danau batur lake batur



danau batur lake batur
Community Participatory
Lakes Restoration
for Bali Waterscape and Beyond
Case Study: Lake Batur in Bangli Regency
Ni Luh Kartini
PS. Agroteknologi, FP, UNUD
International Seminar UNHI – University of Heidelberg
Waterscapes in Bali and Beyond: Shifting Paradigms of Pollution and Purity
Lake Bulian
Lake Batur
Lake Tamblingan
Lake Bratan
Lake Batur
Lake Bratan
Lake Tamblingan
Lake Bulian
Bali FOCUS in the three priorities:
1. SOCIO – culture;
3. ECONOMIC (the last priority).
The Natural Landscape of Water Resource
in Bali as “Dragon”
Tail = Water Spring = Natural Lake
Body = Main Stream = Big River
Sisik= Bulakan
Scales = natural water container
Foot = Creek
Head = Estuary (River to Sea)
The Catchment Area Problems of
Lakes in Bali :
• 1. Land conversion :
• a. Coffee plant to horticultural crops
• b. Housing /Building
• c. Tourism facilities
• 2. The Vegetable plant have no terraced
• 3. The erosion is so bad
• 4. High intensity of the use of chemecal
fertilizers and pesticides
The Problems of The Lakes in Bali:
• 1. Silting
From erosion process
Solid waste from household and tourism facilities
Waste water from household and tourism facilities
Fish farming
• 2. Weeds (water hyacinth)
• 3. The water containing syntretic ingredients of
pestcides and chemical fertilizer
The SWOT Analysis of Lake Batur
Opportunities (O)
a. Tourism areas;
b. Open alternative for agricultural
diversification with competitive
c. Available funds from the government.
Threats (T)
a. The high level of depreciation / silting of
the lake;
b. Loss of biodiversity;
c. Damage to the environment due to
excavation C.
Strength (S)
a. A strong commitment of government
and society to rescue Lake Batur;
b. The presence of considerable natural
potential for business development
including tourism.
Strategic Plan (SO)
a. Making the documentation and
publication of Lake Batur;
b. Preparation of the master plan of Lake
c. Promoting tour of Lake Batur;
Weakness (W)
a. Lack of public awareness and
participation to the preservation of Lake
b. Lack of knowledge and skills of
people in Lake Batur management;
c. The low standard of living of the
coastal community of Lake Batur;
d. There is no regulation on the
management of Lake Batur.
Strategic Plan (WO)
a. Membuat kelompok pencinta dan
penyelamat Danau Batur;
b. Melakukan sosialisasi program
penyelamatan Danau Batur;
c. Melakukan penyuluhan dan pelatihan
keterampilan usaha produktif;
Strategic Plan (ST)
a. Conservation in the buffer zone and
upstream of which is a source of silting;
b. Maintain the biodiversity of the lake
through the monitoring of water quality and
aquatic biota;
c. Formulating the SEA document of Lake
Strategic Plan (WT)
a. Raising awareness and participation to
the preservation of the lake Batur;
b. Creating new jobs as a source of public
c. Conducting Lake Batur information
centers in the shores of the lake at
strategic locations.
To deal with the main issues, we needs to run
a communities development as the base of
this program and then to facilitate the
communities to shift their paradigm and
understanding and to build their good
character, especially in how to live greener
and cleaner.
Problem Solving approach:
1. To keep the Catchment area
2. To keep the forest (green)
2. Organic Agriculture, Biogas
integrated system
3. Water recycling system
4. Law enforcement “perda No.16
tahun 2009 (about Lake border)
Integrated Organic Agriculture
Integrated Organic Agriculture
Matur Suksme
Matur Suksme
Matur Suksme
Matur Suksme
Matur Suksme