break Club and much more. Everyone who wants
to can meet Emil of Lönneberga, Pippi Longstocking, and
Rasmus and the Tramp and their friends and families.
Live in
Gulekul Cottage...
Sagobyn - a fairytalelike history that began in
1981. Astrid Lindgren, who
often came home to visit her
sisters in Vimmerby was
having back pains so she
contacted her naprapath in
town, Rein Soowik.
As he ”kneaded” away her
pain, Rein, an entrepreneur
and wellspring of ideas, took
the opportunity to discuss
with Astrid a thought he and
the family had been nurturing – a playground in Vimmerby
built around the environments in Astrid’s books.
No sooner said than done. The Soowik family, together with a
couple of their friends had Astrid’s blessing –
and SAgobyN was born.
The project developed in an astounding way – in fact, so well
that in the end they did not have the time or energy to run
it themselves. In 1990 the premises were sold and became
one of Sweden’s most popular tourist attractions – Astrid
Lindgren’s World.
but Rein and the family could not quite let go of tourism and
children, consequently they bought Storholmen and began
renovating and building. They searched for old cottages and
timber houses on the countryside that would be taken apart
carefully and then reassembled on Storholmen, which today
has become an attraction and a holiday paradise for families
with children. you can stay overnight in a variety of buildings
anything from 100 to 300 years old.
And so they were back again where it all began and Sagobyn
developed into SmåLANdSbyN.
...a paradise
for families with kids!
Here you find Gulekul Cottage...
The large, yellow 200-year old main building comprises
10 imaginatively decorated family rooms. Every room has
a double bed and bunk-beds. Toilets and shower rooms
are located next to the rooms.
...and here you’ll find typical Småland cottages
alone or in rows as they were in Emil’s day
Cottages, all with 4-bed family rooms. There is also a
service block with a pantry, shower and toilets available to
the cottages.
...and much, much more
you can, for example, rent a canoe and go for a paddle on
the Stång River close by. A large and pleasant outdoor area
where you can relax and enjoy a bbQ. The big 18th Century
timber house functions as a living room with TV etc, while
the children are romping around in the playground and in our
play cottages or watch the goats who also live here. Walking
into Vimmerby takes only 10-15 minutes, and you might want
to stroll along beautiful Storgatan and båtmansbacken. At the
main Square, where Astrid Lindgren’s statue is located, there
are often activities and entertainment during summer evenings.
Make your visit a real experience,
live in the paradise for families with kids!
Sound exciting? Then you really ought to visit our website
www.smalandsbyn.se - there’s a lot more info there.
or call us on +46 (0)492-122 59. We’d love to hear from you!
With over 3 000 beds available, there’s something to
suit every wallet and preference.
If you like being close to nature, a cabin might be
your best choice. But if you’d prefer not to have to
bother with practical chores, there are several hotels
both centrally located and just outside of town.
An economical alternative is to stay in a Youth
Hostel or a Tourist Apartment.
All hotels offer family size rooms and breakfast.
Vimmerby Stadshotell
Centrally located at Stora Torget in Vimmerby
stands the town’s oldest hotel, dating from the
We offer modern accommodation in a traditio­
nal hotel environment right in the heart of
In summer, the Hotel veranda – overlooking
the town square – is one of Vimmerby’s most
popular venues. Here you can enjoy good food
and friendly service, and for our younger
guests we have the always very popular
children’s buffet.
Family-run 3-star hotel. Within the grounds
there are also chalets and camping facilities, a
water adventure park with fun pools, minigolf, volley ball court and a big playground.
Just a few minutes’ drive to Vimmerby town
centre and Astrid Lindgren’s World. Wellrenowned restaurant.
Can arrange accommodation and activity
packages for families and conference guests to
Astrid Lindgren’s World, Näs, Virum Moose
Park, Golf, Seminars and Parties.
Family package*
1 night’s accom + 2-day pass to Astrid
Lindgren’s World
Low season 16 May-5 June: 2505 SEK
Off Peak 6-22 June: 3150 SEK
High season 23 June-16 August: 3390 SEK
Off season 17-31 August: 3150 SEK
* Offer applies to 2 adults + 2 children in a small
family room (bunk beds for the children)
Stora Torget 9, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-121 00
Web: www.vimmerbystadshotell.se
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6664
Long: 15.8551
Traktorgatan, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-798 90
Web: www.bjorkbacken.se
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6614
Long: 15.8777
Hotell Carl IX
Hotel Carl IX is a family run hotel with a perso­
nal character. During the summer it changes
from a popular business hotel into the special
favourite of young families and other holiday­
makers. Hotel Carl IX is centrally located on
Vimmerby’s main square, with restaurants and
shopping around the corner. Astrid Lindgren’s
World is within easy walking distance. All
rooms offer several TV-channels as well as
wireless access to internet. We have single
rooms, comfortable family rooms as well as
large apartments for up to 8 people. It’s hard to
find better accommodation than this. For more
information re prices and package offers, see
Hotell Ronja
Vimmerby’s largest hotel.
We’re situated a mere 4 mins walk from the town
square and the travel centre and 1 km from Astrid
Lindgren’s World. The environment you’ll find
here is calm and peaceful. Our 45 hotel rooms
cater to many different needs. Every room has its
own character. That way we’re able to cater to
both large and small families without anybody fin­
ding it squashed. We put a lot of effort into making
our interiors comfortable and modern. Many
rooms have their own pantry to make it easier for
young families. During the summer season (wks
26-31) we keep our restaurant open, where you can
enjoy a child-friendly buffet menu meal in the eve­
ning sun on the terrace.
If you really want a relaxing holiday, then come
and use the pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath,
big screen TV or billiard table.
Be our guest at Hotel Ronja!
Sevedegatan 37, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-125 15
Web: www.hotellcarl9.se
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6666
Long: 15.8544
Stora Mässhallsgatan 16, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-167 00
Web: www.hotellronja.se
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.664087
Long: 15.850261
Vimmerby camping
Vimmerby vandrarhem
– Beautifully situated family camping
Johan and his staff at Vimmerby’s closest
Youth Hostel wish you a hearty welcome. Only
a few minutes’ walk from the centre with its
shops, restaurants and public transport, and
yet right next to leafy parkland, this is a com­
fortable, tranquil and pleasant hostel for visi­
tors of all ages – well appointed for the disab­
Vimmerby Youth Hostel is a 2-storey building
with a large number of attractive rooms for up
to six people. There’s a kitchen, a living-room
and a lovely big veranda with BBQ, as well as a
fenced play-area for the children. Breakfast is
We offer package solutions for your entire
Vimmerby visit including accommodation,
passes to Astrid Lindgren’s World and a string
of other attractions. All are welcome, but as
the Youth Hostel is allergy-free, pets are not
Beautifully situated family camping by lake
Nossen, approx 3 km from Vimmerby. Choose
from cabins, holiday units, family rooms or one
of our 260 camping spaces (155 with electric
hook-ups). We offer special packages to Astrid
Lindgren’s World. Enjoy the beach, play a game
of mini-golf, rent a pedal-boat or avail yourself
of our floating sauna. We also have a children’s
playground. Enjoy a tasty meal in our fully
licensed restaurant, some evenings with live
music from a local troubadour. Breakfast buf­
fet available to order. New utility annex from
2009, solar driven of course!
STF Hörestadhult’s
Youth Hostel
STF youth hostel, set in idyllic surroundings
approx 4 km from Vimmerby. Just as you’d
expect in Småland – it’s located right beside a
farm. Pets are welcome in some of the rooms.
Breakfast and restaurant available at
Vimmerby Camping.
Järnvägsallén 2, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-100 20
Web: www.vimmerbyvandrarhem.nu
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.663399
Long: 15.859491
Nossenbaden, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-314 10
Web: www.vimmerbycamping.se
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.662554
Long: 15.898735
When you stay at Oxgården, you’re close to eve­
rything. Astrid Lindgren’s World is less than 5
minutes walk from our place and to Astrid
Lindgren’s Näs it’s about 200m. Almost everyone
who lives at Oxgården chooses to walk the short
distance to the park, so we provide free parking.
You can also rent a cart to take to the park with
you to carry your things – or your own picnic.
Vehicles are prohibited in Oxgården’s courtyard.
equipped and have TV and access to Wi-Fi. We
offer two types of unit. At Oxgården, they have
5–6 beds and at Bullergatan, 12 beds.
The Oxgården 5-6 bed houses comprise a living
room with kitchen, shower/WC, bedroom with
bunk beds (the bottom bunk is 120cm wide) and a
further 3 beds in the attic.
Reception is located in the main building and
that’s where you can order a breakfast basket, buy
an ice-cream, a coffee or freshly-baked bread. Our
restaurant offers value family meals including
classical Swedish dishes as well as Thai speciali­
ties – which you can also order to your house as
“take-away”. You’ll find large BBQ’s and outdoor
furniture in the grounds, if you feel like having a
relaxing evening, cooking your own meal.
Oxgården has 30 units with a total of 200 beds,
suitable for year round occupation. All are well
It’s also possible to rent an extra bed or a cot. We
also have one house with room for 7–8 people.
The Bullergatan houses sleep 12 and are right next
to Oxgården. They’re best suited to several fami­
lies wishing to stay together, or to clubs or school
classes. Each house comprises 3 bedrooms with 2
bunks in each room. There’s a dining area for 12, a
shower/WC and a living room with a lounge suite.
There is also one smaller unit with 4 beds which
can be connected to one of the 12 bed houses.
Bullerbygatan 2, VIMMERBY Phone: +46 (0) 492-188 70, +46 (0) 709-850 957
Web: www.oxgarden.se E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.677120
Long: 15.852555
Hotell Hulingen
– A mansion for the whole family to enjoy
Golf and conference hotel with masses of activi­
ties. Just 10 minutes drive from Vimmerby. Park
your car and get into holiday mode...
Here the children are free to run around in the
large manor garden, go swimming in our own
lake, play mini-golf or tennis or pull up a perch
from the jetty as the sun goes down.
Play on an 18-hole course at the nice Tobo
Golfbana, or challenge the children on the ‘don’t
touch the ground course’...
In the evening, the whole family can enjoy excel­
lent food made from local raw produce.
As evening falls, the whole family is together
enjoying a lovely grill and buffet served in the
park, or maybe dinner on the balcony? The
Manor is surrounded by beautiful walks and
bike tracks.
We have attractive family packages, including
visits to Astrid Lindgren’s World, and golfing pack­
ages for those who’d like an idyllic golf experience.
Come a little closer at www.fredensborg.com.
We’re expecting you!
Fredensborg 120, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-306 00
Web: www.fredensborg.com
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.577683
Long: 15.805566
It is music that has put Hultsfred on the map,
and nowhere in Hultsfred is music as deeply
rooted as at Hotell Hulingen.
We are a family-owned hotel in the centre of
Hultsfred with beautiful views over Lake
Hulingen and just 15 minutes from Astrid
Lindgren’s World. Every time you visit Hotell
Hulingen, we hope you will discover something
new. We – Jenny and Putte Svensson Sahlin –
have just taken over the hotel, and we want to
create family warmth permeated by the musi­
cal history in Hultsfred that dates from the
start of the festival in 1986.
Everywhere in the hotel, you will find traces of
the performers who have visited Hultsfred, and
if you want to stay on form, you can borrow our
rehearsal room in the cellar. Or you can just
drop in to the pub at Oskarsgatan 41 for good
music and fun anecdotes about Motörhead,
Sven-Ingvars, Monica Zetterlund or one of the
many other performers who have visited
Hultsfred, the festival and Hotell Hulingen.
Welcome to Hotell Hulingen – Sweden’s num­
ber one rock ’n’ roll hotel!
Oskarsgatan, HULTSFRED
Phone: +46 (0) 495-12150
Web: www.hotellhulingen.se
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.4889
Long: 15.8416
STF Lönneberga ­vandrarhem
STF Youth Hostel in Emil’s Lönneberga, delightfully
situated by the Silverån River, approx 20 km from
Vimmerby. We offer family size rooms with 2-6 beds.
Share-toilets and showers adjacent to rooms. There’s
plenty of equipment for kids to play on, both indoors
and in the garden, as well as books to relax with. You
will also have access to a kitchen, outdoor BBQ and
free Wi-Fi. Sauna, hot tub, canoes and cycles for hire.
The Lönnebergaleden trail
runs next to the youth
hostel. Restaurant 500 m.
Family package to Astrid
Lindgren’s World from 1340 SEK.
Lönnebergavägen 7, LÖNNEBERGA
Phone: +46 (0) 495-400 36,
+46 (0) 70-563 14 32
Web: www.lonnebergavandrarhem.se
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.5566
Long: 15.7159
Rokulla Pensionat
Romantic guest house/hotel in a newly
renovated cultural building from 1899.
Close to Astrid Lindgren’s World,
Katthult, Bullerbyn and swimming
10 family rooms with comfortable
beds. Views stretching for miles, large
lawns, peaceful and safe for children.
See sign on Road 40 with an exit from
Vimmerby towards Mariannelund.
See also our popular homepage.
Phone: +46 (0) 70-72 410 85, +46 (0) 72-586 82
Web: www.rokulla.se E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.635766
Long: 15.627937
KustCamp Gamleby
Welcome to the closest campsite to Astrid Lindgren’s
World (45 km) when you want to stay by the sea! Our fami­
ly campsite is well managed with unique, child-friendly
swimming in a lagoon with a sandy beach and trampoline.
Cottages of 10-70 m2 with 4-8 beds. New fresh luxury
caravans. On our homepage you’ll find great offers on
package prices!
Meet the troll Grimhild and join her on an outing to
the troll park. Level, stable motorhome pitches. Book a
pitch with a guaranteed location by the sea. Telia surf
zone at the campsite. Free Wi-Fi by the reception. New
popular restaurant. Close to the shopping centre with
food and specialised shops.
Welcome from Pernilla & Michael!
Hammarsvägen 10, Gamleby
Phone: +46 (0) 493-10221
Web: www.campa.se E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.8848
Long: 16.4125
Ydrefors camping
Vimmerby folkhögskola
Located by Brosjön
(Stångån). Camping
sites with electric
hook-ups. 6 cabins
with a total of 24
beds. Equipped with
stove and fridge.
Utility complex with kitchen and TV-room.
Youth hostel rooms with
own shower and WC.
Shared TV lounge and
kitchen. Large green
open spaces with garden
furniture and BBQ places.
Breakfast served: ordered and paid for on location.
Walking distance to the centre, Astrid
Lindgren’s World and swimming area.
30 km from Vimmerby. Summer café famous
for its shrimp sandwiches.
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.ydrefors.se
Find us with GPS
Phone: +46 (0) 492-800 22,
Lat: 57.7945
+46 (0) 70-657 96 29
Long: 15.5400
Can be booked at the Tourist Office
on +46 (0)492-310 10
Box 24, Bryggaregatan 8, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-143 00
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6680
Long: 15.8706
Spilhammars Camping
Gullringens fritidslokaler
The campsite nest­
les in a beautiful
pine forest beside a
little lake, just out­
side Mariannelund.
Rooms offering good
youth hostel standard!
All rooms have WC,
some with own shower.
Shared use of kitchenet­
te and TV-room. Just 15
minutes by car north of Vimmerby in the little
village of Gullringen. Close to supermarket,
swimming hall and tennis courts.
25m from the water,
jetty and diving
platform – as well
as from the restaurant and café.
Chalets. 70 electric hookups. Supplies.
Open all year round. Summer bookings via the
Tourist Bureau +46 (0)492-31010
Open 1 May—30 Sept
Spilhammarsvägen, MARIANNELUND
Phone: +46 (0) 496-102 73,
Mob: +46 (0) 70-565 03 17
Web: www.spilhammarscamping.com
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6211
Long: 15.5974
Ringvägen 40, 590 81 GULLRINGEN
Phone: +46 (0) 492-224 50
Web: www.gullringen.eu
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.800447
Long: 15.714885
Pensionat Solhöjden
Welcome to the Solhöjden Guesthouse in idyllic Mariannelund,
close to Katthult, Bullerby and Vimmerby. When you stay with
us, you’ll enjoy hotel standard accommodation in a homely
environment. After an experience-filled day, you can relax in
peace and quiet, while the children play in our large enclosed
garden. Look after yourself with self-catering facilities, BBQ or
by booking a dinner with us. You will sleep in our garden wing,
in rooms equipped with shower, toilet and TV. In the morning
we serve a breakfast buffet, with freshly baked bread and waff­
les under crystal chandeliers in the dining room of the main
building, built early last century.
Go to our website for current specials. Open all year round!
Kullagatan 2, MARIANNELUND
Phone: +46 (0) 496-108 98
Web: www.pensionatsolhojden.se E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6164
Long: 15.5787
Vimmerby stugby
Britt & Stens Turistboende
Stolpetorp holiday village
comprises 7 cosy, yearround standard chalets
with 3–6 beds.
Enjoy country life
in the middle of the
town. Pleasant
with a fenced childfriendly yard,
woodshed, swings,
rocking horse and
sandpits. Five fully equipped apartments with
kitchen/pantry, own toilets and showers.
Three of the chalets are
located next to a farm, the
remainder in a beautiful field nearby. The cha­
lets are fully equipped, some even with a sauna
and open fireplace. Open all year round.
Stolpetorp 111, TUNA, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-501 44, +46 (0) 706-99 46 16
Web: www.vimmerbystugby.se
Find us with GPS
E-mail: [email protected];
Lat: 57.5890
[email protected]
Long: 16.0749
Contact the Tourist Bureau for bookings:
+46 (0)492-310 10
Drottninggatan 31, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-10464
Web: www.bsboende.se
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6700
Long: 15.8583
Stay on a farm with
horses, cats, rabbits
and more. Ride our
stately Shire horses,
go on a fishing trip or
paddle around on the beautiful Hemsjö lake. Or
just relax and enjoy the silence. Free access to
sauna, rowboat, canoe, barbecue etc.
These charming
and personal cotta­
ges are located
about 20 km south
of Väster­v ik, just
100 metres from the
lake. All are equip­
ped with shower, WC and kitchenette. Canoes,
cycles and rowing boat are available to hire.
Our ice cream and cheesecake café is located
in the old tannery, just a stone’s throw away.
If you have a request, don’t hesitate to ask
– we can usually fix it!
Njölhult Fattiggården, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 703-48 38 79,
+46 (0) 708-218 802
Web: www.fattiggarden.se
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.8860
Long: 15.7307
Kullagården Vandrarhem - Bed & Breakfast in
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6435
Long: 16.5655
Långsjön Stugor
& Camping
The Hostel and B & B
offers family size rooms as
well as a range of others
for from 1–6 people. All
rooms are equipped with
a basin and toilet, and some their own shower.
Handicap-friendly. Generous breakfast buffet,
cooking facilities and children’s play-room.
Kullagatan 14, MARIANNELUND
Phone: +46 (0) 496-101 05
Web: www.kullagarden.com
E-mail: [email protected]
Tofvehult, VÄSTRUM
Phone: +46 (0) 490-26351
Web: www.tofvehult.se
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6147
Long: 15.5815
Welcome to our cosy
chalet and camp site,
beautifully situated by
lake Långsjön. We’ve got a beach, good fishing
and a restaurant. There are motor and rowboats
for hire, as well as canoes and bikes. You’ll find
us between Vimmerby and Västervik beside
Hwy 40 (signposted). So you’re close to Astrid
Lindgren’s World, the Archipelago and a
whole lot more.
Fagersand, 590 90 Ankarsrum
Phone: +46 (0) 490 521 40
Web: www.langsjon.se
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.4144
Long: 16.1722
The number
You each decid
e on a numbe
r on car
number plates
. Collect ten of
the chosen
Alphabetic ca
r journey
The first perso
n starts by sa
ying a destina
with A, for ex
tion starting
ample: ‘I am go
ing to travel to
dam.’ The next
person asks:
there?’ The fir
hat are you go
st letter of ev
ing to do
ery word of th
answer must
e first person’s
start with an
A, so the answ
‘analyse amalg
er could be:
am’. The seco
nd person no
destination sta
w says a
rting with B:
‘I am going to
Borgholm’, an
d answers the
question on wh l to
going to do th
at he is
game continue for example, ‘bend banana
s’. The
s to the end of
the alphabet.
Who am I thinkingbe anyon
e at all: a celebrity
One of you thinks of a person. It can
s. The others have to work
or someone else who everyone know
at a time. The one
out who it is by asking questions, one
answer yes or no. When you
thinking about the person can only
guess. If you are right
think you know who the person is, you
game continues.
you have won, if you are wrong, the
Count cows
There are many ways to play the count-the-cows
game. The most common is to sit on one side of the
car each and count all the cows you can see for a set
time. The person who has seen the most wins.
Another version is ‘first person to twenty wins’ or
first to a hundred… A third version is that the first
person to see a cow wins. Just vary it a bit as you like.
How far away is it?
far away that he
Someone says an object or landmark
of trees or a
or she can see, such as a church, a clump
away it is, and
bridge. Everyone has to guess how far
person who
the driver checks the milometer. The
wins picks the next object.
The quieetqugietagam
e starts now!’ an
Someone says: ‘Th
to be quiet and
nt everyone has
from that mome
possible. The pe
try to remain qu
who is quiet lon
Countr mcakae ransd see who can spot
Choose a ca
at make first.
20 cars of th
A lifelong game!
Start collecting car registrations! There
ers from
children and adults who collect numb
es. The
registrations of cars and other vehicl
ue in
rule is to start with 001 and then contin
One rule
order until you reach the goal of 999.
cars but
could be that they must be Swedish
types of
that motorcycles, caravans and other
vehicles are also allowed.
You can expect the game to take time.
recently read about someone who starte
he still
when he was nine. Today, he is 28 and
es 999!
has a few numbers to go before he reach
Private cottage/apartment – Vimmerby Turistbyrå
Stay in comfort in a private cottage in rural Småland or in a garden annex/unit/room in central Vimmerby.
Outdoor area with BBQ for those balmy summer nights and big lawns for games and recreation. These
are examples of what a summer house can offer. All rentals may be combined with family passes to
Astrid Lindgren’s World.
Bookings can be made Sunday-Sunday, Sun-Thurs, Thurs-Sun or on a daily basis. We also arrange boo­
kings for hotels, campsites, youth hostels, guesthouses and holiday village cabins. Contact the tourist
bureau or make your bookings online.
Rådhuset 1, Stångågatan 29, 598 37 VIMMERBY Phone: +46 (0) 492-310 10
Web: www.vimmerbyturistbyra.se E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6653
Long: 15.8547
14:e juni-14 augusti
What comes to mind when we mention Småland’s tradi­
tional food? Emil in Lönneberga’s “Tabberas”, perhaps?
Maybe it’s cheesecake from Frödinge, or have you ever
tried Småland’s own Isterband (smoked sausage), ragg­
munk (potato pancakes) or kroppkakor (stuffed potato
A diverse array of restaurants, cafés and bistros cater
to every taste. In Vimmerby we’re aware of the fact that
many of the visitors are little ones and so we provide
child-friendly menus.
Many of our holiday memories are connected with food.
We believe you’ll take many positive memories home
with you, and that some of them will have to do with
your tastebuds and the congenial atmosphere.
Welcome to our newly
­renovated premises!
Shalom serves tasty traditional pizzas,
­special pizzas and salads – right in the
middle of town. Select your favourite! We
also have pan pizzas and gluten-free pizza
bases. Children’s menu with tacos and burgers
NOVELTY! We serve a delicious, goodvalue taco buffet every day – eat as much
as you like!
Open 7 days!
Svedegatan. 38, Vimmerby
+46 (0) 492-182 88
Restaurang & Pub
If you love good food & drink then the Brewery
House is the place for you. In Åbro Brewery’s
oldest premises there’s a cosy gastro-pub with
a broad range of beers and whisky.
Our chefs prepare tasty and wholesome meals
from locally-grown ingredients and that
means as the seasons of the year change, so
does the menu.
The Brewery House is a gastro-pub, but we also
serve classic pub meals, like hamburgers and
fish ‘n chips – and there’s a kids’ menu too for
the little ones.
Weekdays, our Lunchtime Specials are availa­
ble from 11:30-2pm.
Monte Carlo
The biggest restaurant/pizzeria in town with
Summer- & Children’s menu. Outdoor covered
seating and ample parking for both cars and
caravans. Fully licensed.
Choose from our large selection of pizzas,
kebabs, a la carte menu, pasta and salads. Or
why not try the house speciality: Souvlaki with
French Fries, Greek salad and Tsatsiki.
Call and order take-away.
Open 7 days a week!
Opening times:
Monday-Thursday – 11:30am-11pm
Friday – 11:30am-midnight
Saturday – 5pm-midnight
Åbrovägen 13, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-75380
Web: www.brygghuset.nu
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.666833
Long: 15.833830
Falkängsgatan near Resecentrum,
Phone: +46 (0) 492-14425
Web: www.restaurangmontecarlo.se
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6645
Long: 15.8577
Restaurang Thai Fu Qing
At the Main Square stands the Thai Fu Qing, a large, well furnished, fully licensed Asian food restaurant
with a children’s menu and excellent service. Enjoy the summer time from our rooftop terrace with its
views across the town. In the evenings we serve a la carte as well as our speciality, ”Super Barbecue Buffet”.
Create your own dinner: select your favourites and hand the plate over to the chef, who will cook the food
before your eyes. We have 24 different main courses and an extensive salad bar. Note: the ”Super Barbecue
Buffet” is available Tuesday - Saturday in summer and on Friday - Saturday other times of the year.
Weekdays, from 11am to 2:30pm we offer a lunch buffet and salad bar. The buffet is varied and includes
Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian food together with Swedish country style. Ten different main
courses as well as our popular sushi. Our lunchtime specials include beverage, coffee/tea and biscuits.
Eat as much as you like! And of course we have take-away!
Summertime opening hours: Mon-Thur
11am-9pm, Friday 11am-10pm, Saturday
12-10pm, Sunday 12-8pm.
Opening hours rest of the year Mon 11am-2.30pm TuesThur 11am-9pm Friday 11am-10pm
Saturday 12-10pm Sunday 12-8pm.
Come on in!
Stora torget, VIMMERBY Phone: +46 (0) 492-122 07
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6652
Long: 15.8551
Mossebo gästhem
Board and lodgings in beautiful surroundings, with a touch of
the 1600’s. Mossebo is situated just outside Astrid Lindgren’s
Vimmerby, about 10 minutes drive along Hwy 40 between
Bullerby & Katthult by Mossjön. We serve traditional home fare
with locally grown produce such as lamb and fish, together with
touches from other lands and modern cuisine. Seating both insi­
de and outside. During the summer we offer family B & B’s. An
oasis for young and old & a garden with plenty of room for sum­
mer games. Albert Engström lived at Mossebo – his room is just
as he left it. It’s a must see! Open during the summer. Other times
by arrangement. Catering all year round. Businesses, weddings or
private functions – we cater for just about everyone!
Mossebo, Pelarne, VIMMERBY Phone: +46 (0) 492-910 16
Web: www.mossebogasthem.se
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6426
Long: 15.7197
Restaurang Sweet Chili
The Sweet Chili Restaurant invites you in for a spot of relaxation. Normal
weekdays, for lunch you can choose between an Asian buffet with 7 diffe­
rent dishes or Swedish country-style food. Then on the evening menu,
amongst other delights there’s Plankstek (a special dish served on a woo­
den platter), à la carte, Chinese dishes and Thai specialities. At weekends
we offer specials, and we have a takeaway service, too. There’s plenty of
parking space close by. Our friendly staff are always at your service.
A warm welcome to our cosy indoor/outdoor restaurant.
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6673
Long: 15.8463
Badhusgatan 3, VIMMERBY Phone: +46 (0) 492-314 89
In the middle of town by Stora Torget (the
Town Square) you’ll find “Bakfickan”
Sallad and Sandwich Café. Come and
enjoy our freshly baked breakfast rolls,
Danish pastries, scrolls and cakes. We
serve tasty salads and sandwiches that
are equally good for a picnic. Sit down
and enjoy the view over the square or
choose a more private corner. In the sum­
mer we also have outside tables, of course.
Sandwich layer cakes and tortes to order.
Opening times: Mon-Fri 8:30am-6pm
Sat 9:30am-3pm
Stora torget 5, VIMMERBY Phone: +46 (0) 492-139 05
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6659
Long: 15.8544
Ingebo Hagar
Enjoy coffee and cake, pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven, and other dishes made with
local and organic raw produce at our eco café. Walk along our footpaths in the village
woodlands and pastures. Meet the farm animals. The farm shop sells wool products
and skins from the village’s KRAV-certified sheep farm. You can stay at Tant Agnes
guest house. Open all the year round, daily in high season. See our homepage: www.
ingebohagar.se. See also the sign by Trunk Road 23/34, 5 km south of Vimmerby.
A warm welcome!
Ingebo, VIMMERBY Phone: +46 (0) 492-100 39, +46 (0) 76-202 17 60, Boende +46 (0) 70-658 32 12
Web: www.ingebohagar.se
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6322
Long: 15.8330
– a 17th-century cottage in beautiful ­Spilhammar,
Welcome to the Sommartorp café & licensed restaurant, a 17th-century
cottage in beautiful Spilhammar, Mariannelund. Here you can enjoy good
food, coffee & waffles or why not Swedish cheesecake with jam & cream.
Seating available inside or on the convivial terrace overlooking the lovely
beach just a stone’s throw away. There’s also mini-golf if you like to play.
Open during the summer: 11am-9pm. Next door to Spilhammar’s Camping.
Spilhammar, MARIANNELUND Phone: +46 (0) 496-100 20, +46 (0) 70-682 30 80
Web: www.sommartorpet.eu
Great value family
menus with classi­
cal Swedish food
as well as Thai spe­
cialities made with ingredients from Småland.
Welcome to the Lunch
Train in Tuna
The Oxgården is fully licensed and offers a
broad assortment of beers from Vimmerby’s
local brewery, Åbro and from Thailand.
Open throughout the summer.
Phone: +46 (0) 492-18872 Web: www.oxgarden.se
E-mail: [email protected]
Enjoy a lunch in the
form of pies, tasty
baguettes and waffles
or just have a relaxing
coffee break! For boo­
kings and orders, call
+46 (0) 73-4335760
Annelie and the staff
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6185
Long: 15.6071
A hearty welcome.
We do Take-away too!
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6771
Long: 15.8526
Phone: +46 (0) 73-4335760
E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.5776
Long: 16.1163
Lilla Sverigebyn
Exciting organic, vegan, fresh
and home-cooked health food!
Café situated right on
the edge of the beauti­
ful lake Krön. Family
friendly beach. Homebaked bread, waffles,
Swedish cheese cake, pies and sandwiches.
– Breakfast buffet: 80 SEK, 8-10 am
– Dinner buffet: 150 SEK, 6-8:30 pm
– Discount for children!
– Farm café, unique ice cream bar
For daily menu, see www.sverigebyn.se
Open 15 May-5 September. Call to book the
buffet! 12 km from Vimmerby: take Åbrovägen
Road towards Rumskulla!
Phone: +46 (0) 492-920 12
Web: www.sverigebyn.se
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6772
Long: 15.6678
Open 14 June-17 August: Wed-Fri and Sun
12-9pm, Sat 12-10pm. Closed Mon-Tue.
Summer church. Canoe hire.
Krönbaden, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492–600 02
Web: www.krongarden.se
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.719264
Long: 15.834399
På spåret café
Skogens Honungscafé
Have a coffee break at
our place! Breakfast
rolls, light lunches and
sandwiches. You can
order breakfast too! Also
candy, newspaper, lottery tickets, phonecards
and DHL parcel service.
In Flohult’s old country shop, we
make the finest honey from the
forests around us. In our café, we
bake everything ourselves with our
own honey – bread, biscuits and
home-made honey ice cream! You can also expe­
rience the flowers and the bees, inside the beehive
in the café and the buzzing in our flowering garden!
Mon–Fri: 8am–6:30pm Sun:12–6:30pm
Resecentrum VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-189 25
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.663360
Long: 15.858338
Open: 2 July-17 August:
Wed-Sun 12-5pm
24 August-28 September:
Sun 12-5pm
Flohult 128, Vimmerby
Phone: +46 (0) 73-3352032
Web: www.skogenshonung.se
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.31516
Long: 16.12042
Organic pancakes at country café Lidhem
In our country café, we serve organic pancakes and home-made burgers with ingredients from our gar­
den, the forest and nearby farms. Extended opening hours in July, 10am-8pm.
Welcome to Lidhem, a green destination for all ages.
Lantcafé/Lanthotell Lidhem, Lidhem 178, VIMMERBY Phone: +46 (0) 492-701 00
Web: www.lidhem.com E-mail: [email protected]
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.7578
Long: 16.0493
27-29 jUNI 2014
Despite being only a small town, Vimmerby
is a real pearl for the avid shopper. Around
the main square, there is a fine assortment of
stores. You’ll find outlets for the larger chain
stores with well-known names, but above all
many unique and genuine small boutiques
with gadgets, crafts and antiques that you find
nowhere else. Discover your favourites and find
some bargains.
A beautiful blend of
clothing, shoes and
1 trappa ner i Sandströmshuset
Stora Torget, Vimmerby
VIMMERBY Storgatan 38
Monday–Friday 10 –18 (7/7–1/8 10 –20), Saturday 10–15.
Tel +46 (0) 492-313 70
Solglasögon som
passar över dina glasögon.
Tel. 0492-101 14
JSY • Stora Torget i Vimmerby • jsy.se
to our well-stocked
shoe and bag shop
”Vackra och udda ting i
god kvalitet!”
Genuint Svenskt Hantverk
Stora Torget, Vimmerby
Bekväma kläder i
naturfiber. Sådana som
gör sommarfesten lite
roligare och novembermorgnarna lite vackrare.
Öppet tis–lör
Stora Torget 2, Vimmerby (Snett nedanför Turistbyrån)
0492-127 94
Bild: ANN PureNature AB
Hantverk, presenter,
prydnad, smycken...
Seven hundred
square metres
of Fashion…
Worth a visit!
Stora Torget Vimmerby
VIMMERBY 0492-311 88
...en riktig
The town’s biggest
little shop
I vår manuella
finns allt från en god
hemlagad räksallad
till nygrillade kycklingar
och kallrökta skinkor.
Tel. 0492-313 00
Färsk frukt
och fina grönsaker!
Leveranser varje dag
och ett brett sortiment
av goda primörer.
Gott i sommar...
...melon med
kallrökt skinka.
Bilder: Colourbox
We have a fabulous exotic selection for your
barbeque: everything from Alligator Fillet to
Elk Steak. The café offers freshly made
sandwiches. Salad bar. Cash Teller.
Vi bakar nytt
färskt bröd i vårt
butiksbageri varje dag.
Ciabatta, wienerbröd, limpor,
kanelbullar, baguetter m.m.
Allt för en god fika
eller picknick.
Plocka ihop
en god sallad
i vår fräscha
En god middag?
Vi har ett brett och
välsorterat utbud av
allt gott man kan lägga
på grillen. Färsk fisk,
butiksstyckat kött från
lokala leverantörer,
marinerat, goda
såser m.m.
Pelle & Camilla med medarbetare!
Storgatan 61 • Tel.+46 (0)492 317 02 • Öppet vardagar 8-21 • Helger 9-21
Här kan du blanda din egen sallad
Matbutiken som ligger nära Resecentrum,
Vimmerby Vandrarhem och Hotell Ronja.
Vi finns vid ruta E9.
Vi är en butik
t varje dag
bröd, nygrilla
o grönttuk
FALKÄNGSG. • VIMMERBY • TEL. 0492-758 80
15% discount on
a product of your
choice or 25%
on a product from
Life’s own range.
Books • Maps
Cards for all occasions...
Welcome to Life Vimmerby,
Norrtullsgatan 3
Follow us on facebook.com/lifevimmerby • Tel. 010-543 38 46
Hos oss hittar du
BUTIK: Sevedegatan 29, Vimmerby • Tel. 0492-181 77
SNICKERI: Dalavägen 6, Lönneberga • Tel. 070-287 64 63
E-poSt: [email protected]
Storgatan 33 - VIMMERBY - 0492-100 42
ditt kompletta bygg- & möbelvaruhus
Allt för hus & hem!
för proffs och den medvetne hemmafixaren!
Rent your
car here.
på månadens varugrupp
när du ”checkar” in hos
oss på facebook med
din smartphone.
Call and make your reservation
today. Welcome to Europcar!
Engströms Bil AB
Södra Industrig. 4, Vimmerby
Telefon 0492-660 16
Din handling
gör skillnad
tis 12-18
tors 12-18
lör 10-15
Mässbrogatan 1, VIMMERBY
0492-130 30 • erikshjalpen.se/vimmerby
We´ve got everything
our ts
expehere !
are lp you
to h
you need!
Welcome to Albins – the obvious choice.
Personal service from experts. Handyman
or professional – kitchens or flooring, paint
or hardware, industrial products or decorator
items, you’ll find it all at Albins!
Move to Vimmerby! Living in Vimmerby and
the area around has much to offer you –
whether it’s the centre of town or in any of the
attractive locations around the municipality.
Contact Vimarhem AB for all the information
you need to find the right home in Vimmerby.
Monday-Friday 7am-6pm. Saturday 9am-2pm.
Rönnbärsgatan 7, Vimmerby • Phone +46 (0) 492 660 70
Handla i vår webshop
eller besök oss i vår butik!
500 m2 butik i 2 plan
Vi har ett stort
utbud av välkända
varumärken, bl a...
• Mountain Horse
• Kingsland
• Ariat
• Whitaker
• La Cross
• Shiretäcken...
I vårt sortiment, även
varor för hund och katt
samt ”secondhorse”
Besöksadress: Hultsfredsvägen 6, VIMMERBY
0492-158 10 • 0492-426 15
Lögstadsgatan 6, VIMMERBY
Phone: +46 (0) 492-76 91 56, 0492-76 91 53,
0492-76 90 50
Find us with GPS
E-mail: [email protected]
Lat: 57.6612
Web: www.vimarhem.se
Long: 15.8632
Explanation of symbols:
B7 =map coordinates at the end of the brochure
On =go to map at the end of the brochure
Antiques, Secondhand
Bitte Antikt
Ungstorp, Djursdala
+46 (0) 492-231 68
Erikshjälpen, Secondhand
Mässbrogatan 1
+46 (0) 492-130 30
D9, advert on page 56
Wimmerby Antik & Kuriosa
Västra Tullen
+46 (0) 70-27 37 911,
+46 (0) 73-92 29 268
Sevedegatan 5
+46 (0) 492-134 60
Books, Stationary,
Vimmerby bokhandel
Stora torget
+46 (0) 492-123 10
Rosins Pappershandel
Storgatan 33
+46 (0) 492-100 42
D7, advert on page 55
Building materials,
Rönnbärsgatan 7
+46 (0) 492-660 70
C6, advert on page 57
Carlenskogs Byggvaruhus
Turbing. 16
+46 (0) 492-757 50
Södra Industrig.
+46 (0) 492-177 00
E9, advert on page 56
Car Hire
Södra Industrig. 4
+46 (0) 492-660 16Blommor,
A9, advert on page 56
Fiskaregatan 2
+46 (0) 492-311 88
B6, advert on page 53
Boston Clothing
Stora torget 5
+46 (0) 492-790 80
Ciao Bella
Stora torget 7
+46 (0) 492-790 80
Stora torget 2-4
+46 (0) 492-120 35
E8, advert on page 52
Erikshjälpen, Secondhand
Mässbrogatan 1
+46 (0) 492-130 30
D9, advert on page 56
Grolls Yrkeskläder
Magasingatan 3
+46 (0) 492-157 60
Storgatan 38
+46 (0) 492-755 40
D7, advert on page 52
Sandströms Modehus
Stora torget 2
+46 (0) 492-120 30
E8, advert on page 53
ICA Supermarket
+46 (0) 492-758 80
E9, advert on page 54
Två Klädare
Stora torget 7
+46 (0) 492-100 22
Tempo Träffen
Storgatan 61
+46 (0) 492-317 02
I7, advert on page 54
Flowers, Forest
Glass, China,
Rönnbärsg. 7
+46 (0) 492-660 70
C6, advert on page 57
Lönneberga Slöjd & snickeri
Sevedegatan 29
+46 (0) 492-181 77
D7, advert on page 55
Fiore Florist Design
Storgatan 48
+46 (0) 492-185 50
Stora torget 2
+46 (0) 492-127 94
E8, advert on page 53
Blomgatan 3
+46 (0) 492-318 90
Vimmerby Turistbyrå
+46 (0) 492-310 10
ICA Kvantum
Magasinsgatan 6
+46 (0) 492-103 10
C5, advert on page 54
Lindeborgs Blommor
Rönnbärsgatan 25
+46 (0) 492-102 00
Sevedegatan 5
+46 (0) 492-134 60
Vidersborgs Plantskola
Vidersborgsv. 2
+46 (0) 492-137 50
Stora Torget 2
+46 (0) 492-109 50
E8, advert on page 52
Kahnli kläder
Storgatan 27
+46 (0) 492-312 07
Coop Konsum
Norrtullsgatan 5
+46 (0) 492-660 50
F6, advert on page 54
Stora torget 2
+46 (0) 492-127 94
E8, advert on page 53
ICA Kvantum
Magasinsgatan 6
+46 (0) 492-103 10
C5, advert on page 54
Lönneberga Slöjd & snickeri
Sevedegatan 29
+46 (0) 492-181 77
D7, advert on page 55
Stora torget 2
+46 (0) 492-127 94
E8, advert on page 53
Vimmerby Krukmakeri
+46 (0) 492-107 89
K11, advert on page 19
Vaxboa i Käbbo
Käbbo, Södra Vi
+46 (0) 492-204 38
Lr, advert on page 19
Vimmerby Tenn
Älåkragatan 12
+46 (0) 492-311 00
Petrol, Car parts
Pools, Lots
Apotek Hjärtat
Norrtullsgatan 5
0771-40 54 05
Storgatan 2
+46 (0) 492-101 00
Coop Konsum
Norrtullsgatan 5
+46 (0) 492-660 50
F6, advert on page 54
Storgatan 40
+46 (0) 492-132 00
Åbroallén 6
+46 (0) 492-100 65 A7
ICA Kvantum
Magasinsgatan 6
+46 (0) 492-103 10
C5, advert on page 54
Life Vimmerby
Norrtullsgatan 3
010-543 38 46
Rönnbärsgatan 7
+46 (0) 492-660 70
C6, advert on page 57
Carlenskogs Byggvaruhus
Turbing. 16
+46 (0) 492 - 757 50
Södra Industrig.
+46 (0) 492-177 00
E9, advert on page 56
Norrtullsg. 2
+46 (0) 492-102 46
Lönneberga Slöjd & snickeri
Sevedegatan 29
+46 (0) 492-181 77
D7, advert on page 55
Pet shop
Drottningg. 20
+46 (0) 492-141 10
Hultsfredsvägen 6
+46 (0) 492-158 10
B8, advert on page 57
Apotek Hjärtat
Norrtullsgatan 5
+46 (0) 771-40 54 05
Tempo Träffen
Storgatan 61
+46 (0) 492-317 02
I7, advert on page 54
Storgatan 38
+46 (0) 492-755 40
D7, advert on page 52
Vimmerby Telecenter
Stora torget 5
+46 (0) 492-125 00
Toys, Games
Textiles, Sewing
Bladhs Eftr.
Sevedeg. 27
+46 (0) 492-100 61
Fiskaregatan 2
+46 (0) 492-311 88
B6, advert on page 53
Storgatan 37
+46 (0) 492-128 88
Shoes, Bags
Photo, Watches,
Hammargrens Ur & Optik
Sevedegatan 37
+46 (0) 492-101 14
E7, advert on page 52
Rosins Pappershandel
Storgatan 33
+46 (0) 492-100 42
D7, advert on page 55
Perfumery, Cosmetics
Miltons Guld
Sevedeg. 39
+46 (0) 492-123 00
Coop Konsum
Norrtullsgatan 5
+46 (0) 492-660 50
F6, advert on page 54
Stora torget 2
+46 (0) 492-127 94
E8, advert on page 53
Stora torget 2-4
+46 (0) 492-120 35
E8, advert on page 52
Downstairs Footwear
Stora torget 2-4
+46 (0) 492-313 70
E8, advert on page 52
Grolls Yrkeskläder
Magasingatan 3
+46 (0) 492-157 60
Storgatan 38
+46 (0) 492-755 40
D7, advert on page 52
Stora torget 7
+46 (0) 492-158 00
E7, advert on page 53
For further information, visit
From Vimmerby, it is just a 45-minute drive to Småland’s
archipelago city and all the activities it has to offer:
park, archipelago ferry boats, shopping, walks along
the promenade, the fantastic rocks where you can sunbathe and
enjoy a swim, Sweden’s
family holiday resort, the ferry
boat to Gotland, the fantastic campsites along
the shore, hotels by the sea, music events,
, sporting events,
and lots of other things
+46 (0) 490-875 20
0490 - 25 40 40
[email protected]
Hagadal Sports Centre
Opening hours July - August
Monday 10:00am-5:45pm
Tuesday 4:00pm -7:45pm
Wednesday1:00pm -7:45pm
Thursday 4:00pm -7:45pm
1:00pm -5:45pm
Kinda has something
for everyone of every age
and for every occasion.
Kinda has lots of lakes, so many that you can swim in a different lake every
day of the year. There are shallow and deep lakes, with a diving tower or
nearby kiosk, and lakes at which you are almost guaranteed to be alone.
Or, maybe a quiet tour on Kinda Canal is more your thing?
Or, why not try a cave adventure in Trollegater,
one of Sweden’s biggest primary rock caves.
In the winter, you must of course ski at Tolvmannabacken.
When you want a break from swimming or adventures, we think you should
try and taste Kinda. You will find, for example, marmalades, cucumber and
meat. Take a look at our museums or just enjoy being here!
Kinda Tourist office, Stora Torget 5, SE-590 37 Kisa
+46 494 194 10 www.kinda.se
20 km
Ride a draisine on the Narrow-gauge. In the summertime
you can have a go at riding a draisine (railhandcar, Swedish:
dressin) along the narrow-gauge railway. You can choose between cycling between Hultsfred-Målilla, Virserum-Åseda or
Virserum-Aggatorp. It’s the perfect way to have a picnic out
in the beautiful natural landscape.
Hultsfred-Målilla 12 km
Hultsfred Tourist Office
+46 495-24 05 05
[email protected]
Virserums-Aggatorp 3,5 km
Åseda-Virserum 30 km
Virserums Station
+46 495-108 08,
+46 70-377 56 11
Did you forget your
picnic basket?
Book it the same time as
you book your bicycle trolley
Book online
www.visithultsfred.se | www.smalsparet.nu
It’s easy to get here
Vimmerby lies at the intersection of Swedish
National Roads (SNR) 23/34 and 40 and is about
300 km from Stockholm-Gothenburg-Malmö.
From Malmö:
A good choice of routes is to take SNR 23 via Osby,
Växjö and Målilla
From Stockholm:
Take Expressway, E4 to Linköping and then exit
onto SNR 23/34 southbound.
If you’re travelling by car:
From Gothenburg:
Take SNR 40 toward Jönköping, Nässjö and
Approximate Distances from VIMMERBY
From:Stockholm: Gothenburg: Kalmar: Västervik: 300 km Malmö: 340 km
280 km Jönköping: 120 km
140 km Linköping: 90 km
55 km
From Oslo:
Drive via Svinesund, Trollhättan, Falköping and
Jönköping, then SNR 40 (as above)
If you’re travelling by train:
Two direct services Stockholm–Vimmerby daily and
several a day to/from Linköping and Kalmar. Check
the Swedish Railways timetable for further information: www.sj.se or www.resrobot.se
If you’re travelling by bus:
Several services a day to/from Kalmar, Jönköping
and Västervik. Check on www.klt.se or www.resrobot.se for more details. Services from other counties are also available. Special weekend services
available from www.swebusexpress.se
or www.svenskabuss.se
Closest airports:
Växjö, Kalmar, Jönköping and Stockholm/Skavsta.
Important Telephone numbers:
SOS Alarm: 112
Pharmacy: +46 (0)771 405 405
Police: 114 14
Medical Centre: +46 (0)492 176 00
Taxi: +46 (0)492 120 20
Travel Centre: +46 (0)10-21 21 000
Dental Clinic: +46 (0)492 176 50
Veterinary Clinic: +46 (0)492 140 05
TO Call TO Sweden:
Replace leading zero with country code +46 in
the figures. See example: +46 (0) 492 310 10
Photo: Hans Gustafsson, Effect
From Denmark/Germany:
Alternative 1: Via the Øresund Bridge-Tunnel to
Malmö or via ferry to Trelleborg, then Malmö; and
then as above from Malmö on SNR 23.
Alternative. 2: Ferry from Helsingborg-Helsingör.
Then, take E4 to Ljungby, turn onto SNR 25 for
Växjö, then SNR 23 to Målilla.
Find us with GPS
Lat: 57.6653
Long: 15.8547
Vimmerby Turistbyrå
Address: Rådhuset 1, Stångågatan 29, 598 37 VIMMERBY
Telefon +46 (0) 492-310 10
www.vimmerbyturistbyra.se • [email protected]
Our opening times, 2014:
Period Mon-FriSaturdaySunday
1 Jan – 15 May 10am – 4pm
16 May – 5 June 9am – 5pm
9am – 2pm
Kristihimmelfärds dag 29:e maj öppet 9am – 2pm
6 June – 6 July
9am – 6pm
9am – 2pm 9am – 2pm
Nationaldagen 6:e June open 9am – 2pm
Midsommarafton 20 June open 9am – 2pm
7 July – 27 July
9am – 20pm
9am – 20pm 9am – 20pm
28 July – 31 Aug
9am – 6pm
9am – 2pm 9am – 2pm
1 Sept – 27 Sept
9am – 5pm
9am – 2pm
28 Sept – 31 Dec
10am – 4pm
Photo: Daniel P. Sandin
Responsible publisher:
Vimmerby Turistbyrå
Rådhuset 1, 598 37 Vimmerby
Phone: +46 (0) 492 310 10
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.vimmerbyturistbyra.se
Reservation for any typographical
errors, change of opening hours
and other things that are beyond
our control.
Cover images
Photo: Astrid Lindgren’s World,
Virum Älgpark, Astrid Lindgren’s Näs
Town of Vimmerby
900 1000 metres
Production: Roxx Media Sverige
Printing: Ecoprint, 2014
In the charming town of Vimmerby in northern
Småland, you’ll find a real playful destination. This is
where Astrid Lindgren, one of the world’s best-loved
authors of children’s books, was born. Astrid touches
people all over the world with her books, and it was
right here, in the small town of Vimmerby, that she
laid the foundations for her fantastic writing.
You will also be moved when you visit Näs, the place
where Astrid Lindgren grew up. Within walking
distance of Vimmerby town centre, you can visit her
childhood home and a range of exhibitions at Astrid
Lindgren’s Näs Cultural Centre. The first chapter of
the Gardens at Astrid Lindgren’s Näs opens in June.
Here, you can walk through a rose garden, enjoy the
apple grove and the plum grove, and see green art
installations in the vicarage park.
Astrid Lindgren’s World is where fairy tales come to
life. New this year in the park is the evening theatre
with ‘Pippi in the South Seas’, an exciting performance
with cannons, smoke and fire that runs on twelve
evenings in July. And don’t miss last year’s success, the
new Katthult, where Emil continues to get up to new
and old mischief. Just outside Vimmerby you will also
find Katthult and Bullerbyn (Noisy Village) where the
films where shot.
In the children’s town of Vimmerby, there is of course
lots more to discover, regardless of how young or
old you are. Vimmerby has beautiful nature, a wide
range of restaurants, nice shopping and many cultural
treasures. In this brochure, we will guide you to all
the museums, places to swim, cafés, churches, parks,
accommodation, shops, restaurants and other expe­
riences we think should not be missed.
Sweden’s most
playful destination
We hope we can make your visit to Astrid Lindgren’s
Vimmerby extra special.
Peter, Ulf, Piroska and Henrik
••••• = Walking street
Astrid Lindgren’s World
– Astrid Lindgren’s Näs
Tourist Centre E8
••••• = Walking street
Astrid Lindgren’s World – City Centre
= Inner ring
= Outer ring

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