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Site Report Poroton Home
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to Building shell – in record time
In 5 days to the complete building shell
•Location: Trier
•Outside wall: ThermoPlan T10
•Inside wall: Planziegel Hlz
•Incl. special bricks
3 workers (1 master craftsman, 2
•Constr. period:
5 days for the complete
building shell.
The bottom slab is casted
The first delivery
Professional discharging
The second delivery... Everything has to be at it‘s place.
The first layer
After 4 hours , the first layer is ready
Now, the plan-bricks have to be worked up
Brick after brick
Some hours later-The building is growing fast
The result of one day
The next day - The inside walls
Nearly ready
After 30 hours with 3 workers
After 30 hours with 3 workers
During the time lag of ceiling delivering – the garage was
Bricks for the top floor
Again – the first layer is ready
Exact plans allowed the preparation of the bricks for the
Usage of U-Blocks for the ring armature
The ring armature encloses the masonry
Some details
Working with concrete is finished
Inside walls in top floor
Now, the truss can be constructed
Craftsmanship – just great
Insulation at the ring armature....
The result of 120 hours work
The complete building shell was finished after 5 days.
-With 1 craftsman and 2 helpers
-Top quality, 100% brick
A brickhouse makes you happy

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