Case Study: TIS Inc.



Case Study: TIS Inc.
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Case study : Partner sales
TIS Inc.
Proof of performance: Stability and data synchronisation
over the cloud with etherXEN for SoftLayer
Company name
TIS Inc.
"By using etherXEN for SoftLayer, we saw actual throughput for cloudbased data syncing achieve extremely good stability, boding well for
disaster-preparedness. We believe that Colt's high-quality etherXEN
circuits will play a crucial role in connecting our data centres to the
cloud and propelling our hybrid cloud operations."
Yasutsugu Ishibashi
Senior Expert
Strategic Technology Center
TIS Inc.
System integration/IT and
Area of business
TIS offers IT solutions as a service
including data centre and cloudbased services, in addition to
system integration and contractbased development services.
Furthermore, it offers global
support in the China and ASEAN
regions, and serves more than
3,000 customers in the financial,
manufacturing, retail/service and
communications sectors as well as
government sectors.
TIS uses high-quality and low-cost
etherXEN to connect to SoftLayer.
Customer requirements
• Dedicated SoftLayer access
• High-quality circuit
• Low price
• Experience network provider
TIS Inc.
TIS, a part of IT Holdings Group, furnishes various IT-as-a-service solutions,
including cloud and data centre, as well as system integration and OEM. At
the same time, the company maintains global support capabilities based in
the China and ASEAN regions. It is partnered with and contributes to the
growth of over 3,000 organisations in finance, manufacturing, trade, service,
government, etc.
TIS’s business challenge
Along with the burgeoning global expansion of public cloud, TIS’s own
customer base was increasingly seeking ways to connect on-premise IT to wider
infrastructure. At the same time, TIS needed to conduct disaster recovery tests
between their data centre and high-speed private network in conjunction with
SoftLayer. Colt was selected to provide SoftLayer DirectLink connectivity for the
tests, which would also serve as a trial run for future TIS-Colt collaboration.
Why Colt
Connecting end-customer environments to the cloud required high quality and
stability, both of which Colt’s etherXEN services are known for. Furthermore, with
etherXEN, there was no need to sign a contract for racks at Equinix, allowing TIS
to keep startup costs down.
TIS was able to verify the quality of connectivity using etherXEN for SoftLayer.
The verification test was conducted by connecting the TIS data centre to
SoftLayer via etherXEN for SoftLayer and by implementing distributed storage
at SoftLayer data centres in San Jose, Tokyo, and TIS’s Tokyo DC. The result
provided stable throughput with average RTT of less than 1 ms between
SoftLayer Tokyo and TIS Tokyo data centres.
Furthermore, Colt was able provide further support by bridging communications
between TIS and SoftLayer’s English-speaking engineers and ticketing system.
Future plans
Getting the most out of the cloud requires robust connectivity to that cloud in
terms of quality and redundancy. etherXEN for SoftLayer proved itself in both
regards as verified by the TIS tests. TIS is now considering ways to further utilise
Colt services for DR and other purposes.
Colt case study
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Colt solution
Colt (formerly “KVH”) provides high-quality, low-cost etherXEN for SoftLayer to connect with SoftLayer.
etherXEN for SoftLayer is a purpose-built cloud-centric solution offering a dedicated private network to
IBM SoftLayer from your data centres, colocation environment, and other premises. Securely connect your
facilities to any of SoftLayer’s 18 POPs (points of presence) around the world with a fast and dedicated
Bandwidth-guaranteed or burstable Ethernet:
Flexible options to connect to IBM’s SoftLayer
Private, dedicated connection:
Bypass the internet for both high performance and security
Significant savings:
Connect directly to SoftLayer without going through TY2
B an d w id th - g u a ra n te e d
B u r stab l e
•Bandwidth is guaranteed end-to-end
from your site to SoftLayer
•Baseline bandwidth guarantee with the
ability to burst up to 1Gbps
•Ideal for your high-performance, lowlatency needs
•Ideal for cost control while maintaining
bandwidth flexibility
For more information,
please contact us at :
Colt case study
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