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Accessories We Love: Janome Ultra Glide Foot
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Accessories We Love: Janome Ultra Glide Foot & Needle
Editor: Liz Johnson
Thursday, 21 July 2016 1:00
Life can get a little sticky sometimes. In general, that statement covers a vast array of scenarios. But in the world of sewing,
we’re usually talking about laminates, vinyls, faux leather, oil cloth, and the other sticky fabric substrates that look cool but can
be challenging to sew. The surfaces of these specialty fabrics love to drag across your presser foot and/or needle plate,
causing your stitching to bunch or break. Plus, with non-wovens, once you make a hole it’s there to stay. So the last thing you
want are extra holes due to messed up seams. The Janome Ultra Glide Foot and its accompanying Needle Plate Set gives you
the ability to sew through your sticky situations like a hot knife through butter.
The Janome Ultra Glide Foot is made from a special resin that allows the foot to smoothly move across sticky surfaces that
catch and grab a standard metal presser foot. Faux leather, vinyl, plastic, ultra-suede, oil cloth, laminated cottons… the choices
in innovative surfaces are wide and varied, and this foot works well on them all.
Sew something sticky: Happy Oilcloth Outdoor Pillows , Farmer’s Market Laminated Tote or On-The-Go Booster Seats .
The wrong side of many of these substrates is often more “cloth-like," so when stitching right sides together, a standard presser
foot can be completely fine. But for topstitching or any seams where the sticky surface is facing out, the Ultra Glide Foot comes
to the rescue.
Add the Ultraglide Needle Plate and you’re covered for situations when the sticky surface is facing out on both the top and
bottom, such as when topstitching a strap. This plate uses the same non-stick technology as the Ultra Glide Foot so your
project can flow under the foot without sticking to either surface. It feels like your sewing on a traditional cotton.
Sew something sticky: Laminated Toiletry Travel Bag , Little Sunshine Laminated Diaper Tote , or Toddler's Laminated Cotton
Project Apron.
The Ultra Glide Needle Plate works with the Janome 9mm stitch width machines, which includes the Horizon Memory Craft
12000, 14000 and 15000, as well as the MC8200QCPSE, MC8900SE, MC9400, MC9900, and the Skyline S5 and S7. These
models feature a quick change needle plate that makes changing to the Ultra Glide Plate (as well as the available Straight
Stitch Plate) fast and easy; there are no special tools required. Check your manual for more details or take a quick look at this
Janome video, which demonstrates the process on the MC15000.
The Ultra Glide Foot itself is available singularly to fit both 9mm machines as well as the majority of the 5-7mm models. Check
the full list of applicable models from Janome.
Setting up the machine
1. Remove the standard presser foot, by pushing the release button or lever at the back of the foot holder.
2. Place the Ultra Glide foot into position under the foot holder.
3. Lower the foot holder to snap on the new foot.
NOTE: This action may vary slightly based on the machine model you are using. Some models are a manual snap-on as described and some of
the more advanced models feature a one-touch button to raise and lower the foot, making it even faster.
4. To add the Needle Plate, first pop out the standard needle plate.
5. Then drop-and-snap-in the Ultra Glide Plate. As mentioned above, refer to your manual or view the Janome video for details on this quick
change feature for the plates.
1. Once in place, stitch as normal.
2. The needle hole in the foot is broad enough to accommodate a standard straight stitch as well as a zig zag or even a decorative stitch. As with any
new accessory, always test your stitch selection on a fabric scrap to insure all your settings are working well prior to diving in to your actual
3. For more information about sewing techniques when working with these fabrics, you can check out of these helpful Sew4Home tutorials:
Successful Sewing with Laminated Cottons, Oilcloth and other Sticky Stuff
Sewing with Faux Leather
Working with PUL (polyurethane laminate)
The Ultra Glide Foot as well as the Ultra Glide Foot & Plate Set are both available from authorized Janome dealers. Find a
dealer near you.
And, to stay up-to-date on all the news from Janome, visit their website and/or follow the creativity on their blog, Pinterest,
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Projects to try
Once you’re set up with your very own Ultra Glide Foot or the Foot and Plate Set, here are some fun Sew4Home projects to try
it out with:
All-Weather Tote in Cotton Laminate
Happy Oilcloth Outdoor Pillows
Mini Clean Mats in Laminated Cotton
Little Sunshine Laminated Diaper Tote
Laminated Toiletry Travel Bag
Farmer’s Market Laminated Tote
Vanity Table Top and Skirt
Toddler Splat Mat with Carrying Case
On-The-Go Booster Seats
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