indian ink october 2012



indian ink october 2012
Manhasset Secondary School
Indian Ink
Volume: V
October 2012
Issue: I
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Spirit Week
By Elise Simon
This year's spirit week started the same as any other with the classic pajama day, in which the seniors took
first place. Sophomores took the lead Tuesday with clash day. Thursday was by far the most creative day, and seniors took back the lead with the entire grade wearing togas. On Friday, seniors were still in the lead after the exciting pep rally.
however, was very different
than the ones we’ve previously experienced here at
Manhasset High School.
Instead of the usual hallway
decoration, which is always
a highlight of the week, the
high school students headed
into the gym for the entire
morning. The seniors were
gifted the entire middle
school gym and a dance
party, while the other
grades each had a corner of
the high school gym to themselves. After a shortened day of classes
all high school students reconvened in the gym for the annual pep
rally during which the fall varsity teams were announced. In between, there were competitions for the grades. The
pep rally ended with an exciting surprise; Mr. Keizer dunked a basketball after jumping over Dr. Schlanger. Seniors were victorious
in spirit week, with
the juniors and sophomores tied for second and the freshman in last place.
Congratulations seniors! ■
Indian Ink
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New Teachers
As we walk through the bustling halls
of Manhasset High School, there is an evident, refreshing, positive energy. The sweet
essence of summer slipped away at the start of
crisp fall weather, and we are all preparing
ourselves for another exciting year. As editors, we are confident that this year’s Indian
Ink articles will be as spectacular as ever! The
world is constantly changing, and there is so
much going on. Our lives are influenced by
new developments in technology, fashion,
politics, health, sports, the arts, etc. All of our
staff members have worked tirelessly to present these current events in a unique light,
appealing to all students. Exciting events at
school are reported and reflected on by our
journalists. We hope that you find these articles to be informative, entertaining, and inspirational. With the help of our incredible advisor, Ms. Linda Stampler, we have produced
this issue with passion and positivity, hoping
that it will provide a warm welcome back to
the high school. The staff of Indian Ink is
proud to present its first issue of the 20122013 school year. Enjoy! Any students interested in writing for the newspaper are welcomed and encouraged to attend our Monday
morning meetings at 7:30 in Room 165.
Isabella Calpakis, Laura Eng, and Nicole
Kiprilov (Co-Editors)
Front row, (left to right)— Barbara Speight (Secondary
School, physics); Diane D’Angelo (Secondary School, Spanish); Matthew Ganes (High School, guidance); Kristen Wolfinger (High School, guidance); Danielle Cerulli (High School,
guidance); Alison Huenger (Secondary School, science), Suzanne Main-Wegielnik (Middle School, school psychologist);
Second row, (left to right)--; Richard Koenig (Secondary
School, math); Amy Mastrocinque (Secondary School, English); Marcela Sepe (Secondary School, Spanish); Jacqueline
Wiley (Secondary School, foreign language); Michelle Fazzolari (Secondary School , special education. Back row, (Left to
right); Chris Csajko (Secondary School, art); Derek Jones
(Secondary School, math. Not pictured: Jenna Wood
(Secondary School ,math)
Christopher Columbus Trivia
In what year did Columbus set sail on his historic voyage?
1472, 1482, 1492
Columbus set sail on behalf of which country?
England, Italy, Spain, Portugal
How many people were in Columbus' crew?
About 30, About 60, About 90, About 120
Which year was the first celebration of Columbus' landing
in the New World?
1792, 1765, 1752, 1712
When Columbus returned to Spain, he did so with only two
ships. Which ship was missing?
Nina, Pinta, Sana Maria
Which U.S. President declared Columbus Day a federal
John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald
Ford, Jimmy Carter
Answers on page 24
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Volume V, Issue I
By Cassandra Lee
The sophomores fell short last year made
a huge comeback this year, placing first with the
famous Hunger Games, “2015 Katniss Everdeen.” The seniors kept it strong this year once
again clinching second place, with their float
“2013 Senior Royalty.” The juniors came in third
with, “2014 Olympic Dreams.” The freshmen, a
little new to the whole spirit week, had a rocky
start with their candy themed float, “2016 Sweetest Dream.” Congratulations to all grades for
having put together a float in less than two
This year we were also joined by the
class of 1962, celebrating their 50th reunion. Four
members of the 1962 football team came back to
witness the 2012 game. ■
Isabella Calpakis
Laura Eng
Nicole Kiprilov
Writing Staff
Isabella Calpakis
Cale Clinton
Emma Dong
Kathleen Eng
Laura Eng
Robert Godfried
Maxwell Hu
Griffin Hyde
Andrew Jacono
Nicole Kiprilov
Michael Kokkinos
Bridget Lavin
Cassandra Lee
Corey McCluskey
Brian Mo
Adam Prinzo
Jessica Siconolfi
Elise Simon
Bradley Spilka
Kimberly Te
Linda Stampler
1st Place—Class of 2015 Katniss Everdeen
2nd Place— Class of 2015 Senior Royalty
3rd Place— Class of
4th Place— Class
2014 Olympic Dream
2016 Sweetest Dream
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Indian Ink
Homecoming 2012: Manhasset vs. Lynbrook
By Cale Clinton
Homecoming is always a
special time of year. The leaves
begin to change color, apple cider
and pumpkins fill the air, and football season is at its peak. This year’s
hasset was forced to punt and eventually let up a big return by Lynbrook. With key pursuit by punter
Jake Miller (senior) and lineman
Cale Clinton (sophomore), the punt
driving down the field, Liam Young
(senior) took it to the house on a 6yard run for Manhasset’s second
score of the game. In the fourth
quarter, a pair of sacks by Chris
Manhasset homecoming took place
this past Saturday, Septemper 29th.
The Indians took on the 1-2 Lynbrook Owls, a team much better than
their record. Manhasset sat in the
middle of their division at 2-1. However, as head coach Chuck Collyer
explained throughout the week,
there’s a big difference between 2-2
and 3-1. With two difficult road
games approaching, the outcome of
this game could easily determine
Manhasset’s playoff fate. The kickoff started promptly after the end of
the Homecoming Parade, with Manhasset kicking off. After a tough
drive by the Lynbrook offense, they
settled for a short yardage field goal
to star the scoring at 3-0. After two
three-and-out drives in a row, Man-
returner was shoved out of bounds at
Manhasset 25 yard line, stopping a
potential 10-0 deficit. Lynbrook was
forced to kick a field goal after big
stops by lineman Phil Boukas
(senior) and middle linebacker Nick
Zenobio (senior). This point is where
the Indians came back into the game
at full force. After driving down the
field from their own 30, Manhasset
scored the first touchdown of the
game with a 54 yard run by James
Farrell (junior). Key defensive stops
by Chris Howell (senior) and Tom
Lavelle (senior) kept Lynbrook from
scoring for the rest of the half. At the
half, Manhasset led 7-6 and would
receive the ball at the return of the
game. After a big interception by Jon
Stefan (senior) to stop the Owls from
Howell on the line and an interception by Sean Grimm (senior) in the
secondary kept Manhasset’s momentum in full swing. A 15- yard scramble out of the pocket by quarterback
Kevin Overlander (senior) and a 25yard touchdown reception by Jon
Stefan, the Manhasset Indians
capped off their homecoming win 27
-6. The spirited victory leaves Manhasset well poised to compete for a
playoff berth. The team seems to be
gathering confidence and is getting
beter as the season progresses. They
will need their best effort in the next
two road games ahead of them. Their
next home game is October 20th
against Valley Stream South.
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Volume V, Issue I
Game Statistics
Kevin Overlander went 13-for-21 for 179 yards and a touchdown. He also ran four times for 39 yards and an
impressive touchdown to add to his highlight reel.
James Farrell ran 12 times for 115 yards and a touchdown. Liam Young finished the game with 14 attempts
for 73 yards and a touchdown.
Jon Stefan had three impressive receptions from Overlander for 50 yards and a touchdown. Matt Downey had
six catches for 85 yards. Dylan Meyer (senior) had one catch for 35 yards.
Key interceptions by Jon Stefan and Sean Grimm kept Manhasset ahead throughout the game.
Nick Zenobio led the defense to victory with nine tackles and three assists. Phil Boukas added seven tackles
and two assists and Chris Howell had five tackles and three sacks.
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Indian Ink
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Volume V, Issue I
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Indian Ink
Mrs. Doulton Comments at Education Nation!
An interview by Jessica Siconolfi and Corey McCluskey
When our teacher told us that she was invited to attend this year’s Teachers’ Town
Hall meeting at Education Nation with NBC News Brian Williams, we wanted to find out
more. Read on to learn more about Education Nation and Mrs. Doulton’s passion for literacy.
Jessica: What exactly is Education Nation?
Mrs. Doulton: Education Nation is a week long Summit where educators, parents, policymakers, and the public discuss challenges, solutions and innovations that affect public education.
NBC News hosted the first-ever Education Nation Summit in New York City in September
2010, and in the two years that have followed, has visited communities across the nation to
explore the challenges and opportunities in American education today.
Corey: What is the Teachers’ Town Hall?
Mrs. Doulton: The Teachers’ Town Hall is a two hour meeting that broadcasts live across the nation with 200 educators selected from the fifty States. For the past two years, Brian Williams, the NBC News Anchor, has hosted the event
asking teachers and panel members to comment on significant issues affecting students’ lives today.
Jessica: How are teachers selected to participate in this event and how were you selected?
Mrs. Doulton: Most teachers are invited based on the honors/awards they receive from their individual States as well
as their accreditations. Many teachers that I met have National Board Certification or have won the Outstanding
Teacher of the Year award from their State. I have won some awards in the past, but more recently Mrs. Allison Rushforth, Executive Director of Special Education Services, nominated me as an Outstanding Educator for Scholastic’s
Read 180 Program.
Corey: Did you feel nervous participating in an event that was aired live in front of millions of people?
Mrs. Doulton: Absolutely! First of all, I had to go through security clearances in order to get in and then I had to wait
on a long line to get seated. I didn’t know where I would be seated or what to expect before arriving to the meeting.
Once seated, I felt isolated because I didn’t know any of the other attendees and there were cameras and teleprompters
all over the place. The room was buzzing with action. Brian Williams and his staff were navigating comments and
questions from the panel members, audience participants, and, of course, social media.
Jessica: How were you able to make a comment and what did you speak about?
Mrs. Doulton: During the event, staff from NBC News interviewed teachers in the audience who seem passionate
about a topic that is being addressed by the panel. The meeting is only two hours long , and between panel discussions
and commercial breaks, there is only time for a few teachers to comment. This year, one of the topics was the affect
that poverty has on student performance in school. Of course, as a reading teacher, who has taught a lot of poor students, I said that there is a clear and direct correlation between poverty and adult illiteracy. I suggested that schools
should reach out to parents who have difficulties with reading and writing, and teach them to read and write, and be
involved with passion. To me, if parents read, children read. Plain and simple!
Corey: You mean you would use the Read 180 Program at our school with adults in our community who want to improve their language skills?
Mrs. Doulton: Yes! Scholastic’s programs, such as Read 180 and System 44 , are also designed to assist older learners
with reading and writing. I think all people, at all ages, should have access to a program and curriculum that can assist
them with becoming independent readers, writers, and most importantly, lifelong learners.
Jessica: Do you think you will be invited to attend next year’s Education Nation? And, if so, what would you speak
Mrs. Doulton: As I’ve been on Education Nation twice, I do not know if I will be invited a third time. There are many
great teachers in the nation who should also be given a voice at Education Nation. When I read some of their comments on the social media, I feel that they have a lot to offer. If I am invited again, and then get a chance to speak, I
will say that all people should have an opportunity to learn how to read and write at any time in their lives.
Jessica and Corey: Thank you, Mrs. Doulton. We hope that your students and their parents experience your passion for
learning! For anyone who wants to view Mrs. Doulton’s comments, all you have to do is log onto YOUTUBE and
type “Sally Doulton Comments at Education Nation.” This is it for now. Until next year…! ■
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Volume V, Issue I
Local College Admissions Coach Shares His Knowledge
By Isabella Calpakis
Reach and
and supplements?
Scholarships and
aid? As the
stress of the
college application
begins, learn a few tips from a local
yet renowned college admissions
coach before anxiety consumes you.
Dave Marcus, a Manhasset
resident, is an ex-reporter for Newsday, a published author, a Pulitzer
Prize winner in journalism, an interviewer for Brown University’s prospective students, and a college admissions coach. Mr. Marcus, a graduate of Brown with a recent fellowship at Harvard University, took a
few moments to offer advice for
Manhasset High School students.
He is the father of two MSS students, Ben (grade 10) and Tatiana
(grade 8).
Regardless of grade level,
this advice will prove helpful since
every student will encounter that
same process before the glorious day
of high school graduation.
Mr. Marcus calls one chapter “You’re lost before you’ve started” in his book about Long Island
students applying to college, Acceptance: A Legendary Guidance
Counselor Helps Seven Students
Find the Right College – and Find
Themselves. As Mr. Marcus wisely
advises, “The best way of predicting
how you’ll do in college is by seeing
how you do in high school.”
Though we all focus on standardized
testing Mr. Marcus states admissions
officers are looking for “the kind of
person who can be a role model –
with the integrity and maturity to be
a standout in dorms, classrooms, and
labs.” Admissions officers do not
expect perfection from a teenager,
but he says they do look for “hard
work, integrity, and a thirst for
Instead of obsessing over
rankings and brands of colleges, Mr.
Marcus says students should look for
a “perfect fit” college where you will
be “pushed to do your best work”
and become a leader. Don’t forget –
four years of your life will be spent
here. When on campus, ask yourself
if that is an easy picture to imagine.
As the school year starts,
jolting the dreams of summer, Mr.
Marcus tells seniors that in order to
battle procrastination, spend at least
25 minutes per night on applications.
Also, speak to your guidance counselor in Manhasset’s “excellent”
guidance department.
His book Acceptance follows a guidance counselor at Oyster
Bay High School as he helps students discover not only a career path,
but also who they are. Mr. Marcus
depicts seven students, each one so
different from the next that the reader can relate to at least one. College
admissions is not just about getting
accepted, but also about discovering
Need tips on how to stay
sane during Application Time? Interested in the book Acceptance? Visit for more
Tips for Staying Sane During Application Time / By Dave Marcus,
author of Acceptance
1. Avoid getting fixated on rankings of “best” colleges. A spread sheet cannot determine whether you will fit
for four years.
2. Abandon the term “safety college.” You don’t want to get stuck on a campus your family has come to think
of as a last-chance place
3. Ask your parents to spend whole weekends without discussing college apps. If you bring up up the subject,
that’s fine.
4. Set aside an hour to go to with your parents to a diner or coffee shop every week to talk about SATs and
ACTs, financial issues and other application business.
5. If you are unsure of an academic or career path by the 12th grade, try volunteer service in areas that seem
interesting. Consider a “gap” year to work or do volunteer work. ■
Indian Ink
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The Fragrance Crisis
By Andrew Jacono
Soon after the high school
classes were welcomed back into
their daily routines, the annual
assembly that everyone looks forward
to took
place. We were
exposed to some
of the same topics
that we were used
to hearing: guidance
new school acts,
and anti-bullying
lectures. However,
it came as a shock
when Mr. Sippin
Fitch Fragrances
as well as Axe products had been
banned from school due to
“allergenic reactions” which could
potentially hospitalize students. I
thought……Is this just another
scare or is this a true fragrance crisis?
Whatever the case, these
fragrances apparently can cause severe reactions in a student’s body,
and pose a substantial health risk.
Because so many students use these
fragrances, it can be hard to deter
them from using them. According to
articles floating around the web, the
popular Fierce cologne that many
students wear is a genuine hazard to
buyers. These fragrances that are
sprayed around the Abercrombie &
Fitch stores are dangerous. Disturbingly enough, almost everyone I
know uses these colognes. The
question is how much you apply.
One can apply a small amount, the
suggested amount, and there may be
no reaction. However, one can also
apply an extreme amount so that
everyone around the school can
smell. This is where the idea of
moderation comes in. Too much is
no good. This, by no means, says
that these products do not cause severe reactions if used sparingly; rather, they may still cause allergic
responses even when used in small
amounts. The real worries come
from what ingredients are put into
these products.
Many products sold by these marketers contain “11 secret
chemicals” that are not disclosed on
the labels. Apparently, the fragrance
has chemicals that can cause reactions such as asthma attacks, contact
dermatitis, headaches, and the disruption of hormone levels essential
to male reproductive health. Although we do not know exactly what
these chemicals are, we can all
agree that the effects can cause severe, detrimental health risks.
As far as Axe products go,
whenever it is gratuitously sprayed
in the locker rooms, I know I sneeze
a lot. The smell is so strong that it
makes my eyes water and my nose
flare up. There have also been articles floating around stating that Axe
products are dangerous to people
with certain allergies. In fact, most
deodorant products have the same
effect as that of Axe. But because so
many people use Axe products in
school, it is easy to pinpoint it as the
core of the allergic reactions. We
can debate and ponder about this
issue for as long as we want, but
will it reach a point as to where nobody will use these fragrances anymore? The answer is simple: no.
People will not stop using these
products because the smells are enticing. The commercials tend to
make you want the product because
they make you seem manly. The
only real thing we can do to fix the
problem with these fragrances is to
stop the overuse of them. One or
two quick sprays should be enough.
To those actually allergic to
the chemicals inside of these products, the chemicals that can potentially cause great harm, don’t wear
them, no matter how tempting. These products have caused serious
harm in the past, and we don’t want
anybody else getting hurt. We want
everyone to learn in a welcoming
I think the actual point of
the new rules against the Axe and
Abercrombie & Fitch products is
not to ban them, but to keep them
on the low-down. Don’t overuse
these products. Even when you use
them in small amounts, the fumes
are obnoxious. The best bet is probably not to use them at all. Whatever can better the overall health of
the school the better for all. Only
then can we end this fragrance crisis.■
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Volume V, Issue I
Metal Detectors Cause Frenzy in Public School
By Nicole Kiprilov
Imagine that every time you walk can look up to an adult at the school violent situations. It is not that big of a
through the entrance of your High
School, you experience a surge of fear
- that at any moment a metal detector
could sound. This strange circumstance has become the norm for students at Bushwick Community High
School in New York City. The current
security program at Bushwick High is
an example of how far a school has to
go to provide an environment that is
safe and secure for its’ students. Bushwick Community High School has
been experiencing problems with gun
violence, bullying, and substance
abuse, primarily because it shares a
building with a junior high school that
has earned a reputation for violence.
Just recently, the NYC Education Department took a major step, in the
right direction installing metal detectors at the school’s entrance, which
has caused a major stir among the student body.
Each morning, the 420 students who attend Bushwick Community High must pass through a series
of metal detectors and security officers with wands and handcuffs. Bushwick Community High School is a
transfer school, which means that it
offers support for teenagers who are
experiencing difficulties at home and
in their communities. According to the
Education Department, the action of
implementing metal detectors is justified by the fact that the school has had
a long history of tragic events. However, according to the Education
Board, the high school has not had a
violent episode in a decade. It seems
like the new security system really
works! According to an official survey, 97 out of 101 Bushwick students
said that bullying did not exist in their
school. One hundred percent of the
100 students surveyed said that they
for support. Bushwick High is currently one of the few city schools that has
not had a violent episode in quite
some time. Despite the progress, students have complained profusely
about the violation of their privacy
each time they enter the school building. They state that the use of metal
detectors has stripped them of their
sense of family and unity in the
school. One student stated, “I’m becoming a man here. Honestly, these
detectors add to my stress and isolation.” This student is not the only one
who has issued complaints against the
morning trauma at Bushwick High.
Even faculty members have complained that the situation has gotten
way out of control. Students are being
harassed when they were merely carrying water bottles and some change.
Students who are being singled out by
the officers feel embarrassed in front
of their peers. According to the article,
a student had forgotten about a quarter
in his pocket, and he had been interrogated in front of his friends. He states,
“I felt a hundred pairs of eyes watching me.” Students are also late to
class, due to the amount of time required to check each individual in the
morning. Ellie Weiss, a longtime
teacher and dean at the school, states,
“The glue in this building is love, and
the metal trespasses on that.”
Even though I am certain that
I would not feel comfortable learning
and thriving in an environment like
the one at Bushwick High, I am positive that I would at least feel more
safe and secure. I believe that the implementation of metal detectors to
provide security for high school students is a good idea, especially in a
school where the student body has
experienced trauma from previous
deal that every morning, students have
to walk through metal detectors. It
takes about a second to walk through,
and students only need to be mindful
of what they are carrying, so as not to
set the detectors off unintentionally.
However, the effectiveness of this
metal detector project is the most important part. Metal detectors can really
identify individuals who have an intention of committing a crime within
the school. Teachers and administrators should encourage students to look
at this issue from a different point of
view. They should assure students that
the use of metal detectors is only for
safety reasons, and not for the degradation of students’ self-esteem. According to the article, Buswick High
had never used metal detectors before.
The cause of this frustration could be
that students are not used to having
metal detectors at their school. Even
though they are not used to this morning routine, they will adapt to it after a
while. I feel that the Education Board
needs to set up a program/presentation
for the students that will explain the
details of the reason for the use of the
metal detectors. I think students and
teachers at the school need to fully
comprehend what is at stake. They
need to understand the severity of
school violence, and be exposed to
specific facts and statistics about this
nationwide problem. Having metal
detectors at the school is really not a
big deal, and students need to bite
their lip and just accept it. After all,
why take a chance?■
NY Times—In a School Built on
Trust, Metal Detectors Inject Fear Sept 17, 2012
Page 12
Indian Ink
The High School Media Center
By Griffin Hyde
The Tower Foundation of
Manhasset, Inc. is a not-for-profit
organization established in 1991
by members of the Manhasset
community to enrich the educational experience of the students
of the Manhasset Public Schools.
Each year, the foundation works
with members of the Manhasset
administration to fund one singular project that will better the
school system. This past summer,
the Tower Foundation continued
to improve the lives of Manhasset
students with “The Library Initiative.” With this particular project,
the goal was to make better use of
the space available in the Manhasset High School Media Center,
which in turn will foster a better
learning experience. The foundation, as well as the administrators
who they collaborated with, felt
that the library was not up to date,
seeing as it has remained un-
changed for 23
years. A new atmosphere was necessary, one that would
better suit the modern learning experience. In the redesign
of the library, students will be better
able to take advantage of the Wi Fi
system, the product of the 2011
Tower Initiative. In addition to
better use of available technology,
the new design of the library is
also conducive to more efficient
use of the space. The stairwell in
the back room was removed and
the seating below the windows
was replaced. That area now has
moveable chairs and tables, therefore encouraging group work.
Several high tables with built-in
chargers were added so that students could plug in their laptops.
In addition to charging laptops,
students can also charge their
smartphones using the new charging stations. Finally, the small
room to the left now has seating as
well. The newly designed library
will allow 50 more students to use
the facilities at any given time. By
updating the library, the Manhasset High School has lived up to its
reputation as a college preparatory
school, because the design is modeled after libraries currently found
in universities. ■
Our Very Own Michael Domanico
Michael Domanico, a
recent graduate of Manhasset
High School, worked on the staff
of Indian Ink for more than four
years. Michael started as a staff
writer, moved on to a section
head and ultimately worked in the
capacity of editor.
Pictured here is Michael
sharing his recently published
front page article in the Washington Square News—the student
newspaper at NYU.
If you are interested in
reading the article just follow this
index.php/2012/09/10/rules/. ■
Page 13
Volume V, Issue I
An Interview with Mrs. Speight
By Emma Dong
A dedicated and enthusiastic new addition to our science
department, Mrs. Speight is a veteran physics teacher from
Hewlett- Woodmere High School. She currently teaches AP Physics and 8th Grade Science at Manhasset Secondary School. Mrs.
Speight is a physics enthusiast, who majored in Physics at Clarkson University and attended graduate school at RPI. To pursue a
career in teaching Mrs. Speight attended Queens College for Education. Mrs. Speight's charismatic nature revitalizes the mundane
nature of physics with the additions of demonstrations and labs.
Aside from teaching, Mrs. Speight dedicates her time to
her 3 kids who share her hobbies of scuba diving, traveling, and
raising sea horses and butterflies. ■
An Interview with Ms. Wolfinger An Interview with Ms. Huenger
By Maxwell Hu
3 Facts About Me:
I volunteer on Sunday afternoons at a soup kitchen called Our Daily Bread in Port Jefferson.
I was a Counselor for 7 years at Oyster Bay, and
Comsewogue High School, and also coached
the Cheerleading team.
I enjoy cooking, reading, and gardening outside of
school. ■
By Kimberly Te
Let’s welcome Ms. Huenger to Manhasset High
School! She is a new teacher for the high school science
department. Currently, she teaches an Introduction to
Science Research class and some Living Environment
Honors classes. Here are three interesting facts about her:
She learned to ski before learning how to ride a bike. Ms.
Huenger has been skiing since she was two years old
and loves double black diamonds. Her favorite mountain is Mont Tremblant in Canada.
Ms. Huenger attended Stony Brook University where she
worked in a Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology
Research lab, studying microscopic fossils and extracting the climate signals.
Her Undergraduate and
Graduate thesis was with
this lab.
She learned to
surf in Hawaii
seven years
ago. ■
Page 14
Indian Ink
Student Senate
By Nicole Kiprilov
The Student Senate is a high
school simulation of an actual senate, in which students from all high
school clubs meet and discuss issues
that concern the entire student body.
Each student represents the members
of a particular club. That representative is responsible for voicing the
beliefs, opinions, and ideas of the
students that are involved in the
club. Student Senate representatives
meet once a month in the Board
Room to discuss different ways of
converging ideas to benefit the Manhasset community. The Manhasset
Student Senate has worked with Dr.
Schlanger and Mr. Sippin to organize events that raise money for cer-
tain organizations. In addition to discussing matters that concern the entire Manhasset community, the Student Senate also has an opportunity
to discuss school policy and to suggest new policies that are favorable
to the student body. The Student
Senate works closely with Manhasset CASA through youth representatives who take part in all CASA
events throughout the year. On October 18th, the Student Senate will be
meeting with Dr. Stephen Dewey to
discuss matters relating to substance
abuse. Dr. Dewey will be presenting
information about the negative
health and social effects of alcohol
abuse. Members of the Student Sen-
ate are confident that this presentation will enhance the knowledge that
Manhasset students already possess
about these problems. After the
presentation, Dr. Dewey will be initiating a casual conversation with
Student Senate members, which will
allow students to express certain
opinions about this issue. The Student Senate is looking forward to
taking part in many more events to
come. All those who wish to attend
the Student Senate meetings are welcome! If you have any questions,
please speak with Mrs. Stampler, the
Student Senate Advisor. ■
Vive le Français!
By Maxwell Hu and Michael Kokkinos
Bonjour and welcome to Society! The French Honor Society
another year of the French Honor was founded to recognize students’
excellence and passion for
the French language and
francophone culture and
acts as an extension outside of the classroom to
provide further immersion
in this amazing culture and
language. We will be having many cultural events
(such as movie nights and
dinners) throughout the
year so mark your calendars! Our regular meetings
take place on Thursdays at
7:40 a.m. in room 174, and
our calendar for the year
can be found on the
French Honor Society
website and bulletin board.
This year’s officers are
Michael Kokkinos, Maxwell Hu, Emory Parker,
and Sai Senthilkumar. There is extra
help and tutoring available for all
French students every Thursday
morning from 7:40 to 8:00 in the
language lab.
All French students are welcome to participate in special events.
Maybe you’ve always loved French
movies and films? Then feel free to
join in on our movie nights! Some of
our other events include Hearts for
Haiti/Red Cross fundraising, and
interesting presentations. Here’s to
another great year! ■
Volume V, Issue I
Page 15
Android OS- The Alternative to Apple’s iOS
By Brian Mo
iOS, please step aside. Android
just walked through the door, and it sure
looks pretty cool.
Although people aren’t actually insane
enough to say that to an iPhone, albeit
someone might eventually tell Siri that,
the number of iPhone users that have
“gone over to the dark side” and joined
the Android community is alarming.
In 2010, iOS, the operating
system on Apple’s iPhones, more than
tripled the Android operating system in
market shares; Apple held a 28% market
share, while Android held a paltry 9%
market share. The iPhone 4 had been
released the June of that year and the
future of Android seemed murky. Two
years later, Android seized a massive
68.1% market share, while iOS fell to a
measly 16.9% market share globally.
The rate at which Android has
taken over the market is staggering, to
say the least.
Smartphone manufacturers are to be
credited with the rapid growth of the
Android operating system. Phones introduced by companies such as Samsung
and Motorola helped not only to increase the Android market share, but
allowed for healthy competition
amongst the tech giants such as the companies previously stated, Apple, and
many other smartphone manufacturers.
The latest creations by Samsung, Apple’s most formidable enemy,
include the Samsung Galaxy S3. This
smartphone is one of the biggest and
fastest the company has ever released. It
bundles many new functionalities, such
as its gorgeous 4.8 inch Super
AMOLED screen, powerful processor,
and fast-snapping camera.
Similarly, Motorola released
their flagship smartphone, the Motorola
Droid Razr Maxx, a few months back.
This device features a Super AMOLED
display as well, a similarly powerful
processor, and the best battery life of
almost any smartphone on the market
Every Android smartphone
provides a custom-tailored experience
for its user. Manufacturers are allowed
to “skin” the Android software, or in
give the standard
little flare. This
noticeable when viewing transitions or
launching special apps designed for the
phone itself. However, what truly gave
way for the boom in Android’s market
share was the general sense of unity user
experienced despite using phones of
different brands. This sense of a community allowed for the rapid expansion of
Android into iOS and Blackberry territory.
The future will certainly be
unpredictable. Our previous calls on the
takeover of Apple in the mobile phone
industry were completely wrong; it
wouldn’t be surprising to hear that a
newer operating system such as Windows 8 Phone became the “kind of the
mobile phone industry” in two years.
Only time will tell whether Android
remains supreme.■
Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - Maps 2.0
By Adam Prinzo
Along with Apple's new
mobile software update, iOS 6,
comes with a new version of Maps.
The new maps, designed by Apple,
has many new features such as turnby-turn directions from your best
friend Siri, terrain switches and a
new feature called "Flyover". Since
the iPhone’s inception in 2007, the
Maps App has been provided by
Google; however that contract ended. When good things come to an
end, great things begin: Apple is
now introducing Maps 2.0 as part of
iOS 6. This time around, instead of
using a third party, Apple designed
the new map with numerous new
features, such as Flyover. This lets
you "fly over" anywhere in the
world. For example, if you type in
Empire State Building, your
phone will render a 3D image of
the Empire State Building.
Your best friend Siri is now really your best friend because she
can help with directions. If you
search a word such as "Macy's,”
she will find the nearest Macy's
store to you, ask if that location
is the one you want to use, and
then direct you there. Flyover
will be available on the iPhone
4S and iPhone 5, iPad 2 and higher
and the iPod Touch 4 Generation
and higher. It's part of the iOS 6
family now. ■
Indian Ink
Page 16
The New iPods
By Adam Prinzo
Along with the new iPhone
5, Apple announced at their September 12th Keynote two new
iPods: the new iPod Touch (fifth
Generation) and the new iPod Nano
(seventh Generation). The brand
new iPod Touch was designed to
mirror the new iPhone 5, with a
4inch screen as well as many of the
new favorites of iOS 6. The new
iPod Touch comes in six different
colors (blue, yellow, pink, chrome,
black and a special
Product Red Edition). It also features the "iPod Touch Loop," which
lets a user place a strap on the back
for taking photos. The new iPod
Touch and Nano both come with
Apple new headphones called
"EarPods". The EarPods are designed to match a part of each person’s ear, and the speaker is on the
inside so the music flows directly
into your ear drum. The new iPod
Nano has been redesigned with a
larger screen, and video makes it
triumphant return to the iPod Nano.
It also comes in the same six colors,
as well as built-in Nike+iPod support and an FM Radio Tuner. The
new IPod Touch is available for
$249, and the iPod Nano is now
available for $149, both from the
Apple Store and ■
iPhone 5
By: Adam Prinzo
The Day: September 12th,
2012. The Place: San Francisco, CA.
The Product: iPhone 5! As Apple
CEO Tim Cook took the stage, we
all knew that what he would say
would change the iPhone forever.
Phil Schiller took the stage after
Cook and spoke about how
back in 2007, Apple reinvented the cellphone
world with the iPhone,
and "today we
would reinvent
again". The
iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter,
and has a bigger screen. Some
advancements include the
combined 4G LTE on Verizon,
AT&T, and Sprint. An 8
megapixel camera and a 4
inch screen allow for another
row of apps. The 4G LTE addition allows for Face Time use over
a cellular data network as well as Wi
-Fi. The iPhone 5 is the tallest iPhone to date keeping the basics of the
phone the same so it can still be used
by one human thumb. A brand new
feature of the iPhone 5 is Panorama,
where you can start to take a picture,
and swipe your phone across the
view to make a panoramic photo that
encompasses 240 degrees. The iPhone 5 starts at $199 with a new twoyear contract, and pre-ordering started Friday. September 14th. It was
available in store on September 21st.
Apple is keeping the current iPhone
4S at $99 and the iPhone 4 for free
with a new Two Year Contract. ■
iOS 6
By Adam Prinzo
Last July, at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple's new CEO Tim Cook announced the new version of iOS:
iOS 6, which introduced new Siri
features, new mail features, and
over 200 more. Siri, your personal
virtual assistant, is smarter, and now
knows sports, movies, restaurant
reviews (thanks to Yelp), Facebook
and Twitter. You can ask Siri for
any sports score, any movie or restaurant, and she will provide you
with all the information you need in
a timely response. Siri can also be
asked to "post a tweet" or "post to
my wall"; she is growing, and is
now supported by the iPhone 4S &
5, iPod Touch (5th Generation) and
the new iPad (iPad 4G LTE). In
iOS 6, there is a new app called
"Passbook", which holds all of your
passes (store cards, boarding passes,
coupons, and tickets). Maps in iOS
6 also have a new layout with a feature called "Flyover" that lets a user
fly over a landscape in a 3D mode.
One last major feature is that you
can now FaceTime over 3G, 4G
LTE, and Wi-Fi on certain carriers.
iOS 6 is available now on your Apple devices. ■
Volume V, Issue I
Page 17
HPV and Cervical Cancer
By Laura Eng
Cervical cancer is a prevalent disease that can be found in
women all over the world. This cancer is second only to breast cancer in
terms of cancer related morbidity
and mortality. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the cause of most
cases of cervical cancer in women.
Every year in the United States, approximately 6 million American men
and women get infected with the
virus. HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections
in the United States.
Risk factors that contribute
to the development of cervical cancer include multiple partners, intercourse at an early age, being with
partners at risk for HPV infection,
having more than one child, or having a weakened immune system.
Screening for cervical cancer is essential to reduce the incidence of the
disease. The Pap smear was first
introduced in 1941 by Dr. George
Papanicolaou. It involved smearing
cells obtained directly from the cervix onto a slide that would be examined for abnormal cells. Unfortunately, this test has a low sensitivity
rate of 60-80% for detecting early
precancerous changes in cervix, and
therefore annual testing is recommended. Currently, new techniques
have been developed in which samples are collected from the cervix
and placed directly into a vial with a
liquid preservative. The cells are
separated from the medium and examined for any abnormality. The
sensitivity of this new test for cervical cancer screening is higher at 8595%.
Prevention of cervical cancer includes education, safe sex
practice, regular screening with a
Pap test by your physician and administration of the HPV vaccine.
Condoms do appear to decrease the
likelihood of getting HPV and cervi-
cal cancer, but
does not
the possibility.
The Gardasil vaccine was
approved by the FDA in 2006. This
vaccine was initially recommended
only for girls and women from ages
9-26. More recently, the vaccine has
also been approved for use in males
from ages 9-26. Ideally, people
should take the vaccine before they
have any sexual contact, but can still
be given if they have been sexually
active. The HPV vaccine is given as
a 3-dose series, meaning that patients get three injections over a 6
month period to be fully immunized.
For more information on
HPV and cervical cancer and the
HPV vaccine, contact your doctor or
visit ■
An Update on Obesity and America’s Progress
By Nicole Kiprilov
Part 1: An Update on Obesity
According to the Center for Disease
Control and Prevention, about 33.9%
of adults 20 years of age and older in
the United States, are obese. Obesity
is defined as having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or greater. The main
concerns associated with obesity are
the long-term health effects that can
occur as a result of consuming large
quantities of sugary foods and beverages. According to the article, the consumption of large quantities of sugar
can result in diseases such as diabetes,
hypertension, cancer, and heart disease. Researchers, such as Robert
Lustig, Laura Schmidt, and Claire
Brindis, have found that the effects of
a large sugar intake are similar to
those of alcohol abuse. They also
found that the intake of fructose can
result in liver toxicity. They argue that
the most important idea to consider is
the fact that consuming small portions
of sugar on a daily basis is not harmful to an individual’s health. However,
consuming large quantities of sugar
on a daily basis is akin to a death sentence. The first sign of poor health as
a result of a large sugar intake is obesity. Once a certain level of obesity
has been reached, it is almost impossible to lose the weight and the individual has already become addicted to
consuming large quantities of sugar
on a daily basis. According to Dr.
Robert Lustig and his work with brain
scans, sugar is as addictive as cocaine.
According to Lustig, “It causes a euphoric effect that triggers dopamine,
the chemical that controls pleasure in
the brain.” The average American
consumes about 130 pounds of sugar
each year, and Americans that are
obese consume a lot more.Obesity is
becoming a global problem, and
Americans are debating whether the
government should regulate the use of
sugar in foods to protect public health.
Many researchers have suggested that
limiting the addition of HCFS (high
fructose corn syrup) would be sufficient enough, as of right now. Dr.
Continued on page 18
Page 18
Indian Ink
Robert Lustig has presented a plethora
of ideas that could potentially turn into
successful improvements. His suggestions include taxing products with added sugar, limiting the access of sugary
products in schools, regulating the advertising of sugary foods/beverages,
removing sugar from the “Generally
Regarded as Safe” list, which is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, and creating laws to prevent
students from having access to convenience stores after school. These suggestions are all described as paternalistic, because they support the vigilant
ideas and rules of parents. However,
parents themselves are becoming upset
over the criticism that they receive
from the government for allowing their
children to ingest large quantities of
sugar. Parents feel that they are doing a
great job of raising their kids and that
the issue of obesity is not meant to be
addressed in a public manner. On the
other hand, Dr. Schmidt explained why
government regulation would be effective. He states, “We’re talking about
gentle ways to make sugar consumption slightly less convenient, thereby
moving people away from the concentrated dose. What we want is to actually increase people’s choices by making
foods that aren’t loaded with sugar
comparatively easier and cheaper to
get.” The ultimate question is whether
government is infringing upon personal matters, such as personal health.
Individuals have choices and make
decisions about their diets. Individuals
are able to control their consumption
of sugar and regulate their weight. Yet,
federal authorities feel that limiting
access to sugary foods/beverages will
make the lives of individuals seeking
health much easier. In addition, as a
country that supports the well-being of
children, teens, and adults, The United
States has a social obligation to take
initiative and combat the issue. This
problem is limiting our progress and
endangering our people. Obesity and
the consumption of large quantities of
sugar has always been an issue in the
U.S., but just like all problems that are
left unsolved, this problem has gotten
worse. According to the John Hopkins
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Center for Human Nutrition, U.S. obesity prevalence has increased from 13
percent to 32 percent between the
1960s and 2004. The rise in obesity
rates is foreshadowing that America’s
future will suffer if proper action is not
taken immediately. I think that the
government should definitely take initiative and provide access to healthy
foods throughout the country. Yes, I do
agree that diet is a personal matter and
that individuals have a choice to maintain health and well-being. However,
Americans do not have access to
healthy food, even though they try to
change their diets. The products and
the chemicals that are put into our food
are slowly killing us. For example, an
average chicken in the supermarket is
stuffed with antibiotics, hormones, and
other chemicals that cause obesity.
According to the Rudd Center for Food
Policy and Obesity, fruit drinks marketed to children have more sugar than
an average candy bar. In addition,
many of these fruit drinks are sweetened with artificial sweeteners. Yet,
having a small portion of a healthy
chicken meal and some fruit juice
sounds like a healthy choice…and it
would be, if the chicken were free of
antibiotics and if the fruit juice did not
contain several packs of Splenda. This
example proves that as much as we try
to stay healthy, some things about our
food are way beyond our control. How
do we discover how our food was
grown, processes, and treated? We
cannot, which is why it is up to the
government to severely limit the use of
HFCS, artificial sweeteners, hormones,
antibiotics, propylene oxide (PPO),
trans fats, and other synthetic ingredients. Yes, we can buy organic, but
most Americans are not able to afford
purchasing organic foods on a daily
basis. In addition, even organic foods
contain some of the ingredients that
cause obesity and lead to certain disorders. It is up to the government to take
initiative and stop this vicious cycle of
financial greed, because it is slowly
killing us. Dr. Robert Lustig presented
some suggestions, as was mentioned
before. His first suggestion was to tax
products with added sugar. I do not
think this will be effective, because I
can still hear the phrase “added sugar.”
This means that more people will probably buy the products without the added sugar, but a large percentage will
still keep choosing the products that
contain more sugar. I think that our
goal is to completely ban the use of
certain ingredients that are known to
cause the most severe problems related
to obesity. That is the only way of getting the American people to stop mistreating their bodies. Dr. Lustig also
suggested regulating the advertising of
sugary foods and beverages. I think
that this is a very good idea, because
the advertisement industry is completely ripping us off. It is simply unacceptable that companies advertise using false information just to get consumers to buy their products. Dr. Lustig’s last suggestion was creating laws
to prevent students from having access
to convenience stores after school.
This will definitely not be effective,
and the enforcement of this law will be
a complete waste of time and money.
Overall, I believe that the only way
government should get involved is to
provide Americans with access to
healthy food. That means limiting the
use of ingredients which cause diseases and obesity. The government should
take initiative and deal with things that
are beyond our control. I am 100 percent sure that if we had access to
healthy food and if the government
actually cared about our personal
health, America would not be the fattest nation in the world. ■
Page 19
Volume V, Issue I
Avenue Q
By Bridget Lavin
Last Sunday, I saw Avenue
Q Off-Broadway at the New World
Stages. Avenue Q is a satire of Sesame Street where the characters deal
with real life situations. Like Sesame
Street, the show is a combination of
people interacting with puppets.
Many of the Avenue Q puppets are
based on our beloved Sesame Street
characters. Trekkie Monster represents Cookie Monster, Rod and
Nicky represent Bert and Ernie, and
there’s even a line that says, “I don’t
care where you live! Even if it’s in a
trashcan!” The cast of this show is
amazing; each person plays multiple
characters, and their personalities
and voices are distinct for each character that they play.
The show follows a group of
friends living on Avenue Q. Princeton is a young 22-year-old who is
just out of college and trying to find
his purpose in life. He quickly meets
Kate Monster, a kindergarten teaching aid who has dreams of opening a
school for monsters. The couple hit
it off, and along with their love story, the show follows the subplots of
unemployed Brian, and his fiancé,
Christmas Eve, a Japanese therapist
with no clients, Gary Coleman,
Nicky and his closeted gay roommate, Rod. Avenue Q is riotously
funny and will have you laughing
the entire time. Definitely a must see
for all lovers of theatre! ■
Bring It On: The Musical
By Bridget Lavin
If you’re looking for a fun
and upbeat new musical with awesome stunts and an overlying message of acceptance and loving yourself and others just the way they are,
then Bring It On:The Musical is the
perfect show for you! The choreography is spectacular. As Campbell, Taylor Louderman is captivating; you want to cheer just for her!
Adrienne Warren as Danielle is a
phenomenal dancer. Ryann Redmond is a scene-stealer as the hysterical Bridget. I want La Cienega
(Gregory Hanney) as my BFF; she
is just what every school needs!
Bring It On:The Musical is
not solely based on the original
Bring It On movie. It takes aspects
from all the movies in the series
and creates one great new musical
about a young girl who has just
made captain of her cheerleading
squad. Her childhood dream is to
lead her squad to Nationals, and she
believes that she can do it.
Right before her senior year
starts, she learns that she is going to
be transferred to an inner-city school
where she will stick out like a sorethumb. As she desperately tries to fit
in and find a way to dance and cheer,
she, along with her new friends,
learn a lot about what it means to be
true to you.
Bring It On: The Musical’s
book is written by Tony-award winning Jeff Whitty (Avenue Q,) and
contains music and lyrics by Tom
Kitt (Next to Normal,) Lin-Manuel
Miranda (In the Heights) and Amanda Green (High Fidelity.)
I can’t wait to buy the cast
recording. The music is fun, upbeat,
and catchy. The show’s run has
been extended through January.
Don’t run out of the theatre after the
curtain call. There is a great slide
show that follows. ■
Page 20
Indian Ink
Finale or Encore? How I Met Your Mother Season Eight Preview
By Bradley Spilka
Everyone’s favorite sitcom
in reverse returns for an eighth season with numerous mysterious plot
lines to keep us guessing. The season began September 24th, 2012 on
CBS at 8pm with a variety of cliffhangers that have yet to be answered.
Season eight started off
with Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) running away with his former girlfriend
from season two, Victoria, who left
her husband to go after Ted again.
The most intriguing storyline is the
enigma of Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) who proposed to his
girlfriend Quinn; it is also revealed
that his former love interest and
main character Robin Sherbatsky
(Colbie Smulders) will be the girl
he marries. How he progresses
from Quinn to eventually Robin
over the course of the season will
definitely be something to watch out
for. Finally, the last storyline is
how Marshall Erickson (Jason Segel) and Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan) adjust to parenthood.
Among the off-screen storylines is the debate about a ninth season for the show. All of the main
cast’s contracts are expiring after
this season and it is unknown if
CBS, or creators Carter Bays and
Craig Thomas, want to continue the
show. Both Bays and Thomas have
been dealing with the complexities
of writing a show in reverse with a
definitive end point already set, but
they both say that they have mapped
out a scenario that will end either
this season or in 2014. It has also
been rumored that both Jason Segel
and Alyson Hannigan would not
want to return for a ninth season.
This could effectively cripple the
franchise if CBS tried to make a
season without two of their main
characters. So as this debate for
another encore continues, we must
enjoy the storylines in place now
since this will likely be the finale
for Ted and his friends. ■
Volume V, Issue I
Page 21
Holiday Vacation Ideas
By Kathleen Eng
With the holiday months just around
the corner, it’s time to start thinking
about travel plans. While it’s always
fun to stay home with the family,
this is also one of the most exciting
times to travel, as places all around
the world celebrate the holidays in
their own unique way.
For the family that wants a taste of
Paris: Quebec City, Canada
Quebec City is one of the oldest cities in North America making it a
very historical destination, and
If your family can afford to splurge,
a Caribbean cruise is one of my favorite ways to celebrate the holidays! It’s a great way to escape the
snow and soak up the sun during the
dead of winter. Cruises allow you to
visit different places in a time span
of about a week which is great for
the time allotted to our holiday
break. In addition, there is always a
great variety of entertainment
onboard for all family members to
enjoy. Some of my favorite cruise
lines are Carnival and the Disney
Cruise Line. They both provide
many fantastic options to enjoy the
hot weather and enjoy the festivities!
For the family that can’t travel
far: Lake Placid, NY
Lake Placid is a great choice for the
families that don’t have the time to
make a long journey to a foreign
destination or travel to the other side
of the country. From Manhasset it is
amazingly intriguing. The stonewall about a five-hour drive, which isn’t
surrounding the city give it a feel too bad considering there’s not much
different from most places. Many of
the locals speak French and the cuisine is widely based off of French
cooking, creating an atmosphere
similar to France. The city is very
quaint, consisting of a multitude of
shops and eateries. One of my favorite stores was Boutique Ketto
where you can browse through a variety of trinkets that you cannot find
anywhere else. Another highlight of traffic. This is a great option if your
this city were its’ eateries. You can family loves to ski, snowboard, icefind anything from a quick sandwich skate, or even tube! The slopes cater
to an elegant sit-down dinner for to everyone in the family from the
two. My absolute favorite place to novice skiers to the advanced. It’s a
eat was Casse-Crepe Breton. While cozy way to spend the break as an
here you watch crepes being made, evening for many involves cuddling
you can choose from a vast variety up by a fire with some hot cocoa.
of sweet and savory crepes that are For the family that hates the
crowds: Washington DC
For the family that wants to es- If your family is looking for a vacacape the cold: Caribbean Cruise tion full of history, DC is a great
place to go during the holiday break.
This is the slowest time of the year
as most of the tourists usually flock
to warmer climates for the holidays.
It’s a great time to check out the
multitude of museums and historical
landmarks with a minimal wait. If
learning about history is not your
forte, have no fear because DC is
also a great option if you love good
eating or shopping! However, beware if you hate the cold because
DC can get to temperatures near
freezing at times. That being said,
bundle up and bring umbrellas for a
great trip!
For the family that loves to have
fun: Disney World
One of the greatest places to visit
during the holiday time is Disney
World. Although it can get cold, it’s
definitely nowhere near the freezing
temperatures of New York. The exciting rides and bottomless pit of
entertainment is only one of the factors to coming during this time of the
year. During the holidays, families
can enjoy the magic and festivities
of Disney World. The celebrations
are unlike anything else as Main
Street is lit up, late hours are in progress, and holiday cheer is at every
turn. Not to mention, the holiday
parade in Disney World is a great
way to see stars in person! Last year
Justin Bieber, Jennifer Hudson, and
Cee Lo Green were all participants
in the Christmas celebration. ■
Indian Ink
Page 22
My Journey into the Canadian Rockies
By Robert Godfried
we drove up
World Heritage Site,
near Jasper
took a steep,
hike, filled
with stony
ledges and
views of the
It’s easy to forget Canada, one of our
closest and most easily
accessible neighbors, as
well as one of the most
beautiful countries in
the world. Shortly before school started, my
family embarked upon
a journey to the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada. The moment we drove into the
Canadian Rockies, we
were awe-struck by the
stunning scenery of
rugged mountains ranges, steep
cliffs, and turquoise waterfalls encompassing our view. We officially
began our journey into the Rockies
the following day when we shouldered our packs and hiked to our
first destination, the backcountry
lodge known as Shadow Lake
Lodge, accessible only by a ten mile
hiking trail. The view from our
lodge was stunning. Trails in the
area led to breathtaking views of
graceful waterfalls and jagged cliffs
all residing over wildflower-covered
After returning to the lodge,
mountains, up to the pentacle of the
World Heritage Site. Once we
reached the summit, of our 2,000foot climb we discovered why the
area had been dubbed a World Heritage Site. The peaks were literally
covered in thousands of beautifully
preserved prehistoric trilobite fossils.
During our second week,
after returning from a quick swim in
a pristine lake, we spotted an adolescent Black Bear on the adjacent
We crouched down and
watched silently, as it playfully
rolled around in the dirt and then
blissfully scratched its ear for what
seemed like an eternity. Reminiscent of the wild and untamed beauty
of the park and its animal inhabitants, eventually the bear moved on
to carry out its daily tasks and we
continued our journey back to the
car. On the last day of the trip, we
journeyed up to the Columbia Ice
fields, an enormous glacier that
spanned multiple mountain ranges.
We went on a guided hike, during
which we explored icy precipices,
snow-covered bluffs and underground waterfalls, which seemed to
be black holes that
stretched into oblivion.
Our adventure into
the untamed Canadian Rockies was an
unforgettable experience and I would encourage you to take
your own journey
into the wild and
wondrous landscape
of our closest neighbor. ■
Volume V, Issue I
Page 23
Indian Ink
Page 24
Halloween Word Search
Halloween Word Scramble
Christopher Columbus Trivia
1492, Spain, About 90, 1792, Sana
Maria, Lyndon B. Johnson

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