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Department of Education
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Our Vision: To empower students to create positive futures through high quality teaching.
Term 4 Week 9
In this Issue
The Year 7 Award Winners and
Chromebook Trial to start in 2016
Canteen Roster
Changes to Canteen Menu
2016 Term Dates
Ardtornish OSHC
App Corner
Classes and Year Levels 2016
Thankyou Volunteers
History Room 24
Friday 11th December 2015
No. 21
The Year Seven Award Winners
Acknowledged for outstanding skills, talents and service to the community.
At Tuesday night’s Graduation ceremony, 50 students graduated in a night of speeches,
performances and presentations. The highlight of the night was the presentation of major
awards. The ‘Student of the Year Award’ was presented to Hayley Whittlesea to acknowledge
her outstanding all round achievements in sports and academics throughout the year.
The ‘Florey Music Award’ was presented to Azel Pretorius, by Marli Sumner on behalf of
Frances Bedford, in recognition of her musical skills. Azel plays the piano and strongly
supported the school band.
The ‘Technology Award’ was awarded to Natasha Hossen recognize her personal
achievements in relation to I.T. as well as her willingness to support others in Mine Craft
sessions. Natasha regularly sets up audio and video presentations at assemblies
The ‘Sports Award’ went to William Radan for his outstanding level of participation and
achievement in sport.
The ‘Community Service Award’ went to Hamish Crabb, Kiera Dale and Elyce Travers in
acknowledgment of the wide range of school activities they engaged in over 2015.
Congratulations to all our winners for contributing so much to our school community.
1st - First day back - Term 1 2016
5th - Yr 6/7 Swimming ‘get to know you day”
9th - Chromebook Information Session
9.00am & 6.30pm
16th - Acquaintance Night & AGM
8th - 10th - Year 7 Aquatic Camp
21st - 24th - Room 7, 8 & 31 to Arbury Park
28th - 31st - Reception - Year 2 Swimming
Chromebook Trial Program to begin in 2016
Next year the school is trialling the introduction of a one to one chrome book program in the
classes of Mr Whitehead, Mr Wheaton and Mrs Crozier.
Why are we taking this step?
Road Crossing Monitors
Tues 1st Dec - Mon 7th Dec
Zodee Z, Abby L & Hermione B-H
Tues 8th Dec - Fri 11th Dec
Ryan M, Cameron E & Ryan O
Mon1st Feb 2016 - Tues 9th Feb
Jacob S, Lachlan H & Bradley M
Please arrive by 8.25am
Digital technologies is now a part of the Australian Curriculum.
We need to increase access to devices that make it possible for
students to engage fully with the rich resources available online.
Parents have reported to the school that although they have
good Internet connections at home, the problem they now face is
a lack of digital devices to give their children enough time to
access the resources they require to engage fully with digital task.
Having a dedicated device, in the form of a chromebook, that can be brought home, for $30 a
Term fee will solve this problem and transform how students learn at school. Continued Pg. 3
First day back to school in 2016 - Monday 1st February
Week 1 - Term 1 2016
Tuesday 2nd
Wednesday 3rd
Thursday 4th
Friday 5th
Michele Smale
Michele Smale
Nicole Hall
Megan Edwards, Josie DeMizio
Tuesday 9th
Wednesday 10th
Thursday 11th
Friday 12th
Michele Smale
Jenni Krol
Nicole Hall
Emma Sparks, Kim Neate
Changing to Canteen Menu
Starting Week 1, 2016
Chicken Chippee day will be Thursdays
and hot dogs will be on a Wednesday.
Friday will be Chicken and Beef burger
Updated menu with changes will be sent
out in Week 1, 2016.
Thankyou families for all your help and support. Big hug and
thankyou to all my loyal volunteers. See you in the new year.
2016 Term Dates
Term 1 - Monday 1st February - Friday 15th April
Term 2 - Monday 2nd May - Friday 8th July
Term 3 - Monday 25th July - Friday 30th September
Term 4 - Monday 17th October - Friday 16th December
Ardtornish OSHC
Before School Care: 7.00am - 8.35am, $11.00 including
breakfast food served until 8.00am
After school care 3.15pm - 6.15pm $17.50
Early finish last day of term - 2.15pm - 6.15pm $23.00
Pupil Free Days - 7.30am - 6.00pm $52.00, inclusive of
excursions or visitor costs, tea and special themed activities.
Vacation Care 7.30am—6.00pm $52.00 Inclusive of
excursions or visit costs, afternoon tea and special themed
Vacation Care - Monday 14th December 2015 Friday 29th January 2016
Week 1 - Semaphore Waterslide Complex, Frozen Fever, Big
Vac Out, Kris Kringle, All you can eat buffet.
Week 2 - Water Wars, Hotel Transylvania 2
Week 3 - Pizza Hut all you can eat
The ultimate Pyjama Party,
The great out doors
Week 4 - Disney Day,
Mystery Excursion, Piñata,
Week 5 - Out of this world, Paragon Swim centre
Splash into summer, Tadpole, of school games,
Week 6 - Ice Cream Disco, Picnic, Minions, Bounce.
If you are interested in booking in for OSHC please
collect a booklet from the front office or from OSHC,
or you can ring OSHC on 8396 4069
Classes and Year Levels for
Room 3
Room 5
Room 6
Room 7
Room 8
Room 9
Room 10
Room 11
Room 19
Room 20
Room 21
Room 22
Room 24
Room 27
Room 28
Room 29
Room 30
Room 31
Gayle Bonnett - Reception
Liz Nicol - Reception
Helen Hodges - Reception
Graeme Wheaton - Year 5/6
Steve Whitehead - Year 5/6
Nat Hall / David Lawton - Year 7
Daniel Gehling - Year 7
Cass Neller - Year 6/7
Rachael Agaciak - Year 3
Kim Long - Year 2/3
Kate Baulderstone - Year 1
Maggie Holloway - Year 3/4
Lisa Bradshaw - Year 3/4
Wendy Burke - Year 2
Carla Cafasso - Year 1/2
Alison Addle - Year 1
Katrin Ravlich - Year 4/5
Val Crozier - Year 5
Chromebook Trial Program
Why are they only being introduced into 3 classes?
Considering the complexity of redesigning curriculum delivery
around the use of Chromebooks, it was decided that three classes
was a manageable number to work with in the first year.
The effectiveness of the program will be evaluated over the year and
if teachers, students and parents report it to be a success the
program, will be expanded in 2017 as the students in the trial year
take their devices & skills forward into the their 6/7 classes and the
new year 5s and 6’s are offered the same opportunity.
What are Chromebooks?
Essentially they are laptops that run the Google Chrome operating
system rather than the usual Windows or Apple operating systems.
They also store the majority of their data on the cloud and rely on
internet access for many of the tasks they perform.
However they have the ability to operate offline as well.
What are the advantages of a Chromebooks over a laptop?
Firstly they are affordable at approximately $360 a device.
The school is able to remotely control what software is run on them and they are virus free.
They start up in less than 8 seconds & have an 8 hour battery life.
They are lightweight and at 11.9 inch they are easily transported.
If stolen, they can be remotely and permanently disabled, hence they are an unattractive target for thieves.
How will parents I learn more about the program and the device?
A Chromebook information session will be run to familiarise parents, of the students involved, with the devices and how they are
managed. The same session will be run twice, once in the morning and once in the early evening to support attendance.
Time: Tuesday 9th February :at 9:00 am in the library
6:30 pm in Room 7/8
At the meetings parents will learn more about:
The purpose of the trial we are undertaking
How we will monitor the effectiveness and collect feedback about the program
Chromebook’s care, management and charging process
Safe ways of moving the devices between home and school
How the Chrome operating system works
How chromebook use and software will enhance learning
What happens if the Chromebook gets damaged?
Cyber safety issues and the digital technologies agreement that your child will be taught and expected to follow.
How your child will continue to use their Chromebook as they continue to move through each year level.
What model Chromebook are we choosing and why?
There are many chromebook models available but the ACER C730, is the model we have chosen because it incorporates
features specifically suitable for educational purposes. It is the device most commonly purchased by S.A. schools as its build
quality has proven capable of withstanding the rigorous movements between the home and classroom environment.
Thank you
To our wonderful volunteers.
Pictured here are:
 Anne-Marie Russell and Grandparent
Kaye Turner, who do our student
Commonwealth Banking every Thursday
Marion Pearce who helps in the library
every Wednesday.
History - Room 24
Sadako and The 1000 Paper Cranes
A little girl named Sadako was diagnosed with leukaemia 9 years after an atomic bomb
was dropped on Japan. Whilst in hospital Sadako started to make 1000 paper cranes
so that she would be granted a wish to get well.
After 8 months, having struggled with the disease, Sadako sadly passed away. Her
friends finished off making the 1000 paper cranes.
We were inspired by the book ‘Sadako and The 1000 Paper Cranes’ to try and make
the 1000 paper cranes like Sadako did.
On the last day of Term 3, we SUCCEEDED!