YKIP Newsletter Vol.I February 2016



YKIP Newsletter Vol.I February 2016
Vol. I February 2016
“One year ago I sat on the same red
plastic chair, one amongst those which
you are sitting now, wondering the
same thing like you all are ― ‘What
am I doing here?’ But I’ll let you in on
a little secret that I had last year ― I
was terrified knowing that I am about
to graduate from senior high school
because knowing nothing of what to
do afterwards. So many things I
wanted to accomplish in my life, but I
only knew little to start from where I
stood last year. I realized that time,
that in order to accomplish these
goals I had to go through many
obstacles that could get in the way. I
understand that many of you think
that opportunity is less likely to take
side with us and for some reasons I
almost agreed with you because I’ve
been there. The thing called
opportunity will not recognize you or
even wait for you. So what can we do
to change that? I’ll say we run straight
to it, we chase it, we jump to and grab
it! How do we do that? Let me share
with you what I learned from my
experience. I told you before that I
had no idea about what I would do
after my graduation. I came to a
similar workshop held by YKIP last
year and I listened carefully to all the
information that YKIP gave to us, the
student participants of the Youth
Career Planning Workshop 2014. I got
interested with the vocational training
program provided by the Bali
Provincial Government which I
thought will be suitable with what I
need; to improve my knowledge and
skills working in automotive
workshop. So, I contacted YKIP and
asked everything I need to know
about the training program. YKIP
helped me with the application
process because the training center is
located in Denpasar, 86 kilometers
away from where I live; and now, less
than a year after that, here I am,
standing in front of you to share my
experiences. I am now able to help my
family with a decent income I earn
from working at an automotive
workshop in Denpasar. If I can…, you
can too…”
Suardika, 20, KEMBALI Graduates of
Theo, KEMBALI Student Grade 11, participant of YCPW 2015
Finding One's Way
Career Guidance for Disadvantaged Youth
Suardika is one of the KEMBALI
Graduates who were invited to
speak in front of the student
participants of the Youth Career
Planning Workshop 2015, held at
the Balai Budaya Gianyar on 13 – 14
December. He proudly shared his
experience and accomplishment to
everyone in the auditorium that
day, to motivate the prospective
senior high school graduates of
The students learned the
importance of career planning and
preparation before they are ready
for the workforce. Some of the
students decided to find a job
straight after their graduation and
for these students we equipped
them with the job search skills
which included how to make a
good resume and application letter,
including tips on how to prepare
themselves for a job interview.
The workshop event was a
wonderful success in bringing
Grade 11 and 12 students
sponsored by YKIP, together to
learn about preparing for career
and making good decisions now to
create a more positive future.
Our sincerest thank you to all the
sponsors – COMO Shambhala
Estate, Payangan with MasterCard
‘Purchase with Purpose’; Inspirasia
Foundation; PT. Bank Rakyat
Indonesia (Persero)Tbk. Cabang
Kuta; Alfa Prima and Mitrais – as
well as our volunteers who have
contributed their time and energy
to make this event a big success!
Critical Thinking Games - Skyscraper
Elizabeth International Hotel
Management School, Campuhan
College, and YKIP former sponsored
Alief, KIDS Student Grade 11
165 students attended the
workshop. To guide the students in
making their choices, YKIP enlisted
the help of 13 speakers from
various organizations to share some
tips on how to manage their
options after graduation and what
the ups and downs are for the
choices the students have to make.
The speakers are volunteers from
the COMO Shambala Estate, Uma
Ubud by COMO, Mitrais, Alfa Prima,
KEMBALI Scholarship Program
Three Passed, One to Go!
January is the beginning of the
second semester of Indonesian
school year and it is the time when
KEMBALI team should go back to
the field to conduct the Third
Quarter of KEMBALI Distribution
The first day of the distribution
event commenced on 11 th January
2016. We gave ourselves a head
start in this quarter in order to
complete our distribution target
before the Galungan Day, a
Balinese holiday, which took place
in the second week of February.
We managed to distribute 500
packages of school supplies and
cash allowances to all KEMBALI
students in thirteen areas across
five regencies in Bali in four weeks.
Three KEMBALI distribution events
were completed, only one event left
for the team to finish in the
remaining four months of the
2015/2016 school year. Currently, 93
students who are now in Grade 12
are in the middle of preparation for
their final exam which will take place
in April 2016. The KEMBALI team are
monitoring all Grade 12 students to
make sure that they all complete
their education and graduate from
senior high school this year. In the
meantime, the KEMBALI team are
also putting their best effort to
ensure that the remaining 407
students can continue their
education to the next grade in the
upcoming 2016/2017 school year
which will commence in July 2016.
The students’ first semester report
cards were also collected during this
event and we will report the
students’ academic achievement to
all sponsors in March 2016 when we
distribute the renewal letters for the
2016/2017 school year.
KEMBALI 4th Quarter Distribution is
scheduled to commence the 3rd week
of April 2016.
[email protected]
Galungan is the most important
feast for Balinese Hindus, a
celebration to honor the creator of
the universe (Ida Sang Hyang Widi)
and the spirits of the honored
ancestors. The festival symbolizes
the victory of good (Dharma) over
evil (Adharma), and encourages
Balinese to show their gratitude to
the creator and sainted ancestors.
The series of Hindu religious
ceremonies that are performed
during the 10-day GalunganKuningan period are generally
considered to be the most
important ones of Hindu Bali.
During this period, the followers of
the Balinese Hindu Dharma religion
focus on the importance of living a
life based on Dharma. Schools
usually take off two weeks for
celebrating Galungan.
Help us break the cycle of poverty by sponsoring a child through the KEMBALI
Scholarship Program. Child sponsorship is a life changing experience; you will not
only touch the life of the child you are sponsoring, but you will also see that their
success changes the lives of their family and community.
Please find in the list below how little the price is to sponsor a student still needing
help in the new Academic Year of 2016/2017:
School Level
Elementary (Grade 1-6)
Junior High (Grade 7)
Junior High (Grade 8-9)
Senior High (Grade 10)
Senior High (Grade 11-12)
Sponsorship Rate
PayPal USD
For more information about child sponsorship, you may contact us at
[email protected]
Widnyana’s World,
Between Motocross and IT
Widnyana received The Best Student Award in December 2015
from his school for his outstanding academic achievement in the
1st semester of his year 12. Widnyana is currently studying
Information Technology in a vocational high school in
Since junior high school, Widnyana has always had a strong
sense of curiosity. In fact, being curious is what led Widnyana,
three years ago, decided to study more about Information
Technology. Other than excelling in academic field, Widnyana
has always been a teenage boy who can perfectly balance
between his hobby and school. He uses his spare time to do
other things he loves; outdoors activities. Who would have
thought that Widnyana also enjoys motocross activity.
Nevertheless, Widnyana has been studying hard for his year 12
national exams which will be held in April. After graduation,
Widnyana plans to attend university.
So let’s all hope for the best for Widnyana.
Meet Wulan,
A Girl Who Loves Drawing
for a Thousand Reasons
In November 2015, Wulan won second-place in a poster
drawing contest held by SMAN 1 Abiansemal, the school
where Wulan goes for study.
“I love drawing for a thousand reasons- for the joy of
expression, for the excitement I feel when I get obsessed with
a drawing, for the challenge, for the feeling of pride in work
I've done, for the sense of owning a creation, - these are only
a few of the reasons that come to mind. Simple words: I love
drawing. I think that drawing opens me to the wonder and
magic of life,” said Wulan.
Other than drawing, Wulan also enjoys singing and dancing.
Her father, Ngurah Anom, believes that Wulan has an
exceptional talent in arts. In her school, Wulan is also
recognized as one of the smartest and active students. She
excelled in many of her class subjects and was involved in
many competitions. Wulan is now in her year 12, only a few
months left before she finally graduates from senior high
school. She plans to attend university to pursue a bachelor’s
degree in nursing.
Good luck, Wulan! Reach higher, reach your dreams!
A piece of writing that worth telling from Santika, the KEMBALI student of Grade 11, who had a chance to attend
the GIN Bali 2015 with two other students of KEMBALI program, sponsored by generous donors from Canggu
Community School:
Student’s Diary:
Me and My First International Conference
“I was very fortunate to attend GIN 2015 with my fellow
comrades, Novita and Meira. In case you are wondering
what GIN is, I will explain it to you. GIN stands for
"Global Initiatives Network”, an international
conference for aspiring high school students worldwide
to share their ideas on how to mitigate global issues.
The conference was held for three days, on 16 – 18
October 2015, at Canggu Community School (CCS), Bali.
On Day One, my comrades and I came to CCS
accompanied by Ms. Purniati from YKIP. The opening
ceremony began at 6 P.M. sharp on Friday. It began
with an opening speech and followed by a couple of
performances like an ethnic dance from Papua, a
traditional Balinese dance, and many more. The
ceremony lasted for two hours and finally around 8 P.M., we all returned to our homes to get some rest and be
ready for next day’s event.
On Day Two, I came again to attend the GIN 2015 event with lots of high expectations and not to mention, the
excitement which I have been carrying since the night before. The participants of GIN 2015 were divided into
study groups for the purpose of creating small discussion forums. After all groups were formed and I was already
in my group, the activities shortly began. Each one of us in the group was asked to introduce oneself in English.
When I heard that I have to speak in English in front of other members of the group, I got cold feet . But I
remembered the advice given by one of the YKIP team earlier that day before I arrived at the venue, ‘No need to
be afraid to speak and communicate with others in English during the event. Others will understand that your
English is not perfect because English is your second (or even third) language. But they will put respect on you
more if they see you have the courage to speak in their language and willingness to improve your English skills .’
So, I stood up and ventured to speak, and surprisingly, I did it just fine! That was one great moment in my life
that I could overcome my own fear of failure and I was so proud
of myself.
During lunch break, I met Novita and Meira again. We were
having our lunch together and while we were eating at the
canteen, a fellow participant from overseas approached us and
spoke in Bahasa Indonesia with us. I was amazed that this person
could speak my language and we continued to chat until our
lunch break was over.
I rushed back into my classroom for another activity. This time, I
had the opportunity to cross paths with a girl named Jasmine.
She is very kind, beautiful, and caring. She taught me some
English words and helped me with my grammar and
pronunciation for the rest of the day.
On Day Three, the last day of the event, my group mates and I
have to prepare a short skit stage performance reflecting the
topic “Rejecting the Reclamation of Mangrove Forest in Bali”. My
group performed alright on stage. I think everyone did well that
I had a great time and experience during the GIN Bali 2015. The
only thing that made me feel sad was the event had to end. I met
new friends from many countries, learned new lessons, saw new
things, spoke English with self-confidence which I never had
before and I would not have this opportunity if it was not
because of the support given by our sponsors from the Canggu
Community School.
Thank you, CCS!”
From December 2015 to February
2016, many volunteers dedicated
their time to help YKIP.
Every day we’re grateful for a
volunteer like you and no words
can convey our gratitude for your
tremendous contribution. Thank
A.A. Bagus Apriana
Deena Kazia
Dewanto Adi Agung
Filya Mustikawati
Gusti Ayu Gek Dewi Arini
I Gede Agus Suarjana
I Kadek Wirya
I Ketut Kertayana
I Nengah Landra
I Nyoman Puja
I Wayan Artana
I Wayan Darsana
Ketut Dharma
Ni Gusti Ayu Supariyatni
Ni Kadek Darmani
Ni Kadek Murdani
Ni Komang Aryawati
Ni Komang Triantari
Ni Luh Juliasih
Ni Luh Putu Adi
Ni Made Astriasih
Ni Made Dwi Setiari
Ni Made Muliati Astiti
Ni Made Muriani
Ni Made Tiya J. Monica
Ni Wayan Eka Rahmayuni
Ni Wayan Gunastri
Nyoman Agus Jagat Raya
Vasta Biqul Khoir
Hesty Noviana
I.B Verry Hendrawan M.
I.G Agung Dian
I Made Dwi Suwardiana
I Putu Arya K. Wijaya
Kadek Juliana Parwanta
Kristian Brian Perdana
Luh Putu Ekaputri A.
Mohamad Reza Rayasa
Ricky Ari Nugraha
Ray and Monica started their support in 2003, as a memorial to their son Greg
and his two Platypi Forbes Rugby Union teammates, Brad Ridley and Paul Cronin,
who all three perished in the 2002 Bali bombings. This year, the Memorial Day will
be held again in Forbes, New South Wales, Australia on April 2 nd.
YKIP is extremely grateful for all of the support that the Inspirasia
Foundation and Mitrais have given so we are able to deliver educational
assistance to disadvantaged children.
The Inspirasia Foundation is a
investments in health & education
projects with a high potential for
growth, helping some of the most
marginalized social groups in India,
Indonesia, and Thailand, including the
disabled, poor young women, and
unschooled children. We believe in
the power of “What IF.”
The Inspirasia Foundation, established as the Annika Linden Foundation
in 2003, was formed as a positive
response to the tragic 2002 Bali terror
bombing in Kuta, and as a memorial
to the spirit of the more than 200
innocent victims of that bomb,
among them young Annika Linden.
Today, the Inspirasia Foundation
supports 13 partners across Asia,
including in Bali.
2016 sees Mitrais entering its 14th year
of involvement in supporting YKIP
activities. Mitrais’ involvement started
in 2002 when Mitrais’ staff were
involved in the Bali Bombings relief
action, their support has continued
through today and includes the
provision of office space, accounting,
IT, and internet support, as well as
other volunteer services. Senior
Mitrais employees are on the YKIP
management board, cementing an
already close bond between the two
Please visit www.mitrais.com
further information.
How to Donate
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 A PayPal donation can be processed by visiting our website www.ykip.org
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Thank you very much for your contribution.
For those of you who may be reading our newsletter for the first time, the name of our organization, Yayasan Kemanusiaan
Ibu Pertiwi (YKIP) translates from the Indonesian language to mean the Humanitarian Foundation for Mother Earth. It is a
non-profit organization with the mission to “Break the cycle of poverty in Bali through education”. YKIP was founded in
response to the Bali Bomb blast of October 2002, and our efforts are intended to be a living tribute to the victims.
May we ask you to also forward this e-mail newsletter to your family members, friends and business associates who may be
interested in supporting the work of Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi? Thank you for your continuing interest and support
and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have queries or suggestions regarding the contents of this newsletter. If you
would prefer not to receive a copy of this newsletter in the future, please let us know at the e-mail address below.
Until the next Newsletter in May 2016.
Our kindest regards,
The YKIP Management Team
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