2015 Program - Timeless Treasures



2015 Program - Timeless Treasures
2015 Program
Noël Quilt (above): 56" x 60"
Noël Pillow Cover (far left): 19" x 21"
Noël Wall Hanging (left): 20" x 24"
483-485 Broadway, New York, NY 10013 • Phone: 212-226-1400 • Fax: 212-925-4180 • ttfabrics.com
2015 Program
Rejoice at your 2015 Christmas sales with this multi-project program featuring the Noël
collection by Wing and a Prayer Design for Timeless Treasures.
• Get started with a Shop Kit—available late-February,
2015. Shop kit includes the pattern and fabrics to
make the throw quilt, a pillow and a wall hanging.
• Order the fabric from:
Your Timeless Treasures sales representative or
Customer Service at 800-466-0666.
• Order the Shop Kit and Patterns from Wing and a
Prayer Design:
[email protected] or
• Patterns retail for $12.
• For 12 Kits order:
2 bolts of JT-C3111 Green
1 bolt each of the remaining 6 skus in the collection
• For more information, visit:
JT-C3109 Tan
JT-C3108 Beige (36" x 42" panel)
JT-C3111 Burlap
JT-C3111 Red
JT-C3111 Green
Studio-C3096 Black
All fabrics, except panel, shown 25% of actual size.
JT-C3110 Cream

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