DSEplus - ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH



DSEplus - ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH
Mobile crosssectional platform
Main components
The basic module consists of the main
1. Operation, transport and storage
container (BTuLB)
2. Energy module
3. Climatic module
4. Two transport and storage containers (TuLB) with one transport
The basic module is also supplied with
a user manual in German, based on a
technical regulation of duty (TDv part
13) and a list of replacement parts. The
paint used is RAL 6031 F9 and identification is in accordance with the corresponding regulations of TL A-0032.
Operation, transport and storage
container (BTuLB)
The BTuLB is used for accommodating all IT components for transport and
operation. The BTuLB has 12 external
fibre optic cable (FO) connections
(2xSM 1000B-LX, 10x MM 1000BSX*) and a corresponding set of cables
for administration and cascading with
another module on the same site. Two
adapter cables are provided for connection to HMA plug connectors, allowing connection to other FO cables.
The basic module already includes the
following ready-to-use components in
a 19-inch anti-vibration rack:
1. 24-port switch
(Cisco WSC3750X-24S-S)
incl. IP base feature set
2. Uninterruptible power supply with
network connection
(Liebert GXT3-1500RT230K)
3. Monitoring system with network
connection for monitoring temperature and cover opening
Up to 6 height units are available for
installing additional components.
Other equipment features are:
} Pressure equalisation
} Moisture display
} Lifting loops
} Lockable covers with customs
} Removable transport protective
cover for the external FO connections
} Desiccant compartment
} Dimensions (WxDxH):
534 x 982 x 526 mm
} Transport weight 55 kg (basic
module) up to 95 kg (storage
module equipment package)
* Alternative equipment possible on
Energy module
Climatic module
The energy module is used for the
central electrical power supply of the
DSEplus module, and has all the indication and operating elements required
for this. It has the necessary filter
components for the IT components
operated in the operation, transport
and storage container. The connection
is made using 230V AC 16A for IT and
TN-S power systems, and is equipped
with class 1-3 lightning protection elements. The scope of delivery includes
a 15 m power supply cable (CEE
7/7-Schuko grounding plug) incl. 16A
adapter cable from CEE to Schuko, as
well as a 20 m earthing cable, earthing terminal and earthing bus.
The maintenance-free climatic module ensures that the overall system
can operate in the temperature range
from -32°C to +49°C. A 5 m exhaust
hose incl. mounting adapter is supplied in order to dissipate the waste
} Dimensions (WxDxH):
534 x 300 x 526 mm
} Total weight 48 kg
} Cooling: 1100 watts
} Heating: 1000 watts
} Dimensions (WxDxH):
534 x 450 x 526 mm
} Total weight 47 kg
Transport and storage containers
} Dimensions (WxDxH):
690 x 950 x 710 mm
Two transport and storage containers
(TuLB) with snugly fitting internal foam
are used for transporting all components. One TuLB is supplied with a
transport dolly for easy transport of
the components to where they will be
installed. Each TuLB also features:
} Transport weight with items
inside, each approx. 86 kg
} Pressure equalisation
} Moisture display
} Lifting loops
} Lockable cover with customs seal
Individual module
Individual module
In this equipment package, the basic
module is supplemented by one rack
server and one disk storage system
each. This means that the DSEplus
module represents a completely autonomous system that can be used
for missions and exercises, in order
to provide an extremely diverse range
of services for small to medium user
} 1x Rack Server
(Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX300 S8)
– 2x Intel Xeon E5-2697v2
12C/24T 2.7GHz 30MB
– 12x 16GB (1x16GB) 2Rx4 L
DDR3-1600 R ECC
– 1x DVD-RW supermulti slimline
– 3x HD SAS 6G 300GB 10K
HOT PL 2.5“ EP
– 1x RAID Ctrl SAS 6G 1GB
Server module
– 1x FC Ctrl 8Gb/s 2 Channels
LPe12002 MMF LC LP
– 1x Eth Ctrl 2x10GBase-T PCIe
x8 X540-T2
– 1x iRMC S4 advanced pack
– 2x Modular PSU 800W
platinum hp
} 1x Storage
(Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100 S3)
– 1x DX100 S3 Cache4G, 1x4GB
for 1Ctl
– 20x DX1/200 S3 HD 2.5“
600GB 10krpm x1
– 1x DX100 S3 CM w 1xCA FC
8G 2port
– 1x DX1/200 S3 Add CA FC 8G
Server module
In this equipment package, the basic
module is supplemented by two rack
servers each. This means the DSEplus
module has been made into a system
specialising in computational power.
Storage module
Network module
} 2x Rack Server
(Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX300 S8)
(Configuration like individual
} 1x Router (Cisco 2921/K9)
– 2x EHWIC-1GE-SFPCU EHWIC 1 port dual
mode SFP(100M/1G) or
Storage module
Two storages will be added to the
basic configuration. This module is a
specialised system for data storage.
} 2x Storages
(Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100 S3)
(Configuration like individual
Network module
In this equipment package, the basic
module is supplemented by IT components to allow interface connection to
external wide area connections.
} 1x Firewall (Genuscreen 300S)
} 1x VPN Gateway *
* Alternative use of TCE 621 b/c possible
Customer-specific equipment
Furthermore, ESG implements indi­
vidual equipment packages on request based on customer-specific
system requirements.
DSEplus – Mobile cross-sectional platform to securely process and transfer information
} the individual performance
requirements on the IT system to
be operated,
DSEplus constitutes a modular deployable IT system with a structure that
delivers great flexibility. To allow a flexible response to the requirements on
IT support in exercises and missions, it
is possible for equipment packages to
be assembled according to a modular
system. The equipment packages can
be configured and assembled according to
} the functions and connections to
be provided,
} the size of the user groups and
} the number of differently classified information domains.
Furthermore, the modular concept
of DSEplus makes it possible to meet
the burgeoning performance requirements on IT systems during a mission
by expanding modules or equipment
packages. The concept of DSEplus provides for different equipment packages to be configured on the basis of one
basic module. At the same time, the
basic module can be used operationally on its own and features all the system components that enable it to be
used as a network component without
additional equipment packages.
Basic module
With the introduction of the Decentralised Server Segments for Missions (DSE), ESG closed a capability
gap at the end of 2013 regarding
the decentralised provision of deployable server capacities for the
Bundeswehr. The command and
control support units in the army,
air force and armed forces now
have 50 operational systems on
various scales (118 modules) with
an extensive IT configuration, which
equipment packages
Network module
Storage module
Server module
Individual module
Basic module
have been well-proven in operation.
Based on technological experience
and the concept already rolled out
successfully in the DSE project, the
DSEplus system has been implemented as a logical next step. The
requirements on future deployable
IT systems (e.g. deployable components of the German Harmonised
Command and Control Information
System – HaFIS) as well as mission
experience have already been ex-
A DSEplus basic module can also have
its functions expanded and be operated by users with the IT components
that they have on hand. In its delivery
configuration, it already has all the
necessary certificates for secure operation.
These are specifically:
} MIL-STD-461F (RE102-4)
} MIL-STD 810F (500.4, 501.4,
502.4, 506.4*, 507.4*, 510.4*,
514.5, 516.5)
tensively taken into account. DSEplus
already meets future mission requirements for rapidly deployable
and flexibly scalable IT support for
command and control systems.
The further development has in
particular met the requirement for
processing data up to the classification of GEHEIM/NATO-SECRET
or comparable. By validating all
necessary certifications in advance
ESG is providing a solution which
} Restricted certification: BSI
release acc. to Zone 1
} CE conformity**
} VG 954471*
These certifications are also guaranteed for the standard equipment
* These certifications also remain in
effect even if users install different IT
** Providing the components have their
own CE declarations of conformity.
is characterised by a user-oriented
benefit in terms of security, flexibility, modularity and performance
capability. With DSEplus, ESG underlines its ability to develop targeted
innovations for secure information
processing and transfer in order to
provide a sustainable improvement
in the performance capabilities of
armed forces in exercises and missions.
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